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8:24 AM
Q: Explanation Query from Zero to one

Tapan JainFrom the book Zero to One - what is the answer by Peter Thiel had asked a question in the beginning - What important truth do very few people agree with you on? Can someone explain?

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1:16 PM
@Bookworm I consider this question off-topic. Zero to One is a non-fiction work about entrepreneurship and the question does not look at it from a "literary" point of view (whatever that might be in this case).
1:31 PM
@Tsundoku I think it's borderline at worst, and probably wouldn't vote to close it even if I didn't have binding votes. (At least I wouldn't start the process, although if it was in the review queue I wouldn't vote Leave Open either.) Haven't we had questions like that before?
It's also not clear what is asked. If it's asking what it literally means, it seems more fit to English Language Learning and if it's ultimately asking what Thiel intends with that question, I would suppose the following paragraphs would elaborate on that (and it would be more of a question about Thiel's business philosophy than literature).
The question's original wording seems to ask what answer Peter Thiel expects applicants to give, which betrays a misunderstanding of Thiel's intent.
I don't see that from the question's original text, though.
Oh, maybe a little. I...also stumbled over the grammar a bit.
I read "what is the answer by Peter Thiel had asked a question in the beginning" as "What is the answer to Peter Thiel's question".
Possible, yes.
1:38 PM
Deciphering broken English is a job requirement that should be added to vacancies for research positions in international research projects. Instead, they just ask good English language skills.
I had assumed "Zero to One - what is the answer by Peter Thiel" meant that "what is the answer" is part of the book title. But apparently not.
Also possible.
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2:42 PM
Q: Why is there an odd use of question marks in Lord of the Flies?

RobertFDuring Simon's encounter with the Lord of the Flies, the Lord of the Flies says: “You knew, didn’t you? I’m part of you? Close, close, close! I’m the reason why it’s no go? Why things are what they are?” I understand the general idea of the sentence, that Simon is the only one who realize...

3 hours later…
5:23 PM
hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikip%C3%A9dia:Tudakoz%C3%B3/… – ah yes, another old question of mine where I was trying to find out what a strange word in a famous poem means. I don't think it would work well on Lit either.

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