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12:00 AM
Okay, reaching further back into a bag of tricks:
Anyone here up for a game of Codenames?
I think the best game in town is here, trying to befuddle each other. (After having failed miserably at both Contact and Codenames.)
@humn Have you tried Spyfall?
(looking up)
@humn It is also played in a chat room
12:13 AM
Okay, so now I'll fail miserably at Spyfall too.
@humn "I clinged" → "I clung" → " clu ͡Ing"
just cluing you in
... love it!
@Rubio does that capital I display weird for anyone else?
it should have a "swoosh" mark over it where it sailed over the other letters.
HA! I see. it made me wipe my screen thinking there was something stuck on it
12:16 AM
I think whoever came up with fonts around here was blind. Makes me wish i were.
(For those more demanding technical accuracy: it's a COMBINING DOUBLE INVERTED BREVE unicode character)
Rubio, you are a such a breath of fresh air. That went straight to my font-fetished soul. (As has so much else from you.)
12:34 AM
So now the TV shows a fantastic representation of the best music ever (commandeered by Alexandr Borodin from influences everywhere). But the internet doesn't oblige. So a taste from a couple of musicians who don't seem to have a smile on their faces:
Q: One Cipher Gives a Lot of Questions

TigerGoldFhjiwgqswsg!ylxv!wabmv!c!msj!hreniqwxej~oqnpxw!pa!!pa!!afohufb!viq/eixcbepoikj! ^ | Decipher this and tell me all the parameters used to decipher it and how you deciphered it. Then, type the word this all leads to. I daresay the answer will lead you to some interesting things.

(Either I'm looking too much a fool for any other fool to follow or too bizarre for any lilyliver to dare. I try to make it look easy, difficult as that is.)
(I know people are watching. Typing is just the next step.)
(Poor set-up, but honest.)
(Type at will whenever.)
(It's safe here! Rarely has a chat strip been voted to close.)
... okay, cloy off, back when the time is right, or wrong ...
1:58 AM
Q: English word with most valid substrings

CheeezburgerWhat English word has the most valid word substrings, no repeats? Examples (I may have missed some words): AIRSPACES: a, i, air, spa, space, spaces, pace, paces, ace, aces DEMONETIZED: demo, demon, net, monetized, i, zed INCANDESCENT: i, in, inca, can, a, an, and, descent, scent, ent I reali...

2:11 AM
Q: Wordsquare Riddle

JFox My first is in a gift, A representation of what you are. My second not so much a gift, But a representation of what you were. Although these hints may not mean much, I am confident that you can count on me!

1 hour later…
3:28 AM
From my muse: "Neither of us were bothered so we were both surprised."
3:49 AM
To my muse: "If you're losing your mind bring me along for the ride."
(That was a phone call and a half.)
Her treat:
... and I'm not even religious, just spiritual while there's a breath among these bones ...
(That was too clever, I do admire the wonder of life.)
"What is life? It's unity."
4:36 AM
So my muse let me sing "ah, girl" to her. Means something special from a 60 yr old to a 70 yr old.
@Mithrandir Irony: I was watching Spider-man: Homecoming when you sent this.
Q: A Circular Riddle

William Nathanael Circular as this puzzle may not look Devilish forces has already found the book Heavens, of course, would never stay still If only it were easy, they would have got the seal North is where the enemies always hide Why is The Almighty always right? You cannot complain, you cannot ...

4:55 AM
I wonder if the Sphinx is 24/7 on...
It is. It's a bot, and there's one for every site (though you can configure what exactly it posts)
Q: The game of pebbles +

DattierThe game of pebbles is a two-player game. The game starts with N stones. On a player's turn, he or she must remove either 1, a power of 2 (2,4,8,...) or a power of 3 stones (3,9,27,...). The player who does not take the last stone is the winner. Is there a winning strategy?

5:47 AM
Q: Find the color of cap

vibhu kantthree jailed bandits : jagga , the one eye pinto and a blind rawal are shown 5 caps : 3 red 2 white the jailor then blindfolds them and put one cap each on their heads he burns the rest two caps after removing their blindfolds he tells them if you can guess rightly the color of the cap you are we...

