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7:00 AM
Nah. It's a playtest, so whatever goes :)
BYO or get what you're given, your choice haha
I've got Elf Fighter open already, unless Daze has already made one?
Daze appears to be intermittent at this point :)
When he does arrive, you may need to share the load haha
2 PCs each
Well, to be fair, I'm intermittent as well, but.
7:15 AM
Me trying to balance a homebrew monster
@BESW yeah, and making up mechanics on the fly sounds cool XD
I haven't made anything yet. so feel free
Unless it's frozen...
is it?
I've posted
ah it is not in fact
7:24 AM
I've been keeping it open for like, the last month :D
@Ben Sorry, I would, but I haven't got time right now.
All g
Hmm. @trogdor, @doppelgreener, @Ben, @nitsua60, etc: What if I change all +1 modifiers in LLKM to +1d6, pick highest out of pool?
7:42 AM
Basically replace all +1 with advantage.
Long Live the King of Monsters!
@BESW Oh right
So, goring horns gives Advantage on attack, same as Flight?
Right. And advantage is already determined to stack.
So you wind up with "pick highest" dice pools.
It'll help ensure Sudden Reversals are possible even if one monster has a lot more bonuses than another.
So if you have horns and fly, you'd roll 3d6?
We've had some situations where the endgame got kinda boring because it wasn't just a roflstomp, it's an inevitable roflstomp.
@Ben Yeah.
7:47 AM
Fair enough.
Also, rolling more dice is objectively more satisfying than rolling one die and adding a big number to it.
The game sort of does get a bit repetitive after about 10 rounds sometimes haha
8:02 AM
@BESW What about rolling bigger dice?
@Magician Rolling more dice > rolling bigger dice > adding bigger numbers to one die.
@BESW I like the simplicity of one dice. Everyone who has a board game has d6
@Ben Depends on the board game.
Yeah, I really appreciate the common utility of the d6, and for games which I want to reach a non-gaming audience I often go back to 1d6.
But that's a sacrifice of objective satisfaction for the situational goal of accessibility.
@BESW satisfaction = S^N + M, where S - sides the dice have, N - the number of dice rolled, and M - modifier applied to the roll.
Should be logarithmic, really, to show the drop-off in satisfaction from adding extra dice, but too lazy.
8:13 AM
Looks good, but it needs a way to indicate that rolling dice pools with multiple kinds of dice is more satisfying...
Satisfaction = (S4^N+S6^N+S8^N+S10^N+S12^N+S20^N+S100^N+S) + M
Σ(S^N) + M
Awesome. Now it just needs that log.
8:39 AM
@BESW oh, huh
that is an interesting idea
as long as you are cool with making people roll even more d6s XD
and yeah, it is a good fix to making some monsters no longer unbeatable
now anyone, sorta, can win
It's still appropriately unfair, but also more random!
@BESW idk, there's a certain mysticism when you get to roll your first non-d6, and learn that d8 meant 8-sided die
of course, not all will feel this way
8:54 AM
Oh, absolutely.
But there's a difference between a game that's supposed to be a gateway for TTRPGs and a game that's for people who don't play TTRPGs.
Like, if I were to help design a game to provoke discussion about the Chamoru identity, as I've talked about with some people, it'd be for that and part of the design would be making sure it only required tools and props that are readily accessible to the people who need to have those conversations.
Or if I were making an MLP game for that show's target audience, I'd write it assuming that the players had access to common toys and games but not specialty dice.
Getting to use lots of different dice can be fun, but having them is a barrier to entry.
9:16 AM
yeah that would be a silly addition in that context
@BESW Sounds like it could work well. Also, it changes the dynamic of someone with +4 defense being attacked from "abysmal chance of success" to "could actually at least be a tie".
If I have +1 bitey I could get 5 and 6, but they could get all 2's and 3's.
I like the idea
I'd be happy to playtest it.
If decks of cards weren't somewhat more clumsy than dice, I'd be very happy to see them more in games.
People have them already, they allow for fairly complex randomization and also support "self-balancing" probability distributions for those who want it.
9:31 AM
I really want to play more games with cards!
But I don't know many. Ki Khanga, Hot Guys Making Out, I'm a Pretty Princess!...
I haven't actually played any of them yet.
Decks of cards also quite easily support randomizing order, being much better than dice in more complex scenarios.
