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12:04 AM
Nothing codified. I try not to link the same project more than once every couple of days (and then only if I'm super excited about it and think it needs more attention that it's getting).
Like, the Our Shores KS article got pinned because it's a groundbreaking event with the potential to dramatically change (improve) the state of the TRPG industry in South-East Asia.
On Kickstarter: Dungeon B-tches by Emily Allen. A game in which disaster lesbians get f'ed up in dungeons. (Warning: sex, violence, body horror.)
(because I am super excited about the project)
I think any (non-harmful, obviously) project is fine to link, it's only frequent repeated linking of the same project that could make people raise their eyebrows.
I mean, I spent two years maintaining an updated pinned link for that kind of thing, so it's not like it's unwelcome in principle.
12:25 AM
Q: Can a half-elf taking Elf Atavism select a versatile heritage?

Ben R.As title. Consider Halledon Felf, a half-elf. At first level, Hal takes Human ancestry, and selects Half-elf as a heritage. He then has an ancestry feat, which he uses to take Elf Atavism, allowing him to select an Elven heritage. Leaving aside for a moment whether it benefits Hal to do so, can H...

@HotRPGQuestions I read that as "Can a half Elk take Elivsh Activism"
12:38 AM
now you've got me wondering what Elkish Activism looks like
(I know about Elvish Activism, I've played enough Dwarf Fortress)
1:15 AM
Ancestry & Cultures Bundle BUNDLE now 60% off on Drive Thru RPG
1:33 AM
My gf is quite competitive, and apparently I am usually quite the contender. So she has stated that any time I have been beaten, )regardless of who by), it is cause for celebration.
I responded with; "As they cheered, the great beast simply smiled, as he leaned back into the shadows. He does not savour victory, nor defeat; only the chase, the challenge, the chance for what might be..."
2 hours later…
3:26 AM
@ThomasMarkov I added an elaborating explanation after the quoted rules in your recent answer btw
I was about to add a similar sentence. Looks good.
3:53 AM
@BESW that's a big change
Would you go so far as to say it's... altogether different?
4:12 AM
@ThomasMarkov Just noticed your profile description change; congratz. But also, good night, for I have to wake up at... 5:30
Q: How should I set up and execute air battles in my session to avoid easy encounters?

Justin PanaitescuI'm running the Storm King's Thunder campaign, and we are at the portion where the PCs get an airship to travel around in, the airship is about 1000ft in the air. There are approximately 5-6 lvl 7 PCs, and they have 3 or 4 hard encounters a day. There are two wizards, a warlock, ranger, paladin, ...

6 hours later…
9:51 AM
Q: Can you carry someone while levitating?

gtoThe levitate spell targets One creature or loose object of your choice that you can see within range \$[\dots]\$ that weighs up to 500 pounds. If you're airborne from casting levitate on yourself, could you then pick up another creature? Is the answer different if your total weight is greater t...

10:43 AM
Q: Can a Familiar allow you to avoid verbal and somatic components?

Ayden sif I cast a spell and choose for it to come through my familiar, would I still have to do verbal and somatic components? what about material? would people be able to see the casting? could it still be counter spelled?

11:34 AM
Q: Trying to figure out dispel magic DC?

Guyhero218We just played our weekly game and one of our PCs cast dispel magic and we got confused with the wording of the DC to dispel. Is the rise in DC based on the spell slot level used or the normal level of the spell?

2 hours later…
1:46 PM
A: 2020: a year in moderation

Thomas Markov2019 vs 2020 comparison for RPG.se Meta posts: 2017 stats 2018 stats 2019 stats SEDE Queries: Total number of questions, answers per year Comments per year Also: Fun site with more SE site statistics.

