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12:07 AM
@BlackSpike ah :) I am curious, what's Rolemaster's "elevator pitch" if you will?
@Shalvenay in general? It's a crunchy fantasy system, using d100, classes and levels
@BlackSpike what does that crunch get you, basically?
because I've heard stuff about it being super super crunchy
granularity, mainly.
it is quite complex to build a character, but at-the-table is usually not too bad
Lots of room to mix'n'match stuff, tailor your character in small ways
"RMSS" ('Standard System') brought a lot of stuff together.
It sounds v complex to explain it, but works ok.
Base System is Roll d100+Skill Bonus, try to beat 100 (but partial successes on lower rolls)
skill Bonus is bulit from Ranks in Skill (on diminishing returns) + 3 Stat Bonuses (e.g. a Skill might have STR/STR/DEX) + <assorted potential bonuses>
@BlackSpike ah. does it try to basically cover the spectrum in terms of fantasy worlds, or does it focus on a few types?
It has it's own World (dont know much about it), but is a Generic Fantasy
12:18 AM
RM's origin was Arms Law, a replacement for D&D combat system. Followed by Spell Law ... and eventually Character Law, and was turned into it's own game
(They also made a cut-down version "Middle Earth Role Playing" (MERP), which, as you may guess, was tailored for Middle Earth! :)
Although your HP do go up, main damage to worry about is "critical hits" - extra effects such as Stun, Bleed, 'No Parry', building up to "Broken Arm", right up to "Decapitate"
Everything is codified on Tables. Roll your dice, add your bonus, look up your result
@BlackSpike yeah, I have heard that the RM crit table has some pretty serious apocrypha surrounding it
@Shalvenay indeed so!
A snippet from one of the Critical Hit tables (looks like "Crush", such as a hammer or mace, or even some blows from a broadsword, or against heavy armour)
@BlackSpike having trouble uploading it?
@Shalvenay Yeeah got myself lost! lol
They are some of the more serious Crits ... some are "+5 hits"
12:31 AM
@BlackSpike what other assumptions/... would I need to be aware of if I was going into a RM game?
Not sure, to be honest ...
3 types of Magic: Channeling (Divine), Essence (Wizardry), Mentalism
You can buy any skills you like, but each class has a Costing for each category. Fighters get Weapon skills cheap, Rangers get Outdoor skills cheap, etc. You're very limited how many Ranks you can buy per level, even in your cheap skills
Anything you're thinking of in particular?
right, makes some sense so far. what assumptions (other than "medium-to-high fantasy") does it make about the world things are being set in? (for ex: if one wished to rearrange the palette of peoples to choose from?)
@Xirema Heh, we are in the salt marsh campaign, so why not?
There are Elves and Dwarves, and High Men and Common Men, and that sort of thing ... all have their Mechanical Bonuses (stat-bonuses, Adolescent skills, etc). Mainly quite traditional
But you can tinker the setting as much as you like, re-skin things
@BESW Nice tool, keeping that one for the future. Thanks!
12:38 AM
It is quite kitchen-sink, room for eveything, but not too difficult to trim down
@BlackSpike yeah -- is it typically run in a balanced-encounter style where most progression comes from combat, or more of a take-things-as-they-come style where not taking fights is a valid/expected choice?
@Shalvenay That's down to the GM ... there is no assumption of balance. And a lucky shot from a 'weak' monster can kill even a Hero
Designed more for sandbox, and not so much dungeon-crawl (but you can)
@BlackSpike OK :) that I can work with
Avoiding combat , or improving your odds, is a very good idea :)
@BlackSpike I need to go and dig out my I.C.E. books and see what I have left. It's been ages.
12:41 AM
(there is the exploding dice ... roll a 96+, roll again and add. Roll 1-5, roll again and subtract ... repeatedly ... I've seen Dice Rolls of 400+ !!!)
Yeah, fighting on terrain of one's own choosing was a key to success .
@KorvinStarmast We're gettign ready to play RMSS(houseruled) in a while
@BlackSpike But back when we were all in love with dice, it was lotsa fun to do that.
