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3:04 PM
@Derpy so that's where all my time goes!
@Rubiksmoose I may be misremembering Culex's quote...
@Rubiksmoose saves you time
@Rubiksmoose You can blame your lost time on 「King Crimson」
3:10 PM
@Rubiksmoose please, don't remind me the cause of my long gone free time. Thanks to an idea I had from re-reading an article there after the trailer for the new Zelda game was revealed.... I am now stuck in a quest to track down all the geographic nonsense in Breath of the Wild...
that world is a mess.
I mean, why Outset Island from Wind Waker is now on on the cost-line? Those were the tips of the mountains... and why it is even there?
Your knowledge of Zelda is incredible BTW. It makes me realise that I know essentially nothing about it lol
@Rubiksmoose to be fair, I reminded about noticing the Outset island layout in one of the city only recently after a youtube video about the same topic was posted.
Had I known at the time that few other gamer had noticed it, I could probably have it posted somewhere
3:29 PM
@Derpy Think about all those sweet, sweet fake internet points!
@Rubiksmoose not really interested in being remembered as the one that noticed a reference in a Zelda game.
@Derpy "Here lies Derpy. They noticed an incidental resemblance to locations in a video game franchise. They also probably did some other stuff."
@Derpy We don't always choose our destinies. Sometimes destiny chooses us.
@Rubiksmoose to be fair, I am now wondering when they will notice that the Tower of Gods boss from WW is kinda fitting the BOTW shrines decorations... blue lines and all
@Rubiksmoose also, it is quite specific, so not an incident. If you want a comparison side by side, here you are
@Derpy Oh yeah I saw that. Incidental was probably not the word I was shooting for there.
3:40 PM
I think I noticed about.. 6 to 8 months ago? Never knew it was notcommon knowledge
Brain is only running on a few cylinders today (and an excess of caffeine).
@Derpy It was a secret to everybody (else)
@Derpy a lot of the comments on that video seem to also think it's just a close resemblance moreso than the same thing
it seems pretty intentional, not exactly 1:1 but still intentional
Doesn't mean it really has any relevance for the lore/plot of the game.
@Derpy The coast village with the gambling game? It's definitely a reference to Outset. Dunno about in-universe lore.
3:49 PM
there are plenty of other direct references that make no sense.
A place that oddly seems like Skyloft, the two flowers near the Master Sword that are in the exact same place as Link to the Past, the Lon-lon Ranch remains and so on...
References to mutually exclusive timelines (it both references TP and WW) and so on
@G.Moylan and in the end, suddenly an horrible discovery.
Breath of the Wild was actually the sequel to Wand of Gamelon all along.
@MarkWells So disappointed so far in the pantsing question responses.
have to go for now - bye
@NautArch Or response I guess as the case may be.
3:58 PM
@Rubiksmoose heh. true.
That response is taking the action way too seriously.
@NautArch I could actually see an argument for ruling pantsing to be a special attack, by analogy with disarming, but it wouldn't be that argument.
@NautArch I don't know if "too seriously" is the way I'd personally put it. But the logic seems flawed.
@MarkWells Yup, I could see that, too. But it's odd because the actually function of "unbuckling" or whatever is needed to functionally drop trou, is just manipulating objects.
@Rubiksmoose being nice :)
"If you're unsure whether something is an attack, here's the rule: if you could be prosecuted for assault for doing it in the state of New York, it's an attack." -- Evil Mirror Universe Jeremy Crawford
@MarkWells if it could give you cancer in the state of California, it could be literally anything. Roll for each cancer. - JC, probably
4:03 PM
@G.Moylan Ha!
If the cancer affects more than one creature, it cannot be twinned. - JC
Interesting that Mage Hand doesn't specify a limit on how much "manipulating objects" it can do as a single action. Like, can you solve a Rubik's Cube? Disassemble a smartphone?
