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12:00 AM
@BESW So that was his big break?
It's a tad shame that he's referred to as "the squatty potty prince"
It was a viral sensation but doesn't seem to have really led to more beefy roles, so I'm not sure I'd call it a break.
Lol no. But he is more recognisable now
Hopefully somebody figures out that the Squatty Potty Prince role is a sign that he can say anything with a straight face, and how valuable that is in an era of speculative fiction franchises.
That is very true
It's true he is pretty talented
I think I would have cracked up big time saying just about any of those lines
12:07 AM
(And that he's not going to turn down a role because he's worried about optics.)
hey there @DavidCoffron, how're things going?
1 hour later…
1:28 AM
@Shalvenay hey-ooh
@nitsua60 how're things going?
Eh, middling. Local-life is on the up-and-up, wife's dad was in for surgery again today and isn't great.
My youngest daughter had basketball "practice" today. She doesn't enjoy competing, so she's declared herself the assistant coach.
All I can say is if the girl ever *does* decide to play basketball, she's going to be boss at rebounding and distributing.
@nitsua60 pretty good here :)
is now a better time for us to talk on Discord, or not so much?
@Shalvenay Not so much--catching up on other things, now.
@nitsua60 np, catch you later tonight then?
1:43 AM
@Shalvenay Probably not--when I get off work I'm going to go visit for a bit with my neighbor who lost his son and then somehow unwind from that before hitting the sack.
@nitsua60 oh. I see. np
"My Audio, which brings the ability to upload audio directly to Roll20, is live today! We’re rolling this feature out early in response to the news of Fanburst closing. There will be further improvements coming next month in our Bring Your Own Beat update that will add better user interface and quality of life tools to the Jukebox.

With the addition of directly uploaded music and animations to the Roll20 tabletop, we knew that storage needs for users would increase. As such, we’ve been tracking the impact of storage and streami
It appears there may have been an attack on Roll20 that may have resulted in a data breach. It seems there shouldn’t be a need for major alarm as the important information and passwords should have been encrypted, but good reminder to practice good security and password habits.

Read more here: http://blog.roll20.net/post/182811484420/roll20-security-breach
@V2Blast yes, I heard about the data breach
2:00 AM
Horrible question: does purify drink work on heavy water?
2:14 AM
@nitsua60 I hope things start turning better for your family soon
@Joshua Google tells me that heavy water is unsafe to drink, so I'd say that qualifies as poison, and would thus be purified
@Joshua Heavy water is toxic, and toxic means poison, so yes, it works
2:32 AM
@EnderLook Since the toxic component of it is the water itself, does it convert it into normal water, or just destroy it all?
@MarkWells that is a really good question
@MarkWells Just remove the additional neutron on it? Technically, that neutron(s) is/are toxic(s).
2:50 AM
I guess, arguably, the neutrons are the poison, but doing surgery on atomic nuclei is pretty extreme.
Thinking like one of those nature spirits that gives your druid the power to cast the spell, I think I wouldn't even recognize the substance as water. It's fake water.
You can tell by the fact that nothing grows in it.
@MarkWells It's magic, it should. Well, it isn't magic*... it's a miracle. Also, I'm quite sure wish could... :)
I wonder if the spell's classification of poison is relative to the caster
@MikeQ That is a good point
That is a very good point
A lich would probably be fine with heavy water
You are a very smart Alolan Will Smith
@MikeQ That would be great. The spell should purify everything that is poisonous for the caster... or at least the god (since it's divine magic).
What happens if an awakened dog paladin (aka the lawful goodest boy) casts Purify Food and Drink on chocolate?
2:59 AM
@MikeQ LOL!
@MikeQ It would become white chocolate
> What is zero percent chocolate? That’s the white stuff. It’s made of the fatty solids in the cocoa bean and none of the poisonous compounds. What we know of as "white chocolate" is mostly cocoa butter and sugar mixed with milk. Hence, it’s 100-percent safe for dogs.
When your new most upvoted answer is behind a selected +3 answer (I know the check mark is only a metric for how it helps the OP, but I still thinks it's funny)
@Ben Interesting!
