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12:01 AM
@HotRPGQuestions I saw that same image yesterday and, frankly, had trouble not seeing it as I fell asleep.
Just to see if I'm missing something: this question is missing a system tag, right?
@HotRPGQuestions imagine with me for a moment, that there was such a thing as a magical hand wave. Now with this wave,. You could ignore things that don't make sense and will never make sense. That's Centaur Anatomy
The anatomy of a lot of magical creatures should be ignored/hand waved away
@Someone_Evil Looks that way to me, but I'm out of my depth there.
12:06 AM
If it doesn't exist in reality why do you need to know what organs it has?
@Someone_Evil Not if you've got 100pp. of Dragon magazine to fill every month =)
@trogdor I guess to know how quickly it dies when you stab it? I dunno.
Based on the number of limbs ( a really fundamental characteristic to species classification) dragons, centaurs, hippogriffs are more closely related to insects than lizards, horses, eagles, (respectivly-ish)
@Ash why do you need that information you murderer! XD :P
@nitsua60 Me too, which is why I asked, but our tag says it's a setting that is published for very different systems, so either our tag needs updating, or it needs to have its system-tag added
12:10 AM
If it's DnD isn't murder like already on the menu hardcoded? :p
@trogdor some people may wish to set up scenes at that level of detail :)
@trogdor It's not the murdering that needs to know the anatomy, it's the BBQ afterwards
You are all monsters
@Someone_Evil then what would the body plan of a drider/arachnaur be?
@Ash no, my DND is all political intrigue and espionage, also thriller and a little romance with some pastoral stuff mixed in
12:14 AM
A Wizard did it!
None of which the system really supports that well but which I still do in DND because it's the only RPG that actually exists
@Shalvenay 10 limbs, right? So they should be related to crabs, lobsters, prawns, etc. (If we apply evolutionary development to them, which might contradict lore slightly)
@Someone_Evil that's...interesting XD I think that crabs etal are arthropods as well? am not sure though
But on that note, I'm totally calling the next drider I meet a prawn.
12:22 AM
@Someone_Evil "****in' prawns"
Q: Can I make an Opportunity Attack during Time Stop?

PyrotechnicalTime Stop indicates that the caster has 1d4+1 rounds to do whatever they want and that time does not pass for other creatures. Presumably everyone is effectively barred from using their Reactions, but this is not expressly stated. Furthermore, it suggests that the caster could simply walk away fr...

and yeah, the drider body plan would still kinda-sorta fit within the arthropod world
Like, the spider-human(ish) combination has bigger problems than number of limbs; iirc spiders haven't really got blood or muscles, but a sort of hydraulic liquid instead...
After some quick googling, they have got a liquid we might as well call blood, but the hydraulic part is correct
@Someone_Evil yeah, I know :)
@V2Blast you must have thought of the exact same thing as me upon reading that XD
12:30 AM
(maybe there needs to be a Drider Appreciation Society that sees them as the marvels of alien biology they are ;)
12:41 AM
Q: Should questions with the dungeons-and-dragons tag include the worlds of Magic the Gathering?

nick012000Simply put, the dungeons-and-dragons tag is for edition-agnostic questions about Dungeons and Dragons. By default, should questions about the worlds and/or lore of Dungeons and Dragons in general without specifying a particular world include the worlds and lore of Magic: the Gathering? I ask thi...

