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Q: What is the interaction between green-flame blade and mirror image?

KorvinStarmastWe are planning an attack on our nemesis. Intelligence efforts indicate that the enemy can use mirror image. I have green-flame blade. As we thought through our tactics the question came up: Would GFB, on a hit, remove more than one of the mirror images? We think not, but we think that it will b...

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3:31 AM
'tis a bad image, but I've printed and corrected the pattern
(since the converter got very confused around the edges)
now comes the Counting of Boxes, in which I determine which colors I need to buy more of
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4:48 AM
David Schirduan wrote a twitter thread about designing the resolution mechanics in Ripe.
Big Trouble Mammoth Collection [BUNDLE] by B Drone Games. A Sci-fi/Adventure setting for the Hero Kids Rule set.
Brothers In Arms by weepingrobot. A Game Where You're Made For War
Witch You Were Here by breathingstories. A spell for time travel to more beautiful times.
Yes Indie'd Pod episode May 09, 2021: "Yes In RPGSEA’d – Jammi" Marx interviews Jammi about Apocalypse Keys, Once More Into The Void, The Gauntlet, and colonial narratives in RPGSEA game design spaces.
The Indie RPG Newsletter by Thomas Manuel. curating interesting tidbits from the tabletop rpg interverse
If you're lost you can look and you will find me // Time after time by breathingstories. A game for two lovers trying to find each other across a chaotic expanse of non-linear time.
"Accessibility in Gaming Resources" by Jennifer Kretchmer. A massive compilation of resources, documents, tools, and more addressing accessibility in tabletop gaming, streaming, and life.
@bobble Ooh nice
> red - 139
orange - 207
yellow - 333
green - 900
blue - 333
indigo - 207
violet - 139
white - 1164
black - 1478
these are my counts, I'll figure out how much I already have of each color later
Bruno Prosaiko shared on twitter a bit of the character sheets he's making for Monkey's Paw Games' upcoming Unconquered.
YouTube playlist: "Blades in the Dark Roll20 Demos" (BitD Compendium goes live on Roll20 tomorrow)
5:51 AM
Home - a Zine for TTRPGs by Goatman's Goblet. a set of randomizers for places of safety and domestic respite
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7:30 AM
Is it just me or is there a sudden epidemic of people saying an when they mean a?
(a propos of the time-travelling witch.)
It's really annoying, but I can't make out whether it's really any different from usual or whether it's just a case of seeing red cars everywhere once you start looking for them!
Good work with the pattern, @bobble . Looks a bit stretched, I assume that is just because the squares aren't square?
yes, it is the same number each way, should have just counted before asking.
there's a bunch of words for which a/an appropriateness depends on dialect
Really? What kind of words?
a historian/an historian are both correct depending on whether your accent elides the H or not
I think it's mostly words beginning with H now that I try to think about it
Oh, the kind where it's a matter of opinion whether it is a vowel or not, yes, of course. I know about that (vaguely). But I'm talking about things like "an spell component".
7:46 AM
My gut reaction would've been to remind that not everyone is a native English speaker, but then I remembered that at least by my smallish sample size, the ESL folk are actually more attentive to clean prose grammar-wise.
when I've made such mistakes in my own writing it's usually because I wrote something else first and then edited it incompletely, I think
That makes sense, hadn't thought of that.
What's puzzling me is more that it seems to be suddenly appearing much more often than usual, and it's spooking me slightly :-D Anyone else noticed this, or is it just a case of red cars?
I would suggest red cars, though if it's, say, this stack specifically, even a single prominent red car can have a quite big statistical impact :)
There's also the recursive Baader-Meinhoff effect, where after hearing about the Baader-Meinhoff effect somewhere, you start noticing the effect more and more.
8:01 AM
Is that what the Baader-Meinhoff effect is, then? I hear that expression now and again and always forget to look it up.
French also has that thing where words are changed depending on vowel-consonant differences. Eg. one doesn't say le ail (garlic), but l'ail. That also comes from pronunciation, not specific glyphs
Elision, I think that's called. And, of course, don't even start about Welsh "mutations".