@DavidCoffron Lol
@V2Blast Just googled it, tbh. It got me thinking and it was the exact opposite of what I thought it would be (I thought it was cacao)
3:06 AM
I'd make another dog joke but that art is too unsettling
@Joshua -- btw, I was thinking I'd need to come up with a nightmare for a char of mine...and it involved the rest of the party being turned into giant balor-like demons stomping about, but instead of flaming whips and whatnot, they had little boxes with knobs on them, and they have to make Will saves to not fiddle with the knobs.
as it turns out, the knobs are connected to various bits of the deep, dark workings of nature
one of them fiddles with the isotopic distribution of all the atoms on the plane, another influences the nucleon binding energies, and so on and so forth....
@EnderLook Sure, but purify food and drink won't make water out of, say, a sheet of paper, even though it's "only" water plus carbon. And heavy water is "water" only in a narrow technical sense.
And "narrow technical sense" sounds like wizard magic.
@trogdor Thanks--nothing's horrible, but there's a bit of a "walking near the cliff's edge" feeling to these last couple of weeks.
@MarkWells Magic in D&D sits somewhere "it's magic" and "it's science"
@nitsua60 Sounds like a perfect opportunity for LLKoM :D
@Ben Not a bad point. Tough to playtest the cards in three different timezones, though.
3:21 AM
That is true
@nitsua60 Maybe you could facetime?
3:44 AM
@nitsua60 yeah but it still sounds like it isn't exactly a fun change from status quo
3:56 AM
@Ben Any sufficiently advanced society will mistakenly believe all nonsense to be unknown technology.
It's magicence
Don't say the word, I've copyrighted it
4:10 AM
My lawyers have informed me I "can't copyright a word" but screw them I breathe fire
@trogdor I believe you can trademark a word
@MikeQ not the same as copyright
But close enough
@Ben oh I remember this one it's the best
It's like my dream job
If only I didn't find akward situations,... Well extremely uncomfortable
I'm a bit like that - I only tell dad jokes for the groans and death threats hahaha
5:22 AM
@Shalvenay: well if you want a fast death. Change the fine structure constant by less than one percent and every element decays to something with more protons
@kviiri Afternoon
What's up?
The sky
The clouds, the sun, and the rain, we can be like they are?
I Know I got some of that wrong but wtv
5:36 AM
Man. Y'all got comments on lock down at this site, and the chat is bumping... [Sitewide Feature Showcase] +1
@trogdor My favorite aphorism is "Done is better than perfect"
now let's see if you know stars ;p
@kviiri I like that one too
Making mistakes is part of the game
@Mazura like Hugh Jackman
I get it
5:39 AM
I like how you guys shame people by name ;p
no one checks the meta post lol
I'm on the mobile, ey
I usually only chat until I get to my desktop
@Mazura ah, I had thought you just meant the star bar and was making a joke
5:55 AM
Last Monday, one of my favorite singers went to the great Star Bar in Heaven (I sure hope)
Never been one to mourn celebrities dying, so emotionally it's not that big of a deal to me, but I'm a bit bummed out about his work having to end like this
6:13 AM
@Mazura We find that it's most effective to talk about specific things that are happening rather than generalizing, but we also try to make sure the discussions are about the behavior rather than the people.
@BESW I found another one-page TTRPG system. Have you seen this one before?
Looks new to me! [reads]
I wonder if the Cthulhu Dark escalation mechanic would be better for Panic.
Probably not, unless you also changed the "eating humans reduces Panic" bit.
@Ben Try looking at it upside down to translate into Strayan
6:31 AM
@Ben Are you getting a custom phone case, or looking for an existing one?
@MikeQ Thanks, that's a great addition to my collection.
@BESW I didn't realise haha I thought "what? phone case?" Then I relaised the tab haha
That's for the GF
'cause if I was gonna get a Bowie phone case, I'd want to ask the artist if I could use this image for it.
I bought her this one
@BESW Ohhhhh I like!
7:06 AM
Pretty cats
I like David Bowie although I think the Finnish lyrics for Starman are far better. A rare exception among the translated/localized songs, I assure ye
7:29 AM
@MikeQ That's amazing
@BESW Re: Lady Blackbird, I think my players are quite new to the idea of a refreshment scene. Have you got good prompts for these?
