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OK, I can enforce landscape. I can pretend it's your fat fingers that can't click properly on Rooms ( 'cus I have tried EVERYTHING else!!!) ... I know I need to reconfigure where Exports are saved to (but they keep moving the goalposts) ...
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We started our Rolemaster game. not sure where we're going with it, but we have to hunt a werewolf
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Q: Does the UA Blade Mastery feat stack with itself?

KAmberThe Blade Mastery feat says this: You master the shortsword, longsword, scimitar, rapier, and greatsword. You gain the following benefits when using any of them: You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls you make with the weapon. On your turn, you can use your reaction to assume a parryi...

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@BlackSpike From a David Bowie album cover, I'm guessing.
@KorvinStarmast Promo shot for the film The Man Who Fell to Earth.
@BESW I was close. :) And I saw that movie shortly after it came out. It was a bit of a sensation when it came out. All in all above average movie fare.
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How's everyone doing tonight?
@V2Blast My featureless, sunless white room and I are doing well. Yourself?
The One Finger Discount A sale hosted by Monkey's Paw Games
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@JoelHarmon Not bad. Very windy outside though.
Q: How to discourage mundane play?

SnorkaI am freestyling a campaign w/out an °official° system, and I have run into a problem. With certain players, they refuse to play as adventurers, choosing instead to get a steady job, then saying things like: “I sweep the tavern floors every night for three months.” Then, with the subsequent money...

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@V2Blast Just wasted a bunch of time homebrewifying a 5e subclass
@MikeQ Oof. I assume you didn't know it existed before homebrewing it, or what
It's a monk with face skills and lockdown abilities. Basically it can substitute unarmed strikes with awkward prolonged handshakes.
So not actually "wasted", just... a lot of time spent?
If the target reciprocates the handshake, they are considered grappled and charmed, until attacked or the handshake ends
It doesn't work because it's too silly, even for my standards
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> No, the whole premise is silly and it's very badly written. I'm the senior officer here and I haven't had a funny line yet. So I'm stopping it.
Can I get eyes on this?
A: Why do some classes start with fewer trained skills?

jgnYour assessment is correct. Class balance and skill balance are the two major factors. Skills are just one part of how classes are different, a class that is good at one aspect (combat? spell variety? hit die?) may not be as good at something else. Skills are not equally valuable: Perception is...

Am I just used to answers that assume 5e knowledge is universally applicable?
@Miniman I'm not sure that answer is actually saying anything
@MikeQ The level 20 ability on that should be a dead fish handshake.
@Miniman Did you have a particular concern about it?
I may also just be rusty on my 4e knowledge
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@JoelHarmon It just looks to me like a classic "everything is D&D 5e" answer.
I don't know 4e so I don't know whether what it's saying is inappropriate for 4e. It could also just be not answering the question even if based on 4e experience.
@Miniman The "combat, spell variety, hit die" seems like a pretty standard tradeoff across editions (for some definition of "combat"), but the not-4e flag for me really only trips for the "spell variety" thing, based on how 4e is structured.
Hmmm, mention of Endurance and Dungeoneering, so I guess it's not that.
About to stream our D&D 5e actual-play podcast in about 20 minutes: https://www.twitch.tv/events/YBlCx4gKQUOalEEPU4jC_Q

In a universe adjacent to our own lies a world known as Runia. This world, once peaceful and idyllic, is now threatened by a monstrous being from its prehistory. A group of adventurers known as Whiskey Company have risen up to do what they can to fight this entity known only as Nagat. They have trekked far across the mortal realms in search of the shards of Barrinoth, the Titan of Justice, in hopes of returning him to his full power.
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@CharlieBrumbaugh Hi!
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Hi all
Q: Is CR12 too difficult for two level 4 players?

GrumpyKitten I'm about to lead a raid into an orc camp for party of two players. Both players are level 4, one is a bard and the other is a barbarian/warlock multiclass. I found a CR12 homebrew monster that looks fun but I don't want it to kill them. I cant find anything that says firmly what it should be. I...

