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1:48 AM
Q: Is Othello being deceptive when he says, “This only is the witchcraft I have used” (Act 1.3.184)

David AnsonWhen Othello is brought before an “ad hoc” court of law for surreptitiously marring Desdemona, Brabantio essentially accuses him of using “witchcraft” as a means of seducing his daughter suggesting, She is abused . . . By spells and medicines bought of mountebanks . . . Sans witchcraft coul...

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10:29 AM
The question Are there any “literary cycles” that are cyclic? sounds more like an open-ended story-id question rather than a terminology question.
I came across this funny webpage that proposes a timeline for the characters in Othello that includes events such as "Iago is born" (August 1510) and "Othello begins schooling" (19 October 1524). Hilarious.
"When I see a @Spade000 , I call it a spade." (Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest) :-P
11:40 AM
Q: Which MA English literature offer should I choose?

user10196I got MA English literature offers from Bristol, Leeds, Sheffield and Sussex. Regarding courses, I am more interested in Leeds and Sussex. That’s because I’m interested in modern and contemporary literature, and I also want to take some creative writing courses, Leeds and Sussex suit me well in t...

12:28 PM
Q: Who coined the term close reading?

TsundokuThe Wikipedia article Close reading discusses the history of the concept and the influence of I. A. Richards and others on the New Criticism: American New Critics in the 1930s and 1940s anchored their views in similar fashion [i.e. focusing on language and form, like I. A. Richards], and pro...

1:13 PM
Two topic challenges currently ongoing: Guy de Maupassant and Korean folklore. All welcome to join in!
Doesn't this French thing go for the last 5 months already?
The Maupassant topic challenge was in May as well as June, and the one preceding it (April - May) was also a French-language challenge.
In (the near) future I'll probably oppose further suggestions for French or Russian topic challenges, as they're now both among our biggest tags.
There are several suggestions for German-language topic challenges, but those haven't received any upvotes (or very few).
I'm still not sure what German-language author would appeal more to readers here.
Yeah, they've become quite mainstream. Now everyone and their grandma are suddenly Camus and Pushkin fans. Where's the true creative minds, the exiled Sámi people living on Indonesian islands sewing stories of forgiveness into the underwear of former WWI prisoners!
My underwear isn't quite that old, though.
@NapoleonWilson That was literally undercover literature, then.

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