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12:00 AM
@trogdor And I'm trying not to think of Ben as a fainting goat.
@BESW I'll be right back
[Changes social media profile to "fainting goat"]
@Ben giggles I like this.
@Ben And yet, your hovercard isn't updated yet.
@BESW This is frustrating because I can't access temporary or video profiles on PC. It appears to be mobile only :/
@BESW As an established C# and Delphi user, I try to stay away from any HTML-based technology XD
12:52 AM
hey again @Ben
1:07 AM
hey there @linksassin
@Shalvenay G'day hows it going?
@linksassin alright here, as for you?
Not too bad.
@V2Blast That's a pretty decent article. I like the concept of an elf character who doesn't speak elven. Surprisingly open and honest about some of D&D's racial downfalls too.
> To no great surprise, the language used since D&D’s early days to describe its “evil” races has been used to describe many real oppressed groups in modern history. The idea of humans being a race which conquers and that being presented as one of their more respectable traits, when paired with the prevalence of evil races, should come under scrutiny by those wanting to create a gaming space that is welcoming and fun.
1:23 AM
Would've been nice for them to give some sort of hat tip to the fact that there's a massive amount of material on the subject and the writer's not just coming up with this stuff in a vacuum.
But that would probably result in people becoming aware that D&D isn't their only viable RPG option.
We couldn't have that.
@BESW True, but its still a solid step in the right direction.
1:40 AM
I mean... kind of? It's still putting the burden of analysis and rehabilitation on the group and absolving the designers of responsibility because "tradition, what are you gonna do?"
@BESW I don't know about resolving them of responsibility, they still wrote it. But they are at least admitting there is an issue and that is surely the first step toward a solution.
Look at the article. It presents the D&D lore material as an unchallenged assumption, the base from which you have to build. And so it gives "tips" to GMs and players on how to rehabilitate the D&D lore in their own groups.
Feels to me a lot like telling people to fight climate change by taking the bus more often. Yes, that's great, but it's ignoring entire systems which need more of our attention.
@linksassin This line is great, but let's look at the context:
@BESW Tangentially, have you had a look at Spire?
> D&D is, in many ways, subconsciously rooted in Western and imperialistic ideology. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson were fans of wargaming which clashed imperial armies against one another, and of stories in which individualistic heroes battled foreign hordes and took their treasure.
[okay, so they know the lore is based on a narrative of colonial violence]
To no great surprise, the language used since D&D’s early days to describe its “evil” races has been used to describe many real oppressed groups in modern history. The idea of humans being a race which conquers and that being presented as o
@BESW Agreed. I would like to see a more substantial step when they eventually publish a 6th edition. Or maybe "Bigby's Guide to Races" with better racial information.
1:49 AM
@Glazius I'm passingly aware of it.
@BESW Meta question, how did you include that big a text in chat? I wanted to include the context but got "message too long"
@linksassin If you include a sticky return (shift + enter) the maximum text length increases significantly.
@BESW It's an article on D&D Beyond, directed at players and DMs... Pretty sure they'd see addressing "the designers should fix this" as a bit out of the scope of the article
Yeah this seems more targeted toward the assumed majority of D&D players, not the greater TTRPG community (if such exists) as a whole. And that's ok, it just makes a lot of assumptions about what most other tables are doing.
yeah, it would be nice to see some premade adventures that tackle these sorts of things as well, though
perhaps that might be something coming down the pike? we can only hope....
1:52 AM
@V2Blast Then we run into the Token Representation problem: an article for GMs and players would be much less... dismissive of the systemic problem... if Wizards' other material gave any indication at all that they're aware of how deeply rooted their own culpability is.
It feels very much like "there is a problem but we are who we have always been and I mean y'all know how these things go, but fix it if you need to"
Like they just kinda go "oh, well, y'know, product of it's time, whatcha gonna do"
@Ash I wouldn't even go so far as to say Wizards admits there is any kind of issue
@Ash Sure, but it's an article by a contributor to D&D Beyond. It's not by Wizards of the Coast. So it's not really "we" in any fashion.
But yeah, I don't think WotC has ever addressed it themselves?
Sorry, I don't know the difference
Oh it's someone else
1:55 AM
that makes it worse then
Totally different companies.
@V2Blast It has been touched upon by JC.
kinda sorta
(Stuff like this is why I am happy to kinda...not touch D&D because it is so confusing as a thing)
Jul 24 '18 at 20:47, by Rubiksmoose
@_JustinVO_ @JosephCAllen @HMGrazzt Our use of “race” is anachronistic. Anachronism can be quaint—D&D is packed with anachronism—but as writers, it’s our responsibility to know when a word’s meaning has changed for enough people that our intended meaning is at risk of being unintelligible.
