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10:00 PM
@Riker Then, I may have some Hamilton questions coming.
@steelersquirrel when's the game?
@Benjamin Yes...over at Movies and TV ;)
There's a Jules Verne FAQ at jv.gilead.org.il/FAQ
@Benjamin as long as the music isn't part of the questino you should be okay
(I'm still going to insist you can never really separate the story from the music in a musical work.)
10:00 PM
I quite like Jules Verne.
(And the "you can only ask about the words and not the song" thing hasn't really been fleshed out with examples on meta.)
@Emrakul I agree, but this is mainly about the writing.
@Riker 3:30 pm PST.
so 1.5 hours cool
10:01 PM
@HDE226868 I already know the answer to the first of those. As for the second and third, from my point of view they would only be reformulations in order to try to get the information I really want (the number) without asking for it directly, which is what Emrak called the XY problem.
@Emrakul Um, I don't think the rule should be "you can only ask about the words", but you obviously should ask things that are clearly mostly about the music. Luckily there are already two SE sites about music.
I would post a Steelers meme, but I don't want to get into trouble ;)
well then @Randal'Thor refresh my chat profile?
cc @steelersquirrel
@Randal'Thor Fair enough. I did feel that the original question suffered from that, so I'll acknowledge that these aren't any better.
10:03 PM
I updated my avatar to include a steelers logo to commomerate this afternoon
@Riker WUT?!?! Really??? OMG!!! That's so AWESOME!!
well it's broken on main so I don't have that much hope
Does anyone here use fountain pens?
@b_jonas We know he's capable of strong friendships (Watson). He can probably imagine at least what it might be like to have a son, perhaps in an unemotional sort of way, even if he knows he'll never have one.
it shows up on my profile but not on my questions/answers
10:04 PM
Also, it's possible to be asexual and have adopted kids.
should look like that
but bigger of course
@Randal'Thor I see.
@Emrakul Indeed, that's why musicals are simply off-topic.
@Riker Image not found
@Randal'Thor Yes, but when the question is whether he's a gay couple with Holmes, then don't we actually have to decide that he's aromantic and couldn't form a partnership bond with Holmes, rather than whether he's asexual?
10:06 PM
shows up for me
The "asexual" thing is sort of a red herring.
@NapoleonWilson That wording implies the question is decided. Again, this hasn't really been fleshed out on meta, just in discussions on chat.
@Emrakul I know. And I know you know, which is why I didn't bother to add any disclaimers.
@b_jonas Having children doesn't necessarily imply romance either. Again, adoption.
10:09 PM
@Riker YESSSSS!!! That's so cool that you did that! You are now my favorite child :P
it doesn't appaer to work though :/
There was someone here asking if they were on-topic.
@Emrakul Yes, but I knew what he meant.
@Riker Chat profile refreshed!
10:09 PM
@Randal'Thor Possible.
@steelersquirrel you see it?
@steelersquirrel Tut tut, you shouldn't have a favourite child ;-)
My take on that quote is that Holmes himself was sure he'd never have a son, but he said those words to make a point towards the banker.
All I'm trying to say is, if both sides of every question keep talking as though the issue's been decided their way, we're just going to end up talking past each other without meaningful resolution.
10:10 PM
@Randal'Thor Any of my children who changes their avatar to include the Steelers logo is my favorite ;)
multiple favorites? seems legit
It's just a combative way of talking about topicality.
None of my other children have done that. Axelrod did for a while, but he's not one of my children ;)
he's the weird eccentric grumpy and cynical uncle
and himarm is still the drunk maid right
10:12 PM
@b_jonas Agreed! It's interesting, but I don't think it has much bearing on the (a)sexuality issue.
Hehehe!!! Totally!!
also did you see this:
in The Screening Room, yesterday, by Nevermore
Internet spouse? She has an internet spouse and an actual boyfriend? What a flousy!
in The Screening Room, yesterday, by Riker
@Nevermore it's more of an internet tax-deduction-partner but yeah
@Randal'Thor Yep.
Yes. I saw. That's normal banter that we do ;)
Dammit @Emrakul :-P
Here, have another notification. — Emrakul 15 mins ago
10:13 PM
I am a dastardly evil.
I was expecting that comment to be Mithrandir.
^ when I first read it
cool @Randal'Thor can you refresh my profile again I changed it to a PNG not jpg
@Emrakul Agreed.
Please explain your down vote? — Benjamin 44 mins ago
10:15 PM
epic it works
@steelersquirrel what about it?
thanks rand btw
@Benjamin I don't understand the down votes, either :(
Q: Is Sherlock Holmes religious?