@BlackSpike green with envy, I am about filled up. Hope it's a good time.
@KorvinStarmast Yup. Remember a Cyberspace (rolemaster cyberpunk) car chase . PCs trying to get away ... trained drivers chasing them rolled 70-80 (total) .. so, low-level-PC, what you got? <roll ... roll .. roll ... 426!)
(but they're pretty rare)
sort dice do cool stuff all by themselves sometimes. My brother rolled on my cleric the other day, casually. 00 (100). Yep, she's pregnant. (And yes, she'd had a dalliance ...) We are working through the RP on that since we agreed that IC she does not yet know for sure ...
darned dice
12:46 AM
@Shalvenay can be quite a swingy system, especially at low level. With a skill bonus of maybe 50-60 in your Prime ... plus a d100
The good news is one of the other PCs has a cleric, so if I decide to retire her we have a few ideas for my replacement PC to find the party ... but we have a bunch of sessions of play before at.
trying to figure how to end the current campaign ... just over 80 Sessions ... I think we've answered most things, a few bits to finalise
just nuke it from orbit: it's the only way to be sure 8^D
@KorvinStarmast Speaking of which, been a while since I heard from you about that. Any updates?
@V2Blast Salt marsh? We have five peeps. Son +4. Every other Monday. next one on Monday. We'll see if we wrap up the intro stuff or not. I had a disappointing turn out last time we got it together. :(
we have a couple of weeks where nobody can make it coming soon, so I want them to get this as the stepping stone to chapter 1 salt marsh ... we began to play when the other DM burned out so i was winging it until the adventure got mailed to me etc.
12:51 AM
@V2Blast You in for sat night play test/
@KorvinStarmast Should be :)
I posted my sun soul monk in back room. Figured I'd get the ball rolling.
I want to complete char gen before we meet to play.
@KorvinStarmast what sort of rugrat will she be expecting? XD
@Shalvenay no idea, as there's not even a heart beat yet. Last discussion with my brother is that we may in first trimester have her retire to monastery where she entered the cleric profession. But we have not locked it in.
her back story included a younger brother who is a gifted musician, but not old enough to adventure for sure.
12:56 AM
@KorvinStarmast (I was actually thinking of what race she and her partner are)
Both human.
She life cleric, he rogue/diplomat/mastermid/noble
Cha score higher than dex on that rogue
ah, alright then
we just finished escorting him to a western city where he is to lead a trade delegation for his home city back east
and yeah, I doubt "adventurer" is a very workable profession for a single mom :P
So as he's taking up his new duties, he introduced her to "dump city, population you!" Not her greatest day ever.
@Shalvenay yeah, my cleric lady is no Hilgya (OoTS).
(But she's been one of the group's two leaders, even with a not great Charisma score)
howdy howdy @Shalvenay
@NautArch :) how're things going out there?
@Shalvenay moving right along :)
@NautArch alright here. while ToA may be going on hiatus, I'm getting to try Fellowship on for size, and want to do some House of Bards stuff at some point, too, in addition to the DW game I'm running
Q: Who controls a summoned steed’s familiar?

Amethyst WizardThe spell Find Steed allows you to cast a spell and have it also effect your steed. While mounted on your steed, you can make any spell you cast that targets only you also target your steed. In the targets section of the Players Handbook it states: A spells description tells you whet...

1:55 AM
@Shalvenay DW has piqued my interest. I still really want to try 13th age
I'm still all-in on 5e...for now.
@NautArch ah :) I'm not quite to the point with DW where I'd feel comfortable teaching it to novices myownself
@BESW Is there an elevator pitch version of the 13 minute monologue?
"Solved" characters are what happens when a character's interest and drama is all in their backstory with no ambitions, goals, or problems remaining to solve during play. When making characters, avoid knowing everything about their histories because it's fun to discover that during play, and make sure to give them some disatisfactions they have not yet resolved which can drive them during play.
