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12:06 AM
Good day
12:58 AM
I feel like we have a meta about "homebrew this item for me" questions but the search is weak with this one. Can anyone put their finger on it?
@nitsua60 You mean "Homebrew this for me" as in "I have this concept and am too lazy to try and make it up myself so someone else do it for me"?
Sorta, though I wouldn't necessarily conclude that "lazy" is the reason.
Yeah. Generalizing haha
@nitsua60 There's a "How to ask" and a "Which close reason" meta?
You could replace "lazy" with "busy" for example
@trogdor Or "crazy" or "floozy" or any number of "zy"s =D
[stretching, there]
1:06 AM
So what exactly are you looking for? I've got a couple up that match your criteria
@Ben mind just linking a few? I've got a tickle in my brain that we've said something about "homebrew this for me" but can't remember what. (Maybe we say they're off-topic, maybe we list out what they should have to help us do it well, maybe I'm just imagining things?)
@nitsua60 any of those sure
Q: How do we ask for homebrew suggestions?

Premier BromanovI want to know if there is a good homebrew somewhere for dnd 5e. I see that we've revised our game recs policy, so I was curious how this extends to homebrewing. Is that something i can ask about here? If so, how can I ask it correctly? To be more specific, I'd like to ask about armor rules. Mos...

Q: Close Reason for "Homebrew this for me" questions

inthemanualI've recently noticed a couple questions that seemed like "make me some suggestions for this homebrew idea I had". I voted to close both as an off-topic Shopping/Recommendation request, as to me they both seemed like asking for recommendations and idea generation, which is clearly off-topic here....

Q: 'Homebrew a class for me' questions

MinimanWe have 2 questions (this one and this one) that are asking for answers to homebrew up a class for them. To me this seems like it's both very broad and entirely opinion-based. I can't see a way to judge answers objectively. Since there's 2 of them, I figured it was worth checking with meta. Are...

But not cluzey, that had it's chance
Q: Are homebrew evaluation questions OK?

MagicianWhat's the stance on asking for feedback on house-ruled material? In my particular case, I wrote a couple of generic moves for Tremulus (they can probably be extended to AW/DW), changing the wealth system, and wanted to ask if the community could spot any potential pitfalls with them.

1:09 AM
Cool--thanks. These definitely get me in the ballpark; I just need to do some re-reading.
Glad to help :)
1:21 AM
hey there @nitsua60 and @KorvinStarmast
This may not be the best question in the world, but I like being on a site where we ask questions like this and it is considered normal. Can a centaur thief wear magic pants?
@Shalvenay Hullo Shal, how are thee?
@KorvinStarmast So long as the question is not "How does a centaur thief wear pants"
@Ben Yeah, we need not peel the onion skin back that far ...
@KorvinStarmast fine here, re-researching insulating composite concrete forms, also muttering about ductopi
@Shalvenay hiya
1:39 AM
@Shalvenay I've heard that a ductopus has eight ventacles
@MikeQ :P
1:53 AM
@MikeQ I made an "Aussie" Spiderman in Savage Worlds.
Named him "Huntsman"
Gave his the "Nemesis" edge
His nemesis is "Dr. Croctopus"
(Loosely labelled after "Dingodile" from Crash Bandicoot 3)
2:30 AM
@Ben ah dingodile XD
@trogdor He is my favourite Crash Boss haha
3:01 AM
Mine too actually
2 hours later…
4:58 AM
Can anyone help me understand the "secondary" ability on a weapon?
Like, for example, one PC has a Katana that can inflict an electric pulse on an enemy, which, should they fail, cause them to be Shaken (though if they are already shaken, this does nothing)
5:11 AM
@Ben what system are you referring to
Savage Worlds
Didn't realise I didn't specify that haha
Then I have no idea... Maybe search the site archives? Or just interweb search?
@MikeQ I did have a look... but I haven't really identified anything hard just yet...
Only gists and ideas of how everything works
5:58 AM
In the meantime though... How about Pathfinder?
This question got me thinking about our latest game - we were revived and are now effectively "Golems".
How much of an effect on the game does being a golem... uhh… make?
2 hours later…
7:58 AM
Do we have a question on effects of lycantropy in DnD 5e?
Two of our characters were infected by werewolves yesterday and it turns out lycanthropy has only positive effects in 5e if you resist it... some curse, we thought! Except then I read the full chapter on lycanthropes which adds that it's impossible to resist the curse on full moon. I wonder why they omitted that from the infobox.
I'd like to ask and answer this myself, but it might be a dupe.
8:45 AM
@kviiri See this answer for some information on lycanthropes.
hmm, that doesn't really cover what I was about to ask
Also really look into this line in the Monster Manual: "The DM is free to decide that a change in alignment places the character under DM control until the curse of lycanthropy is removed."
This makes werebear and weretiger easy to see for PCs but the others are less workable if you use that rule.
@DavidCoffron If the alignment changes at all. A character who resists the curse doesn't change their alignment.
So it's a very voluntary downside
" retains its normal alignment and personality while in humanoid form" (emphasis mine)
Oh I see what you are saying
They resist the curse, gain the benefits of the PCs as lycanthropes section, but essentially no cost
Yeah. Except the cost is there, it's just hidden outside the infobox.
8:53 AM
@kviiri Right. but I mean, in other fantasy stories, characters have contracted lycanthropy as a means to increase their power.
they just have their allies restrain them during the full moon
But that's besides the point because the infobox doesn't really have anything on the full moon bit either, it sounds like the lycanthropy is just a voluntary deal
@kviiri Probably if you rule as intended, but RAW I think you count as a lycanthrope anyway (and thus get the benefits). Certainly worth the question (I didn't see it on the stack or remember it)
9:10 AM
I think Once Upon a Time (which does this Fantasy Kitchen Sink thing with fairy tales) had a rather interesting take on Little Red Riding Hood and bloodthirsty wolf-beasts.
9:31 AM
@doppelgreener Is there a limit on the number of tag wiki edits you can make in a day?
@doppelgreener Nevermind, looks like it is a limit to pending edits: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/302033/…
10:04 AM
@AVeryLargeBear today i learned something new o/
@doppelgreener I do what I can to find new and interesting ways to cause trouble ;)
10:19 AM
Rule of thumb for tag wiki excerpts: they are less about fully defining the subject, more about guiding people to know when to use the tag or not.
10:39 AM
@doppelgreener Just trying to understand here, since I have been adding tag excerpts. Are the tag excerpts I have been putting up good, or can I do more to clarify when the tags should be used?
Q: Should the 'Warhammer' tag be removed?

