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12:01 AM
Ah, no, I would need 10k reps.
You can see it.
Q: Term for an argument that is only valid because of another view that the person you're arguing against holds, that you disagree with

Dr. ShmuelCouldn't think of a better title. But this is is the gist: an argument that is only valid because of another view that the person you're arguing against holds, that you disagree with. You said cats are no. I say dogs are no. But don’t even try and tell me cats are yes because you already said ...

It turns out it wasn't deleted, just asked by someone else.
Inspired by me, which is why I thought it was my question.
Maybe one of our Literature experts can come up with such a term.
I'm not a native speaker of English and I don't know if logic handbooks have a term for that.
Anyway, I need to go to bed before @bobble finds out that I'm still hanging out here.
tiptoes away
sneaks a sleep spell 'round the corner
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3:04 AM
Q: Period book, need to find link between Anna and Amber

sibDoing some research for school. I have been asked the question what is the link between the name Anna and Amber? The clue that I've been given is it has something to do with period literature. Possibilities can be, both Anna and Amber are characters in a period book. Or it could be a book written...

3:14 AM
My current editing project is adding to questions that need it, using the search title -[title] -[identification-request] is:q
3:30 AM
Q: Who are the The Sixteen Sexophonists in Brave New World?

JR_SchoolIn Brave New World, sky - signs feature a name of a band(?) called The Sixteen Sexophonists. Is the word Sexophonists a play on words by the author, and if so, what is the joke?

@Bookworm play on "saxophonists" in a world obsessed with sex. Though I can't answer as I don't have access to anything to quote to back-up
4:20 AM
Q: What does “Háni" and : “Sons éso tse-ná.” mean in Brave New World?

Noaki SatoI know this sounds unreal, but I just wanted to know if there is an actual meaning behind this two phrases, as I am curious in how John the Savage curses Arch-Community Songster.

@Bookworm "guess what I'm thinking" puzzle, VTC as Needs Details or Clarity
@Bookworm had two questions; I removed the non-title one
5:02 AM
@bobble thought I probably should've done a custom but too lazy
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6:06 AM
@bobble That's OK, I'll migrate it to Puzzling :-P
@Alex That could probably be asked on Philosophy too. Maybe they'd know technical argument terms better than the ELU folks.
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7:15 AM
Is Spagirl:
a. a young woman (or pre-woman) associated with a resort or hot spring (spa + girl)
b. someone who is pasta offline (spag + IRL)
or some combination of the two? Inquiring minds want to know
7:31 AM
in English Language & Usage: Multi-Layered Discourse Room, Jun 20 '17 at 13:27, by Spagirl
@Færd The Spa water my handle references is, unfortunately, sulphurous. http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Strathpeffer
@Mithical ah. Thanks.
8:08 AM
Q: Does Aldonza Lorenzo appear as a real character in Don Quixote?

TransparentBlueI just finished Don Quixote and I'm confused about the status of "Aldonza Lorenzo" the peasant. Obviously, "Dulcinea of Toboso" is a figment of Don Quixote's imagination, but insofar as she is supposed to be a fantasy version of Aldonza Lorenzo, does she even exist as well, and does she ever appe...

8:33 AM
Q: What is the meaning when asking about the striking areas and qualities for improvement

Fatima_AliI have faced a question during my application for Master program, in the section of Personal evaluation of the applicant, as: "what are the most striking qualities and areas for improvement? It's required to fill in the qualities and areas separately. As I know, the areas for improvement should ...

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1:19 PM
@verbose I forgot to say that I have edited the tag wiki excerpt for to remove part of the description that we have in the excerpt for .
2 hours later…
2:53 PM
Mar 17 at 14:53, by Rand al'Thor
@Tsundoku Nice. Now there's probably some retagging to do :-)
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4:08 PM
Q: Where is Thisby in The Scorpio Races?

Rand al'ThorThe Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater is a novel set in Thisby, a fictional island whose main town is called Skarmouth. The whole thing has a very Scottish or Irish feel, and the phrase capaill uisce (the bloodthirsty water horses) sounds very Gaelic. But, aside from the feel of the setting that...

1) does anyone here read any of the Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson) books? 2) is there a name for the shared universe between the boks?
it's uh.... quiet in here
Oh yes I do!
Gods I love those books
I should really read them <-- I say this about all books
do you have an answer to #2?
I don't see any name on the fan wiki
Q: In what order should Rick Riordan's mythological series be read to make the most sense, and what is the chronological order?

