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12:00 AM
Also our library is open for 3 people at a time so today I got books from the library!!!!!
I usually only bake potatoes
full skin on and everything
@BESW that’s possible? I’ve heard of potato chowder but not potato soup stock
then I open them mash them and put stuff on and inside the inside
(and before any of that I rub olive oil and salt on the skin, not reccomended for health but it's not like I eat this all the time)
@BardicWizard Yeah, though I don't do it with just potato skins; we make vegetable soup stock by throwing all the vegetable bits we cut off and discard into a pot with enough water to cover, and simmer (not boil) for an hour, then strain out all the chunks so it's just broth. That's your stock, to be used for whatever you use soup stock for.
Ends, tops, trimmings, peels, all that fun stuff.
A word of caution, though: the skins/peels are the part of the veggie that collects the most nutrients and minerals, which means it's also the part that builds up the most pesticides and other toxins. So these days I generally suggest focusing on the waste from organic food, if possible, to reduce the chance of getting slowly poisoned by your soup.
ugh, I hate when RAW arguments devolve to interpretations of common English... "entered for the first time this turn" means "entered AND you haven't been inside before on this turn", NOT "you entered last turn (so started inside this turn), then you left and entered this turn"
12:16 AM
@BESW wow, that’s fascinating!
@BESW Also useful method for chicken and beef "stock"
@Ben that's awesome
@AncientSwordRage I just hope it sticks [touch wood]
@Ben it helps if they touch the wood
And you've already applied glue to the wood
We make turkey stock around here every year but my mom usually throws in the turkey and some water to the pot and puts it to boil. I’m... not much of a fan because I’m the token vegetarian in my family
12:25 AM
that must be a little rough right around now
it's kinda a carnivore holliday
not that that is the only kind of food but it's the food typically focused on
@BardicWizard Well, you can grab the potato peels, onion skins, carrot tops, parsley stems, etc., and make a very tasty and complex stock that's never the same twice!
(Go easy on carrots and bell peppers, they can easily overpower the other flavors.)
@AncientSwordRage That's not a bad idea... We were going to use party poppers to tell when they left their rooms... but if we glue them to the bed frame that's even better! :P
@Ben oooh exciting
@BESW how dare you say to go easy on carrots XD
@BESW I can never be bothered to peel potatoes
12:31 AM
@AncientSwordRage kinda same that's part of why we bake them around here
@trogdor I mash with skin on, some for chips etc
I kinda use the skin as a bowl
and then eat it after
BTW, @BardicWizard, if you're interested in simple, hearty vegetarian cooking, I highly recommend Tassajara Cooking by Edward Espe Brown (or The Complete Tassajara Cookbook, but NOT The Tassajara Recipe Book).
It's got recipes, but it's primarily a guidebook to how to think about cooking, with the recipes as examples, so that you learn how to cook with what you've got instead of needing exactly what's in the recipe.
Probably about 70% of what I know about cooking comes from Tassajara Cooking and Tassajara Bread, and most of the rest is from my mother, who ALSO uses Brown as a touchstone. The veggie soup stock 'recipe' is directly out of Cooking.
12:46 AM
I wish I could cook
I can make canned soup
I don’t know how to make macaroni
I can make pancakes from scratch though but that’s about it
I can make tortillas. That’s been my crowning achievement for a year or so, and would be better if I didn’t reliably mess up with anything else shrugs
Like any skill, it takes practice and a lot of learning from failure.
I've made soup too salty to eat, beans too crunchy to eat, confused salt and sugar on multiple occasions, spilled so much chili oil in the pan that I had to just turn off the heat and run away from the burning clouds of spiciness....
that last one
The best I can say is, it wasn't as bad as the time my dad tried to dry a big handful of donne' sali in the microwave.
And I've got some standard patterns that I'm really comfortable with, and anything outside those patterns is... stressful, at best.
If I'm frying stuff up in a pan and making some rice or pasta to serve it on, I'm pretty happy. But the instant something goes into the oven, I'm on shaky ground.
1:03 AM
oh god
@BESW this is seconded by me this is exactly why I don't tend to cook things I have not tried before XD
When I was in high school, I made pasta with tomato sauce for the family once a week, because that's all I could make reliably on my own. It's pretty hard to mess up tomato sauce; if you get the flavors too strong or weak everyone can just use less or more on their pasta, and it's usually pretty straightforward to modify it on the fly to be a different kind of flavor profile if you accidentally add something you didn't mean to.
oh wow I'm a lot more comfortable putting stuff in the oven to bake
I did burn it sometimes, but that's not the end of the world, you can scrape the top off and eat that.
@trogdor When something's in the oven, I can't watch it and hover over it and fix it if it's going wrong!
I'm a lot better with stuff that's okay with being worried over constantly.
1:06 AM
Q: Do reactions that trigger on saving throws give knowledge of saving throws that would otherwise be secret?