BenjaminIn this question, it is established that Sherlock Holmes, from the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was asexual and in explaining that it is stated that he showed very little emotion in general. This led me to wonder if he was religious in any of the books. Based on the text of the works of Sir Ar...

@steelersquirrel Re your Hemingway question ... those quotes don't all appear together in the book, right? You've picked out separate passages which mention hunger?
@steelersquirrel Yeah, it doesn't really make sense, but.
@Randal'Thor No, that was about a different question, I belivee.
@Randal'Thor Yeah. They are from different parts in the book. I couldn't figure out how to separate them. It needs to be reformatted, I just don't know how to do it.
10:17 PM
@Benjamin Interesting. I suspect that might be answered in A Study in Scarlet.
@steelersquirrel OK, I'll fix it.
Edited and upvoted.
@Randal'Thor Do you plan to answer it?
@Randal'Thor Thank you, good sir :)
What time does the rep cap reset?
@Benjamin 0:00 UTC.
@NapoleonWilson Okay.
10:20 PM
@Benjamin In 1 hour 39 minutes.
(in about 1:40.)
@Benjamin No, I don't know anything about Hemingway.
@Randal'Thor I mean my Sherlock question.
HDE's answer needs more love...it's a good answer.
@Benjamin Possibly. I've had a quick look in A Study in Scarlet, hoping Watson's list "Sherlock Holmes - his limits" might have something, but it didn't.
> Knowledge of Literature - Nil.
> Knowledge of Philosophy - Nil.
but nothing about religion
10:24 PM
@Randal'Thor Okay.
So I currently don't have much to go on for an answer.
Other than the obvious - that his extreme rationality means he probably wouldn't believe in anything spiritual, and would be an agnostic if not an outright atheist.
Except...19th century.
I feel like we just had a question on M&TV about Sherlock's religion that Catija answered.
@Christian That question is about the BBC TV series, which is extremely different from the original Doyle stories, including in its portrayal of the character of Holmes. — Rand al'Thor 5 mins ago
@steelersquirrel Hence, you did.
10:28 PM
I truly hate that TV series.
(And since contrary to the writers of the TV-show Doyle probably didn't want to depict him as an asshole, the safest he would have done at that time was probably to simply not mention his religious attitude in that case.)
It cheapens the characters of Holmes and Watson, and turns interesting and well-thought stories into semi-farcical entertainment full of cheap quips.
Would a question about the education of Sherlock Holmes be on topic?
There are a lot of adaptations of Holmes, since the Doyle works are in public domain and famous.
That series isn't the first and probably won't be the last one.
10:31 PM
@steelersquirrel Urgh, the other one was better. ;-)
A famous one is that Asimov's black widower mystery story about Moriarty's thesis.
@b_jonas Oh, that reminds me, I actually have an ID question for Lit!
@NapoleonWilson Sorry. The answer that Catija gave just reminded me of Benjamin's question is all. Gheez, why are you chastising every thing that I say today?
That said, some of Eric Knight's stories count as sci-fi or fantasy, so there could be questions on Sci Fi SE already.. let me check
Nope, doesn't look like.
@steelersquirrel Awww, I'm not! :'(
10:34 PM
There's one about Jack London though => scifi.stackexchange.com/q/123171/4918
(Did you miss the smiley (or forget yours)?) ;-)
@Randal'Thor An ID question you deem worthy for the site? This, I gotta see.
@NapoleonWilson I didn't put one on...because I'm not smiling, probably.
@steelersquirrel I see. :'(
Asking again: Would a question about the education of Sherlock Holmes be on topic?
10:37 PM
@Benjamin If it's about Sherlock Holmes as depicted in the Doyle novels or other literature, then yes, it would be on topic. If it's about that recent TV series, then probably no.
@b_jonas Well, I'm in favour of ID questions (admittedly not as strongly so as @Gilles). But perhaps I should wait until Napoleon's asleep to post it ;-)
@Benjamin I would think so. It's about a character in a book...but, I am not very familiar with this site and it's inner workings, though.
@Randal'Thor heheh
@Randal'Thor Well, I'm not too invested into the site for that really. You want to poke into that wasp's nest, feel free to do so. I'd be more concerned about other kinds of questions.
@Randal'Thor Post it in about an hour when the Steelers game starts ;)
10:39 PM
@steelersquirrel Is the question that FAQ of why some of what Doyle claims about some areas missing from Holmes education seem to contradict the later stories?
@steelersquirrel Nobody is really familiar with this site yet! It's only been around for a few days, and lots of policies haven't even been worked out at this point.
