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12:00 AM
@NautArch It's not that you shouldn't - as a beginner, they're one of the easiest weapons to be effective with. Just that they're a lot more button mashy than any other weapon in the game.
Monster Hunter?
I kinda assumed everything in that game was about prep and timing
I didn't realize you could pick a button mash type build
The dual blades, and to some extent the long sword, are pretty much just button mash.
You still have to dodge and stuff though I assume
12:09 AM
Yeah. One of the reasons the dual blades are among the easiest weapons is because they're the quickest to change from attacking to dodgin.
That's fair
The level of commitment involved in starting an attack from, say, the greatsword, is way higher than the quicker weapons.
I kinda don't like games that insist you can't switch from a ridiculously long attack to "oh I need to move"
Like really?
Technically all of this is just as true for the sword and shield as it is for dual blades, but the damage of the sword and shield is so low that it's the opposite of beginner friendly.
I decided to swing so I don't get to make other choices till it's done? XD
@Miniman ouch why does it exist then?
12:12 AM
@trogdor Yeah, but it's generally balanced out. In fact, in most games of this type, heavy weapons are objectively superior.
@trogdor ...good question.
@Miniman except for the whole dodge the attack thing :P
But yeah I imagine they do way more damage
And if you already are into the groove of the gameplay I suppose A lot more damage is better than the ability to cancel into dodge if you already know your timing and positioning for the fight
I can see the appeal and usefulness of that
@trogdor Ah, but in games like these there's generally a stagger mechanic, so "dodge the attack" becomes "hit them really hard so they don't get to finish the attack".
Not to mention poise mechanics, so "you can't interrupt your own attacks" is balanced out by "but no-one else gets to either".
@Miniman oh ok
You can't stagger everything though can you?
Depends on the game.
I assumed we meant mostly Monster Hunter
12:24 AM
Then, as I understand it, you can stagger everything. But some things take a lot to stagger.
And knowing how much something takes to stagger and how close you are is important.
Doesn't it have a lot of fights with phases where you move to a different area of the map?
Can you stagger out of that happening?
Well, no. Stagger is...it's like hitstun, from fighting games. It's a momentary interruption that will stop an attack.
Ah ok
Nice tie in
Because you know I understand that XD
There are ways you can stun a monster, which will prevent it from running away. But unless you can chain stuns, sooner or later it'll get up and leave like it was trying to before you stunned it.
Fair enough
12:31 AM
@trogdor Yeah, I figured that would click for you better than if I just tried to describe it.
I figured it would be silly if you could just constantly stop what seems like a major element of the game
@Miniman yep that comparison helps a lot XD
@trogdor I mean, it's a very annoying and arguably silly element. It pretty much just wastes time.
Although sometimes you're very glad to have a bit of a breather.
@Miniman oh I agree with you, but seeing as they put it in the game it kinda makes sense that they didn't just make it easy as all heck to skip
Why even both with it then right?
Speedrunners would have probably found a way :P
12:36 AM
And I assume at least the first time some people like it
Although I do appreciate it when game designers let you avoid or ignore an annoying part of the game, especially compared to games that shove the annoying parts at you at every opportunity.
Lol yeah
@Ben I doubt MHW speedrunners ever let the monsters do anything.
Maybe a compromise
Like an easy way to skip it you get for doing it the first time
@Miniman lol
@Miniman And therefore skip the stagger :P
12:38 AM
It really doesn't seem like a speedrun type game
But I guess if your just really good at it you can
@trogdor I think people speedrun the individual monster hunts, rather than the whole game.
Ah ok
See that makes plenty of sense
@Ben ugh
Take it away
@Ben Always true.
12:40 AM
I occasionally go look up speedruns for games from my youth that no-one's ever heard of, and there's generally someone out there.
hey there @linksassin, how're things going?
also, how goes your GM-hunt @Ben?
@Shalvenay G'day. Not too bad. Finally made a breakthrough on a frustrating bug at work.
@linksassin awesome :D what was the bug, if I may ask?
@Shalvenay A bitbake build error using the wrong gcc compiler. I ended up going with the crappy work-around because I just couldn't get it to work but at least it's progress.
12:48 AM
@linksassin yeah, using the wrong compiler definitely won't help :P
unfortunately, the last two frustrating-bugs-du-jour at work over here both seem to be in external libraries
@Miniman Same. I had a unicycle racing game on the snes, and there are speedruns for it. Lol
@Shalvenay I have some potentials, but it's a matter of waiting for the opportune moment. Lol
@Shalvenay I can't figure out why it's using the wrong compiler. All the flags are set correctly and calling cmake directly works fine. But when I use bitbake it complains about stuff that was introduced in c++11 so its definitely not using the right version.
@linksassin can you get bitbake to invoke GCC with the --version switch? :P
@Shalvenay TBH I don't know. I'm just trying to follow instructions one of our guys in germany wrote. In theory they should just work but they don't. I've tried setting flags in multiple places to no avail. Workaround is good enough for now.
@linksassin ah
12:58 AM
Q: Creating a character, is Noble a class or a background?