Hmm. Does anybody here have a favorite session pacing mechanic, a tool for cueing the group to know when it's time for a story to move from beginning to middle to end, or it's time for a dramatic reveal, or that sort of thing?
2:11 AM
A problem you don't want to have: debating the plural of Bellatrix
@Joshua Minerva McTabby spent years collecting bad spellings of horcrux and horcruxes.
I'm a rotten speller but I don't think I misspelled horcrux ever
I think my favorite is horocrufixes.
I'm pretty sure nobody wants to deal with Bellatrix and 4 time-turned duplicates
Decent name for a wizard rock band, though.
2:26 AM
@BESW Thanks for the elevator pitch. My back stories are "why I left home" mostly. The character's real story is just beginning after they leave home and see the world ..
I wonder if someone is pulling our collective legs. Not sure. Flag sent to mod team on a "just in case' basis.
Seems like an easy problem to solve. I'm pretty sure it won't take more than two iterations of unleashing a planetbuster at the earliest opportunity to get kicked out of a group.
@Joshua As visions of Old Man Henderson danced through my head ...
wonderful story that
@KorvinStarmast Looks honest (maybe?) but may need its own chat for elaborating and discussing their issues. They may also be having technical issues with their SE account.
@MikeQ If you invite them in, I think that your low key and engaging style may be just the thing for ferreting out the real problem.
@Joshua While I have no idea how much of it was "a tale that grew in telling" the first time I read it I just sat back at the end and grinned.
2:35 AM
After that nice question about players trying to kill the unkillable, I suddenly wondered if I actually could kill the Lady of Pain. Most of my junk doesn't work to good off the material plane but my way of moving neutron stars around is pretty destructive to anything that happens to be where I want to put one.
@V2Blast I'm a strong proponent of "landing" the party--see this answer for one example of why I think it's so beneficial.
@Joshua I am not sure how the Lady of Pain handles a neutron star. At the least, I suspect she'd look over the rims of her glasses and say to you "Genre mixing again ... really?" And then banish you to the Barrier Peaks. :)
There is no point in banishing someone who can cast planeshift.
hey there @nitsua60
@KorvinStarmast I'd lean toward no, this is not a joke. I've seen (and done!) a very similar play style.
2:42 AM
@JoelHarmon Thank you Joel, I wanted to get other eyes on it and other takes on it.
@Joshua it is my guess that the Lady can out planeshift most PC's if it comes to a duel. Or get a few of her minions to greet said plane shifters if they get tiresome. X^D
@KorvinStarmast I'm mentally outlining an answer now. The gist of the problem as I see it is some players like to optimize things. This includes their build, their turn, and their companions. That... doesn't always turn out well.
@JoelHarmon Got it. They are playing Squad Leader, the others are playing a different game?
btw @KorvinStarmast, you mind if I send a couple links to you on Discord?
More or less.
@Shalvenay Please do, you know I'm good for it. ;)
@JoelHarmon Hope we can help him. Go Joel! ;)
2:47 AM
You're welcome to planeshift to my lair at つ て し ん す on the material plane if you think you can survive.
@Shalvenay I'll take a peak. wanders off ...
@Joshua Do I need to bring the beer and pizza, or do you have that covered?
@Shalvenay Hiya.
@nitsua60 how're things going? got a bit of time to talk? (also, mind if I drop you a couple of links in Discord PM?)
Just goodberry.
@Shalvenay Things are fine, just finished up a session. Not really time for talk--I have to be up again in six hours to get to the hospital for (elective-ish) surgery.
Just trying to "clear the decks" a bit before I'm out of commission for a while.
2:49 AM
@nitsua60 ah. I'll drop you the links then and we can talk sometime before the session on Saturday?
Maybe--I may be perfectly up and running tomorrow afternoon, I may be dropping everyone an "I'm sorry, but I'm still laid out on painkillers" note on Saturday afternoon. I have no idea.
@Joshua tsuteshinsu?
It's a randomly selected sigil sequence for a teleportation circle; it doesn't mean anything.