@MarkWells Massage that one kobold that's clearly just overworked
@G.Moylan The absolute low point for those cancer warnings was when I saw one on the women's health wing of a hospital.
@MarkWells 6 seconds worth of manipulation. If the wizard can solve it, then the mage hand can do it. Although not sure what the record is for one-handed rubics cube solutions.
@MarkWells Living is cancer-causing.
4:07 PM
@G.Moylan Mage Hand can't directly massage anyone, but I'm sure at least 90% of the uses of Unseen Servant could be broadly classified as "massage".
> one handed: 6.88 seconds, Feliks Zemdegs (Australia) at Canberra Autumn 2015 VIDEO
@G.Moylan just a bit too long!
also. bonkers.
also one guys holds the records for the 4x4x4, 5x5x5, 6x6x6 and 7x7x7
@G.Moylan The even-numbered ones are really annoying to solve.
4:12 PM
@Rubiksmoose yeah they have several methods though, which is nice. You at least have the option on the larger cubes to solve them until they become 3x3x3 again
a little time consuming but fewer new patterns to learn
although the downside is then you get better and better at your 3x3x3 solve and don't get to practice the larger solves as much
@G.Moylan Indeed :) Of course then you can end up with potential parity issues at the end still but it is still a fun way to do it without having to learn too many different movements.
Of course the bigger issue in this case is that the wizard is going to have to invent the Rubik's cube and smartphone first ;)
@Rubiksmoose Well, okay, yes. And disassembling other mechanical devices seems like it would fall under the purview of Mage Hand Legerdemain.
4:28 PM
@MarkWells i just like typing legerdemain
@NautArch I thought it was legeredman for the longest time
@Rubiksmoose My next artificer will be named rubik....
Rubik's Befuddling Cube: All creatures in a 20 foot cube within range must make a wisdom saving throw or be charmed by you for the duration, believing you to be the smartest person in the world
@G.Moylan Dawww :) I objectively think that is an excellent name.
hi all
4:43 PM
@BlackSpike Greetings weary traveler
@MikeQ hi :)
I was wondering about asking a question, based on one that got closed/deleted recently ...
@BlackSpike Which one would that be (out of curiosity)?
"What's with the d20?" [d&d5e] ... I think they were asking how to handle narrate failures - they specifically asked for a list of Results
Can't decide between Ranger or Druid for my next hero. Its so disappointing that Druids don't get animals anymore.
@BlackSpike this one?
4:47 PM
@Ryan which system?
@Sdjz yes, that one. I couldn't see it in my lists, presumed it had gone.
@NautArch 5e
@Ryan Druids can become their own animal companion
@MikeQ thats the loneliest thing ever
"You can be your own best friend"
I was thinking of a way to phrase a better Question, that might give the OP the help they are after :)
4:51 PM
@Ryan the rangers I've seen have been really good damage dealers. Little less general usage, but some spells can support that. Druids have been a little less interesting, which is a shame because I've always to play one but always been underwhelmed
Is there a level range you expect to play?
@NautArch druids can do literally anything, though. If their abilities fall short, there's a beast form for that
Always seemed like they could do a lot, but nothing extremely well
@BlackSpike What was your idea here?
Sort of like the bard, but I'd rather play a bard :)
@NautArch starting at 1 and working my way up. Trying to have 2 or 3 characters in the tier 2 range so playing as many games as I can currently
4:55 PM
@Ryan expect to stay in tier 2 or go past?
Q: Is a 10th level transmuter considered a shapechanger for the purpose of effects such as Moonbeam?

DungarthSpells such as Moonbeam specifically affect creatures with the "Shapechanger" tag, such as lycanthropes. As per this previous question, the ability to change one's shape through class features is not sufficient to be considered a shapechanger. However, upon reaching the 10th level, transmutation...

I can probably find a Tier 3. Tier 4 is very rare, I've only ever seen one table advertised for it near me
@Ryan One could plausibly ask the DM whether their druid can befriend an animal as a non-combat NPC ally. Like a hireling, but you pay in kibbles instead of gp.