A Very Large BearThe warhammer tag has a number of questions that are asking about a very wide variety of topics. They range from Warhammer 40,000, the Warhammer game rather than a tabletop RPG, and questions about Warhammer Fantasy. We already have wfrp, wh40k, rogue-trader, and others that cover most of the War...

@kviiri We got through three seasons and then it just didn't work for us any more UOAT
Can someone with enough rep please suggest that the tag be made a synonym of ?
10:57 AM
@AVeryLargeBear mostly fine except for the one about drow, and I edited the "many settings" on half-orcs to "some settings" (it's pretty much just D&D and those directly inspired by it).
@eimyr o/!
Check this out:
@trogdor ^^
Eh what now?!?!?
Not the cheapest I've seen but you can BURNINATE PEASANTS
11:03 AM
OMG watch the video
you can put fire hats on peasant meeples to visualise the burnination
doing that now
and the houses' roofs can be flipped over for FIRE
I don't understand what this is exactly but it is looking like spam
@doppelgreener And, happily, fewer and fewer.
11:07 AM
@doppelgreener Fair enough. Thanks!
@eimyr yep
it is a thing
This is the cleverest thing ever
@eimyr thanks this thing made my day
the only way it could have been improved is if the fire hats had a routed groove for peasant heads so they don't fall off when moving
@BESW Yes, for sure
11:10 AM
@eimyr lol
349% funded
@trogdor they will reach 900% funded, then they will be funded nine times
it's not impossible with so much time left
@doppelgreener ooooohhhhh
ok XD
I was wondering why you chose that number XD
@KorvinStarmast I'm not even through the first season and I already feel it's one of those series that's going to go VERY downhill with seasonal rot :P
And well. I think it's poorly paced, anyway. The plot progresses too slowly for my taste
12:00 PM
@kviiri Yeah, it's built as a weekly show that has commercials every so many minutes on TV, and part of why we threw up our hands and gave up was pacing. We preferred to wait for it to be on Hulu, watch two or three episodes, and then wait a few weeks for another fix.
@kviiri how's it going
Fine, thanks. Trying to get some thesis and dishes done
12:08 PM
@kviiri You might alternately enjoy the FABLES comic series, which has a similar thing but (a) it's done better (b) it has an uphill gradient of awesome
doppel o/
@TheMaskedRebel Ahoy!
Basic premise of FABLES: A community of characters from various fables in history is busy living in New York, localised within a small number of city blocks where their protective charms keep humans from looking too closely. They live in exile from their homes, where several centuries ago The Adversary began a war to overtake all the worlds.
12:26 PM
@doppelgreener As a non-2500 rep user, what is the best way to suggest a tag synonym? Should I raise a question in meta, flag a question in the tag and put it in the description, or ask in chat?
@AVeryLargeBear Raise a question in meta.
@doppelgreener Alright.
@TheMaskedRebel Did you want to discuss Curse of Strahd with me? You pinged me in the spoiler chatroom :)
@kviiri Ok...
@TheMaskedRebel i think Kviiri is offering in case that's what you are seeking to do, not requesting specifically to do that
12:50 PM
Yeah, our yesterday's CoS was uncharacteristically smooth and I'm feeling rather mellow about it again x)
Shall we play CoS right now?
No, sorry. I'm not really fond of the campaign
I need to get going now, see ya
1:26 PM
@kviiri What is the downside of contracting lycanthropy? I'd say that it's the expense in flea collars, to start with. 8^D
@KorvinStarmast If a flea bites a werewolf do they become were-fleas?
BTW nice answer on the Time Stop Q!
A shame I have but one vote to give.
@Rubiksmoose Very kind of you, thanks. :) I hope that questions on a few of the other spells arise, the comment about "sequester" is an intriguing interaction
@Rubiksmoose Does a wereflea turn into a tiny wolf or a giant tardigrade?
@doppelgreener It turns into an ankheg
@doppelgreener That is an adorable and terrifying thought respectively
1:32 PM
@KorvinStarmast I will indeed ask follow-up question(s), I'm just giving it some time to allow other people to answer as usual (though I do like your answer there, very clear and sound logic)