@TheOracle Setting questions get setting tags.
12:59 AM
@trogdor Indeed :P
hey there @linksassin, how're things going?
Wait...are centaurs the original orcs?
@Shalvenay G'day not too bad. Checked back in to the immensely satisfying state of having exactly the correct number of upvotes to hit the daily max without a single "wasted" vote. I know excess votes don't matter but I find it satisfying to get it exactly.
@Miniman wat
1:06 AM
@V2Blast Xenophobic re-interpretations of foreigners as monsters.
I mean that depends I think
On whether you mean in the modern era or back when the first person who thought of centaurs as a thing,... Well did that
I meant back when the myth originated, yeah.
I feel like the actual first example of that has been lost to time; and possibly erosion from stone walls
That's way harder to answer then
1:12 AM
"Half-human, half-horse monsters who go around murdering, raping, and pillaging" just seems to fit the mould.
@Someone_Evil That's fair. I should have said an earlier example, rather than original.
I don't know if they were universaly portrayed that way
It's possible though I suppose
I remember some stories of Hercules showed them in a less than positive light but I was too busy being surprised about how much of a huge ridiculous evil jerk Hercules was being
In the name of getting what he wanted basically
I mean at one point he murdered a bunch of centaurs even though only one of them had done anything to make him mad,... I think
If I recall correctly at all
But that could have been some kind of veiled xenophobic commentary in itself
But they have definitely been a thing in stories for doing bad stuff
But the problem is that's also stuff say,... Zeus did
Alongside other gods and mythological creatures like Satyres and stuff
It's hard to tell based off of that what intent they had regarding just one creature type
Whereas being alive now kinda shoves our faces a little more obviously in what the problems are with orcs
1:28 AM
@trogdor Tolkien's orcs weren't "foreign monsters' . They were Rampant Industry
@BlackSpike well, regardless of whether that's true,... He was an inspiration for the modern orc of today which has a very xenophobic undertone at the very least
@trogdor true. But, as always, the original source doesn't always fit with the later stereotype
Sheesh phone, just autocorrect every other word into something completely different why don't you :/
@BlackSpike there's also the issue of how Tolkien had two different stereotype-monsters in play what with orcs vs. uruk-hai and all
@BlackSpike I'm not here to argue about that point
1:31 AM
@trogdor Nor me. I'm no expert
Tolkiens intentions don't factor into what I'm saying
my understanding is that the modern-day orc-as-monster was derived from the uruk-hai
Jul 19 at 3:10, by BESW
"Orcs, Britons, and the Martial Race Myth, Part II: They're Not Human," by James Mendez Hodes, now updated with an audio/video version.
I didn't even actually bring him up
@Miniman thanks that's actually a really good breakdown of it
@trogdor As far as I understand (and I may be mistaken) "orcs" were Tolkien's 'invention'
1:33 AM
@trogdor I just looked for the last time BESW said anything about orcs XD
@Miniman fair enough
@BlackSpike but that doesn't mean that no one else has used them since, or changed or infered meaning he either did or didn't intend
I don't claim to know what he intended either
But orcs are still what they are today no matter how we slice that or who "invented" them originally
@trogdor I'm not sure what they are today. They have been used, and changed, and rewritten many times. Often, as you rightly say, problematically.
@BlackSpike that last word is the key word of my point
That's all I'm saying
@trogdor And I'm not disagreeing. "orcs" have been picked up on as an easy target, a place to put our 'fears of the-other', something we can oppose, unhindered.
2:07 AM
2:24 AM
Q: What rules turn any attack that hits a given target into a critical hit?

Himitsu_no_YamiAs the title says, what rules are there that make any attack that hits a given target deal damage as if it were a critical hit? I thought I remembered hearing something about that and the prone condition but after double checking it, it doesn't seem to.

@Miniman And the first part, which goes more deeply into Tolkien's orcs specifically: "Orcs, Britons, and the Martial Race Myth, Part I: A Species Built for Racial Terror."
Hodes does this sort of thing professionally, he's not just some guy with Wikipedia, he's got the receipts.
Hot Horror Jam, a tabletop RPG jam of intimate horrors, the supernatural, and how they turn us on. Submissions due August 18th!
@BESW Yeah, that would've been a better link.
But it wasn't the most recent thing I said about orcs!
So that's on me.
2:41 AM
@BESW "he's not just some guy with Wikipedia, he's got the receipts" is the best endorsement of someone I have ever heard. You should give people references as a living :P
[grin] Seriously, Hodes walks the walk. He's a game designer and a cultural consultant with some very excellent games under his belt, and he puts himself out there to talk about the difficult stuff firmly but compassionately and with an eye toward positive forward action.
His blog's got really great stuff, from practical advice to deconstructing real-life examples of bad action and how we can learn from it.
@BESW I personally would love to join him in a campaign sometime -- he seems like someone who'd be a fantastic sounding board for some of the stuff I poke at
(in fact, I wonder if I should follow up with him on the standing offer I made in my original email to discuss my work on the Ambermoons with him)
3:03 AM
@BESW It's really not, though.
@Miniman Shhh I'm giving you an out for something that doesn't matter anyway.
Q: If I have the Armor of Shadows Eldritch Invocation do I know the Mage Armor spell?

