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12:00 AM
Or more accurately,... That he would freaking level drain the hell out of a guy we already smaked around a lot
@nitsua60 1960s British TV show Adam Adamant Lives!, in which a James Bond kind of character is frozen in 1902 and wakes up in 1966.
@trogdor No, I did not expect that.
@BESW So how futuristic is a 1996 from the 1960s?
Sorry, typo.
@BESW fair enough
What was going to be our obstacle assuming we had not killed the Archon?
Unless you don't remember
I wouldn't blame you XD
It was going to be a series of fetch-quest tasks to help the warlock set up the ritual of ensoulment.
The obstacle would be the "hero" party that's trying to stop the warlock.
12:04 AM
Ah ok
Our version was a lot cooler.
He certainly made it more interesting then
You could say we all sort of collaborated on the direction of that story without actually having decided to
Despite D&D lacking mechanics for that
@BESW Ah, nvm.
All I'll say is, that that necromancer better have been really happy he made a free willex undead
@nitsua60 Yeah, not that cool.
12:12 AM
Because he really needed someone vetting all those bad ideas he had
But it was interesting to see a 1960s show that directly, head-on, addressed how far they'd come in the last 50 years (Adam was really really sexist and the show knew it) but also talked about the "good old days" in a rather oblivious way.
I wouldn't say it was a good show, but it was interesting and sometimes fun--but also sometimes did things like an episode full of yellowface.
Fun for the whole family
Causal racism included
No money back
12:33 AM
I especially like seeing it in the context of being a contemporary of Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Mission: Impossible.
Why do you like that?
Because they compare favorably to it?
12:57 AM
How goes the day period
It's pretty good, Stop.
How was yours, Stop.
I had to read that twice... I was like "Why is he asking me to stop? I just said hello..."
I just thought I would try telegram communication
Seems it isn't a hit anymore
No I got it the second time haha
I was a little afraid you would think I was telling you to stop
That's why I added the second line
And why I was ready to say what I was doing
1:11 AM
Contingency plans always help haha
I probably have too many
Then again every once in a while I need one so
There is that
Well, that's what the shower is for. Planning out arguments, how to diffuse or dodge surprise missile attacks out of an alley, and existentialism.
1:26 AM
The middle one doesn't happen for me but the other two are spot on
Also, none of the arguments I have planned out in the shower ever actually happen
@nitsua60 Ok, I'll ponder a bit. Been committing Mosquito Genocide in our yard with chem warfare. Will follow up in the AM.
@trogdor This is always the case. But that's the idea - it's a contingency plan
@KorvinStarmast Don't get your genocide all over my existentialism please :P
@KorvinStarmast Always fun
@Ben the plan always calls for someone else starting it
Maybe I should have been a lawyer
1:30 AM
@trogdor Exactly. But I think they always know that I've been preparing for it, and they already know they're going to lose, so they quit while they're ahead.
Oop there's the existentialism again, guess lawyer wouldn't have mattered on a cosmic scale
@Ben lol
I was gonna say that one
No one wants to fight the most prepared guy
Exactly. That's why wizards live to be so old
Except when they don't
But yeah
Well, I mean when you compare the ratio of Old Warlocks vs Old Wizards
hey there @KorvinStarmast
2:27 AM
@Rubiksmoose Why do you think he chose 1200 AD as his cut off. We have Renaissance technology in the game officially as plating weapons in silver required a process that wasn't developed until the 1700s (before that any weapons incorporating silver would just be some sort of mixed metal that does not fit the description of silvering)
@DavidCoffron Maybe because of the Renaissance?
That's generally considered to be the end of the "Middle Ages", I think?
@DavidCoffron I don't think its a real...substantiable answer anyway
@Ben Yeah, but we have post-Renaissance tech in the game so his claim seems very uninformed
@DavidCoffron No, I agree with that. Lol. I'm just saying that's likely why he chose 1200
(sorry for that knee-jerk adjective)
2:33 AM
One could do a mechanical (forge welded) silvering process to a weapon well before the 1700s I reckon
it wouldn't be as uniform or as clean if you will as chemical/electrochemical plating processes
And there is a whole section in the DMG, as you noted on how to incorporate Lazer Guns... so yeah.
