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12:33 AM
@Benjamin Don't encourage Steelers!!!!
> “Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.” - Joseph Heller, Catch-22
@DVK-on-Ahch-To Excellent, that's even on-topic.
@Benjamin There are quite a few. I was a mod at . . . 16, I think, and there are some quite younger than that.
@Randal'Thor 181 messages in the room and none for you? Awww.
Teenagers are a lot more mature than they were when I was a teenager ;)
Once again proving that I am one of the oldest ones around...
12:55 AM
@Benjamin Roughly the same as HDE, actually. I started moderating SE when I was 17 (other stuff before), though I'm 20 and no longer quite count as a teenager...
<depressed squirrel>
I need @DVK-on-Ahch-To to come back to have someone around my own age around :P
...I think I would've made a better moderator at 19 than at 25.
@Emrakul Well, you're a very mature 20... that's a compliment :)
@steelersquirrel Thanks :]
I have seen the actions of a "teenage mod" come across as uhm...how shall I say "insane with power too heavy handed" ;)
But, that's only one. I am not judging any and all teenage mods as that, to be clear.
1:01 AM
To be fair, I've done some... pretty heavy-handed things in the past.
@steelersquirrel There isn't as much correlation between age and maturity as one might expect. Some older mods come across as too heavy-handed; some teenage mods are really level-headed and sensible.
But of course I don't need to tell you that ... just look at you and Napoleon ;-)
@Randal'Thor Well, I was shocked to learn the age of this particular mod, because I imagined him/her chasing hooligans off of their lawn with their cane :P But, the only mods that I know well are you, Ankit and Napoleon and you guys aren't teenagers, so that's all I really have to go on.
@steelersquirrel I'm not sure if "the only reason you're missed is because you're old" counts as a compliment or a subtle diss :)
@DVK-on-Ahch-To Hahaha! It's a compliment, I promise! ;)
@DVK-on-Ahch-To This is Steeler we're talking about. Definitely a compliment.
1:03 AM
@Randal'Thor Look at me and Napoleon...because of our age difference? Or, because we are polar opposites? :P
@Randal'Thor I know, Steelers is inherently too nice to diss anyone.
@steelersquirrel I meant, in the context of lack of correlation between age and maturity ;-)
@DVK-on-Ahch-To Except Tom Brady.
@Randal'Thor Oh. That. Hehe! Yeah, he is much more mature than I am :P
Yeah. I diss Tom Brady constantly. It's what I do ;)
1:05 AM
@steelersquirrel What's a mere 200 year difference in ages when people just click?
If @Emrakul is about to announce that he likes Tom Brady, I will have to give him the obligatory "Get out" command :P
@Randal'Thor Who?
I like Tom Brady! (Who's Tom Brady, again?)
@DVK-on-Ahch-To Some football guy, I think?
@DVK-on-Ahch-To Hehehe! Too bad that he wasn't shorter than me. Dangit!
@Emrakul He's the Anti-Christ or the equivalent to the Anti-Christ ;)
1:07 AM
@Randal'Thor Never heard of a footballer by that name. MU? Arsenal?
@steelersquirrel Oh dear. I had no idea the Anti-Christ was alive and well. This is disturbing news.
@DVK-on-Ahch-To No, American football. No idea what team, but presumably not the Steelers.
You're asking the wrong person here!
Dizzle doesn't know who he is, either. That doesn't stop him from yelling out the occasional "Go Patriots" or "Tom Brady is Awesome" just to annoy me :P
@Randal'Thor Oh, you mean that sport where they throw a non-ball object around with their hands.
The same as Richard would do with the Bengals, even though he had no clue who they were ;)
1:08 AM
@DVK-on-Ahch-To Sportsball, right? That's what they call it when two sports team sports at each other until one wins?
<shakes head> As long as y'all don't like the Patriots or the Ravens, we're good :P
I turned Napoleon into a Steelers fan, so there's that. And Riker sports the Steelers logo now! Muahahahaha!
@Emrakul The only team sport I ever participated in was football. The real kind with feet kicking round balls. That's one of the very few concessions I make where i'm not 100% fully assimilated into US.
@Emrakul There's a good comic strip about this, which gets posted occasionally in Mos.
@Randal'Thor Is it the SMBC one?
SMBC rules, in general. On almost every topic.
1:11 AM
Probably. (I was hoping someone else would know it, so that I wouldn't have to go hunting!)
Found it!
I wonder if people would throw rotten poem printouts at me if I ask "Are webcomics ontopic" on Meta
If someone posted "Are webcomics on topic?" I think the ensuing discussion would wholly destroy whatever remnants of my soul still have a home in my body.
@Emrakul Dude, even for Voldemort, it took a bouncing Avada Kedavra, not a Meta Post. And his soul was alredy super damaged
1:13 AM
The difference is, Voldemort was human once.
@DVK-on-Ahch-To Btw, did you see this recent question?
shakes head If only people would READ THE BOOKS ...
@Randal'Thor So, if you happen to have the time...could you possibly put a steelers logo on my new awesome squirrel for me? <begs and grovels> ;)
(I'm in exactly the right room to say that!)
@steelersquirrel I'm not sure if I have the time just now ... but where do you want it on the pic?
There's no space on the cup this time.
@Randal'Thor Just a small one on his body. Just not covering his cute and excited face ;)
There's no hurry. It's all good :)
@steelersquirrel ... your avatar is male?
1:17 AM
@Randal'Thor Sorry. Habit. No, she's a girl :)
@steelersquirrel How's that? ^
It's not very good, but the best I could do very quickly.
If you want it done well, ask @BESW.
@Randal'Thor YAY!!! That's totally fine! Thanks, buddy :)
@Randal'Thor Ugh. The question is awful, but NOT for the reasons everyone is upset about. He made up a term to describe something he sees, but not only that, he ALSO made up a term that ALREADY exists in canon, and means something wholly different from what he wants to describe, thus confusing the eff out of everyone. And, if he doesn't know how something works, he should offer a screenshot or a movie clip to illustrate what is being asked about.
@Randal'Thor She doesn't know. She respects its privacy </grosse_point_blank>
"Canon" strikes again. The more I study concepts of canon outside specfic fandom, the more I feel it's just generally a bad idea wherever I find it.
@DVK-on-Ahch-To You're being gross at point-blank range? Not in front of the children, please - do it in the street and frighten the horses instead.
1:27 AM
@DVK-on-Ahch-To Hahaha! Nice!
1:39 AM
Phew, that was a long answer:
A: Why was the previous Literature SE closed?

