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1:42 AM
So I finally finished reading The Secret History of the Mongols and... it didn't tell me a lot about the culture. It starts with a little bit of creation myth (the Mongol people were born from the mating of a celestial wolf & deer), some lineage from there to Chinggis Khan's father, then his life & accomplishments, and some of those of his son & heir, who finished the military campaign that Chinggis died in the middle of.
What it told me about their culture (some of which I already knew): They live in yurts, herd horses/sheep/pigs, hunt. They greatly value their horses. They like furs, brocades, silks. They are divided into a number of smaller groups (tribes? clans?), who make & break allegiances, that were united under the Empire. At the time of the Empire, they have a well-organised military. They are polygamous (or at least, their rulers are). They take conquered people as slaves. ...that's about it?
@Adeptus I'm not sure how much is known though?
2:26 AM
@AncientSwordRage This was a book written at the time - commissioned by Chinggis Khan's son Ogedei. I suspect a lot of the stuff that would be interesting to us, was left out as not worth mentioning.
Yeah, it's an own-voices document for the perpetuation of the leadership narrative, so we can learn more from what they thought was important for that purpose, than the actual statements it makes.
Yeah, like... I don't know if it would be fair to call them a military culture... but Chinggis was definitely a military leader.
"Military culture" tends to be a narrative imposed from the outside to explain why we're obviously superior but still keep getting our butts kicked.
@Adeptus what must have thrown me was the book title
<insert Obvious Problems With Orcs here>
2:34 AM
@BESW yup
When you look at how western history talks about different cultures/leaders, you can really see the subjective nature of it. Like, Caesar/Alexander was a great military leader who forged an empire, but Genghis Khan was a terrible scourge... No. You're just seeing from the perspective of the victors in one case, and the losers in the other. I'm sure the so-called barbarian cultures saw the Romans as a terrible scourge.
@AncientSwordRage Fair. That name was given by the Chinese, when it was rediscovered.
Aug 17 at 3:26, by Adeptus
I've been reading James Mendez Hodes' blog. I want to do this: "Associate orcs explicitly with real-world human cultures. Represent those cultures positively, accurately, and respectfully. You want some Mongol-types? Give them nomadic settlements, sturdy tents, herds of livestock, gigantic floofy dogs, and throat-singing virtuosi. When you have your nonviolent signifiers down, then give them some martial culture: visionary generals, eagle wrestling, horse archery..."
@Adeptus I love it
@Adeptus that explains a lot
2:57 AM
@BESW Idk if you want more books about kids in their community but if you do I have a couple more suggestions courtesy of my sister
The red blazer girls is a mystery, and she says it’s good
And also a book that came from pj our way called Operation Frog Effect which is about kids in a fourth grade class and told through entries in the journals their teacher makes them keep
Ooh thanks.
@Adeptus Time to mention Carly M. Ho's DREAMSCAPES vol. zero: The Thousand Cousins again!
It's not saying Orcs are a specific real-world culture, but the entire setting, Orcs included, is designed around very South-East-Asian experiences with how communities and nations are built out of the interactions of extended families.
I'm torn between doing a Thousand Cousins campaign with Agaptus rules, and a Thousand Cousins campaign with principles from space is a sea and you are its sailors.
3:16 AM
@BardicWizard ooh I love journal entry stories
@BESW I would be interested in the first one but I don't know how well it would work seeing as we haven't tried out Agaptus vanilla yet
@trogdor I've got a book you might like purely because it's one of the most aggressively journal-y journal stories I've ever read, but it's one of those "I bought this from the library after even Nieves M. Flores Memorial decided it was too moldy to keep" books.
I don't like moldy books very much
I'm both irrationally scared I'll get sick off of them and also just don't like the texture of the book or the residue that it leaves on my fingers when I read em
Last Summer's Smugglers by Sesyle Joslin. (Storygraph link)
It also kinda fits into the above ongoing conversation about local kids meddling with stuff in their community, except the Secret Society For The Detection And Solution Of Crime aren't local, they're summer visitors.
