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1:01 AM
@BESW I think the best way to do this is through the JKR AJHall comparison answer we're discussed.
(Or at least that's the best idea I've heard so far).
But the downside is I have to read fanfiction to write that answer, and while I actually don't mind reading A. J. Hall (unlike pretty much all other fanfiction), there's a lot of other books on my list that I want to read first.
1:33 AM
Heh, that's fair.
I mean, you could go with Anne Rice but that's seriously fraught and personal.
Or the history of Poe vs Plagiarism--but people get really invested in that because of the place Poe has in the literary canon.
Emily Dickinson's got some fascinating contradictions between her letters and her biographies, but analyzing her poems in the tension between those will require (much like analyzing Poe) also analyzing the implied and stated intents of her biographers.
2:06 AM
Harry Potter characters by Tony Moore @tonymoore https://t.co/9rq2sOaCfo
@BESW Dickinson sounds interesting but very difficult since I would have to do a lot of reading. Honestly, Hall sounds easiest, but I'm not sure if I'll ever get to writing that answer, at least this year.
@Hamlet yeah, Dickinson and Poe both had massive character assassination via biographer after their deaths. In the case of Poe, also during his life.
(They're good examples, also, of how we assign value to information based on its format.)
2:24 AM
I have a ton of political questions/answers. but since they're political it would be harder to learn from them.
I guess Hall is kind of political since she talks about class, but to be honest it's not that political.
I think Hall's making text out of what she sees as JKR's subtext.
The concept of patronage, for example, is deeply embedded in the wizarding world.
[rummages] I've written an answer or two about that on scifi.se...
A: Why couldn't Snape and McGonagall prevent what Fudge did at the end of Goblet of Fire?

BESWBecause of the kind of power structure underlying the Wizarding World. As Pharnabazus outlines in his amazing essay on the patron/client dynamic in Harry Potter, Dumbledore and Fudge have a complicated history of influence and struggle. While originally Fudge allied himself with Dumbledore, the ...

2:40 AM
@BESW she has a blog post where she literally says that's what she's doing
@BESW great, now I have to read through your SFF account.
Eh, it's not that impressive.
@BESW more to see if you link to any good blogposts
Also, these livejournal pages are 100 times more impressive than any academic writing I've seen on Harry Potter.
@Hamlet I know, right. [sigh]
I kid you not, people will write books about the alchelemical symbolism of Harry Potter.
Like, can anything possible be less interesting than alchelemical symbolsim?
The only thing worse than HP academics are Tolkien academics.
I was active on LJ during the hiatus between GoF and OotP; it was amazing. People had four and a bit books to sift through and study, knowing that more was planned but having to wait for it to come.
The collaboration and study produced by a fandom that refused to be put on pause by the creator's writing block, was phenomenal. Also often very silly.
But hey, even the academic satire coming out of that community was on point.
2:47 AM
@BESW I'm kind of following ASOIAF which is in a similar place but the analysis isn't nearly as good.
Part of what made the HP hiatus community so awesome was the same thing which ultimately let the series itself down: JKR presented the story as a mystery to which she had planted all the clues if her readers were just aware enough... but she didn't write with the caution she expected of her audience, so we got all kinds of ridiculous red herrings which while the series was ongoing were fun to speculate about and build on. After the story was over, though, they stood out as the flaws they were.
(cf LOST)
@BESW flaws?
Unmistakable mistakes.
@BESW example?
She taught us to look for inconsistencies and coincidences, and to consider them clues. So when the Dursleys mention someone with the surname Evans, or the older Weasleys' graduation years don't match up, we perked up our ears and made notes.
But nope, JKR herself has said that she hadn't noticed she'd given a random off-screen Muggle the same surname has Harry's mother until the fans asked about it.
And the Weasleys' weird age inconsistencies, rather than implying some important role held by Bill and/or Charlie in the narrative, instead gave rise to the "Oh Dear Maths" meme.
In a werewolf story she couldn't get the moon's phases right.
Some of it's just lazy: the first chapter takes place on "dull, grey Tuesday" despite 31 October 1981 being a Saturday. That's just basic research fail.
But then Dumbledore says he passed several parties on his way... despite having clearly Apparated. Aunt Petunia acts surprised by Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, but we later learn she'd already been there at least once. And so forth.
I'd call these nitpicks, if JKR hadn't been explicitly training us that these sorts of things were deliberate and important to pay attention to.
So instead they're flaws.
(This is, actually, a case for authors to keep their mouths shut about this kind of thing. If she'd just kept her lips zipped then Mark Evans would've gone down in fandom history as a tantalizing hint of the extraordinarily detailed world JKR had crafted, instead of that time the author forgot her main character's mother's name.)
3:13 AM
@BESW any advice on finding A. J. Hall's essays?
Would it be worth emailing her?
It might be! I don't have any tricks beyond the WayBack.
Apparently she has a paper in Nimbus-2003 Compendium: We Solemnly Swear These Papers Were Worth the Wait, but I don't really feel like hunting it down.
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5:53 AM
Most people know Jack Kirby did something in comics, maybe. But they will never appreciate how breathtakingly *wei… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/886456127071846400
a newspaper writer in 1840 ignited a national craze for "machine poetry"—mechanical, soulless verse, with the conce… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/885627936904167424
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8:42 AM
Harry Potter characters by Tony Moore @tonymoore https://t.co/9rq2sOaCfo
9:21 AM
Q: Did Dirk Gently do anything to help Odin the end of Tea Time?