@Shalvenay I mean probably but it wasn't done.
They instead would melt down the metals together and just do a forging with the mixture
@DavidCoffron so an alloy process, interesting
@Shalvenay It wasn't a very good allow proccess (usually had visible demarkations and sometimes obvious lines between the metals) but yeah
Here is a quote I found from someone (not a reliable source but he describes it well:
> The old-fashioned way of doing this was melting the metals together (e.g., a copper dining-utensil with a silver ingot, or, more realistically, two thin layers of copper and silver, held adjacent to one another and exposed to melting temperature). The resultant blend, though visually ‘mixed’ (obviously two different metals striped, plated, or intermingled), behaved as one metal from that point onward.
I also wonder if an all-chemical plating process was figured out previously, but was lost to history
2:41 AM
@Shalvenay shrug who knows. Both modern-day China and Arabia had a lot of technology that was destroyed during wars and invasions or just lost to time.
@DavidCoffron there also weren't actual werewolves around that needed slaying. [citation needed]
@DavidCoffron exactly.
@nitsua60 Hahaha. Underworld begs to differ (a series I wish ended better, because it was one of my favorites)
@nitsua60 You can ask Keanu Reeves. He was there
@nitsua60 uh excuuuuse me there were plenty of werewolves
2:43 AM
They just died out, just like all the witches and vampires
@trogdor I thought it was the International Magical Secrecy Order of 1609 (or whatever) that hushed everything up?
@trogdor Nah witches are still around. They saw how stupid the "How to Identify a Witch" guides were and just adapted.
covers @nitsua60 in cute werewolf puppies
2:45 AM
@nitsua60 hey! You can't talk about that! It's illegal
@Ben lol
@Shalvenay Wait... Werewolf puppies? How does that work
@DavidCoffron mommy werewolf and daddy werewolf get together and have a litter? XD
You really should fix your werewolves
@trogdor That is kinda like... eugenics... right?
We don't want there to be strays
@DavidCoffron yes,.... Unfortunately I have to admit that is very much what that is like
2:48 AM
@Shalvenay Wait. How many children does the mother have? Does it matter which form? Does the fetus change form during transformation?
@Shalvenay [Druid vomits a swarm of cute werewolf puppies]
@DavidCoffron eewww
@DavidCoffron heheheh, good questions :) I've usually envisioned werewolf puppies in hybrid form, myself
Really I wish you didn't create the image of an unborn kid shapshifting
@DavidCoffron Have you not seen Underworld? That's how Lycans came about
2:49 AM
That is just,.... Wow
@trogdor I mean comparing litter sizes it still doesn't make sense. Does the 1-2 unborn human children become 5-8 unborn canid children?
I think Sanctuary actually brought that up
@DavidCoffron Well, there's no saying that werewolves have litters
@DavidCoffron I'd think it'd be somewhere in the 1-3 range -- so kinda like humans, but with an increased frequency of twins/triplets
There was a werewolf lady who was having a kid and she couldn't shapeshift or she would hurt it
2:51 AM
Technically werewolves are still humans. Cursed humans, but still human
Otherwise the world really would be overrun by werewolves
Either that or Van Helsing's legacy is really holding up the bar
@trogdor Yeah. It said they didn't transform during pregnancy (body entered some sort of hormonal shut-down mode), and if they did it caused irreparable damage or death in the fetus
There you go
Honestly that is the most realistic answer
Despite werewolves not being realistic
I mean.... we can try
You mean make some werewolves?
@DavidCoffron I'm in!
2:54 AM
That's probably against the Geneva convention
@trogdor hehehe. No make the more realistic sounding
When do we start
@Ben War crimes it is then
Oh no! The little bumper thing on my laptop lid came off
Ok... so the plan:
1. Start a war
2. Learn biochemistry
3. Figure out how fusing DNA works
4. Make Dogmen as a test
5. Step it up to werewolves
2:56 AM
Q: How could a wolf-man be explained without magic?