5:59 AM
@Sphinx Clear dupe..
Q: Black and White Hats Puzzle - Three prisoners

Java EnthusiastThere is a similar question here but with four prisoners. But I am not able to understand the logic. The original question is here. My solution is half way through. Since there are 3 Back Hats (B) and 2 White Hats (W), the various combinations possible include: BBB (Meaning all 3 prisoners wear ...

took me a bit to find a good match
... and then she called me back to talk about her 90yr old parent. I'll never understand this life if I live to 100 ...
@Rubio Do we vtc that or do you guys delete that?
6:22 AM
... tada. We've all lived to 100 in one base or another. Enjoy the life of our times!
VTC it if you agree it's a dup. I didn't walk through the solution to verify it's the same, though it certainly looks like it is
2 hours later…
8:55 AM
Q: My puzzle-pal Anna is in Rome

JFoxMy puzzle-pal Anna is in Rome. She's travelling with her husband Morgan, and they're both architectures well versed in Math. She wanted to tell me why she liked Rome so much, but instead of directly telling me, she sent me this riddle. Not loan and return, Not always even and odd. Don't ...

9:10 AM
Q: Mijn broeder waar bent gij toch?

gerritPoems About Unhappiness These are poems about sadness in all its varied forms. There is much sadness in the world and many reasons to be sad. Sadness is a difficult feeling to cope with. Often, it is caused by traumatic events or depression. The melancholy caused by deep sadness might begin to i...

That looks like a spam seed.
Google Translate says "My brother where are you?"
Seems to be copy/pasted from familyfriendpoems.com/poems/sad for no apparent reason. — tripleee 3 mins ago
It would be interesting if there were an actual puzzle with all those tags...
9:21 AM
please don't get and into my
I highly suspect that it'll turn out to have a spam link edited in (or I wouldn't have flagged as spam), but until then I downvoted
And VTCed
Q: What's the most complex pattern to decipher if you have seen the pattern

valuable_assetI am trying to set a lock pattern for my phone with a snoopy guy behind. If he is able to see what my pattern looks like at the end, what is best possible sequence i can set so he will take maximum number of attempts to unlock the phone (assuming he can pry it from my hand)? For eg: Assume all d...

1 hour later…
10:42 AM
Astonishing Deusoviesque cryptic clue from some months back, which I just spotted in an old Guardian crossword blog entry: 0.9 (3)
Just to be explicit, the clue is "0.9" and the enumeration is (3).
10:55 AM
... nix? (not sure about the N)
11:29 AM
The N is the most evil part of all.
(Hint: What haven't you used yet?)
Yeah I just don't get how . -> N o_O
I can offer another hint if you like.
Will probably let others have a chance I think :P
well, I can reverse engineer . -> n
coming up with nix in the first place is quite impressive
@ffao Ah yes, but the question is why . -> N ...
11:45 AM
Q: Simple set of equations

FoonFind 4 equations of the form A OPERATION B = C, using the numbers 1-4 and operations add, subtract, multiple, and divide. Each number must be used once for the A's, once for the B's, and once for the C's, and each operation must likewise be used once.

Uh, oh! Morse! Except that it isn't -- a single dot would be E.
Not Morse.
No, that was just a flash that fizzled instantly.
Q: Logic gate puzzle

ChrisI have a game on my phone (Circuit Scramble on Android) which is a game in which you need to work out what set of inputs and switch positions will allow you to power the "level complete" sign. I have found one puzzle from the randomly generated section which I cannot find a solution for: The ...

12:02 PM
@Gareth Wow... That "n" is evil..
Whoa, neat clue.
@Mithrandir ...Huh, they commented saying "Dont blame me :( i am just looking for friends". That was weird. Oh well, deleted.
That's... Odd.
@MOehm Your deleted comment is a correct explanation of the N :-).
12:19 PM
Yes, I deleted it because I thought I shouldn't spoil it for others.
(The curious can probably find the solution easily with a websearch.)
Mornin' \o/
Bright and chirpy, I see.
I'm sure our resident Phantom Detective must be pleased by that clue being called "Deusoviesque"
@MOehm I can't find anything except the actual answer
That clue itself is evil. .->N is another-level evil..
12:25 PM
It isn't as evil if you say it aloud.
@MOehm 1/4 days down, I'll probably be a bit more cheery each day this week
Why so?
Because then the separate elements are clearer, in my opinion.
Hm, yes.
@DestructibleLemon Yes, true. But if you restrict the search to fifteensquared.net, it's the first hit. (And that page makes it clear, that the clue was from a crossword with similarly-themed answers. Similar to nix, that is.)
12:46 PM
That meta-post reminds me... I need to write a self-answer.
If we self-answer, do we have to explain everything or just the ones that are unsolved?
I think it's up to you. I personally would lean towards explaining everything, so that your answer is self-contained and can't be invalidated if someone else deletes or edits theirs. In practice they aren't likely to and saying "so-and-so explained this bit really well; see their answer" is probably harmless.
1:08 PM
Q: How to map barycentric indices to a single integer?

