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Apocalypse World has a pre-made luchador-ish class, "The Faceless". Basically a masked human capable of stupendous violence. Or a mask on a poor human who can't really fight it. Depends on the interpretation I guess.
apoc world has neat stuff
And yea. reskin a monk with the grappler feat
It would be interesting to have a masked/unmasked transformation of some sort but mechanically that kind of thing is usually bad
or tavern brawler for the bonus action.. both even
@goodguy5 Heh, this reminds me - I'm a bit sad 5e monk doesn't have grappling bonuses by default.
yea. you'd have to either work with your dm or make a strength monk
2:04 PM
I'm a bit sad that grappling is still in the game
I mean, you knew it was going to be
it's better than 3.x grappling
@goodguy5 It wasn't in 4th
and neither was 90% of the playerbase
@goodguy5 Donald Trump is better than 3.x grappling
@goodguy5 hah!
woah woah. let's not say things we can't take back
2:05 PM
(incidentally, Donald has a great grapple modifier, have you seen his handshake)
(only Trudeau's is higher)
he took that feat for improving his bonus against larger opponents
I don't recall 2.x grappling. was that a thing?
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Yuch, the rules for monk powers seem to be specifically made to prevent grappling and shoving being an effective part of the monk's ability set (before extra attacks at least).
WotC simply can't let me have fun can they!?
Flurry of blows works after grappling/shoving but the usual bonus action unarmed strike requires the Attack to involve an attack with a monk weapon or an unarmed strike...
@kviiri Fun is scheduled for a future splatbook
Until then, the designers consider it to be OP
Yea, I think that a wrestler Monk requires just a little DM help to be effective.
Now, a battlemaster would have an easier time of it by the book
I yearn for 4e times.
2:32 PM
I do not
4e was never my bag. I don't disparage it or anything. But it didn't feel right to me
And I was always salty that the monk was in phb 3
Well that was arguably one of the advantages of starting 4e relatively late :)
4e always felt like it had too many books.
phb1-3 (might have put out a 4th before it was done)

I prefer to make a part from 1 book and run the game with one more book
that's partially why I liked Pathfinder so much: one big-ass book.
@BESW Play in whatever you've been doing the past 2 weeks came to mind but since Miniman won't be there that might not work. Alternately Stargate. I'd like to run Blades in the Dark for y'all at some point too but it'll be a few more weeks before I can read it through.
addled brain isn't sure if this is a duplicate
sure seems like it is,but the questions are slightly different, so I"m not sure.
I think the question is a duplicate, but the duplicate answer didn't fully address it.
2:44 PM
@goodguy5 which answer? there are three possible duplicates in the comments :)
ah I'd only seen two last I checked
the one that answers about wildshape is the one I was referring to.
@NautArch I have closed this and the alternative duplicate both as duplicates of the one target.
@Rubiksmoose I think that's how I discovered meta in the first place--I set off a bit of a storm at one point, then heard wind my action was being discussed at "high levels." We've all been there!
(It's sort of a thing: we can't possibly lay out a rulebook that covers everything, so we trust that when something feels a little off to someone they'll say something and a discussion will ensue and participants/observers will come to creater consonance....)
how do you make links?
Link text in [square brackets] immediately followed by URL in (parentheses)
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@doppelgreener I see you deleted my comment on the other one involving forcecage. I think that's at least still related due to it being about too small a space?
Can I invoke more discussion on how to reopen my topic after being deemed "too broad"?
(that's fun!)
@doppelgreener nevermind. looks like they deleted the question.
@goodguy5 I think it looks good :) You've got a couple mods here now to provide more input.
@goodguy5 gladiator background
oh, for the luchador lol
@kviiri Why not both? I mean, look at Jim Carrey.
2:56 PM
@Yuuki Yeah, the one time I played the Faceless he got a bit Carreyd away.
@NautArch i haven't deleted any comments just now
3:13 PM
@goodguy5 I actually think it can be reopened and will vote to do so in a moment. I cleaned out a bit of the comment-litter still hanging around. Does it look like I nuked anything still needed?
looks good to me
@doppelgreener weird, my comment was gone after it was closed as dupe.