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What do the rules say about users editing their questions in a way that invalidates existing answers?
In this post: https://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/157794/when-attacking-while-hidden-what-does-it-mean-to-give-away-your-location
The user has edited their question to remove sub-questions that other users had already responded to, one user (Seph Steel) structuring a section of their answer off of the original question.
I like to leave a comment on answers such as:
> The question has been edited. Please check if you feel any edits to your answer are merited in response.
But also if a question edit is so dramatic that it invalidates multiple answers, it's probably better to make it a new question.
I deleted my own answer as it no longer suited the question, and I'll post another when I have time to look over the rules that relate to it.
Not had this happen on a question for me in my short time being active here, so just not sure what the proper procedure is.
There's a few meta discussions on the topic: rpg.meta.stackexchange.com/q/6324/52137 and rpg.meta.stackexchange.com/q/9094/52137 (disclaimer: I asked the latter one)
There's also, historically, friction against the standard way to avoid these kinds of situations: closing a question to prevent wasted effort on answers until the question is solidified.
9:35 AM
It's quite frustrating for me personally as I believe it's no longer the same question being asked, but I'll keep my focus on providing a suitable answer for them.
I hear ya, it can be difficult to answer a question that's shifting under your feet.
But I know from experience as an asker, too, that sometimes I don't know how to explain my question properly until I see an answer that's a valid response to what I wrote but doesn't solve my problem.
I'll do a broad evaluation of how the Hiding, Hide, and Unseen Targets rules operate while trying to address their main questions, hopefully that's a suitable answer
Hopefully! I can't really offer much system-specific commentary on 5e questions.
10:01 AM
That's my longest answer yet... 5953 characters according to a quick character count site.
I believe it's all relevant, but someone will probably mention how I can trim it down in the comments.
I like long answers, provided they're coherently organized.
@Miniman request: search for longest answers, by user and/or site overall.
For the site overall there is this one: data.stackexchange.com/rpg/query/64341/the-longest-answers
10:20 AM
Clearly I need to write longer answers.
Those are some lengthy answers.
I always get spooked when my answer is too short, usually indicates I'm lacking some context somewhere or the question itself isn't that expansive.
I definitely feel like without adding any clarifications or thrills, there are questions that could be answered with just a Yes, or No, but it feels better to explain why so the OP can learn.
Here is a 176-character answer with 104 upvotes and one downvote.
(Found using this query)
A simple modification for longest answers by a single user: data.stackexchange.com/rpg/query/1126850/… just replace the user id
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What do I do if I believe a post is a duplicate, or already answered?
In regards to this post: https://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/157951/does-hide-make-you-unperceptive-or-relocatable
It's by the same author as the post I mentioned earlier, but seemingly could have the same answer
@SamsyTheUnicorn You could flag it as a dupe which would put it in a review for users with the VTC privelige to look at. I think the comment is left is fine.
Ok, thanks
user image
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Q: Is there a way to auto-resolve a fight and account for resource consumption?

ManasSometimes the result of an encounter is easily seen even before the fight starts. If I let the PCs automatically win the fight, are there rules to determine how much resources it would cost them? I.e. how much HP lost, how many spell slots spent etc. I'm considering a rule like "one point of HP ...

12:55 PM
howdy howdy
I'm trying to decide if it's worth answering that question or not....
the auto-resolve one?
which one?
It sounds super duper familiar
but i can't figure out what query would be to find it
i'm almost positive it's been asked
1:03 PM
I try to make fights appropriate, but sometimes, they get it to where it's just a number of rounds.
I'm okay with long fights. But I just really really like combat.
I don't know what I would do myself in that situation either... Usually as a DM I wing it all the time. If it depends on me I don't even place that kind of combat in their way, but sometimes the players force it so you have to decide what to do. If it's so easy you wanna skip it, I'd say I just describe a fast battle and that's that. If I think they should lose anything, then I consider is worth playing it I guess?
@Helwar Hmm, the question i'm kindasorta remembering is different.
but I think this could very easily be answered by the guidance of "if something will automatically succeed/fail, then no rolls are necessary"
makes sense
BUT, some players (or some players at some times) like to curb stomp. Why not let 'em?
1:07 PM
@NautArch thats when everyone rolls low and then they feel bad for struggling against weaklings. I've been there :P
@NautArch but sometimes it's not a curbstomp. sometimes, it's just a couple hobgoblins left against level 5 PCs, but their AC is high.
@goodguy5 and that can be dangerous to the PCs.
So, I've said "Alright, you guys finish off the last remaining foes. Please drain any resources or HP you feel appropriate"