(And there's no crime, they simply have extremely active imaginations and none of the adults care about giving them any direction or structure.)
although honestly my upbringing was practically the opposite of that at times
The book itself is the minutes taken by the SSFTDASOC's Madame Secretary, and all the other things the kids grab the book to write down or draw in it, much to Madame Secretary's dismay.
3:26 AM
that sounds really good
4:26 AM
Q: What happens if someone casts Dissonant Whisper on my halfling?

PatSpecifically, what do I get from my Brave halfling ability: I roll 2d20 for the Advantage, and this "succeed or fail the save" is directly applied to the entire spell. or I roll 2d20 but I roll them "in order" (we use 2 different colors to tell which is d20 #1 and d20 #2), and the result is ap...

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8:34 AM
Q: Can a player add new spells to the spellbooks described in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything?

GregNashIn the descriptions, they each say things like "You can use this book as a spellbook" and "It functions as a spellbook for you", so I expect that spells can be added to them. Am I correct?

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9:57 AM
@BESW [wave]
And hi everyone else!
I guess the rest of us only get an everyone else (hi XD)
10:31 AM
I don't mind being in the else block
10:41 AM
@BESW This made me remember Mona the Vampire
@kviiri if that's a case, just don't switch out
@kviiri I'm just being difficult because I like to do that XD
10:57 AM
> The series follows the adventures of Mona Parker, who refers to herself as "Mona the Vampire", as well as her two best friends, Lily Duncan ("Princess Giant") and Charley Bones ("Zapman"), and her pet cat, Fang, as they imagine themselves confronting a new supernatural foe, or solving a supernatural mystery, in every episode, but there are always rational explanations for what they see.
except the series makes it seem like she is completely delusional (at least my reading)
but it loosely fits the 'kids in the community' sort of thing
except it's things like "Someone is stealing all the water around town", but it turns out that it just evaporated
I wouldn't say delusional
as a kid I daydreamed a lot
and I have strong memories of Mona flatly denying the logical conclusion
I didn't so much do it with other kids, that was mostly something I did alone or in my own head, but I'm pretty introverted and was even more so as a kid so there is that
@trogdor this felt different than just day dreaming, but I'm guessing you saw the show?
no I have not seen it
10:59 AM
ah, I'm confident the tv show does not frame it as day dreaming
I have seen some shows where kids just jumped right into imaginary things though
that is different
and even acted like it was completely real
so I'm not sure what the exact difference is I guess?
More than once she tries to get someone fired because they're actually a monster in disguise
no one believes her (obviously) but she seems distressed that no one believes her
Hmm ok
That is a little different
Although I wonder why they went with that
If there was a particular reason
I have also seen kids insist to adults that the thing is real
what I have not seen is them trying to hurt someone in some way (and yes I count getting someone fired over make believe definitely harmful) because of it
how many instances of that have happened?
11:13 AM
@Anaphory Missed you again! Was having Friday night family night with my mom. We made pesto pizza and watched The Librarians.
@AncientSwordRage That sounds like downright irresponsible scripting.
11:30 AM
@trogdor this is a 20+ year old memory so I could be wrong
but I had a strong emotional reaction to when they scripted that, and it really stuck with me
@BESW thats how it felt
@AncientSwordRage ah fair enough
@trogdor I tried looking up the synposisisisis on IMDB but they're too high-level
11:46 AM
ah well
12:11 PM
@trogdor if only there was a stack where asking about this was on topic
Q: Was Mona 'the vampire' delusional or just day-dreaming?

AncientSwordRageI remember having a strong negative reaction to how the primary character's day dreams are portrayed in the TV Series. The series follows the adventures of Mona Parker, who refers to herself as "Mona the Vampire", as well as her two best friends, Lily Duncan ("Princess Giant") and Charley Bones ("...