Thomas MarkovPreliminaries. Some reactions have triggers which are tangible events in the fiction of the game. For example, feather fall's casting time is: 1 reaction, which you take when you or a creature within 60 feet of you falls. This is something tangible within the fiction: feather fall's trigger is ...

I have never burned something in the oven
I mean it does depend on what it is but for things I'm established with I already know how long they take in the oven I use
and if it's something I have never put in there before I check it regularly
but I like not having to constantly fuss over it and stand there the whole time
Yeah, like I've made my fancy brownies often enough that I'm pretty okay with baking those.
But that comes from years of learning "okay, that was too wet, they burned on the edges before the center was done," "that was too thin, this is more like a cookie for dipping in tea," and so on.
I know I have been there at least a few times you made em
like while they were baking XD
1:24 AM
And the answer to "how much ginger does Troggy want in the brownies" is always "more."
I do want to just say
if you replace too much of the other ingredients of something with ginger I won't like it as much
it's not because it's too much ginger but because all of a sudden where is the chocolate and pumpkin XD
or wtv else you happen to be putting in there on a case by case basis
but I really do like chocolate and pumpkin
Coffee, molasses, cayenne, cloves, avocado...
ugh avodaco
honestly as long as it's baked into something with other stuff I won't notice avocado
but I do not like it in general
1:39 AM
I'm not the biggest fan of the avocado-instead-of-pumpkin substitution myself, but it works.
And it's a bit healthier and it lets the consistency get more brownie-like, because it doesn't hold as much wet as the pumpkin does.
that's all fair
But yeah, pumpkin is best egg-and-oil replacer.
I would eat brownies with avocado in it
I don't like, hate avocado, I just kinda mildly dislike it
I have fed them to you!
but I wouldn't notice it in a brownie
you have probably put it in with things with stronger flavors
now if you had fed me tomato I would notice it
I hate tomato
I put up with it in sauces and that's about as far as I can go
1:43 AM
Yeah, I gotta cut tomato with something like honey when I use it.
my parents eat just straight tomato sometimes
they even got me to do it once and it was just absolutely horrible
I will eat like, some amount of tomato sauce on pasta or pizza, but honestly given the choice I will always pick like a white sauce or something instead
or a pesto, mm pesto
I've been making pesto every week now, and using the leftovers as pizza sauce.
This week we actually have a lot of basil, but most of the time we just throw in a couple leaves of basil from our plant and the bulk of the pesto is mustard greens or scarlet frills or something like that.
And walnuts instead of pine nuts, because ain't nobody got that kind of money.
Q: As a sword and board Eldritch Knight do I need to put away my sword on my turn if I want to use Shield as a reaction?

Kornél RegiusWithout Warcaster, I can't cast spells with somatic components if I have both a shield and a sword in my hands. Putting my sword away or dropping it is a free action, however you can't do free actions outside your turn. So if I want to be able to cast Shield on myself as a reaction, do I need to ...

2:06 AM
Q: How to deal with pit fighting?

TheDragonOfFlameA player in a game I run tries to do pit fighting in every city they visit. The pit fighting rules from XGtE require a week, so at first I considered a version of that with less gold at the end. But it seems quite easy to win at those, and that player quickly got much more gold than everyone else...

2:18 AM
These days, I mostly do easy meals on weeknights, and more complicated (or just longer cooking times) on weekends. So weeknights are often meat & salad, or wraps (which is basically meat & salad in a store-bought tortilla), or something similar. It used to also include pasta, but my wife has been getting heartburn after tomato-based pasta sauces, and my kiddo doesn't like the egg-based one my wife prefers...
Q: Can the Way of Mercy monk's Flurry of Healing and Harm feature be used on one target multiple times in the same turn?

PyroManiacWith the release of Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, the Way of Mercy monk has been slightly reworked from the playtest version (in UA 2020: Subclasses, Part 1). Now I have a question about the new 11th-level feature, Flurry of Healing and Harm (p. 50): You can now mete out a flurry of comfort an...