3:38 PM
@NautArch I noticed that too! I thought it was deleted by dopple as part of the dupe closure.
@nitsua60 which reminds me, maybe I should link to the meta discussion in the comments where I first corrected that answer.
@nitsua60 Also, I like when people correct me because it forces me to learn and challenge my reasoning for my actions.
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@NautArch if a "possible duplicate of..." comment gets auto-generated, it also gets auto-deleted when that particukar duplicate closure goes through. No use saying it's a possible duplicate anymore when the dupe redirection message at the top of the question says it is certainly a duplicate, right?
@doppelgreener I guess I should just say Related unless i'm sure it's a dupe and closing it :)
But it didn't autogenerate that - i just wrote something along the lines of "Another possible duplicate"
@NautArch well when you cast the first duplicate vote, the system generates that comment for you.
@doppelgreener I didn't cast a vote
Wasn't sure about bringing out the dupe hammer
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I'm confused then. I know hey I can chan left a dupe comment too.
and theirs remained
4:07 PM
Did the system auto delete it accidentally because it used the same "Possible duplicate" syntax maybe?
From the company's RPG chat:
>"Oh man I remember the Stronghold Builder's Guidebook, which was, largely, about buying 10' squares of wall "
@BESW I just want you to know that reading your comments (in chat and elsewhere) is always an enlightening experience. I have actually written my first "rules says this, but I found that this works better" type answer as a result. Not sure how it will be received but I think it is a good development for me. So thank you. :)
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Ok RPGMathmaticians, I need some help figuring out expected damage using 5e's Sorcerer's Empowered Metamagic
It lets you reroll up to your charisma mod dice when you cast a spell.
I need to figure out how it affects 40d6 reroll 5, and 16d6 reroll 5
4:57 PM
@GreySage Are you trying to model it for anydice, or write out the probability equation/function?
5:09 PM
@KorvinStarmast I have never used anydice before, so I'm trying to write out the probability equation. Help with anydice would be great too.
@GreySage what's "reroll 5" mean?
reroll fives, reroll lowest 5?
You can choose up to 5 dice and reroll them, using the new values
rerolling the lowest 5 (assuming they are all under 4) would be optimal I believe
5:42 PM
hmm. roll Xd6 reroll up to lowest 5 out of dice that are under 4... i have no idea how i'd do that but you could ask mainsite under the tag.
5:55 PM
@BESW I figure the stack is for sharing expertise, meaning part of the time it is for that -- just "do the rules let me do foo" "yes, provided you have a level in foomancer" -- but part of the time it is for synthesizing all this expertise you described which fully transcends RAW. And it just so happens, it is more often than not the second that people need; there's almost always advice to share on execution.
@GreySage great answer!
@GreySage I'll say there's enough complexity there (in the decision to reroll) that I'd never try to work it out analytically, I'd just enumerate all the possibilities. And by "I'd enumerate" I definitely mean "I'd write a program to have a computer enumerate." And by "I'd write" I definitely mean "I'd use programs others have written."
@nitsua60 haha
it's not disimilar to the calculation of reroll 1s and 2s
so however that's done, but for 1-3
Q: How much damage does Great Weapon Fighting add on average?

AceCalhoonThe Great Weapon Fighting Fighting style states the following: When you roll a 1 or 2 on a damage die for an attack you make with a melee weapon that you are wielding with two hands, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll. The weapon must have a two-handed or versatile property for ...

@GreySage if it's for the PS to your max-damage answer, I'd probably just point out that it has a strong likelihood of raising the damage by about 10 points, at most it could possibly raise the damage by 25. The distribution of differential damages is left as an exercise to the reader =)
6:04 PM
so, for 5 dice, it raises your average damage from 3.5 to 4.25
which is to say .75*5 = 3.75
ghdfaugilr h
You don't know that five dice will be rerolled.
the same can be said for great weapon fighting
for five dice, the "average" value becomes 4.25
Sorry, no, that's not what I'm saying. In both cases we'll stipulate that 1-2 (or 1-3) will be rerolled. The GWF calculation you've probably seen already figures in the likelihood that a 1 or a 2 is rolled in the first instance in order to be rerolled.