2:18 PM
users burninated remains unmentioned for the fourth year running. someone's hiding something
2:30 PM
All I know is that @doppelgreener has not disclosed that information for the fourth year in a row.
all these bernie memes with the his mittens are amazing.
@NautArch There was a good one that had him among the force ghosts at the end of Return of the Jedi.
@ThomasMarkov OG force ghosts or the edit?
OG of course.
I still have my despecialized versions.
i don't think my kids have even seen the edited ones
2:38 PM
@NautArch My brain read this as Despacito Version the first time around
@RevenantBacon it's very sad
3:10 PM
@ThomasMarkov -do you have an excel template? I'd like to do the same for SciFi
@AncientSwordRage I got it from rubiksmoose.
I can email it to you if you like
@doppelgreener my favourite is the guy who opens the folding, and bernies already on it
@ThomasMarkov I'll ask Rubiks
I'll get it from the Rubiks mouth
the Mooses Mouth?
Is that like getting it from the horses mouth, but it's a moose?
3:27 PM
Time to draft an answer to a closed question...
@Medix2 Which one?
The mind spike one?
My answer to that one is already queued up with links and everything.
Now, same
@ThomasMarkov the answer is obvious isn't it?
3:30 PM
Spell mastery doesnt use a spell slot, expert divination requires using a spell slot.
lower than 2nd, not 2nd OR lower?
inb4 we have different answers; oh dang it we don't
Sorry, I mean this line : you regain a spell slot of a spell lower than that level
@AncientSwordRage I believe the phrases are "1st or 2nd" and "2nd or higher"
3:31 PM
Yeah, and they plan to regain 1st level spell slots by infinitely casting a 2nd level spell
The quotes are wrong (assuming it's 5e), no?
less obvious than I thought
@Someone_Evil Indeed
@Someone_Evil yeah the whole thing needs work.
In this case I think the issue comes from the incorrect rules text, so it'd be better addressed by an answer
3:37 PM
Is this a dupe of this?
I was looking through this odd set of questions and noticed those
@Medix2 Probably, but the recent one should be left open, as the question and answer are both better.
I'll just switch the dupe marker then? Or should both be closed
I dont think the dupe target currently on there is a good one.
Well, maybe.
Edit in the new target?
A lot of the dupes on the list I linked are... similar
3:40 PM
Like I'm going "Wait if that's closed why on earth isn't this one?"
The "what slot is this" question is the crux of the argument of the dispel magic questions, but I think they probably deserve explanation in their own context.
I might close the expert divination one, maybe
Silver badge for Naut
@Medix2 That looks like a good close I think
edited the title
check it
Beat me to it...
3:44 PM
on the newest dispel magic one
Yup, beat me to it XD
Literally mid-edit it went "No more editing for you"
1 hour later…
4:48 PM
hmmm wondering what i can do with a 20 CON cleric with Resilient (CON) and Warcaster other than just keep one buff up forever
or maybe, what do i do with these other spell slots?
@Yuuki Many similar builds hmmm... there's also the non-spell things that use concentration
Like, my plan is to cast Bless and then wade into melee combat, relying on my high CON modifier and those two feats to basically auto-pass concentration checks.
That sounds like a fine plan.
but... then what? just keep melee attacking? I don't really plan on utilizing any offensive spells because I don't plan on making my WIS very high.
so my save dc will fairly lackluster
@Yuuki I might go ask a optimization question on "highest achievable constant bonus to concentration checks"...
4:53 PM
there's always sanctuary and upcasting healing word, i guess
Weird... I can search for "[dnd-5e] [optimization]" but if I add "concentration" it crashes...
i know spiritial weapon doesn't require concentration, but like i said, i don't plan on having high WIS so the attack roll for SW won't be terribly good
@Yuuki This points to a flaw in the design of the classes. This guy by all rights should be a paladin, but for some reason the system doesn't classify him as one and so he doesn't get to use his spell slots to hit harder.
5:09 PM
I mean, I suppose I could make this a paladin build instead.
@ThomasMarkov *screaming begins*
Hey all! What is the current opinion on the guessing the system policy? (esp. dnd-5e)
Thomas Markov is correct here
There seem to be opposing meta posts about it
They are opposed, and there was a whole host of questions about that opposed-ness (I'll go find it)
5:20 PM
The voting on the post you linked is dynamic - the distribution has changed since that post was made in March and now opposing views are scored similarly.
The post I linked from Linksassin is the current state of policy and how it is enforced.
In particular there is this question and this statement (unrelated to the question):
> After 3 months, the community's highest voted answer is sitting at +54/-22 and advocates for not changing the policy according to the moderators' proposal, which ranks below it in score at +47/-22. As the community failed to achieve a consensus to change the status quo, we will continue to enforce the policy as we have in the past. Separate refinements made notwithstanding.
Well, alright. I didnt keep up to date enough...
@Szega Calling it confusing is probably an understatement; you're good XD
Thx :)
Given the distribution on our most recent official discussion of the policy, we're probably due for another in the next few months.
5:23 PM
Thats a lot of energy poured into this one thing. Is it worth it?
I'm just real happy my answer sits as high as it does XD
I mean I have an opinion but am not bothered much either way
It is what it is. Proponents of the policy certainly think it's worth it.
It's not worth it, but after deciding it's not worth it, we'd still have to either enforce the policy or not.
I just constantly think "If so many people think it might work; what's the harm in trying it? Why not collect actual data on the effectiveness of various different possible policies instead of arguing hypotheticals and ideals?"
5:25 PM
@Szega We did decide that 5e without mentioning dungeons and dragons is enough to add the tag (usually :P)
But I also feel I have little choice but to argue hypotheticals and ideals so... yeah
"Why not collect actual data on what happens if you jump overboard?" sang the sirens.
@MarkWells I don't expect the change would result in anything non-fixable; and if it resulted in momentary chaos, so be it. Consider the lesson learned
So somehow 5e is enough but dnd is not. Great.
@Szega To be fair, the similarity between dnd5e and dnd3.5 is far greater than the similarity between dnd5e and sr5e.
5:28 PM
Well, that is true.
Anyway, I did not intend to spark that discussion anew here.
It's cool. Real time discussions about community moderation are favorable in my estimation.
Let's have one now
This question:
Q: How are pluses on vanilla weapons and armour different than previous editions?

