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@bobble I was asleep actually
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@Bookworm This question is teetering on the brink of being closed (4 close votes) despite being edited by the OP in response to comments. If you voted to close, you might want to review and consider withdrawing your close vote.
Q: Is The Lord of the Rings particularly difficult for second-language speakers of English?

EthanI am reading The Lord of the Rings. As a non-native speaker, I found it particularly hard to visualize in my head the settings of the scenes and also the landscapes established by the author, particularly to understand the English in general. Had Tolkien purposely made his writings look old/anci...

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6:43 PM
Q: What novel was referenced in the pilot episode of Suits?

ClassifiedThis novel is referenced in the pilot of the tv show Suits. However, it was only referenced very quickly and the title of the book wasn't given so hopefully the scene from the episode mirrors the book enough for someone to identify. The scene from the show was a drug sting operation in a hotel. ...

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It was time for a new avatar.

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