I don't see how we're saying something different
In the 40d6 case you need to calculate first the likelihood that 5 1s, or 4 1s and a 2, or 4 1s and a 3, or... will even be there to be rerolled.
6:07 PM
oh, I see what you're saying
But I think it's a red herring
@goodguy5 You're saying there will be 5 results of 1-3 to be rerolled, and so it's 5 x 0.75.
@goodguy5 ??
or rather, that there are 5 dice that have a likelihood of being 1-3, and thus rerolled
But the distribution's quite a bit more interesting. If 5 of your 40 are 1s--not a terribly-unlikely proposition--then the expected gain is 2.5 per die.
With GWF you have 2d6 and you'll reroll 1&2 results once. Getting to choose 5 results out of 40 to reroll is quite a different scenario.
It's not actually that different
If you're entering the supposition that you're only going to reroll 1s
then the average value for that die becomes (3.5+2+3+4+5+6)/6 = 3.92
You've got better than a 99.9% chance of having 5 1s to reroll out of 40d6. You've suggested that the calculation should be 5 * 0.75, where to first order the result's much closer to 5*2.5=12.5
6:13 PM
I don't believe your numbers of "better than 99.9"
but I'm willing to accept a higher value
1-(5/6)^40 is approximately 99.932% probability.
0.999319622163203, to 16 digits.
that's of rolling zero 1s
(thank you--shoulda slept more!)
I can't think of the formula. but you need to calculate 4 or less 1s
Whoa... math...
6:15 PM
right. Hang on.
or rather, 5 or more
It'll be 1- {sum_i=0^4 {40_C_i (5/6)^(40-i)*(1/6)^i}}
(The complement of getting no 1s, 1 1, 2 1s, 3 1s, or 4 1s.)
just a moment...
18% probability of 5 or more 1s.
Well, this has been embarrassing fun, but I gotta run. I'll leave the rest of the interesting calculations to the room =)
.18*2.92 = .5256 added to the total value.
Then you need to add in 11112, 11122, etc
6:26 PM
In other words, it adds around 5 damage to expected value, and 25 to max
A: How to calculate the expected damage increase from Empowered Spell?

CTWindAs you say, it depends on what you rolled. The average increase on each individual dice you reroll will be (Dice roll average value, I.E. 3.5 on a d6) - (current value of dice you are rerolling). As an example, if you're rerolling 3d6, one of which came up 1, one of which came up 2, and one of...

it doesn't do anything to the max
Statistics are hard lol
I have used my few stats classes more for DnD and derivatives than for any other reason.
I think you can expect a 9% ish increase ideone.com/g19ZhV
about 13 extra damage (on 40d6)
maybe slightly closer to 12.5
6:42 PM
@GreySage I want to say that I agree with your comment as a whole, I just think that the first line can help spread a misconception about the Attack action, and it made me uncomfortable.
wait, which conversation was that?
2 hours later…
8:26 PM
surprised that this question has never been asked: rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/115980/…
very interesting
@doppelgreener we haven't started any sessions of playing it yet, we have been doing the character creation/world building stuff so far (last time we played Lady Blackbird instead of continuing what we were doing before)
@goodguy5 The interesting thing is that it's not interesting! intuitively it's an obvious answer...and yet.
level 5 is trick, because martial classes get an extra attack at 5 in 5e, but 6 in 3.x
So, it's possible that level 5 takes longer
I don't care if 5e is slower, I just care if it's faster
8:29 PM
wait, what
if (5e.speed > 3e.speed) {SPavel cares}
else {//no bueno}
:rolling_eyes: oh, I see. you don't want negative evidence lol
Negative evidence is fine, it's just that there are two cases - either 5e is faster, or 5e is not faster. If 5e is slower, or if 5e is about the same, it still goes in the same bucket.
@doppelgreener mod team on the prowl!