@steelersquirrel Provided I still want to watch that. :'(
@b_jonas No.
@NapoleonWilson WUUUUT?!?! Why would you even say that? Why are you doing this to me today? OMG. I even almost killed myself to get a signal to call you to make sure that you're okay...why would you say that? :'(
@b_jonas It is about the book, so it should be fine.
10:42 PM
@steelersquirrel I'm sorry, I was just messing with you. Of course I want to see it, I'm already wearing my hat! ;-)
@b_jonas Oh, gheez. I'm not the one to ask. I'm not familiar with that character at all. I'm sorry.
@NapoleonWilson I've been thinking it would be a good idea for someone like me or Gilles to post a really exemplary ID question, so that we have something to point to later on, and so that Lit's first experience with ID isn't a subpar question by a less experienced user.
@steelersquirrel There's a Steelers game today?
@Randal'Thor Well, there already was one, it got downvoted into deletion. ;-)
@Randal'Thor in 45 min yeah
@Randal'Thor YES!!! It's the game to see who's going to the super bowl! We are playing the evil Patriots!! <stressed>
10:43 PM
@Randal'Thor Steal one from Sci Fi? There are good ID questions there, not only bad ones.
@steelersquirrel Well, good luck! :-)
@NapoleonWilson Pfft! a...alright.
@b_jonas Oh, I know there are plenty of good ones there. But I'm not sure how I feel about stealing questions from another site. There's already been a meta post here frowning on that idea.
@Randal'Thor Yes, let's go in new directions here.
I'm already uncomfortable with what's happened so far in that regard.
10:46 PM
@Benjamin Huh, it seems I was wrong and Sherlock Holmes was religious.
@HDE226868 Have there been many copied posts? I haven't noticed, other than a couple of questions.
@Randal'Thor A couple, I believe.
Oh, and a couple of my answers which were broadly inspired by posts on SFF but written up quite differently.
I'm not sure if it's exemplary, but do you want to steal my old solved book ID question en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Reference_desk/Archives/… then?
@HDE226868 hey congrats on the first gold badge of the site
@steelersquirrel You missed your smiley again! ;-)
10:47 PM
even if it's on meta
There's literature.stackexchange.com/q/91/71 and at least one other.
@Riker Aw, thanks. :-)
@b_jonas Well, that's already solved. Anyway, like I said, I've thought of one myself to post.
@Riker What where?
@Riker Wow! Nice job, @HDE! I was expecting that to take much longer.
@HDE226868 congrats retracted you put a space between the colon and parentheses </sarc> but seriously ._. shudders
10:48 PM
I don't see a gold badge.
Also congrats on passing me in silver badge count on main ;-)
@b_jonas meta
reversal for the question about NSFW questions
@Riker Shhh. . . He's missing a nose, like Tycho Brahe.
Ah! MEta
>+20 answer on a < -3 Q
@HDE226868 ouch = (
10:49 PM
@HDE226868 Like Major Kovalev, more like.
That badge is easier to get on meta though.
esp. right now
@HDE226868 That one was posted on Lit.1 (by the same OP, in fact) and then migrated to SFF. Bit different from just lifting from SFF.
10:50 PM
@NapoleonWilson I'm sorry. I'm just really anxious and I am trying to do other things before the game starts and you're having the reverse effect on me!
@b_jonas Much easier.
@Randal'Thor That's true. I'm trying to remember the other one.
@steelersquirrel Okay, I'm sorry. I'll stop talking about football now.
The best place to earn Reversal is on meta sites. Some meta questions can't really be turned into good ones, but still should get good answers. — rand al'thor Jan 10 at 1:18
I have to go, anyways.
10:52 PM
@steelersquirrel Good luck to your team!
see ya!
For what it's worth, I actually upvoted the meta question because I think it brought up a potentially worthwhile point.
I didn't vote on it at all but I did upvote your answer
@Randal'Thor Emrakul has also passed you, as of 6 minutes ago.
> You will remember, Watson, how the dreadful business of the Abernetty family was first brought to my notice by the depth which the parsley had sunk into the butter upon a hot day.
In "The Adventure of the Six Napoleons". I think these are the crazy sorts of noodle incident remarks that have induced Agatha Christie to write similarly outrageous ones in the Poirot novels.
10:57 PM
@HDE226868 Oh! Well, congrats to @Emrakul too :-)
I haven't got even one Enlightened here yet.
Thanks! :]
In some cases, because I spent too long on writing up a really good answer and someone else got in before me, even if I ended up with the tick.
@b_jonas If you like straight-faced contemporary parodies of the excesses of the golden age of mystery, try Trent's Last Case.
Well, it's the content that counts, not the badges, and we're all doing pretty nicely with that.
Bentley was almost prescient.