Himitsu_no_YamiThe Eldritch Invocation "Armor of Shadows" says You can cast mage armor on yourself at will, without expending a spell slot or material components. Does this mean I know the spell? IE can I cast it on someone else by expending a spell slot and material component as normal?

@BESW lol
@Shalvenay Unless you offered to pay him, that's asking him to do professional work for you for free.
I know who's fault it is, it's Loki's fault
It's always Loki
3:08 AM
He really isn't
He's extremely un-low-key
"Fate Accessibility Toolkit • Prototype Edition" for sale by Evil Hat at reduced price because it's got no art yet, but they'll upgrade your copy for free when they get the art. itch.io link; DTRPG link
3:41 AM
@BESW nooooo. Bad.
I am also making that face.
Bat bat bat bat bat
4:30 AM
@trogdor are you though
You got me
Take me away officer
I'm not sorry at all
And I'd do it again too
@trogdor Bake him away, toys.
And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for these meddling kids and this inexplicably talking dog
And a simple question I answered too honestly for my own good
@trogdor [Ahem] "woof"
@Token Hi!
4:42 AM
@Ben lol
hey there @Token, welcome to the RPG.SE lair :)
5:03 AM
think I figured this thing out finally. thanks for the welcome!
@Token Hello hello!
Hey! Congrats on your selection for mod. I never found an appropriate place to say that.
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Q: How can I make sure my players' decisions have consequences?

DM_with_secretsLast session, my players got into what was meant to be a fairly minor battle. The wizard misjudged the strength of the enemies and used both of his third level spell slots, and the druid acted sub-optimally, but in character, by using several of her healing spells to wake unconscious enemies for ...

@Token Thanks! :)
7:28 AM
Good morning folks
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Yes Happy day of the time that it certainly is at this moment
Definitely not evening
No no
"Niches & Nonsense—Once Upon A Wizard’s Shelf." (free itch link) A hack for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. It has the players take control of a bunch of living spellbooks. Together, they must solve randomly generated problems in the infinite Wizard’s tower, and hopefully set enough to rights that their master will let them live when they inevitably return.
9:05 AM
What game system and edition are you asking about? Please include a tag to indicate this. There are thousands of RPGs and we can’t provide an answer without knowing which one the question is about. — Purple Monkey 19 mins ago
In fairness, there's no system or edition where that question wouldn't be abject nonsense anyway.
9:22 AM
given it talks about casting Karsus's Avatar that does actually scope the system considerably
but yes, it's inane
1 hour later…
10:28 AM
How's it going?
I'm showing my game designs to someone who's only ever played D&D-likes! He's trying to figure out optimized character builds.
He's baffled by the idea that you can have an action resolution system that doesn't say if you did good or bad.
10:44 AM
Yay for expanding horizons!
[grin] There's a big ol' brick wall between him and the horizon, and he's trying to beat through it with his face instead of walking around it.
there'a a cloud shaped like Winnie the Pooh over Vantaa #news #important
@BESW Maybe they'd understand better in actual gameplay? Although there's still the possibility of brickwalling of course
11:13 AM
@BESW Pooh has evolved to look a bit like the weather balloon in that id chart
I think you mean swamp gas.
pareidolia is one of those things I enjoy as much as an adult as I did as a kid
11:29 AM
@BESW that's a good way to go through a lot of faces!
Kickstarter: "Twelve Hundred Words" is an illustrated autobio collection of 200 word analog RPGs about mental health, written by Taylor Smith and illustrated by Mercedes "Cibby" Acosta. This campaign page is also a separate play-by-post RPG.
11:50 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (261): What alternative models exist for Vampire populations in WoD? by Marie Forleo on rpg.SE
Those EnWorld updates about Kickstarters almost never mention any of the Kickstarters I'd want to hear about.
But that's why we have you apparently ;)
Mostly I'm just watching what my Twitter feed is talking about. Twelve Hundred Words was brought to my attention by Dee Pennyway.
12:10 PM
@JohnP Current Party is vHuman Ranger Gloom Stalker 5; Tabaxi Nature domain Cleric 5; Half Elf Lore Bard (4 or 5); aarakokra Monk, I forget the way, 4. Make what you think fits into that.
Al-Iksir (itch link, free) is a collaborative horror game for three to seven players about a cadre of Sorceror-Thanes maintaining their fel grip on immortality. Written by Nicholas Masyk for Game Chef 2019.
@BlackSpike A friend of mine started a small business (FLGS) after he and a buddy went to an estate sale and scored a bunch of MtG cards. Those cards ended up providing the seed money (via sales) for them to begin the small business. Store's still open 14 years later.
@Ash Try to not hold it for very long or your muscles might get Thor.
@BESW starred for interest
@Miniman which question are you referring to?
12:24 PM
@KorvinStarmast You can click on the "X minutes ago" link to be directed to the comment
Q: Karsus's Avatar + Bag of Holding?