I'm very much hoping that it is not the latter. Given how terrifying and impossible to kill fleas are at their current size. I would very much not like to find out how it scales lol
@KorvinStarmast oh dear
@Rubiksmoose (tiny, tiny yips)
@Rubiksmoose Well, flea-sized tardigrades. Which are not just giant but cosmically gargantuan by tardigrade standards. :)
@doppelgreener I've frozen all the gamedev chatters with fear :D
@TheMaskedRebel I thought that was @FreezePhoenix's job lol ;)
Technically one of my players contracted tiger lycanthropy last night. I think I want to subplot my way sround it htough
@TheMaskedRebel yeah i hate that
1:41 PM
Please don't put pictures in chat of things that people commonly don't want to look at.
1 message moved to Trash
Next time, if you have to share that sort of thing, put it behind a warning link.
I find your lack of pixels disturbing
Thank you.
1:55 PM
@MikeQ Honestly, the cropping is the most terrifying thing in that image.
@Sdjz Thanks, it was good to sort through that with you. I am looking forward to the sequester question.
2:27 PM
ugh, rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/127568/… was closed but I see a perfectly answerable question right there
it's been a while since I was engaged in the mainsite, should I just go ahead and reword the question for the asker so that I can answer it or what do I do now?
@doppelgreener any advice?
Ask on meta about what you can do for getting the question reopened
I agree it's too broad though
> I have no problem figuring the things I want to talk about, but just getting the correct adjectives in my head is often incredibly time consuming and impossible on the fly.
"How do I describe stuff?" literally has entire books on the subject, and "environments" and "creatures within" is almost everything we will ever have to describe in an RPG, and "describe it better" is not very specific.
that above is the answerable core of the question and there are concise and specific answers
(Sometimes "describe it better" is not "describe it with more/fancier words". Their example of an improvement is encroaching on purple prose.)
@eimyr Yeah, that is a more reasonable core to focus on.
2:32 PM
@doppelgreener Yeah, but is that not POB? What works for some may not for others
This is something I struggle with as a DM and I'm really trying to improve on :( I just forget to describe things the way I want to: in a vivid and exciting and clear way. It rarely leads to problems (eg misinterpretation) but often leads to missed opportunities (eg the players did not understand they could do this or that).
In light of that, here's what I might do in your shoes: leave a comment checking with the user if they're really just asking about how to work out the adjectives they need to describe on the fly because they have trouble assembling it under time pressure, and ask if you can reword their question to that effect. If they do so, reword it, then leave another comment checking with them if that's OK and represents their issue well.
@Szega It's fine if a subjective answer doesn't work for everybody, that doesn't make it POB. Solely answered by a person's opinion (and not experience) is what makes it POB.
alright been trying to decide on new spells for my Whisper Bard. Just hit level 10
level 10 gives me access to any classes spells
@Ryan weaponize your bonus action!
bonusize your weapon action!
2:41 PM
@Rubiksmoose actionable weapon bonuses
action bonus your weapons!
Enlarge/Reduce, Seeming, Scatter, Phantasmal Killer, and Shadow Blade are some of the ones I'm considering
@Ryan XD, in all seriousness though Bards get access to so many great spells.
@Ryan As long as you have Vicious Mockery...
@Ryan What is your party role currently and what aspect are you hoping ot enhance?
2:44 PM
I'm master spy basically. In combat I try to talk us out of combat otherwise I end up throwing darts, hypnotic pattern, or burning a dimension door to save someone
@Ryan What is your favorite 5th level spell in the game? I'd pick that one.
this is my first character that's gotten that high
I've got 20 Charisma, no feats, and 14 Dex. I'll be increasing Dex now that I've maxed out Charisma. Wanted to get my DC Spell Save up as quickly as possible first
Q: Is the 'weapon' tag a synonym of the 'weapons' tag?