ShalvenayThe legends of lycanthropes go back eons; while they have changed over time, a common modern expression of them is of an infected or cursed human that is given the power to transform into a wolf and/or a hybrid canid-humanoid form either willingly or when triggered by certain events (anger, full ...

^^ re: the above conversation
@Shalvenay This seems a bit nay-sayer
It's called a ly-CAN-thrope
@Shalvenay Is it just me or does the second answer there read like a cliff-notes version of the first?
not a ly-CAN'T-thrope :P
@Ben :P
3:18 AM
I like the InCryptid version, where lycanthropy is a form of rabies that evolved to infect natural shapeshifters, then jumped to non-shapeshifters.
And since it's forcing shapeshifting on creatures whose biology isn't designed for it, werewolves are confused, in a LOT of pain, and very hungry (because of all the energy shapeshifting takes)... and the physical trauma of being re-made over and over usually kills them within a few months.
@BESW ye-owch
@Shalvenay Lycanthropy is one of only two cryptid threats that everyone, across all alliances and faction lines, agrees needs to be nuked from orbit the instant it's detected, regardless of collateral damage.
@BESW universal vaccination time
(The other is a race of psychopathic telepaths from another dimension who are so powerful at clouding peoples' minds that you're lucky to even notice one before it's turned you into a mental slave.)
(They inherit psychopathy from the parents before they're born, because of the mental bond; the only known non-psychopathic ones are from the line of a mutant who never developed the ability to read other peoples' thoughts.)
@Shalvenay If they knew of a vaccine, that might work--but it'd require trust across faction lines that just doesn't exist, since at least one faction has the sole goal of wiping out all the others.
@BESW ick.
3:43 AM
@Shalvenay We can't even make that happen with regular diseases, so...yeah.
@Miniman yeah, I was thinking on the 'eradicating smallpox" level, but I'm not sure if we'll ever be able to pull that feat off again with anything else
@Shalvenay Sadly, it seems pretty unlikely.
Universal as in works on all infectable life?
@trogdor I think he means universal as in applied globally.
But yeah, the "all infectable life" bit is a kicker because lycanthropy works on pretty much any mammal larger than a medium-size dog (smaller than that and you just sort of turn inside out at the first full moon).
For both situations
3:57 AM
@BESW yeah,.. that would be an especially terrifying disease
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Url in title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, blacklisted website in title, +4 more: www.bluesupplement.com/maximum-power-xl/ by user46847 on rpg.SE (@doppelgreener)
4:26 AM
@SmokeDetector oh that's just tasteless, Don't Tell greener about a blue supplement
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7:24 AM
@rdonoghue I would say that for new players in Fate, tie the first big milestone to checking off this list of Fate achievements. (In other words, reward for system mastery.) https://www.dropbox.com/s/fb3jv42v36jzvv4/Fate%20Achievements.pdf?dl=0
2 hours later…
9:02 AM
9:19 AM
Today I have used the phrase "AND THEN THE FAIRIES CAME," so it wasn't all bad.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website in body, potentially bad ns for domain in body: what is keto go? by greizman5969 on rpg.SE (@doppelgreener)
@BESW That is a life achievement
When I'm telling stories, sometimes people are distracted, or they don't get it, so I just say "then a dragon swooped in!"
They still don't get it
One of my players/GMs has a slightly lewd phrase for "are you even listening" purposes
We heard that quite often when one of our players started "multitasking" Hearthstone.
(scare quotes because it's actually single-tasking Hearthstone while supposedly playing RPGs)
9:42 AM
I've been getting a lot of upvotes on old answers again. I like to think there's some secret cabal that randomly picks some answers of mine and then goes "yessss, that is goooood" and assigns their agents to upvote.
@kviiri Well, a new answer of yours might inspire someone to look through your old ones
I suspected someone might've linked it to chat, but I guess it's more likely someone linked it on some forum or to their table.
Oh, multiple upvotes on the same old answer?
