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8:00 PM
@nitsua60 I'm just doing a bit less than 1/2 mile right now. Starting slow.
@NautArch I've got a pentathlon coming up this weekend, then a week-long climbing trip, then hernia surgery. There endeth my exercise for the summer =)
@nitsua60 woof. I did not heal as quickly from my hernia surgery as they said i would.
does the hernia already exist or did you just pessimistically book that assuming the worst after a climbing pentathlon
@Carcer lolfigsl
@NautArch Uugh... not happy to hear that. Was yours open or laparoscopic (sp.?)?
@nitsua60 lacro
or however you spell it :P
8:02 PM
laparoscopic would be right
but you could just call it keyhole surgery so everyone understands
@NautArch darn.
Well, I'm optimistically looking at a half-marathon Labor Day. That's 7 weeks out from the hernia repair.
I figure by then I'll either (a) be back to running distances or (b) not running a mile yet.
Crazy stuff, keyhole surgery! My bro had some
Had something up with his heart, so they went in via his groin, up through a vein/artery ...
@BlackSpike Yeah, Google Maps is getting really detailed these days =)
@NautArch I forget: does the AT pass very close to you, too?
@nitsua60 haha
@NautArch my pact of the chain fey lock's sprite takes umbrage at the disparaging assessment of his scouting skills. sad face
@Carcer that bit hasn't been true for about forty years, but HOAs are an interesting thing in the US. The one I currently deal with is OK, have had a few bad experiences though.
@Xirema They can put a lien on your house. Depending on the gravity of the "violation" other legal action can be taken.
@BlackSpike This I have seen up close and personal more than once, and a HoA was involved. data point provided
8:13 PM
@KorvinStarmast I did say historically... obviously that would be totally unenforceable now, but I do also remember seeing a thread from r/legaladvice sometime recently which was from a guy who had just joined a HOA which still had language restricting ownership to white citizens in its covenants, and was asking how he could make the HOA get it changed (they'd just kind of left it because properly sorting it out would cost money)
@KorvinStarmast more of my realization about range from me
@nitsua60 yeah, it's fairly close
@Carcer IF that is current language in a current HoA, a lawyer is about to make a bunch of money taking that to court and killing it.
@Carcer Where I live, there are a few news reporters who love to dig into stuff like that and get it onto TV to expose that little enclave of (censored)s to the light of public scrutiny. And from where I sit, that's a good thing.
oh definitely
@KorvinStarmast I've only heard anecdotes and such. Always sounds bizarre
@KorvinStarmast This kind of crap still goes on mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2017/07/…
8:19 PM
@GcL I am sure that they'll try to defend that on "freedom of association" grounds. I'll check back in a few months. (Fun Fact: My brother was married in Grand Rapids about 30 years ago, but never lived there. His wife's family was from all over Michigan, so that's where the wedding was. I flew in from California)
@GcL I guess I can't live there, as I'm Catholic and they probably have their quota already.
rolls eyes
Makes me wonder (as a Catholic, myself) why they allowed 10% Catholics.
Like, why not just go ahead and zero them out?
Now, about that role playing game, I have a new game idea called Lawyers and Louts ... L&L
@nitsua60 It's the tithe. :)
@KorvinStarmast <rimshot> =)
@KorvinStarmast oof
The Tolerance Tithe (see also Tom Lehrer's song "National Brotherhood Week" for more fun and games)
It's fun to eulogize the people you despise, long as you don't let 'em in your school
Tom had a rather scathing wit
8:24 PM
I haven't seen Doppel in here in here in a while, anyone hear from him?
@G.Moylan Darned RL is holding him hostage, I guess. Thoght I saw him in meta answer a few days back.
My Saltmarsh group (who started before I got the stuff) have almost finished their "intro" adventures that gets them to level 2, so I hope to be running salt marsh in a few weeks. Nostalgia. One of my fave 1e modules ever.
@GcL "Our organization believes in working though disagreements concerning our bylaws outside of the court system" gee I wonder why
@G.Moylan I think they lost that lawsuit and are in another one. I caught a bit about it listening to some podcasts.
@G.Moylan chat.stackexchange.com/users/2562/doppelgreener says he's been around somewhere within the last day
Despite being indefensible, some places keep trying to enforce their positions.
8:28 PM
@nitsua60 Fun Fact. When we were in Ketchikan Alaska, I saw real bear totems on totem poles. I had an immediate D&D flash back. :)
@GcL I'd hope so. What a stupid bylaw
@KorvinStarmast did you feel an urge to tank something?
@G.Moylan Actually, Americans keeping the Papists down or out is an over 200 year old tradition. Change comes slowly.
@G.Moylan yes, I did, I wanted to rage but my wife said "Not now honey, it's a museum and a city park. Not now."
If you check out Christianity.SE, you'll still see vestiges of questions and answers about how Catholics aren't really Christian. I kid you not.
Have seen it in the past 4 years with some frequency.
@G.Moylan some people...
Catholics like to think so, but Greek Orthodox can lay claim to that with equal validity. grumble grumble stupid schism grumble filoque
no true scotsman etc.
8:32 PM
FWIW, there used to be a great contributor over at Christianity.SE called "guest 37" who wrote fantastic answers from G.O. perspective. I think they eventually returned to "user xxx" status for some reason. sad face
We could say he was a Knowledge Cleric, in D&D / RPG terms. :)
Sorry I went OT there ... my bad
In other news, glad to see the Traveller question on nukes reopened. :) casts summon Aramis spell
Q: What is special about having a majordomo?