@Shalvenay Jeeze, Shal, that's not light reading. Medicine was late to the show, my sister in law was involved heavily about a decade ago on the lessons learned from aviation in terms of process control. She was surgical nurse, got to be part of the local pilot program.
Hay folx, I need some help thinking about toys again. Should I take it to a side chat?
2:54 AM
Those two links are not what I am reading tonight, I need serious head down to chew on those. but i am glad to see the thinking behind those papers getting thought. Yeah.
@Shalvenay Gimme a day or so.
@nitsua60 Prayers will be said!
@KorvinStarmast no worries :) it was just something I felt you might be interested in
@nitsua60 OK, we'll be praying for ya down here.
@KorvinStarmast and yes, I am very glad there are people thinking that way, even if the pendulum of organizational-political culture sometimes treats this sort of thing rather unkindly
@nitsua60 Be well <3
2:57 AM
Thanks, all! Intestines aren't going to stay in place all by themselves, it turns out!
@Shalvenay I'll for sure read them, as I too am interested in that process / system improving. sat on a few juries.
@nitsua60 Man, you'd think they'd know their place after all these years! 8^o
It turns out, I'm learning, that you can "turn" middle-aged. Pass a kidney stone, lose a parent peacefully to old age, get two hernias, and start teaching a kid to drive all in one year. That's middle-aged, right?
@nitsua60 No, that's preparation for middle age, young whipper snapper. X^D
@nitsua60 Definitely
Middle age is when stuff just breaks.
3:00 AM
achievement unlocked?
@V2Blast LOL
have you started doing that grunt people do every time they get up from a chair or something?
then you really know
@KorvinStarmast Yeah--I've definitely passed that point between "I hurt something, nurse/exercise it for a while, and it gets better" and "I hurt something, and now it'll just hurt. Forever."
@KorvinStarmast: I wonder how many cases of "you're dead" it would take to get past my passive defense, let alone the active traps.
@nitsua60 ouch on the kidney stone, those are really bad,not to downplay any of the other stuff
3:02 AM
@KorvinStarmast I mean, hell. I got two hernias sneezing.
@nitsua60 My two happened 7 years apart, ages 18 and 25. Them sutures still holding
But those were weight lifting and crew team ....
@trogdor I called our nurse-on-call service, after crawling to the bathroom because I was nauseous with pain. She asked me to rate the pain on a 1-10 scale. I said: "nine. But only because I ruptured a kidney once, and that was a 10."
@V2Blast I hear from Mrs Starmast that I do that most mornings as I get out of bed, so I guess that chair thing is coming soon?
@nitsua60 ouch
@Joshua No idea. Lady of Pain isn't statted (in my version of Plane scape) so I am not sure if she's killable. But she can be annoyed, which seems to never work out well.
3:07 AM
@nitsua60 oh man, that does sound worse
But yeah it's the worst pain I've ever felt
@Joshua But as I ponder that, I deem that a neutron star on her might work if she is otherwise distracted. But I ask you to please not do that. If you kill Lady of Pain, we don't get Planescape in 5e, and that would just be bad for the whole world.
Though to be fair I've never gotten a semi serious injury like a broken bone or anything
But still
It's pretty bad
Kidney stones are no joke pain wise
@trogdor I have broken ... arm three times, ankle, shoulder, 5 ribs (total, two different times) four fingers, the same hand twice and six toes.
Well, she better not send any minions she doesn't mind losing outright. The very first trap kills entire parties less than level 17 outright, no save. These aren't your DM traps. These are don't you dare disturb me style PC traps.
@KorvinStarmast ouch
3:09 AM
@Joshua Fair point, though when it comes to minions, I always got the impression that "there's more where they came from." (Are you XP farming her minions! 8^D )
@trogdor Not all at the same time. :)
And a spiral fracture of my fibula
@KorvinStarmast yeah no I read it, you pointed that out
Actually XP farming the minions is a brilliant idea. I should do that.