@A.B. Baader-Meinhof effect (actually single "f" in Meinhof", I mis-spelled it earlier) is the perceptive bias named after the West German terrorist organization Red Army Faction that was also known as the Baader-Meinhof Group. The bias or illusion comes from a particular journalist who encountered the group's name once, and shortly thereafter seemed to see seemingly random mentions of them with much greater frequency than before
I have this illusion recurrently: often specific series of numbers catch my attention once and then they recur in unusual places.
"seemed to see seemingly", wow. This has to be the best wording for today on my part.
Oddly, (I did look it up after I posted), Wikipedia seems to spell the terrorist group with two f's and the perceptive bias with one f. I don't know whether this is general or it's just a goof on Wikipedia.
Seemed to see seemingly. I approve.
At least English and German wikipedias both have Meinhof with one f only (discussing the terrorist group)
8:09 AM
@kviiri one F is correct
So I'd wager it's either a mis-spelling on the part of the Wikipedia you're referring to, or an unusual orthographic convention for the language you're reading in (some languages have special rules for writing foreign names, either generally or in a case-by-case basis)
@kviiri most likely an error - the Bundesarchive wouldn't misspell: bundesarchiv.de/DE/Content/Virtuelle-Ausstellungen/…
I'm reading in English. Checked again, I think maybe it was just a few odd pages after all, I'd searched in a rather confusing way.
in fact, on the RAF page I can not find a single "Meinhoff"
@Trish It's most probably an error, but I think it should still be stressed that in the general case there isn't a single correct spelling for names across languages.
8:15 AM
English frequently has the special convention for spelling foreign names that "we will spell them however happens to come into our heads and you can't stop us". :-D
French famously have that "Vladimir Poutine" for the Russian president, and some languages do that or similar for all names
I never heard that one! :-D
Although in Putin's case, the reason for a novel spelling is simply to prevent his name from sounding vulgar.
And I guess the French spelling also hints better at the Russian pronunciation, which is a plus I'd reckon?
The Latvian orthography assigns spellings to foreign names by phonetic approximation of the original language, with some adaptations to better fit Latvian phonology and morphology. For example, Alan Turing is Alans Tjūrings
I think that was suggested for Finnish orthography as well in the 19th century when linguistic reform and development was at full speed
@A.B. some Spanish dialects would pronounce a initial S as having a vowel in front, so they may be pronouncing it in their head as "an (e)Spell component" ?
Like uh-spell
The paper proposing that would not only have replaced endonymous spellings of foreign place names with ones altered for Finnish pronunciation and morphology (eg. it's convenient to end names in vowels here most of the time) but also replaced Finnish names that had already developed for existing place names (eg. Lontoo, Pariisi, Berliini, Moskova) with phonetic approximations of their endonymic pronunciations
8:29 AM
@AncientSwordRage There's a joke I've heard Persians tell each other that relies on a similar observation.
@kviiri You've probably seen some of my Firehose links about how Guam is currently revising its village names from their 19th-century Spanish-imposed spellings, to reflect the current CHamoru orthography.
@BESW I'm partly basing this off of a comedians routine, where their mother calls the comedians brother uh-michael
@BESW that sounds good?
@AncientSwordRage I've also seen Japanese speakers struggle with foreign words which end in particular consonants, or which combine particular consonants without intervening vowels, because Japanese tends not to do either of those things.
So yeah, there's a lot of "my tongue is used to this pattern" stuff, and gosh but you should see an English-only American try to pronounce the Guam villages of (in the Spanish orthography) Yona and Mangilao.