They support a lot of complexity very easily, and do cool things to probabilities over the course of the game if you set aside cards as you use them.
Yep, like increasing the probability of something over time.
9:46 AM
It makes my brain hurt to try and design with cards.
@BESW FreeMarket? (It's strange.)
@doppelgreener what is that thing? a carrot ?
(Luke Crane & Jared Sorensen transhumanist relay space station post-scarcety scifi, with a custom deck for resolving things.)
10:00 AM
ah ok
@Anaphory Ah, custom deck how? Like removing some cards from a poker deck, or actual custom-made cards designed specifically for FreeMarket?
Actual specific cards, of I think four different types without sub-distinction
Yeah, I'm thinking more about the sorts of games you can play with the cards folks have lying in a kitchen drawer.
technically, two different types of decks? One for using equipment and one for using innate things?
Makes sense, now that I look at the context.
Otherwise I'd have games like Lovecraftesque on the list, which I've actually played.
10:04 AM
I think in the one game of freemarket we played we actually combined the correct amount of each suit from two standard decks, ignoring numbers, so it remotely qualifies
2 hours later…
11:35 AM
@BESW thanks for the advice
Hope it's helpful!
@BESW It is.
Mostly it's just those three bullet points from the Core rules.
perhaps, but I still appreciate it
12:01 PM
Tonight I'm going to try making cookies with brownie mix.
@BESW ..for dinner?
No, dinner was leftover fried fish-and-veggies served on corn tortillas with refried beans and salsa.
@BESW no taro, no bell peppers... sounds strange.
oh, BTW, @BESW, did you end up doing any RPGing with Asteria?
Shame, but worth consideration I hope.
12:43 PM
was there supposed to be something specific on the table or just a hope to RPG something?
by something specific I mean like, a system like RFS or something
1:09 PM
Hi again!
Feeling good enough today to be bored, yay!
@Anaphory that is a start
I would certainly prefer some boredom to any degree of fear over the need for hospitalization
Yes! This boredom feels good in a way that lying in bed with fever doesn't. It's the actual boredom of having enough concentration to potentially do something, not the ill boredom between to weak to do anything but too awake to do nothing.
yeah I have not had to sit in the hospital like that, but I have been sick enough to have to stay home and not do,.... anything
it does suck even if it doesn't necessarily compare
1:17 PM
@Anaphory Welll..... Blades in the Dark has an SRD now.
For me, I think the main difference is more care and more random beeps from instruments and more plastic hoses running into and out of myself in hospital. Otherwise it feels like a combination of usual illnesses for me, which I could have had at home.
@Anaphory good to see you bored!
@eimyr Thank you very much :D
@BESW starred for relevance (...or relephance?) to my interests!
1:33 PM
@BESW Is that a Seal of Relephance?
@BESW yay!
"ooh! nice."
@BESW Adorable!
1:41 PM
I first thought that it doesn't look like a bell. But I guess a Dora bowl is close enough.
> Crime and punishment. You can use Provoke to defend against physical or social attacks, provided you can dish out an appropriate dad joke for the occasion each time.
> Fangs for the memories. When you succeed with style on a vampiric draining attack, you can learn one of your target's character aspects or consequences, and place a free invoke on it instead of getting a boost.
> Punctuated presence. When using wordplay to distract people with Provoke, you are guaranteed to get the attention of everyone nearby. Success and failure just determine how well this works out for you, your imminent physical health, etc.
> Consolation prize. Gain a Fate Point when you tell a joke and nobody laughs. This can happen only once per scene.
1:57 PM
> Ignorance is bliss. When you fail to defend against a social effect, you can take the consequence Clueless about [blank] in your lowest consequence slot, where [blank] is the thrust of the attack. So long as you have that consequence, you have armor:2 against attacks using that subject, and +2 to defend against overcome or create advantage actions targeting you with relation to the subject (this includes overcome actions to remove the consequence).
> Ignorance is bliss. If you succeed with style in defending against a social effect, you can turn your boost into a full aspect of the form Clueless about [blank], where [blank] is the thrust of the effect, with no free invokes. For as long as you keep this aspect, effects with roughly the same thrust automatically fail against you (you defend at success without style).
This is my take ^
@eimyr "nobody" = none of the players or none of the characters?
@ACuriousMind Not even Tibetan monks.
greet !
2:10 PM
allo allo!
Ok, tonight my players are going to try to take over Greifenfurt from within and kicking out the orcs.