Matthew HenningI am getting back into D&D after about 15 years. Reading through the Players Handbook it refers to Noble as a class but it is found in the Background section. Super novice question and I apologize, but I am trying to clear up my misunderstanding. Is Noble a class, or a background? Of both? M...

@linksassin If you have multiple versions installed, check your $path to see which version it finds first.
1:13 AM
@JoelHarmon It finds the correct version first on the path. I don't understand bitbake well enough to figure out what is going on. I just removed the c++11 features and included some additional libraries to work around the issue
@linksassin At that point, I could only make some lame and uneducated guess that it's doing some version detection (reading source or a config file somewhere).
@JoelHarmon Quite likely that someone else could fix it. But I am new to cross-compiling for arm and don't know how to fix it. But the features weren't particularly important anyway. So for the moment this is fine. I will likely have to find the proper fix at some point though.
@linksassin Seems like asking your German colleague would be a good first step, if that's an option.
@JoelHarmon Yeah their response was "yep, that's an issue. I vaguely remember having it. Not sure how to fix it."
... and this is why you document your code, and maybe set up the build process in a Docker container or some such.
1:28 AM
Is it fair to comment on a question explaining that they spent no effort researching it? I answered a question over on Arqade by googling the keywords, watching a video, then writing up a list of steps that I got from that video.
I didn't know how to do the thing they were asking for, and I do now cos I googled it
@JoelHarmon Docker-ised build process is coming. Just no one has had time to do it.
@Ben I think individual site policies vary.
@linksassin [cough] "no one has time"
@Ben That's the main reason for downvoting. And you are welcome to comment as to why you downvoted. Try to be polite though.
@Ben Eventually it hits a point where my opinion flips to "I don't have time not to do it the right way".
1:32 AM
@JoelHarmon That's kinda how I got my main client. I do IT support as well as my programming, etc. And their last IT support provider was just "fixing" the problems as they rose. I explained that 90% of the problems could be completely negated and avoided for future if the foundation was rebuilt.
If you use thermal insulation you won't have to worry about putting out fires
@Ben yeah, the tricky part is trying to extract all the tribal knowledge that's been coded into the kludges that are holding the current building up
1:48 AM
@Shalvenay The real trick is the labels all got messed up from the chewing gum holding everything together.
@JoelHarmon eheheheh
@JoelHarmon I saw the actual service version of this. They had a script running a service that deleted a folder share then immediately reinstated it so that they could grant access to an email template attachment
In an office with 4 people
@Ben that's pretty much IT duct tape and bailing wire right there :P not quite at the ITAPPMONROBOT level, at least
@Ben Have you considered an anonymous submission to the Daily WTF?
"iT wOrKs DoEsN't It?!"
Oh, and this ran at 2.15 every day except Thursday and Friday.
2:05 AM
Sure, you can. But keep in mind...
(a) Google is not the be-all and end-all of research; just because people haven't Googled doesn't mean they haven't researched.
(b) Googling is a skill not everyone has developed to the same degree of proficiency; two people can Google something and have different levels of success.
(c) This is exacerbated by Google's personalized algorithms; we can't be sure that the same search term will give the same results to two different users.
(d) The Stack's goal is to become a place that Google searches lead to; this means asking questions which Google can alread
@BESW That is actually completely fair.
Case in point: the "i'm too old for this" pic I asked you to find for me the other week
@Ben BESW's personalized Google algorithm optimizes for pictures to post in this room!? It all makes sense, now....
Also, watching videos isn't necessarily an option for everyone. The amount of internet required to do a month's worth of browsing text-based pages is still less than watching one long video.
[nod] And not everyone has the visual/audio accessibility options.
2:12 AM
Everything should be transcribed! My life would be so better
@Ash Saaame. I can read podcast transcripts so much more easily than I can listen to them, and I don't even have any particular disability or atypicality to justify it, it's just a thing about me.
I'd chime in to say that an expert doing the search, watch, write it up will have a much better idea whether the video they've seen is good, bad, incorrect, helpful, misleading, &c. than would someone unfamiliar to the subject. I've occasionally done what Ben describes, and have often then gone back to delete those answers =\
@BESW I do, but even then, I just read so much faster than I can process audio even if audio wasn't hard!
@BESW I would generally prefer this, but my ankle sprain-rate on runs where I'm reading my podcasts rather than listening is waaay too high =)
@Ben yes maybe but in that case, I'd not
2:15 AM
Also, tangentially, remember that a lot of Stack communities are very hostile to self-answered questions for reasons which I have never understood.
I suppose the comment that would be most helpful is something like "I don't know this game, but a quick google and two minutes made it seem pretty clear. Can you explain a bit about what's causing trouble?"
@BESW yeah that is always so weird
@nitsua60 Or, just give the answer and wait to see if the user comments about how it's not sufficient, or if they accept it.
Q: Is the Warlock's Hexblade Curse unaffected by an Antimagic Field?