@BESW my mother-in-law pronounces my name like the Bengali word for cake. I had no complaints going by Cake, but she wanted me to pick another name she can call me
8:37 AM
@AncientSwordRage In theory more than in practice, in many cases. There's contentions about the Guam government's approach to orthography--who gets put in charge, who's considered expert, and whether it's a problem to have one island use a noticeably different orthography from all the others.
yeah it's actually a little more complicated than "we get to pick now"
@BESW I remember you saying orthography wasn't fixed/always decided by those who use it?
because of,.. who actually gets to pick and why
Yeah. Its active suppression by the US government is still within living memory.
the sheer audacity, telling people they can no longer use their own language
8:46 AM
And of course the very idea of giving the language a written component was originally a tool of colonization and assimilation. To reclaim public and authoritative control of the language is a recent and important development, and there are several different opinions about how it should be done.
yeah that's what I was originally getting at, there isn't 100% consensus on what should even be done with whatever control Guam now has over,.. the language itself now
not to mention, again, only certain people even have that control
it's not something being say, voted on
it's kinda just like, a decision people currently in office have the power to make which is kinda,.... I don't even know what to say about it really
9:01 AM
@kviiri in case of proper names there IS. For example, the proper way to spell Sun Tsu is 孫子
@kviiri Владимир Путин ?
though it gets wonky with daimyo... Matsudaira Takechiyo, Matsudaira Motonobu, Matsudaira Motoyasu and Tokugawa Ieyasu are all the same person
Is that like in Russian where there are things like you can be called by your surname or by "son of so and so"?
@kviiri Well that spelling results in the closest pronunciation to the original.
@Trish No, that depends on what language you're writing in.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica Yes, though French doesn't do this in general does it?
@kviiri I'm not sure. I think I encountered a few other names that look funny to an Englishman but actually sound about right for a Slav when pronounced in accordance to the rules.
But my encounters with French in a political/historical context are even less common than my encounters with it in general.
Of course there's also the issue of romanizing names in general
I should also point out that even the idea of a person having a single "true form" of their name is, at least in the Western world, a relatively new one.
9:18 AM
Now I think about it, it's hard to know what's really more "accurate" when one language is quoting a name from another language that uses letters quite differently, e.g. what English spells sh and oo Welsh spells si and w.
Used to be the norm that names would vary by surroundings and situation. A king could go by "Karl" in their court but sign official documents as "Carolus" or something similarly fancy, and be referred to as "Charles" across the border
I'd think what did this practice in in favor of "single fixed form" was the advent of writing as the foremost means of transmitting information.
Do you copy the way the originating language spells it, preserving their letters but giving a false idea of the sounds if the reader doesn't already know? Or do you spell it the way that in your language would represent the sounds accurately? (Not that that entirely makes sense in English, which has wildly inconsistent spelling anyway due to a lifetime of taking the "spell it the way they do" option with loanwords from all over the world.)
That's true, I'd forgotten about those Latin forms.
@kviiri Carolus Rex aka Karl XII aka Charles XII, king of Sweden?
"John" appearing on legal documents as "Johannes", abbreviated to "Jno" because that's not how you spell either of them.
@A.B. Gaius. That's properly Abbreviated: C.
9:24 AM
@Trish Something like that! (I'd assume there have been many Kings fitting the description)
@kviiri Used to be? English, French and Italian speakers seem to lean towards using the English, French and Italian variants of my full name when they are using it, which is are significantly distinct from the Slavic variant.
@kviiri Few actually. Karl XII and Charlemagne aka Karl der Große come to mind.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica Well, the "norm" is more or less gone, but I'd say the practice still lives on in more informal contexts :)
I have a friend from Russia, and since he learned to speak Swedish I've been intermittently referring to him with the Swedish form of his name
we are all βάρβαροι anyway: Sounds like baba to the greek :P
@Trish Linfamy has a good video on this 😅
9:30 AM
@AncientSwordRage I know!
As far as barbarians: we are all barbarians by one name or another. youtube.com/watch?v=zugW-48-N2g
@Trish I wondered if that was where your example came from...
@AncientSwordRage not exactly that video, but he is a prime example, because his first family name was obscure.
after all Oda Kichihōshi and Oda Saburō still keep the Oda of Oda Nobunaga. Owari no Ōutsuke was jsut a title given to him (they called him fool!) as well as devil king or demon shogun.