GokuWhat if you put a bag of holding inside a bag of holding inside a bag of holding inside a bag of holding inside a bag of holding and cast Karsus's avatar, then cast Karsus's avatar again (while in God state) on yourself, then cast Karsus's avatar again (while in god-god state)

@kviiri Hah! too slow! ;)
@kviiri when I clicked on it all I got was Purple Monkey's profile
@KorvinStarmast That's the user name, it's a separate link!
12:26 PM
@KorvinStarmast It's possible you may have clicked on the name instead (there are two separate links there)
Not the best UX
@Rubiksmoose yeah, perhaps a mis click. That happens now and again.
@KorvinStarmast I do it all the time.
At this point I am glad that our firewall blocks enworld.
I wonder why exactly are we supposed to think "X minutes ago" would forward to the post in question
12:27 PM
@kviiri Noooo idea.
@kviiri With system mastery, we know this. To get systems mastery, we have to intuit it, or be a cool dev or something like that.
Fun fact though: clicking on the "last active" timestamp on a question will link you to the place of most recent activity.
It's a bit like mousing over tags to understand what's in them.
@KorvinStarmast Or we have to think : "oooh, a link ! Boy I wonder what would happen if I were ot click on it !"
@Rubiksmoose My joy in learning this knows many bounds. :)
12:28 PM
@PierreCathé That's how my wife gets malware onto her PC. X^p
@KorvinStarmast I see she's a Windows user...
@PierreCathé ON that PC, yes, though she mostly spends time on her iPad or iPhone.
@Rubiksmoose Y'know one thing I wish was a convention: for "X <time> ago" links to switch between absolute and relative timestamps on click.
...instead of being actual links to heaven knows where.
@kviiri Oh, that would be an interesting thing to do with it. Instead of shoving it into the hover (I think)
12:32 PM
@Rubiksmoose Hm, hover's not a bad idea either, although it can be annoying if one needs to copy-paste timestamps for whatever reasons
@SmokeDetector Hm. How do we put out a "Not Welcome" mat for vampire spam?
@JohnP no?
@kviiri I think the hover thing is already implemented!
(it seems to be for me though it could be one of my userscripts)
It is implemented
@kviiri I haven't read it yet, but it sounded interesting and Masyk does interesting things.
12:53 PM
howdy howdy
@NautArch hey :)
how's it going?
@NautArch Have you arched any nauts today?
@Rubiksmoose doing good! Had a great game night last night. I love playing a wizard :)
@KorvinStarmast sadly, no :(. I haven't arched a naut in a long time.
glad to hear you are funning with wizard. woo hoo (my brother loves wizards in 5e)
@NautArch oh yeah? I've never played one. What do you like about it?
12:59 PM
Just hit 4th level, and I'm seriously considering scrapping my plans I had going with magic initiate to get a 1/day healing word. We seem to get knocked down...a lot.
(I'm thinking about doing a divination wizard though if things come around to 5e again in our group)
@Rubiksmoose It's similar to the bard in that there's a lot of options. But I also love the divination dice :). Hardest thing with those is pulling the trigger on using them.
What's a plain English way to say "a monster with fewer powers than no other monster"?
@Rubiksmoose Wife made the same joke :) But not nearly often enough. Having another character with the ability to get someone back in the fight seems like it could be huge. More worthwhile than resilient at the moment.
1:01 PM
@BESW Most powerless? Powerleast?
@BESW as in the monster with the least amount of powers?
@NautArch Well give her a high five from an internet stranger for me.
That's exactly why I need to phrase it more plainly: I mean the opposite.
@BESW Monster with the most powers? (we're talking quantity, right?)
@BESW That's a brain twister right there
1:03 PM
most powerful monster
@BESW Is the key to the term the number of powers, or the aggregate of powers adding up to something? I think that if you hit English.SE you might get one of the word smiths there to find what you are looking for.
powerful meaning in this case "having powers"
@BESW unrivaled?
@NautArch Yeah that was one of the best things about my bard as well. I could get pretty much our entire party back up.
@NautArch I am getting the idea that you are leaning work Magic Initiate, Cleric.
1:05 PM
@Rubiksmoose This would only be 1/day, but it's a free casting. Seems like it could be just as useful, if not more, than taking resilient.