@V2Blast Well then, if it's not a Wizards article I can expect her to maybe mention some of the things the wider community is doing on the subject?
1:57 AM
@Rubiksmoose Except afaik they don't do much more than give it lip service.
@Ash Yup! Pretty much. I don't really know what is more insulting dissapointing.
"well we know we do it bad, and we know that we shouldn't do it because it is bad, but.....oh well."
"I learned these tips from James Mendez Hodes," or "I first encountered this way of looking at D&D morality on Ursula Vernon's blog" or whatever.
@Glazius -- you mind if I poke you in Discord PM for some feedback btw?
@Shalvenay Sure, go for it.
2:15 AM
Q: Does this Wild Magic result affect the sorcerer or just other creatures?

RykaraA result of 75 or 76 on the Wild Magic Surge table triggers this effect: You glow with bright light in a 30-foot radius for the next minute. Any creature that ends its turn within 5 feet of you is blinded until the end of its next turn. Does this blindness affect the sorcerer who triggered ...

2:37 AM
hey there @KorvinStarmast
hi shal, catching up
@CTWind give ranger what they give artificer: control your pet with a bonus action
@NautArch Or being able to negotiate with frost giants when you are 4th level, and completing a mission ... since you speak giantish ... due to favored enemy ...
@KorvinStarmast Do you think 5E ranger (beast master) would be too strong if they could control the beast companion without any action?
@KorvinStarmast alternately, you could just do that by playing a Goliath ;)
@MikeQ The issue is I think tier 1 action economy. I love the "hunters mark" upgrade to favored enemy as a concept. @V2Blast I could never find shoes that would fit, so no goliath.
Plus, I don't want to walk about paranoid about short people with slings
Like hobbits and, shudder - kender
@KorvinStarmast or batiri for that matter? :P
2:46 AM
@Shalvenay we seem to have established a rapport with a few of them, I'll roll with that for a while
Giant is also a standard language, so you could take it as a language with any character using a language proficiency from background or other feature
Only if you get extra languages, which in this edition is not a guarantee. I miss Original's "more languages with more int" feature, and 1e's.
Plus, if your favored enemy is undead, there is no language that goes with that. ;p but you do get to walk around moaning "brains" for as long as you like ....
@KorvinStarmast Every background grants a combination of 2 tool or language proficiencies
so it is kinda guaranteed if you want em :P
@KorvinStarmast XD yes, I have been liking how the campaign is going so far in terms of that
3:02 AM
@V2Blast They don't quite guarantee two language proficiencies. You need to choose those from the menu of "x from column A and Y from column b" I've spent some time with people on custom backgrounds, and the prefab ones.
hence "if you want em" :P
@V2Blast With Ranger, you get another one at 6, and so on, but it's a narrow choice. With backgrounds, the choices are a bit broader.
(I wont digress into the whole "tyranny of too many choices for new players" ...
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, my worry is that might be too much damage early on. That's why I'm tempted to allow that but add on the concentration requirement. Prevents adding on more damage with hunter's mark or some other similar conc spell (not that hunter's mark is great on beastmasters). Would also have to decide what breaking concentration means, if that prevents commands to your beasts or something, as that could be another tradeoff that makes bonus action pet control more reasonable.
@CTWind Hunters Mark already requires conc, so making the concn go along with it is consistent ....
I suspect that the WoTC gang went round in circles about this very thing back in 2012 - 2014 and settled on what they ended up with .... and are still not all that happy with it.
@CTWind Hunter's Mark only benefits the caster anyway... and you'd have to use your bonus action to cast it or to move it after the marked creature dies
3:08 AM
@CTWind Favored enemy: add damage of 1d4 on a hit at levels 1-4, 1d6 and 5-10, 1d8 at 11-16, 1d10 at 17-20 ... similar to monk weapon progression ....
@KorvinStarmast But isn't that bonus damage, rather than the monk (optionally) altering base damage?
I think I like today's amalgamate brainstorming of: Favored enemy becomes ranger Eldritch Invocations. Pick a type of creature. Always treat creatures of that type as hunter's marked. Gain a unique general perk based on the creature type (Ex.: Favored Enemy: Oozes, gain proficiency in perception, Favored Enemy: Aberrations, gain resistance to psychic damage... probably more interesting/dynamic perks than that, like Eldritch Invocations can be).