8:01 AM
@kviiri That sounds like a well Stackable question.
8:13 AM
@BESW What else is in the collection?
Instant-pick-up one-page one-shots? Honey Heist, Lasers & Feelings, Cthulhu Dark, Scrolls & Swords, All Outta Bubblegum, Danger Patrol: Pocket Edition... want me to list things I'm not sure if I'll ever even try but have anyway?
@BESW Doesn't it ring a bit idea generation like?
@kviiri Experience-based answers for helping players understand and engage with a mechanic are totally on point.
Just don't ask "What are examples of refreshment scenes," because that's not your problem.
@BESW fair nuff, I'll post it when I get back to my PC
Your problem is "My players aren't using the refreshment mechanic. I think they're new to the idea of refreshment scenes and need some help with it. How can I help them use refreshment scenes more?"
8:25 AM
@BESW Technically, it's a problem I predict I'll have, not one I currently have :(
That's okay, just make sure you frame it like that.
Here's an old question I asked along the same lines:
Q: How do I explain stress to a d20 crowd?

BESWIn the next month or so I'm going to start running the Dresden Files RPG soon with a group that has most of its experience in D&D 3.5 and 4e. We're all new to FATE, and I tried to explain the stress track to one player today. I think he understood the mechanics of how to use the stress track, but...

Thanks! That seems like a good starting point.
@MikeQ ...the Hicks Family RPG, Damnit Roger!, Everyone is John, Spandex!, The Ghosts of NPCs Passed, Unbelievable Macho Bullshit, Ghost/Echo, Mustang, Roll for Shoes, Abort Retry Fail, Point Man...
2 hours later…
10:26 AM
Hmh, busy day at work
Posting the question'll have to wait a while
3 hours later…
1:24 PM
@BESW the spell slot answer is the one I immediately thought of
1:43 PM
Morning all
oh hai
Roll20 has just had a data breach. Please change your passwords on other platforms that share the same password. You can sign up to HaveIBeenPwned to be informed of data breaches. Please sign up to a password manager so that you can avoid password re-use.
@doppelgreener I do really need to start using a password manager
Please do.
Sooner is better than later. You don't need to add all your passwords to it at once — as you start signing into websites it'll start asking you if you want to save those credentials (say yes).
You won't have to deal with not remembering which password you use, either, or losing track of your usernames/emails on old sites.
@doppelgreener I used to use one in the past. Is there a commonly accepted best general use one? Or should I do some research and see if there is one best suited for me (platforms Android and Windows)
1:55 PM
Lastpass is free. 1Password has a free trial and a relatively cheap subscription, and is a thousand times more pleasant to use and integrates directly with HIBP to warn you when your credentials have been compromised.
Nice. I'll work on setting them up presently I guess.
There are offline password managers. If you need one of those I recommend KeePass2 (free & excellent). I don't recommend these if you have more than one device — if so you will be putting your password vault online anyway in cloud storage, which defeats the security benefits of an offline password manager. Also in my experience I would periodically lose credentials or wind up with two copies of my vault due to a sync conflict.
Yeah that sounds not great and likely not needed for my needs
I strongly recommend 1Password, having used all three of these for prolonged periods.
I appreciate that recommendation and is exactly why I asked. I do like hearing from people I trust rather than review sites even though I have a few that I trust quite a bit. so, thanks! :)
2:17 PM
I've like LastPass. Used it personally and at work. Covers most people's needs and they handled bugs really well in the past.
@doppelgreener how do you pronounce pwned?
2:44 PM
@ColinGross Nice! Well I'm taking a thorough look at both. It is good to know that there seems to be multiple good choices.
@Rubiksmoose LastPass was useful for a group of sysadmins that had inherited a shared password system that was... archaic to put it charitably. It's useful for me so that my partner can log into Netflix without having to know my password. It does shared access without a shared password pretty well.
I previously used keepass for an offline usb stick based approach, but keeping that up to date an on my person was a bit of a pain in the butt.