There should be a badge for getting your question edited differently by n different mods within m minutes of one another
I feel like I would have gotten that lol
@SPavel haha :D
8:38 PM
Honestly I'm shocked nobody has asked this before
8:56 PM
I feel like most of the qualities in the current answer are also present in 4e, and that one had much longer combat.
@BESW That sounds like a quality comment
@SPavel answered. lemme know if anything is unclear. I'm closing down and going home for the day. I can check later
Urrgh. I really want to play in a game with Ki Khanga's pitch, but Ki Khanga is.... not that game.
@BESW explain
Ki Khanga is a "sword & soul" RPG (afroretroist sword & sorcery) with a complex, interesting setting created by Balogun Ojetade.
It's got were-octopuses!
9:11 PM
@BESW afro-retroist? Like, hip-hop RPG?
@SPavel african retro. history, african.
Pulp adventures in African historical fantasy.
That's not "retro" then
Retro is like, 90s
Walkmans are retro, minstrels are not
9:18 PM
Retro means different things in different contexts.
(Walkmen? Walkmans?)
In this case, it's in contrast to afro-futurism.
> [...] sword, spear and bow-wielding warriors; powerful Babalawo and Nana priests, who control the forces of nature; nangas, who cast powerful magic through their nkisi statues [...] an angry Creator-God, scheming nobles, powerful, and often frightening, ancestral, nature and supernatural spirits, mighty warriors and hunters, fierce battles on the pyramid-strewn savannahs of Kamit, or in the fighting pits of Oyo.
@BESW I don't remember this from the 90s
9:20 PM
retro doesn't mean from the 90s
@Rubiksmoose Thank you for your contribution! And thanks for your answer to that meta question too, it was excellent.
@doppelgreener yeah that would be pretty hindering for the word
Are the 00s already retro?
you're thinking way too locally, dude
Retro means a new thing that self-consciously invokes some motif or technique or mode from the past.
9:21 PM
I don't think so, I don't see anyone being nostalgic for Web 2.0 bubble buttons
It's been used that way since the 1960s.
@BESW For the deep past, I feel like "classic" is a more appropriate word
"ancient" might be more accurate but has negative connotations
the best we can do here is tell you that "retro" doesn't mean what you think it means. it really, really doesn't.
@SPavel And yet, the world feels no obligation to agree with you.
@BESW ugh don't remind me
Anyway, why do you not like the system, as opposed to the setting?
9:23 PM
(or at least, what you're thinking of is only one of the many applications of "retro"... because it's about invoking the past in the present)
I was hoping that we could maybe play a game of Ki Khanga this coming Saturday, because African fantasy is in the air this month, but the mechanics and structures of the game really disappointing.
@doppelgreener I was very disappointed when the Falcon Heavy's retrorockets weren't tacky plastic
@doppelgreener A lass? Nonsense - this is the RPG chat!
@BESW :(
@SPavel Belay that.
9:24 PM
well, Jeff could be a lass.
@BESW I'm happy that it was well received and seems to be good. I actually had parts of what became that answer in comments, but they didn't feel right there. And I thought about the whole thing for a while and realized that I could weave those ideas into an answer that would hopefully be insightful. I'm glad you think it worked out.
@BESW welp that sucks
@doppelgreener That's true
@SPavel I realize that is most likely a joke but,... we have enough trouble in our wider culture of gaming as is with women not being as accepted as they would like
yes & there are multiple lasses that use this room (hooray!)
or are here presently even
9:27 PM
@trogdor The mechanics themselves are.... very old-school traditional and fiddly. And the game doesn't offer any sort of guidance as to the KIND of story to tell with the mechanics.
@BESW oh no :(
@BESW Another case of people designing for themselves
@BESW ugh great
so another D&D
It doesn't have classes and races, at least?
@trogdor Hey! D&D is very clear about the kind of story it tells with its mechanics
9:28 PM
@SPavel HA! XD
good one
You start with 120 point buy on seven basic abilities and four calculated abilities, and any left over points you can spend on skills, talents, and other things.
Ah, point based systems
It's got that thing where magic and psionics are completely different and can't interact with each other except when they can.
