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@ThomasMarkov That question's body is not even strictly right, 4e tried making +6 enhancement a thing. (Which makes +3 a bigger shock, admittedly.)
12:39 AM
It's rather amusing to see all those answers ignoring 4e, too.
But then, I can't exactly blame 'em since that's exactly how Wizards talks about 5e.
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2:09 AM
Q: Does the Elemental Gem require Concentration?

LexaireDoes an elemental summoned from an Elemental Gem require Concentration? I am getting hung up on the "as if you had cast" part. Other items say, "you can use an action to cast the [spell]". Elemental Gem This gem contains a mote of elemental energy. When you use an action to break the gem, an ele...

3 hours later…
4:44 AM
@NautArch is about to TPK us.
5:01 AM
@ThomasMarkov with what? :O
Frost Giant riding a Mammoth
5:33 AM
Q: Is this alteration to the Evocation Wizard's Potent Cantrip balanced?

Jon AristotleThe Potent Cantrip ability states: Starting at 6th level, your damaging cantrips affect even creatures that avoid the brunt of the effect. When a creature succeeds on a saving throw against your cantrip, the creature takes half the cantrip's damage (if any) but suffers no additional effect from ...

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2:01 PM
@ThomasMarkov ain't nobody dyin'.
This is true.
Because I roasted the giant sooo hard.
Two fireballs to the face will do that.
2:16 PM
Scorching Ray + Pack Tactics is pretty nice.
Kobold rogue could be fun
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3:43 PM
Q: Does a golem's magic immunity bypass its opponent's defensive spells?

Poetically PsychoticWhat happens if, for instance, a Golem tries to grapple a foe that had freedom of movement cast on it? Immunity to Magic (Ex) Golems have immunity to most magical and supernatural effects, except when otherwise noted. An iron golem is immune to any spell or spell-like ability that allows spell...

Q: Do you gain XP based on your "level" or your XP total?

47948201Let's say a 3rd-level character with 5900 XP (100 away from reaching 4th level) clears two EL 5 encounters during an adventure. The PHB says on page 58 that XP is handed out at the end of each adventure, so this means they were in both of these encounters while they were 3rd level. According to t...

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8:49 PM
Q: Protection against an aboleths enslave ability

Richard CI am structuring the first part of my campaign and have decided the big bad is an aboleth. However supporting the aboleth will be a wizard, who has sort the creature out and is willing to work for it in return for the knowledge and power it can give him. This wizard will be lawful evil but acting...

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9:58 PM
/me waves its pedipalps in greeting.
Um anyone have the link to the discord
@Gwideon BESWs?
@Shalvenay yes
@Gwideon think you'll have to poke BESW for it then
10:00 PM
I actually got some cool stuff I’d like to talk about but stack exchange chat on mobile ain’t great
But anyways how is everyone
@Gwideon alright here for the most part
10:35 PM
Q: Is this question about spell effects persisting after death a duplicate?

Thomas MarkovCandidate for closure: Effect lasts until end of dead creature’s next turn Dupe target: Do your spells end when you die? Should this question be closed as a duplicate of the proposed dupe target?

that's good
10:56 PM
so I have an interesting thought
has anyone switched systems for a couple sessions
@Gwideon with or without a change of story/characters?
@Gwideon coughs in The Adventure Zone 😛
@Shalvenay Without a change
@Gwideon that's an interesting question then
cause one of my Gms just did this
11:04 PM
@Gwideon fascinating XD
It's something that happens once in a while on actual play podcast Friends at the Table. I've run a side game parallel to the main campaign before, too. Useful for when not everyone can make it.
@Gwideon oh we have yeah
we did that a couple times
so should I give context to why this is happening
if you feel like it yeah
11:24 PM
So in game we had just finished this trial type thing and were about to be attacked by demons when a portal opened underneath us and whisked us away to a new world called the city of sin. We're basically going from a dnd 5e fantasy setting to a fate accelerated cyberpunk setting.
It's basically a big trial for our characters to see if they can resist the temptations of the city and yeah.
that sounds pretty cool
Moving into Fate from another system should be pretty easy.
also I honestly can't help but approve of switching from 5e to fate XD
but that's just me
that too yeah
I've got plans to try going from Wanderhome to Fate.
well it's only a couple sessions
and we'll soon get back to 5e
11:27 PM
that's fair enough
I just don't have much personal preference for 5e is all
no i get that
I don't want to tell other people not to play it XD
if you and your group enjoy it yourselves that's more than enough reason
yeah we do enjoy it but we're also a fairly flexible group and like trying out new stuff. 5e just so happens to be our default game.
tis fair
also I am well aware of 5e's flaws. been gming it for about 2 to 3 years now.
11:32 PM
it reminds me too much of 3.5, and also of all the reasons I liked 4e better
I will say I think if I had to choose between 5e and 3.5 it would still be 5e
but thankfully that isn't a choice I have to make XD
Been enjoying Cyberpunk red alot though. tried to run a one shot for it but it didn't go to well as it really wasn't one of the players things. People enjoyed it but yeah.
I have not tried that system
that being said there are probably a lot I have not tried XD
It's fun. Though it can be a bit complicated. It's a skill based system and can be really brutal.
we played a little of delta green a little bit ago and it sorta just fell apart
due partly to a lack of particular interest in the system I guess
11:42 PM
Partly, but also some of the participants suddenly got no time off from their jobs.
that's fair too
I'm not blaming anyone else I wasn't too invested in the system myself
although I guess I might have stuck with it if everyone else was still ready to go
so um I posted a question. not sure how good it is but yeah.
it's a question I've asked elsewhere but I've never really gotten a good answer for it
so yeah
well hopefully you get a good answer then
anyways just a thing I'm wondering. what's the influence of Narnia on the fantasy genre.

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