RykaraThe Hexblade Warlock has the ability to convey a curse on a target with the Hexblade's Curse feature (XGtE, p. 55): Starting at 1st level, as a bonus action, choose one creature you can see within 30 feet of you. The curse ends early if the target dies, you die, or you are incapacitated. The ...

(I love that lit.se question as an example of research quality; there are three answers that give the same conclusion but with clearly different degrees of reliability.)
2:21 AM
@Ash How are you compared to Yuri Jurgonav? (B99 Reference so I don't know how accurate that is lol)
@BESW Yeah. Probably easiest that way.
@Ben honestly I wouldn't bother with the comment, a lot of those just end up inadvertently sounding super elitist.
@Ash Yeah. Explaining the dv is one thing, but it also makes it sound like "we don't want this kind of question here". Which is not what we want to promote
2:43 AM
Yeah exactly
2:58 AM
Q: Is it possible to cast two 9th level spells without taking a long rest in 5e?

Nicky S.The 9th level spell "foresight" says that the spell immediately ends if you cast it on another target before the duration is up. However, the duration is 8 hours, and while I get that you could cast it before the duration was up using the elven 4 hour rest or something like that, is there any way...

@Miniman I should do that sometimes
Anyone know why we don't have an ammunition tag?
Does it fall entirely under the tag?
3:20 AM
@trogdor It's generally pretty fun. And it's a nice way to experience a game again just a little, especially if you can't play it anymore.
@Miniman Unless they break the game and like, skip right to the end in 5 minutes. Haha
Like, for example, if it has the most powerful and unbeatable windows version check of all time and can therefore not be played on anything post-XP.
@Ben Well, yeah. But a nice thing about obscure games is that they don't tend to have had much work put into the speedrun, so tech like that (assuming it exists) won't have been found.
There are always exceptions, of course. But generally, anything like this that I've searched for has been one or two people just beating the game as fast as they can.
@Miniman yeah exactly
Now I just have to figure out what's first
The Wiz8 speedrun is pretty impressive.
Not exactly nostalgic, for you, but still.
@linksassin I'd say so? The definition of the tag covers ammunition, in my experience
3:31 AM
@Miniman I do think that would be fun to watch though
Especially seeing them skip things
@Ben There is 158 questions containing ammunition that don't have the equipment tag though. 122 is you also remove weapons. I feel like the tag should exist.
Because boy do I wish I knew how to do that the first time
@trogdor Do you though? I find speed-running a bit strange. It's like golf, the better you are the less value you get out of it.
@trogdor There aren't really any big skips (that I remember), but watching them skip individual combats is kind of mind-blowing (to me, at least).
@linksassin Depends what you want from it. I like to exploit some of the mechanics in games like Crash Bandicoot, but I don't do any of that stuff in games like BOTW or Chrono Trigger
3:36 AM
@linksassin Trust me, anyone who has played Wiz8 would have loved to be able to skip random encounters on their first playthrough.
It's hard to explain the crushing despair you feel watching certain groups of enemies walk towards you and knowing that you won't be able to avoid them.