@BESW Do the rules at least support the premise of the setting
Massive pet peeve of mine.
9:30 PM
Or is it like D&D where they dress it up but it's fundamentally colonial
My eyes keep glazing over, so it's hard to tell.
@SPavel the dressing is also fundamentally colonial imo
@doppelgreener Shame, I would've preferred Italian.
@doppelgreener I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt
It's possible that it is secretly written well
The resolution mechanic is interesting.
9:38 PM
@BESW My resolution mechanic is that at the beginning of a new campaign, players make resolutions, and then don't keep any of them
I like the Motivation part of character creation--you might be adventuring to gain acceptance, or to do good, or out of patriotism or responsibility, or just for the thrill of it.
It's weird that there are twice as many complications as motives, though.
@BESW Do these choices have mechanical consequences?
@BESW My life in a nutshell
No, those are just roleplay hooks so far as I can tell.
The actual action resolution mechanic involves playing cards.
9:41 PM
Are the complications for the motivations? Like - went to adventure to gain acceptance BUT the other warriors changed what was cool so I ended up dethroning the God-king for nothing
Or: became an adventurer out of patriotism BUT while I was away, my country was overrun by Mongols somehow
Complications are stuff like "I have a secret" or "I have an enemy" or "I have a temper" or "I have a bad reputation."
Kinda like a Fate character's trouble aspect.
@BESW I went adventuring out of a sense of responsibility BUT I think I left the oven on
The Griot sets a difficulty number. You draw a hand of cards equal to the rank of your relevant trait (like Agility 4 or Wisdom 8), and lay down a number of cards from that hand equal to the difficulty.
If you run out of cards and still have to play down more, draw them and play them immediately.
that's kind of weird
Then you add up the total of your played cards and check it against 21.
9:46 PM
But doesn't that depend entirely on the difficulty?
21 = High Success.
17-20 = Full Success
16 or lower = Partial Success
22-25 = Failure
26+ = Fumble
But! If all the cards you played are of the suit that matches the kind of action you were taking, that raises Full or Partial Successes to a High Success.
Is higher difficulty = more cards?
or fewer?
(You want all hearts if you're healing someone, all spades for a social interaction, etc.)
oh hey, it's like a blackjack thing. you want to get as close to 21 as you can without going over.
The difficulty number determines how many cards you have to play, so the higher the number the more likely you are to be forced to pass 21 and fail.
9:49 PM
So if you have a lousy draw, lower difficulty might actually be harder
@eimyr ^ Here, have a "you succeeded by too much" resolution system
@doppelgreener That just seems like it's catering to "old school" "realist" DMs that would do things like deafen you if the Listen check was too high
Also, when you roll a 1 on an attack roll, it gives your ally an appendectomy
The more cards you draw (the higher your ranks) the more choice you have in what cards you can play.
Lower difficulty and higher skill ranks makes full/high success more achieveable; high difficulty and lower skill ranks makes results unpredictable; high difficulty in general encourages you to undershoot so that you at least don't overshoot.
I feel like there's a good system that could be based around this concept, but this is not that system.
9:52 PM
@SPavel Eimyr has been thinking about how to model a "succeed by so much that it's bad" resolution system not to punish players like a jerk DM, but because it actually helps tell certain kinds of stories.
The rest of the mechanics--armor, talents, effects, etc--feel a lot like translations of D&D qualities.
I like concepts such as:
- You are so good that this task is trivial; you didn't learn anything.
- You over-invested in this task, and used up time/resource better spent elsewhere.
These tell similar stories to succeed by so much that it's bad
Though there are some cool things, like the BOLT spell: draw one card per rank you've put into the spell. The highest card is the damage you deal. If that card is a suit that matches the kind of magic you're using to cast BOLT, draw another card and add it to the damage.
@BESW that's cool. :)
This is not a narrative "succeed so much it's bad" game.
This is a "roll under, not over" game, but with cards.