10:58 PM
@BESW I like detective stuff, and there's still a lot of Agatha Christie I haven't read yet. They're not easy to acquire here.
Well, many of them are, but the rest, the ones I haven't read, aren't.
I have a question, but there have been so many of those already, I think I'll hold off and post some on other works first.
I also find Margery Allingham far superior to Agatha Christie--and pretty much everyone else.
And she was a... uh. prolific author? I meant to say she wrote a lot, but there's a fancy word for it.
Poirot and Hastings are their own parody anyway.
Allingham gently mocks some of her contemporaries, but mostly saves her satire for British culture itself.
@Randal'Thor because that and animal farm are two of the best books to exist
though I do think animal farm and it's "who does <x> represent" is being overdone
11:01 PM
She's one of those authors who writes about her own time period with insight and clarity usually reserved for authors with the benefit of decades of hindsight.
@BESW I see.
@Riker Yes, which is why I liked the idea of putting them all together in one.
yeah, so did I
I'm voting to reopen, because too many "what does X represent in Animal Farm?" questions get boring, but putting it all together in one could create an excellent resource for people to refer to in the future. (Although I still think a community-wiki answer might be the best way to go.) — Rand al'Thor 50 secs ago
I do think bebs did a bad job though
11:04 PM
Maybe I should try to read her books.
Other great detective authors... Josephine Tey, Boris Akunin, Martin Cruz Smith, Michael Dibdin, Jonathan Gash.
voted with ya
@Riker Their answer isn't great, but there'd be nothing to stop someone else posting a better one if they hadn't closed the question.
Jeez, now we have Hamlet, Helmar, and Himarm on 528, 530, 532 rep. Not confusing at all.
11:12 PM
@Randal'Thor We have three or four Dark Lords with high reputation on Sci Fi SE.
@Randal'Thor That was my thought.
@Randal'Thor himarm has rep?
oh he does
lel I love how disbelieving in himarm gets stars
cc @steelersquirrel
@Emrakul your question about the khazars is really cool, just saying
Thanks! :]
11:15 PM
it's like the author did that just to troll the hell out of analysts
Reading your answer, 1s
@b_jonas At least their names are actually different.
For a moment I thought you meant we had a few users literally called "The Dark Lord".
you don't? I thought SFF did
like, literal "the dark lord"
@b_jonas holy fucking shit I know that last one
he's my friend IRL I play tf2 with him
it's the same avatar, he's from albania and just moved to CA
and the same name on steam
Small world.
11:17 PM
Oh yeah, all three of them seem to have avatars depicting the Dark Lord
Did you know he was on SE?
not at all
he doesn't know I am either
@Riker What game is "tf2"?
team fortress 2
FPS by valve, makers of CS:GO, dota, half-life, and portal
11:18 PM
oh well though
I can wait 43 min I think :P
I'm disappointed. No Arawn Death-Lord, no Black Rider, no Kozmotis Pitchiner or Lone Power?
it would be nice now, because rep-cap, but oh well
No, that was an actual upvote. Not a failed one.
@Randal'Thor The Dark Lord is very active on SFF. I started to get really worried when he was asking about improving tactics.
My last one of the day.
11:19 PM
thanks so much!
for spendnign the last vote on me
@DVK-in-Florida It leads to some funny comments along the lines of "Well, you should know!" on his posts.
@Emrakul feedback on the answer?
And when someone didn't get the joke, he called them a Muggle.
@Riker I like it. I'm still thinking about it.
cool, thanks
@Randal'Thor lol
11:20 PM
You've got my upvote for sure.
ah nice
have you upvoted yet then? or not
@BESW There's a Darth Vader, and one user with the older name of Morgoth, but they're not very high reputed.
@Riker I have!
Are we going to get tons of shipping questions on here? "Did X and Y form a romantic couple? Because I ship them so much".
ah okay I was a bit confused as to the parsing of that statement
@DVK-in-Florida prolly
this is the new tumblr
11:22 PM
@DVK-in-Florida I don't think so. We don't get that many on Sci Fi, do we?
@b_jonas And their offspring, the late, great Darth Melkor.
lol that's a person?
@b_jonas Well, that was sort of the question about Holmes.
that's a perfect name
@b_jonas Darth Vader lost pretty much most duels he had against properly trained Jedi. Heck, he lost to whiny brat Luke with barely any training, in the end. Not much of a basis for a reputation.
11:23 PM
Oh, sorry, yeah. I like it as a frame challenge. I'm assuming there's something there, and there might not be. I've gotta think a bit more about whether I believe that, though I'm open to the idea ;)
Q: Did Arthur Conan Doyle code Holmes and Watson as a gay couple?