But even in separate instances that's gotta be bad
@Joshua pleased to be of service sir
@trogdor Yes sir, it is, and it puts a damper on one's athletic activities. yes it does .
the second broken finger ended my career as a soccer goalie.
My dad would no longer sign the permission slips.
(high school
Q: How do I run a game when my PCs have different approaches to combat?

DM_with_secretsFollowing on from the question How can I make sure my players' decisions have consequences?: I'm frustrated as a DM because I feel like the different players / PCs in my group want different things, and perhaps this group is doomed to fail. The wizard / the wizard's player (sometimes I struggle...

3:15 AM
That reminds me, I need to work out some better anti-scry defenses. I don't get enough ninth level slots to annoy too many enemies at once.
@Joshua Wear a fake moustache to fool whoever is scrying on you
unfortunately no streamed Planeslip session tonight due to player unavailability
KAPOK HEARTS v0.3 Feedback welcome! I think it's almost ready for playtesting, just needs tables for objectives, obstacles, and settings.
I added a third character feature, QUALITY, alongside FORM and PLAYSTYLE; I tinkered with the outcome table; and I made some significant additions to the epilogue mechanics.
@MikeQ: For the moment, while I'm resting I've been depending on mechanically blinding the scrying sensor; unfortunately they way this works means I'm also blinded.
3:43 AM
@KorvinStarmast Let me know how that looks. As always, suggestions welcome!
@JoelHarmon Will do, I am so pleased that you offered an answer. Well done already. :)
Oh, and it looks like I'm not the only one.
@JoelHarmon Just to let you know, the original title was "I am a dick" and I edited it.
@KorvinStarmast I'd argue my point stands.
I figured I'd help the Q not get shut down on that basis.
@JoelHarmon Doubly so. ;)
@JoelHarmon I just finished reading your answer. standing ovation
Thanks, that was really well done.
3:47 AM
@KorvinStarmast Thanks for the kind words.
Good night all, work comes early tomorrow.
@KorvinStarmast Good night!
@KorvinStarmast Night!
4:13 AM
Can I get some eyeballs on KAPOK HEARTS (now with random story tables!) and a sense of whether it looks ready for playtesting?
Q: What does the Find Familiar spell target?

Medix2Directly pulling from this Q/A about who controls a summoned steed's familiar, I am wondering what the find familiar spell targets. Does the find familiar spell target the caster, a point in space, the familiar, or something else I may have missed?

@BESW oh ok neat
So not every session is an immediate ending anymore
I think that's a good choice to allow
I also like the random table
4:31 AM
@BESW I feel like I could understand it enough to try it if that helps?
@Ash That helps ALOT.
I wouldn't mind helping test it whenever that happens either
The gameplay itself looks pretty simple too
Only slightly more complicated at all than lasers and feelings
Which isn't so complicated
I'm going to play Fire in the Lake, a four player wargame about Vietnam war with two complete strangers and one partial stranger (I've met her twice and hardly know her)
Exciting times with board games although the subject matter is mostly familiar to me through glimpses of American pop culture
Good chronologically reference point based off of celestial body position to you as well
Sounds like a neat day
Besides the stranger part to a degree
I mean, that's at least always nerve wracking for me at first
@trogdor My reference point of arousal has regressed slightly in order to accommodate post-labor activity where we move cellulose pieces over a larger piece of cellulose. I try to remedy the situation by consuming a brew of oxidized leaves with caffeine.
@trogdor I cope with it fairly well, and I guess on good days I find some excitement in stepping out of my comfort zone in general :) but I understand, and wish everybody else did too, that different social situations aren't equally easy for everyone.
4:48 AM
Tis true
@kviiri nice XD
5:03 AM
I actually feud over that with my mother with some frequency
I am good at keeping a conversation. Learned skill, not natural. My brother likewise, and his girlfriend too. My girlfriend, not nearly as much.