@goodguy5 like owned but with a p added to the front
@doppelgreener "pow" "ned" ?
so, "poned"?
@goodguy5 like that yes
I've used LastPass and 1Password, and currently use LastPass at work. 1Password makes Lastpass look like hot garbage.
2:48 PM
@doppelgreener That's interesting. The UI? functionality?
@ColinGross Yes to both.
I had some gooney "specialist" try to tell me that it was "pee owned" and that it originated from "password owned"
@goodguy5 IIRC it started as a common typo for "owned" given the keys are next to each other [citation needed]
@goodguy5 It's just a common typo of "owned".
oh, I know.
2:49 PM
Oh good.
That specialist is a goon.
@goodguy5 I've always liked to think of it as "power owned"
And not just a typing mistake.
Makes sense
@doppelgreener Ah I see you are a goon specialist.
I tried to explain it and she said "I've heard it both ways" and I was like NO YOU HAVEN'T
@goodguy5 Do you pronounce it gif or gif ?
2:50 PM
@Rubiksmoose I like to think I am at least a goon afficionado.
@ColinGross hard 'g'. like "give". You don't say "graphical" like "giraffe". The creator is either an idiot or a troll.
@goodguy5 yeah that person is full of ... something
@goodguy5 So basically, you say it like gif.
Anyone here pronounce it like gif instead?
@doppelgreener What makes 1P more pleasant than LP in actual use?
2:54 PM
@goodguy5 Abbreviations don't work like that
> hard 'g'.
@goodguy5 Semi-trolling question: when you say 'hard', do you mean 'unpalatised' or 'explosive'?
@vicky_molokh Everything about it. UI looks and handles better. Its apps are better across the board. The browser plugin behaves better. All of it is just flat-out better.
@vicky_molokh I have literally no idea. I'm not a linguist.
hard g is give
soft g is giraffe
One of those isn't a g sound at all.
2:56 PM
Also, 1Password handles additional data fields in a way Lastpass just flat-out doesn't. I have even experienced Lastpass breaking when I try to give it additional data fields.
a g makes it, it's a g sound
don't link me a wiki page about phonetics , I'm not going to read it.
1Password has instructions on how to import from Lastpass in case you want to try it for that free trial.
@goodguy5 Yeah. Just say it like gif. Not gif.
I honestly don't care how gif is pronounced but I'd like to hear people who base their opinion on the pronunciation of "graphics" to pronounce "scuba" and "laser" for me
2:58 PM
> don't link me a wiki page about phonetics , I'm not going to read it.
/me reaches for the pitchforks and torches.
wait a dang second, is laser an abbreviation?
@goodguy5 Yep
Of course.
A Western one, no less!
@kviiri "Shooba". "Lazz-air."
2:58 PM
@doppelgreener That's interesting. Has 1Password had to deal with a major vulnerability discovery? Have you heard about how good or bad their bug bounty policy is?
honestly thought it was just a cool sounding word. The world is a little less magical now.
@goodguy5 Did radar let you down too?
nah, knew that
@goodguy5 Wait till you find out what Taser stands for :)
2:59 PM
self-contained underwater breathing aparatus
s k oo b a

what's the problem?
@goodguy5 People still pick their acronyms to be cool-sounding words.
Also GULag, not Gulag.
@ColinGross 1Password's bug bounty meets or exceeds Lastpass's bug bounty, which isn't surprising since they have more funds available.
Depends on whether you want to use it underwater or oonderwater.
oh my freaking gourd
"Taser", an acronym for Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle.?!
oh, yea, "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation".
I actually feel like I've seen that before.
3:00 PM
@goodguy5 eeyup. And that isn't even the name of the inventor :)
Also, 1Password implemented Pwned Passwords integration the first day it was out; Lastpass AFAIK has yet to implement them at all. This means 1Password tells you when a password is weak based on appearance in data breaches.
Taylor Alison Swift's Electric Rifle?