12:27 PM
@BESW I was just in for tiny moment, but I should get round to coming in more often now. I was just very happy about your wave, so I couldn't ignore it before rushing to a zoom meeting this EU-morning
It wasn't as single-minded as I just made it sound (I had forgotten about the meeting, not tried to squeeze the hello in desperätely), but it was as heartfelt as you just received it.
just for the record I wasn't actually mad, just being my troublemaking self
2 hours later…
2:13 PM
@BESW Fair call!
2:24 PM
3:06 PM
Good morning!
How are people doing this “fine” day?
@BardicWizard coursely
@AncientSwordRage oh?
Something happen?
I'm remembering an SCP that has settings of very fine, fine, 1:1, course and very course
so that was really an in-joke just to myself
A little sore. Me and my exercise partners had "GainzGiving" at the gym yesterday morning.
I’m tired cause I apparently can’t manage to sleep in even though I’ve been surviving on 7 hours of sleep most nights and desperately need more
But happy bc it’s the first day we’re allowed in my house to sing Christmas carols so there’s that
3:19 PM
I think this question needs more details. The question asks "What are the way for reducing sleep that I havent thought of yet", then doesnt really tell us what they have thought of.
Also theres an unidentified magic item mentoined.
@AncientSwordRage I'm inputting a pile of tomatoes, an onion, and several whole jalapenos
@ThomasMarkov That q might be better suited as a self-answer, to which any missed options could be added. But that makes closing it awkward
Is this a dupe of this?
Cuz I answered both with almost the exact same answer.
3:36 PM
Maybe? they ask about different slots, but the base question is the same: Can I wear other stuff with my suit of armor?
Side note: I disagree with you on the bit about boots and gloves
@RevenantBacon About my ruling, or about the general principle that it's up to the DM to make a ruling?
@RevenantBacon But what do you think about the spell Tim's Stale Berry Bash?
Im a bit disappointed that question was so poorly received.
3:51 PM
@ThomasMarkov though technically OP on the sleep reducing post says "Beyond the class features, racial traits, and feats that reduce the amount of sleep required for a long rest to 4 hours" and Aspect of the Moon reduces to 0 hours.
@TheDragonOfFlame That's fair. I think the question should be closed, but you're right, your answer does fit.
Undelete it
The mirror of life trapping makes it so you dont have to sleep
But I imagine a long rest would still take 8 hours lol
@ThomasMarkov do you really want to be trapped in one though? It feels like it could be a little confining
Q: New “Touched” feats, what exactly does ‘appropriate level’ mean?

Peter ShawSo in our DnD 5e RPG group there is a difference in opinion on what ‘appropriate level’ actually means in the context of the “Fey Touched” and "Shadow Touched” feats, that have been released in “Tashas Cauldron of Everything”. One interpretation means you can’t cast invisibility or Misty step wit...

4:02 PM
@BardicWizard Quite the opposite actually, "An extradimensional cell is an infinite expanse"
@ThomasMarkov ah I missed that.
Not gonna lie, this is the most monday feeling friday Ive ever experienced.
I wonder if some scholar tired of being interrupted has ever used the mirror of life trapping to get a quiet study spot
@ThomasMarkov thanksgiving have anything to do with that?
@BardicWizard Everything.
@BardicWizard For my money, Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion. Or demiplane.
@ThomasMarkov About the ruling. I don't really think that the infusion would preclude the use of boots or gloves. Especially the boots, considering that you would most likely already have some sort of footwear on when you activated/donned/infused/whatever'd the armor, would it then just fail to activate? would it tear the shoes off your feet, or cover over them? I think it's more reasonable to say that it would allow for boots and gloves
The part where it's mostly up to the DM is not an especially ground-breaking position, and it's generally true, so I don't have cause to disagree there
4:14 PM
I mean its armor that covers your feet. Yeah, I'd take my shoes off before.
Later the feature divides the armor into pieces and actually calls them boots.