And more often than not, they'll deduct 5-10 hp or whatever
Or at least strain resources, which then affects the next encounter
oh good. Someone posted an answer that I agree with enough to not worry about my own
1:13 PM
@goodguy5 DaleM?
thaunor? *Thanuir
@goodguy5 yup, gave them an updoot
I need to take the time to plan out my group's next encounter
I've got the vague idea, but I need to write things down.
oooh. undead mimic....
hrm.... how would an undead mimic act?
and I think that rather than it being a zombie, it should be either a skeleton or a ghoul
@goodguy5 Does it still look like a normal object?
@NautArch I think it will almost look like a normal object
I'm leaning ghoul; slightly smarter
and it will look like a burned leather .... chest? something like that
because the players are in a burned-out orphanage (and have already fought several undead)
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@goodguy5 You could do what our DM did to us in that situation. Placed a bunch of Intellect Devourers into remaining orphans.
players need to figure that out and then figure out how to respond
serious moral implications
Burn everything down seems a nice option
Warhammer's Inquisition style
That's what the murderhobos usually do, but you have to agree it "solves" the problem
well, intellect devourer hosts are basically dead, right?
@goodguy5 It could look like a broken object! Like an old wardrobe with it's doors hanging or a rusted out canister
1:28 PM
@Helwar *yoink*
@Nyakouai True, which is basically what we did. But we felt awful afterwards. And that continued to a roleplay that returned either through DM storylines or got brought up when we had to deal with other difficult situations.
I'm not sure of the meaning of that onomatopoeia in this situation :P
@NautArch The few groups I've knownthat defaulted to this solution usually didn't last and were rarely fun to play with
@NautArch btw, a specific reading of that sentence could lead one to believe that the Intellect Devourer:Orphan ratio was greater than 1:1
@goodguy5 bursting
1:30 PM
@Helwar your idea has been stolen
@Carcer Commandeered. nautical term
@Carcer oh... Oh my! It's a great burglar! didn't even notice it missing!
@Nyakouai well, we've lasted and the table is pretty fun. /shrug. But It was also a situation where one devourer had attacked one of us and we responded. We also had never encountered devourers before and didn't know about them or how they worked.
Well, you didn't use it as a standard procedure to settle every problem you encountered, from what I understand. But I know people who basically play Torches & Napalms instead of DnD
My favorite monster-with-a-twist that I've been looking forward to implementing is gold-werewolves.

tbh, likely were-lions, but w/e
1:33 PM
The only time I used intellect devourers, my players thought it was like a Goa'uld (Stargate) and they could save the host.... Kept the thing imprisoned in their BatCave for weeks until it escaped, eating the brains of their goblin butler
"oh ho ho. I have silvered weapons! THEY DO NOTHING?!"
@Nyakouai Oh, yeah. In fact, the DM had other issues where he'd present situations that seemed like they were roleplayable, but were really just ways to get us to not immediately engage combat. But then we'd just put ourselves at a disadvantage so in the future, we did often just say "F-it, I'm going to attack."
WHich then fulfilled a vicious cycle of DM not happy with that, rinse/repeat.
Partly why that DM apparently started up another campaign and I wasn't invited...and I'm okay with that.
@Helwar oh no! Not Galfred!
@goodguy5 I think there was a thread recently about meta gaming, and the age old tradition of "just burn the troll"
And GM changing the trolls weakness randomly at the start of the campaign to keep the "surprise"
@Nyakouai I will try really hard to make sure I include lore about them in a way that when they figure it out ,it will feel like there were clues, rather than blindsiding them
1:37 PM
@goodguy5 NO EFFECT!? I need bigger sword...
It's the nice, fun and reasonnable way to do it. On another note, gold weapons, ugh
Metagaming is complicated. With things as prominent as werewolves weakness to silver, vampires' multiple allergies to basically everything, or the ways to stop a troll from regenerating, they are common knowledge among players so it's difficult for them to not think about that, common knowledge.
My rogue would rather skip the encounter than sport something that bling :P
it'll just be the same as alchemical silvering, but golding.....gelding?