@BlackSpike My advice: only re-ask a question if you fully understand the scope of what you intend to ask and it greatly helps if it is a problem you have yourself.
5:00 PM
@G.Moylan O.o
Asking a question for someone else based on a guess of what you think they may have wanted can, but doesn't always, lead to trouble when people are confused about it and you may not be able to clarify.
@Ash lol yep that was pretty much my reaction, too
Mind you I can't really figure out how to solve them at all really
It's no different than looking up a tutorial for anything else. Just follow the instructions. The tricky part is remembering all the little If->Thens
@Ryan for tier 1/2, moon druids are really powerful. Does AL allow multiclassing?
5:08 PM
@NautArch AL does allow multiclassing but I was leaning towards Shepherd if I go Druid
@G.Moylan I mean, I wouldn't really consider looking up the solution "figuring it out" per se.
There are at least two fun aspects to cubing: figuring out the solution/mechanics of the cube and solving it fast.
yeah but who really "figures it out"
except people back in the 80s
I enjoy the fact that it's a new scenario each time. I still have to put the steps together properly each time and remember all the different cube states
@G.Moylan [mumbles something about being overly obsessed with this in early high school]
it still takes some mental aptitude, but I never understood the impression that only "smart" people can solve cubes, or you're smart because you can solve one
@Rubiksmoose likewise
I understand why the question was put on Hold. And I'm not sure how to frame something to answer "what they meant to ask" ... just a thought. I don't have the same problem as them, but I fully sympathise with "not knowing what question to ask" ... I am always there while writing code! :)
5:11 PM
@G.Moylan anyone can solve a cube, it just takes practice
@G.Moylan That's where I get stuck
@G.Moylan I can still solve Rubik's Cube, because I got a Book of Moves, and practised and memorised! I'd never have done it without.
I'm bad at that sort of planning
@G.Moylan Oh yeah, I completely agree with that. Even though I (cringe-inducingly in retrospect) took advantage of that impression in high school (for some reason people actually found it quite entertaining once I started solving it fast and others picked it up and we even had competitions).
@Rubiksmoose it got to the point for me that I could memorize and do it behind my back. I definitely milked it
5:14 PM
@Rubiksmoose Is that when the moose hit your car? Don't rubiks cube and drive, eh? :)
@G.Moylan can't do it anymore, though. Definitely a skill you have to use constantly
@G.Moylan I did take several years (and several cubes) and actually ended up solving it on my own. But only that once and I'm honestly still surprised and unclear how I was able to do it. The second I solved it I looked up better ways to do it lol.
/me glances at shelves ... 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 cubes, snake, rings, d12-Rubiks, d4-Rubiks ...,
@BlackSpike The person can't be bothered to read a short excerpt of the basic rules and wants a quick answer. "Read the book to me" questions get closed here.
@BlackSpike I don't have enough shelves so they're all in a box for me :P
@KorvinStarmast ahh yes everyone's favorite "RTFB"
5:15 PM
@BlackSpike the d4 is surprisingly hard for me lol
@Rubiksmoose I have the one that turns inside-out. That one isn't too bad, just really annoying if you screw it up
@KorvinStarmast I disagree with your assessment. They were not asking "What the rules say". The rules say "Roll vs DC. Pass/Fail". They can figure how to add modifiers, and compare vs DC. They wanted to know how to interpret/narrate a Fail result. (IMHO)
@G.Moylan the down vote button says all it needs to say: failed to do basic research.
@G.Moylan I have a greyscale 3x3x3 that is infuriatingly hard to distinguish the colors lol
Could we please call it a tetrahedron if it has that shape and not actual numbers denoted on it?
5:16 PM
@G.Moylan when you're flipping in and out it's easy to lose track of which spike you're working on
@BlackSpike If you look at the original question, they were asking for a list of things to do, and demonstrated no understanding of the game's basics.