@JoelHarmon It is, but the +2 flat damage was added in RR since regular ranger FE was so flat.
My point on dice changing was to reflect a progression that matched the "Bag of Hitpoints INcrease" as CR goes up. .
@CTWind I like the way you present that, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter. :)
@CTWind that is kinda interesting XD
Make it changeable as you level up, as you can with invocations ......
3:12 AM
@CTWind I'm reminded more of wizards. You pick a favored school enemy, then get bonuses at fixed levels.
With all of these fiddly bits, I am still happy with my level 14 Fighter Champion ... he's been a blast to play ... DM on a break for a while ... burned out
Sword and Board.
@KorvinStarmast Though I don't think I've actually played one, I do like the 5e fighter over 3.5
4e seems like too much of a different beast to compare.
If I can find a game, I want to play a battlemaster. We had a "found" NPC who the DM allows us to level up with us, who we all chose to be a BM since none of us had played one. That is a neat a heck sub class
but like a monk or warlock, short rest recharges matter.
My beastmaster idea I wanna let simmer in the back of my head a bit more. I kind of like the 'fine grained control of an animal takes your concentration to manage/pay attention to them', but would have to figure out the numbers of how much of a trade off concentration is, and would have to figure out what kind of trade off that concentration being broken means to level things off. I do think a full beast & character action economy is a lot early game.
@CTWind How about unlocking more beast master features as one goes up in level, with the spike at 6 rather than at 3?
At 3 it's a scout, at 6 it becomes a full combat ally?
3:16 AM
Yeah, I also just like how diverse battlemasters can be. I kind of like the idea of one that leads the charge, takes Alert, runs in, and does a bunch of 'maneuvering attacks' to immediately get the party melee in position. But you could also do a trick shot archer that punches people back 15 feet from range :-P
@KorvinStarmast With the addition of subclasses, aka required prestige classes, I've been intrigued by the idea of single class parties distinguished by good use of them. Fighter could do sword and board, archer, and demi-caster.
@KorvinStarmast Would make the numbers more manageable, but I'd worry people would dislike it taking that long to get the pet online for the 'main' pet class.
@KorvinStarmast I played a multiclassed Mastermind rogue/Battle Master fighter in my Monday night game
@CTWind yes, the wait for level 3 to unlock is a design issue I am not sure I agree with.
@V2Blast How do you like Mastermind? I remember feeling underwhelmed when I read through it.
3:18 AM
@JoelHarmon I was underwhelmed when I played it
part of why I multiclassed
@V2Blast Fair.
it was a combat-heavy campaign (with not much in the way of intrigue) as well, so part of the features were just kinda wasted
@JoelHarmon Our mastermind giving our barbarian advantage on attacks was kinda neat, and he'd follow up with sneat attack damage.
bonus-action Help was nice though
It seemed like it was bolting an inherently social character into a combat-focused system.
3:19 AM
@JoelHarmon Yes, it is.
@KorvinStarmast If you're looking for games, I can shoot you a Discord invite link to one of the servers I'm an admin on. New games get posted pretty regularly
@V2Blast I may check it out when we get back, but at the moment, the Missus is about had it with a weekly one with brother, and an every two week deal on Mondays. ToA being hit and miss has been a blessing in that regard, though I really like that campaign ...
@KorvinStarmast fair enough!
If you or anyone else wants it, here's the invite: discord.gg/ttEge3p
... let me visit with you when I get back. We'll see.
@V2Blast heh my discord pword is corrputed it seems .. gimme a sec
Man, if only I had time for a regular game again.
3:25 AM
@V2Blast OK, I am in, but I now turn into a pumpkin. ;)
Nite all
@KorvinStarmast Haha, good night
@KorvinStarmast Good night!
@KorvinStarmast I think the big flaw with PHB's BM ranger is that the companion is presented as a melee combatant role, but if you don't expend action economy every round, then the animal just stands in the frontlines, twiddling its thumbs (or paws)
Then it drops to 0, and poof, the ranger loses access to their archetype, at least for the rest of the adventuring day
the threads we inherit is a meditation for one or more participants. an exploration of indigenous, diasporic, and settler communities; their relationships to each other; and their relationships to the land that they inhabit. By caro asercion.