Weekends I do homemade meat pie or burgers, or chicken & eggplant... etc
Sometimes it's hard finding things that everyone will eat, that are reasonably healthy, and that I am willing to cook (since I do 99.9% of the cooking...)
Why is something a hit rpg question when it has 2 upvotes
I think because it was just asked today and already has like 70 views?
but honestly I have no idea how that is measured
Q: What are the criteria for questions to be selected for Hot Network Questions?

Maxim ZaslavskyI really like the new Stack Exchange home page, where certain questions from the Stack Exchange Network are presented, along with a hotness rating that is described as "arbitrary" in its tooltip. Such questions also appear randomly on the sidebar on questions across the network, under the heading...

Q: Updating the Hot Network Questions List - now with a bit more network and a little less "hotness"!

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2:40 AM
@BESW also walnuts are better than pine nuts
I wouldn't even know? The only time I've had pine nuts was in restaurant pesto that was, sure, fine.
@AncientSwordRage you take that back right now! XD
pine nuts are the best things
you don't even know
Scratch that
Ughh butter fingers
2:43 AM
piiine nuuuuuuutssss
I misremembered the article I read
I prefer red pesto anyway, as much as I want to like green
The article brings up some interesting and some disturbing things
oh my god, green pesto is extremely good why
@AncientSwordRage Pistachios almonds and cashews are not nuts
Nor are pine nuts
I have never had that problem when eating pine nuts
What problem?
Nvm found it
2:52 AM
them making other stuff taste weird
or something
So we drove to san antonio to visit our son. We show up and he's just put into the oven hand made pizza with 00 semolina (dough) he's had raising for three days. Yeah, lucky us, turkey will be fine tomorrow, but we already won Thanksgiving weekend. 😎🤠 For those who do turkey day: may yours be wonderful.
Oh and he had a six pack of Moosehead in the fridge when we showed up. Today, I felt like I got the Lucky feat ...
@TheDragonOfFlame and tomatos, cucumber and courgettes/zucchini are all fruit.
Raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries are not berries
@AncientSwordRage the avocado is a berry.
@Ben best berry
Scratch that, second best, after coffee
3:07 AM
Very true XD
Well actually isn't that a bean?
I hate both of you :P
@Ben nope, it's no legume
@trogdor lolol
@trogdor the same but about you
3:11 AM
Also salsa is a fruit salad
@AncientSwordRage gives chase
@trogdor hello fellow fire-lover!! offers burning torch
@BardicWizard I honestly thought you'd given me cheese then
Wishful thinking
Everything in this universe, is either a potato, or not a potato
3:23 AM
Jul 22 at 16:36, by Rubiksmoose
@AncientSwordRage I'd live on the elemental plane of pasta.
@KorvinStarmast this sounds awesome
We had a good pizza place near us once... Almost bankrupted us 😅
Kazumi Chin is making a game about refugees on a generation ship (Twitter link)
4:04 AM
@Ben so is pineapple
Ugh I finished a project then decided fiddling with it was a good idea and now I’ve got 8 variants on a single lace edging
Whose bright idea was putting me, a crochet hook, a ball of yarn, and the thanksgiving episodes of all the tv shows my family watches in the same room?
4:26 AM
people make thanksgiving episodes of things?
I mean I guess I might remember some maybe
@BardicWizard I'mma take a wild guess and say.... you
@trogdor Almost every sitcom ever? lol
oh that explains it
I hate sitcoms
especially because they usually have laugh tracks and I absolutely despise laugh tracks
@trogdor Ms. Brown's Boys
Actually has a live audience
@trogdor indeed
@Ben fair
4:34 AM
I don't think I like the actual live audience that much better
it's definitely a little better
