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7:01 PM
and I think the handling of non-ascii letters in tag names depend on which site you're on
Though now I sort of wonder what that other book I met was. I'm almost sure it was published by Animus, and I know some story details, but I've only read part of it. I'd have to try to find it in a library.
... Or post a question? ;)
It's a youth novel. The part of the story I remember is that the protagonist is a teenager who finds out she has very strong hypnotic powers, and she participates in some talent show where she hypnotizes every spectator and the judges to make them believe she's done an amazing performance of dancing and singing and some other stuff. But there's some conflict because there's one person among the spectators that she can't hypnotize or something like that.
@Mithrandir Nah, I should take reasonable effort first. If it's a book published by Animus, that means I can search for it easily, they've only published a few hundred, and most of them I can exclude immediately,
and I might be able to identify this one from the cover, because it also does this hypnosis graphics gimmick.
Of course it's possible that it wasn't published by Animus, in which case I won't be able to find it.
7:18 PM
Oh, I love being able to improve suggested edits to tag wikis: literature.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/history
Q: What is the symbolism of the final rise of the Kraken?

HDE 226868I've been studying a lot of Tennyson, and I recently read The Kraken. The first 12 lines seem relatively straightforward, describing straightforwardly the giant beast that sleeps at the bottom of the sea, but the final three lines are peculiar: Until the latter fire shall heat the deep; the...

@Randal'Thor yes. I so wanted to improve one, but I need another 300 something...
@Randal'Thor OMG! Great question! Actually, Hemingway's time covering the Spanish civil war was met with controversy, like many things in his life. I have lots of quotes and references from that time in Hemingway's life! I will have to wait and put an answer together tonight when I get to work. The same question can be asked for A Farewell to Arms and many more of his books. The Old man and the sea is based on a real person, for instance.
@steelersquirrel Oh, great! Looking forward to seeing your answer :-D
<feeling the pressure> ;)
7:23 PM
@steelersquirrel Oh, and don't forget you have to make a better answer than @Nevermore wrote for the Poe question!
Sorry, couldn't resist :-P
@steelersquirrel ok well squirrel is hemingway fan confirmed
@BeastlyGerbil do you exist here?
7:26 PM
@Randal'Thor Hahaha! Yeah, right. She threw that together in about 2 seconds. It would take me ages to try and analyze that poem. It's really too bad that my niece doesn't appreciate Poe more. Her full name is Lenore Annabelle. Yes. Her first and middle names pay homage to Poe ;)
Good. I wanted to check that you don't mind if I call you Darth o_o
er no?
Good. Cause I have, and I don't want to offend you o_O
@steelersquirrel your sister's child?
7:27 PM
@Riker You didn't already know that?
yeah but this really confirms it
Jan 22 at 18:11, by Mithrandir
. Let's migrate Darth Gerbil's question to Puzzling...
@Mithrandir But, but, ingerbil isn't a word.
only instance I found?
@Riker Hello, my son! What's this I hear you trying to Americanize Rand? ;)
exactly what it sounds like?
is this a trick question
7:28 PM
@Ash I wish I could read that much.
@Randal'Thor ?
need the space
@Mithrandir Yes, 35067610.
@steelersquirrel is there something wrong with trying to convert rand?
A: What does Sidious mean?

Chris B. BehrensStrictly speaking, "Sidious" means nothing in English. The word insidious is defined as intended to entrap or beguile. This word in turn comes from a Latin word, sedere, meaning "to sit" (think sedentary). Insidere means "to sit in"...perhaps a reference to eavesdropping or surveillance. The suf...