@Rubiksmoose the Icon! I like that one. Mine peeled/rubbed on one side so now Iahve two silver sides. I have to figure out which is which on the fly. I also have an off-centered one that I lvoe
You've got to start somewhere. Reading pages 3-5 is not too much to ask, except when it is, apparently.
@G.Moylan it looks wild when I'm solving it
Hrmmmmm. I have..... opinions about the interaction between Wild Shape, Polymorph, Moonbeam, and the concept of a "Shapechanger".
5:18 PM
@BlackSpike If you feel it needs to be reopened, now that it has been revised, lead the way and vote to reopen.
In that I don't think the RAW is necessarily unclear, but it's just infuriating to me how it all actually works.
@Ryan The shepherd does look very cool and a great support feature. Does AL force the whole "DM chooses which creatures you conjure" thing?
@NautArch not enforced. It'll depend on the DM for that I believe
@KorvinStarmast I do not think it should be re-opened. I think it is a poor question, stemming from a lack of understanding. But I was wondering about phrasing a Question that might nudge them in the right direction
@KorvinStarmast I'm not 100% sure this was a RTB issue. And we don't actually close all RTB-type questions here (by my interpretation) (there isn't a close reason for "lack of research effort", only a downvote option). Either way, the question did need to be closed (IMO) because it was unclear what they actually wanted to ask. And it was unclear because they didn't understand the rules enough to ask I think.
5:21 PM
@Xirema Please share. I like opinions.
@BlackSpike Cool. Enkryptor's title edit was a step in the right direction, and a few other edits have made it less poor than it began.
And, although I understand how SE works, I also get vexed when I try to get help from a help-site, because I don't understand, and am told to go away, because I don't understand ...
@Rubiksmoose Indeed. Which takes us back to the text over the down vote button.
@BlackSpike Heh, my son ran into that the first time he posted on SO.
@MarkWells Mostly to reduce conversation threading, could you take that to NAB?
@KorvinStarmast Yes, indeed!
5:23 PM
@KorvinStarmast I relate it to the road-rage people get when stuck behind a Learner Driver .. and shout "Learn to f'k'n drive, moron!" at them ... erm, yes ? I am doing, and I'm driving badly because I haven't finished learning yet ...
@Someone_Evil I've never heard that phrase before but I assume that's when multiple conversations are happening at the same time?
@Someone_Evil If @Xirema feels like sharing, then yes, NAB would be a good place for it
@G.Moylan hahaha nice memory. I forgot it had a super special name.
@BlackSpike To be sure. FWIW, I ran into a bunch of push back the first time I posted here. But I'm stubborn.
@Rubiksmoose now that I think about it I'm pretty sure I drew Xs in sharpie on the rubbed pieces so I could tell them apart :P
5:24 PM
@G.Moylan Yes, less an issue here because of the reply mechanism, but it still makes both/all conversations harder to follow because they get interlaced.
@KorvinStarmast I'm still learning :) Got a few points for answering/commenting, but my Questions tend to go unanswered/downvoted :(
@BlackSpike And I do like the intention behind the one answer that did crop up.
I was writing a similar answer when it was closed
@BlackSpike Sad face. If there is anything I can be of help with, I'll try.
@KorvinStarmast I checked too but it looks like they've been deleted
5:26 PM
@KorvinStarmast thanks for the offer. I've nothing to ask right now, but it's usually "I don't know how to do this Android/Java thing, and I can't find any exact answers on here" :)
@BlackSpike It took me a while to catch on to "how to ask a question" here even though I am a decent writer. I even got to have a guy named Jack crap all over me in a comment for my prose style on one of my answers.