About to stream our D&D 5e actual-play podcast in about half an hour: https://www.twitch.tv/events/S9dzaDrdQVKDHUrbKEEZVQ

In a universe adjacent to our own lies a world known as Runia. This world, once peaceful and idyllic, is now threatened by a monstrous being from its prehistory. A group of adventurers known as Whiskey Company have risen up to do what they can to fight this entity known only as Nagat. They have trekked far across the mortal realms in search of the shards of Barrinoth, the Titan of Justice, in hopes of returning him to his full power.
@V2Blast Good luck!
4:06 AM
@Rubiksmoose Thanks!
We're live :)
2 hours later…
6:31 AM
I just (re)discovered lifehacks.SE. Such an interesting assortment of questions there...
@V2Blast Their on-topic page is certainly unique.
@V2Blast I’ve noticed you’ve started re-tagging questions about [food-and-drink], would you like some help with that?
Q: How does a monk's Martial Arts feature modify damage done by magical monk weapons?

BlckknghtI'm curious about how exactly the Martial Arts class feature modifies damage done with magic weapons that add extra damage. Here's the relevant bullet point of the class feature (which is on page 78 of the PHB, and in the basic rules). You can roll a d4 in place of the normal damage of you...

@LiamMorris Just wanted to add it to a few questions without flooding the front page. If your assessment in your answer on meta is correct, it'd be way too many to add all at once :P
> This leaves us with a total of 593 questions which may need to be re-tagged, just under 280% of 212, the number of questions you estimated in your question.
> I have not been around long enough to know if a re-tagging process would be so extensive. Indeed, 593 may be a trivial number compared to previous re-taggings, though I would not know as I have no frame of reference. My point though is that the number of questions which may need to be re-tagged is significantly higher than what you may have thought.
> This also helps to demonstrate why such a tag is needed, there are around 600 different questions about food and drink but there is nothing to link them all together. There are probably more hidden behind overly obscure or overly broad synonyms, rendering them almost impossible to search for. A tag to collect them all in one place could help massively.
@V2Blast Yeah thats why i offered, it seems that there are far too many questions for one person to try and tag alone :P
6:45 AM
@LiamMorris Haha, less about being "too many to tag alone" and more about me not wanting to make the front page unusable
@V2Blast Very true, it is something i was concerned about myself, i think i mentioned that in my meta post, or at least i did in a draft of it.
@V2Blast Lifehack: Create an SE site with a sufficiently broad topic that it lets you ask any question you want.
@Miniman Hahaha. Pretty much.
@Miniman Any question that would be off-topic on the rest of them basically. At least according to their help.
@linksassin From your description, it sounds like Miscellaneous.SE :P
6:58 AM
@LiamMorris You're not far off. It's a bit all over the place. If you blacked out the title of the website I doubt anyone could guess it just by the questions
2 hours later…
9:07 AM
in case someone is interested, now there is an official statement from the staff on the main Meta about the advertisement testing
Q: We're testing advertisements across the network

Juan MFor several years we've had advertising solely on technology-related sites. But many of our sites aren't about technology at all, so we haven't sold ads for them. Traditionally, that hasn't been a hardship since Stack Exchange sites have required only a small investment from the company to set up...

3 hours later…
12:17 PM
12:32 PM
12:51 PM
has anyone played tales from the floating vagabond 2nd edition?
1:08 PM
@JohnP I survived! Got lucky against a water weird when a DM coudln't roll above a 5 on 3 rounds of attacks against me. And took out his caster with Tasha's Hideous Laughter for the entire encounter. He got one Hold Person off, but I used my divination to have my ally succeed.
1:19 PM
@NautArch Teamwork for the win!!!
@V2Blast I"m honestly not sure what your reply was :(
@KorvinStarmast Absolutely loving the divination wizard. Used my other die to ensure the caster failed their initial save against Tasha's.
@NautArch Divination for the win! "who's laughing now?!... oh... well it's you."
@GcL Also helped that the DC to beat it was a 17. When it was just him left, teammates attacked and even with advantage on the save he couldn't get it.
@NautArch */ \*
Gotta love it when the DM rolls for bupkus
Unless you're the DM.
@KorvinStarmast - Guess what I picked up on the way to TKD yesterday?
@JohnP It was also Bane'd, but didn't need the d4 taken away from it's rolls :) Even with my 10 AC.
1:29 PM
@JohnP A katana?
@KorvinStarmast Nope. Something we discussed within the last day or two in here. :p
@JohnP never bothers me. Sometimes the opponents have an off day. The smart ones or ones with any tactical ability retreat. Encounter defeated.
Besides, I already have a couple katanas. 3 practice, 2 competition and 1 display.