Lauren IpsumGiven the Victorian era, a writer couldn't deliberately create an openly (or even quietly) gay couple for public literary consumption. But gay people existed, and had romances. Arthur Conan Doyle knew Oscar Wilde and got on with him very well, and Wilde was not exactly shy and retiring about his ...

@Benjamin Yeah, but I say we won't get many.
We'll certainly get some, like we do on Sci Fi.
@Randal'Thor I think he's renamed since though.
@Emrakul yeah, I still think he's mostly just trolling everybody :P
@Randal'Thor Speaking of, someone ought to invite Jimmy/Darth Melkor to Literature.
the author I mean
11:23 PM
@b_jonas True.
@DVK-in-Florida jimmy?
@Riker That was his user ID iirc, before he got assigned his Sith name
And you know how people ship basically any two characters in Harry Potter or MLP:FiM.
Whether it makes sense or not.
@Riker I almost want to believe that, just because it would be funnier :P
Plus they often ship non-characters too.
11:25 PM
@DVK-in-Florida ah okay
@Emrakul lol
@b_jonas Yeah, but sometimes that can lead to interesting analysis.
@b_jonas Jimmy Shelter -> Darth Satan -> Darth Melkor -> nothing.
@b_jonas I was once informed about a fanfic shipping a great squid and Dumbledore's chair. At that point, I realized people just treat HP fanfic as a homework in combinatorics.
@DVK-in-Florida Oh, good idea! Do we have any way of contacting him?
@Randal'Thor I am pretty sure he still has accounts on non-SFF sites.
11:26 PM
@b_jonas Is there sexual tension between Old Major and Napolean in Animal Farm?
@DVK-in-Florida o_o
@DVK-in-Florida Combinatorics in which we must list all options.
In other words, HP fanfiction is ontopic on Math.SE
@DVK-in-Florida Would you actually ask that question?
@DVK-in-Florida A fully connected graph, or something?
11:29 PM
@Benjamin Nyah. I seriously doubt it'd stay unclosed for longer than 5 minutes, probably deservedly. There's an outside chance of scoring an HNQ, but not likely.
I never learned much combinatorics. @b_jonas is the man for this.
@Randal'Thor Combinatorics is okay. Graph Theory or Set Theory for this would be great fun!
Am I the only one who evaluates HP fanfics on the basis of how well the explain how Arithmancy works?
Q: Why would Harry and Ron go for human females?

user931From Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: ‘And now, without further ado, allow me to introduce …the Bulgarian Team Mascots!’ The right-hand side of the stands, which was a solid block of scarlet, roared its approval. ‘I wonder what they’ve brought?’said Mr Weasley, leaning forwards ...

11:31 PM
@DVK-in-Florida Not really.
^ A Recent shipping question
And then of course people argue about which ship is the best. Not rationally, or in any way based on the canon, but only like you argue about which sports team is the best.
@DVK-in-Florida probably not but I don't know anybody else who does
I'm not immune to this either.
@b_jonas w-what, oh my god.
11:36 PM
@Emrakul heher
Veela aren't nearly close to the craziest things shipped
@b_jonas What are?
@Benjamin Abstract ideas, I think.
@b_jonas So, why didn't Ron ask out Fermat's Last Theorem?
13 mins ago, by DVK-in-Florida
@b_jonas I was once informed about a fanfic shipping a great squid and Dumbledore's chair. At that point, I realized people just treat HP fanfic as a homework in combinatorics.
@b_jonas Oooh! Now, i'm challenged. I want to write an on-topic SE question on which ship is the best, that will stay open.
11:39 PM
@Randal'Thor I saw that.
@DVK-in-Florida I think there's already one
That's a lot crazier than Veela.
@DVK-in-Florida scifi.stackexchange.com/q/133277/4918 "Why didn't Harry Potter marry Hermione?" is open for months
I have a great author question for after the rep cap reset.
hey rincewind has an account here
11:40 PM
Q: Why has this Animal Farm question been reopened?

