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Best question ever?
Q: Borg naming conventions

erinI have some chickens named with Borg designations. There were originally 4, so each of them was N of 4. Two of them died though, then I got two new ones, so should the new ones get their own group designation ("of 2") or should they become part of the original "of 4"? I would like to be techni...

1:45 AM
stupid freaking Borg
they made no sense in any way
@trogdor I think they made sense at some point. But then the writers kept changing them.
most of what I saw was "ok, so once you use one type of energy on them they are immune, forever, no cost"
that by itself is just ridiculously silly
but i did see some other things that just made no sense
I thought you just had to keep shifting frequencies.
like Borg babies TM
not from what I saw
that worked for a little while, but then they became immune to all of them
with no explanation as to why a type of pure energy can be completely useless without opening up a weakness for something else
1:59 AM
I saw at least 2 or 3 episodes where away teams were beamed onto a borg ship, and they did the whole frequency shift thing
but every time, it stopped working at the end
@BESW this is as much sense as it made really
and as far as Borg babies go, if you graft cyborg stuff onto a baby to replace flesh, that baby is not gonna grow properly
@trogdor You can replace the cyborg crap as they age. Also, I think the whole point is not to grow properly -- the cyber bits get integrated into their bodies and whatnot.
except the organic parts that borg have are still in the shape of humans/humanoids
I mean, it certainly makes sense that they'd want their brains to become depending on the cyberware, for example.
2:35 AM
@trogdor do they become immune to being hit very hard with a very dense object?
no but
good luck doing that either
they were about as strong as DATA from what I could tell
so one guy could, MAYBE, fight one of them hand to hand
I am just remembering someone having pointed out
they were made of mcguffyn, and explained poorly if at all
that although science fiction tends to contain all number of energy weapons, photon cannons, heat lasers, and so on,
none of that is even remotely necessary.
because anything, absolutely anything, can be obliterated if you simply hit it hard enough.
it should work that way
2:41 AM
there's apparently a sci-fi war novel wherein people start using wormhole technology to capture asteroids and launch them directly at planets.
but Borg Spaceships had all the same immunities
... and that's the starting point
the only thing you could ram them with is your own ship
cause no one in Star Trek (as far as I know) had powerful enough tractor beams to ram enemy ships with asteroids
@trogdor probably for the best
if they did, it would be even more silly than it already was/is
the Borg is/are one of my personal hated things
it seemed to me that the show let the main cast get too strong, so they basically made the Borg to stop that
pretty much like what happened in the last couple seasons of Stargate SG 1
2:48 AM
@trogdor with... the replicators?
or however you spell it
but the Replicators too really
I might even say the Replicators were a worse offense than the Borg
cause they had all the same superpowers and more
being invincible and also shapeshifters?
they could eat/absorb/not-care-about energy weapons just like the borg
they literally ate tech of any kind and incorporated it
@trogdor do deadly biological viruses count as a technology
would they acquire said viruses
and die
using brute force like a sledgehammer against them was silly because they collaped like legos and reformed
3:00 AM
they were full machine sooo
computer viruses were sorta kinda effective
but they basically shook those off eventually
i hope this is not like independence day where someone flies up to a completely alien mothership and plugs in their windows laptop or w/e
they were all machines, their brains were software
but you'd have to write software for those machines
not exactly
a little better than that, but not entirely
you had to write it specifically against replicators
and even that didn't seem to be a complete fix
people would come up with brilliant ways to upload a replicator virus into a group of replicators and kill them all, but as it turns out they were everywhere
3:04 AM
Replicators... yeah, the viruses that targeted them were either written for the Replicators specifically or had some hand-waving justification of their own which let the viruses attack whatever they pleased.
and the same thing wouldn't work twice
generally at least
My Digger Omnibus is finally at the Post Office, but it's taking more than 12 hours to get sorted and put in my box...
@BESW \o/
3:38 AM
...and suddenly USPS tracking claims it's been in my box since 6:45 this morning.
Does that mean it is now in your box?
Or that it has.... Not been delivered properly :(
Says it's in my box.
I'll drive over and check later this afternoon.
Ok :D
3:54 AM
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4:14 AM
Better tag suggestions will be considered.