Two old answers, but way more on one.
10:01 AM
Last week Fred Hicks tweeted a (not complementary) link to RPG.SE and suddenly I was getting a handful of upvotes every day.
10:22 AM
@BESW he dislikes RPG.SE?
It doesn't mesh super well with Fate Q&A, and he was linking to an accepted, upvoted answer that was outright wrong.
fair enough there
go figure you still got positive traffic though
how recent was it?
@BESW Is this something we can/should do something about?
I actually had some stray rep the past couple weeks
@doppelgreener My thoughts exactly
10:29 AM
On the one hand we're not responsible for what someone else accepts that provides them with a solution, but on the other hand if we're prioritising bad advice for the next 10,000 readers then something's wrong.
regarding this question is "4e" in the title enough for us to assume that this is a dnd 4e question? I'm assuming it probably isn't
@doppelgreener I personally hold the "accept" tickbox in some contempt anyway...
It's definitely not an automatic metric for answer usefulness
It might mean the question poster got a satisfactory answer but not necessarily more than that
the point isn't what some of us in chat think of it,... the point is that the site as a whole might take that to mean that is the definite right answer
or at least some percentage of people
10:56 AM
Yeah well, "satisfactory for the original asker" isn't necessarily a good thing by any metric
"This is how the rules work amirite?" and then there's two answers, one providing a good reasoning to the contrary and the other essentially saying "yes that's exactly so and your GM is a poo-poo head for even suggesting otherwise"...
I agree that it doesn't mean "this is actually guaranteed a good answer"
but what I am saying is, not everyone on the site is going to think of that too
But what does it actually mean, then? Is it information worth conveying to the average visitor who doesn't have a clue about how SE works?
that's a good question
I couldn't answer that by myself
it seems like the site would have to vote on that, or the owners/ and or mods would have to make some decision
maybe both/all three of those things
I wonder if disabling accepted answers would be technically possible for a SE site.
(well, possible sure, but feasible...)
I mean apparently someone thought it was useful
the way I have understood it has always been that it just specifically meant the asker got the answer they were looking for
but that the point of the answers were for everyone to see them
so other answers are still good as long as they aren't just completely wrong or something like that
11:05 AM
@trogdor I mean, even if we voted about whether accepting answers should stay or go, could the site administration do anything to disable the feature
I think accepting answers has more valid uses in other stacks though
@kviiri It does have issues sometimes on our site
@kviiri There's a feature-request on MSE for this sort of thing.
But it also has issues on stack overflow, where at least there is usually a verifiably correct solution... but sometimes someone accepts the verifiably correct extremely bad idea solution
@Secespitus [updoots it]
11:26 AM
> Final warning: If you would want to apply all of the above, please allow sufficient time between applications as mixing the vitriol with the Potassium Cyanide will generate Hydrogen Cyanide: a gas smelling of nice raw almonds that kills any oxygen-breathing life-form on Earth within seconds!
^ and that is from a reply to a "how can I remove black mold" question on Lifehacks
(yep, the answer does indeed suggest Potassium Cyanide as a mold-removal tool)
@kviiri I think there is a meta request for that.
@kviiri yeah it seems like it would require at least a lot of code
11:45 AM
Q: Who moderates the moderators?

Chaz IIWhy do moderators ban people from posting the truth? Are false notions more valuable than integrity? Every time I try to correct a false answer with a direct quote from the book, I am deleted by the moderator who posted the false answer. Why cant he just be a man, admit he is wrong and apologize ...

12:20 PM
Okay, the fresh dadman dropped out of our 7th Sea :< a bit of a bummer, but this'll simplify scheduling quite a lot.
@TheOracle just closed this as unclear... not completely sure that was the right thing to do. Readers please don't be shy about telling me if you think I've got it wrong. (cc: @doppelgreener)
@nitsua60 I think you're in the right here, if they have a complaint they should provide the necessary information to understand what their complaint is about. In this case, examples of the behavior. Even if we can guess what the issue is (and I think the answers have the best guess), it is still just a guess and if the asker isn't willing to provide basic information then it seems unproductive to just encourage speculation in the answers.
eh just realized I essentially just repeated what your comment said. tl;dr I agree (for all that is worth).