9:56 PM
The only sensible treatment of "succeed so much it's bad" I've ever seen is in Total War games - in Rome II, if you become politically dominant within your realm, then corruption spins out of control, and if you become too militarily powerful, other nations will band together against you
Or in Shogun II, where becoming too influential in Japan leads to the Realm Divide against you
In other words: the thing you succeed at, and the thing that's bad, are in related but separate domains
There's also herbs that provide magical effects, but they're basically ritual potions re-skinned as teas and oils and so forth.
And various metals and gems grant bonuses based on their spiritual properties, but again--mechanically they're just D&D magic items.
But my biggest problem is that it presents all these mechanics, all this very cool setting, and doesn't give us anything to do with the story.
@BESW Do how?
What's the story about? We have a whole continent of people we could be and things we could do, but the closest thing the text comes to in terms of suggesting what the game is for is a sample adventure that's a pretty ordinary escort mission with a moral twist.
It's got the same problem that most D&D expansion settings have: cool new wallpaper on the same old game.
The story is about the people we can be, doing the things we could do?
Isn't that what a story is
We're used to games that propel the story forward, and which notably propel a specific kind of story forward.
10:08 PM
The game's opening flavor crawl gives the ancient history of the world, in which the creator spirit was so enraged by an attempt to storm heaven that he clove the continent almost in half with his adze, and his rage mutated many of the people and animals in that part of the world.
So now there's an army of were-sharks, were-dolphins, and were-octopuses who sail the seas in ships made from the bones of extinct dragons, whose only duty is to gather up the monsters and quarantine them on islands in the north.
@BESW That sounds suspiciously like a story
it's a backstory
That's what I want to play. I want to be a soldier in the terrifying army of guardians who protect the world from monsters... often by killing anyone who tries to sneak onto our forbidden islands.
It's not a backstory if you're one of the weresharks
Are there no wereshark character options?
But that's the thing. The game has no interest in supporting that me taking that part in the story.
10:10 PM
@BESW Well that's disappointing
The weresharks are a feared thing in the world, something to give my character nightmares.
Ironically, 3.5 would be great for this
Playing a team of abominations hunting down and beating up even greater abominations?
That's basically it in a nutshell, minus the part where you rob them
3.5e would work for this if we wanted to play a game about murdering everything always that refused our attempts at doing cool things.
It wouldn't, really.
You know what the text wants me to do? I'm not sure the text does either, because the most specific discussion of the kind of things a group might do is on the blurb on the back of the book, and even then it doesn't sound sure of itself.
@doppelgreener Why not? What about "I want to be a soldier in the terrifying army of guardians who protect the world from monsters... often by killing anyone who tries to sneak onto our forbidden islands" can't you render in 3.5?
10:12 PM
> Will you delve for lost artifacts in the ruins of ancient temples? Strap on beaded armor and an nkisi necklace to battle undead legions as they storm your city upon the backs of skeletal camels, or defend your village from a swarm of ravenous impundulu? Whether you're making your way through the magical forests of Wandatu or fighting to survive in the pal oil-lit back alleys of Sati-Baa, you and your team will need all your wits, combat skill, and magic to make it through.
Soldier in a terrifying army? Yes. Fight monsters? Very yes. Killing sneaks? Much yes.
@BESW Who starts with were-octopodes in dragon ships and then moves the story to an alleyway
@SPavel the "often" instead of "always", for a start, and the thing with D&D 3.5e generally saying "no" to anything cool or flashy?
@doppelgreener There is plenty of mechanics support for non-lethal combat resolution, and doing cool stuff. Both require system mastery, but that's a stylistic choice and not a flaw.
Half the book is dedicated to the setting. I can look up the major imports and exports of each nation, and how many soldiers are in their standing army, but it doesn't have any bits that talk about what sorts of adventures one might have there, or how an adventurer might even relate to it. Just border policies about registering magic weapons.
@BESW So it's like EVE but before space travel
Maybe they wanted you to be Silk Road type traders?
10:17 PM
@SPavel it doesn't get brownie points for non-lethal mechanics.
i am disagreeing that D&D 3.5e is actually a good system for it, and "but it has things that could do that!" doesn't make the system as a whole appropriate for it.