So far they have the following targets: take over one of the smaller north gates to get in some human freedom fighters AND kill as many of the middle command as they can as the orcs are in the local whorehouse. Then come the garrison buildings, and other gates and the city-castle in not yet determined order... Also, the little bastion on the other side of the river, which is prety much just a watchtower, a little wall, a gate and a landing for a boat. The strongest gates are the east and s
@BESW How about members of The Order of Wen the Eternally Surprised? may they laugh ten years into the future about the pun or would that nullify the effect that had been?
2:27 PM
@Trish very cool! do they already have contats in the city, or is this an unplanned revolt?
@Trish Ah, Greifenfurt, fond memories - I played there once set when it was besieged by the orcs and the players went from "how much is the bounty on orc heads, again?" to "well, maybe the orcs would run this city better" in the span of a session :D
They have Marcian (who is their contact to the empire's inquisition/information agency), they know LAncorion (owner of the local whorehouse), their 'rogue' (more a stray than a proper thief) and priest of Praios (god of honesty, sun, hierarchy & godking) did kinda get Glombo Brohm, most rich person of the town, onto their side.
They didn't bother to secure the second most rich family (Elfenberg) yet, but they are still at composing the letter to the rebels... they have 24 to 48 hours before the main bulk of the orcs leave..
@ACuriousMind Eh, it's a joke, whichever you prefer
They did at least secure information about the layout
@ACuriousMind heh, they thought Sharraz Garthai was a better ruler than THEM+Marcian?!
@Trish My players have issues with authority :P
2:31 PM
I struggle a bit about how many Orcs I toss their way...
The general reaction to seeing a priest of Praios is to run in the other direction
@ACuriousMind tell that the to my elenvine mage (Authority? let me KNEEL and LICK their boots!)
She has the totally different issiue with authority
@ACuriousMind throw them a priest of Praios that lobbies for the whores in a city to make a guild. Because Praios also is JUSTICE, and even lowly whores have rights.
@BESW Shall I break out the subtitles too?
@Trish That's...actually a pretty nice idea. Might do something like that, so far their encounters with the god of honesty have always been dominated by their desire to get out of there before anyone finds out about all the shady stuff they've been doing :P
2:39 PM
@ACuriousMind stole that from the (german) "Paths of the Master" (Wege des Meisters)
Our priest of praios actually almost got to inquisitorial trial himself: he is a little too fascinated by the origin of the elves
2:50 PM
@Trish I think I read that once but the sheer amount of DSA material makes it hard to remember specifics I'm not currently using ;)
Ohhh yes... you know: The year of the griffon was part of the 190-200 adventures... and that is JUST the adventures. The Geographica is ONE METER of green books. There are more...
(and that last is the 4th ed only)
hmmm, I think I make all the Angbar Sappers wear green berrets...
3:40 PM
Today is Finland's 100th Independence day! To celebrate, might I share the second best Finnish composition: Finlandia, by Jean Sibelius. youtube.com/watch?v=F5zg_af9b8c
@kviiri Huzzah! Why not the first?
@kviiri Are you sure this is the best one?
@eimyr There was an offical citizen initiative for changing the national anthem to Darude Sandstorm (Finlandia has often been suggested too, while occasionally treated with such reverence, is not the national anthem). It got a whopping 461 signatures (50k or more and the parliament has to give it a proper treatment).
461 flies can't be wrong I guess? But I'm not sure about 461 people.
@eimyr Good one, although I'm not sure if it can technically be called a composition since it's a folk song. (although I guess someone must've originally come up with it)
@kviiri Sandstorm can be played by a cat on a keyboard, does it count?
3:47 PM
The reasoning for changing the anthem to Sandstorm was actually pretty funny: "Finns are a notoriously non-talkative people so an instrumental anthem fits us well"
@eimyr I want such a cat!
...and the keyboard.
4:13 PM
I like that there's a subreddit r/superbowl that has pictures of superb owls.
4:29 PM
@kviiri That's absolutely glorious
took me a few reddit visits to see thtat - often shows up in the main page (where i lurk accountless)
1 hour later…
5:55 PM
@doppelgreener i am ashamed to not have known the correct plural of octopus.
@NautArch it is so, so, so obscure.
it's so obscure i completely agree with just going with "octopuses"
which apparently is okay, too. according to stackexchange. But you can't trust that site :)
also...new user on that question using irellephant is suspect. Is this @BESW's hidden account?