My mother doesn't always seem to understand either, despite the fact that I am a lot more like her than my dad
She gets tired of people fast like me
My mother hails from an era where people were far more driven by norms. She has a pretty clear picture of how a person should behave, how often they should visit their in-laws etc. And my big brother's SO being a model in that respect makes it even worse
He is the kind of person who will walk up to random strangers and engage them in what feels like 30 minutes of conversation
Even if it's probably more like 2 at most
@kviiri I could have said this exact same thing without the other people anyway
So my mother keeps making these subtle and not-so-subtle jabs at me, her or my relationship with her. At times I'm almost offended how thinly veiled those jabs are
Dealing with family is hard sometimes
The biggest reason for me is that I feel sometimes like they think I'm a project
They probably Blame the fact that I'm on the Autism Spectrum for not being "how I'm supposed to be" socially
Every once in a while I get a backhanded compliment
And that's like,... I hate that
A lot
So hard to edit without delete
Anyway it was just some sarcastic nonsense
5:16 AM
I understand :( at least I think I do
It boils down to me hating being patronized
Which unfortunately they do sometimes possibly without realizing it
I certainly hope they don't anyway
@kviiri I think pretty much everyone has had people patronize them at least sometimes
I know exactly what you mean actually. My ex (my daughter's mother) has a perception of how I'm supposed to be as a parent
Especially as kids, and we've all been that age when adults didn't take us seriously
And if I don't behave the way she expects me to, I lose out on having a relationship with my daughter
Even on occasion when they should have XD
@Ben :'(
5:23 AM
I can't be who I am, and I lose out unless I act like a different person.
The feels
Besides the daughter and the Ex that's pretty much how I feel sometimes
@trogdor Yeah
And the worst part is that they have their "understanding" of how things "should be", and therefore don't listen to you when you try to explain how things are.
That right there too
People feel like they can put you in a box Because they don't understand you
Which is ridiculous
Anyway here's a fun non-sequitur: If a jumping spider is facing you, it's probably observing your behavior
I have been very self-critical lately, which has really helped me to understand what I need, what my issues and problems are, etc. One habit I have is both good and bad... I try and see the problem form everyone's perspective, which is good, but the bad habit I have is that I try and justify everyone's point of view.
5:31 AM
@Ben I don't know if I would call that a bad habit
The trick is not justifying bad action
Just because someone was being rude doesn't necessarily mean that they're dealing with problems too. Sometimes they're just being rude.
@trogdor Yeah, that's the bad habit I have. I do that
Point of view is something to be considered even if it's not agreed with
@Ben fair enough
I figured maybe you meant that more specifically
But anyway
Even if a point of view leads to bad action, the only way to try to understand it is to try to look at it from someone else's perspective
And even see if it can be changed
Like that,.. one guy,... I don't remember his name but he used to be a neo Nazis or something and his mind was changed by other people
There might be more than one of those I dunno
Not to say with that you should assume you can change someone's mind all the time either
@trogdor Yes. The ability to view things from other people's perspectives is a good habit. But imparting your own assumption instead is just as bad as when people do the same to me, even if it is justifying their negative actions with reasonable cause.
Just that jumping to a negative conclusion every time someone does something you consider bad is not healthy either I guess
@Ben true yeah
Assuming reasoning is not great either
So it's something I've been mindful of, especially lately.
@MikeQ Jumping spiders were always my favourite
5:39 AM
@MikeQ anyway yeah is there an article or something?
@trogdor There's been a lot of research over the past decades. And anecdotes!
Of all the spiders jumping ones are the least scary
Also I have often thought they were looking at me with more,... Curiosity and intelligence than most animals
Especially ones as small as them
@trogdor Wolf spiders, mantises, and some bees are comparable. They have (relatively) large visual cortexes, which means visual communication, which means they put more points into intelligence and social skills
Ooh wolf spiders are a little scary for me XD
Also honestly mantis,..es? Creep me out a bit too
There's actually a huge type of sort of mantis stick bug here and if I'm not expecting to see one it scares me pretty bad XD
@MikeQ lol
Small critters the RPG
5:48 AM
^ It's true.