@nitsua60 The one thing I might add though is that given this user's apparent confusion with how even basic features work here, I'm not sure if you wanted to explain what "flag" means in this case and how to do it.
Nah. They can ask if they're really stuck. I'm writing that(those) comment(s) really with the larger reader-base in mind. A person who, a year from now, is self-acclimating and reading all sorts of metas shouldn't see that one open, and should see some explanation as to why.
@Shalvenay Oops, sorry I missed you, must have kept the page open while I was doing something else. Hope all's well.
12:37 PM
@nitsua60 Cool. I don't really expect the user to come back anyways honestly.
In all honesty, I think the downvoted answer that user seems to have agreed with isn't as bad as the votes'd imply.
@kviiri I didn't bother poking around to see what they might be talking about.
@kviiri It didn't seem like the worst, but it is 4e so I have no knowledge of the system.
I'll have to give it to 5e, that even while I prefer 4e, 5e has much more elegance in its rules. Less fiddly logic here and there, more consistency all over.
12:51 PM
I think this question can be reopened
I really don't think the core question was all that bad honestly.
@nitsua60 I won't object with that. I think it's clear what incident they're referring to, but I can only do that because of diamond stuff.
It's not unreasonable to expect them to be a bit more clear for the remaining everyone-except-four-of-us members of the community.
It does look like mxyzplk has edited the info into the main question body now fwiw.
Probably not how the OP would've put it, but it's accurate.
@nitsua60 I did a modest poke. Having read Oblivious Sage's answer from a few years ago, and Brian's, and the user's answer to own question marked as a dupe, I am unclear at the desire to re open the can of worms five years later as Seven noted. The Meta question seems to be an expression of frustration.
@kviiri I think there are a few questions here at RPG.SE on 5e that try to sort out damage typing/types, but most of the time the damage type is clear.
@doppelgreener to say the least lol
1:06 PM
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, it's much less messy in 5e like many other things
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, messaging number in answer, pattern-matching email in answer: Does a spellcaster lose their skill proficiencies when viewing through their familiar? by peter james on rpg.SE (@doppelgreener)
@kviiri ...consistency?
@Miniman Yes. Things tend to resolve neatly with advantage/disadvantage and proficiency
And resistances are all the same half-damage.
1:23 PM
The thing is...it's only consistent for the simple cases.
@Miniman Mostly. The only DR that I am aware of is Heavy Armor Master. I think there are no other DR in 5e.
It's like a program that only works when you use it exactly like the user story.
@Miniman Isn't the majority of play simple cases? Hmm, that might be hard to answer, now that I think about it.
@Miniman Do note I'm comparing to 4e :)
@KorvinStarmast Yes. But someone wrote Warding Bond, and apparently didn't think about what resistance would mean for it at all.
And that's not exactly an edge case.
1:25 PM
@Miniman Hmm, I think that was one of my first questions.
@KorvinStarmast And it's a doozy XD
I still don't really know what the answer is.
I think that the "order of operations" logic is covered somewhere ... ah, maybe that was an SA tweet..
Sorry, yeah. I should've said I don't know what the answer is as far as the rules are concerned.
Now it's bugging me. There is a logical train of reduction/resistance from either the rules or a dev, and I can't put my finger on it. I thought I had saved it as a text file.
NVM, there it is in your answer. DR first then resistance applied.
1:42 PM
Q: How should I split/improve this question so it is not too broad?

SdjzI want to ask a question on the main site. This is the current draft: How does Time Stop interact with the duration of other spells? When someone casts Time Stop (in this case an Archmage), they take turns while everyone else is stopped in time: You briefly stop the flow of tim...

1:53 PM
@Rubiksmoose Is it opinion-based, though? Although I guess if you've run something similar at your table you could answer and then it wouldn't be opinion.
@NautArch Why would it be?
@Rubiksmoose Because integrating non-standard items seems very table-specific?