Re: passwords, if the W3C would put out a reasonable definition for password fields, this would make my life easier.
three words - website name optional number
In my alphabet, were scuba to be pronounced based on its component words, it'd be skabä which has all the hallmarks of being an urban slang word
3:02 PM
ps here's a good password tester tool lowe.github.io/tryzxcvbn
much better than "eleven characters, 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 symbol, 1 number"
@goodguy5 The latest password guidance is to allow extremely long passwords, and to “Eliminate character-composition requirements”.
@kviiri Sounds like a genre of music that would be popular among Jamaican sheep.
it's safe but you can vet it yourself
@Rubiksmoose Nice :D
3:04 PM
If a service requires you to use an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number, and a special character, it's making your password weaker. Hackers know your password is almost certainly going to look like Longword1!
@doppelgreener I agree, but I mean a mandate, like some other w3c requirements
A mandatory format reduces security though
I don't mean a mandatory format, I mean a mandatory allowable set of passwords.
> mandatory allowable set of passwords
Mandate allowing 12345? ^_^
one website shouldn't require an exclamation point, while another doesn't allow them..
3:08 PM
Security questions are my cybersecurity pet peeve
"Security" questions, aka the other password except they encourage you to pick easily discoverable information and often store them
also, allow me to set my own security questions
sometimes it's REALLY hard for me to answer them because they're often like "what was your father's __________" and I grew up without one.
Substitute a fictional character nobody knows you like.
Or at least can't pick out of the many, many you like.
I can't remember the site, but I had one thing that had like 6 options,
"What was the name of your Paternal Grandmother"
"What was the breed of your father's favorite pet"
some dumb question

then three I could actually use
@vicky_molokh that could work if it was always an issue, but usually, I can just ignore it, so I've never bothered to think about it.
I just got locked out of my bank account for failing to answer their security questions, no wim going to have to call in
except i thin kthe issue was the postal code was case sensitive
Err, your postal code uses any lowercase numbers?!
3:18 PM
Here in canada, yes
alternates letters and numbers
fun fact, santa's postal code is H0H-0H0
that's incredible
Canada is truly better
Every once in a while, I get a website tell me that my email is not valid because it has a period in the middle
IIRC periods in emails are ignored? At least by Google?
i learned something about gmail, it ignores symbols like that
so if you need to sign up for something, instead of making a new fake email, just add some periods into it
yes, google does, but websites that ask me for my email occasionally do not
yeah that might be why
3:21 PM
which is idiotic.
skull.crusher is a valid email address, stop whining
another fun fact, by the original email standards, among the allowed characters is the @ - though almost no site would allow that
it would probably help scammers too
a common strategy with urls/subdomains already
3:25 PM
@SirCinnamon Isn't the part before the domain essentially arbitrary and down to the server processing it?
@doppelgreener do you use Windows or iOS/Mac or both? One thing I'm reading says that some features for 1pass aren't available on windows/android/ChromeOS yet. Do you have any experience?
> addr-spec = local-part "@" domain
> local-part = dot-atom / quoted-string / obs-local-part
So by RFC2822 you can have `"customerservice@google.com"@scam.com`, but it needs the quotes because `@` is not part of the dot-atom characters.
@Rubiksmoose Both. I use 1Password on Windows, haven't used it on Mac yet.
Thanks! Good to know.
3:54 PM
@MikeQ That's a helluva new avatar you've got there.
Behold also:
Thanks I hate it
That fireball in a toad question has a bonkers amount of votes on @DavidCoffron's answer lol
@doppelgreener Unfortunately I can't seem to find a Shrek TTRPG
4:11 PM
@Anaphory Ah yeah, you're right, forgot about that part. Boy oh boy does "Sir Cinnamon"@gmail.com look really wrong though
Controversial opinion(?): I like will smith as genie
Although i'm enjoying some of the jokes regardless
@MikeQ isn't that what gurps is for?
@doppelgreener Even more trivially, a hacker can discount any string consisting of all uppercase, all lowercase, lacking a number, etc., which is a significant amount of potential passwords.
@SirCinnamon What I'd like to see is Disney try a newer, more complex retelling, closer to the original source material. But based on their recent remake films, and the trailers for this one, I suspect it's just another "remastered version".
4:30 PM
@GreySage Very true
@MikeQ Or do what they did with Maleficent, where they do revisionist, deconstructionist takes on their prior works.