A Very Large BearThe weapon tag is not currently a synonym of the weapons tag. The tag synonym guidelines state that If you know of common, alternate spellings or phrasings for [a] tag, add them here so we can automatically correct them in the future. For example, suggest “bike” as a synonym for bicycle, or “...

@eimyr If you feel so inclined, your comment here could include an offer to perform such an edit yourself at the end of it. (by reposting the comment with that tacked on, and deleting the old one, ofc)
@doppelgreener +1
2:56 PM
Have any of you played in the Fuzion game system?
@KorvinStarmast interested in the Witcher, huh?
(no,i haven't)
@eimyr have not played the CRPG, and after reading up on "Fuzion Basics" I am wondering how the mechanics resolution works out in terms of the flow of play. Looks a little GUrpsy, but that's not a bad thing.
@KorvinStarmast I'm not going to look up anything re: Witcher TTRPG until it's out. I'm somewhat lukewarm towards it despite the Witcher being one of my favourite things in fantasy
@Ryan Yeah; boosting the spell DC for casters is (IMO) a must.
3:30 PM
hmm Life Transference looks kinda tempting too although not sure if that level of heal is really worth it
average would be 18 damage to me and 36 heal to someone else unless I upcast it
@Ryan My personal preference for lvl 5 spell is Banishing Smite
Also works with your "avoiding combat" thing, allowing a banish with no save (although you do need a weapon hit which may be hard)
@Sdjz i looked at that one but the banish only happens if the enemy is below 50 health. That's a big gamble to guess where they're health is. If you Banish Smite and they're at 52 you just wasted a 5th level spell
well bad example cause that would trigger since it would knock them below 50 but the point is the banish part is a big questionmark. I try to avoid random
3:56 PM
pretty sure I'm going to end up taking Enlarge/Reduce because its just so versatile
That it is...
4:09 PM
@Rubiksmoose IT IS MY JOB
Hey, hello guys!
its unfortunate Enlarge/Reduce only lasts a minute. They need to add if cast at a higher level it adds more time
4:25 PM
@FreezePhoenix no, it's mine, i'm the diamond
@doppelgreener Ye but what is a diamond compared to a multi-generational being that could blow up earth and not notice
@doppelgreener I want that added to the dictionary now too! (embiggen just got added. Thank Ms. Marvel!)
As an aside, I've never read comics before doing research for my superhero campaign, but man I read through Ms. Marvel and it is good like really good.
4:43 PM
awesome!! :)
5:22 PM
Q: What's a good place to get feedback on / iron out a homebrew's balance?

vonBoomslangI don't think it's really a subject for the main questions area, it's too subjective and discussion drive. Open a chat? But how would poeple find that?

5:37 PM
@Wibbs In this question on Delta Green, are you referring to the recent set of Arc Dream books?
6:04 PM
@AVeryLargeBear Yep
@Wibbs Thanks for clarifying!
7:35 PM
Q: Should [alternate-class-feature] be merged with [class-feature]?

V2BlastMy question/suggestion is pretty straightforward. The alternate-class-feature tag seems to be very narrow and rarely used, and it has no tag info so it's not clear how it's different from the existing and more commonly used class-feature tag. Should the alternate-class-feature tag be merged with...

1 hour later…
8:58 PM
i made a stack exchange meme
A friend shared this kickstarter with me and I love it and I thought some of you might as well! kickstarter.com/projects/russrmc/…
@Ash Aw, lookkitt Tonka! Who's a good bard?
They're all so cute
I want it just for the minis! <.<
9:31 PM
They're good minis, Brent.
9:56 PM
@doppelgreener I'm certain I'm right, but am willing to change what "right" means. I'm also certain I'm right about what "right" means.
10:16 PM
How are you?
pretty good
how are you doing?
I'm doing well.
@Anaphory HELLO! Long time no see!
Hi there!
Actually, I should probably go to bed instead of chatting :-/ Have an excellent day, night, or whatevery you people prefer to have in the next 12 hours or so!
10:22 PM
:( See ya
[wave] What's new?
@BESW I understand this reference!
10:37 PM
10:54 PM
Q: How to resolve excessive background information?

David CoffronThis question just got asked with a specific mention of experience with substance editing, and a request to not be edited. (Due to past experiences on this site, please do not edit my original posting with valid context) However, I believe that much of the context is not as important as the...


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