but it's still like,.... peer pressure to laugh?
I'll laugh when I laugh
It certainly makes it more enjoyable for everyone, cos the audience has just that one person with the laugh that stands out, some people can't stop laughing, and the cast has to keep going and try not to luagh lol
@trogdor Laughter is contagious
@Ben ...so wear a mask
@Adeptus very well done XD
Our list: about 2 episodes of Gilmore Girls (I have no idea which), two good eats episodes which we get from a dvd, sports night season 1 episode 8, Star Trek TOS journey to Babel, and a handful of other things. I paid attention to exactly three episodes. That may be why all that crochet happened
@trogdor laughter science is cool. There was a study showing that if 3 out of 4 people laugh for no reason, the fourth will usually start laughing
4:42 AM
I don't usually laugh just because other people laugh
I've been asked more times than I can count "you really didn't think that was funny?"
@trogdor Well that's unpleasant :/
it's mostly just annoying
@trogdor same. Whenever I laugh it’s for some reason no one else understands
I definitely do that
I remember things I found funny or amusing and just laugh at them sometimes
actually often enough that my parents comment on it sometimes
5:02 AM
@trogdor literal mood
@trogdor wait are you a teenager as well? or just remembering
I am not
I do still live with my parents but I am not that young
thats my plan too tbh
my mom wants me too and hey, free room and board
Troggy and I live in a place where multiple generations of family sharing a home is pretty common.
5:07 AM
well also
covid hasn't exactly made any choice to move out easy
it isnt uncommon for 2 generations here but 3 generations is almost unheard of
After having four kids, my parents were not so accommodating lol
even if I had full financial capability this year
@Ben when i was 8 i said i would always live in my moms basement (when she was sad thinking about me moving out) and she said what about when you get married and i said "she can live there too
5:12 AM
Some families here (ours are not among them; we have no claim to generational land) have compounds and they build new houses or house extensions on the compound when a marriage makes the family bigger.
i honestly know next to nothing about most of the world..
5:31 AM
a lot of people don't know anything about Guam
Thanks to Netflix, even more people now know even less about Guam!
i have never even heard of it
well, thats not exactly true
i just know literally nothing about it
5:54 AM
@BESW oh god I had even forgotten about that and now am forced to remember
@BESW that’s cool. It sounds like people in your area have strong relationships with family which I wish was a more common thing over here (I’m on great terms with my parents which is more than most of my friends can say)
Pasifika cultures tend to have strong reciprocal bonds within and between extended families.
@BardicWizard true all of my friends seem to hate their parents
Though of course, Guam also has a lot of Americanized influence from, you know, the colonization.
But it's not so much about liking your family as individuals, as the connections and bonds which connect the family together as a unit and tie it to the rest of the community.
doesnt every where have american influence (annoyingly enough [and no canadians arent americans])
6:01 AM
@TheDragonOfFlame I hugged my mom in public a lot pre-pandemic and after we moved to where we are now, half my classmates asked me why I did that and looked surprised at the answer “bc I love my mom, why else?”
@BardicWizard extreme sadness at the world at large
@TheDragonOfFlame that’s how I feel anytime I read the news or look at my history book so I agree with you
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7:43 AM
Q: What does "no long range" mean on the soulknife rogue subclass mean?