> "Surprise! SLEEPING BEAUTY was actually just anti-Fairy Propaganda this whole time!"
@MikeQ That's totally valid, and i wouldn't say i'm insanely hyped for what is essentially a remake - but if anything, will smith would probably be the ONLY reason i would see it
@goodguy5 The w3c is more like guidelines in a sea of pirates. Parlay with a webhost all you want, but you're still going to get some busted html back anyway.
yea, but then I can report it
4:45 PM
multiple elements with the same ID in one page :rage:
doesn't come up all that much, though. but yea
@SirCinnamon Ooo... I like that. Even includes dictionary attack stats.
a vendor i wont name provided us with that mess once
it sucked
@ColinGross Yeah, its a pretty good standard for password security evaluaion
and the provide libraries to build it into sites to validate on the backend and you can require a certain score
@SirCinnamon oh yea, I had to pull apart a webpage we had with that stuff.
@SirCinnamon meh... I'd just be happy if people would stop writing shit down on the post its on the backs of keyboards.
4:48 PM
@ColinGross Be brave, stick it to your monitor
@SirCinnamon Like a party of rogues all named dritz
@SirCinnamon I used to stick a honey pot pw on my desk.
Did you have a way to detect if it was used?
@Rubiksmoose yeah. It's weird
@Rubiksmoose I liked your recent bonfire answer, so I gave it the ol' australian downvote.
@ColinGross thanks mate ;)
@DavidCoffron It just kind of exploded. The right combination of simple and alluring premise and simple-enough ruling to get a lot of votes I think.
4:53 PM
Or the bad pun. Bad puns get lots of votes. ;-)
That certainly didn't hurt lol
Like Nautarch's terrible snake (?) one lol
5:18 PM
Terrible Snake, the disappointing nephew of Solid Snake
@doppelgreener hahaha
5:33 PM
I think I need some help understanding the root of the issue with that question about a DM's custom features and how it ruins the player's character. Because I'm really not sure I get it.
The edit helps a little bit, though.
@Xirema I'm lost on it too. There is a lot going on there mechanically and it is really hard to track
@Xirema Yeah it's not clear how or why the DM actually changes the character, including if that extra ability is in place of a feat or just free.
The thing that bothers me, I think, is that the OP seems to have whole-cloth created this Beyond: Two Souls character, and they're upset that the DM added a narrative justification for it and gave them some extra (relatively minor, IMO) features they can use as a consequence... and that's apparently "making the character too crazy to roleplay"?
I think the thing that bothers them most is the change to the character's story doesn't make sense and changes the percieved core of the character.
The feat seems to be a result of the narrative change made by the DM so it seems like it earned OP's ire that way.
@Rubiksmoose That much I understand, it just doesn't read like it actually really changes anything.
I've posted a comment asking whether the two-spirit thing was part of their original characterization or something the DM added.
Because if it's the latter, then I much more clearly understand the OP's issue.
But the way it's written, it doesn't seem to suggest that's the case.
5:44 PM
@Xirema The changes themselves are immaterial. There were changes made and the player does not like them.
I think all that really matters is that OP feels that the DM has changed the core of the character. It would be nice, but I'm not sure they are going to be able to make us understand exactly why they feel that way.
@ColinGross ^
Expressing discontent without getting a defensive reaction is tough for some people. I assume there are people out there where personal interactions come with a lot less effort.
People can get really touchy and possessive about character ideas.
@Rubiksmoose yes. People really like their own ideas and beliefs. We're hard-wired to defend those. If you want an idea adopted by someone, make sure they think it is their idea.
5:48 PM
@Xirema Taking drugs and exploring other people's dreams? No thanks. I like the low effort thanking the other person for the idea a little later on during the conversation. Sometimes that's all it takes.
It is possible the DM just misunderstood the concept as well. If they never voiced any objection then I wonder if they could have been confused at exactly what they are getting at.
i'm confused by the "Make yourself look like a ghost - people around you make saving throws"
I'm assuming it's a fear?
@SirCinnamon Yeah, I'm assuming the OP truncated their DM's quote when they were making their comment, and that it's some kind of fear effect.