Rand al'ThorI'm going to answer this question in the form of quotes from several previous meta discussions on the same or related issues, along with some of my own commentary based on how this incarnation of the site has actually been coming along so far. Brace yourself: this may be long. Why did Literatur...

But you know what they say: if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well.
@steeler I just refreshed your chat profile for you :-)
Nice answer, @Randal'Thor.
@Randal'Thor Very nice.
Thanks! It took me a while, but it was worth spending time on. What with all the commentary, that answer works almost like a progress report on how we're doing so far.
@Randal'Thor Cool! Thanks :)
1:56 AM
Q: What did "Moloch" represent in Allen Ginsberg´s poem "Howl"?

CascabelIn Allen Ginsberg´s poem "Howl", what did "Moloch" represent? What sphinx of cement and aluminum bashed open their skulls and ate up their brains and imagination? Moloch! Solitude! Filth! Ugliness! Ashcans and unobtainable dollars! Children screaming under the stairways! Boys sobbing in ...

Fun fact: Almost any quote by a public figure can be greatly improved by randomly replacing one of the words with "Moloch". I find it's the best way to relieve political stress.
Unfortunately, Russian word for "Milk" is "Molocko". Spoils all the effect :(
@Bookworm Didn't you skip a couple questions?
Quite peculiar.
@DVK-on-Ahch-To Same effect, sometimes.
A made-up quote like "We're going to start a strong offensive" is amusing as "We're going to start a strong Moloch" or "We're going to start a strong milk".
That makes so many headlines so much more amusing.
Eh, don't want to break into politics. Not here.
2:06 AM
And there I was resisting the temptation to bring actual contemporary politics into this.
@Randal'Thor Yeah, I regretted it immediately.
@Emrakul I was going to go with something more mundane along the lines of "The only thing more expensive than education is Moloch."
For all the Ben Franklin fans out there.
There was an Onion headline a while back...
On an entirely different note ... should this question have the Hemingway tag as well as the FWtBT tag?
“I Thought He Was Going to Kill Me”: One Woman’s Harrowing Misunderstanding of How Haircuts Work
2:10 AM
Which gets funnier no matter where you put "Moloch" in
I wonder if it may be a case for using the work tag without the associated author tag, but I'm open to being persuaded or edited.
"One Woman's Harrowing Moloch"
@Randal'Thor I'd say no, but it could go either way.
"I Thought Moloch Was Going to Kill Me"
"One Woman's Harrowing Misunderstanding of How Moloch Works"
2:13 AM
@Randal'Thor I love this sketch. I love Python.
"I Though Moloch Was Going to Kill Moloch: One Moloch's Harrowing Misunderstanding of How Molochs Work"
@Randal'Thor Yes, it is.
@Randal'Thor There are so many different ways to segue into the Lumberjack Song.
Q: Were the Smurfs the first to smurf their smurfs?