Joehow can one map barycentric indices to a single integer? e.g. 8,0,0 -> 0 7,1,0 -> 1 7,1,1 -> 2

1:21 PM
@GarethMcCaughan maybe I should find more play testers before posting something else lmao
Oh, it could be much worse :-).
@GarethMcCaughan Next time, clues that don't relate to the answer. Each written in different ciphers with no explanation and it's the ciphers that spell out the true answer :D
@BreakingMyself Like this one?
@MOehm Wow I'm not as original afterall lol
That was two years ago. People forget quickly. (Otherwise, how could TV stations get away with showing so many reruns?)
1:34 PM
I forget easier than others because I've only been here for about 3 weeks. Maybe if I can think of a good way to rework it into a different puzzle, I'll take some of that plagiarising action!
@BreakingMyself See also this one.
There are only so many genuinely new puzzle ideas. If it isn't a blatant rip-off, taking inspiration from other puzzles isn't necessarily plagiarism.
@GarethMcCaughan This is great!
2:04 PM
Shameless plug, but the mathematicians around here may enjoy this answer on Literature.
And if any of you speak both maths and Polish, you may be able to make an answer of your own based on the original text.
@GarethMcCaughan Ooh, nice.
@Randal'Thor , just to kibitz:
@Randal'Thor I enjoyed that answer on Literature. I suggest that the notion of "closed" that's relevant here is probably neither that in "closed set" nor that in "closed curve" but the sort referred to when we say that the elements of some algebraic structure are "closed under addition" or whatever.
(Despite the later reference to being "topologically open", which I think is just the result of Lem not actually being a mathematician and combining two things in a way that produces a meaning he didn't intend.)
@GarethMcCaughan Oh, that's another possibility.
What puzzles me is when he says things like "something, in some way, closes."
In neither the topological sense nor the "under addition" sense does being closed mean that something actually "closes" as such.
2:20 PM
Again, I would write that off as Lem not really being a mathematician.
I think he's got a good intuitive sense of the kind of things that mathematicians say and think and feel, and he knows some of the jargon, but he doesn't really know the subject well enough not to get some details wrong.
Some things are gained in translation.
But, hmm, it seems like what he's describing very much resembles something else that isn't usually called "closure" or "closing", namely what happens when a local-to-global thing succeeds (mumble cohomology mumble). You do analytic continuation and end up with an entire function rather than getting mismatches at the boundaries that require a nontrivial Riemann surface. You construct a polyhedron out of little patches and it actually closes up neatly rather than ending up with self-intersections.
(The latter is of course more or less one of his examples.)
I can't think of any plausible sense in which anything like this is true of actual genotypes, but some sort of global-consistency principle is at least imaginable there.
Again, none of this has anything to do with being "topologically open" in the sense of being an open rather than a closed set, but I think that's probably a lost cause.
(Both you, Gareth, and you, Rand, are so poetic when you type mathematics!)
^ so poetic it hurts my noggin
We can't take any of the credit. It's mathematics that's so poetic.
2:29 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Ooh. That makes sense.
Re Lem not being a mathematician, did you look at the two links at the end? Apparently he could write pretty convincingly about maths.
Well, this very example here shows him writing fairly convincingly about mathematics.
But that's not the same as being able to write about quite nontrivial mathematics in a way that's convincing to actual mathematicians.
Are you going to keep that countdown live and current until it's done?
Realistically, probably not. The conversion process will probably destroy all life on earth before it finishes.
! run for completion, or cover
Moooooom Gareth is trying to destroy the world with black holes again!
in Codenames, 7 mins ago, by Gareth McCaughan
Insufficient energy available for computation. Converting nearest star to black hole
2:35 PM
Don't blame me. You're the one who requested something that turned out to require more resources than were available in the un-destroyed solar system.
n_palum , you might be the quickest typist yet. Like Gareth solves my puzzles before they're posed, like Rand solves them in the first instant, you seem to have 100 keystrokes ready before they're even called for.