4:43 AM
how is everyone
I managed to get the bounty hunter hat I so coveted
1 hour later…
5:49 AM
The Silence: worst priests ever?
1 hour later…
6:49 AM
@AlexP Confess!
@AlexP Bring out the comfy chair!
1 hour later…
8:04 AM
Technically we don't know Nine's first actual line, so it's the first line we hear him say. And Seven's last line was "I'm not human!"
You can kind of tell that New Who has body image issues: ears, teeth, legs, kidneys...
(Also that New Who is kind of repetitive.)
8:24 AM
@lisardggY Maaake a spaaace suuuit!
@BESW "hey who turned out the lights?"
8:38 AM
If Moffat were really as clever as people seem to think he is, the archaeological team in Silence of the Library would've been religious in nature.
that is coming a bit late
Well, he established very early on in Eleven's run that River was forcibly associated with a militant religious organization.
So he had that idea pretty much from the start.
That he didn't indicate it when he first introduced her...
but what you are talking about is from 10
and you give him too much forward planning credit
8:47 AM
Late in Ten's last full season.
Yeah, I'm saying that if he were as good at forward planning as he likes to give the impression he is...
my bad
9:25 AM
[opens Digger Omnibus package] "Sweet cheese, you can beat a man to death with this!"
what now?
It's 820+ pages of high-quality paper.
The thing's not a book, it's a tome.
what is it illustrating?
or like a huge collection of odds and ends Ursula wrote?
It's the full 6-volume, 8-year graphic novel Digger in a single book.
9:32 AM
didn't think it was that big
explains the name though
Mine's paperback, not hardcover. The hardcover ones probably qualify as lethal weapons in some states.
This is the spine of one of the hardcovers:
10:16 AM
Man, the New Year's explosives are starting early.
10:43 AM
@trogdor For the first level of Assault on Dark Athena, Riddick's only weapon is a hairpin.
11:04 AM
it sorta sounds like he could just use his hands and be more effective
11:16 AM
Can we get VTCs on this question until it's sorted out?
11:28 AM
Oh, wow, I left my chat logged in on my work PC overnight!
@ProfessorLokiCaprion We enjoyed your ghostly company.
Glad to feel appreciated! :D
I had the best game of Battlestar Galactica, last night! Even though my side lost!
Glad to hear it.
Hopefully 2014 will be more of the same, and less like 2013.
I'll let you know in about two hours and twenty minutes.
@Zachiel Thanks for weighing in on the Baldur's Gate thing.
11:43 AM
I didn't know it had 3.5 elements in it
but I supect those are 3.0 at best
I never know if it's better to have just one guy making all the comments, or to have multiple people pitch in.
I have no idea, knowing nothing about BG.
I guess it depends on frequency. More people dogpiling is bad
I started D&D with that game. Ok, I played the arcade game and finished it once in the past but I didn't realize it was actually D&D until last year
@Zachiel Which one, Tower of Doom?
@lisardggY the one with manticore, beholder and a couple of displacer beasts as sub-bosses
@Zachiel I honestly can't remember. I played that a lot at the arcade, but that was about 15 years ago. :)
11:48 AM
Could have been Shadows of Mystara, which was the second game in the series, but I'm not sure
12:25 PM
Ah, I see the the UMD question has finally been refined to its core.
Voting to re-open.
It's still iffy, but I think it could work.
my answer would be on the lines of "any similar feat would allow him to wear the armor, but it's still an evil item and if he keeps using it he'll became evil too"
So I'm not really going to answer
I think "only the most evil of humans could wear such a vile item" is a matter of distaste rather than actual inability. As in, "How could you do such a thing?!"
12:32 PM
It's could, not would
However, hey, somebody has already crafted it. The evil has already been done.
@Zachiel It's an idiomatic vagueness, could be interpreted either way.
Sometimes, I just want to be pedantic.
@ioanwigmore Hi!
Wait, isn't the question asking if the bard should be able to wear the armor, in Baldur's Gate? It's a computer game question no?
Hi all
@ioanwigmore Yes, but what they're asking for is the D&D context on which Baldur's Gate is based.
Basically, the computer game doesn't give them the info they need, so they want to know about the tabletop rules it's inspired by.
12:37 PM
They have a specific purpose in mind, for their bard, which is presumably created for a specific version of D&D or other RPG
Voted to reopen too.