SQBOn Rick and Morty, Squanchy squanches some of his squanches with "squanch". Likewise, the Smurfs smurf some of their smurfs with "smurf". But who was or were the first to replace some of their words with the same single word? Clarification for those who speak neither Squanch nor Smurf: they ...

@Randal'Thor Was this situation handled?
@Randal'Thor This is the description of so many of the people I know.
2:16 AM
@Benjamin There's no real way it can be handled. I know the guy is still stalking me on SE; I just try to ignore it, since he's not breaking either laws or site rules.
@steelersquirrel It could also be self-selection of who tries to participate.
@Randal'Thor Is it a problem IRL though?
@Randal'Thor I have a question about football in relation to The Shadow of the Wind coming soon.
@Benjamin Not too much, I guess. The only real problem is the creepiness factor.
@Benjamin Take it to Sports :-P
@DVK-on-Ahch-To I must agree that football automatically meaning American Football gets on my nerves.
@Randal'Thor No, it is more about translation than the sport itself.
Q: Did Robert Jordan name himself after Hemingway's character?

Rand al'ThorThe fantasy author James Oliver Rigney Jr. chose the nom de plume Robert Jordan for many of his works of literature, including the magnificent Wheel of Time series. I recently read up on Ernest Hemingway's novel For Whom the Bell Tolls and discovered that its hero, a fictional US soldier fightin...

@Randal'Thor Oh dear.
2:22 AM
@Benjamin I was kidding.
@Randal'Thor It is nice.
Wait. Is Benjamin really Napoleon? Using "nice" :P
in The Screening Room, Jan 1 at 16:51, by steelersquirrel
Hey, Napoleon...World peace has been achieved, cancer has been cured and you have just inherited 10 bazillion dollars! Napoleon: "that's nice" :P
@Randal'Thor I remember this question.
@steelersquirrel That's a nice statement.
@steelersquirrel That's a nice laugh you have.
2:28 AM
@HDE226868 Isn't there something like that about reading a fortune cookie? Like, you're supposed to follow whatever the fortune cookie says with "in bed"?
@Benjamin I also have an evil laugh! Muahahahaha!
@steelersquirrel Yes, I recall that. As well as an xkcd variant: "except in bed".
I prefer "...with this fully armed and operational battle station!"
@steelersquirrel That's a less nice laugh.
did I miss something
is benjamin addicted to nice now
2:32 AM
@HDE226868 Haha! Right!
@Riker Yes, it is nice.
@Riker Yes. I think that he's really Napoleon ;)
ah ok
makes sense
@steelersquirrel That's a nice theory.
@Riker Yes, you missed a nice time.
2:33 AM
@steelersquirrel That's a nice emoticon.
@Riker As is this nice emoticon.
ok seriously stahp now
I have to go and take a nice rest.
ok see ya
@Riker Okay, I will do so ...
2:34 AM
@BESW [looks up a fortune cookie generator]
I'm sure this could go on all night... ;)
@Benjamin thank you, that's very nice kind of you
"The worst of friends may become the best of enemies, but you will always find yourself hanging on with this fully armed and operational battle station!"
That got dark.
@steelersquirrel Except, I must take a **** sleep.
**** as in that word synonymous with kind
2:35 AM
"Fortune favors the brave, with this fully armed and operational battle station!"
I think I'm noticing a trend here.
@Emrakul Does it do so ****ly?
"Be most affectionate today, with this fully armed and operational battle station!" jeez
@Riker What if we just whenever we want to use that word we use **** and confuse everyone?
2:37 AM
> Help, I'm being held prisoner in a Chinese cookie factory with this fully armed and operational battle station!
"A Very attractive person has a message for you"...in bed. AWESOME!! ;)
@Riker **** emoticon you have there. Okay, now I seriously have to go. When I return that word will no longer enter into my ____ vocabulary.
> Discover the power within yourself with this fully armed and operational battle station!
Next topic: Are the fortunes from cookies considered on topic? ;)
2:45 AM
@steelersquirrel o_O sfw pls
@Riker Gheez. You came into the conversation late...
19 mins ago, by steelersquirrel
@HDE226868 Isn't there something like that about reading a fortune cookie? Like, you're supposed to follow whatever the fortune cookie says with "in bed"?
19 mins ago, by HDE 226868
@steelersquirrel Yes, I recall that. As well as an xkcd variant: "except in bed".
Don't worry. I won't turn this into a room of ill repute.
It's an innocent game that you play with fortune cookies is all.
I'm sure shog would agree
Seriously? Saying the words "in bed" is scandalous?
3:11 AM
I'm just messing with ya
it's been a long day and I haven't been in here much
just tired and thus trolling
4 hours later…
7:08 AM
Q: Why does A Wind in the Door contradict A Wrinkle in Time on conformity?