Billy M.How are pluses on vanilla weapons and armour different in 5e than in previous editions? I have noticed old editions are capped at +5 and 5e is capped at +3. What, if anything, would change if higher bonuses were available instead?

This question was changed into an entirely different question.
I agree...
That completely invalidated a +31 and a +63 answer
The revision should have posted as a new question.
I was just going to revert it.
Tempting, to be sure, but let's hash it out properly on meta
5:34 PM
If you insist.
5:46 PM
Q: Should this revision to a 3 year old (formerly) designer reasons question be a new post instead?

Thomas MarkovThe question: How are pluses on vanilla weapons and armour different than previous editions? This question was originally posted over 3 years ago. At the time, the question read: Why do pluses on vanilla weapons and armour cap at +3? Why do pluses on vanilla weapons and armour cap at +3, as oppo...

6:32 PM
Q: Should this revision to a 3 year old (formerly) designer reasons question be a new post instead?

Thomas MarkovThe question: How are pluses on vanilla weapons and armour different than previous editions? This question was originally posted over 3 years ago. At the time, the question read: Why do pluses on vanilla weapons and armour cap at +3? Why do pluses on vanilla weapons and armour cap at +3, as oppo...

7:07 PM
@ThomasMarkov I feel like you post an above average quantity of meta questions.
I do.
15/191 meta questions posted in 2020 were mine.
That's very close to 10%
And you only really picked up about half-way through the year
15/112 since June 1st.
Here's a question: rep gains are shared across Meta and Main right? So does rep cap apply to both separately, or do they get counted together?
Meta doesn't give rep
7:16 PM
You can still earn the mortarboard badger there though
The what now?
The badge for hitting the rep cap
It technically looks at upvotes, not actually rep earned
8:00 PM
Question protection triggered automatically on this question just now.
I'm quite certain this answer at least does not meet our citation expectations, and I'm not sure it is even actually an answer. I flagged NAA since apparently it's already successfully passed through the LQP queue.
It has? I'm not seeing an old review item on it
Also, there's that old oddity on optimization questions between answering in the question and showing your research
@Someone_Evil Does the LQP flag disappear if a post hs some number of votes?
The "very low quality" flag option was not available on that answer.
Oh, that might be the case, score or age might affect that. Checking MSE
8:17 PM
I would like to point out that, at the time the answer was made, it may have been correct, and unfortunately, it's hard to prove a negative.
Granted, it's still low-quality, but I don't think it's delete worthy
It lacks citations of any kind, which means it is subject to deletion.
Also the author has not been active in over two years.
From the privelidge article for flagging; VLQ flags require "posts scoring 0 or less, under 7 days old, and not already in review only; not available on closed questions"
Whether or not the author has been active recently is completely irrelevant. The answer clearly indicates that the information already cited in the original question is correct, citing it again would be a waste of space and effort
@ThomasMarkov What would you site for "There are no more options"? You can't prove a lack of evidence
I think you're way to trigger happy with the close and delete buttons
8:33 PM
@RevenantBacon Maybe I am, but that's what community review is for.
(and why we're talking about it)
8:47 PM
@ThomasMarkov Are you saying you've just staged your own intervention? :p
9:07 PM
Q: Re-earned all my tag badges at once

SdjzToday I had virtually no activity on the site (other than visiting) and to my surprise I somehow just earned all of my tag badges simultaneously. As far as I am aware I already had all these badges before, earned at the appropriate time but they are now showing up as earned today. You can see the...

9:53 PM
Q: Can a spontaneous caster use higher level slots to cast non-heightened lower level spells?

LinusI'm an Oracle. I've picked up Divine Access (Ragathiel) which adds True Strike to my spell list. I've also added it to my spell repertoire as a 1-st level spell. Since it is not one of my signature spells I can't heighten it (not that it provides any bonus effect by being heightened). I'm out of ...


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