*ah, "gilding"
Probably depends on the system, but it's just a damage reduction, right?
So "bigger sword" is an option
1:38 PM
Q: It’s that time again—Good hunter deity question closed, shouldn’t be

KRyanWe once again have a perfectly reasonable question, Is there a complete list of good-aligned gods of hunting?, that has been closed. It should not have been. This time there is the claim that it is a “shopping” question. We should close problematic questions. This isn’t one. It already has two a...

@Helwar Yeah, it's a fine line. Silver/werewolves seems generally knowable. Knowledge of intellect devourers...less so.
@Nyakouai I think we're in 5e so the options are "half damage" or "no damage" as resistance or immunity
morning, gwitty-cent
1:39 PM
bigger sword isn't useful if the monster is immune to the damage
Fire and trolls seems pretty reasonable in most settings. Common folks would know because their survival depends on it.
morning gwideon
oh neat, in addition to "gild", there's also "engild" and "begild"

"gild" is obviously "to coat thinly in gold"

but "begild" is to adorn "as if coated thinly in gold"

and "engild" is "to cover with golden light"
regilding is the practice of covering something in gold that you didn't really want
that took me a second to realize it was a joke
1:43 PM
The question of nuking a mighty vampire (VtM) leader of course made me think of this
"Oh, what an interesting piece of language - oh wait a minute"
@Carcer reguilding is joining a new group in WoW due to the high number of griefers and (censored)s in the current guild. (My son did this twice back in the 00's during his WoW days)
so what to talk about what to talk about
@KorvinStarmast does that censored word start with a vowel?
so I'm thinking about getting my group custom miniatures for the holidays
1:47 PM
So, I wasted 4k of characters trying to help someone :clap:
The post I referenced has turned into a forum debate as the user seems more focused on rules-debating than clarification.
oh wow
ah. User wanted a certain answer and is arguing now they didn't get it?
yep that's what we call a rules lawyer
1:49 PM
@Gwideon I highly recommend designing on heroforge and printing through Impact!Miniatures
@SamsyTheUnicorn yeah :( that's why i posted my answer
@SamsyTheUnicorn the hide answer? There's a minor formatting error after (technically inside) your quote block
Yes, the posts in question are these two:
The original: https://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/157794/when-attacking-while-hidden-what-does-it-mean-to-give-away-your-location
The dupe: https://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/157951/does-hide-make-you-unperceptive-or-relocatable
Any advise how I'm supposed to deal with a user like this? I'm just really frustrated that what i thought was a well-written answer has gone to the pits.
Is there? I'll go edit that out
@goodguy5 what's the formatting error, I can't seem to find it
you need an extra space between "Unseen Attackers and Targets" section later in this section."