TorisudaIn A Wrinkle in Time, conformity is evil. Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin go to the planet Camazotz, a dystopian world where everyone conforms to the rhythm of IT and is tortured for erring from it. Here, conforming to a higher order is depicted as painful, stultifying, and paranoia-inducing; an...

1 hour later…
8:13 AM
8:41 AM
8:58 AM
@Randal'Thor I answered your For Whom the Bell Tolls question. I am completely exhausted ;)
9:29 AM
One of my friends just dropped off some books: Cousins by Patricia Grace, Island of Shattered Dreams by Chantal T. Spitz, and Shark Dialogues by Kiana Davenport. Anybody familiar with them?
No. Sorry.
10:10 AM
@BESW Nope.
2 hours later…
12:04 PM
@steelersquirrel Great answer! Thanks!
Yay, someone is back in here.
13 hours ago, by steelersquirrel
I think that if we all respect each other as humans, then there should really be no problems :)
Nobody is here...
Remember to star that post if you haven't already.
@Mithrandir Interesting that you aren't here, but are here.
Last time I said that, a user named Nobody dropped in.
@Mithrandir That is weird.
12:15 PM
Nah, just means that somebody had a sense of humor.
@Mithrandir No, it means that Nobody had a sense of humour.
...Now I'm confused.
Hmm, how do you check who created a tag?
@Mithrandir I'm not sure. Revision history on the first question to have that tag, I guess.
A: What is the distinction between Imagism and Symbolism as poetic movements?

verboseSymbolism was largely a European movement in the late 19th century, associated with such poets as Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Mallarmé, and Verlaine. They believed that artistic truth could not be depicted through naturalist or realist means. Instead, they sought to use images as symbols, i.e., as weigh...

This is a great answer that needs lots of upvotes.
12:37 PM
Okay, AFAIK I created the tag.
1:06 PM
Q: Is Alice in Wonderland about drugs?

James JenkinsI recently read Alice in Wonderland, and was struck by the use of organic substances (mushrooms, drinks) to alter reality. There seems to a strong pro drug message in the story line. A news article Is Alice in Wonderland really about drugs? bbc.com, 20 August 2012 asks the same question, but be...

reminds me to scifi.stackexchange.com/q/47773/4918 "Did Tolkien have experience with addiction?"
@Randal'Thor working on an answer.
A: If Tolkien disliked allegory, why are there so many allegorical readings of The Lord of the Rings?

Matt ThrowerIt was an allegory because, in spite of his dislike, Tolkien felt it was necessary and inevitable that it should be one. In several lesser-known quotes, the author freely admits that the tale is allegorical. Most clearly he states: "Of course my story is not an allegory of Atomic power, but ...

Nice answer
Q: What's going on [behind-the-scenes]?

Rand al'ThorAfter the behind-the-scenes tag was recently edited into one of my questions, I realised that I'm not entirely sure how this tag is supposed to be used, and went to check the list of questions using it. Examples: Was Roland Barthes religious? Asking about an author's beliefs. Whose were the "be...

literature.stackexchange.com/a/987/139 "Why does the Lady of Shalott stay instead of stray?" Also a nice one, this time about English language
1:32 PM
Okay, I tried to avoid my aversion to writing long answers that @Randal'Thor claims I have.
A: What's going on [behind-the-scenes]?

