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3:03 AM
@bobble I guess this means you can resume your yeoman (yeoperson?) work of retagging mistagged questions / adding missing tags
:) I'll restart tomorrow
3:21 AM
I have two more tagging meta posts saved up on Puzzling, and I'll take a stab at writing an FAQ-answer summarizing out tagging system in a bit. Though in both cases I'm waiting for a currently-active meta post to die down.
4:00 AM
@Bookworm This question has gone off to the HNQs
2 hours later…
5:56 AM
Why is the word DEmagogue used in a negative sense?
Does the same rule apply to Mystagogue?
A slightly detailed answer to this will be very much appreciated..
6:12 AM
@RajorshiKoyal As has been said several times, this is not the forum for such questions. To avoid being blocked, please stop asking them here. Thanks.
@Bookworm This one has gone HNQ as well.
2 hours later…
7:56 AM
What a contrast between the two answers to this question.
@verbose now has 74 questions, matching our #3 author tag. Nice work.
Ideally I'd like to see the top tags being general ones (poetry, historical-context, character-analysis, textual-history, etc.), then a middle class of language tags, then individual author and work tags generally smaller.
looks askance at
8:13 AM
@Randal'Thor How can you tell which tags have the most questions?
oh nvm figured it out
8:30 AM
They're listed in order on the tags page. Also, when viewing the site anonymously without being logged in (maybe for sufficiently low-rep users too, I'm not sure), the top ten tags are displayed at the top of the front page.
The only non-generic tags in the top ten are at #6 and at #8, followed by at #13 and at #17.
8:49 AM
Q: Replace `narrator` tag with `point-of-view`?

verboseWe currently have a tag narrator that as of today has 21 questions associated with it. The tag wiki excerpt says: Questions related to the concept of "narrator" in literature, i.e. the "voice" that appears to speak or tell a story. The narrator can usually not simply be equated with the author. ...

2 hours later…
11:11 AM
@Bookworm This question is situated in the HNQ list, and helped to put Ahmed Samir above andejons and Peter Shor above Benjamin in the rep leagues.
11:34 AM
Can someone pin the topic challenges to the sidebar? Please and thanks!
There are two ongoing topic challenges this month: Mem and Zin (traditional Kurdish story) and Gargantua and Pantagruel (16th-century French novels).
4 hours later…
3:34 PM
@Randal'Thor, the post notice you put here doesn't make a whole lot of sense since you can't "answer" an answer. Did you mean to put the "answers should have citation" notice?
3:53 PM
Q: A Question about ‘List Questions’

SpagirlThis question about works using the second person has been closed as Off-Topic. In comments, opinions have been offered that the question is open-ended to many answers And could result in a list rather than a definitive answer. The question was closed using the community-specific reason: Q...

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7:05 PM
Q: Recommendation of books on reversal of fortune of communities in post-colonial societies?

LucasI am an economist and I am finishing writing a study in which I argue that the economic conditions of ex-slaves in Brazil were not very different from European immigrants in the first years after abolition. This would have occurred because the success of the coffee economy would have kept demand ...

1 hour later…
8:21 PM
Hi, can anyone help me with this question: literature.stackexchange.com/questions/18313/…
It's a recommendation question, which is outside of the scope of thesite
but perhaps someone can save me here
2 hours later…

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