KimballAt the end of The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, the following things resolve Odin's troubles: Thor changes an eagle back into a fighter plane, which (unintentionally?) kills the Draycotts, whom Odin entered a contract with. Odin re-entered the hospital he wanted to stay in, on more favorable ...

If you have any interest in book-making or graphic design, Ravilious & Co well worth the trip to Eastbourne http://www.townereastbourne.org.uk/exhibition/ravilious-and-co-the-pattern-of-friendship/
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11:26 AM
@Gallifreyan Eh. Those are just drawings of the film characters.
Also, are you just retweeting BESW's posts? ;-)
9 hours ago, by BESW
Harry Potter characters by Tony Moore @tonymoore https://t.co/9rq2sOaCfo
Huh. No, I just saw it in my Twitter feed :D
That account really does post cool comic art.
11:50 AM
They do indeed. Though about half of it is somewhat repetitive con sketches.
(And I'm always happier to see the less mainstream stuff.)
12:32 PM
@Hamlet FYI, I'm hoping to be able to answer your "The Nose, the Name" question. I've now read the story once and don't have any ideas yet, but I'll reread it and close-read it and try to work something out.
I'm also working on an idea for another potentially-controversial scope-stretching question.
raises eyebrows
Whose on-topicness I'm pretty sure is supported by existing meta consensus, but will still make people go "whoa, what, didn't expect to see that kind of question".
And which may make at least one or two users very happy.
12:48 PM
@BESW This blog is also good.
But not very active.
And not very mainstream.
Please feel free to suggest me other good twitters and blogs
1:16 PM
Finished Brief Lives, @Gallifreyan. Expect some questions.
Here are two, so I don't forget them: why does Ishtar insist on the use of that specific name? Morpheus calls her by other names, but she always corrects him.
(that's just one :-P )
If Delirium's speech bubble color means something, what does it mean when it goes white? (Happens at least twice in the volume)
@Randal'Thor I'm on mobile. Give me time to tap it out :p
@Shokhet Ah, but the "here are two:" should either be in the same message as both of the list items, or both of them should be in separate messages. Putting one of them together with the "here are two:" but not the other creates asymmetry.
You've just read McCloud, @Gallifreyan, so you've seen his description of additive vs subtractive color. Is white here all emotions, or none of them? (Or something else)
@Randal'Thor <insert eyeroll emoji here>
@Shokhet If it's not a colouring mistake, which happen from time to time, it means she returns to a sane state.
How far are you into it?
1:25 PM
I also need to add to the eye color question, how she can switch back to Delight colors/state with difficulty
@Gallifreyan I hadn't considered that, actually. It's obvious, really. Will check if it makes sense
Which part are you on now?
Don't think it's a coloring mistake, because the white panels have grey borders. They're also both related to Dream apologizing to Delirium (one then, one in retelling to the lost brother)
@Gallifreyan I finished all of Brief Lives.
@Shokhet Well, she also gets her eye colour straight at htat time, doesn't she?
@Gallifreyan I don't remember. I'll have to check
She regains her sanity, but says it hurts her to maintain it.
1:35 PM
She also gets double green at one point, but I don't think she was worse than usual at that point
And Destiny says "It's refreshing to see [her] like this"
@Gallifreyan yes
@Shokhet Or it's a colouring mistake :D
@Gallifreyan And yes. I mentioned that earlier.
10 mins ago, by Shokhet
I also need to add to the eye color question, how she can switch back to Delight colors/state with difficulty
@Gallifreyan could be
That was pretty much the answer I was going to post to your eye colour question.
And also a bit about her being in state of flux because she's the youngest.
1:39 PM
Ah. Okay. Maybe I won't add it to the question, then.
@Gallifreyan because she's the youngest or because something happened to change Delight into Delirium?