@BlackSpike OH on SO, not here
@G.Moylan I haven't asked anything in RPG yet :)
it's that arbitrary time of day again... Lunch!
no-one plays FWTD, and we're coming to an end anyway :D My many years of experience, and close-knit players usually suffices :)
5:28 PM
@G.Moylan I am sooo tempted, but can't be shopping now.
sigh maybe I should just go Barbarian. Make my first ever character with no spells just to have less thinking to do
@BlackSpike FWTD?
@Ryan Barbarian is fun! :)
Fates Worse Than Death. gutter-punk. manhattan 2080AD. by Vajra Enterpises
@BlackSpike Ok, checking internet, brb.
(I don't like their new "website". It's just their blog)
Next we're playing a house-ruled-to-hell-and-back Rolemaster :)
5:32 PM
@KorvinStarmast im sure it can be but so far it seems like its out of combat is really limited
@Ryan My barbarian does tracking and hunting and never cares if he has low bonuses. he'll try anything. Sometimes it goes well, some times not so well. Fun.
Try the Entertainer background for a Babarian. :) Sing like a skald.
@BlackSpike read the synopsis on wiki pedia. Looks like a cool idea.
@Ryan I did a one-shot level 3 bard/druid. Was a lot of fun.
@Ryan unarmored defense for better wildshape AC, rage.
5:35 PM
@KorvinStarmast I really like the setting. We played a big campaign 10 yrs back, and another over the last 18 months. System is clunky as all hell though :(
@G.Moylan Firewalls do vex me. Thanks so much (anyway) for the showering of gifts upon the chatosphere. You are too kind
@BlackSpike I am guessing you have enough systems mastery to get by that?
They do a "Spare Change Edition" (free pdf download)
@G.Moylan I'm not sure which one it is, so I don't want to snag it
ugh no! Enough fudgery to bypass it! :D
@BlackSpike I'll take a peak when I get home after the doctor's visit later today.
5:37 PM
@goodguy5 it's everything for the D&D bundle. the $15 version
Cool. (Hope Dr's goes ok!)
ah, yea. got one of those. glad I didn't redeem it
alright, NOW it's lunchtime
If I have any bad news (which is doubtful) I not tell wife until tomorrow. Her birthday today, so nothing but sunshine and happiness.
good luck!
5:38 PM
Arrgh, RL doth vex me. Cheers.
oh Happy Birthday Mrs Star! :)
Still struggling with my Random Dungeon App. Got most of the Code working, but I'm not too familiar with D&D5, so checking that it is "viable" (Room contents... loot, monsters, etc) is causing me headaches.
Also, if you want a Huge, Many-Room, 20-layer Dungeon ... it collapses under it's own weight and crashes very ungracefully :(
@BlackSpike just limit the number of layers to 19. problem solved ;)
@BlackSpike Flying buttresses. Add them everywhere.
Yeah, thanks! :D
Flying Buttress? Are they related to the Dread Gazebo?
@BlackSpike Maybe leave those as configurable values, at least for now?
5:49 PM
I think saving out the data into JSON, and reloading it in next activity, rather than trying to pass the data in an Intent may help ...
What are you writing it in?
Android/Java. With JSON datafiles
Q: What is an Intent in Android?

Nikunj Patel What is an Intent in Android? Can someone elaborate with an example? What are the types of Intents, and why we are using them? Why are Intents so important in Android?

6:17 PM
Q: Probability of sum of 2 random dice out of a 3d6 pool

ToppleWith AnyDice it's pretty easy to calculate probalities for highest and lowest 2 of a 3d6 pool, namely with: output [highest 2 of 3d6] output [lowest 2 of 3d6] However, this has a bias towards the highest and lowest thrown dice. What I want to calculate is the possible results, without bias. Re...

6:27 PM
I'm not 100% sure it has been claimed, so just in case: This is a gift link for the $15 D&D Humble Bundle that just ended: humblebundle.com/?gift=v3cCssrDhy2FUNNe
how was lunch
had a big ol' burger with mayonnaise, bacon, cheese, picles, onions, and jalapeno, no bun. was good.
that's not a burger
it was definitely a burger. There were 3 patties. I just left the bun off.