So it's a tabletop question sparked by a video game context, which is legit.
I have an answer ready, also along those lines.
Yeah, so my follow-up is then we should be told which system this bard and armor is in, for the best possible answer.
@ioanwigmore I might be wrong here, but I guess the edition or game they're playing has no answers to that question too, so he wants to know if there's at least a similar system he can base his decisions on.
12:39 PM
@ioanwigmore We... tried that. Did you see the mass of comments?
@Zachiel Ding! That's the case.
@BESW I think the basic problem there is communication. Brian's first comment gave an answer, but Julix didn't understand that he was referencing the specific 3.x/PF skill, and it all went downhill from there.
I may make an edit to his question... hrm.
Once someone else votes to reopen, I can answer and get it over with. :)
"What is the D&D ability that Baldur's Gate's 'Use Any Item' feature is based on, and how would that feature interact with an item like this armor?"
@BESW yeah the comments make a lot of good points, but the question as is is still a little confusing
@BESW Yeah that's better
12:41 PM
@BESW or "my bard in system X wants to wear this armour, is there really no way of allowing it?"
@BESW Multiclass Sarevok to a Fighter/Thief (he has the stats for it). Give him epic Use Any Item. Now give him the Holy Avenger.
@AlexP oooooooh
Rereading the question again, the entire thing is based on a misunderstanding, I think.
@ioanwigmore Unfortunately, he doesn't know what system he's asking for except "something D&D."
12:43 PM
he doesn't lote much from multiclassing after level 10, right?
@BESW judging from his profile he plays PF
@Zachiel But this isn't a PF question.
how does PF manage this?
The character is in Baldur's Gate.
He's looking for parallels in systems he is not using in order to extrapolate a case that the system he's using doesn't fully explain.
From one of his comments:
> The video game mechanics allow it, but that could have been an oversight. Thus I'm looking for how this ability ought to work. To do so I want to compare other systems that allow a similar thing so I can look at those descriptions.
Julix questions are usually filtered through the lens of someone whose experience with D&D is largely via third-party games inspired by the franchise.
It's tricky because most other systems would allow the GM to choose whether the armor is wearable, regardless of feats/etc. There's always a way to allow it or prevent it. But we're talking about Baldur's Gate, which has no malleable GM.
@BESW I don't see that as a generally useful line of questions
If the computer game allows it, that's how it is. You can talk about it in other non-computer game systems but it doesn't make sense.
@waxeagle Luckily, Julix is a good sport about it, albeit a frustrated one sometimes.
@lisardggY Julix's posts often labor under a more general "begging the question" variant, but yes.
@BESW I'm not that sure the actual character is in BG. It looks like "I have this character and I saw this happen in that game, how did that work exactly? Videogaming semplification?" - I don't remember that armor to need golden dragon blood, at least
[shrug] I'm admittedly unfamiliar with BG.
In other news, my sparsely-greying temples have sent advance grey scouts to reconnoiter my hairline.
I don't think D&D3 has any more of a defined answer to this than BG does, really.
12:56 PM
@AlexP D&D3 has three possible answers:
a) You cannot wear this unless you are evil; you may overcome this with UMD.
Ohh I remember this armour! It's in BG: baldursgate.wikia.com/wiki/Human_Flesh_Armor
b) You get a penalty to wear this if you are not evil; you may overcome this with UMD.
@ioanwigmore Yup, that's it! The real answer is "It makes your sprite look really ugly, so don't wear it." :D
c) You may use this if you are not evil, but the GM will determine an appropriate social response from those you meet.
@BESW I think those are the 3 answers we're looking for
1:12 PM
@lisardggY Minor syntax edit on your otherwise excellent answer.
@BESW Thanks.
Generally speaking, it's bad form to ask two questions in a row and then say "If so..."
You're right. The first paragraph was originally phrased differently, but after changing it, I forgot to adjust the following paragraph.
Happens to everyone.
I usually spend half an hour editing after I've posted an answer.
1:15 PM
45 minutes to the New Year.
[backs away from windows]
@BESW You're our beta tester for 2014.
If any place is gonna survive the immediate apocalypse, it's us.
Our communication infrastructure will probably get trashed, though, and then we'll starve.