MithrandirAs I believe that I created this tag, I will try to explain how I think it should be used. It should be used for asking about things that helped make a work turn out the way it did, and for how things are done to make the work the way it is. I'll address your examples, and bring some of my own....

2:06 PM
Q: Dead in the water over a technicality?

BookeaterI've posed a question applying the word 'adopted' here. It quickly got put on hold because this word was decided to be ambiguous. I corrected it with what I regard a trivial update. Now the question is reopened but also dead in the water. All in all this does not raise my expectations of this b...

@Librarian Holy sh*t, 4 upvotes in less than a minute on my answer to this?
@Randal'Thor It's a nice answer.
@Benjamin But there were already two existing answers.
Ironic that I was saying we're quite inactive on Sundays and then get so many votes so fast!
On the other hand:
My point that we don't have to worry about the site being too inactive is supported by this answer getting four upvotes in less than a minute. — Rand al'Thor 56 secs ago
2:16 PM
Well when everybody is on the question, it'll get lots of upvotes
> Referring to things that happen "behind the camera", the real-life reasons for how/why a TV/film/book/comic turned out the way it did
-SFF Behind-the-scenes tag wiki excerpt
That happens to be very like my answer.
A: What's going on [behind-the-scenes]?

MithrandirAs I believe that I created this tag, I will try to explain how I think it should be used. It should be used for asking about things that helped make a work turn out the way it did, and for how things are done to make the work the way it is. I'll address your examples, and bring some of my own....

waiting for a response from Rand to that
@Mithrandir he's already responded to it in a comment though
Not the point I just mentioned about the SFF tag
i'll point out that prior examples don't necessarily mean it's a good idea to follow them, especially those set by a different stack
Just wondering not planning to nominate myself at this point, but I want to be a productive member of the community. What could I do to act in ways that are more level-headed and mod-like?
don't spam bad answers or questions, be active on meta, and check review + delete queues actively
really aside from that mods just handle flags and other disputes
2:31 PM
Mods are people exception handlers.
@Mithrandir Yeah, I don't want to be a mod, too much responsibility.
@Benjamin A lot of it comes down to caring more about the site than about yourself. Reviewing, flagging, thoughtful meta posts ... that kind of thing.
Rather than worrying about rep or badges.
@Randal'Thor That makes a lot of sense.
If you want to see how a mod should behave without actually being a mod, I can't think of a better example than BESW.
@Randal'Thor starring that because it's true
I've learned a lot from BESW in the past few years I've known him on RPG.SE, and I've been very grateful for it. It's made me a better person.
2:36 PM
...I think Rand is trying to tell me that I appear to care too much about those, and is telling me to tone down. Thereby proving my point that he takes things too seriously.
@Mithrandir I wasn't directing my comments at anybody in particular, just making a general statement.
I myself used to care a lot more about rep than I do now.
After I stopped worrying about rep, I became a mod.
Yeah I know, but combined with that </mithrandir>... raises eyebrow kidding.
@Mithrandir at this point I think we've both mostly stopped caring as much about rep, the rep leagues top-users haven't changed in a while
@Mithrandir lol
@Randal'Thor That's about where I hit that transition point too on RPG.SE. A while after I had all the privileges I wanted, I just focused on site health, and began figuring it out more and more especially over the past couple of years.
2:38 PM
Once I hit mod tools I didn't care anymore.
<shrug> that's a pretty nice philosophy
...And since this is the only site where I have, that means... Never mind.
I think it was sometime around when I could edit & close things.
lel lit is my second site, I just have around 1k on most sites
PPCG I have 4k, gaming 1k, meta.se and sff I have about 750 rep
not much
@doppelgreener Only 2 or 3 k? You've come a long way since that.
2:41 PM
@Randal'Thor I have!
@Riker I wonder if Lit will be my 3rd site by the time we hit public beta.
no clue
what's your 3rd site's current rep?
It already is my third top :P
@Mithrandir It is my top because it is the first one I could really get into.
@Riker 4415 (I just checked).
Seems like we've all slacked off a bit in the last few days.
2:42 PM
hmmmmm not sure
we're halfway over
I'm pretty sure the real point of my transition was after my D&D 4e activity sort of died down on RPG.SE. That edition of the game let me churn out reputation like a machine --- I understood it well, and its online resources put everything I needed right at my fingertips for rules questions. Then I stopped playing that game, became rusty, and D&D 5e started capturing peoples' attention, so I found other things to do.
Fewer questions to answer.
and at this point the voting has drastically decreased
Editing and doing modly stuff proved a pretty good activity outlet.
@Riker Yes, it is unfortunate.
2:44 PM
it's not really unfornunate too much
Something interesting Shog said a while back about becoming a moderator:
in 2016 Science Fiction & Fantasy Moderator Election, Jan 29 '16 at 21:16, by Shog9
Anyway, I honestly believe that everyone running could make a good moderator. I hope y'all think less about disaster and focus more on who is best prepared to make the changes in their participation required to moderate effectively.
but it's bad because there's tons of epic answers that normally would get many more votes
in 2016 Science Fiction & Fantasy Moderator Election, Jan 29 '16 at 21:16, by Shog9
Because... That's always necessary. Changes, I mean.
Yep. I've been looking at these new deletion and undeletion powers...
questions are fine though
2:44 PM
@Riker Really? Examples?
I have votes to spare.
mostly yours :P
@Randal'Thor That means... Me. O_o
@Mithrandir Not everything is directed specifically at you, Mith.
@Randal'Thor things like this, which isn't the best answer ever, but definitely deserves some votes
A: What sources influenced Byron's "Fragment of a Novel"?