I generally feel best when I eat high fat and low carb, and a bun has more carbs than I felt like eating today
6:52 PM
@G.Moylan O blood type?
@goodguy5 ... I actually don't know
donate blood!
@G.Moylan the few times I've had work done I forgot to ask
needles terrify me
like needles going into my body, specifically
ah. makes enough sense.

don't think of it as a needle, think of it as a tiny aperture between your body and the outside world.
@goodguy5 I currently have the proper number of those, thanks
6:57 PM
needles are just like an Uber to get things from outside of your body to inside of your body... or vice versa
@V2Blast this can be unpinned, the KS is over now
@goodguy5 if there's an agitated man with a minivan trying to get things in or out of my body, I'm concerned
7:14 PM
I'm very unclear on why folks think Familiars are good scouts.
They're not smart and you lose communication after 100 feet.
1st of all, that's 100 feet you don't need to be in.
2nd of all they can bounce in and out of range on the same turn
@goodguy5 I'm not the stealthiest of gnomes. I'd prefer not to be only 100' away from it. Basically have to sneak with, and if I'm doing that, I may raise an alarm the 'scouts' wouldn't have (our rogue).
I'm not unstealthy, but I'm not proficient and just have a +1 dex.
I wish 5e had some more mechanical guidance for distance and stealth
3.x had every 10 feet was -1 to detect things
Now it's just "DM ruling"
Yeah, it's always an unknown as to how many stealth checks the DM is going to require.
I'm just trying to determine how I can use a familiar and if it really makes sense for me to get the spell.
yo, how do spiders only have +4 stealth
alright. owl is your way to go. +3 stealth and 120ft of darkvision
7:25 PM
@goodguy5 and flyby
and a fly of 60ft
So if it started it's turn within 100 feet of you, it could travel out 60 feet and back and give you intel on something that's up to 280 ft away
advantage on hearing/sight
Yeah. I guess I can figure out ways to make it work.
Gotta get a portable brazier first :)
@NautArch I see ads for those all the time on the internet, or is that a different thing?
@goodguy5 no comment
7:30 PM
portable brazier to put your owl in? Or to donate blood? Or did I miss a conversation? :D
@BlackSpike portable brazier for my gnome to summon the familiar.
aha. ok that makes more sense :)
We also have very little money, and getting a 50gp brazier is not the easiest thing right now.
We need a large brazier IRL. Lots of garden waste to get rid of
Gonna have to sell my Pipe of Smoke Monsters
7:32 PM
@BlackSpike in the states, you often require a permit for that sort of burning
also going home
We used to have smokeless-zone rules, but they seem to have lapsed. So long as you are not "causing a public nuisance"
I read a lot about USA housing regs ... a lot seems to be Housing Associations? V strict in comparison to ours .. have to keep your lawn mown, can't have a broken car on the drive? pfft .. my house! If it's not leaking into your house, not your business!
HOAs, or Home Owner's Associations
the US has this really awful way of doing things where they're deathly allergic to taxes and any kind of centralised government control
so HOAs are formed in theory to maintain the quality of the neighbourhood and provide the funds for maintenance of public spaces etc.
"get a private company to do it for them" ?
but a lot of the regulations end up being about preventing other houses from doing things that potentially devalue the house and therefore bring down the value of the whole neighbourhood, because then you lose money on the property investment.
and historically a lot of those regulations were about not letting blacks/mexicans/etc. live in white neighbourhoods.
so that's nice.