On the other hand, there's an extinct race of psychic sand monsters whose minds survive in their dead bodies beneath the desert, and so powerful psionicists can enslave their dead bodies to their will and force them to fight.
@doppelgreener I don't know what you want from a system, then. Having things that can achieve your goals, to me, means the system is suitable. Let's leave it at that, if you prefer.
@BESW Silk Road meets Pokemon?
From your description, I get the impression that the writers went "oh I have a cool thing we can add to the setting, what if...." and then just wrote it in the margins
@SPavel i would prefer that, because we're probably on enormously different wavelengths.
and forgot the part where things inter-relate and cause friction?
@SPavel One Punch Man, the RPG
10:21 PM
@Rubiksmoose I'd play it.
@Rubiksmoose [scribbles notes for Cthulhu Dark hack]
@BESW man if you're gonna tackle one punch man RPG, i am so down for that.
@Rubiksmoose I especially like that idea because usually game designers go "let's make the PCs weak and frail so they have to use wits and negotiation" but this is the reverse
A One Punch Man PC would be able to end any encounters that he knows about, instantly
@doppelgreener I mean, I don't know anything about it except what I've heard from people like you, but I get the impression that it'd be a great Cthulhu Dark twosie.
The only reason not to is that it's not fun.
10:22 PM
"You will always succeed. So sad."
@BESW What're you thinking would correspond to insanity, if anything?
Maybe instead of Insight, the escalating stat is something about popular opinion and/or personal self-worth.
hahaha, I threw it out there as a quick one-liner. But now I'm actually thinking this would be super interesting. As it seems do several of you.
In fact, I could see a One Punch Man game where there is one "PC" and many "Game Masters"
The "PC" would have the powers we normally associate with a GM, except he controls only one character
10:24 PM
@SPavel so many wheels turning. How to make it work?
@SPavel That sounds more like Lovecraftesque.
Which would also work.
The "GMs" would bring powerful - but strictly limited in power - monsters against him, in an inversion of the party VS DM model
...might be better, for an anime style thing.
Normal: A dungeon master can technically throw an encounter of arbitrarily high CR against the PCs and smear them on the walls
OPM: the PC can technically throw a punch of arbitrarily high power against the monsters, and wipe the floor with them
So sad that I have to leave in the middle of this, but leave I must.
10:26 PM
I should go as well
[scribbles notes for simplified hack of card system replacing traits and skills with Fate-style approaches]
Oh - another good idea is World Tension from hoi4
Basically the Allies can only start doing strong moves when WT is high
Did I mention that the book has no index, nor even header/footer lines telling you which chapter you're in?
Perhaps One Punch Man can only bring greater force to bear when a threat crosses a threshold
10:46 PM
Okay, now I need to re-read Cortex.
Dear Ki Khanga: Why no table listing skills?
11:28 PM
Dear Ki Khanga: unicode error symbols are not a good look on you.
Hell hath no snark like a BESW scorned
I'm hacking the card resolution mechanic to use Cortex-like attributes.
Dear Ki Khanga: Your heading styles are atrocious.
I'm intrigued by divination, though! Very curious what it looks like in game play.
Divination is a special skill that you can use to get answers to questions which may fundamentally change the adventure, because the answer is determined by drawing cards.
@trogdor I know it's unreasonable to be so focused on the layout, but this book would still be nigh unusable even if the content were ten times better.
Major game-mechanic symbols are printing as unicode error symbols so you can't tell which symbol they are. Headings and subheadings are indistinguishable. There's no index.
11:45 PM
I don't think it is unreasonable to be upset when something you were excited about turns out mediocre
Especially when it is mediocre in one of your fields of relative expertise
If it had just been a solid OSR with an African setting that would've been... underwhelming but not actively infuriating.
Actually, on reflection, a solid afro-retro OSR would be pretty awesome, since I'm interested in experiencing OSR gameplay but the subculture is too toxic for me to get close.
"Old School Revival," new games that try to capture the nostalgia of OD&D/AD&D-era RPGs.
Ah no wonder then
I can see how that could gain a reputation for toxicity
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