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12:30 AM
Can we choose whether to play as the town or the mountain
12:43 AM
("One Tin Soldier" was not recorded by Coven; Coven singer Jinx Dawson was singing for the Billy Jack film soundtrack with the film's orchestra, but she had them credit her whole band. Which is an interesting move since prior to the runaway success of "One Tin Soldier," Coven was an occult rock band.)
1:10 AM
@AncientSwordRage I don't actually mind that part, what I would mind is people getting actually mad at me during a game
Hence I don't want to solo que it
My two sessions of Among us have both been via invite from a person I know, I didn't know anyone else but there was still a chill social contract via everyone being only one or two points of separation away
Everyone as far as I knew knew one person in the lobby who knew at least one other person
So they were all in front of people they knew and knew their friends had other friends in there
Also I think most of them weren't the type to get mad over dying in a game about getting killed or voted out anyway, probably
I do think the game would automatically suffer without those protections though
@trogdor that sounds like a really lovely safe environment
It was cool yeah
Plus I have found I enjoy most aspects of the game
Being alive as crewmate is thrilling because I don't know who could kill me
Being dead means I can finish my tasks faster and then follow at least one imposter (because you know who killed you) to see the action
Being imposter is fun specifically because you can't just randomly kill people
You gotta isolate them and factor in who exactly is least suspicious and who is most suspicious
And if you get caught and voted out the game is either over or you know who your partner is already and can follow them around and see all the important action again
Being dead, at least for me in this game, is still pretty fun
Although more fun as crewmate
You have tasks
Tasks still needing to be done by the dead is, IMO, an extremely vital part of the game
1:28 AM
@trogdor I honestly don't follow this part, doesn't it massively stack against the imposters?
Not exactly
It kinda depends though
Imposters can do a lot of things though
The can sabotage critical or useful parts to make crew life harder, close and lock doors regardless of where they are, and use vents to travel faster and through obstacles
Ahhh ok
I'm still pretty new to the game but I've seen imposters win (and won once as imposter myself) because crew voted out crew
Basically, whether you're crew or impostor, you still have ways of participating even if your character has technically died and can't influence votes.
Imposters have the distinct advantage of knowing who each other are, while crew has very limited options of clearing each other
However, they can still catch you if they all get paired up well and know the others didn't kill someone
Imposters who are dead can still help their partner with doors and sabotage
They just can't kill
1:34 AM
Hmmm very interesting
1:50 AM
I have watched some games where really good players lost because they were too busy thinking the wrong person was suspicious
If anything I would weight it by default more towards imposter
If only a little
2:13 AM
I think my local Christmas music station only plays the same two songs over and over. I’ve heard the same version of last Christmas four times in the last hour.
2:29 AM
🐴🐐🦆 Funny Little Animal Games Bundle 🐶🐈🐭A bundle hosted by Lucian Kahn 🌈🧛🏻‍♂️. Here's a variety of small, strange, funny tabletop rpgs about animals. Need an affordable winter holiday gift? Stressed out from pandemic isolation & need a distraction? Just want a weird excuse to pretend you're an animal? This is the bundle for you!
Black Friday 2020 A sale hosted by Diwata ng Manila. A plant-themed Black Friday sale! Grow your garden adventurers!
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5:17 AM
Maharhar's Spread the Love Black Friday Sale A sale hosted by Maharhar. A reverse sale for funding community outreach like grants, editing, voice work, and reprints.
Q: When you learn True Polymorph, do you learn about every creature in existence?

Leray JenkinsWhen a wizard learns true polymorph, do they also learn about every creature in existence? Since the spell says the new form can be a creature of any kind you choose, it seems to me that this would mean they must have gained some knowledge about every creature in existence. Or can you only turn i...