OrenOne of my players just hit level 3 and is taking the soulknife rogue subclass, as written in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. The weapon granted by the class has a weird specification that it has "no long range." I'm curious how this should be interpreted, seeing as I can't find other examples of ...

8:35 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at beginning of answer, potentially bad asn for hostname in answer, potentially problematic ns configuration in answer (36): What's the best way to use a tablet computer for your character sheet? by Kpsc on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
3 hours later…
11:47 AM
Yeeeah, this could be rough for people to walk into unannounced. Moving discussion of adults' relationships with their parents to HTBD.
sorry bout that
@BESW thanks, and also sorry
No sorries! It emerged naturally and then y'all noticed that it was getting a bit heavy.
11:48 AM
and you did the heavy lifting; much appreciated
@BESW unsorry then XP
Hows things with you anyway @BESW?
[blink] In what sense?
12:08 PM
whatever sense suits you
::engages in small talk subroutine::
Well, I've started two TRPGs in the last couple weeks and I'm starting a third soon and I'm not GMing any of them, so things are... nontypical but probably good?
12:50 PM
For a moment I wasn't clear if you mean started designing to TRPGs
Oh, ah. No, I haven't done any work on game design for months.
nice to have a break?
[shrug] I'd like to do more work on some stuff, I enjoy it, but I don't have any hooks lately.
9 hours ago, by AncientSwordRage
Kazumi Chin is making a game about refugees on a generation ship (Twitter link)
spark any ideas?
I've got ideas, just stalled out on actionable next steps for them.
12:58 PM
ah ok
I get you now
yup I'm there sort of with a bunch of half baked ideas
Cardboard Monsters is stalled at a point where it needs materials production for testing beyond what I'm willing/able to invest in a free side project.
Traveling Librarians needs a lot of intense historical research.
Bike Sleuths just sorta hangs out being a thing I haven't found a reason to care about.
I can't find a place to start with Calibration Palettes.
Surgadores ran into a cultural issue that's probably gonna mean I never develop it further or publish it more formally.
Sounds like you've put good initial effort in
I'm most curious about Bike Sleuths and Surgadores
Bike Sleuths wants to mash together a sort of Encyclopedia Brown/Nancy Drew/Three Investigators kind of thing: pre-driver's-license tweens-and-teens investigating mysteries rooted in their local community. But with mechanics as unobtrusive and low-complexity as possible, and a focus on the sleuths' roles in their community.
It's a nice idea but I haven't found any compelling reason to actually DO the thing.
Surgadores was a joke gone too far, about a team of surgeons who are also luchadores and they take turns wrestling Death away from the operating table so they can stabilize the patient. It had a fun gimmick where your character sheet was your luchadore mask, and you colored it in as you stabilized the patient.
1:16 PM
@BESW sounds like it might fit a similar niche to WWG, where you need to consider your own community?
@BESW that sounds amazing
It was fun! But the more I worked on it, the more I realized that I was playing in someone else's Serious Business and I really shouldn't.
ahh sure, makes sense
what was the mood/theme of Bike Sleuths?
sounds very Stranger Things-esque
Stranger Things is part of what made me drop the whole thing, actually. I don't want it to be anything like that at all. It should be a lighthearted romp where the monsters aren't real, if there's ever any suspicion of monster at all.
And I especially don't want it to be a nostalgia bomb.
closer to scooby-do-on-bikes then
More Encyclopedia Brown, The Mad Scientists' Club, The Great Brain.
Most Scooby plots focus on the thrills and the gang, not the community, because it's a traveling act.
1:25 PM
@BESW I don't recognise any of those
And yes, I said I don't want it to be a nostalgia bomb but I'm citing inspirations that all peaked in the 70s.
Oh, Henry Reed would be another good source.
Maybe MacDonald Hall if I wanted to go slapstick.
@BESW but those inspirations needn't be 'bombs'
browsing the Encyclopedia Brown books, it sounds like you want to collect a bunch of clues, and then when you've solved for all inconsistencies, you get some kind of step/track advancement to solving
you could split the clues into different categories of say people, places, trivia etc
Nah. I'm not focusing on a mystery structure. The Mad Scientists made their own problems by coming up with overly ambitious science projects that they'd need to gather materials for, perform, and then do damage control for.
@BESW ok, just read the wiki page on TMS and that would lend to a currency in schemes, that had outcomes to advance the plot?
Bruno and Boots usually started out doing harmless pranks or dealing with some upset to the equilibrium of their lives, which snowballed out of control until the only way out was through.
1:33 PM
whatever it ends up being, it sounds like something I'd like to play
I know you said that you don't want to play up the mystery structure but thinking about how Schemes could feed into clues, and clues into schemes sounds like a good game loop
even if the clues weren't for big mysteries
like "What is the mayor's shoe size" isn't really a mystery
but might be relevant to see who tampered with a scheme
\oo// @doppelgreener
Henry Reed always has a very simple, sensible idea about how he's going to spend his summer, and then very simple, reasonable complications keep cropping up until by the end of the season and through no fault of his own he's hit oil in New Jersey or set off a U-Haul full of fireworks on main street or is hosting a circus.