@NautArch One of many, for they are legion.
@NautArch being that the popular theory is that BESW is four people and/or a hive mind, i wouldn't begrudge one of them having a personal account.
Afternoon folks
6:02 PM
also, my DM learned some hard lessons last night. BIggest was the risk in tossing out a big boss from another plane with a 15th level paladin hanging around. BANISHMENT.
@Alphaeus hi!
@NautArch oh dear XD
@doppelgreener group resources were getting somewhat drained going into the boss battle (none of us knew there was a boss coming up..we just fought 3 6-horned dinosaur things, about 8 fiends and two phase/time shifting creatures). It immediately hit, grappled (with restrained condition), and confused about half the party.
And was at least invulnerable to slashing damage (some sort of blob-like creature)
I missed on both my bludgeoning attacks, so don't know if those would have worked.
but next turn, I just turned to the DM and said "You are not welcome on my plane. GO HOME"
failed the save
and that was the end of the big boss
@NautArch Sounds like a successful boss encounter
@GreySage for us or the DM?
@NautArch Both
6:08 PM
@GreySage probably. It could easily have been a TPK had I not banished it.
@GreySage not so much for the boss
@doppelgreener bad day for that dude.
I'm gonna kiiilll yoouuuu...I'm home? WTF?!
@doppelgreener Indeed, but fortunately the boss is a mindless imaginary concept, so I don't think it will be to offended
@GreySage oh, that's helpful for it
6:12 PM
DM also realized that giving me a reach weapon the same time I get a pegasus makes encounters difficult for him. Only the boss had reach, so I could just go in and wreck house with impunity. Although I did drop off it so I could go in close to be able to use my Sentinel reaction (which he conveniently didn't give me a chance to use by attacking me rather than the ally i was protecting)
6:32 PM
@NautArch New DM?
@Alphaeus nope, not at all. Just don't think he accounted for my actions. The weapon was one he provided the last battle (a +3 halberd), but the pegasus came from Xanathar's FInd Greater Steed. He didn't know that was happening.
I just realized in-game that I could combine the two against a creature with only 5' reach.
Ah, right.
and flying protected me from all of them.
normally, i'd have been on the ground and could get others attacking me/my steed.
Yeah, the easiest way to gain fast XP is for the DM to forget about things he gives you
but the pegasus flying 10' off the ground prevented that.
he under delivers on XP normally, so not a huge hit. Our 5 person party got 5k XP each for all of that (3 6-horned dinosaurs, the 9 fiends, two time shifting creatures and the big boss)
6:37 PM
Eh, that's kinda bleh
In one campaign I'm in right now the DM is somewhat annoyed because I'm under Improved Invisibility, shrouded in deeper darkness, have a 60ft perfect fly speed, and have a 480,000 cu. ft blasting spell spewing from my fingertips, PLUS at will Greater Teleport.
Plus my DCs/CL are greater than anything the opponents can dispel/counter.
At least we're getting good XP, though
I'm also helping the other players max out the XP they get from their encounters by weakening their opponents (we all get individual XP right now)
I, personally, avoid standard XP awards
I award levels by my using milestone-type campaign styles
And then in games like DnD 3.5e that use XP for crafting treat XP like a variant of money, replacing some of the gold normally gained from treasure with XP
@NautArch Reach is also ridiculously underestimated. Whips, for example, are astoundingly powerful weapons, particularly when used wisely (whip symbionts are some of the best weapons in DnD 3.5e, IMO)
@NautArch sounds like you did a good job of protecting that ally then 👍
7:03 PM
@doppelgreener that I did. ALthough said ally also refuses to prepare Revivify because "he doesn't plan for failure". This being said after I revivified him two sessions ago after a power word kill.
@Alphaeus I love the milestone idea. Levelling/tracking levels is fun, but i'd rather not be dependent on that and would rather it fit in with the story. Especially if XP levels are being altered artifically anyway.
@Alphaeus And I have learned this immensely. I'm currently about 20k below level 16, but when I do and I can combined GWM, Polearm Master, Sentinel and my Vengeance Pally ability to reduce speed to 0 after i connect on an opportunity attack, it's gonna be sweet on the battlefield.