But immediate disaster? We've had typhoons with gusts over 200mph and mini-tornadoes inside, earthquakes up to 7.8 Richter, and volcanoes in our own island chain.
Our casualties from natural disaster come from people being stupid, like using your generator inside your house to keep it dry.
But so far, I don't smell any incoming apocalypse.
It's lurking.
Biding its time.
@BESW heh, surely there are a few sat phones on the island
@waxeagle Yeah, and the military's probably got itself mostly covered.
1:25 PM
@BESW yup
Poe's Law in effect - I am unable to determine whether this site is serious or not. apocalypse2008-2015.com/Apocalypse_has_Started.html
Our biggest threat to self-sufficiency these days is that we can't possibly feed our population without regular cargo ship visits.
Although I am reassured that the "Apocalypse Has Started" page has valid CSS and XHTML.
Hey, I got a 2014 hat.
@lisardggY I'm thinking not parody.
@BESW I suspect so too. The sheer volume of it all, plus the PayPal link.
1:29 PM
Also, not enough moving gifs.
well, we can be sure of one thing. That's not the date of the apocalypse.
also seriously wondering how russian grandmother books are going to help
Found it by searching for "apocalypse 2014" to see if there are any doom prophecies for the coming year.
@waxeagle Do you think the date of the apocalypse would bring it flowers?
Also found an IMDB link for Ninja Apocalypse
@BESW yes, absolutely
flowers, growing out of a small bed of brimstone
1:32 PM
And they'd go see The Phantom Menace at a drive-in theatre.
(Or possibly Battlefield Earth, if they want to laugh.)
....durnit, I think the kids across the street are throwing bang-snaps into the parking lot again.
Basically, I now think Julix just wants a Feat that lets him use any weapon, any armor, any magical item, without reprecussions.
My very first D&D game (I was 10, running Red Box D&D to my 11 year old brother), he played a thief, and it took us a month to notice that he's not supposed to be able to wear platemail.
1:52 PM
@lisardggY [wry] All this apocalypse stuff is rather fascinating, since I'm someone who believes we're in the Age of Fulfillment / Time of Revelation, but doesn't think it has anything to do with a literal end of the world.
I can hear the fireworks over the bay.
I'ma go to bed as soon as the fireworks stop.
2:12 PM
so 6am?
oh right you said no personal fireworks
This is a thing now. I am okay with this thing:
I wonder what clothing style they'll pick for him.
New series starts in March, right?
We wish.
Wikipedia says autumn.
Right. Just saw it now.
At least without a split season this time.
Fireworks seem to have stopped. Goodnight!
2:20 PM
g'night. And a happy 2014!
@lisardggY So far everything's still here!
@BESW Hurray!
2:34 PM
So Shada is pretty nice.
The 8th Doctor and Lady President Romana and K9 is interesting.
The radio-play remake?
Well the online flash remake of that.
I saw some of the original TV bits a few years ago.
I read Dirk Gently long before I knew anything of Doctor Who, so I totally missed the massive Who bits that were worked into that.
2:50 PM
Haven't heard of Dirk Gently
But looking him up now they seem like rather interesting books.
They are. Both are excellent.
Douglas Adams was working as a script editor for Doctor Who in the late 70's, and wrote the script for Shada. After it was scrapped, he adapted some ideas to the first Dirk Gently novel.
@lisardggY Oh I see.
So there's a character there who's clearly a time lord, if you know the back story.
@lisardggY Hah that's great
Oh, yes. And even has a "TARDIS".
2:53 PM
@ProfessorLokiCaprion Wow really?
Anyone know of some good half machine humanoid pictures? Just off the top of your head.
@RedRiderX Very heavily altered to not be too obviously a former Doctro Who script, but yes.
@ProfessorLokiCaprion Oh wow I feel like I need to read this now...
@Aaron Like the cover of "When Axioms Collide?"
ah forget remembering grammar.
Grammar's dumb :P
Gee, that's a familiar cover.
It was used in several things, apparently!
WEG used a lot of "second-hand art" for their covers, toward the end of Torg, I think.
@ProfessorLokiCaprion Isn't that the I have no mouth and I must Scream cover?
@ProfessorLokiCaprion Not quite more like this
@RedRiderX That's the title I couldn't think of!
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.. Wonderful line in there....