Oops. Gotta run. Catch you later!
@Shokhet 😔
2:27 PM
I had a dream that I deleted Several answers. I had a mini heart attack waking up, searching to see if it was something I'd actually ever done.
21 of which are yours
I was not successful in obtaining a copy of I Am a Cat. :(
I guess I'll dig out my copy of Sophie's World and start a reread.
There are a lot of different covers for that, apparently.
Mine looks like this.
That reminds me, the pin expired.
July's topic challenge is I Am a Cat - please join in reading and asking/answering questions about it this month!
@Mithrandir It should be old enough to be out of copyright and freely available online.
The first few chapters at least are definitely freely and legally available.
Translations have a different copyright status, though, no?
2:40 PM
@Randal'Thor if you tell me now I can give you advice. Or you can wait for a dramatic reveal.
I do know where an online copy is but I don't know if it's legal.
Jun 24 at 22:06, by Mithrandir
This site apparently has the full text of I am a Cat, although I'd recommend using an ad blocker.
@Mithrandir it's complicated
Hmm. I wonder if Law accepts such questions.
So, all mods are chatting here. ;)
Ahh another one.
@Mithrandir Not that one. This one: 🙄
@AJ I'm here too!
2:48 PM
I didn't notice ya.
Yeah. I was in earlier this morning, but not when you came in.
To be clear, is novel identification on-topic here?
@AJ Yes.
The tag?
We also have a nice tag wiki with lots of guidance for asking good ID questions.
2:51 PM
@Shokhet don't see a thing there
I read a novel on the train, which I borrowed from a co-passenger.
But coming from M&TV, you've probably seen it all before.
yes, I know.
@Randal'Thor yep
Why is there a link to SFF story id post?
@Mithrandir I guess whatever device you're using doesn't support Unicode 8.0? emojipedia.org/face-with-rolling-eyes
@AJ I guess because the tag wiki was written before Lit had its own such post?
2:53 PM
@Randal'Thor Should someone with tag edit privileges (cough) fix that?
I am forming my question and will try to be as detailed as possible.
@AJ Good luck! Hope you find what you're looking for.
@Shokhet Just done.
2:55 PM
@Randal'Thor 👏👏👏
@AJ Maybe you'll then become our newest 200+ rep user :-)
@Shokhet it says it shows on Samsung devices but I guess not this one
@Mithrandir My Samsung phone doesn't either show all emoji. It's an older one, though.
Except WhatsApp has its own stash of emoji, which is useful both for devices that don't support the newer ones natively (like my phone), and so that you're sure that everyone receiving your message sees the same little picture.
And this is why you should use text emojis ;)
^_- is very different from ^_^ though
3:04 PM
@Mithrandir Is the last character in this message supposed to be a box? I don't think my machine has that character 😶
By the way, thanks for the bounty offer, @Mithrandir :D
@Shokhet yes, as far as I can see
@Shokhet no problem. I just wish that mine had gotten an answer :/
@Mithrandir Oh. Okay. Usually I get blank boxes for characters that the system doesn't know about.
@Mithrandir Which one...?
Q: Is there any indication that Sam wanted to go to sea before he states that he wants to go to sea?

MithrandirAt the end of My Side of the Mountain, Sam apparently wants to head out to sea: As we approached the hemlock grove, I noticed that Dad was carrying a pack. He explained it as food for the first few days, or until I could teach John, Jim, Hank, and Jake how to live off the land. I winked at hi...

@Mithrandir Your Usher one got an answer :-)
3:14 PM
True, that one did.
I can still award it for... 6 hours.
Bounties are always a bit hit-or-miss, unless it's to reward an existing answer.
I am done.
Q: Novel about teenagers committing suicide

A JI read this novel about 3 years ago on the train, which I borrowed from a co-passenger. I couldn't read the whole book and I'd try to complete it now. When did you read the story, and how old was it? I read it 3 years ago and I don't remember how old was it. Medium and appearance IIRC, the co...