It's interesting that most major enemies you'll encounter don't have reach, really
@Alphaeus if they dno't have reach I can just come in, attack, back off, make them approach, get in my reach, take the opportunity attack for coming into my reach, reduce their speed to 0. rinse/repeat.
@Alphaeus well, the boss had reach. But all the minions leading up to it did not.
Yeah, that's what I meant
that theminions should have reach?
Yes -- I've done that regularly
I don't like just doing "cannon fodder" minions without good reason
If I have minions my PCs fight, the minions themselves should be a notable threat
7:09 PM
i don't think a lot of monsters have reach
No, they don't.
and these guys were definitely a threat...just at 5'
the fiends were nasty, but the dinosaurs were dealing big damage when they got a chance. I just didn't really give them a chance.
I came in smiting hard.
first guy i dropped about 60 damage on with two attacks and then it got hit by lightning to take it out. Moved onto the next ones and we took them out next round. The fiends were more difficult because there were more of them, but I whittled themd own quickly with bigger smites - taking out 2-3/turn.
Eh, fair enough.
Like, minion scenarios like that, I'll usually make it so that the minions absolutely cannot be taken out in only a single round apiece.
I have a scaling system I use
7:14 PM
hard to account for that with a paladin delivering smites
Minions usually number by 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 100, etc. in my campaigns
I'll set a conventional power scale for these once I get a feel for the party, and sometimes that means tweaking which creatures I planned to use
Obviously the massive sets like 100 should be easy enough to take out with little work, but en masse they should be hard to beat
on the opposite end if there are 10 minions, these ten should be only a little weaker than the party
The way I see it is that good encounters should have the same amount of killing power as the PCs, if not a bit more.
a first level smite for me is my weapon damage (either 2d6+2, D12+1, D10+3) and then for the fiends i'm dropping 4d8 radiant for a 1st level smite (2d8 standard, 1d8 improved smite, 1d8 for the fiend) - and i'm almost always going GWM for an additional +10.
Yeah, as a DM that's something I'd account for.
Like, in my campaign I might have tossed Lilitu at you so that I could dodge your smites with Shroud Alignment
if you account for all the things your players can do, don't you risk minimizing those abilities?
I never minimize the same abilities twice in a row
7:19 PM
thankfuly, the only way in 5e to dodge a smite is to be resistant to radiant :)
^^That's mostly the same in 3.5e, but Lilitu slip into an odd place with one of their Su's
But back to my point, with each encounter I try to minimize a certain type of "expected" responses
If you play with me and think something is an "automatic" best choice....chances are that's not the best choice
I like people to have to form strategies and think about what they fight
@Alphaeus hahah, i never think anything is automatic. I try and figure out the best way to approach each creature/scenario as I encounter them.
Good, yes
That's what I love in a player
in this case, flying and staying 10' was the optimal choice - but it easily could have failed.
the first creature i did it on took a 'reach' attack he didn't have, and i think the DM realized it was a bad idea and didn't do it again. But in turn, I got down off my steed later so that he didn't feel I was taking too much advantage.
See, on a different note, I might toss something like a group of Cerebliths (away from books, might be misspelled) at you. On first contact, however, it'd look like you'd be fighting a group of elves.
Then you might realize the elves have been killed and taken over by the demons
suddenly smiting is more useful against them
Darn it...that's not the demon I mean.
Anyhow, there IS one I mean that can take over dead bodies
7:46 PM
that's nasty!
ut yeah, i generally don't use smites until i feel i need to. I'm a conserver :)
Hahah, I like to save them for when most powerful as well
especially when i can deal usually 2d6+17 +1d8 or 1d10+18+1d8 on a regular attack
and for when i crit :)
As for Turning Undead, that usually get's maxxed as much as possible, then burned for Divine Metamagic
8:20 PM
my players went mad: they want to hide their weapons... by baking them into bread!
That'll work
I mean, they'll be hidden
Freakin heavy bread tho
and freaking weak weapons
@Alphaeus Potentially very bad to bite into
Lol, rue
@Trish Well, assuming they consist of standard metals yeah
2 hours later…
10:30 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer: What are the downsides to multi-classing? by wilson care on rpg.SE
That post was interesting....
@Alphaeus that post was creeppy
I shoulda screenshotted that....
Dr. Ezemo....
Yeah, that's pretty typical of the spam we get.
There should be records of these
I'm on another site and some of the mods keep records of particularly funny/odd spam
10:34 PM
Anyone with 10k or more rep can still see 'em.