@JohnP a helicopter? :D
@JohnP Do you have to keep the competing katanas in separate rooms all the time?
1:30 PM
(Heads back to chat history ....) Uh, Ghosts of Saltmarsh?
@NautArch think Ikea.
@JohnP glass hextable!
@NautArch Two, actually. :) and my woodworking brother in law is going to help me with a table.
The hexes on it are a little bigger than an inch. So you only get like 22 of them horizontally... and they're not squared with the edges of the tab.e.
@JohnP nice!
1:32 PM
@GcL No, but I do have to keep them above the reach of the toddlers.
22 of them across the short dimension.
The Table????? @JohnP
@JohnP They compete with the toddlers too!? That seems unfair.
@GcL you haven't met my kids.
@JohnP They're the well behaved type that understand that even weak acids can accelerate the corrosion of hardened metals? And they'll apply his knowledge to avoid damaging your expensive blades? I'm impressed... maybe it's not so unfair for the swords.
1:37 PM
@GcL Actually they are the type that would bang them incessantly against hard objects until the aluminum snaps. Not that that has happened, no, not at all, nope nope.
1. Can I describe something as "beer and boardgames" in an answer?
2. if no, then is there a 20 and under descriptor I can use?
morning all :)
@goodguy5 What are you trying to describe as that?
@goodguy5 I don't think that's a problem. But now I'm dying to know what your answering with that :)
@goodguy5 Yes.
@NautArch Least favourite things
1:43 PM
(but yeah I certainly see absolutely nothing wrong with it)
Things that you shouldnt give a baby
Things that begin with "b"
Things that are expensive at events and much cheaper going to a dedicated store
No one wants to do a session zero for a 1-shot (and I'm not recommending it), but politely remind your players that this is more of a "beer and boardgames" kind of night.
1:45 PM
@goodguy5 1. Sure. 2. Packaged games centered around a preprinted and mounted map enjoyed with the availability of adult alcohol based beverages.
@goodguy5 Hmm, i'm not sure I understand or agree.
@goodguy5 I think a short S0 often helps 1-shots a lot personally.
I'm answering that question about Tales from the Floating Vagabond and I'm trying to convey its mood.
and I will change my answer to "full session zero"
Gotcha gotcha
@goodguy5 I don't think you need to swing that far, but just the idea that making sure everyone is on the same page is ALWAYS a good idea.
1:49 PM
@NautArch no, I mean. "no one want to do a full session-zero..."
phew. posted.
back to work
@Rubiksmoose I've been trying to find the material component question for spell scrolls and failing miserably. I also thought it's been asked, but couldn't find it to close this as a dupe.
was it osmething about clone?
I'm hoping to get the highest rated answer on the site
@goodguy5 You're about 6 votes shy.
2:18 PM
@goodguy5 I already up dooted, that was a nice answer to the question.
Thanks ^_^
I figure that the people who have played are few enough that I might as well chip in
@goodguy5 It's not necessary to schedule a session zero that's the same duration as your 1-shot session, but an initial session-zero-esque discussion beforehand can still go a long way
The discussion could even be at the beginning of the 1-shot
@MikeQ You need a GPM at the least, though.
Someone to set your velocity, determine your sprints, document and report up.
GPM? Gallons per mile?
Game Project Manager.
And have a game scrum every 10 minutes to determine any blockers in execution.
"I've got a blocker, my D20 rolled under the couch and now the cat has it and won't give it up"
2:29 PM
@goodguy5 What's a "full" session0? What are the necessary and sufficient components to be a full session0? Are there extra full? or overfull session0's? Are my session0s less than full?
@GcL It's got all the fixings. Lettuce, tomato, onion, etc
@MikeQ I'd like to add bacon to that list.
@GcL Please recognize people's dietary restrictions.
@Yuuki As long as it is on the side, hasn't touched anything that was used to prep the veggies, you should be fine.
@Yuuki Are there bacon allergies?
2:34 PM
@GcL Ask your dactor about Safe, Natural session zero enhancement
2:56 PM
@goodguy5 I've been trying to think of a witty rejoinder that wouldn't get me booted, and I just can't do it.
that's the line I try to walk
@goodguy5 Usually I'm pretty good at that, but this chat has produced my only suspension on the network in 7 years, so...I tread lightly.
@JohnP Probably something about whether natural enhancement bonuses stack with natural bonuses
@MikeQ all i know is all those ads on american tv haven't yet created the awkward questions from my kids. But i'm awaiting the day they will.