Type this ten times quickly. (No fair using the ctrl key.)
@n_palum Not the nearest star, please, @Gareth.
Can't you at least pick one on the other side of the universe?
@humn I don't think I'm the fast, and when I go to fast the misteaks come flying out faster than I can handle them :P
(I tried to type that ten times quickly but apparently this chat system filters duplicates.)
@Randal'Thor Sorry, the others are all inconveniently far away.
2:39 PM
I'm having puzzlers block.
Down with the dupes they say! Why would you repeat yourself you silly sod - as a Rand would say!
in Codenames, 14 secs ago, by Rand al'Thor
OMG, this convers(at)ion is hilarious.
@Mithrandir Oh good you're here, since when have you been around Arqade? gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/312585/…
I wanted to do Clue #31, but I don't have any ideas.
@n_palum I pop around all the sites sometimes and flag stuff
You and your flags
2:40 PM
yi yi yi , you flag like I ^vote!
I've probably got like over 10k votes across the network :P
@Randal'Thor nah, I was just showing plum because they made a comment about me and my flags
Anyway, using Smokey autoflags is cheating :-) I've got Marshal badges on four or five sites without using Charcoal.
2:46 PM
Yeah you use Smokey don't you
Only... 1100 of those are from Smokey :P
(on the dot)
You need to find a new hobby
@humn To test your typist theory, I took a few typing tests, I was shocked at the WPM
@n_palum I have
@Mithrandir all of those are 1 word answers, no?
@dcfyj Almost all, yeah.
2:47 PM
@n_palum , each of us is the last to recognize our potential
@Mithrandir A new hobby
@n_palum meh
@humn Wanna guess? (hint hint your guess wasn't so far off)
@Mithrandir Does that count all the flags you've cast on posts you only found through Charcoal, or just the autoflags?
2:48 PM
Oh my maybe character strokes, but not wpm.. I don't know the conversion :O
@Randal'Thor just the autoflags.
Subtract the spaces and divide by 5.
It's about 95 WPM after averaging 3 attempts XD
@Mithrandir Pffft.
Even being a Charcoal regular is cheating ;-)
@n_palum , wow that's lightspeed for unpracticed sentences.
2:50 PM
It's not cheating. It's just being smart ;P
Would you rather be smart or cheat? I've been beaten for trying each.
It's a fast day, so I need something to take my mind off of food :P. Flags work.
Oh, we've discussed typing speed before here
Sep 4 '16 at 18:35, by Deusovi
(I got 122 wpm)
that was fun
Listen That's pretty good but I can't trust you didn't use your ghost powers
hush navi
2:54 PM
(I type at about 100wpm)
@Deusovi I remember that. Fun for some, humiliating for others. :(
I don't remember the last time I actually got my wpm calculated.
(cracks knuckles) - Time to achieve 150 wpm
I wish you the best of luck.
im at 80 :(
2:55 PM
@Mithrandir What colour do the flags of Tajikistan and Botswana have in common? There, have some flags to take your mind off food.
@bleh 80wpm is plenty fast enough for almost any purposes. Why the frowny face?
I think the last time I checked mine was like 65 wpm. Duh, I need to quicken up..
@GarethMcCaughan Lol, no reason, but most others have >100 so...
According to this site I'm average:
Granted I haven't really copied anything in forever so that's against me for sure lol
According to this I have 47 WPM / 100% accuracy... I need to practice...
2:59 PM
In the good old days, 27 WAM (WPM) was a feat.
Then my friend and I discovered caffeine and coke.
@humn Now, people can almost get 8 times that
We reached above 160.
On the same test (words and all because I picked the same one :P) I got a 56 wmp
And I haven't've a sip or a snort since then.
Bahh I can only hit 108
3:01 PM
@dcfyj A portrait of Oliver Humnwell, words and all.
At a peek in the beginning I can hit upwards of 140, but it quickly falls once a mistake or two find their way in... I can't hit 100% accuracy either XD it's always around 97%
@dcfyj That thing has punctuation in it. I hate punctuations.
@Sid Yeah I know they threw me off, the test Mith did is much harder though. completely random words :S
@Sid whats punctuation
Comma, full stop and stuff like that
3:04 PM
Mith's test say 100% but that's only because you can go back and fix your mistakes.
@bleh This:
> Instead of "hundred", you typed "hindered".
3:05 PM
@Mithrandir's was harder with random words... 89 WPM
Duh, I have slowed down..
@Randal'Thor I expected hidden symbols
@Mithrandir Tut tut.
Jun 14 at 14:23, by Mithrandir
typo? I'm plagued by 'em
3:06 PM
110 on dcfyj's.
That is... too fast.
(I was going to ask for a chatheos to correct my mistyping upstairs but am, again, flattening the carpet with uncontrolled laughter.)