Let's naaaawt put images of common phobias in the general chat without a click-through?
Fair enough
6:42 AM
It's still there!
I personally don't mind spiders but I do check my privilege of living in a country where spiders are small, don't generally bite humans, and the few that do are negligibly venomous anyway.
Makes it much easier to appreciate them as fly-catching roomies.
are spider phobias statistically more prevalent in places with deadly spiders, though?
Interesting question --- I think phobias are usually defined as "irrational fears" and I'd argue the same level of fear might qualify for "perfectly reasonable" in Australia and "overreacting a bit aren't we" up here.
(I'm being a bit facetious here)
Yeah, danger has nothing to do with phobias, or trypophobia wouldn't be a thing.
wikipedia and casual googling suggests that it's a primarily european-and-descendants affliction, possibly for cultural reason
The most violently aracnophobic person I know is an Indigenous Pasifika person. She can't even watch Lucas the Spider.
6:53 AM
this question is surprisingly hard to google
national prevalence is apparently also positively correlated with country wealth.
@Carcer Oh, this is interesting
I'm immediately suspicious of that kind of statistic, because country wealth will ALSO heavily influence the nature of data collection for its inhabitants.
@BESW Also a very good point
@BESW yeah I don't think I've ever met anyone quite as arachnophobic
there we go
oh hang on I misread this from the link, this abstract is talking about prevalence of specific phobias of any kind
not specifically spiders
6:59 AM
She's so arachnophobic, she's arachnophobia.
@BESW lol
and usually I'm the most arachnophobic person in the room
but not with her XD
My game Kapok Hearts: A game about playing with toys is ready for the first round of playtesting. Please enjoy and give feedback!
7:36 AM
Morning all
Hey, @Ben, I've got an idea for a kinda radical twist on LLKM mechanics.
Cards no longer grant extra dice, they're all rule-bending powers. Instead, everyone has [ X - Y ] dice where X is a fixed number like 5 and Y is the number of power cards the monster has.
Anybody else who wants to give feedback on that is welcome too, of course. @trogdor.
so like what kind of rule bending would happen?
I think this might actually adress the power imbalance pretty well by the way
when one person has like 5 more than everyone else
Both Head and Body cards already have features like Breath Weapon (can attack an extra target) and Radioactive (successful defense penalizes the attacker's next roll).
If I can think up more of that kind of thing, I think it'd be really cool.
Cards would still be like hit points and when you run out you lose. But it's a balance where more cards means more options but less power and as you lose options you gain power.
@PierreCathé We're talking about this game I wrote which is currently waiting for me to write a new version based on previous playtests.
@illustro hi!
7:58 AM
@PierreCathé Hello!
@BESW Nice that seems fun, I'll check it out. @V2Blast Hi
And you can see above that my game about toys just hit playtest-readiness! [bounces excitedly]
@sptrashcan Hi!
Bought and read the Fate Accessibility Toolkit yesterday. Found it to have respectable amount of nice stuff in it, but also some stuff that I found seriously questionable. Posted a longer review elsewhere: reddit.com/r/FATErpg/comments/chkrti/…
@vicky_molokh Thanks for the detailed writeup! I was wondering about that.
@BESW As a non-native English speaker (french) I don't get what gumption, stuffing and heart are supposed to mean
8:09 AM
@PierreCathé Thanks, that's very useful to know. Would you like me to briefly discuss them here?
I mean that seems like a good idea
@trogdor A lot of ideas just hit the chat. Which one are you responding to?
@BESW Gladly, my current understanding is that one is more about physical interaction and the other about mental interaction
Yeah, pretty much. Gumption is a word related to a person's determination, someone with a lot of gumption tries hard and doesn't give up easy.
@BESW oh I meant explaining what those words mean
8:14 AM
Okay gotcha
That monster island game seems easy enough to translate, I'll probably try it with my friends this weekend
And for the purposes of the story I've divided a character's doing-things into two parts. Stuffing is literally the soft fluffy material inside a teddy bear, so I'm using it to represent the toy's physical existence. Stuff related to its shape and its relationship to other physical things.