@Miniman Haha, I'll take your word for it.
@linksassin apparently is a synonym for the euqioment tag
@linksassin Also, having tried repeatedly and eventually succeeded with a friend to jam the jeep in the door in the Silent Cartographer level years before I ever heard of speedrunning, a lot of skips are just genuinely fun to do.
When I played that level again years later, having watched the GDQ speedrun, I had enormous fun working out how to do some of the simpler tricks I'd seen them do.
Grenade jumps in particular are incredibly satisfying when you pull them off.
@linksassin actually the little speedrunning I've done has been extremely rewarding
Though to be fair it's not for games like Wiz 8
@Miniman True, I guess you can't really have fun wrong.
3:44 AM
I have a few friends that challenge themselves to the "no death/no damage" runs in games like dark souls... not for me.
@linksassin Referring to the 8 Kinds of Fun, I think speed running scratches the System Mastery itch.
@Miniman yeah this right here
And to get that good, you need to play through dozens of times. I have several games that I have played through one or zero times, so that's a win already.
@Ben I know someone that does that in Zelda games. The aren't allowed to use any form of healing and won't pick up heart containers. Those 3 hearts at the start are all you get for the entire game.
If they die they start over.
@linksassin I watch those on mute. That constant [blip blip] annoys me so much hahaha
3:47 AM
@Ben I always find those interesting, especially in contrast to speedruns. They have a lot in common, but a lot that's deeply different.
And then there's the category of tool assisted speedruns, which just gets nuts.
Oh man yeah
Like Celeste
@JoelHarmon Those are fun to watch purely as a visual spectacle.
The stuff that they can do in that with TAS
3:48 AM
@trogdor Yeah, you don't even have to have played the game to appreciate that one.
Though to be fair
Even the tetris one they did at the last GDQ made for highly entertaining viewing.
There is a certain something about what a human can do themselves too
@JoelHarmon I saw a crash bandicoot 2 TAS. I didn't realise it was a TAS, so it was insane. Kind of burst the bubble when I did realise though haha
I've also read some really interesting writeups on the technical aspects of them. There was a Breakout one I read recently that was really well written.
3:49 AM
@Miniman I do think it's better if you know just how impossible some of what they do is
IE via playing it
@trogdor Absolutely this.
@Ben Sage tweets republished on sage advice are still "official" aren't they? Just not twitter itself?
@linksassin As I understand it, only things in the Sage Advice Compendium are official now.
@Miniman yeah that's why I like the idea of watching a speedrun of something nostalgic
Oh I should watch a Star Control II speedrun
See just how much they skip over, and how fast they beat it
Because obviously they will know what is and is not necessary
Whereas I would just do literally everything I know how to do in the game because duh XD
There's a built in time limit but that's not a problem for a speedrunner
Though to be fair I think I probably figured out most of the permutations of what you can do in it via trail and error
And looking things up a bit
4:21 AM
@V2Blast I corrected my post lol
4:39 AM
Q: What does it mean to fail a saving throw by 5 or more?