The random words ones are harder because you can't parse as smoothly
89 on Mith's
@n_palum exactly, I have to think way hard on what I'm typing
3:08 PM
Mith's is harder because of the random words but easier because looking at the text you're typing you also see when you've made mistakes.
Only 4 mistakes.... that's not bad.
@Deusovi literally unreadable
hm? unreadable?
@Deusovi The numbers, 593 and 119 (I think)
3:10 PM
I don't understand what you mean
Ah. Yes, that's what those are. Don't know why they're in white.
Deusovi proves again and again that our greatest ideas and wildest dreams have already been realiszed.
(Still, it's fun to have a go.)
From @dcfyj's test:
Bleh, my hands are too sweaty to continue typing like that :P
(nothing to do with you, @bleh)
@Mithrandir bleh is all i am...
3:14 PM
Typing is better than stereotyping.
Even typoes beat that.
My keyboard has a kickwheel.
For the LoTR nerds ^
There's other weapons from all sorts of stuff they've made
The record holders for WPM: "As of 2005, writer Barbara Blackburn was the fastest alphanumerical English language typist in the world, according to The Guinness Book of World Records. Using the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard, she maintained 150 wpm for 50 minutes, and 170 wpm for shorter periods. Her top speed was 212 wpm."
Really, though, there was a time of mechanical typewriters when 20 was impressive. I think some of us (not me) do that with our thumbs on a phone now.
If you haven't had to unjam strikers of a mechanical typewriter, you haven't lived past 20.
... drifting ... I've been bragging about my music teacher and muse who is almost 70 now ... she was 30 when we met ... I was 20 ... yet we were born almost exactly 9 years apart. Figure that out.
looks like my wpm degraded to 65
thats a problem
@humn What instrument?
3:29 PM
hers are viola and other strings, mine is whatever is lying around
humn... you're 60?
@humn You've just revealed your age there ;-)
Rounding off. Outlive almost everyone you know if you're so lucky.
I thought humn was like 30 tops
@humn you're >4 times my age
3:30 PM
Used to be half that.
I was born 100 and have regressed my whole life.
@_@ now I'm confused
@n_palum Then you haven't been paying close enough attention ;-)
@humn You're a Sassafranian?
I'm usually good with these D: I've slipped on humn
Well, if you have understood anything at all about humn, that's an achievement in itself...
I usually get a lot of it.. I'm more confused on the age which is not necessarily a fault of the humnish, perhaps more my own presumptions..
3:34 PM
zif it needs to be said again and again: lucky to be here!
"Current online records of sprint speeds on short text selections are 290 wpm, achieved by Guilherme Sandrini on typingzone.com and 276 wpm achieved by Kathy Chiang on TypeRacer.com. For longer passages, Sean Wrona holds the record with 174 wpm on a 50-minute test taken on hi-games.net."
It's amazing what busy fingers can do.
I've broken a few (all my own, not others'!) and see what results.
(And completely off topic, my earlier reference to breaking knuckles on others' skin was a metaphor for hamslapping them with my palms.)
(If you ever need to protect yourself, use your palms, not your knuckles.)
(After words fail, that is.)
I don't know about that
Depends on their intent :O
(Don't use your guns!)
@humn Use your feet, much more force
3:41 PM
True, my first line of defensce is to run.
No no, no guns for me
It makes zero sense to me as to why anyone would need guns in the first place..
@Sid to throw at people
They're toys disguised as merchandise.
3:44 PM
@GentlePurpleRain if you look it up, there was absolutely no crime in a city where every single person had a gun
@GentlePurpleRain , precious (you, that is, when you surface)
@n_palum , not a bad model. A rusting rifle in every closet.
Dust the rust off and have a whiff.
(Not a drug reference. Just a quip.)
(I know almost every drug reference but try to keep it clean.)
What's cooler than being cool? Ice clean? cold
3:57 PM
Welcome, survivor. Aren't we all? Here in stead of those who weren't. (Rough! Sorry.)
@n_palum *Cream
not in the song :P
4:02 PM
That's a fresh and clean jam right there.
Think I'll iron my hair after turning it blue. Great video.
Great song, fun video :P
Debating re-dyeing my hair again
Don't argue with your hair! It won't last.
@humn Are you Harry Potter?
4:08 PM
One of the (many) reasons why I never dye my hair... is because it's costly.
Can do it cheaply yourself
On the sly.
(Language! Gets us going. Mph, we babble before we're born and have bawled ever since.)
(also removed)
(But it isn't me!)
One God at a time.