Bookworm should pick it up soon.
@AJ +1 from me. You put in a fair amount of detail. Please do edit to add if you remember anything else -- sometimes it's the small details that get ID answers.
I don't think I've ever read that book. Good luck!
@Mithrandir Good luck :)
> IIRC, the cover has a brownish picture with the title of book. It had, I think, long brown hair.
Do you mean there's a picture of a person on the front?
3:20 PM
I think there was no person.
It was just hair.
@Randal'Thor I read that as just a picture of brown hair.
Found it
I think
@AJ Glad I guessed correctly :)
@Mithrandir Beat you to it. I think.
Three new answers?
3 Answers now.
3:27 PM
And there's me too busy watching Wimbledon for the announcement of the new Doctor Who.
I think there's a 20 second space between each answer, but I think mine was first :D
And has an image of the cover.
@Shokhet nope. I beat you by 8 seconds, I think.
Shokhet was first.
We got three answers before Bookworm got the link in the chat room. We're good (*blows smoke off gun*)
By 37 seconds.
3:28 PM
Blame caching
It said that I was first on my end :P
45 seconds ago me, 37 ago Shokhet :P
There was an answer by Steelersquirrel too.
@Mithrandir 15:26:46 is you, 15:26:09 is me. Caching is right.
@AJ Steelershark (is that the same person?), and they've since deleted the answer.
@Shokhet Yes.
I'll blame mobile, actually :P
3:31 PM
Why deleting the answers/
Because @Shok was faster
@Mithrandir You didn't have to! I was going to upvote yours (as long as mine was still on top :p)
@Shokhet Can you do me a favor?
@AJ Okay...what's up?
3:32 PM
Q: Novel about teenagers committing suicide

A JI read this novel about 3 years ago on the train, which I borrowed from a co-passenger. I couldn't read the whole book and I'd try to complete it now. When did you read the story, and how old was it? I read it 3 years ago and I don't remember how old was it. Medium and appearance IIRC, the co...

@Bookworm Hi Bookworm. You're slow today :p
Can you plz remove the first line and just keep the title?
I actually Googled 'book cover brown hair suicide' and scrolled through the images. (Some slightly NSFW results O_o)
Why? It's common (here and SFF, can't speak about other sites) to mention the method used to find the book. It serves (I think) multiple purposes, including a disclaimer (I didn't read the book, and didn't match it to your question from memory), and also instruction (for other people looking at [story-ID] questions, so that they can learn how to find books themselves).
3:35 PM
Is there a reason it shouldn't be there?
Not particularly.
BTW that question will likely hit the HNQ. You have been warned :p
I undeleted it because I actually think I quoted some more relevant parts of the Wikipedia article :P
@Mithrandir Spoilers, though (+1)
3:38 PM
Anyway, I will now get this novel and find their motive to suicide.
@Shokhet nothing more than what was stated in the question itself (thanks :P)
Thanks a lot.
@AJ Enjoy! :)
Enjoy! You're welcome!
Meet the Thirteenth Doctor #DoctorWho #Doctor13 https://t.co/txHGz9tJEe
3:39 PM
If there is any question from that novel, I will definitely ask.
(for reference: I try to Google up every ID question that pops up on Lit... I fail more often than not...)
@Shokhet Yeah, please don't edit out the description of how you found the book. When I write up a meta post here for how to do a good story-ID answer, one of my main pieces of advice will be to include that kind of thing whenever possible.
I don't attempt IDs on M&TV though.
That way, everyone can learn something from reading the answer.
(As much as one can enjoy a novel about teen suicide... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
3:40 PM
Learn searching skills, if you found it by Googling, or learn what's memorable about the book, if you found it from memory.
@Shokhet I'd only like to find their motive.
That was quite a cliffhanger.
Got it.
@AJ Congrats on becoming the site's 138th 200-rep user ;-)
...I like cliffhangers.
3:43 PM
hehehe.. thanks. ;)
Especially books that end on a literal cliffhanger, although I've only read one.
It was a cliffhanger, because I couldn't complete it.
In other news, the Twitter was followed by a Sherlock fanatic (probably hashtags?), and we shared a short exchange and followed back. Anyone currently reading Conan Doyle might want to check out his Sherlock blog.
I hope we can draw him to the site; he seems okay.
Currently reading - me? :P
3:51 PM
Yes, you :p ...I can't vouch for the quality of information, but skimming whatever's on the home page of the blog seems to be written in good English, and feels like it could be a good source of info.
@Shokhet Or anyone who's into SH, whether or not they're currently reading it.
http://www.allornothingblog.co.uk for all things #Sherlock #Holmes plus analysis of the plots of the deeper stories
Sounds promising.
Although it appears that it's not limited to the lit. version; he has several posts on the BBC's Sherlock Holmes.
I really hope that wasn't him
A: Why does "The Five Orange Pips" devote an entire paragraph at the beginning to the case with the watch?

user1876To prove that deduction and reasoning work. Holmes knows nothing of Watson's brother but deduced everything from what he can observe.