@NautArch I edited it to ask what the rules say about integrating modern tech intocharacters. If it is table specific and you need to ask a DM and there are no rules for it then that is your answer isn't it?
Ask your DM =/= opinion based
@Rubiksmoose "ask your DM" isn't opinion -based. But "here's how I"d do it" unless theyactually did it?
@Rubiksmoose reopened
if people think i've gone mad it can get closed again
1:58 PM
@doppelgreener not mutually exclusive
@NautArch correct, they can also leave it open if they think i've gone mad
@NautArch but if people answer here's how I'd do it outside of the rules without backing it up then their answer in not following guidelines but it doesn't necessarily mean the question is bad.
@Rubiksmoose True, I didn't downvote, though (and don't think it's a bad question)
yeah that's on the answers
trying to emulate fictional characters is absolutely a thing
2:02 PM
I have an interesting conundrum for y'all, if you're up for it.
@DrRDizzle Is this the one about a mallard with a cold?
I've been DMing a campaign recently, and one of the "arcs" has ended with one of my players being arrested. It's an arrest rooted in his backstory, and the next "arc" will see the group attempting to prove his innocence.
@DrRDizzle Perry Mason style? or Columbo? or are these references too old?
The problem is that story-wise, the next session HAS to involve the people who arrested him transferring him from one side of my fictional continent to the other, and while I have story information/new characters to introduce to the rest of the party during the journey... well, I don't have anything for the character who has actually been arrested to do until the very end of the session.
Does anyone know how I can make being held in chains interesting for a player?
You might want to furnish the player with an NPC for the session or have little vignettes for the imprisoned player throughout the session that have a meaningful impact on the outcome.
2:04 PM
@NautArch I'm actually pretty sad that this got downvoted and closed instead of implementing an easy fix. In addition getting stuck with a 100% incorrect answer.
@ColinGross I know Columbo! "One more thing..."
It's a split party situation, and those are rarely ever good during quests. Generally, only split during downtime.
@Rubiksmoose Agreed - and it's a pretty simple thing to even allow/do. It's purely fluff for the character.
portable magic mouth?
gave him an upvote to help ease the pain
@ColinGross Technically, I'd consider most of this downtime. There will only be one true encounter, and I intend to free the character in question for that so that he can take part. The problem is that until that encounter, he's just going to be sitting there bored.
@DrRDizzle This doesn't seem like downtime activities to me. This seems like there is a clear goal with clear problems to be solved. Along the way there are adventures and interactions to be had to overcome the obstacles and achieve the goal.
That seems very much like a side quest at least.
It's not baking bread, studying a new language, going to market, or carousing.
2:08 PM
Well, it's not like the party are trying to free him. They know he has to see trial. They're just accompanying the people who arrested him as they travel.
@DrRDizzle I concur that is something to be avoided.
The "have him play an NPC" idea isn't bad at all.
@DrRDizzle A boring travel part that excludes a player? breeze over it with a short montage or description and get to the meat faster.
@DrRDizzle Make sure the player is invested in playing the NPC well. Give the NPC a goal, ideal, flaw, and ability. Make sure the player understands that playing the NPC well has an effect on the outcome or make it obvious.
@ColinGross It won't be boring (at least, not if I play it right). It's going to contain at least a few conversations, the introduction of important characters for the new arc and then eventually, a combat encounter that I can involve said player in. It's important, I'm just struggling to find a way to include player until said combat encounter.
@ColinGross I think I might have a candidate, actually. They were already going to be joined by allies on the journey at some point, so he might be able to play one of them.
Sounds like you've got a plan.
2:12 PM
Thanks for the help!
2:27 PM
@NautArch As did I. The answer could use a revision now that "appropriate" is no longer in the question.
2:46 PM
Now that the party composition is edited in, can the rakshasa question be reopened? I have a two part answer in mind, but am not sure if the question is tight enough. Maybe needs more "can this party beat this monster" as the actual question?