@Riker Yes.
7:30 PM
asking the squirrel not the dude who can burn people into nothingness
Balefire him, not that I really know what that is but I read spoilers
to both parts
the balefiring me and the spoiler reading
@Riker But, I don't object to his lack of Americanisation.
yes you don't
I do
@Randal'Thor I am not British, but I definitely prefer Britishisms to Americanisms.
7:34 PM
@Riker Oh, not at all! I would die if Rand actually became an American Football fan!
that sounds like a bad thing
would you die of happiness or saddness or just general confusion
like the same kind of death you would have if he watched airplane?
@Riker I must agree, that British is more proper, the speakers being English and all.
@Riker If you object to non-Americans, get off the internet :-)
I would die of happiness, of course!
7:35 PM
I have a bad fake British accent
@Mithrandir Is it posh?
I have a bad accent, period. Because I don't have one ;)
7:35 PM
That made Sci say that he thinks all Brits are annoying
@steelersquirrel you don't have a oregon accent?
oregon has a definite accent
@Riker This may be a violation of the trademark policy.
@Randal'Thor definitely not
@Benjamin why woudl it
7:36 PM
I imagine for most non-Brits who "can do a fake British accent", it's a posh one.
RP and all.
it's a parody of Rand using the same design, it's not commerical or anything
plus it deosn't have the logo in it
Can't find it easily on the internet. Maybe it was by another publisher.
@Riker Yeah. Which is lame and boring. I don't even know anyone with an awesome accent, besides Napoleon. I make him say certain words, just because they sound cool when he says them ;)
@Mithrandir Oh. What sort of British accent then?
7:38 PM
<topic change> someone else get an answer that gets a score of more than 28,it's freaking me out that I have the top answer on the site
@Riker I wash joking, but "Do not copy the look and feel of our products."
@Benjamin that's not copying >_< it's a very generic design
@Mithrandir Give me a question I can answer and I will.
@Mithrandir feel the pressure
7:38 PM
blue + white + uhh more blue
@Riker However, that is the policy.
and a tad of yellow
No idea, it's just bad
@Benjamin so? its' not copying though
the look and feel != having a similar generic design
@Riker Israeli colors
7:39 PM
.. true
it's a bit lighter blue though
@Mithrandir start voting /s
@Riker It's not just similar generic - you've copied the font and colours and everything exactly.
@Riker I was joking, but it did use a similar Look and Feel in the inclusion of a help center with a subpage of badges and the style of the badge as well as the look and the feel of his user representation.
(Not that there's anything wrong with it since you're not using it commercially, but, you know.)
@Randal'Thor And again, I was joking.
Nope not long enough :P
7:40 PM
@Riker Is that your highest-voted answer?
tied with another but yes
I don't have many high voted ones
@Randal'Thor takes people too seriously all the time
Disclaimer: Benjamin jokes a lot :P
that's like my 3rd highest answer overall
@Mithrandir Uhm, no. That would be Napoleon ;)
7:41 PM
rand is napoleon's sock
@Mithrandir If you think I take people too seriously, you should see Napoleon!
and napoleon is rand's sock
@steelersquirrel Ha! Jinx :-)
7:42 PM
@Randal'Thor you was ninjad
Will I ever catch up in chat at this rate?
prolly not
learn to type really fast
@Mithrandir you were triple ninja'ed
@Benjamin no
@steelersquirrel you were also triple ninja'ed fwiw
My highest answer overall:
A: Would Voldemort have succeeded if he simply ignored the prophecy?

MithrandirThe prophecy would have been meaningless if he had ignored it. Ignoring The Cursed Child In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore says: "If Voldemort had never heard of the prophecy, would it have been fulfilled? Would it have meant anything? Of course not! Do you think that ev...

7:42 PM
@Riker I think @NapoleonWilson might have something to say about that.
@Mithrandir my highest answer contains a googol of goats:
A: Output a googol copies of a string

Easterly IrkFuzzy Octo Guacamole, 13 12 11 10 bytes 9+ddpp![g] Explanation: 9+ddpp![g] 9+ # push 9 and increment, giving 10 dd # duplicate, twice. now you have [10,10,10] pp # raise a 10 to the 10th power, then raise that to the 10th again. That ends up being 10^100. ...

@Mithrandir Are there any other good ones?
@Riker PPCG is silly.
I don't code
@Riker Hahaha!! Yes!! My mission is complete!
7:43 PM
can confirm
@steelersquirrel o_O that's an odd mission
@Riker I'm an odd squirrel :P
@Benjamin I have one that counts my network flags and another so that I can feedback to SmokeDetector
@Randal'Thor What is a site audit?
Q: What are review tests (audits) and how do they work?

AsheeshRI recently received this rather amusing message while reviewing a user's first post: Congratulations! This was only a test, designed to make sure you were paying attention. This post has already been removed, but thanks for taking time to leave feedback for the author. What is t...