I'm kinda concerned why the husband came back so soon after talking to this guy. My head decided that Dr. Whathisface must use blackmail or something. "Get back with your wife or I shall le stabbu you"
Oh interesting
Dr. Ezemo was how it was spelled, I think
Beyond that, eh. It's mostly very repetitious and sad and I don't see any particular reason to give it any spotlight.
I was just interested in the online spellcaster part
Aw I was checking out my rep because of what @BESW said, and it turns out I got my third yearling badge yesterday. Happy birthday to meee
10:36 PM
It's all variants on "my lover left me and my life fell apart but everything's great now that a witch doctor brainwashed my lover into returning." ...though every now and then it's "You can be a vampire, ask me how!" and that's at least different?
@Asteria Grats!
@BESW how can I be a vampire??
Unclear, you have to give them money for the secret.
But apparently being a vampire is good for your posture.
I don't support paywalls :P
10:45 PM
A Japanese mathematician has predicted Santa will end the world this year because science.
Did he take into account that Santa is a Western legend?
Nah, Santa's just a really effective disease vector.
@Alphaeus Someone's salty that Santa didn't get him a new red bike last year
If you encounter a Santa and get bitten, you risk becoming a were-Santa, which has at-will Detect Naughty and Detect Nice.
Lmao, true
Today at Oakwood Library, @firestormink is showing how to make an RPG using Fate Accelerated by @EvilHatOfficial
11:05 PM
Someone trying to join a campaign I'm in has successfully created a build the rivals Pun Pun
Needless to say they aren't getting in.
@Alphaeus Pun Pun? Please elaborate.
You've never heard of Pun Pun?
It's a 3.5e thing
Pun-Pun is the name given to an infamously ridiculous but-the-rules-say-I-can character build that exploits an unintended potential infinitely repeatable loop to make a very low-level creature with arbitrarily high capacities.
The (essentially) infinite strength lvl 3 kobold
Here's a little pic of the char sheet of this person....
They're character was at lvl 13, btw....
Not to mention their spellcasting and whatnot
Were they using d100s for their initial ability score rolls?
11:11 PM
These are all boosts out the wazoo
A trio of third party feats form one of the core exploits
Everything else comes from doing some screwing with mind switch, consume mind, consume likeness, and etc.
Essentially pulled pieces from increasingly powerful creatures and added them to his stats.
Which is loosely possible but certainly in terrible taste
hey there @Alphaeus
hey as well @Asteria
@Alphaeus Why is their Wis only 18?
11:28 PM
Hello @Shalvenay, how are your heroic exploits?
@MikeQ alright here. my palahack made it to L2 (i.e. Ftr1/Clr1) at last :D
@Shalvenay Which system/campaign are you referring to?
@MikeQ ah. D&D 5e -- I'm in a RL campaign with some friends/acquaintances. (the palahack idea was originally Nitsua's tho -- it's a name for a Ftr1/Clr many build, using Light or perhaps Life domain)
Oh I see. I thought you meant you were trying to replicate a paladin in a system that doesn't have paladins.
@MikeQ haha, no :)
11:37 PM
So which domain did you pick, Light or Life?
Hey hey @Shalvenay
@MikeQ went Life for this char. (Nitsua's original went Light)
hey there @Asteria, how're things going?
@Shalvenay I have a banana, life is good. Hows life on your end?
@HeyICanChan I saw what you wrote about command word items in Pathfinder. If a GM houseruled that command word activation was a free or swift action, how do you think that would affect game balance? Could that have any disastrous consequences?
@MikeQ You should know, that won't actually ping HeyIcanChan, since he hasn't beein in this chat recently.
11:42 PM
Oh. Dang.
Well then @Miniman... would you care to speculate on this issue? :P
@Shalvenay I feel loved
@Asteria alright here. was thinking about what we talked about in the NAB, and something came to mind
@Shalvenay oh? a good thing or a bad thing?
@Asteria mind if I share it in the NAB?
@Shalvenay engaging hyperdrive. moving chatrooms at light speed. Woosh
11:51 PM
@MikeQ I'm not too familiar with Pathfinder. In 3.5, swift action activation would've been huge, though. Like, huge.
@trogdor judging the woosh will result in burnitation
Good thing there was not judgement
@MikeQ Er...maybe not as huge as I just said. I forgot spell trigger is a different thing.
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