Though, he did call himself (according to a portoguese jesuit) "Demon King of the Sixth Heaven" (dairokuten-maō)
@AncientSwordRage but if you really want to go through names... Kinoshita Tōkichirō is Hashiba Hideyoshi is Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
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12:22 PM
@Carcer ding ding ding, I do that also.
@AncientSwordRage is that how you arrived at pureferret? 😊
@KorvinStarmast no! Lol!
Back on Game Banshee, my first foray into fora, I went by my first name. Then I was (more jokingly than not) taken under the wing if user named Weasel. So I started giving myself the nickname Ferret, which used on EnWorld when I used to frequent that forum.
Fast forward for a few years, and I switched from Hotmail to Gmail, and I wanted a ln email without numbers on the end. So I picked a nice sounding adjective to plop on the front. Thus the moniker PureFerret was born.
12:38 PM
So im all for using proper latin endings to pluralize english words that were stolen from latin, but for some reason, fora just seems wrong to me.
I'm easy on that, I could take or leave most. But I prefer Octopuses to octopodes
It's probably as we think of forum(s) as plural? Maybe...?
@ThomasMarkov yeah, feels wrong, and since we borrowed/stole it there's no reason not to apply our own rubrics ...
Datum and data ... that one is useful
We used 'datum' as the doctrinal term for "here's the latest known/estimated location of a submarine we are hunting" ... without it you can't even begin a search. Same for Search and Rescue operations ...
I generally opt against using Latin plurals in English (and frankly, some of them are essentially hyper-correctionist neologisms anyway)
Hm, I wonder if I could persuade people who are really strict about using the Latin plural for English words of Latin origin that the correct plurals of sauna and rapakivi are saunat and rapakivet?
12:58 PM
@kviiri that would be interesting
@kviiri I approve. If you beat up languages in dark alleys, at least don't distort their stuff when you end up using it and passing it along to the fence. Otherwise you get such monstrosities as чипсылар/chipsylar/other_spellings.
There are also a few dozen English words of Swedish origin, eg. rutabaga. Whose hypercorrect plural'd be close to rutabagar, though the spelling is different than in Swedish.
@ThomasMarkov I prefer using Greek endings for words that were stolen from Latin.
@Medix2 I dont think its possible to cast dissonant whispers silently.
@ThomasMarkov that appears to be the case
@Medix2 I think it's better for Thomas to address that DW can't be cast silently then to address the idea that it can
1:11 PM
In 3.5 you could take feats that let you cast spells with verbal/somatic components, without the verbal/somatic component, but taking up a higher spell slot. I used this to allow a lich to cast spells despite being confined to its phylactery.
@BESW In 5e its a sorcerer metamagic option.
I wouldn't be shocked if Tasha's had a feat.
I think it does, and you can get a meta magic from one. (which was one of my less favorite Tasha's things)
"I pick up the fancy rock."
"It casts 'command.' Make a Will save or drop it again."
And the one that gives a free warlock invocation to anyone annoys me a bit ... grumble grumble
1:13 PM
Youre right, you can pick up subtle spell as a bard through the metamagic adept feat.
@KorvinStarmast yes! Yes! Embrace your hate!
@ThomasMarkov Subtle Spell?
@G.Moylan Yeah, dw is a bard spell though.
But there is a tashas feat that makes it possible.
@ThomasMarkov and GOO warlocks
@NautArch All hail the GOO!
1:17 PM
So much to unpack in this question. I think reopening may be helpful for the frame challenges.
@NautArch The answer seems like it would be table/game/setting specific and metagamey
@G.Moylan Only if you directly answer it. But there are some serious issues at that table that should be raised and dealt with.
Yeah, we can answer that question about liches.
@NautArch "how would you do X?" always always always needs to change to "how do I resolve situation?"
because it's literally asking for opinion and thus will get it, and needs to change to a pattern of asking for a comprehensive solution to the problem they're encountering
@NautArch This could be answerable but yeah needs a rephrase
1:21 PM
and the actual problem is almost always clear
@doppelgreener Agreed! ANd I think there's a dupe.