7:46 PM
@Randal'Thor iirc there's also an answer that sacrifices its source code to 'The Gods(tm)' and thus doesn't run twice
@Benjamin It's another way for Skynet to infiltrate your life! ;)
@steelersquirrel can't argue with that
@Riker Is that the notorious nonsense answer on SO, with Zalgo and stuff?
Is there any way that we could get a site-wide override of the 25-character tag limit.
7:47 PM
no, on PPCG still
it's deleted now iirc
@Benjamin I doubt it.
@Randal'Thor That's a bummer.
they can prolly, but likely not until graduation from public beta
@Benjamin I've been meaning to ask on mother meta but ^
7:47 PM
@Benjamin What would we need it for?
In general, SE isn't too keen on making code changes for individual sites (policy differences are fine).
@Benjamin unfortunately not I think. It would be useful here and SFF
If it was possible, I'm sure M&TV would have done it by now.
@HDE226868 Long work titles.
@Randal'Thor TBF rpg.se and wb.se consistently are much weirder
@Randal'Thor definitely
@Randal'Thor uh
that's a thing
I'm not sure how to feel
^real book
Q: What other phrases did the Gilbert and Sullivan partnership add to the English Language

Matrim CauthonMy friend told me that the duo contributed several phrases to our great language, but the only two I can think of are "short sharp shock" and "let the punishment fit the crime" , both from the Mikado. Are there any others that I am missing.