3:12 PM
@BESW o/
@KorvinStarmast As it is, I think it is still POB. The actual question should be changed. While your idea would work, I am not sure the OP wants an answer to that.
am I alone here :(
3:36 PM
@TheMaskedRebel We are all alone.
@Rubiksmoose hey
@Rubiksmoose :D
@TheMaskedRebel howdy :)
@Rubiksmoose Do you like playing RPG's
@TheMaskedRebel I do! Otherwise I'd probably be fairly unhappy here lol.
(I just sent you an invite to an RPG room)
3:40 PM
This is a room for an RPG text battle
@TheMaskedRebel This is also a room for an RPG text battle. You thought it was RPG <General Chat> but it's actually <RPG General> Chat.
@Yuuki Cool, what games do you play
These days, mostly just D&D every now and then.
3:55 PM
I do miss being a GM. I haven't done any D&D in over a year now. I should browse roll20 for a game or something.
@doppelgreener o/
@Yuuki It's the chat for the RPG General. Not as high-ranking as the RPG Field Marshal but higher ranking than the RPG Colonel.
@TheMaskedRebel o/
Also for clarity: someone on the Game Dev stack also made a lightweight D&D-like chat-oriented RPG.
@KorvinStarmast o/
@Szega I have two different ideas in mind; one is "change the monster" and the other is "how the party can beat this" but since he has not asked that directly, I am not sure answering in that vein is all that good other than as a challenge to the frame of the question. The last element is the old CR comparison ... and the fact that the DM put themselves into this position by picking a rakshasa. My last solution would be a separate answer ...
@TheMaskedRebel fwiw, you may just want to extend a general invitation to all our members instead of trying to recruit one-by-one (if that is your intent).
4:09 PM
@Rubiksmoose How would I do thaat
@Szega my last idea is how to run a non lethal encounter with that monster ... but that is a separate answer and we are now still in idea generation territory
@TheMaskedRebel Howdy, what's up?
@TheMaskedRebel Just pop in when it is busy and post a general invite with your pitch. Maybe if people think it is useful and of general interest they might star your message and it will appear on the board for a while.
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, the situation is always salvageable, but a question asking for ideas on that is close-worthy here
@KorvinStarmast I'm trying to recruit some members to play an RPG
@TheMaskedRebel at the moment, I cannot offer up the time to do so, but thank you for the kind invite.
@Szega Yeah, I see the situation, but I think the best answer is "you picked the monster, as the DM you don't have to kill the party" or a variation of that. But someone may have a brilliant answer ... so scoping the question needs a bit of work.
4:17 PM
@KorvinStarmast The main problem is that we do not know what the querent actually wants us to do
4:28 PM
Does anyone want to play a D&D style rpg that can be played in chat.
And here is the room anyone who is interested can go to : chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/79820/rpg-chat-game-meta
4:48 PM
Hello folks.
How are you folks doing?
@AVeryLargeBear o/
@TheMaskedRebel Howdy o/
4:59 PM
just dandy. you?
Can't complain :)
Doing well. Followed a link into here.
how are you doing AVeryLargeBear
@TheMaskedRebel I am quite well, and yourself?
@FreezePhoenix I'm sorry I think all the Links are probably in the arqade SE ;)
5:00 PM
pretty well, thank you
@Rubiksmoose ..... that took me an unreasonably long time to get
@doppelgreener In your defense, that pun was inside a clay pot you had to break.
@ColinGross Which is why we know doppel is not a true hero of time. True heroes of time break every fragile container upon entering any given room.
5:18 PM
@Rubiksmoose I break them by heat stress.
I'm just Green Link. Which is like Dark Link, but instead green.
Or I break the pot by finding the square root of its inverse.
Convince the pot it is not a pot, but in fact, a duck.
Then roast the duck and freeze it at the same time
5:37 PM
This took me way longer than I intended. Mobile is inferior for questions like this lol.
5:54 PM
@DavidCoffron I'm glad that question is getting some TLC :D
6:52 PM
So what's the usual policy on system-guess answers?
Made by someone else
I'd guess I should flag as NaA but I'm not sure
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