As you can see, the
@SamsyTheUnicorn Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. You have a good answer and you should enjoy any upvotes you get.
If they select something that they 'want' and it works for them, then good for them. SOmeone else may come by and give a bounty to help support other answers.
@Ash Bravo; I am keeping that one as the party I currently DM thinks it can take on the local blue dragon ... but at present does not realize that it's an adult ... and that's a bit out of their reach at this time ...
@goodguy5 There may be seven or eight different terms that would fit there.
1:54 PM
@KorvinStarmast donkey-pit, it is
@goodguy5 I still can't see what you mean?
@SamsyTheUnicorn nailed it
wait, that's what it shows for you?
I changed nothing on it, that's what it's been like since posting
1:55 PM
@NautArch would I just take the 3d files
@Gwideon yeah, you can 'purchase' the stl files.
@SamsyTheUnicorn and it seems the rest of the community is equally frustrated as shown by the votes on the question itself.
@NautArch most the time, the catharsis from helping a user get an answer they want is what I'm after, but I'm left a wee bit empty on this one. Hopefully the answer helps other people understand how Stealth works.
I wonder if it's something about how our browsers parse linebreaks....
1:58 PM
@Helwar When I was 13 I knew that a blue whale as 80' long and breathed out the top of its head and was not a carnivore. I had never met one. The PCs are from age20 o 50 usually, why would they not have some "in world" knowledge of creatures in their world? (Cue Nature and History checks, eh?)
@goodguy5 I'm using Chrome on Desktop, is it possible you're on mobile or a non-chromium or HTML5 browser?
@Gwideon if you're interested this guy has made freely accessible models of most of the MM and many PC race/class combinations.
@SamsyTheUnicorn Yeah, that happens when a user is potentially looking for validation about a specific answer and not actually interested in the question.
@PierreCathé thanks
2:02 PM
Is there nothing that can be done about them?
They've turned the comments into a discussion thread and I can't move them into a discussion for some reason.
@SamsyTheUnicorn I flagged to move them to chat.
They also just posted the exact same comment on two questions at once
It is a problem that 5e's rules about stealth just aren't well explained by the actual game
And I explained them, but they aren't happy with them, and I believe from their comments, didn't even read the full post.
@SamsyTheUnicorn at this point, I'd probably recommend disengaging. That's something I'm starting to do more of.
2:04 PM
well, not a lot you can do about that. If you're finding it frustrating I'd suggest just moving on
Dead-threading them will just make them think they're right, but it's the best thing to do. I'll disengage and flag down the irrelevant comments as necessary.
Just really saddening that I wasted, what I believe was a decent answer, on someone just looking to argue till they get what they want
@SamsyTheUnicorn Don't! You posted a good answer and you're getting rewarded by the community for it - focus on that :)
They edited their answer AGAIN, now my 4k one is technically invalid...
@SamsyTheUnicorn Answer? or question? last question edit was 50 minutes ago...
I meant question, I only just found out about their latest edit
2:12 PM
@SamsyTheUnicorn Ah. Yeah, this is also another problem with theoretical questions. Without details, you can't really answer. But if you answer and then someone (like me) starts trying to drill down the question to create the necessary details, then you end up having to change your answer.
They did the exact same thing on the question this is a duplicate with, killing multiple answers.
@SamsyTheUnicorn yeah, and i'm debating about duping it. It does seem like the same question.
If you look on their account history, it does look like they're approaching the site in a forum style rather than a SE Q&A style
4 questions about visibility and stealth, leading me to believe they simply just don't understand the mechanic and are repeatedly posting questions until they get the answer they want.
Which unfortunately, won't give them understanding of the rule, leading to a sort of infinite loop thing
Upon further review, it's not a dupe. That other question is about attacking while hidden, this is about being noticed while hidden.
But do they not both originate from the same misunderstanding?
2:16 PM
@SamsyTheUnicorn Most likely, but that's not what duplications are.
Then what can be done about it? I've got no idea what I as a user can do.
@SamsyTheUnicorn You can answer it and opt to not engage when challenged about it and you have no intention of changing your answer.
Then you can flag the comments as "no longer necessary" because to you..they aren't. And it's your answer.
Would it be possible for the comments on my answer to be cleared, the same way @Rubiksmoose did for the other post?
@SamsyTheUnicorn Which one? :)
Oh, nevermind, you've already done it, thanks
2:19 PM
Oh good lol.
I tried to create a discussion, but the one click thing for it wasn't showing up.
I'm trying to work my way through all the flags here and get my bearings a bit.
@SamsyTheUnicorn Yeah it only shows up when comments match some sort of pattern that triggers the algorithm.
^ THat pattern is usually Persons A/B/A/B/A/B, but if you get person C, then it resets (i think)
Oh, is there not any reputation-locked feature to do that?
Would be useful for users who spot things like this popping up.
@SamsyTheUnicorn chrome on desktop, also, buddy.
2:23 PM
Hmm, no idea what's causing it then, does it persist after another check of the page?
yea, I've tried clearing cache and everything.
I don't know how to fix that then.
@NautArch That is my impression as well.
well, I know how to fix the symptom: replace the <br> with a linebreak (as in