@NautArch Just do both???
@NautArch link dupe?
@NautArch We first need to see if they weigh as much as a duck.
Like, I see absolutely no reason to say "Oh, you picked a spell where what you have described is impossible, there are spells where what you've described is possible, but let's ignore them"
1:22 PM
@KorvinStarmast so, if SHE weighs the same as a DUCK....
@ThomasMarkov looking for it
@KorvinStarmast Is that a particularly powerful option for some builds?
@Medix2 Now that we know it's possible, it's addressable. But this is also why I dislike theoretical questions.
When you have to come up with something to 'make' it work as opposed to actually experienced so we know there is an issue.
Manufactured issues aren't necessarily practical issues.
sadly, i think this was my dupe
@ThomasMarkov community gonna commune
1:25 PM
I mean, it's entirely possible they just have a homevrew that allows silent casting or have been letting people roll to silent cast and didn't know that wasn't normal
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica It equates invocations with feats structurally, and it tramples on 'this is what makes a warlock unique' and it offers, for example, free detect magic, castable at will, to anyone. (among other things) To me it is a case of over fiddling ... for "OP" I need to check
@KorvinStarmast I meant the metamagic access, sorry for being unclear.
@ThomasMarkov Because people agree with it
@Medix2 True, but we'd need to know that. We can't assume homebrew, because we also would need to assume how that homebrew works.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica My mistake. Oh, yeah, it gives any caster access to subtle spell, though only once or twice per day. Not OP, but at low levels 'what makes a sorcerer special' is voided.
1:27 PM
Yeah, I just like to give then the benefit of the doubt that what they've described as having happened actually happened
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica On the other hand, it offers a sorcerer another one to choose from, so in that respect I like it to make sorcerers more sorcerer like. So probalby not OP.
I have a feeling @KorvinStarmast and I are in the grognard camp of can we please have distinct classes.
It also doesn't work hardly at all with Twinned Spell, which is one of the best @KorvinStarmast
@KorvinStarmast Could be just for sorcerers, that'd have made more sense.
RIP dndbeyond doesnt have their spell tags updated.
1:28 PM
@NautArch yes, and if they said "sorc only feat" that might have made more sense.
@ThomasMarkov forrealz
@KorvinStarmast But that's against their ethos of everyone can be anything.
@Medix2 IIRC, twinned costs as many points as spell level, right?
but its an easy fix to the answer - just cut the sections about components
@KorvinStarmast Yup, and if you only get 2, that locks out almost every spell
1:29 PM
@NautArch Which would be a great system if they built it that way from the ground up.
Enter: Mystic
@Medix2 Uh, twinned hold person and twinned healing word and twinned command ... there's a bunch of low level stuff that is still handy as heck ... but 'OP' is probably not a good descriptor
Apparently its 3 liches
@G.Moylan on the bright side, liche is not fire resistant, so if taken to the larder scales the chance to burn them remains a valid resolution ...
@KorvinStarmast /me squints at Quickened Spell and Summon Beholder. Effectively once per day.
Yeah doesn't look like a gamechanger.
1:32 PM
@ThomasMarkov Something feels... unfun about that scenario
On the lich question: "I am level 3 dragonborn, up against 3 liches, what do I do?" answer: Surrender or die. 😛
@Medix2 unless it's what someone thinks is a group of liches but is actually some folks with a horrible skin disease
@KorvinStarmast At that point, my solution would be "find a different table to play at"
(on the other hand, most any lich would send minions to deal with 3d level dragon born ..
Can we know for SURE that they're actually going to fight liches and this isn't just some story beat?
1:33 PM
@ThomasMarkov Or, have a session zero and talk with the DM about "what are we doing here? "
becasue telling them to leave the table instead of trust the GM isn't my favorite advice
@G.Moylan Nope, we only get one side of the story. No idea what the DM is doing.
@G.Moylan these are the answers they need
@NautArch I don't have the spoons for that one rn, anyone can take that if they want it
argh, i've bought two USB hubs and neither can maintain their usb connection.