AngelaThe bag contains marbles of three different solid colors. All but two of the marbles are red. All but two of them are green. All but two of them are blue.

4:18 PM
@Sphinx I am almost certain I have seen this before...
It might've been about socks, but this is a nice twist.
Not my favrite Genesis piece, but for the moment, just for the title:
And for the album . . . how did they pull that off after losing Peter Gabriel?!
"the cosmic lawnmower"
(hmm, that particular clip ended abruptly, perhaps mecifully)
I do hope that anyone watching understands how each typerance is a reflection of the puzzle of life.
Shared on a worldwide stage.
The first time I figured out a clue it was just a bee and me.
(Spoiler: we both survived.)
... another repeat, again and again in an uncrowded room:
"lava's the lover who licks your boots away"
"whatever you do, you'd better start doing it right"
(never too late to learn)
"let the dance begin" (that song has so many good lyrics and so many good licks, makes me wonder who are the authors and who are the performers)
...really dawdling... I saw an interview where Phil Collins explained how he became the drummer he is. He was splashing in a swimming pool while waiting his turn.
Got to hear all the other applicants.
... okay toddling off ... until the next plunk
5:20 PM
Q: How many cubes are crossed by a diagonal?

mauA parallelepiped is composed by $81 \times 125 \times 128 $ cubes. How many cubes are crossed by a (main) diagonal of the parallelepiped? (note: I chose the numbers for the sides so that the case of the diagonal passing trough a vertex of an inner cube is not possible)

,,, poetic moment. I tried to take a nap and found that feral lion in housecat's clothing all over the place.
One paw was recoiled while the other was reaching for truth.
(And both paws have claws that can shred.)
Q: What's the difference between a cat and a comma?
A: One has claws at the ends of its paws, and one marks a pause at the end of a clause.
! (catching my breath after stuggling out of bed)
! (And laughing so hard that the squirrels scrambled.)
! (Maybe it's time for breakfast.)
5:40 PM
PSA to all: Codenames game is starting, could use a few more players.
@Randal'Thor . weird followup, but coming from the founder of Fun'n'Games theory (unacknowledged, don't bother looking it up):
Word games are one sentence after another.
It doesn't take rules.
Every game i've played i've broken the rules in beseech of others to follow.
I know the rules, just think it's even more fun to bounce off the walls.
Rules are for fools?
To be more succinct, we are projectiles and catchers.
The most fun is in being both, at times.
Rules don't help as much as they try.
I live on a world where the sidelines encircle the globe.
I live on a world where each close call counts as a save.
(If you've ever played frisbee with me you know who i am by now.)
5:52 PM
I like Frisbee :P
I live on a world where each game ends in a tie. Everyone wins.
(But, yeah, nobody gets a gold medal for just showing up. What they get for that is coaching and encouragement.)
Sometimes I reach for the sky. At times, I caught it in flight. What's most fun is seeing others jump for joy afterward.
You're a 60 year old jumping for frisbees? Impressive
I jump for joy. If I hit my head on the way up or down, doesn't matter by now.
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