So it seems to me theyre boots, not booties. .
Well, the way I think about it is this: most suits of medieval armor didn't have boots that were part of the set, instead, there were these things that were like shin guards, but there was also a part that hung down over the top of the shoe.
To be fair, you should take my opinion with a grain of salt though
As I don't have Tasha's and don't know the full extent of what the ability actually does. Like, when you get the ability to do other pieces later on, what can you actually do with those other pieces?
> You learn how to use your artificer infusions to specially modify your Arcane Armor. That armor now counts as separate items for the purposes of your Infuse Items feature: armor (the chest piece), boots, helmet, and the armor’s special weapon. Each of those items can bear one of your infusions, and the infusions transfer over if you change your armor’s model with the Armor Model feature.
> In addition, the maximum number of items you can infuse at once increases by 2, but those extra items must be part of your Arcane Armor.
@ThomasMarkov I think that t's an oddly specific use for stale berries :p
Interesting, what kinds of things can you infuse the armor bits with?
The artificer's infusions, and replicate magic item.
So can I make the boots into Boots of Striding and Springing?
4:23 PM
Starting at 10th level those are on the list.
There are several magic boots that you can replicate with the suit of armor boots.
Is there a limited list, or can it just be any boot item in he DMG/Xanathars/Tashas/etc?
There's a curated list printed with the artificer class.
With 6 different magic boots you can replicate.
OK, gotcha. In that case, I would allow them to either have infused boots or have magical boots that they found in a treasure pile. But I wouln't have the armor prevent them from wearing other boots if they didn't opt into infusing boots
Right, the real concern is multiple magic boot effects, not what's actually on your feet.
Yes, that would be my concern
4:52 PM
Q: "Tarot" based RPG?

BrondahlWhen I was young (late-90s?) my brother and I were given a game that we never played. I opened it once and found it utterly impenetrable. Memory: There wasn't a board or anything concrete like figurines, nor a specific "thing" we were supposed to do. And we were supposed create characters someho...

5:07 PM
@ThomasMarkov I'm now imagining a centaur with Boots of Striding and Springing but only on two of their 4 feet
5:33 PM
howdy @Medix2
@ThomasMarkov I just saw "octodecimonthly" and now I'm gonna go start using that
I think it should be an a
I don't know anything that happens with that frequency but I'm gonna go find (or invent) one just so I can use it XD
Term-Quarterly reviews of US senators
I just pictured reviews of senators being like reviews of restaurants with stars and everything
5:38 PM
@Medix2 5 out of 5 star review! would vote again.
haha could you imagine 1-Star reviewing a restaurant just because you prefer the restaurant across the street?
And now I'm reminded of this fantastic review of a half-keyboard
I am learning about americas history in social studies right now.... I bet its different then what thet teach in america lol it isnt very flattering
@TheDragonOfFlame Few places teach their own history truthfully... I'm glad to know History teachers whose goal is to delete the awful false traditions and misinformation in so much of the US school system
@Medix2 I just want to know the truth.. but everyone is biased somehow
5:44 PM
@ThomasMarkov Work is gonna be... interesting today. A lot of people are gonna be calling out and we'll probably be busy. Here's to hoping it all works out well
The nice thing about my job is that there is no variation in the amount or difficulty of my work.
@Medix2 18 times a month is quite often
@AncientSwordRage stahp
Every 9hrs 20min
@AncientSwordRage I think your math is flawed
shouldnt there be more than 24 hours in between
5:50 PM
@TheDragonOfFlame Only accurate for really short months XD
@AncientSwordRage Seems legit.
I calculated for a week for some reason
Should be every 40 hours
18 times a week
6:08 PM
Hm, this gives me an idea for a game
One participant gives a frequency, and the other participants try to come up with an event that (verifiably) matches that frequency as close as possible. Who comes closest wins
I wonder what I do 18 times a week... maybe have a sandwich?