SeriousBriThe Knight variant of the Noble background (PHB page 136) gives the following feature: RETAINERS You have the service of three retainers loyal to your family ... one might be a majordomo ... I can't find any other mention of a majordomo in the PHB, so what is special from a D&D perspec...

@KorvinStarmast Your wife has the best birthday! :)
8:43 PM
@KorvinStarmast The boring reality of space combat & long term travel is that it comes down to heat dissipation. I saw a funny video about that recently
@V2Blast Dare I wish you a Happy Birthday also?
Lemme go dig through history
Some wines improve with age. I am getting older, not better. Drat
@KorvinStarmast Indeed
I wish you many happy returns!
8:44 PM
Uh, live longer than that ...
apparently it doesn't understand d100...
8:46 PM
@V2Blast Darnit, I keep trying to attach a cake, and the chat won't let me.
well, 2d10 will do it
8:47 PM
Better, with no candles to give away actual age ...
@KorvinStarmast 🎂
aaargh, RL calls, hope you all have coffee with the cake and don't forget to clean up afterwards.
@KorvinStarmast couldn't find the good video :( 2nd place: youtu.be/9Xs3mGhQGxM?t=392
@Rubiksmoose If you use the word the, the game instantly ends.
I just lost The Game.
9:04 PM
@KorvinStarmast I don't drink coffee
also my birthday's tomorrow :P
Neat video on RAW and DMing: youtube.com/watch?v=wsYZ5FNheJQ
aaaand because I still can't tell if it's been redeemed or not, here is a first-come-first-serve gift link for the recent D&D Humble Bundle that just ended today. It's the $15 package, so it should include all content: humblebundle.com/?gift=v3cCssrDhy2FUNNe If you redeem it, please let me know so I can stop spamming this! :P
@V2Blast Heresy.
The Game is never won.
Too late
it just happened
It is a reflection of life. No winners. Only Losers.
@G.Moylan Pinned it. Might want to edit your message asking the person to let you know if they redeem it.
9:16 PM
Related: reading a comprehensive Wikipedia Article about a dumb game you played with your friends when you were like 8 is the most surreal thing I've experienced in my life.
Q: As the dungeon master, how do I handle a player that insists on a specific class when I already know that choice will cause issues?

RajI agreed to DM Dragon Heist for a group of my friends. One of them wants to play a wizard. Based on past experience, I know that she will ignore the prepared spells and just cast anything she wants. Our previous DM attempted to keep her to the rules, but she wore him down and eventually he caved ...

Probably just behind discovering that that weird 'S' graphic was apparently an international phenomenon.
hoo boy here we go
@Xirema I think you mean COOL 'S' graphic
@G.Moylan that thing was EV. RY. WHERE.
@Xirema what.
how does that even happen
I thought it was just a stupid S some kid at my school liked to draw.
The ultimate generational crossover: a fidget spinner with the S printed all over it
9:21 PM
@V2Blast Mrs Starmast's dad was also born on 7-11. But he's not with us anymore. sad face So I'll log in tomorrow to drop another birthday cake image on you. With Hawaiian Punch, not coffee. Deal?
@KorvinStarmast Works for me <3
My favorite S logo
@G.Moylan (Hint: name Igor, invented helicopters that actually worked)
@G.Moylan whoa, I just clicked on that link and it seems I got presents? I'll check back, about to take Mrs Starmast to birthday dinner. Will let you know.
@KorvinStarmast !!
9:49 PM
@KorvinStarmast my favorite is this one, just because it's essentially an engine with a hook attached en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sikorsky_Aircraft#/media/…
@V2Blast perfect, this is pretty much exactly my response upon first hearing what "the game" was
2 hours later…
11:51 PM
Morning all
@Ben What's the news from the other parts of Tamriel?
I've been watching Astartes an repeat haha
NSW won the State of Origin (annual football mini-comp)
And I made a friend last night :D

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