7:42 PM
Speaking as an apartment renter, what kinds of power does a Homeowner's Association have to enforce its rules? Like, can they actually fine you and bring you to Civil Court, or is it more of a soft power, i.e. "We'll keep badgering and bullying you until you fix this issue"?
so basically, they can fine you
I suppose we do have similar places ... "Gated Estates" .. tend to be small (30 medium-big houses ... or small-medium, by USA standards!) Literally Gates on the entrance. Cameras. Need to be the "right sort of people" to get in ... I have customers in them ...
in order to own the house in the first place you have to agree to be held to the HOA's covenants
that'd be something you have to sign when you buy the house
@Carcer it's not The Law. It's a voluntarily-entered private contract?
and in it you agree to the rules and you would agree to pay restitution demanded by the HOA if you break those rules
7:44 PM
And those rules have to be signed, or you wouldn't be able to purchase the house?
it's a private contract, yes, but that's backed up by contract law
civil matter - the police won't come and arrest you because the HOA ask - but they can take you to court, and they will win, and you will be ordered to pay
(The implication being that the Realtor purchased the home under the agreement that they would only sell the home to people who sign the agreement?)
and yeah the previous owner cannot sell the property to you without you agreeing to the terms of the HOA
or more specifically I think the legal situation is that the property itself is party to the agreement
it gets complicated. I'm not a lawyer I just browse reddit's legal advice subreddit sometimes
"If you can't afford a lawyer to decipher the contract, you can 't live here"
if the property is part of a HOA it will have terms about how it can be legally sold on which require the new owner to also agree to the HOA's rules
7:48 PM
As I once overheard a political organizer say: "you wanna see organizing? Try and cut down a tree in a rich, white neighborhood. Nobody can organize like those folks!"
@nitsua60 indeed so!
@nitsua60 howdy nits! Having a good summer?
if you find yourself in a situation where you've bought a house believing it to be free from a HOA, and you've not signed anything agreeing to be part of a HOA, and you discover that the house was indeed part of the local HOA, you're still stuck having to be part of the HOA, because they've got some right to the property itself
And a bunch of rich white folk full of Righteous Indignation at Petty Matters is a sight to behold!
trees are not petty matters
they can be incredibly valuable and effectively irreplaceable
7:49 PM
depends how many anti-bird spikes they've got on them
@NautArch So far, yes. It's that time of year that I watch AT hikers go back and forth past my house all day.
r/legaladvice loves tree law
(trees are irreplaceable? Some, yes ... but ... )
Also just answered my first question in forever. 1. "What gets added to $thing?" 2. "$relevant_modifier" 3. repcap 4. me: "meh."
Watched a documentary about "wild forests" recently ... there hasn't been much in the way of "unmanaged woodland" anywhere near Human Habitation since the Neolithic!
@Carcer Was gonna ask something along those lines.
@nitsua60 Enjoying the summer. Attempting to get back in shape again :)
We had to cut our tree down (hence brazier needed). Trunk broke. Fell 1/2 into neighbour's garden.
Because otherwise you have a loophole where the seller could refuse to make the buyer sign the HOA Agreement, and then just accept the fine. #ResistCapitalism
7:54 PM
@NautArch Cool--what's your routine/method?
@BlackSpike trees can take a very long time to grow and some species are quite rare and hard to cultivate. If you cut down a mature tree of a valuable species, it might be literally impossible to replace it with a similar tree (because they can't survive transplanting, cost way too much, etc.)
@Carcer some trees, yes. We had an Old Oak cut down near here. people were in tears. (We have Oaks older then your country! :P )
@BlackSpike >your country
excuse me
the hellhole I live in doesn't have a horrible blond man running it yet
@nitsua60 Swimming :) Lowest impact, least chance of injury for my aging self. The pool I use is under construction, so I just started swimming in a local lake. Enjoy that much more.
7:58 PM
there's still a couple of weeks before the tory party leadership election concludes I believe
Result: We're in fro a couple more decades of shit-storm
@NautArch Ooh, that's a good one. For a few years I was lucky enough to live where it was easy to swim a mile and a half in the mornings. (There was an island ~3/4 mi. from shore.) Those were nice years.
@BlackSpike fair warning, you'll want to moderate that language, swearing is disapproved around here

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