1:35 PM
@NautArch yuck
that's obnoxious
@NautArch arrggh
@ThomasMarkov Grumble grumble Aberrant Mind Sorcerer grumble grumble
I remember when I actually knew all the subclasses, and then WotC just made more and more and more XD
@ThomasMarkov the 'according to old man in game' says to me the DM might be having an old man describe the problem as one issue, but the real threat is something else. (not sure what monsters are invisible, but IIRC pixies and sprites can do that, sort of)
@Medix2 yeah, and while I often kvetch about bloat, some of the new concepts intrigue me (Rune Knight, Watcher Paladin, Genie Warlock, Mercy Monk)
@KorvinStarmast I strongly suspect this is what's happening and the DM is screwing with them by confirming it but I have no way to answer that question in a way that doesn't say "you're wrong, trust your DM until they actually throw liches at you"
@KorvinStarmast OH yeah, some of it is really cool, some of it is aggravating, and then some of it is Wildemount
1:42 PM
@ThomasMarkov Because even though they haven't cited anything from the book, the answer is correct, so people are upvoting it because it's correct. They're likely less sticklers for the rules than we are.
If it bothers you that much, just add in some citations yourself
@G.Moylan More liches!
That would be easy if there were things to actually cite
I don't think what confounds Thomas is the fact that the answer doesn't cite anything and yet has upvotes but is the fact that the answer doesn't cite anything while asserting itself to be RAW and yet has upvotes
@KorvinStarmast it's a fair cop
"This is rules as written" Which rules? crickets
@Medix2 Then all that has to be added is a statement saying that "Nowhere in the rules does it say that swarms are treated differently than any other creature in regards to targeting"
5E design philosophy states that "There are no hidden rules"
1:48 PM
@RevanantBacon It does?
Where is this philosophy stated?
Crawford had stated it, but also, how could hidden rules even exist at all?
@ThomasMarkov By Jeremy Crawford IIRC - we have a Q&A on that. You can find it by searching "hidden rules" on this stack, someone linked to the tweet
What is the source of the "spells do only what they say they do" rules interpretation principle?
> Beware of claims that a rule does something mentioned nowhere in that rule or elsewhere in the core books. There aren't secret rules.
@Medix2 There used to be different rules in the DMG than in the PHB. TSR era. Some folks got used to there being rules that they discovered in play, and it's been taking some time to get out of that habit
Ah, something like out of a Betrayal game to me, interesting
I definitely think "hidden" and "somebody knows it" are very different tbough
Like "hidden from the players" and "hidden from all but the game's literal designer (like Crawford)" are very different
1:54 PM
@Medix2 I had not thought about the latter, and it makes no sense to me.
That's just what I thought of when I hear "hidden rules" like... all the rules are written down, so they aren't hidden. A hidden rule would thus have to not be written down at all
But I can definitely get behind "nothing tells us to treat Swarms any differently so there is no reason to do so"
Q: Can someone with Devil's Sight see inside a Fog Cloud spell while a sphere of Darkness remains at the centre of the fog?

A Soul ReaverBasically, in a session, we had the party come up against a group of Bugbears who attacked the party in an ambush. In a moment of haste, the party's warlock cast Fog Cloud to help obscure against the bugbears to try and cause an even ground for the fight. At the same time, to give their team an e...

@Medix2 yeah, that's sound reasoning
@Medix2 That's exactly what I was getting at. There are no hidden rules, therefore, if it's not written down, it's not a rule. If there isn't anything that tells us to treat swarms differently, then we simply don't.
Yall think we're due another revisit on the dont guess the system?
2:04 PM
I felt like no, but I did notice the other day how far apart the votes had gotten
I think it's less that there are no hidden rules, but that there are rules interactions that aren't abundantly clear but that may appear hidden to someone who hasn't fully grokked the ruleset.
The rules are really all over the place, yeah
Anyone have a reco for a USB-c hub? Not anker or ikling?
@Medix2 The rules for hiding are in the ability scores chapter.