Depends on how one counts though, my usual bread comes in easily separable portion-sized mini-loafs that I tend to count as two sandwiches
I was gonna say "I bet I answer about 18 questions on rpg.se a week".
Nope. 28 answers in the last 7 days.
It helps that you're on constantly LMAO
Im on constantly from 8-5, sporadically from 5-9, and basically off from 9-8
Unless I wake up at 3am to my phone blowing up from V2Blast editing my answers.
One time I woke up at 3am and wrote an answer, then when I read the answer in the morning I was like "what the hell is this? This is nonsense" and deleted it.
6:19 PM
You have strange habits, my friend
@RevenantBacon you should see what he does to chickens
No joke, I'd have to move to here be dragons to talk about what Ive done to chickens.
@kviiri tie my shoe laces?
It's not NSFW cuz I wore my PPE.
@AncientSwordRage I'm sitting here, in my cubicle, trying not to laugh because I don't want my coworkers turning and giving me funny looks, and you're making it really hard
6:25 PM
Life pro tip: always lock out and tag out heavy equipment before doing maintenance or cleaning.
Well that doesn't bode well
Whats that?
@RevenantBacon good
@ThomasMarkov A pro tip on locking up your heavy equipment
doesn't bode well
@RevenantBacon locking out
but yes, lock it, tag it, test it, because YOUR life depends on it complete with industrial version of Uncle Sam pointing at you
6:33 PM
yes, that means locking up the heavy equipment, and then taking the keys, bringing them back to the storage bin, and signing them back in
it's synonymous
Failing to follow LOTO procedures is a good way to die.
Yes, but I was more referring to the fact that the original comment came raher unprompted, and as such, had a sense of forboding
haha no, I had just mentioned PPE, so I figured Id also give an important safety announcement.
7:17 PM
So I use R for data analysis at work. My company's antivirus just quarantined rsession.exe on my machine.
I dunno what program R is, but we use the AS400 over here. Also, it's funny that your antivirus has decided that the main program you use on your computer is suspicious
We use AS400 too. Everytime I have to use it I feel like Im riding on a dinosaur.
Ooohhhhhh boy, you have no idea
And the worst part is, I went to a trade school to learn programming
So every time something strange with the interface, or odd with an output, or similar comes up, I'm just like, "why did they do it that way, I know they could have done it this way"
We also use Excel a lot. Although I'm sure that's the same for you
I'm widely regarded as the excel wizard throughout the company.
I would put an Excel joke in here, but results came up #N/A
Sidenote: how do you like Xlookup function?
7:42 PM
It makes some things easier, I still use vlookup first out of habit.
Is thorn whip + Spell Sniper + Distant Spell for a 120ft melee attack the furthest possible melee attack?
Spiritual weapon and spells like it can technically do further.
So you can deal damage with Armor of Agathys out to 1000 feet or more probably in a totally contrived scenario.
Pretty sure you can use spiritual weapon to deal transplanar damage.
Wait, did they change Thorn Whip's range? I thought it was 15'
Yeah, I realized that I was just thinking it had the same range as Lightning Lash
So yeah, that totes works
Spiritual Weapon, having infinite range once cast, can hit someone in Waterdeep from Silverymoon.
7:58 PM
@RevenantBacon "...why is there this shimmery sword floating down the road?"
Cast SW, then next turn, use TP, Greater TP, Planeshift, Gate, or whatever other spell you feel like to get away, and then just bonus-action bash them
@Shalvenay "It's them wizz'rds messing wit' da' fabric o' real'ty again"
I've figured out how to convert DND strength scores to real life strength.
Didn't we have a recent question on that?
No, never mind, not quite
8:03 PM
So I guess instead: how?
You can push, drag, or lift a weight in pounds up to twice your carrying capacity (or 30 times your Strength score).
Str times 30 converts directly to a deadlift max.
I thought I was strong but my strength score is only 11.
My Strength might not be great, but I'll be damned if I don't have the wit and focus of a
of a...?