Not gonna lie, I think the OP is a little heated with the whole "The concept is nonsense and silly! He's not part dead, he's a fusion of two NEAR-DEAD twins" as though they arent both equally ridiculous
like, if the DM is forcing changes to your character backstory that's something to be annoyed about but tbh this sounds like it's just a misunderstanding
@SirCinnamon That's my response as well. Like, I was confused at first, thinking maybe the "they were near-dead twins!" part was a complete fabrication by the DM. But that doesn't appear to be the case.
At this point, I really don't understand what this detail by the DM changes on a fundamental level about who the character is or how they should be roleplayed.
5:56 PM
especially because can't they just ignore the other abilities?
It sounds like he suspects it will replace his own custom feat white not thematically fitting the character
@Xirema While I agree, I think that the solution remains the same: talk it out. The player is unhappy and they should come to an agreement such that they are happy playing their character or at least make the displeasure known
but i dont really know of a DM who wouldnt allow flavour changes to stuff like that
Like change you look like a ghost to you look like a pair of twins, bam solved
I'm not even sure writing an answer saying "suck it up the changes are minor" would be helpful here because there is simply no way to convince OP of that and these changes seem really trivial to adjust (and the DM already seems to be on board with changing stuff to make things work).
6:17 PM
Well a) we dont know what his alternate feat is and b) he's upset about flavour text so if the DM insists on that flavour text then the options are stay or dont
Sure stay or leave is always a possibility that could arise. I still think Colin has the right take on getting the issue solved before that point though.
6:36 PM
Oh absolutely
And it's a nice well formatted answer perfect for the Interpersonal stack XD
I did think it was very well-done all-around
hopefully OP finds it useful
Yeah hopefully. Hopefully cooler heads prevail and it's an easy to resolve misunderstanding
I always try to make it abundantly clear to my players that I want them to tell me whenever something is upsetting or bothering them no matter how small (during a break or after session preferably).
I try to make it clear that I try to leave my ego at the door and that I am there to serve the table a heaping pile of fun and if they aren't having it, then I want to know (even if it means I messed up).
@Rubiksmoose Sadly, not all DMs manage this group activity in a way that aims for group enjoyment
Indeed :(
6:43 PM
Nothing irks me more than a DM who sees players as adversaries
your characters should see their characters as adversaries
(sometimes). That shouldn't extend to you wanting them to fail
@SirCinnamon that bugs the bejeesus out of me too. Only secondary are the players that view the DM as the adversary (without that viewpoint being expressed by the DM)
Like players that try to keep secrets and "get one over" on the DM. I come down hard on that kind of thing. We are telling a story togehter. Work with me, not against me, and I'll do the same to you.
@SirCinnamon I concur. Only slightly less well known are players that see the DM as adversaries. Either way, don't engage in a land war in Asia.
@Rubiksmoose Sometimes it helps to tell players it's ok to metagame (a bit) about their plans with me / other players, depending on the system
@Rubiksmoose I do no secrets at all on the player side. Characters can have secrets. Players shouldn't, and I really like having all characters sheets globally visible. Makes it easy to award points for role playing in situations where the player knows the secret but the character doesn't.
@Rubiksmoose Have you seen or had a player that hides something from the DM? If so, how?
Oh boy, many times
6:54 PM
ooo... do tell.
Usually it's not a huge problem if the surprise is purely mechanical. E.g. I allowed all the books when I ran Pathfinder, so the optimizer players would often try to surprise me with obscure and powerful spells. The downside was having to pause the game to read how the mechanics worked.
When it's a roleplay or character concept surprise, or something that disrupts the... flow? rhythm? of the narrative or party dynamic, then it's more of an issue
E.g. "My character is actually a secret agent so I stab the NPCs before [other PCs] get to interrogate them". It's an annoyance.
@MikeQ So they'd find material or combinations of material in the extra source books and not run it by you or give you a heads up?
@ColinGross Either combinations of effects, or a divine caster who had access to Too Many spells. Again, was only an issue in time management, but not player-player-DM trust, so I was usually ok with it.
@MikeQ How did you handle stuff like that?
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