I have a rule whose purpose is to incentivize all other monsters targeting the monster with the most number of powers--but to phrase it in a way which EXPLICITLY includes the possibility for two monsters to have the same number of powers which is more than any of the other monsters, and both of them are made targets by this rule.
@KorvinStarmast Actually leaning Bard. My WIS modifier is -1, but CHA is +1. Could then pick up message and mending as well. Probably take shocking grasp as my new wiz cantrip.
@BESW "target a monster with the highest number of powers"
Basically, if you attack the most powerful monster you get +1d6 to do so. If two monsters are equally most powerful, you get +1d6 for attacking either of them.
depending on how "rulesy" you're ok with the text being, I'd say the way you phrased it certainly works
1:06 PM
@BESW You can coin a term unique to the game, and have it explained. For example, Powersaturated or something like that.
otherwise just say "most powerful" and then as an aside you can explain that if it's still confusing
@BESW to be absolutely clear what you are meaning is it: "monster where # 0f powers >= the # of powers of every any other monster"
@NautArch Not a bad idea, right there.
Power numerous? That doesn't quite sound right/plain
(typed out before your clarification and sent out anyways)
1:07 PM
@Rubiksmoose Yes.
Except "any" instead of "every"?
"Monster or monsters with the greatest number of powers"?
@KorvinStarmast It feels a little underwhelming, but that 1/day "on your feet, soldier" and the utility of the cantrips seems good. Still not sure I'm going to take Find Familiar at this point, but I'm heavily considering it. Was thinking HOld Person and Misty STep, but I just got Mirror Image from a scroll and adding it to my spellbook. That seems 'good enough' for now to help me avoid being hit.
@Someone_Evil ding! I think that's a good start.
I can work with that.
@BESW Out of the box thought: change the term "powers" and "power" to something else. Like feature. Then you get 'feature-rich' as the term you seek. The monster who is most feature rich is your one with the most powers as compared to others.
1:08 PM
@goodguy5 not an arch. :D
@NautArch Naughty architect, obv.
@BESW I'm afraid to google that
@Someone_Evil yeah I like that!
@NautArch Mirror Image is very handy, to be sure.
@BESW For a while his avatar was extra naughty in some saucy erm "rear"-less chaps ;)
1:10 PM
@KorvinStarmast And with my 10AC, its the most obvious way to avoid getting hit.
@NautArch Except for hiding in a fog cloud. :)
Like Plutarch but with nauts instead of pluts.
@KorvinStarmast yeah, that too. Actually have to talk to my DM about using minor illusion/silent image to obscure myself and what happens when I cast a spell.
@KorvinStarmast Aside: I've never been able to successfully find a use for any of the clouds in 5e. They just seem to inconvenience both side so heavily that it's never useful to toip the scales strategicvally.
@Rubiksmoose We were in a fight where the enemy had a ballista. We clouded that area.
1:12 PM
@NautArch A lot of GiTP posters seem to think that Minor Illusion can put up full or 3/4 cover. But I agree that you that a discussion with the DM on how they see that is key for that working.
Unrelated to the above discussions: what is the approprate thing to do with this kind if comment? Reply, just flag for deletion, both?
@Someone_Evil flag as no longer needed
@Rubiksmoose I've been using fog cloud to shape the battlefield since our first 5e campaign and my tempest cleric. In Nits' ToA game, we used it to withdraw from a fight that was going south and to prevent an OA on Trogdor's paladin during that withdrawal.
@KorvinStarmast They were cool with the idea that I obscured myself, but said that when I cast a spell, it basically removed itself from the equation and I was known/seen.
Want to suggest that I'm known, but not seen.
@NautArch Well, I think I got the flag in before it got deleted, but thanks for the clarification.
1:14 PM
Seems fair to me; it's a cantrip, not an "I win" button. :)
@KorvinStarmast yeah, and that seems like a good compromise. Moreso for Silent Image because that's an actual slot/concentration.
@KorvinStarmast Ah yeah withdrawal has been the only case I could think of where it would be very handy.
@Someone_Evil It's a HNQ drive-by who's never done anything on the site but vote before, so I wouldn't be inclined to waste a lot of energy on personalized attempts to explain why their comment is kinda weird? Flag and move on.