@HotRPGQuestions obviously
5:35 AM
i am making a scribe wizard for d&d 5e, and in the section of TCE on customising spells, the suggest book themed spells. I'd like to do this but im drawing a blank for ideas. Got any ideas yourselves?
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8:23 AM
@TheDragonOfFlame "book themed," eh.
Is that changing the descriptions on existing spells, or inventing new spells?
8:34 AM
Like, I had a librarian who re-flavored a generic-damage area of attack spell as fluttering pages inflicting papercuts; he also made his own spells including detect text which functioned like an alignment-detection spell but for words.
His specialty was Librarian's aura, a personal aura that reduced sounds to a whisper and let him use telekinesis on small objects within the range.
9:08 AM
@TheDragonOfFlame I assume you mean this bit in the "Personalizing Spells" section:
> When customizing your spellcaster’s magic, consider developing a theme—often, the broader and more versatile the better. You may describe your caster’s magic whenever you wish, particularly when it makes an interesting addition to a story. You may also use it to reinforce other choices you’ve made for your character, like making a bard’s spells tied more closely to their favored art form or a cleric’s spells themed around their deity.
and then the first entry in the Magic Themes table:
> Book pages, origami, quills, and ink, all accompanied by rustling sounds and library scents
Ah, so it's more about how you describe the casting.
[mutters about the sanctity of the crunch]
Examples are given in the paragraphs after the one quoted above, such as this:
> Further still, a druid could choose a cherry blossom theme for their magic, causing delicate branches and pink leaves to grow when they cast entangle or shillelagh, and their faerie fire spell could appear more like wind-tossed petals than flames.
but the best example is the art:
In that case, I'd have spells manifest as glowing passages of text which become the thing they describe.
9:11 AM
aptly captioned:
> A farmer sorcerer hurls magic missiles that look like chickens
Chickens make everything better.
not everything
@trogdor I was trying to think of good examples or counterexamples... but it's 4 am here, and my brain has shut off
well mostly I have bias against chickens
like undeserved bias, I was attacked by one I stumbled on, it wasn't malice on my part or on hers, I saw she had chicks following her during the incident but chickens make me a little nervous to this day
especially big ones
I realize it's a little silly but I can't really help it
I have nothing like legitimately against chickens
2 hours later…
11:07 AM
@trogdor so you're basically link
No because Link antagonizes them on purpose and doesn't get saved by his dog only to see a Benny Hill montage of the dog and the chicken switching who chases the other
Is this essentially a thrown weapon optimization question in disguise?
A: Creating Phil Taylor the darts champion

GMNoobWhile Darts are only a 1d4, you can still make this work my optimizing damage modifiers and extra damage. The difference in expected damage between a 1d4 (darts) and 1d10 (heavy crossbow) is 3 damage. Basically, you need to compensate for your lower damage with having more opportunities to hit/...