7:50 PM
@Bookworm vtc?
@Randal'Thor I had been looking for examples. I see there are a couple.
@HDE226868 Long names
@Benjamin I know. I just didn't know if there were many actual cases yet.
@HDE226868 We can't include any subtitles as it is.
@HDE226868 This is going to become more of an issue as we get a greater variety of works represented on the site.
But if Movies & TV can cope with it, I guess we can too.
(Oddly, I don't remember this having been much of a problem on SFF.)
7:53 PM
WoT characters are asking off topic questions :P
What about books that have so generic titles that there are multiple different books with the same title?
author tags
interesting: you can't un-upvote comments you upvoted automatically due to closing
i.e. mith's comment there
it's locked in as if the upvote was 5 min old
@b_jonas I've thought about that issue too. Has it actually arisen on this site yet?
like, novels called "Exodus" or the two famous works called "Ulysses"?
@Randal'Thor I don't know.
7:55 PM
@Riker why would you ever want to unupvote a comment of mine? ;)
@Randal'Thor Yeah, I was thinking eventually we may have to just number them.
@b_jonas Wouldn't they be differentiated with the author tag?
@steelersquirrel sure, they would be.
Er...okay. so, what's the issue, then?
I would put the author's name in the work tag
8:01 PM
Hmm, who was the detective fiction author you recommended to me?
@steelersquirrel Tags should have a clear meaning of their own, rather than being ambiguous except when seen in combination with other tags.
Margery Allingham
@Mithrandir Good idea!
@Randal'Thor Yeah. I see what you guys mean now :)
Let me see what's available from her
Hi @MatrimCauthon! We've both come a long way since Emond's Field ...
roleplaying intensifies
8:06 PM
Dancers in mourning; Mystery mile. Are those good ones to start?
I have complained many times about role-playing on the t39c chat. I had hoped to avoid it here.
... Then again, I'm known as a grumpy old guy there, so...
@BESW: ^
@Mithrandir With so many people whose usernames are fictional characters, it'll be hard to avoid roleplaying altogether.
Yourself included!
Yeah yeah :P
@Randal'Thor Hehe, the many Dark Lords strike again
8:08 PM
<sarcasm> My room here in The Prancing Pony is cold tonight. Let me go complain to Butterbur.
Okay @Randal'Thor. How do I improve my Dwarfs/Jews answer?
@Mithrandir You're not grumpy until you chase hooligans off of your lawn with your cane ;)
@steelersquirrel I've chased a few newbies away in horror at their ignorance...
By the way, what are your favourite detective fiction books?
I quite enjoyed the Three Little Pigs by Agatha Christie.
Sherlock Holmes. </obligatory>
@Mithrandir Yep.
8:11 PM
Though it's hard to choose favourites, with almost all Agatha Christie's detective stories being so good.
And Poe's Dupin.
@Mithrandir Anything more specific?
The Final Problem
Dupin gets top marks for rigour - better than Sherlock Holmes, good enough even to satisfy a pure mathematician - but his stories are much less readable. But then, I'm used to mathematical papers and textbooks, so they were survivable for me.
@Mithrandir Uhoh...already chasing newbies off! ;)
8:13 PM
@Randal'Thor I see. I should try them then.
Wtf, 10 questions about the Library of Babel already?
@b_jonas Definitely. I wouldn't recommend them to everyone, but since you're a fellow mathematician ...
@steelersquirrel it's almost my third year there. I'm entitled :P
@b_jonas Thanks, @Benjamin.
@Mithrandir Well, as long as you use your cane :P
5 mins ago, by Mithrandir
Okay @Randal'Thor. How do I improve my Dwarfs/Jews answer?
Interestingly, if it wasn't for The 39 Clues, I never would have joined SE.
8:18 PM
Now about Sherlock Holmes in particular. In the "Six Napoleons", Holmes makes the press publish some article saying that the police believes the criminal is a madman who's smashing statues because of a psychological disorder where he hates Napoleon. "a dangerous homicidal lunatic with Napoleonic delusions" he says. And "The Press, Watson, is a most valuable institution if you only know how to use it."
Watson thinks Holmes inserted a wrong clue in the evening paper, so as to give the fellow the idea that he could continue his scheme with impunity". But was that really the purpose? That could make sense if the criminal was only smashing statues, but this was a news article about a murder he's committed.
Since the police knows that he's a murderer, surely they'd be after him even if they think he's just a madman, not a jewel thief.
I wonder if the goal was rather to deceive some interested parties other than the murderer.
About earlier discussion of same titles: publish date?
Like movies on SFF?
@Mithrandir I haven't got time to look at it now, sorry. Going AFK shortly.
@Riker Ooh, good idea!
8:22 PM
@Riker That could be a bit opaque, but with tag wikis it could work, especially when we're out of tag length.
It probably works better with films and video games, that sometimes repeat the same title in a remake or sequel by the same publisher. Disney does that a lot.
Heh. This is our most-viewed question so far.
Time for work. Squirrel is out!
@Randal'Thor good thing I answered it ;)
8:28 PM
@Randal'Thor scifi.stackexchange.com/q/11946/4918 "Why Couldn't a Time Turner Have been Used to Stop Voldemort?" is quite highly viewed too, and "Why was the time turner never used again?" has a decent amount of views.
@b_jonas Sure, but that's SFF, and those questions have positive scores.
@Randal'Thor Well yes. This one has negative score because everyone already knows it's been answered on SFF enough times, so a dupe is a bad idea.
If I asked it again on SFF, I'd get downvoted too.
But it's not too bad a question the first time.
Huh. I created the HP tag? Guess I can expect a Taxonomist eventually...
@Randal'Thor What can I say..... I needed something to do after Tarmon Gai'don
@b_jonas I think it's more because non-SFF people went "ugh, we don't want this site to turn into SFF with loads of 'why didn't they do this obvious thing in Harry Potter' questions".
8:36 PM
Anyone read The Belgariad? Should I reread it in search of questions? I only read it once, so I've been meaning to reread it...
@Mithrandir Yes, and maybe.
Did you read the Malloreon too?
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/4610/4918 "Why did Harry Potter intentionally lose the Resurrection Stone in the Forbidden Forest?" is probably Sci Fi's highest voted Harry Potter question
Not yet, the person who I borrowed it from didn't have it
@b_jonas not why they didn't use muggle weapons?
@b_jonas Not by a long shot.
Q: Why don't muggle-born wizards use Muggle technology to fight Death Eaters?

DVK-on-Ahch-ToWe know that wizards in Harry Potter universe are subject to regular physical harm (e.g. witness injuries from being hit by Bludgers or just colliding with things when playing Quidditch). Therefore, it's almost a certainty that an average wizard would be vulnerable to, say, a bunch of bullets. ...