3:00 PM
@MikeQ Or being able to double dip on a bonus?
@JohnP I just read that as "double dip on bacon"
Q: Do these spells require access to the material components for the spell even when cast from a Ring of Spell Storing?

SlagmothSo I answered this question some time ago. Recently, a random thought occurred to me that whereas my answer is technically correct there might be exceptions. Now the Ring of Spell Storing and other similar effects/items (the Reserve Ioun Stone, and Shield Guardians) state that you can cast a spe...

Is that it?
@NautArch That's a normal order for me.
@Rubiksmoose It's not what I was thinking of, but it does confirm my answer that components just aren't necessary.
"I'd like bacon, pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon." "You already ordered bacon." "I know. On second thought, make it three orders of bacon."
3:04 PM
@NautArch I think there are a few others
@JohnP That's the "mini-Swanson"
@JohnP "Son, I know what I'm about."
@Yuuki I have to order 3 now, the boys would live on bacon alone if we let them.
A friendly reminder that our cultural obsession with Bacon is solely the product of an advertising campaign whose sole purpose was creating this obsession so that the portion of pork meat that was traditionally the least saleable could instead be sold by smothering it in sugar and salt. 🙃
@JohnP On a trip to NYC, my son survived on bacon, burgers, and milkshakes. Mostly bacon and milkshakes. God bless him.
3:12 PM
@Xirema Isn't that remarkably similar to the manipulation of the diamond market to artificially inflate the value of a (relatively) non scarce mineral?
@Xirema Hold on there, hoss. Bacon is delicious even without that campaign.
@JohnP I don't think the bacon folks are hoarding pork belly to inflate the price.
But pork belly is getting used outside of bacon now.
@NautArch I would love it if my kids ate hamburgers. They actually prefer fruits and veggies to almost anything. I'm wondering where I went wrong in my parenting.
@JohnP Well, the cultural obsession with Wedding Rings is, but the Diamond Cartel price gouging is a different thing.
@JohnP My kids love fruit. Veggies are harder. It's mostly carrots and sugar snap peas.
@Xirema We Chinese people knew about pork belly before it was cool.
3:14 PM
@NautArch Carrots, peppers, cucumbers, broccoli and cauliflower. We have convinced them that broccoli and cauliflower are the trees and bushes that dinosaurs chomp. Makes for very loud dinners.
Really, bacon is my least favorite preparation of pork belly.
@Yuuki what's your preferred preparation?
Red braised is probably my favorite.
@NautArch huh I'm just not finding the ones I was thinking of.
@Yuuki oooh, may have to try this. Does it require rice wine? Can I use rice vinegar instead?
@Rubiksmoose Yeah, it's weird. Icould have sworn there was something, too.
3:21 PM
@NautArch I don't remember using rice vinegar, although I did use Chinese cooking wine (which you'll probably most likely find as Shaoxing wine).
I don't think you can substitute rice vinegar though, Shaoxing wine has a particular flavor and aroma.
It's pretty ubiquitous in any Asian-esque market though.
@Yuuki I need to stay away from cooking with alcohol because of my own health issues.
Hmm... that can be a problem because Shaoxing wine is used in a lot of Chinese dishes.
Particularly when you're braising things.
Rice vinegar is a bit more acidic than Shaoxing wine so I suppose you could substitute it but with a smaller amount.
Alternately, just make it without the wine.
just two more votes to have the top vagabond answer on site.
This question may still be problematic. I thought I understand what they were asking , but now i'm unsure.
3:41 PM
I'm gonna get to 20,000 reputation just by editing spelling and grammar :)
@DucksGoMooful rep gained for edits is capped at 2k.
dang it
ok, I'm gonna get to 2k + {current reputation} just by editing spelling and grammar!
@DucksGoMooful You'll definitely get a reputation. When I think of V2Blast, I think, there's a user that believes in formatting.
YISSSS!!!! TOP VOTED VAGABOND ANSWER OF ALL TIME (with 12 votes, for the record)
@Yuuki Is that the kind with the red fermented tofu?
3:49 PM
Is there a better way to word this? I'm trying to get my warbow question reopened:
> 5th Level: The bow gains the enhance arrows feature. Each non-magical arrow fired gains +1, and one of the flaming, shock or burst attributes. This scales as per the arcane archer feature, whose level is equivalent to character level - 4 (A 5th level character can use this as would a 1st level arcane archer).

I should have known that would get starred
@MarkWells I've never made it with red fermented tofu myself.
