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To me, a game is something like chess or go or draughts or backgammon or card games.
But even Board & Card Games is full of weird-sounding things that I've never heard of.
...Arqade is for video games.
Right, but what's a video game? (Rhetorical question - I don't actually care.)
...it's a game that you play on a device, essentially :P
That is for role playing.
That one is essentially a Choose Your Own Adventure book.
Q: Why is the narrator speechless at the end of this short story "Something new"?

Rand al'ThorI've been reading through some of the short stories written for the (now largely defunct) weekly writing exercise in the Writers SE chatroom. On 28 February this year, the writing prompt was "Something new", and the user Kit Z. Fox wrote a piece with this title which can be found here on her blog...

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Who is the speaker in "The Unreturning," by Wilfred Owen? #poetry https://literature.stackexchange.com/q/2862/481
@Feeds @Shokhet No #wilfredowen tag?
There's even a Wilfred Owen Association, who have a Twitter account and might be interested in stuff like that.
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