Yeah I was right :D
@Randal'Thor wait why is that tagged spells?
8:40 PM
@Mithrandir OK, then maybe reread the Belgariad and then read the Malloreon.
@Randal'Thor No, the Muggle Tech only has 77000 views, the losing the Stone has 256000 views.
I'll see if I can find a copy.
@b_jonas you said votes not views
No wonder, because wizards have spells to kill each other, but Muggles don't have tech to resurrect people.
Oh, sorry. I meant highest viewed.
My library doesn't have a lot of English books.
@Mithrandir yes go read it now
One of the best books I've read
8:44 PM
data.stackexchange.com/scifi/query/581979/… Harry Potter questions with highest views on Sci Fi, query to data explorer
On a completely unrelated note, I wish tag badges were awarded solely by score.
It's protected and has 19 answers. And I have answered it.
Then I'd only need another score of 98 not another 36 answers and98 more votes
@steelersquirrel belated goodbye
Hmm. Do we want questions about Michael Ende here? Or should we keep those to Sci Fi SE?
Sci Fi only has three questions, whereas Ende has at least five famous fantasy books
(Neverending Story, Momo, Zauberschule, Jimmy Knopf, and the one with the long named drink)
8:52 PM
@b_jonas Both.
Q: What do we do with science fiction and fantasy?

GallifreyanIt may happen that someone asks a question about some work of science fiction. It may be about a character, plot, or even a story-ID question. What do we do then? Migrate to Science Fiction and Fantasy Stack?

@Randal'Thor Ok.
Sci-fi and fantasy books are on-topic on both sites.
Hmm, that reminds me, let me check quickly... yup, no Kästner questions yet
Literature has been distracting me from SFF and Puzzling...
Ok, so should I ask stupid questions about Ende?
Like, what caused the earthquake and rocks falling right before Atreyu met Igramul (aka Ygramul)?
Nah, that's probably not answerable.
8:58 PM
So we'll answer 'we don't know'
A big yes please from me to Ende questions. Especially The Neverending Story and Momo, two of my favourite books.
@Randal'Thor I like those books, and they have other fans too on SE, but I don't have good questions about them.
I don't want to ask popular but stupid questions, like how Cassiopeia's ability works and what that implies about time travel in that universe.
Whoa, I just realized I don't have Kästner's Das fliegende Klassenzimmer here. I have to bring it over from my parents' house.
I don't have a good question about Kästner's books either.
Star Wars makes it look so easy to ask questions.
I wish other people asked questions about these that I can think about.
@Riker That makes sense.
Wow. This is something. This article has a twist in the third line. Earliest surprise ever.
*heads to read*
I thought I typed 'bed' but my phone knows me too well...
9:11 PM
@b_jonas funnily enough, I am using SwiftKey...
I am not sure if you are interested in the position of the position and the position of the company and the company is a great company for a great price for the new year of the world of the year...
Let me just say that I have *never- typed that before.
Q: In the Iliad, why does Homer list *every* captain involved in the Trojan war?

HamletIn book two of the The Iliad (which you can read online), Homer does something that I find strange: he interrupts the story to list the name of every captain involved in the Trojan war: And now, O Muses, dwellers in the mansions of Olympus, tell me- for you are goddesses and are in all places...

If I take the first suggestions that it gives me...
He is a great guy and I was horrified to the other side of the world and the world of the world and the world of the world and the world of the world and the world of the world and the world of the world and the world of the (this thing is repetitive)
@Bookworm Heh. Vergilius actually had a political motivation for that sort of thing.
I don't know about Homer.
@Bookworm markdown doesn't work in titles
9:21 PM
@Mithrandir Doesn't matter. People can interpret stars just fine.
(Also, that's a feature. Have you looked at the horrible titles with formulas on Math Overflow?)
Math Overflow is scary. I only go there to flag things.
And only when Smokey detects it.
@Mithrandir Some parts are scary. The thing to remember is, you can enjoy it even if you don't understand all of it, only parts.
Even if my grandfather was a calculus teacher... I don't love math.
heyo. when does the private beta end? has it ended? it says the period is 7 days, but I see older questions than that. the message that pops up when asking a question seems to imply we're still in private beta though.
@tobiasvl area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/93238/literature says "The site's Public Beta will begin soon."
9:35 PM
That 7 days is outdated
Another 10 days or so
@tobiasvl ^
You can test by trying to open literature in private browsing
That'll give you a number
@Mithrandir ah, thanks!
grr, I supported literature at area51, but I forgot to "follow" it and so lost a badge :@
9:54 PM
@tobiasvl Likely two Wednesdays from now. Three weeks is the standard, and we started on the 18th.
@HDE226868 great, thanks

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