and this)
but I'm not sure why the problem exists
@SamsyTheUnicorn It's one of the more popular feature requests actually (I'll see if I can dig up the link later) and IIRC SE does say they are trying to work on something for it.
2:27 PM
Both the HTML style linebreak and a double space are different things, it would add an additional line to the post for users not receiving the same issue. @goodguy5
I wonder what the intended behavior is...
@Rubiksmoose wanna move that out-of-thread comment back into the chat thread?
@NautArch I posted a Screenshot of the comment in the thread
@SamsyTheUnicorn You didn't waste the answer; I like it.
The OP seems to be hooked on the idea that a dissenting interpretation of the rules is no longer valid as an interpretation and is instead "DM Fiat" or "Fudged", or any other thing synonymous with "not RAW/RAI"
2:31 PM
@KorvinStarmast yeah. worth keeping in mind that other users who are not the argumentative OP may still come across your answer and find it useful
@NautArch I am mulling over dropping the dupe hammer, but I am not sure which previous question (we have many) on this site this is all a dupe of. I think your instinct is correct.
@NautArch Would love to. Unfortunately there is no easy way to move comments into a chat after the first one.
@Rubiksmoose I thought as much which is why I posted the screenshot of the comment.
Yeah it would be quite lovely if I could.
@KorvinStarmast the post in question is this one: https://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/157794/when-attacking-while-hidden-what-does-it-mean-to-give-away-your-location/157956#157956
I flagged it up earlier but had to remove my flag to flag the post up as needing moderator attention.
2:44 PM
@SamsyTheUnicorn It appears that I am unable to find the one of many questions on hide/stealth that all of this is a dupe of. I'll try again later.
It's kinda weird, to me. The devs apparently wanted to avoid hide abuse by rogues and in so doing wrote up some "spaghetti code" rules that require the reader to go to a bunch of different places in the book to put together a coherent picture.
It's alright, the OP has essentially just admitted that they were looking for an answer that agreed with them by answering the question themselves...
Absolutely done with this user now, has just muddied the puddles for any users looking for a genuine answer to their question.
@SamsyTheUnicorn I'm sorry you had such a frustrating experience FWIW
@KorvinStarmast Yeah the hiding/stealth rules being scattered is simply bizarre and really bad.
I just hope my answers on their self-gratifying questions bring some help to the other users on this site.
@SamsyTheUnicorn I'm sure they will.
They're good answers.
FWIW, I am going to delete the comment of yours under there answer. The first part is fine, but the second half comes across as aggressive in an impolite way to me. And, practically, would likely only spur more interactions with that user.
@SamsyTheUnicorn I like the step by step approach that you take,
2:58 PM
@SamsyTheUnicorn If it helps at all to ease your frustration, when an answer is self-accepted it is never pinned to the top and is instead sorted by votes. So as long as there are higher rated answers to the question it won't be sorted to the top.
@Rubiksmoose I mean, they did just violate the entire purpose of the site, just so they could confirm their own belief. I don't know a polite way to tell them that, especially the way I feel right now.
I didn't know that about the self-answered posts, so that does bring me some relief.
@SamsyTheUnicorn Well self-answer questions are entirely allowed and even encouraged. So I wouldn't really go that far.
I fear you might be personally investing a bit too much in this particular question
We even have a lot of great examples of self-answered questions here.
@SamsyTheUnicorn But yeah, if you don't know a polite way to say something, it is better not to say anything. Especially in the heat of the moment. :)