@JohnP "This scales as per the arcane archer feature, whose level is equivalent to character level - 4 (A 5th level character can use this as would a 1st level arcane archer)." Is confusing to me.
I have to go look up arcane archer. then I have to think about that level equivalence statement.
@GcL Arcane archer needs attack bonus +6, to become AA level 1.
It's not immediately obvious what the result or implication of that sentence is
3:52 PM
At AA level one, Enhance Arrows kicks in.
So bow enhance arrows starts at PC level 5, at the AA level 1.
@GcL Hm, if I want the kind of reputation V2Blast has, I'll have to put a lot more work in
@DucksGoMooful I think I only saw a few dozen of their edits before I made that determination about them.
@GcL - So, PC level 5, Bow activates Enhance Arrow as an AA would have at level 1, scaling up from there.
@JohnP Is "5th level" referring to the PC level or the Arcane Archer level?
Wait...it doesn't scale.
PC level.
3:54 PM
So how is the Arcane Archer level used?
I was thinking that the enchance arrows would start as if the PC was an arcane archer level 1 and scale up, but I changed that to increase the enhance bonus anyway. So it functions as a first level arcane archer would.
just to make sure you guys both know which edition you're talking about....
> 5th Level: The bow gains the enhance arrows feature. Each non-magical arrow fired gains +1, and one of the flaming, shock or burst attributes. This functions as per a 1st level arcane archer ability.
@goodguy5 Pathfinder.
@JohnP I just don't see anywhere the arcane archer level comes into calculations. The table in your question looks entirely based on PC total level.
I suggest dropping weapon level altogether. If you want something to put there, pull and old school d&d table and add prefixes or names for the various categories.
@GcL It did originally. But in the redesign, the enhance arrows gets bumped anyway. I think I can take the that out.
> 5th Level: The bow gains the enhance arrows feature. Each non-magical arrow fired gains +1, and one of the flaming, shock or burst attributes.
4:01 PM
Also, what is the question that is being asked? I just see a post describing a homebrew bow. Do you want to know how cool or useful it is?
The answer there is 17.2 and 48 respectively.
@JohnP I don't really see the point of the warbow, as written
@MikeQ That's because those are on the ends of the arrows, not the bow itself.
It seems to provide the same utility as a +X adaptive weapon, a ring of spell storing, and some magical items with spell effects (blur, plane shift, etc)
Why not just... have those items? Other than saving up a ring slot, why are these all combined into a weapon?
Swiss army stuff is cool, People like things that are more than one thing, Because crafting, Rule of cool, Stuff some player wants.
Sure, but it seems weird to package all of these random things together, and have their effects be level-dependent
4:07 PM
Gnomes. I find them enigmatic enough to offer up as an explanation for most eclectic things.
Gnomes did it.
@MikeQ At the time, the DM was going to grant each of us a weapon that would scale with our levels. That was the concept I came up with, but the game dissolved when the DM moved. I wanted to know if it was balanced or overpowered.
@MikeQ Saves ring slot, saves cloak slot, gives spellcasting...
Okay, then it's as powerful as having a set of items that can produce those effects, plus the value of free slots that would otherwise be used
The consensus on the original version was massively overpowered.
@JohnP As compared to what? A dragon? Dragons are way better than that bow.
They scale really well too.
@GcL Great. Vote to reopen and add an answer :p
4:12 PM
@JohnP There's no question to answer in the post.
@JohnP Sure. Look at the equivalent benefits it gave. A +1 adaptive bow for a 1st level character, a permanent blur to a 7th level character, then a +3 adaptive spell-storing bow for an 11th level character, and three extra daily castings of plane shift at 13th level. Even if they were separate items, these are way beyond the power that PCs would normally have at those levels.
Packaging them together as an oddball "advent calendar" item doesn't offset the raw power of these benefits
@goodguy5 woohoo! And well deserved.
4:39 PM
@Yuuki Hm, I'd have to see if I could sub something, because the wine would be a no-go for me.
Since it's a braising recipe, you could just make a small portion of the braising sauce/liquid without wine or with a substitute and give it a taste rather than making the whole dish.
@Ash What would be the no go? Theoretically all the alcohol would be burned off. Is it the tannins?
@JohnP I'm in the same boat in that it's a trigger for my migraines. There may be some psychosomatic aspect, but it is what it is. I just avoid it whether cooked or not.
@JohnP Nah, it's always pretty fractional. It takes a lot of work to actually get 100% of the alcohol out of a mixture by my understanding.
