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4:32 PM
Q: Trying to find a children’s book from the U.K. I read in the 1970’s/80’s

JacIt’s a long shot but I’m looking for a book where a young girl is the main character. She is sent to stay in another house for some reason. There is something about the garden of the house, it may have a stream running through it. I remember something about flooding possibly and water or tree spi...

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6:11 PM
Q: Looking for children’s illustrated book about a boy, injured goose, and letting goose return to flock

Jutta SeelerThe Wild Goose Flies is in my memory as the title but that doesn’t bring up anything relevant when I search. The book was published in the 1960’s. The boy made a pen for the goose and nursed it back to health. He noticed her missing the other geese when they flew over, so he realized he couldn’t ...

2 hours later…
8:16 PM
I created a wiki for ; please review it literature.stackexchange.com/tags/meaning/info
@bobble I think it's really good!
9:01 PM
The difference between meaning (except for literal meaning) and interpretation in our tags is rather artificial and not nearly as clear the new wiki seems to suggest, considering that interpretation literally deals with meaning. Many of our questions that are tagged could validly be retagged wit .
If we want to reduce the overlap, we may wish to replace with or .
1 hour later…
10:14 PM
@Tsundoku I really struggled to articular the difference in the wiki - it's there, but I don't know how to say it without waving my hands around

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