NancyI feel like this should be self-explanatory, but I'm not quite sure how it works. Is it essentially a secondary DC that is 5 less than the initial DC? I can not seem to find an example of it anywhere, so one would be appreciated.

@linksassin The usual approach to tags is "emergent folksonomy". If you think it makes sense for it to exist, feel free to make it. The keys are: is it a thing the question is about? Is it a thing one can be an expert (to some degree) on? In this case, if you think it fits on a category of questions in a way that's not already covered by an existing tag, go for it.
@Ben I saw, looks good now
@linksassin SageAdvice.eu is a third-party website run by someone totally unassociated with WotC. It just compiles tweets and other social media posts by various designers.
5:37 AM
Q: What is the definition of an RPG piracy reference site, and how can I figure it?

ZaibisMy confusion from the statement to this post https://rpg.meta.stackexchange.com/a/9268/15211 brings me to this metapost. In that answer to my question, its getting explained, that the community is only supposed to become proactive, if the linked/used material is an RPG piracy reference site...

2 hours later…
7:24 AM
@Ben please, tell them to play Nier Automata in very hard mode.... Will be fun to watch.
I'm really unsure what I think of questions like this:
Q: How fast does a character need to move to be effectively invisible?

Laurens WolfOne of my players wants his monk to reach blinding speed like rock lee from naruto. He is so fast he's invisible when he moves between attacks, like the character in this video after he takes off his weights. I worked it out with him that reaching this kind of speed will not increase his damage...

@kviiri Sir, this is a Wendy's D&D.
I wonder if there's some vast gulf between the perspectives of myself and someone who's playing their first character or mastering their first few or so games, but the idea that there's a single number one could give for such a question feels so alien to me
Q: The Wish spell and Repeated Casting Effects

ChronocidalThe spell Wish states: The basic use of this spell is to duplicate any other spell of 8th level or lower. You don't need to meet any requirements in that spell, including costly components. The spell simply takes effect. (Emphasis mine) However, 5th-level Teleportation Circle and 6th-level...

7:41 AM
Question for the room. I'm considering adding a nonsense answer to a question that I already gave a serious answer to. Should I add it as a seperate answer or an addendum to my current one?