The rules for attacking while hiding are in the combat section
@ThomasMarkov Hmmm... didn't realize it was a full year ago, gosh time got weird. I might go reread my collection of reasons not to change the policy again and remember why I disagree
2:08 PM
The rules for spellcasting while hiding are...hidden
There are no hidden rules. We just didn't organize our rules well.
@ThomasMarkov Well in that case, we can assume they follow the normal rules for hiding: if you're quiet and out of sight, you're hidden
@NautArch I like StarTech and Cables 2 Go (C2G) but both have a tendency to be expensive.
Not that there are degrees of downvoteness, but if there were, this answer would be what ever the most severe degree of downvote there is for me.
@G.Moylan I've already spent more than one of those will likely cost.
2:16 PM
@ThomasMarkov Why?
Because this is a situation where the rules quite explicitly call for a roll, not one where "dont roll" is the DM's discretion.
The unlikeliness of success is baked into the modifiers.
Yeah, if my DM says I can't do something because of my ability scores, but that another play can...i ain't gonna be happy.
Either it can't be rolled or it can.
Not it can be rolled, but just for some of you.
Except there are plenty of situations where your actual STR score is relevant on whether or not you're able to do something in 5e adventure modules. Like, theres a statue in one module that can be pushed over, but it requires a minimum total STR score rather than just making a specific roll on a die + STR mod
@RevanantBacon And this isnt one of them, since we have rules for ability contests.
Or there are pit that are certain distances accross, and if your STR score is less than that distance, and one of your allies isn't, then they can do it and you can't
@ThomasMarkov Only if the DM determines that an ability contest is appropriate.
2:21 PM
Yes, and those are specific scenarios. This is a general scenario for a standard option.
But if at your table, @RevanantBacon, you'd create limits like this, that's fine for your table. I just wouldn't do that at mine. I wouldn't tell a player a Rogue that their Dex is just too low to attack, sorry.
The DM describes the scenario, the players describe what they want to do, the DM describes the outcome
Is that not the standard flow of gameplay?
@RevanantBacon It is, and there are rules for how the DM is to adjudicate step 3.
I'm sure I didn't get the quote exactly right, but I'm also sure it's close enough
@ThomasMarkov No. Please stop picking at that scab
@ThomasMarkov Right, and one of the rules is "The DM decides if a roll is appropriate"
2:24 PM
@NautArch + eleventy
If the DM has decided that an opposed STR roll for an arm-wrestling contest is inappropriate, then that's that.
@KorvinStarmast + eleventy :)
@ThomasMarkov yeah, and the PCs are allowed to try and fail, or try and succeed, in most cases.
@RevanantBacon DM can also assign advantage to the big strong orc on that contest, per Chapter 7 and Chapter 1 on DM assigning advantage or disadvantage.
@KorvinStarmast That's also true
really hoping someone gets my reference in that answer
2:31 PM
That seems like a reasonable extrapolation from the Powerful build trait
Heck, @ThomasMarkov had his, at the time, deep gnome sorcerer arm wrestle our barbarian. And won! Twice!
cough haste cough
@NautArch Definitely mind over matter.
@NautArch which answer?
A: How to DM unlikely strength checks

NautArchGoing over the top The gates for being successful are already created by the stats of the two entities and the dice and modifiers help tell that tale. If you're looking for reasons why an outcome happened, just get creative! Maybe they sneezed, were distracted, or something purely incredible happ...

Or if there is a lore bard, cutting words is great for those contests, too.
2:32 PM
@NautArch Stallone Movie For The Win!!!!
Give a BI die to the player, use cutting words against the NPC.
or vice versa
depending on how the bard is feeling
When a player can literally hit any monster in the book with a 5% chance, saying you can't arm wrestle because I don't think you can win...that's not great dming.
1 Give a BI die to the player
2. Use cutting words against the NPC.
3. ??? (roll dice)
4. Profit!!!!!
@KorvinStarmast My bard absolutely never gambled.