@RevenantBacon what do you have the wit and focus of?
What? I forgot what we were talking about
8:14 PM
Got me.
Real life humans can lift more than D&D humans.
In what sense?
A strength 30 D&D 5e human can deadlift 900 pounds. Eddie Hall deadlifted 1102 pounds. Eddie Hall has a strength score between 36 and 37.
@ThomasMarkov Eddie Hall has a strength of 36
Bea me to it
8:18 PM
Sure, but I assume that that's the world record, yes?
Hafthor Bjornson allegedly lifted 501 kilos
I understand that humanoids are capped at 20, but that's for simplicity
not for reality
Str 20 is a 600 pound deadlift which is pretty spectacular.
A non-bodybuilder could reasonably be expected to carry from 60-90 pounds of gear all day without it overly impacting their overall mobility.
body builders arent the strongest people.
8:21 PM
That's about the weight of combat uniform + ceramic vest + rifle + ammo, grenades, other stuff for a typical US Army soldier.
No, but they're high on the list of strongest people.
@RevenantBacon Yeah, my bug out kit is about 60 pounds.
including my armor.
The ceramic vest does make up most of the weight
My plate carrier with two plates is 20 pounds. 2 pounds vest and 2 9 pounds plates.
shouldn't it have 3 plates? 2 front, 1 back, or do you have some new style vest?
When I was in, we had 3-plate vests
Mine is just a 2 plate vest, but its fairly compact.
8:24 PM
related side note, I have also worked as overnight security at one of the R&D centers for the company that makes those plates
I can wear it under a button down shirt without printing.
Holy moly, how thin are these plates?
1 size up the shirt lol
The ones we had were an inch and a half thick at least
3/8 in AR500 steel
8:27 PM
ooohhhh, I was running off the assumption that they wer ceramic plates like the ones I had
Steel makes more sense
I was able to comfortably wear it during my town's George Floyd march back in June.
How heavy is it? And is this a civilian grade type of armor?
Level IIIA NIJ certified, 9 lbs per plate.
OK, that must be a sort of civilian grade then, as it doesn't appear to protect against rifles, just pistols. Makes sense that it would be more lightweight and made of steel over ceramic
That's correct. Level IV plates are expensive and bulky. Level IIIA plates are thin and cheap.
8:40 PM
From experience, I can tell you that the ceramic plates are neither thin, nor inexpensive lol
8:55 PM
@NautArch Youve been quiet today
Is there a good tool for dynamically filling maps for online play?
@Joshua Excessively verbose descriptions?
No, I mean unmasking the map grid as the players explore it.
I kid, I've only ever used Roll20, and Im not really that impressed with it.
Are you looking for one that automatically reveals parts of the map as they move their characters, or are ones tht need to be manually revealed in sections OK?
9:06 PM
Manual is fine.
There's one on Steam, but I can't remember the name of it. Not free tho.
probably won't work at all then; can't run steam
I've had experience with the one on Roll20 as well, not amazing, but serviceable at least
@NautArch uses foundry, but I havent seen it in action yet.
Kinda neat when a question you answered gets necrobumped.
free rep?
9:11 PM
Probably not, already at cap.
This site has a list of several browser and application based virtual tabletops, some free, some paid by DM only, some paid by all players
I don't have any first-hand experience with any of them besides Roll20, and only second-hand experience with Tabletop Simulator
I have extensive first hand experience with excessively verbose descriptions.
Apparently, Astral Tabletop has dynamic FoW
@ThomasMarkov I too have an excess of experience with descriptions that have a greater count of words and syllables than that which would be strictly required to convey the intended meaning! What a coincidence!
@RevenantBacon a similar concept has been suggested as one of the primary descriptive characteristics of writing done by me
Wanna test a really stupid idea? collabedit.com/7qgnh#
9:21 PM
Thok think "Why use lot word, when few do trick?"
@Joshua What's all this then?
