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3:52 AM
Q: Does falling cause opportunity attack?

CWallachConsider this scenario. A sorcerer climbs up a 20 foot tree and gets surprised by a large snake. The snake misses and then the sorcerer wins initiative and decides to let go of the tree branches. This results in the sorcerer falling to the ground and taking damage. Does the snake get an opport...

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5:51 AM
Q: How to describe that an enemy can avoid opportunity attacks?

HuskyI'm the DM of my group. When we are playing I try to describe the effects and actions of enemies and npcs without spelling out exactly what they are to keep some mystique to the actions. Like describing that "the mage shoots a large electrical beam" instead of calling it lighting bolt outright. ...

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12:38 PM
Don't sleep on the itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, peoples.
It's got Troika, Sleepaway, Lost in the Grey, For the Honor, A Short Hike, Goblins in Shadow, Ech0... just, almost literally unlistably many awesome games.
There's a solo RPG called "You Are Quarantined With Adam Driver And He Is Insisting On Reading You His New Script." itch.io is a magical place and you'll never find a better excuse to dig deep into its weird wonder.
1:12 PM
I second this, because yeah, I have found at least 10 fun and exciting to me things in there and I have barely scratched the surface.
1:46 PM
I'm sorry, are you saying you have an...
<dons shades>
*itch* to scratch?
Hahaha nicely done
I'm relying on people in my feeds making lists of games to check out, because looking at all of them on my own is [brain asplode].
2:40 PM
I signed up to itch.io finally for that bundle. You've even got me as a follower now, @BESW!
3:38 PM
Q: If I have two cyberarms, do I need an additional modification to interact with AR?

Aria NicholasI feel like this is a stupid question, but I cannot find this answer anywhere in the RAW. If I have two cyberarms (whole or partial, doesn't matter), do I need some kind of additional modification to interact with augmented reality?

3:51 PM
@BESW A great bundle but it made me realize Itch's delivery mechanisms are not built for 700+ product bundles.
It was a real pain to dig through that list you get emailed.
@BESW Oh also Blades in the Dark is just hiding in there too.
So that's cool
2 hours later…
5:58 PM
Q: What happens to magical objects worn or carried by a character when it is petrified?

ToothbrushThe first part of the description of the Petrified condition says (PHB, p. 291; emphasis mine): A petrified creature is transformed, along with any nonmagical object it is wearing or carrying, into a solid inanimate substance (usually stone). [...] But what happens to magical objects ...

3 hours later…
8:31 PM
@Rubiksmoose Is you Honey Heist game still open? I think I have green light for Saturday.
@KorvinStarmast As far as I've been told I still have slots!
@Rubiksmoose I would love to sign up; has the link thing been fixed?
Yeah everything should work now: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/…
Just a heads up though, my session is on Sunday in EDT anyways.
@Rubiksmoose Even better, I can go to church saturday night now, the old schedule is being slowly restored.
8:39 PM
@Rubiksmoose OK, they demand too much personal info. Not gonna participate. Also, Norton scam alerted on the donation page. grr
You mean the con? I'm sure they'd be ok to fill with some dummy info.
But no worries!
@Rubiksmoose I am sure Mrs Starmast will find ways to fill my time with labor. 8^D
@Rubiksmoose we got to feed the homeless (finally) through our ministry this weekend; some precautions, yeah, but the fear of liability has subsided and we got to do what we usually do. We'd been told "do not" for too many weeks. (I suspect that it was fear of liability that drove the "no, not yet" thing. grrr )
@KorvinStarmast Nice! Must be nice to finally be able to help people again.
8:44 PM
@Rubiksmoose Man, yeah, and I got to see some of our usual faces for the first time in two months. They are still alive, so it really brightened my day.
Hmmm looks like I have one player signed up so far, or at least put into my room. Hopefully I get one more otherwise we'll see how solo HH works XD (or, more likely, they'll get to move on to their second choice and I get an evening free).
Every so often, we ask the folks "hey, haven't seen {Catman or other nickname} for a while" and we get "Oh, he OD'd last month" or something like that. :(
@KorvinStarmast That's wonderful. Everyone needs some brighter days.
@Rubiksmoose Yes, and we think our daughter/soninlaw/granddaughter will visit this week, so Mrs S is bubbling over with happy.
oh! very nice!
8:47 PM
@Rubiksmoose I am crossing fingers and hoping nothing crops up and cancels the trip. OK, that's all for now, best wishes.
I'll hope that too! TTFN
2 hours later…
10:39 PM
Q: Can I make misty step before placing bag of holding inside another bag of holding opens the gate to the Astral Plane?

ben-benThe question is if placing bag of holding inside another bag of holding opens the gate to the Astral Plane (which was discussed here: Is it possible to stuff a Bag of Holding inside another Bag of Holding?), then - can I make misty step before the gate has opened? For example a character runs tow...

Are deleted comments normally still in your feed thing after deleted?
@RedRiderX Yeah, it's impressively bad at scale.
@Medix2 If the notification went out before the comment was deleted, deleting the comment doesn't remove the notification.
@BESW Ah gotcha, interesting
@RedRiderX And a lot of Forged in the Dark stuff too!
I'm pretty sure notifications go away when the comment is deleted. They are at least supposed to in most cases.
10:48 PM
Well those statements directly contradict XD
Is it this bug you've encountered?
@Someone_Evil actually, I have the option to vote to undelete @ZwiQ's Zorquan answer. I'm not sure what will happen if I click-- I have not done so out of basic consideration for ZwiQ-- but it seems to require 10k mod tools, not diamond mod access.
@Novak Hmm... I though that because Rubiks was the last vote it needed a diamond to reopen it
It's a reasonable conjecture, which I see echoed on meta.stackexchange, but it might not actually be the case.
@Someone_Evil That's not what I've encountered (though I haven't had it happen for a couple years). For me the notification behaves normally, but the comment is gone.
10:53 PM
I'm kinda tempted to click the option just to see what happens, but I have a strong writer's protectiveness of my own stuff which compels me to wait and see what ZwiQ says about it.
@Someone_Evil Hmmm maybe they just never fixed it at all then, weird
Weird being able to see deleted comments
@RedRiderX A list of all the physical games in the bundle (except the ones they've added since the bundle went live; the list will get updated in a week or so when the content has stabilized).
It's frustrating that even though there's a list like this, I still have to run through the other bundle page to find it again.
Very agreed.
I basically made this list myself a few days ago, then realized I couldn't use it to download stuff directly until I "claimed" it.
On one hand I get their intention, you might not want everything in a bundle to show up in your library.
But there is truly no reason it shouldn't show up on the actual product's page.
10:58 PM
So weird.
Ooh, all of Diwata's Planted TRPG are in the bundle.
Hah yeah I started realizing some things like that I already owned.
And May Project Na Naman Si Kapitan?, too!
But re: 'claiming' I can totally see how each step leading up to this was logical.
Why would you design the system with some super-state of in-your-library-but-also-not-really?
I'm making a list and then I'm gonna go through each page exactly once.
Still totally worth it though.
Oh hey, who was asking about journey mechanics a few days ago?
Because For the Honor has some pretty great ideas about Venturing Forth which could probably get lifted for most any system.
11:51 PM
@Novak heh, well I undeleted it before reading this. I still believe this is likely what they would want and very little harm can come from undeleting since they can simply delete it again if they wanted.
@Someone_Evil I wonder if it only applies to something deleted with only a diamond vote?
@Rubiksmoose I am pretty sure of that, too, and I don't expect everyone to share my sensitivities down to that minute degree.
Also having a diamond grants a certain degree of license

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