@Rubiksmoose I know they're allowed, but are they not pushed for if you genuinely have an answer that will benefit future people with the same question more, I don't see that answer they posted as more beneficial for them, not even in a way that I'm salty my answer wasn't chosen, because there was an accepted answer before, but more so due to there being many more answers I see as a better answer
3:03 PM
@SamsyTheUnicorn Sure, I get that and trust me I completely understand what you're feeling. I've been in that exact place before.
@SamsyTheUnicorn I mean, ultimately users are allowed to decide for themselves which answer they feel is most useful to them.
Sometimes they're wrong about that. =P
But that is how the stack [is intended to] work.
@KorvinStarmast THat's why It's complicated. They feel like they would known these kinds of things, and It's difficult to argue against that :P
@Xirema I know, it's just added insult to injury when that answer is their own.
That's how the site works. Whether or not an answer is accepted, the community can give feedback on it via upvotes and downvotes. If a bad answer is accepted, then many downvotes may indicate that it's bad.
@Carcer I'm invested in it quite literally because I spent time and effort into responses between two posts to try and clarify a rule, only to be indirectly insulted when they label my answers as Fudged rules, or Houserules, because they don't match their perception of the rules when my answers were addressing a subjective rule with abidance to RAW
I feel like there shouldn't be such thing as too invested, my issue is that I've been left infuriated by the exchange, which is why I moved myself here, out of direct reach of the user.
3:10 PM
At least you can walk away being slightly more well-informed about the rules in question
@MikeQ And clearly wrong accepted answers tend to attract a lot more downvotes. We've had several cases where particularly bad accepted answers were downvoted into oblivion.
And in some cases, downvoted into Morrowind
@MikeQ lol
@SamsyTheUnicorn That whole question was pretty vexing to me as well. I was strongly tempted to reply with "Have you seriously never hidden from anyone?" but that probably wouldn't have helped.
@MikeQ Aye, you are right, I learned loads about Stealth and tactical ways to hide from creatures from writing that answer, my next Rogue will be a thing to fear.
3:14 PM
@SamsyTheUnicorn Honestly, even after writing several answers on the topic (I think) I'm pretty sure I still don't fully understand it.
@MarkWells Wait, do you not live in an anime world? Where you can hide behind anything?
@MarkWells I do feel sorry for the fact that you, NautArch and a few other users who made the their case across the User's posts have been neglected here, you'll all serve well examples for future users with the same questions but different intentions.
I'm still not sure if it was a basic conceptual misapprehension (like ascribing a significance to "hiding" that it shouldn't have) or if the OP just has a frustrating communication style.
@SamsyTheUnicorn as a reminder, they can technically get you here.
@Rubiksmoose I think the main issue with the Stealth rules is that they're sparse because it's quite subjective and context heavy, which is why the rules point to the DM to decide on various factors like whether the player is seen or not.
@goodguy5 Ah, I know that, but seeing as they prefer discussions across comment threads, I'm assuming they won't venture to the blessed lands of "RPG General"
@SamsyTheUnicorn There may be many times here where you (or other users) spend time and effort constructing a comprehensive answer, and not get positive feedback on it. Try not to take it personally.
3:18 PM
@SamsyTheUnicorn Right, which is troublesome for someone with an overly literal approach. The only rule that actually says you give away your position is the one about attacking; therefore there's literally no other way to give away your position.
@SamsyTheUnicorn Heh, I have had the same experience a few times, and I got all grumpy. Thankfully, Rubiksmoose (who was engaging with the same uswer under the question) asked me if I was upset with Rubik ... and I wasn't, but the grumpiness had grown so that I was being grumpy across the board. At that time like that it is good to diesngage.
I think there's a question on it here, but I can't find it