We can (probably) forgive that if he's doing good analysis of the written stories ;-)
3:54 PM
@Mithrandir I was about to say. That was pretty quick, if it was.
Good that you linked him to how to answer and the tour, though. +1
Magic links :)
I know, I know :)
(sets timer for 10 minutes)
...do y'all think we could use a beginner's guide, a la Skeptics or Mi Yodeya? ...maybe I should put this on meta, but has anyone noticed common patterns in newbie mistakes?
...there have been a lot of non-answers posted as answers; I thought of this because of the recent orange pips answer.
Welcome to SE. There are a ton of NAAs posted everywhere all the time >.<
3:59 PM
Yep. It's common to link to the [tour] in comments; I don't know how useful that is in explaining that the answer space is for answers only, though.
That's what How to Answer is for :P
How to answer is much better though. I don't see it as often in welcome comments, though.
[answer] is a nice magic link, along with [ask] .
@Mithrandir I knew [tour] and How to Ask (which I once used by accident in an attempt to point to *.stackexchange.com/questions/ask); I don't think I knew about How to Answer. That is certainly a good one.
Hmm, where's the list of Magic links?
4:07 PM
15 minutes; gone before I forget about it.
TIL only moderator red flags are binding (and comments I think).
15 minutes might be too soon to delete...?
They can still see the comments and stuff
Give him a little more time to respond and/or edit? I dunno.
If they're still logged in
4:09 PM
Can you edit a mod-deleted post that belongs to you?
You just can't (vote to) undelete it.
Okay. It might be prudent/nice to drop a comment explaining that to him.
I also just really disliked 'dedycces'. /s
@Mithrandir Yeah, well. Typos happen :)
Hmm, can a 1 rep user flag their own post as needing mod attention?
4:11 PM
@Mithrandir No :-/
You need 15 rep to flag.
Hmm, unfortunate that they don't have the same exception as comments.
Hmm, I say that a lot.
@Mithrandir Hmm. I couldn't find an existing for that, so why don't you ask? :)
@Randal'Thor 122
@Randal'Thor 180-something by everyone, only 34 @Mithrandir: chat.stackexchange.com/…
4:15 PM
@Shokhet maybe later - you feel free though
@Mithrandir Yeah, no time :/
I actually have to go soon.
I do too :P
@Mith I saw those typos ;-)
in The Sphinx's Lair, Jul 11 at 15:06, by Mithrandir
Jun 14 at 14:23, by Mithrandir
typo? I'm plagued by 'em
@Randal'Thor Now, now. Relevant vid.
(Actually, the post that I thought was about the BBC was really about whether something Cumberbatch said was true of CD's Holmes as well.)
4:25 PM
@Shokhet how to answer isn't actually that good.
No reference to a back it up policy, for one
@Hamlet The info is good, I think, but could be restructured a bit. The "Answer the question" section should come first.
@Hamlet Ah. Yes, that would be good.
@Shokhet nope, not even the info is good. You could follow every bit of advice in that faq page and still end up with a horrible answer.
And it unfortunately isn't one of the faq pages that moderators can edit.
Anything we link people to on this site about how to answer should also talk about close reading and authorial intent.
@Hamlet Like, actually follow the advice? ...barring back it up (which I think should be self-evident, and/or included in other sections there), I don't think there's room for a "horrible answer" in this "Answer the question" section:
> Read the question carefully. What, specifically, is the question asking for? Make sure your answer provides that – or a viable alternative. The answer can be “don’t do that”, but it should also include “try this instead”. Any answer that gets the asker going in the right direction is helpful, but do try to mention any limitations, assumptions or simplifications in your answer. Brevity is acceptable, but fuller explanations are better.
@Hamlet Fair.
@Hamlet Yeah, agreed :-/
@Shokhet backing it up isn't self-evident.
4:31 PM
@Hamlet If you have specific bits of criticism, why not ask for them on MSE? I was thinking about requesting moving the "Answer the question" section up, but it seems that you have more complaints about the content of that page.
It may as well be useful, if it's there.
@Hamlet I know it isn't, but it should be to someone trying to answer a question on the internetz. Because it isn't, I try to leave constructively critical comments when I see answers that don't back it up.
Reading more of that blog, I'm a little less excited about it. The spelling/grammar is not stellar, and I don't see cited sources :/ ...I was considering dropping a couple of comments with links (like this one for this question), but I don't know how useful that will actually be. Author's definitely enthusiastic, though. Cc @Mithrandir
@Shokhet either they'll post on our site or they won't. Either they'll leave good answers (which we'll upvote) or they'll leave bad answers (which we'll hopefully downvote and leave comments on). No need to worry about it more than that.
@Hamlet I am aware. I wasn't going back to the user; I was retracting my earlier quasi-endorsement of the blog after actually reading a couple of the posts.
4:46 PM
@Shokhet but it's cool that we got some engagement from the twitter feed; good job.
@Shokhet Thanks, that was an interesting watch. Not sure if it's entirely accurate in what it says about the original Doylian SH, but it makes a good point about SH becoming a cultural icon who's far outgrown his original 'canon' and creator.
That video might be a nice thing to show people who think canon and authorial intent should be the be-all and end-all (cc @Hamlet).
@Randal'Thor yeah, good idea.
(he said, while taking part in a debate on whether or not Star Wars canon trumps the OED when it comes to English words originating in SW)
Q: Can the "How do I write a good answer?" faq page be mod-editable and more visible?