@doppelgreener whatcha doin' with so many arms?
They're just moving that fast.
Yes! Zoom
1:38 PM
@BESW sounds like good clean fun
Hmm. [scribbles notes]
so if the game loop had some sort of pattern like schemes -> complications -> clues (and other branches between them) it might be fun
I think I'd instead make it about interactions. Each character has roles of instigating and obstructing, providing sets of goals and obstacles to those goals, which combine to make the story.
Like.... hrm.
A common dynamic in a Henry Reed book is that Henry wants to do something, but he's going to miss the opportunity because he's planning and overthinking. So his friend Midge, who doesn't usually make careful long-term plans but is very good at seizing opportunities as they come, runs out ahead of Henry's plan to make the thing happen. But her carelessness causes problems which Henry's caution then has to solve.
thats a good dynamic
They complement each other and their back-and-forth creates a common kind of chapter structure.
1:49 PM
maybe linking plans and time is a good angle?
MacDonald Hall has a similar dynamic, but tuned a bit differently: Boots evaluates the situation and identifies a problem but isn't brave enough to do anything about it; Bruno makes overly elaborate schemes to solve the problem but lacks the impulse control to follow the scheme through properly, and he relies too much on Boots having the same audacity that Bruno has.
The half-finished scheme leaves Boots in an even worse situation than before; they fight about whose fault it is, and the fight creates more chaos which changes the situation so they can see an actually achievable solution; ena
it sounds like they're interacting around schemes/plans still
2:26 PM
To whom it may concern: Happy Thanksgiving
Please enjoy your turkey responsibly
@BESW How about an impulse score. Roll over to make a plan, and roll under to follow. Maybe even just progress on those rather than just succeed/fail
then maybe something to track when one of your plans is followed/failed by someone else
like if it's followed really well, low animosity score for that track, if it's followed badly high animosity. Then your interactions with others scale based on that animosity
Aww man I missed a discussion on kids books? sad face
I’d totally play a game based around kids in their community though especially since the books in question are really good
2:59 PM
@BardicWizard you can restart the convo
I've never read any of the books @BESW mentioned
@AncientSwordRage I’ve read the encyclopedia brown books, the Henry reed books, and the great brain books
Although if @BESW ‘s goal is “kids in a community”, there’s also the Alvin Fernald books, by Clifford B. Hicks; the babysitters club books, by Ann M. Martin; or the Ruby Lu books (and/or Alvin Ho books) by Lenore Look
I liked those all a lot and all of them have a lot of interaction between the kids and the community— some more than others though, and all in different ways
I read a lot of kids books
3:16 PM
@BardicWizard I went from books aimed at increasing literacy (i.e. really basic) to young adult and I don't think I experienced anything in between
when I was ~10 I was told I had the reading age of a 16 year old, but I don't think I progressed past that
so I feel like I may have missed out
@AncientSwordRage It’s never too late to go back and read this stuff!
As an elementary schooler my school library had fiction books separated by grade level, supposedly equal to reading level, and you could only check out books from (grade level minus 2) to (grade level plus 2). By second grade I was reading above a fifth grade level but they still wouldn’t give me any fiction books at my level so that’s why I started only checking out nonfiction
And going to the public library
I was (still am) a voracious reader and loved (still love) to read anything I can get my hands on so it really bugged me
@BardicWizard Ooh I haven't actually read any of those.
@BardicWizard Were the Great Brain books weird, or was it just my coming at them from a significantly different cultural context?
Like, Henry Huggins' circumstances were unfamiliar and exotic because he lived in a suburb and took the bus, but all the characters in The Great Brain felt... uncanny, in themselves, not just because of their circumstances.
@BESW probably both; I haven’t read more than the first 3 plus one that was published after the author’s death, but there was a lot of stuff I thought couldn’t have been real
@BardicWizard my books came from home, and were frown on by teachers
@AncientSwordRage same! Our house has bookshelves on pretty much every wall and my parents never restrict me and my siblings from anything bc “we’re not ready”, though they do say “you can’t read this book until you feel ready to deal with these themes“
Not often though
3:30 PM
I'll see if I can find them for cheap!
...I'm almost done with my Murderbot re-read marathon.
@BardicWizard Heh, I was told off for reading Terry Pratchett in year 3 or 4? and was reading R.A Salvador when I started 'high school' (secondary school here)
@BESW I think the Alvin Fernald books are out of print, but the rest of those are recent
@AncientSwordRage I love terry pratchett!
@BardicWizard whenever I try and write something serious I slip into pratchettisms
@BESW vague thought: an RPG about robbing the British Museum of everything it stole from other countries, then finding a way to completely bombasitically blow it up and/or burn it down at the end, all with significant material support from those other countries.
if there's anything i know about one-shot heists, capers, and adventures in general, they always benefit from a stupendously large explosion at the end