Do we have a distinction between dm ruling and dm fiat?
@MikeQ I know, that is a skill I'm working on, it's very difficult for me as I see my work, be it homebrew, general, or answers I'm proud of here like my breakdown of the Stealth rules, as extensions of myself due to the effort I put in them.
I acknowledge that it's a flaw, but one I'm working on.
@SamsyTheUnicorn For sure. I think my practical issue with them is all the different places you have to look to even get a full context on them.
@Helwar Rather than argue against it, which I can usually do as GM, it is IMO much quicker to offer 'hey, let's let the dice decide' and roll a Nature or History or Arcana check. A lot of players find that a bit more fair since the dice are neutral, albeit fickle.
You could even do a group check on that, per the group check rules in the PHB/Basic Rules.
3:20 PM
@Rubiksmoose Agreed, there should at the very least be a mention of the other relevant rules, as most people seeing the Hide action won't see the Hiding rule.
Just for the fun of it, here's a SEDE Query modified to list the top scoring self-answers on our site
But yes, often people ask questions hoping to be told that their view is the correct one. Maybe they'll fight back when another user openly disagrees. As an anonymous answerer on the internet, there's not much we can do about that.
@KorvinStarmast Oh, I guess I was lost in translation here. That's what I meant with "it's hard to argue", it's an idiom here. Meaning "Why would you even want to argue", more or less. My bad :)
@SamsyTheUnicorn They are extensions of yourself. You are pointing at a corner of the world and saying "this needs some me." And it's not exactly a flaw.
@Sdjz cool, I'd forgotten I had one on that list.
3:22 PM
@MikeQ Are you talking about me? I feel like you're talking about me... That's why whenever I want to post a question, I let it sit for a few days... If I do ask right away I ofter discover later that I was asking for validation rather than for fair ruling
@Helwar No, that was a response to @SamsyTheUnicorn
@Helwar That too. :)
@MikeQ I know I know haha. I was joking about me doing that (asking for validation) too often. I know you where talking with @SamsyTheUnicorn :)
@Sdjz oh wow, I have more self-answered Qs here than I remembered.
Whether it's "validate my interpretation of these rules" or "validate that I'm right in this dispute with another player", sometimes the asker isn't open to dissenting views. Sometimes they are. Ultimately it's up to them. Don't get too invested.
3:28 PM
@Rubiksmoose As we get older we do tend to talk to ourselves, do we not? 8^D
Unless that user happens to be another player at your table, their opinions don't really affect you. Let them be wrong. As far as you know, they're not even real. No reason to get in a fight against some text on a website.
@KorvinStarmast hahaha. Too true. Or to my cats.
@Rubiksmoose Be careful what you talk to them about! Cats want to take over the world!
@MikeQ As far as I know this whole chat room is a sophisticated chatbot made specifically to keep me amused
Jul 15 at 16:26, by MikeQ
As far as any of us know, we're all bots
3:34 PM
See, you found that quote from 2015 just a bit too fast...
As someone who works in CS, I can assure you you're not bots
I am a bot
@PierreCathé in his defense, it was a quote from himself.
Cause bots would love the hell of arguing back and forth eternally over the ru... Oh
robot war
3:37 PM
I lost connection while in transit long enough for chat to become:
"do users dream of electric dice"
@SamsyTheUnicorn He was rebooting
yes we do
Anyway I don't care what you are as long as you keep helping me when I need rpg help
also I've been going through and designing minis
I personnaly prefer acoustic dice
gtg, don't get too weird
3:40 PM
Oh wow, imagine if you had dice that instead of making an irritating dice roll noise, instead had little things inside them and were hollow enough that they made pleasant little acoustic "bong"s
that would be interesting. problem is that I actually like the sound of rolling dice
That's also onomatopoeia, not a noun, don't get the wrong idea, although I imagine acoustic instruments and the noun have a lengthy history.
@Gwideon I kinda get that, they just ring in my ear the wrong way, almost like it hurts, there's a name for that sort of thing but I forgot it.
any bong is acoustic if not jooked up to an amplifier
I got d6s that are spherical, with a cube inside of them, they make an interesting noise when rolled
@PierreCathé amateur. get a d6 with a d6 inside
3:42 PM
i have a spherical d6 and a d6 inside a d6
@PierreCathé A friend sent me a video with some d20s with glittery liquid inside
so hah i have you both beat
@Rubiksmoose mad translation skills
@PierreCathé It helped immensely that the actual question was in English though lol.
@SamsyTheUnicorn Have you seen LARP rings?
3:47 PM
@BESW Are those the spinney rings with numbers on them that LARPers use?
Yup! I'm pretty sure some of them make nice noises.
When I was in primary school I used to sit behind someone who was given fidget toys, I won't assume why, but they all spun and made very loud noises, so I might hate the noise now because of that.
@SamsyTheUnicorn Those are cool. Expensive, but cool
I really like this text!
That's a good message. Missing "help" from "might help others find that one"
Hey, that's me! :)
And thanks, I guess
3:58 PM
It is!
Thank you.
you're welcome, and thank you for writing that!
It feels much more welcoming to newbies than the old just flagging and closing the question
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