For context OP asked how to do something impossible, serious answer "not possible" with good RAW support. Ridiculous answer "Here's how it would work if there wasn't rules against it". I don't want to tank my main answer with potentially unpopular conjecture.
@kviiri "I see your question is tagged D&D. Are you sure you didn't mean Teenagers From Outer Space?"
Dice & Digits
Dungeons & Dragonballs?
man everyone wanted to pile on that answer huh
@PierreCathé Hi!
7:50 AM
that question
[discards draft]
defeated by my own verbosity
8:03 AM
> The cool thing about RPGs that I wish more people would know about is that you can just say “no I don’t think that happens” and no one can stop you in any way that matters. (Taylor of Riverhouse Games, on Twitter)
@BESW "but my immersion suffers from your railroading"
@Carcer I'm actually considering deleting mine, since I don't think it really adds much
@kviiri yeah, I decided not to bother with mine given there were already like five answers when I checked back on it
8:14 AM
Overall I wonder what we can do with questions in the format "I made a house rule, fill in the missing parameters for me". They can be feasible in some cases, eg. if there's some balance consideration like how much damage should some spell effect do, but I think cases like that are... really hard to answer in any other way than "RAW says you can't, do your own homebrew"
to be honest there are days on which that'd be closed for being unclear or opinion-based
@Derpy oh they do. They prefer it to the Dark souls runs
@Carcer Aye. I wonder about opinion-based though, because in many cases it requires system expertise to claim so
Does that affect opinion-basedness?
@kviiri Not really. Non-experts close-voting things they don't know about is mostly a source of problems, not an important outcome.
that's a problem I have observed in the past. We do sometimes close questions for being unclear or opinion-based when the problem is that the asker doesn't understand the system well enough to know that's the problem, which I feel is pretty unfair
8:23 AM
@Ben oh, so they like artificial difficulty caused by "Interface Screw "? Not my thing, but then I know the perfect way to raise the bar
Tell them to beat the ZX Spectrum port of Great Gurianos...
LoseLose may be a fun suggestion too, but I would advise you to check how fast you can run beforehand -_-'
8:54 AM
Today I learn'd from Wikipedia's DYK section of a Victorian-era blood sport where live rats were put on an arena of sorts and people would bet on how fast a dog'd kill them all. Amazing how perverse pastimes people have been up to...
@kviiri have been?
sadly, they keep doing that even nowadays
or do the same with rosters.
Yeah, I'm familiar with cock-fighting
yeah that's a big deal over here
9:12 AM
somehow taking away even the competitive aspect makes it just so purely about "let's go see animals get killed"
I mean
in my personal opinion that's all it is even with a competitive aspect to it
it is not like that is very surprising.
That's just part of my standard quote.
Humanity has long forgotten how to be happy, so now most people try to have an illusion of increasing their happiness that in reality is just decreasing others happiness
I mean, the roster-fighting is clearly a worse and more evident example, but remember that we have TV shows that are just a sequence of car incidents and people enjoy watching them.
or "Epic fails" youtube videos that are just sequences of people hurting themselves (to be fair, most time by doing not-so-smart things like putting their tongue on an electrified fence, but that misses my point)
9:58 AM
oh, for Celestia's sake... I have just stumbled upon some very old code I wrote for a Chaos Monkey module I used to perform some resiliency tests for a research project I took part in (sadly, it never moved past research state).
I think that some of you will appreciate this snippet
I mean,... I prefer not to dwell too long on the various faults of the human species
if I did it would never stop
10:15 AM
@trogdor let's just appreciate the beauty of the above enum instead
"Above Enum" would be a good name for a Tool song.
I prefer classless systems, thanks.
10:34 AM
11:08 AM
Morning @Rubiksmoose, nothing appear to be on fire!
@Someone_Evil huzzah!
We should have someone who is the equivalent of the medieval guys who walked around saying "7 o'clock and all is well"
Also, good morning!
11:57 AM
Q: Can a dragon's breath weapon pass through Leomund's Tiny Hut?

ConfusedDMLeomund's tiny hut can protect against magic, objects, and creatures from entering. A dragon's breath weapon is not considered magical, but has to be an object at least - which should be blocked by the hut. Sage Advice, however, rules that a dragon's breath can pass through the hut. I typically...