I did get silence cast around me a couple times last night. Discovered with much joy that catapult is only somatic :D
@Rubiksmoose We also used it to temporarily blind the pirates who were chasing us (I cast it over the helmsman) as we turned around to engage them. It gave us a few rounds to come along side and board them ...
1:16 PM
@KorvinStarmast If you were in a chase, shouldn't they have moved out of the fog cloud?
@Someone_Evil Actually, your flag itself deleted that comment.
@NautArch The previous round, Trog's Paladin has successfully used the command spell to convince their helmsman to turn hard to port. (We were in the area with a lot of shal water). SO they were aground when I cast the fog cloud.
@KorvinStarmast Oh that is a nice use as well!
It seems that really space is going to be a good thing to have when using it.
As it was, the battle was a near run thing. Their archers and our fellow sailors sort of evened out, and our boarding when they weren't aware got us enough "momentum" that the battle was pretty shhort.
@Rubiksmoose Yeah, inside a dungeon it's a bit harder to use. We did use it against an Umber Hulk in that first campaign, so that none of us looked at its eyes. We still attacked with disadvantage, but none of us got confused.
@KorvinStarmast and there's another one. Clever way to avoid gaze effects.
1:20 PM
@Rubiksmoose IN a higher level campaign, a cloud giant used it against us to cover its retreat, and that of a couple of hill giants.
@Rubiksmoose Ahh, there is autodeletion of comments from number of flags as well? makes sense, it just looked weird.
@Someone_Evil Number of flags as well as some other criteria. For example, shorter comments or comments that meet certain patterns can take fewer (or even just 1) flag to remove.
@KorvinStarmast OUt of curiosity, what was the command? Turn?
@NautArch I think it was something like "Hard a-port" and Nits ruled that it worked. I can see a RAW argument about that, but he liked it well enough. Shal had tried the turn before and the helmsman made his save.
Turn should have worked, but one would have then guessed at which direction he would turn.
Plus, nautical terms: are they one word or two? Toggallantsail/Topgaluns'l ...
@KorvinStarmast Love it! Command is one of my favorite spells.
1:25 PM
@NautArch Yep. My clerics don't leave home without it.
@KorvinStarmast depends. but usually it's topgallant sail. Sail is one weird, the topgallant is the type/location.
@NautArch As written yes, but in the age of sail, that word comes out as "topgallunsul" (17th-18th century sailor speak).
@KorvinStarmast Pronunciation is a different question :)
@NautArch .. And then there's scuba (which started as five words)
Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, right?
1:34 PM
@goodguy5 Yes --- now look up "taser", and you'll be surprised :)
I actually know that one.... I think from here...
Almost: Super Combat Underwear Battling Apparatus
@goodguy5 Haha, it seems I told you to look that one up once before :D
Feb 15 at 14:59, by kviiri
@goodguy5 Wait till you find out what Taser stands for :)
It's so annoying that "Thomas A" isn't a real person
@Rubiksmoose My favorite use of fog cloud (or fog cloud-like effects) as a GM is in horror campaigns (which I really need to do another one; I miss them). You can really amp up the ambiance in a fight when your players are literally blind
1:40 PM
That's a good use as well!
I will say that horror campaigns are so much better if your players are willing to do theater-of-the-mind; I did one online with battlemaps and it really detracted from the tension
(perhaps I'm just not used to horror in that format though)
@DavidCoffron Yeah, in scenarios where you can do more with imagination, totm really helps.
Horror is really really hard to pull off in D&D.
@Rubiksmoose I completely agree. Definitely wouldn't have gotten better at it without some guidance from one of my GMs (who'd been gaming for about 20 years when he GM'd me).
I personally like grids for some things, but a few attempts at zone-based tactical combat have felt like a positive change to me.
1:43 PM
@kviiri zone based?
@kviiri One of my favorite things to do recently, is take a graphic depiction of an area without grids, and just drop tokens on it (for online play); you get the visual effects, but have the added flexibility of interacting on a more open board
I generally go with theater of the mind, as well.

