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12:08 AM
Q: How to map out and run an encounter set in a predominantly vertical area online?

ZarHakkarUpcoming in one of my D&D 5E games, the player characters are going to have to venture down a dwarven mineshaft while being attacked by dwarf zombies. The shaft itself is an entirely vertical pit, with layers of stairs and scaffolding around the edge creating a path to the bottom. I've researche...

2 hours later…
2:28 AM
@Shalvenay Probably they just try to ensure to only have flames in buildings when there are people in contact with the building (the last one out always extinguishes the candles). Since everybody knows that fire can't harm anything being worn or carried, even if it's building-sized.
@PeterCooperJr. LOL
@Shalvenay For a semi-serious answer, the Continual Flame spell must be readily available in every city, and clerics and wizards would be casting them at the end of every day they didn't need to use their slots for anything else.
2:41 AM
@nitsua60 will take a look, thx
3:19 AM
@PeterCooperJr. yeah, I'm sure Continual Flame helps a fair bit
@KorvinStarmast hey there
6 hours later…
9:16 AM
Q: Is the swordsage's recovery interruptable?

Karrion42I'm new with the whole "martial adept" thing, and while the Tome of Battle itself is kinda self-explanatory, some things are more ambiguous. In the manual it says that a swordsage can recover a maneuver by quickly meditating as a full-round action, and that if the meditation succeeds, it gets a ...

9:47 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad ip for hostname in answer, blacklisted username, potentially bad ns for domain in answer, blacklisted user (261): Are there official guidelines on 5e feat creation or modification? by keyword out on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
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12:09 PM
@nitsua60 ok, that makes sense. i haven't parsed it that way before.
Tiny Stories by Momatoes now has a solo version! Tiny Stories is my tiny attempt at making things a little better. A little game, for friends who want to spend a little time together, in these complex and trying times. Please play Tiny Stories and blossom your own story in the safe comfort of your friends' companionship.
12:51 PM
@Someone_Evil Genuine question: was it standard practice to return that post to world-building.se even though it's not a world-building question?
@Medix2 Returned is just an automatic part of closing a migrated question (as off topic?). Not a specific action of mine
Oh interesting
That'd explain why Community did it then, TIL
1:03 PM
Hmm... does that Q show without an indication of who did the last activity to anyone else? It just says "24 mins ago" on the front page.
i was just about to remark on that :D
Yeah the page is also a bit weird
TIL migrations back to a site don't count as activity
Q: Migrated and closed question shows up attributed to nobody in the question list

doppelgreenerTL;DR minor bug: a question's showing up on our site that's attributed to nobody at all in the question list. RPG Stack Exchange just now had this happen: This question was migrated to our site, belonging to a user (“Light”) who doesn't yet have an account on our site so they show up as anonymou...

I think it has to do with the migration itself rather than the migration rejection.
Probably something with question being created not by any extant user and there not being a clause that shifts the blame to community user (as happens with posts by deleted users)
1:29 PM
I've updated that report a bunch.
1:41 PM
I'm on mobile so I'm not sure if what I see matters XD
I get the same thing on the mobile-browser page. Just says "1 hour ago"
I do but only on the active page, for newest it actually says "asked", weird
Newest always shows when it was asked, questions/active only shows timestamp (no asked/modified) but does show the user
1 hour later…
2:55 PM
@Shalvenay Guess I wandered off to a Zoom conference. Ended up four hours of cocktail hour. Participants in Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Texas, Washington State, and Minnesota. (We all went to high school together). This year's rendezvous in Vegas is now officially cancelled.
And I didn't have to drive home; I was already there! 👍
3:40 PM
@KorvinStarmast eheheh. things are alright here
4 hours later…
7:37 PM
Q: system tag policy - can it be stated to askers in advance?

ZwiQWhenever I do something for the first time, I read the instructions. I spend time to understand the rules and try to follow them in good faith. Yet after having spent this effort, if I am later get told that there were other hidden catches, or some rules buried at a location where I could not rea...

8:23 PM
Q: 'Silence' spell cast on a PC or object?

McjeffsA PC Cleric wants to cast a 'Silence' on one of the two PC Fighters in their party so that the Fighters can enter a room to kill orcs without having the noise of the battle alarm orcs in other rooms. As long as the Cleric concentrates on the spell and doesn't engage in other activities to stop th...

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11:31 PM
MIGIZI Support Bundle hosted by Speak the Sky. This is a charity co-op bundle raising money for MIGIZI, a Minneapolis org for Native American youth whose building was damaged in the spreading fires last week.
Q: Does the Bestow Curse spell's extra damage apply to the Dragon's Breath spell?

Medix2The bestow curse spell states: [...] While the target is cursed, your attacks and spells deal an extra 1d8 necrotic damage to the target. [...] I'm wondering how this interacts with the dragon's breath spell, which grants a creature you touch a new action to create a damage-dealing area of ...


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