@NautArch me versus The Rock (Duane Johnson), on the other hand, IRL, is an open and shut case. Rock always wins. So maybe DM is feeling verisimilitude
@KorvinStarmast You ain't no adventurer-hero. And, you never know. Maybe something distracting happened just at the moment.
ALso, he's supposed to be a pretty nice guy, so maybe he threw it.
2:36 PM
I tried to approach it from a simulationist perspective and still allow for the contest.
@NautArch heh, mine doesn't gamble either. She lets the paladin sit at the table, and she sits a at the bar doing the above stunt. That ain't gambling, it's Winning!
@KorvinStarmast or me vs Arnold back in his bodybuilding days. No chance
@ThomasMarkov yep
@NautArch may I ask why not Anker? It's our (my and my wife's) go to, wondering if we should switch?
@RevanantBacon I dont mean to throw shade, but Id bet against you in a match with Arnold now.
2:38 PM
@AncientSwordRage Because that's one of the ones that isn't working.
Of course, a third hub that doesn't work suggests the issue is on board.
What are you trying to hub?
@NautArch ah ok
I'm usually happy with anker.
The ikling was a new brand for me.
@ThomasMarkov That would be a good call XD, I was just trying to really illustrate the difference
@RevanantBacon muscle mass for body building =/= strength
2:39 PM
@AncientSwordRage True, look up John Haack
@AncientSwordRage pretty sure I'd lose just to the weight of his muscles alone lmao
John Haack's squat/bench/deadlift at 198 pounds is 744/580/850.
@KorvinStarmast I want to play an artificer/abjurationist with the Armour of Shadows to cast an abjuration spell at will...
@RevanantBacon true, sanm here
@ThomasMarkov cool!
@NautArch If the events gonna be thrown, I'm not sure why it was rolled tbb
@Medix2 I'd still likely do it at disadvantage, but just trying to cover bases.
2:45 PM
Yeah I'd model throwing totally differently with something like a Performance check or something
true, maybe strength against performance
lots of fun things to do
That don't say "you can't even attempt to arm wrestle"
@AncientSwordRage Go for it!
@KorvinStarmast Sorry but "Action" is not a thing
I don't want to argue the point, but I can provide numerous Q&As supporting my claim
@KorvinStarmast I'm wondering if you'd have an interest for your highwayman with my doc holliday build.
ahh, the zeno's arrow paradox
2:55 PM
@NautArch yes, I am interested
@KorvinStarmast I don't think he comes online until about level 7 or 8. Hoc Dolliday
It's a hand crossbow/sharpshooter build. With Bless.
@NautArch I will review that when I get to where I can DDB. Thanks!
@KorvinStarmast need a group and free time first....
@AncientSwordRage I always seem to have an abundance of one or the other, but never both.
Do y'all agree this question needs a system: rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/184958
3:04 PM
@NautArch 404'd me
Q: What is the optimal breakdown for time the GM and players hold the floor?

wigglybungleOne thing I keep on running into while playing or running games online is managing the amount of time the GM and the players have the floor. Anyone have a useful ballpark figure? As a player, I definitely don't enjoy a session where I sit for 3 hours with 5 people and get the spotlight for less...

What do you think?
Yeah, I think the system helps.
System agnostic answers might be appropriate, but the question probably shouldnt be agnostic.
I swear we has a question yesterday that somebody tried to make system agnostic, and now I cannot find it...
I'd say system helps there just because different games hand out GM responsibilities wildly differently
Like, how whole systems involve the players describing and changing the environment
3:24 PM
i'm happy that got rolled back
It was a weird case, especially given how the answers at the time had been phrased. But yeah, I'm happy for it as well, under a different system that would be covered very differently
1 hour later…
4:32 PM
BTW, the font change just went through network wide. In case anyone picked up on something suddenly feeling different.
4:45 PM
@Someone_Evil I've not noticed anything
Has anyone done those dog DNA tests?
@Upper_Case Why the delete, if you don't mind my asking?
Yes, according to the tests, my ancestry is 0% dog. The wonders of modern science. Never could have guessed.
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