@BESW So that means a toy with low gumption has bad mental stats, high physical stats, and not much courage/determmination ?
In English "heart" is often used to represent emotion, sensitivity, and understanding. So I'm using it to represent non-physical things, both social and mental.
Gumption is not a stat on its own; Gumption is a number that determines your ratio of physical-to-non-physical effectiveness.
@BESW Aha I thought it was weird to have it be turkey-stuffing
Basically I'm asking "Are you better at trying hard and not giving up when you're doing things with your body and your physical surroundings, or when you're doing things with your mind and your friends?"
8:17 AM
@BESW hello (I'm just lurking in work)
@PierreCathé "Kapok" is a kind of fluffy plant material that came from a giant tropical tree's seed pod, which was used to stuff teddy bears --and furniture and pillows!-- until synthetic plastic stuffing became cheaper.
Hmm. Let me try to explain Gumption, Stuffing, and Heart by describing another way I could have written the rules to get the same effect.
I could have made Stuffing and Heart as two different skills. One for physical actions and one for mental/social actions.
And then instead of Gumption I could have told you that you have five points to divide between those two skills, but you've got to put at least 1 point in each.
And then when you roll a skill, you're trying to get under the number of points you put in the skill.
Gumption is just a way of saying "divide 5 points between two skills" without actually saying that.
Yeah I had understood that aspect, I just didn't get what exactly those skills made you good at
but your explanation above is good
I'll see if I can make that clearer in the next version! Thank you.
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9:28 AM
Urgh, that "what counts as a source/instance of damage" is rapidly becoming one of my new unfavorite DnD 5e rule bogs.
Yet another "Hooray, we undid the thing 4e solved!" moment?
@BESW Hah, although to be fair I don't remember how 4e ruled that
It didn't usually have those "Do X, save, take more damage on failed save" though.
Damage was packaged per-power-line for almost every instance of damage determination.
If it said
HIT: 2d6+STR radiant damage and save or take +CHA fire damage
that would mean it's all one instance of damage but two damage types, and all from the same source.
@kviiri <3
someone else actually asked it on the /r/dndnext discord
But if it said
HIT: 2d6+STR radiant damage
EFFECT: save or take +CHA fire damage
that would be two different damage instances, two different damage types, still the same source because it's all the same power inflicting the damage.
BUT if you had an attack power that said
HIT: 2d6+STR radiant damage
AND you had a different power that said
TRIGGER: When you deal radiant damage
EFFECT: target saves or takes +CHA fire damage
that would be two different damage instances, of two different damage types, from two different damage sources because it's two different powers--any radiant damage power could have triggered the save-or-fire damage power.
Also, a lot of effects differentiate between "dealing damage with an attack," "dealing damage with a dice roll," and just "dealing damage."
So there's complexity, but it's standardized so you can be very clear on how stuff will interact even when you're making new powers or feats, you don't have to check compatibility with EVERYTHING ELSE EVER because it all uses the same basic checks and balances.
Like, you will almost never find a feat that gives extra damage when you deal damage; they deal extra damage when you deal damage with an attack. That way you can add cute little "damage happens" features to classes without worrying you're going to accidentally make some random feat into a totally overpowered combo.
10:35 AM
Q: Please help, I’m a problem player

ErikI’ve been having a problem in DnD. I love the game, perhaps too much. I keep finding myself trying to control the other players (telling them what they should do, or where to go), and I want to stop. I’m ruining everyone’s fun. And I don’t know how to stop! I want everyone to have fun, but I’m ...

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12:24 PM
Anybody else noticing a slight UI update today?
@Rubiksmoose Yup, at least the asked+views info being above the question
@Someone_Evil Yeah that's the thing I noticed as well.
@Someone_Evil Oh wow what
I didn't even notice
It must've just happened
It definitely wasn't like this a couple of hours ago
Yeah honestly I refreshed a page not too long ago and I think the change was just taking effect because it changed to the new format from the old.
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