@Rubiksmoose that explains why i generally still avoid alcohol in food
4:56 PM
@JohnP Unless you're actually lighting it on fire, it's not burning off alcohol. Alcohol does evaporate, but at about the same rate as the water... so you're not changing the concentration all that much.
@Rubiksmoose Short of distillation, it's tough to remove... and not going to happen in your kitchen.
@GcL Alcohol has a much lower specific heat than water though, so it takes less energy to heat up.
And the boiling point is lower.
@JohnP It's basically that it's alcohol, burned off or no.
That said, I'm not trying to convince anyone to use alcohol in their dishes if they don't want to.
(I'm a Baha'i, we don't do alcohol.)
In this specific case, it's a braising dish so it's easier to do experimentation without alcohol or with alcohol substitutes.
4:59 PM
I am sure I could work something out :)
Cooking with alcohol often means more creative recipes, but less consistent quality
Yeah, it's not guaranteed it will cook out.
(But that aside, for me, it's purely the fact that it exists there at all.)
Q: Cooking away alcohol

DinahWhen you cook with wine or spirits, when does the alcohol cook away? Obviously high temperatures will do it, but how low of temperatures will work? Also, does it vary by the type of alcohol?

Yeah I just decided to do some digging to try to substantiate what I've heard :)
boiling for 2.5 hours still leaves 2.5% alcohol (in that test) :O
@Rubiksmoose Does that mean boiling for 100 hours would leave 100% alcohol?
5:09 PM
@MikeQ [checks notes] your logic is flawless.
5:37 PM
@Rubiksmoose 2.5% alcohol by volume or 2.5% of the starting amount
@SirCinnamon They do call it "Percent of alcohol retained" so my guess is the latter.
Though depending if they added 100% alcohol it could be the same thing in a liquid mixture as in some of those examples?
@SirCinnamon I don't think the former would make sense, since that would depend almost entirely on how much you put in in the first place.
Like, what if you put an ounce of alcohol into a 100oz casserole, are you still expecting to have 5oz of alcohol after baking for 2.5 hours?
@Xirema 1oz becomes 5oz? no thats not what i would expect
I mean if the experiment was with pure 100% alcohol (aka deadly) then effectively they are the same thing. But when talking practically about spirits/cooking wine - if you add 5oz of 10% abv wine, is the 2.5% remaining 2.5% of the original 10% (0.25% abv) or is it 2.5% abv of the remaining liquid
5:48 PM
I once really upset some of my mom's friends by pointing out how difficult it is to burn off alcohol by cooking.
theres a lot of factors to how much is left - but considering the relatively harmless amount typically left over, i wouldn't be too concerned unless you have a religious opposition or other "absolute" rule.
@SirCinnamon TBH, I suspect you'd get completely different results: most of those tables assume some degree of mixing of substances, like alcohol in a rum cake, where 95% of the volume is non-alcohol even before you begin baking.
Like, I don't know whether directly cooking, say, a pot full of vodka is how they conducted those tests.
@Xirema "baked/simmered, alcohol stirred into mixture"
Yeah I didn't really spend too much time digging into the details beyond just confirming that "boiling off alcohol is hard"
boiling off 100% is hard - boiling off to a nigh undetectable amount, probably not that difficult
especially once its diluted with other ingredients
5:55 PM
@SirCinnamon Depends what the threshold you are having for detection. Enough to get you drunk? Pretty easy given that it is doubtful you started with enough to begin with. Enough to not trip an allergy or something? That's a different story.
And honestly 1 hour of boiling leaving 25% of the alcohol is impressive.
oh hey
This answer currently misrepresents the source in a way that may mislead readers. The retention factor is not a true "percentage of alcohol retained" but is normalized against the mass of the dish, a value that changes as it is cooked and moisture (including but not limited to alcohol) evaporates. Since the mass of the dish decreases, the actual "percentage of alcohol retained" is lower than the retention factor implies. — Air Jan 29 '18 at 18:43
@Rubiksmoose Right - flavour/preference/i dont want to get drunk falls on one side (probably fine), intolerance, straight edge or religious reasons fall to the other (just dont use it)
@Rubiksmoose True. I have a Black Forest Cake (chocolate cake, cherry topping, whipped cream) recipe that calls for Cherry Brandy to be poured over the cake while it's cooling, probably eliminating only a tiny fraction of the brandy. But spread across the entire cake, it's half a cup of brandy—barely enough to get someone drunk, at 2+2/3 shots worth. Maybe someone who was really petite.
And it makes a pretty big cake, so...
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