Nothing changes if you use an axe instead besides base damage die?
@trogdor it's a shame you didn't have a Hallway full of doors to go full scooby doo
That would have just been silly now
12:06 PM
@kviiri heya
@AncientSwordRage Good day o/
What's up?
Not much, you?
I just streamed 2 hours of old MS-DOS classics
And I loved it
Should do that again sometime
what flavour of MS-DOS classics are you playing
@Carcer Keen 4 and God of Thunder
12:22 PM
I love me some DOS games, but I only played a handful
Are epic boons magical?
No, they're similar to feats in that regard
@Someone_Evil should be fine then
why no spells at all - can't the character cast on themselves?
1:00 PM
@Carcer I didn't want to assume they could, and I wanted to avoid playing a pure caster to get Glibness say.
@Someone_Evil I thought the maximum on stats was 24?
@AncientSwordRage Sort of depends which max you're looking for. Default max is 20, a few things push this (eg. for barbs going up to 24), but the game system max is 30. Of relevance is the Alternatives to Epic Boons option (DMG 230) which lets it progress up to 30 (there are magic item 'exploits' which also does this).
If you want it to be actually buildable, go with standard array
1:17 PM
@Someone_Evil that one.
1:47 PM
Just noticed the edits! Many thanks
2:03 PM
My former SO used to have a lot of cardboard handy for all kinds of little craft stuff. High quality cardboard, not pizza boxes but the kind they ship eg. consumer electronics in (her brother worked in game console packing and got to take any unused packages home for free). I then mangled these packages to make all kinds of fun little cardboard minis and the like
People were often amazed by the high quality cardboard I used, and asked me where I got it
So I just told them they were my ex's excess ex-Xbox boxes
Or Xbox ex-boxes?
Hi, dear fellow humans
I heard about "spanish" and "german" way to roleplay years ago but I am unable to find any resources about this, does that ring a bell to anyone?
Hi Anne, long time no see
That does ring a very vague bell.
I am even surprised that you remember me^^
tbh just the name pretty much
Anyway, I'm pleasantly surprised to see how much Spanish (the language) is discussed on this chat but it makes finding references to what you mention much harder
google has the same "issue": "spanish roleplay" yields methods te learn spanish through rpg, even before actual spanish rpgs like Anima.
2:15 PM
3:00 PM
@Medix2 @Someone_Evil I tweaked the requirements slightly based on my examples. I can revert and remove the familiar example if that seems fairer.
What do you think?
@AnneAunyme i am not familiar with those national roleplay terms
and howdy!
3:22 PM
Being awake at 7am on a Saturday is not all it’s cracked up to be.
3:51 PM
@BardicWizard I wish I could be up that early
@AncientSwordRage getting up was a necessity but a bad idea
@ThomasMarkov Your saving throw question made me realize feather fall grants a 60-foot radius supernatural sense: Detect Falling Creatures
@V2Blast screw it im making a farmer
@AncientSwordRage I'm still unsure how limited use features and things like Wild Magic Surge can be used. It is trying to get the highest average on one and only one roll or highest average throughout the adventuring day? I also think the magic requirement is a bit confusing as you say they can't cast spells on themself and later say they can't cast any spells but later say they can have a familiar
I think "without directly using magic" is unclear as well, which leads to answers using or not using options because they are "magical"
4:08 PM
@Medix2 Can always say "within an anti magic field"
"I need to persuade a beholder while it is looking at me..."
@NautArch But familiars don't exist there
4:21 PM
@Medix2 they don't??
@Medix2 yeah I need to workshop a better wording
I mainly want to avoid things like Glibness etc. I also want to involve things like lucky and rerolling dice, which is why I needs to be average.
@Medix2 This seems to suggest they do
Q: What creatures does Antimagic Field temporarily wink out of existence?

VigilThe antimagic field spell has the following effect on creatures: A creature or object summoned or created by magic temporarily winks out of existence in the sphere. Such a creature instantly reappears once the space the creature occupied is no longer within the sphere. Which creatures, or t...

5 hours later…
9:29 PM
@Someone_Evil "they say beauty is in the eye of the Beholder, and with as many eyes add you have, that saying can't be wrong"
3d20 2d10
Do I persuade the beholder?
9:50 PM
Our group is playing everyone is John cause we’re missing a player and it’s going hilariously
10:06 PM
We just finished with John getting arrested, and I think the charges speak for themselves: 2 charges of assault and either 1 or 3 charges of arson for me; 2 charges of petty larceny for my best friend; 1 charge of petty larceny, 2 charges of disrupting the peace, and probably 2 charges of assault for another player; and 2 charges of indecent exposure and 1 charge of theft for the last player
Can you be charged with arson if you set a person on fire, incidentally?
@BardicWizard I suspect that varies by jurisdiction
the answer in many may very well be "no, but it doesn't matter anyway, because you'd be getting hammered for 'assault with a deadly weapon' and/or 'attempted murder' anyway"
@Shalvenay then its probably only 1 count of arson for me.
Is this typical for everyone is john?
less arson than expected.
I set 2 people and a desk on fire
I am proud of that
(Note for future people aka my parents when they check my activity: It wasn’t me it was john the character)
still, as long as everyone had a good time.
10:16 PM
I think we all did overall
1 hour later…
11:27 PM
@BardicWizard that sounds amazing
(I had to look it up)

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