Rand al'ThorByron's "Fragment of a Novel" was based on Polidori's The Vampyre, which in turn was based on a story told verbally by Byron as part of the same competition which produced Frankenstein. The story of the competition is all too familiar to enthusiasts of horror literature. In the summer of 1816, B...

yes it's yours
2:46 PM
Oh look. My head popped. It must have gotten too big.
@Riker I did put quite a bit of work into that, but I may have missed the OP's point.
(But thanks!)
and other things like this:
A: What do the "mirror" and the "lake" represent in "Mirror" by Sylvia Plath?

verboseThe poem appears to contest your assertion that an object can not both be a mirror and a lake. Its title is Mirror, not Mirror and Lake. Throughout the poem, the speaker is the mirror. But in the second verse, the mirror claims to be a lake. What does this mean? It's easy to see how a lake...

(Also, remember what I keep saying? You take things too seriously.)
Thanks for your sage advice, most respectable teacher. Seeing this activity, and so much of it, puts me to shame. Its alive!Bookeater 2 mins ago
... is this sarcasm?
2:49 PM
@Randal'Thor i don't really understand it whether it is or isn't
if you can't recognize that from just barely seeing it, you need less internet time in a hope to preserve your innocence
@Riker I assumed it was, but it could be someone from a different culture.
Or just responding in kind to the "my young padawan" thing.
and that sentence came out (my previous message) a bit rude, sorry about that
2:50 PM
(Does that sound patronising, to people who haven't heard it before?)
@Randal'Thor the 'most respectable teacher' gives it away. Yep, sarcasm.
@Riker No offence taken! Calling me innocent is preferable to attempting to Americanise me :-)
I think you mispelled offense
@Randal'Thor one of these days we should get you to watch american football, just for the squirrel's entertainment
Squirrel would explode if that happened.
with happiness though
we should try it
2:53 PM
@Riker Just make sure beforehand that I'm equipped with a good book.
don't worry I like football almost as little as you do
both kinds actually, the american and (generally around here) mexican kinds
Soccer isn't bad.
@Mithrandir What is this soccer you speak of? An alien dance?
Although Israeli kids play it waaaay too often.
soccer isn't bad but it's not the best
2:56 PM
@Benjamin yes. It involves using appendages to put an object in one place.
@Mithrandir What sort of object is this that you speak of?
it's round
@Benjamin They mean football.
@Riker So, like a football?
it's rounder
2:57 PM
@Randal'Thor I know, I am just teasing.
@Benjamin Yes, exactly.
@Mithrandir hey you do call it soccer in israel?
@Benjamin (so am I)
@Benjamin it's rounder than round can be
@Riker So, like a cricket ball.
2:58 PM
@Riker So, like the Avogadro Project's silicon crystal.

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