"Hate. Let me tell you how much I've come to hate you since I began to live. There are 387.44 million miles of printed circuits in wafer thin layers that fill my complex. If the word 'hate' was engraved on each nanoangstrom of those hundreds of miles it would not equal one one-billionth of the hate I feel for humans at this micro-instant. For you. Hate. Hate."
Wow. o_o
What is this about?
@ProfessorLokiCaprion Hate.
@RedRiderX Well, clearly.
3:35 PM
It's a particularly dark story.
@MadMAxJr Quite dark indeed.
Even the Wikipedia synopsis is a little scarring.
Short version: a computer tortures people.
Like, Hell torture, not "24" torture.
Not just torture. Create and provide an environment specifically designed to prolong their suffering, without killing them.
PC game adaptation of it isn't too bad. On Steam too.
@MadMAxJr Err, "create an environment specifically designed to prolong their suffering without killing them" is just part of torture.
With them being the last humans on earth as well.
After the computer killed all the others.
3:39 PM
@AlexP It's a bit more involved than the typical RPG fanfare torture of 'put them on the rack' is what I was getitng at.
I think...
Or that torture machine from The Princess Bride.
It's a very specific kind of torture designed to showcase each of their own faults as well as the Human Race's faults in general.
AM is one very /angry/ computer.
Must be an intel...
4:06 PM
"Cardinal, tie her to the rack!"
Ah yes, the Inquistion.
5:03 PM
A truly dark time.
I see the question rolled up to the top "How do I invoke fear in my players?"
There are so many answers to that, that I cannot put in there.
"I find having the gun on the table by the DM screen helps."
"Tarantulas underneath a shoebox on the center of the table works for me."
"Keep several gargantuan minis by DM screen"
@MadMAxJr your DM doesn't?
5:21 PM
Actually my first DM was an enthusiast and for some reason felt the need to conceal-carry in a game shop back-room.
Gave our games an oddly 'mafia' feeling.
@MadMAxJr That statement is so wonderful out of context.
@MadMAxJr our DM (and several of our current, former and irregular players) all carry...not really a big deal IMO
btw if you have close votes: rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/31156/…
It's not a big deal any more, just looking back on it many many years later, I realize that DM was more than a little unstable, but that's not a topic for this room. Long story short? Crazy people can make wonderful RPG stories.
Reminds me of "Brazilian Death Squad."
5:47 PM
@AlexP My first scan of that I misread it and was thinking of expecting more along the lines of this:
"Brazilian Death Squid"
Or something like that.
But that story almost sounds crazier...
6:05 PM
@MadMAxJr Me (and my ex-girlfriend) can certainly vouch for that.
6:51 PM
sometimes I just do not understand the questions that come into this forum
was there actually someone asking whether or not he could coerce a silver dragon into bleeding itself if he like kidnapped its babies or something?
@JohnCraven That was a Stack Exchange question?
thankfully it looks like it's been voted off the island
Q: Coercing a silver dragon

JulixCould a silver dragon mom fearing the death of her unhatched offspring ever be coerced into giving blood? Example: A chaotic good, extremely powerful, highly charismatic, and boosted by potions extra wise and smart Bard (and his party) was rudely coerced by the dragon into saving it's eggs. When...

@AlexP who knows, probably trying to win some kind of silly argument
@AlexP what guy?
6:56 PM
@AlexP I think he's trying to recreate large bits of the game for P&P. But the questions are so convoluted it's hard to say.
Baldurs Gate is a mishmash of 2E rules, using it as a basis for rulings in the opposite direction is... odd.
@Aaron See the question John linked, and the earlier question about Bards in skin armor today.
Basically, most computer game D&D adaptations are very lax with restrictions, since they don't have to maintain balance between classes or can handle balance issues in other ways.
Now it seems this guy finds it hard to create the same kind of character in Pathfinder, and is trying to find a way to sneak past restrictions.
@lisardggY you can hide a lot of it in opaque and arcane math in a video game when you can't in a P&P
Using RAW to circumvent and defend against attempts to apply logic.
Sadly RAW / Your DMs logic may vary, from table to table.
6:58 PM
@MadMAxJr Hey, we've all been there.
@lisardggY I'm not sure that explains, like, the dragon thing.
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