12:29 PM
@Miniman Even Dual Blades is less spammy than most button masher action games because a single button press gives you multiple slashes for most of the DB moveset.
@kviiri Yeah, I've heard stories of people getting together at tables to play games where they pretend to kill harmless bystanders in order to achieve imaginary wealth. And there's dragons involved.
12:45 PM
@Miniman Gotcha - I kinda liked the look, but figuring out the timing on the combos and on when to engage demon mode is a bit of a curve.
@Yuuki It also seems like it's basically two buttons. Just the order of them. And from the thigns I've read, it's basically just two sets of combos.
I'm not sure how Dragon's Breath isn't considered a spell effect.
Because...it's a spell effect.
Well, all weapons have two buttons for attacks but you can also push both buttons at the same time.
@NautArch I'm not sure but I think Dragon's Breath != dragon's breath weapon?
Plus for DB, you have to manage Demon and Archdemon stances.
@Yuuki Oh! I thought they were talking abou the spell!
Yeah, that actually does seem like a loophole...that a dragon would use!
@NautArch Yeah, I made the same mistake when I first read the question.
But how often are you sending dragons as encounters? It seems like that in case, it's a known issue and don't long rest in a tiny hut if you're planning on encountering one. And ifyou're a DM, don't be a jerk and send dragons every time they long rest in a hut.
@NautArch you're right, it's such an edge case that I almost discarded my answer instead of posting
12:51 PM
Tiny Hut's text says that the atmosphere is comfortable though and I imagine fire, extreme cold, lightning, acid, etc. would be considered, at minimum, discomforting.
@Yuuki Painful, yes. But I don't think any of those things actually change the atmosphere. If anything, the fluff is: you're hurt, the hut keeps it comfy.
I mean, it's no "you left your tea out too long, it's cold now" but...
@Yuuki I find this argument not very convincing honestly.
@Rubiksmoose I didn't really intend for it to be convincing.
Lol some people have legitimately argued it!
The reality is that I think that spell is a bit too strong.
1:04 PM
I'm not 100% satisfied that we've hit the nail on the head with my polymorph question.
The two answers contradict each other and both seem reasonable. But neither are really that backed up. I've found some JC stuff indicating that @GcL might be correct or at least accurate on intent, but I can't find anything concrete
What now? Correct? Doesn't sound like me. Must be the other @GcL
@Rubiksmoose It is, especially at lower levels.
@G.Moylan I was happy with the question. Led me to conclude that language was a proficiency. That was useful in to me elsewhere.
@NautArch Oh we're not supposed to camp here? TINY HUT!
@G.Moylan I can't back itup, but I think the general intent of polymorph is you are the animal now. You have a feeling of friendship towards those you know, but for all intents and purposes, you are a beast. Without any language.
@G.Moylan It basically removes any Long Rest interruption encounters.
I haven't used it as combat prep because most of the time there isn't a minute.
1:11 PM
@Rubiksmoose Only against non-intelligent adversaries. Barricaded into a single location for an extended period gives intelligent enemies time to prepare or vacate. The knolls in one temple, just left a bunch of improvised traps, an uncontrolled fire, and took their coveted idol away to safetey.
@GcL haha! We're safe! Uh, what are they doing? Oh god, no!
It does give the team time to gear up, though. Which alone is worth it.
Is it bad form to change "irregardless" to "regardless" for someone?
@GcL it's still incredibly strong against intelligent ones as well. The fact that the DM can do a lot of work prepping encounters to specifically for this one spell doesn't really prove that's it's not a bit overpowered.
(and I'm speaking here as someone that really hates when a DM says a spell is OP because 99% of the time it's just the spell working as Intended)
@Rubiksmoose It has trade offs. Getting barricaded into a room, having some traps laid in the path, or just failing the quest because the bandits/knolls/dark elves just up and leave with an 4 hour head start is pretty serious.
@Rubiksmoose or because they can't see beyond the mechanical effects laid out in the rules. Works great if you assume the foes just go about their normal business like in a video game.
A: Realistically, does Leomund’s Tiny Hut allow for indefinite long rests in a dungeon?

RubiksmooseThe spell enables relatively secure resting in dangerous places You are correct that, on the whole this spell enables the party to rest securely knowing that they will not be murdered by the most common dungeon dangers while they sleep. They are safe from spells, creatures and objects that may t...