3:45 PM
@doppelgreener if you do that I want to hear about what happens that sounds awesome
@doppelgreener "name something that sounds british but isn't" "The contents of the british museum"
@AncientSwordRage hehehehehehe
4:02 PM
I'm having fun learning about exoplanets for the latest novel-I-Plan-to-write-but-dont-yet-have-a-plan-for
4:29 PM
@BESW other books you might check out: the gooney bird Greene books, the A to Z mysteries, sequel series the calendar mysteries, the melendy quartet, the meg mysteries, the mother daughter book club books, the penderwicks books, the noisy village books, and the mysteries by Peggy parish (the series name eludes me now but it includes The key to the treasure and the secret of hermit Dan among others)
Some of these aren’t the best example of kids in a community, and abt half of them don’t involve mysteries, but these are ones I remember off the top of my head
1 hour later…
5:37 PM
it's too quiet
*thistle tumbles past frame*
thistle or tumble weed?
tumble weeds are also known as "Russian thistle", being native to Siberia (IIRC)
true, but I rarely see them called that
hows tricks?
quiet mostly
5:52 PM
too quiet
6:30 PM
@BESW I didn’t notice this really.. they where strange because so old and a foreign culture to me, but the characters seemed normal enough
@AncientSwordRage I love terry Pratchett!
@AncientSwordRage not at my house! The parade is going (unfortunately), the siblings are shouting, and the turkey is about an hour away from setting off the smoke alarm
Which means I’m an hour and one minute away from the annual tradition of running outside with my hands over my ears while my mom shouts “it’s not a real fire! And if it was, take your siblings with you!!!”
7:01 PM
@BardicWizard fun tradition lol
@TheDragonOfFlame with any luck I’ll eventually grow out of my noise sensitivity
but until then...
(Though it was worse at our old house where the smoke alarm needed a 2 story ladder to disable)
7:27 PM
@BardicWizard mood I hate loud noises every time there is a fire drill at school, I’m the guy with his jacket over his head to muffle the noise
7:51 PM
@TheDragonOfFlame I hid under a desk in kindergarten during our first fire drill so I get that
8:29 PM
@TheDragonOfFlame it's a family favourite
I opened up skymap, and it looks like Orion is suplexing the horizon
8:53 PM
@BardicWizard I have potentially bad news, I never grew out of noise sensitivity, it doesn't mean no one does but if I use myself as an example it's possible for it to not happen
@BESW I'm about to do that again after finishing the last Rakdura book again XD
9:08 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (87): How much does a "Potion of cure light wounds" heal? by Fredrik Palm on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
@BardicWizard im not sure if this is the same with you, but I have "Sensory Processing Disorder" which means i odnt like loud noises or bright lights: there are some advantages though. I can smell bacon cooking from 300 feet
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer, blacklisted user (158): Can a Sorcerer learn "Cure Light Wounds" from a scroll? by Fredrik Palm on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
I don't specifically have sensory processing disorder, I'm autistic and possibly ADHD and at the very least autism generally can have sensitivity to lights and sounds and such and I seem to have gotten some of that
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, blacklisted user (418): How much should a "button of Cure Light Wounds" cost (should it be available at all?) by Fredrik Palm on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
well it certainly seems we have a hot topic for tonight
9:23 PM
10:17 PM
@TheDragonOfFlame I have something similar; I hate loud noises and a handful of other sensations
We don’t know if it’s just my brain being wired wierd in general cause I’ve got either dysgraphia or a processing disorder related to writing alongside other things
So it’s never really been formally diagnosed but my parents think it’s likely sensory processing issues
@trogdor yeah, we don’t know if I’ll grow out of it or if I’m just going to live with it the rest of my life
yeah I happened to be diagnosed early with Autism and a little later with ADHD which my parents and I both disputed at the time
I haven't since spoken to my parents about the fact that I accepted the ADHD diagnosis later (as it explains some things and I have since learned it doesn't work the way I assumed it did) and they haven't always been great about not outing me as autistic in public (And I also think I just don't need to start an argument about it)
@NautArch I already downvote all of the chats.
10:37 PM
@doppelgreener I love this idea. I've noodled a few times on a "It belongs in a museum with its people!" game but decided that the development of such a game should be led by people from cultures targeted by museum looting, and that's not me.
@BardicWizard Not to overwhelm you with a Flurry of Suggestions, but have you tried carrying around earplugs, fabric gloves, fidget toys, etc? I've found those have helped by making stimuli more tolerable.
10:56 PM
@MikeQ it’s why I always have yarn. I don’t tend to use earplugs cause I can’t stand anything in my ears except my headphones and even those are only when in class; I carry a cats cradle loop at the minimum and usually have way more yarn than that
My middle school homeroom teacher was awesome cause she let me bring yarn to our weekly mentor-group check in despite the usual rule saying not to bring anything
I focus better with yarn
And it helps me calm down my brain
11:50 PM
good stuff

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