ValorumThis question about Animal Farm has just been reopened by site moderator Rand al'Thor. It was closed in 2015 as off-topic due to 'not being about science fiction or fantasy' in line with the accepted policy about Animal Farm not being on topic. Why has it been reopened?

Oh no, it got closed and then reopened, sorry
@b_jonas That's asking about specific ship. No challenge. I meant "which ship is the best?" as a question
@DVK-in-Florida Wait what? Really?
> It would have been awkward, especially with her being in love with Ron. — Valorum Jun 29 '16 at 7:54
And you don't mean some sort of pun where you're asking about water vehicle ships, right?
11:41 PM
@Randal'Thor @valorum clearly is not well versed in fanfiction
@b_jonas Nope. fanfic pair relationship ships
Yes, you can take that as a challenge. I don't see how you'll be able to pull that off.
@b_jonas Me neither, yet.
@Randal'Thor looks like I lost a good bit of my lead over you in rep yesterday, with being gone 90% of the day
@DVK-in-Florida Then he's lucky.
@Riker Differences in rep under 20k are easy to make up
11:43 PM
@DVK-in-Florida Says the guy with, what, 800k network-wide?
399k with hidden accounts
@DVK-in-Florida hehe
(from chat profile)
@Randal'Thor I donno, I ran across fanfics that were, imho, superior to some of JKR's own books, in many ways.
11:44 PM
@DVK-in-Florida More than one?
@b_jonas Yep. Mind you, it's easy for me because I deliberately concentrate on novel length fics when trying to find new ones, which is where quality usually is found.
I see.
But it's hard to find fanfics that are better than the original, because people usually write fanfics when they already like the original source.
@b_jonas Hard. But nowehere near impossible, unless the original is already of uber-high quality (and imho, JKR is nowhere near that)
Well sure. JKR has a lot of shortcomings. As always, it's worth to read it by concentrating on the good side.
And, you know, one of the reasons why it's worth to participate in a good community about fiction works is that other people can often highlight good points of a work, and if you listen to their words and then possibly re-read or rewatch the work after that, you can enjoy the work better.
This isn't the only reason why I like Sci Fi SE, but it's certainly part of it.
Fiction becomes better when someone else explains why they liked it.
@DVK-in-Florida I bet there's no good LotR fanfic.
Although ... see the end of this question:
Q: What did Aragorn do with his sword between the battles of Pelennor Fields and Morannon?

Wad CheberAfter the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, Aragorn draws his sword Andúril and says: "You shall not be sheathed again until the last battle is fought." The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King, Book V, Chapter 9: "The Last Debate" The date is March 15; the "last battle" he has in mind...

11:53 PM
@Randal'Thor How about most high fantasy literature from the 20th century?
How would we feel if an author chose to join to answer questions about their books?
@Randal'Thor "The Last Ring-Bearer" is amazing
@Benjamin We have a meta question related to that. It's happened a few times on Sci Fi.
@Benjamin I would say, YES EFFING PLEASE.
Q: Have we had ANY professionals participate in SFF?

DVK-in-FloridaAre/were there any SFF professionals (writers, or movie people) who posted on this site? By professional, I mean someone who did a paid job involved with producing SFF content.

@DVK-in-Florida Oh ... true. That's on my to-read list.
11:55 PM
@Benjamin Happy.
@Benjamin I would be glad to have an expert, but treat their answer with the same skepticism I apply to everyone.
@Benjamin ^ It's about authors joining about any topic, but in the answers you'll find some where an author joined about his own work. (Though sometimes it's hard to identify them for sure.)
Do we have a version on Literature?
@Randal'Thor Bump it. :)
@Benjamin Not yet. The site's only 4 days old; I doubt we've had any professionals yet.
It would also be a lot less likely to happen on Literature, since we have far more questions about works whose authors are dead.
11:57 PM
@Emrakul You would treat the answer to a question about the intent of a work by the author of the work with the same skepticism as you apply to others.
@Randal'Thor Tolkien would find a way.
@Benjamin We chatted about this last night, and how authorial quotes aren't always necessarily the best source to use for literary analysis.
Have you seen the kind of nonsense JK Rowling comes out with these days?
@Benjamin Yeah. I mean, it depends on the question. "Did the author write about what they were trying to say?" would be a question I'd trust the author completely on. "What does this mean?" maybe, not so much.
@Randal'Thor No, not really.
@Emrakul Okay, I can agree with that.
Although "What did the author mean to say?" is a different question from "Does the work say what the author meant to say?"

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