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2:29 AM
Q: Catcher in the Rye - Chapter 1 "If I get a chance to remember that kind of stuff..."

wwwIn Catcher in the Rye, the narrator failed his school so he had to leave. Before leaving, he thought to say good-by to his history teacher. Then, he brought up his memory of playing football with his friends till very late night when a biology teacher asked them to go back to dorm and have dinner...

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6:19 AM
Our Unanswered count has passed 1100. Who wants to go Revival/Necromancer hunting?
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8:04 AM
Q: Jared Diamond - Guns, Germs and Steel - what did he mean by this phrase below?

WinnieThePoohJared Diamond wrote in Chapter 6 To Farm or Not to Farm Pg 111, he says primitive harvesting tools like flint blades and grinding slabs " were prerequisites to the planting of cereals as crops. These cumulative developments constituted the unconscious first steps of plant domestication." but i ca...

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10:39 AM
@Bookworm This is not a meaning question and seems off topic here. Migrate to History SE?
@Tsundoku it doesn’t seem like a question to me, too. Yes, migrating to History would be good, IMO.
11:07 AM
Oh, it seemed a clear meaning question to me so I just went ahead and had a go at answering it!
2 hours later…
12:41 PM
Alexey Belyonkin has been given 25 days of jail for this sign saying "We Are Memorial" in support of Russia's oldest human rights foundation twitter.com/hrc_memorial/status/1464210865117405185
Putin is shutting down the foundation using a cangaroo court, and is trying to give arrests to all active supporters, in which "active" means "anybody daring to stand in the street with a sign".
This is just so depressing. Putin's idea of making Russia great again...
6 hours later…
6:49 PM
Q: Have they ever published normal sized Tintin volumes?

MorganHave they ever published normal sized Tintin volumes? (The books with 3 in 1 but, the size of the single issues.)

3 hours later…
9:50 PM
Q: What is the correct title of Sara Coleridge's poem about the months?

Phil PreenSara Coleridge's poem begins: January brings the snow makes our feet and fingers glow I have seen this listed as: The Garden Year The Months January brings the snow What is the correct / original title?


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