I don't have 64 downvotes, so I can't help you there.
1:17 PM
@NautArch If that's the only change, I'd say 'yes' unless you have automatic edit privileges.
@Yuuki I'd say it's a yes or a no irregardless of whether you have instant-edit privileges.
@Yuuki Always change flammable to inflammable
@vicky_molokh grrrr :)
@NautArch probably? The former is slang/improper but it's fairly commonly used and understandable.
1:20 PM
@vicky_molokh throws objects
On a serious note, I'd say that it's a trivial edit.
@Rubiksmoose ...additional pylons fail to get constructed...
It doesn't increase clarity.
You are a moose, not a Protoss
@Rubiksmoose is it slang though, or is it just wrong? A Lot of people say "crown" for crayon but that doesn't mean it's correct per se
1:20 PM
Some would argue that it's a change of style, just like when people fix 'color' to add the missing u.
@vicky_molokh Eh, I personally feel that the point of automatic edit privileges is so you can fix minor things like this.
Without flooding the review queue.
@vicky_molokh I like those. I usually wait for V2 to come along and make my posts nicer even if the edits are very minor.
@Yuuki That would undermine the recommendation against trivial edits, and would indicate that even after 2-3k rep, the editor hasn't internalised the principle of avoiding trivial edits.
@GcL a bit of extra polish and buffing. to a sparkling shine
@G.Moylan Pretty much. Usually I'm caught up in the content and not so much the presentation nor little things like grammar or spelling.
1:22 PM
@NautArch I personally don't use the word 'irregardless' normally, but it felt like such an opportunity . . .
@vicky_molokh How about nonplussed ?
"irregardless" sounds like jargon for not caring about a portion of your landscaping
@GcL Don't use that one because I don't understand the word enough. English is my tertiary language so I have gaps in all sorts of unexpected places of my knowledge.
@GcL "at first I though maybe you didn't know what 'amenable' meant, but then you said 'nonplussed.'"
@vicky_molokh well played, Vicky :D
stirge question can be reopened.
1:25 PM
@vicky_molokh It's one of those words that has two diametrically opposed meanings.
@NautArch The RPG-theoretical one?
> 1. Bewildered; unsure how to respond or act. [from 17th c.]
> 2. (proscribed, US, informal) Unfazed, unaffected, or unimpressed. [from 20th c.]
It suffers the same fate as literally
It's something I'm very minused about.
@vicky_molokh That one, but I took that tag off :(
1:37 PM
Stumbled upon this article and found it fascinating: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doomsday_rule
oh, that one. I think I may had already saw it in the past. On an old and dusty magic trick book that I should still have somewhere at home. Had a small chapters of similar tricks, including a way to calculate the cubic root of numbers up to 6? digit long.
Don't ask met to remember any other detail, though
(PS: no, the fact I actually own some magic tricks books doesn't mean you can all start to call me Trixie from now on)
@Derpy Of course, it's The Great And Powerful Trixie.
@Yuuki you aren't updated. Now it is "The Great And Powerful Trixie and her not-as-great assistant Starlight"
To be fair, I stopped watching MLP right around when Twilight became an alicorn. Not for any particular reason, mind you, I just stopped watching it.
I might catch up and binge the rest someday
1:51 PM
Kind of a "oh, I guess that's a thing I'm not doing anymore".
@Carcer I don't know how much has been released since but I imagine that it'd be a particularly long binge.
@Yuuki about.... 5 more seasons, a movie and some special episodes
Not considering Equestria Girl in the picture
so.... 5seasons, 26episodes each... every episode is about 21 minutes long....
that is just 45 hours.
nothing too long, you should be done in less than two days ^_^
I will eagerly wait for your reviews on Thursday, I guess? (obviously, I am just joking there)
@Rubiksmoose Because this does seem like a loophole for dragon's to exploit, I think I"m okay with that exploitation. They're dragons.
Hello all. I am back.
<backs quietly away>
2:08 PM
@JohnP Welcome, back. I'm @Yuuki.
@Yuuki Nice to meet you. I may change from back to front later today.
2:22 PM
never go back to front
2:55 PM
@Carcer What should i go back to then?
@JohnP nah, just cast antifungal

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