When AoE comes up and it's kind of a scramble, I use the suggested hits augmented by a die roll.
@DavidCoffron that is great that you have someone experienced to help you out as a resource!
@NautArch Non-uniformly shaped areas, and not tracking positions too carefully within those
@NautArch Like, I'm in the creek, or I'm amidst the underbrush, or I'm alongside the road.
1:52 PM
I think zones become more and more appealing over grids for tactical combat stuff as the scale grows. Eg. if we're talking modern warfare, combat where the opposing forces are less than 150m apart is already considered a close-quarters engagement. Picking a grid size that allows for enough detail without necessitating an inconveniently large battlemat might be hard.
Zones lose some of the detail, but vastly improve in convenience.
(of course there are many ways to implement grids or zones, so not all assumptions I've made will be universally true)
2:10 PM
@KorvinStarmast Sounds good, I'll poke around on D&DB a bit. What level, and roll or point buy, starting gold/magic, etc?
@goodguy5 The reason I asked was I ran across another post where a 2nd level somethingorother could open a channel to the sun and suck down live sun plasma. Some debate on legality/interpretation of course.
Huh. Two answers resulted in repcap for two days straight. w00t.
@JohnP Standard point buy, 4th level, basic starting gear
@MikeQ kk thx
2:50 PM
anyone play a lot of modded minecraft? looking for modpack suggestions.
Wish granted.
@goodguy5 you might have better luck in the arqade chat unless @Ash pops in.
@JohnP already over there ;) double-dippin
what can be better than having a single slot inventory and taking damage if you stay more than 60 second per chunk ?
More seriously, have you considered one of the usual mod packs like Advent of Ascension, Crazycraft and so on?
I'm looking for a progression pack
3:06 PM
didn't advent of ascension have some sort of skill based leveling system?
I think so? But depending on the last time you played, there is a "new" progression / journal / quest / achievement system.

A really good example is Sevtech Ages, but I don't like where it starts
ok, I get what you mean now.
Like not having everything available from the start.
I think there was a pack called Regrow that was pretty popular.
but yep, I guess you are better asking in the Arqade chat rooms (or wait for Ash)
that said, maybe @Wrigglenite could give you some advice too?
It's already being discussed over at The Bridge, our main chatroom
3:20 PM
And possibly in our Minecraft chatroom as well? I don't typically check in there
triple dipping
3:31 PM
@KorvinStarmast - Goliath Inheritor Paladin 5, Oath of the Ancients. See what you think so far
@MikeQ ^^
3:58 PM
@JohnP you may want to shift one of the positive stats to CHA
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