HamletThe "How do I write a good answer?" help center page in theory should be something that every new and many established community member would find helpful. Who doesn't need advice on how to write a good answer? Unfortunately, the page isn't mod editable. So that just means that it comes with som...

5:06 PM
@Hamlet :D
I wish that every help center page was editable.
For instance, the promotion page talks about technical problems. *snorts*
> Literature Stack Exchange works really well for technical support and we welcome this, within limits.
@Mithrandir Hush, look at this page and glow with pride ;-)
@Hamlet Btw, I believe all the help centre pages are editable for CMs. If we can write up a good enough replacement for the "how to answer" page, and get enough support for it on meta, we might be able to sweet-talk them into changing it.
5:22 PM
Yeah, but literature.stackexchange.com/help/product-support isn't really good for here :/
5:46 PM
@Randal'Thor i don't want to have to bug them if/when we need to revise it.
2 hours later…
7:22 PM
Opinion on David Baldacci's The Finisher: Meh. Not awful, but not great either.
I read it a while ago and just came across it...
wonders if we have enough of a userbase now to maintain a Lit blog with 1-minute reviews
wonders if proposing a band for the reading challenge is a good idea
@Randal'Thor In what form?
I'm going through a few hundred books at the moment while rearranging bookcases so I may give some random opinions like that in chat...
Ooh, Hebrew translation of The Arctic Incident that I never got around to reading.
@Gallifreyan Well, it was Hamlet's idea.
Jun 28 at 13:44, by Hamlet
RE: creating a blog: I think a blog could be successful if we did one minute reviews.
We could have an off-site blog, like SFF and Worldbuilding, and post short articles like reviews every so often when somebody wants to do one.
We don't have to commit to having an article every week or month - it could be more haphazard, like the SFF blog.
Hm. I think some comic series I read recently may be suitable.
Except they weren't very substantial, neither in volume nor in quality.
7:33 PM
I like the idea of writing a review that has both a one minute version and a longer version.
@Mithrandir The only problem with that is it takes longer to write a longer version.
And it takes longer to read one.
I have a Mistborn review for the SFF blog which has been languishing in draft form for a year. If I'd just done a 1-minute review, it would've been done a year ago.
7:53 PM
And now I have to put them all back on the shelves...
2 hours later…
9:47 PM
@Mithrandir Oh, you've read Hatchet and the Belgariad?
And the Malloreon, I hope?
No, I wasn't able to get that :/
@Mithrandir You should. It's a worthy sequel/conclusion to the series.
With some awesome new characters.
For the same reason I still haven't finished Artemis Fowl or The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel...
9:52 PM
@Hamlet Dramatic reveal. Any advice on tagging?
@Mithrandir Artemis Fowl goes downhill at the end. If you've got as far as The Lost Colony, you don't have to bother with the rest.
The Lost Colony is awesome, but after that there's too much time travel and it starts to get sillier.
Yeah, that's as far as I've gotten
About your question: WOOOO! :P
@Mithrandir In what sense?
Btw, I'll definitely ping Kit about it, but probably not just yet.
Next up: ask some questions about RPs on a forum that I frequent :P
That's how they refer to them, yes. Role-playing Games is what they're calling them but it's more just writing a story.
9:59 PM
I really have no idea what a role-playing game is.
Or how that site is different from Arqade.
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