@RevenantBacon: I'm confused. Probably because two conversations.
The link, what's up with that?
it says it's a realtime collaborative text editor; so I think I can copy/paste map fragments into it
9:26 PM
Ah, gotcha. Interesting solution.
Or most of one anyway; I'm having a little trouble with its linear editor mode
for once I want a rectangular copy/paste
I just had a great idea for a Paladin cantrip
find crappy steed
It's like find steed, but your choices are goat, sheep, or deer.
So if there are any Mods present, I'd like to request the Elemental Plane of Math be unfrozen.
On request of one of my players, I went to run numbers on the DPR difference between a Rogue using Aim to give themselves advantage on a single attack, vs a Rogue using Two-Weapon Fighting for two attacks, and I want to validate that my calculations are correct.
9:40 PM
@Xirema Arent you the room owner?
@ThomasMarkov AFAIK that doesn't give me the necessary permissions to unfreeze the room.
Hey I think I got it working
having to buffer through another editor but it gets the job done
@ThomasMarkov I got it, just between Among us rounds
@Someone_Evil what’s Among us?
9:46 PM
@BardicWizard It's like Mafia, but in space.
That's a good description.
@ThomasMarkov so something I would hate (long story but mafia with middle schoolers and/or highschoolers never goes well)
except for the space part
Yes, if you need a reminder that people tend to make bad choices in the absence of an obvious solution, Among Us is that but a video game
ah. Back to trying to find my bedroom floor I will go, then
It's a few years old, and exploded in popularity a few months ago after some twitch gamers live-streamed it, and now it's a fad
9:52 PM
Hmmm. Yeah, if it’s a thing that kids my age would be expected to know about, I probably don’t know anything about it unless it has to do with ttrpgs
Anyways, see ya
10:03 PM
Just finished building a oneshot about the city that fought the mountain.
10:16 PM
@BardicWizard A top-down game of strategy and social deception where a group of players attempts to solve a series of tasks in a spaceship/facility or deduce the identities of impostors among them, while the impostors in turn try to kill enough of the crew to reach parity with them before all the tasks are complete
(The comparison with Mafia might be decent for someone who already has seen a bit of the game, but let's be honest, the spatial dimension completely changes how the game plays and that's simply too big of an omission to make)
11:10 PM
@kviiri I think the things about Mafia that puts people off is still the same
11:32 PM
@BardicWizard you don’t want to play unless it’s with people you know. Trust me
@AncientSwordRage I dunno, I like Among Us but never liked Mafia (at least, with the usual rulesets)
Among us has been fun
Mafia games take forever, Among Us games seldom last over 10-15 minutes. Mafia games often devolve into non-constructive endless chains of hypothetical allegations, Among Us at least features evidence so you can actually make judgements based on facts, not just what people say and how they say it
That being said I have only played two sessions and from a friend's invite
I will not be doing solo ques in Among us for sure
My biggest weakness right now is as crewmate figuring out who imposter is XD
There's a lot of evidence based stuff I don't understand how to use but that I'm relatively good at avoiding being caught by
Of Social Deduction Games I much prefer Among Us and Secret Hitler to the more classical Mafia/Werewolf/Avalon. I don't recall how much the latter group has in terms of actual mechanics, but the presence of an actual goal helps. Either way the genre really needs some Social Contract considerations to not generate Bad Feels (doesn't that sound familiar? :p)
11:47 PM
@kviiri that's fair. I quite like watching Among Us, but I wouldn't like being accused of being the imposter when I wasn't
Anybody wanna try my oneshot: The town that fought the moutain?
Q: Can the Mind Sharpener infusion be used in tandem with an Armor infusion?

Gael LOne of the new Artificer infusions from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything is the Mind Sharpener, requiring "A suit of armor or robes". There are other Artificer infusions that apply onto armor, such as the Armor of Magical Strength, requiring "A suit of armor". Can an Artificer wear robes on top of ...


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