BenjaminAs established in this question, all of Rick Riordan's mythological series take place in a single universe. I have not read any of his books, but this gave me a question. If I were to read the books it would be my first time reading them and I would intend to read all of the books at once. In wha...

there's our reading-order question
@bobble we're trying to coin a tag over in sci-fi chat
4:15 PM
RE: this chat being quiet. We have people at work and school as of now (technically I'm supposed to be concentrating on school) and this is just a smaller site in general
There is activity, just not huge bursts every day
@bobble I can dig that
an' in comes a mod
I'm pretty sure we wouldn't want an style tag
Here on Lit we have series tags (or work tags if no series) and author tags that are nicely unambiguous. :D
the issue comes when the author writes outside of that universe
for instance, jk.rowling, harry potter, beedle the bard, cormorant series
4:19 PM
For books that aren't in any specific series or fictional universe, we have tags for book titles. Which is why we have such a high tags-to-questions ratio.
you want to group 2 and 3, but doing so by 1 includes 4 by default
But tagging policies differ between Lit SE and SFF SE (as far as I know).
true, just curious how you solved the problem over here
So we have a tag for and one for , which are two different series.
I think you made a mistake in typing...
'cause those are the same
4:23 PM
We don't talk so much about what the internal logic and background story in a fictional work is like, since that is not a very literary kind of discussion.
We also use language tags. And this information is in the tag excerpts:
> For questions about The Neverending Story (Die unendliche Geschichte), a 1979 fantasy novel by Michael Ende originally written in German. Use with the [michael-ende] and [german-literature] tags.
> Use this tag for questions about the series of 22 novels by the late Brian Jacques set in the world of Redwall. Note that this tag does NOT refer specifically either to the location Redwall or to the first book in the series, entitled "Redwall". Use in conjunction with [brian-jacques].
^ example of a series tag,
And we don't have a single empty tag wiki excerpt. beats chest
Oh hi @AncientSwordRage! Fancy seeing you here.
@Tsundoku We have two
@Randal'Thor I've been rumbled by the moonlighter
4:25 PM
Blame Rand
@Randal'Thor want to hop over to sci-fi to talk about our tags?
@AncientSwordRage Try pinging Mith (either in Restaurant or here) - top poster in Riordan-related stuff on both sites, I think.
@Randal'Thor Mith has been pinged I believe
Oh, Jen already pinged Mith. Never mind then.
4:28 PM
this is more tag policy
@bobble Done.
I've read the original Percy Jackson pentalogy (mehhh), not any of the continuation/expanded-universe/cash-in stuff.
Author tags are a major tagging-policy difference between Lit and SFF. Here on Lit we use author tags for everything, but on SFF we generally only use author tags for questions specifically about the author rather than their works.
So works here, but something like might be a more SFF-style tag. (I have no idea if that word is actually used in the fandom though.)
@Randal'Thor I think the distinction works well, because we don't 'just' do books on Sci-Fi
A Wild Mithical appeared
@AncientSwordRage Right, there's no author tag for say Star Wars or Star Trek.
I use 'just' in quotes a non-pejorative sense, in case my internet-tone was off
4:31 PM
(Although I think we do have Lucas and Roddenberry tags on SFF, but the franchises have become much bigger than those guys.)
@Randal'Thor exactly
2 hours later…
6:16 PM
> Please add specific tags as well: for the author (if known), the language (if not English), and either the work itself (if long) or the [poetry] or [short-stories]
Is this bit of the excerpt needed?
@bobble Hmm, that bit was added by a mod whose name sounds like a South-African coin.
6:40 PM
Q: Meaning of "he used it to knit meaning into the mess of everything"

Viser HashemiThis passage is from the children's bach by by Helen Garner Had Dexter and Elizabeth thought of each other during this time? Of course they had, Dexter more than Elizabeth, not because of any imbalance of affection, but because Dexter was mad about the past. He believed in it, it sustained him, ...

2 hours later…
8:15 PM
@AncientSwordRage Isn't Beedle the Bard considered in-universe for Henry Porter? Rowling does have one book that isn't AFAIK part of any series: The Casual Vacancy
Oh I see, you're saying you do want Beedle included in that 'verse (I just saw your next message)
@verbose yup! Tags and set theory... My favourite!
8:40 PM
@Randal'Thor Just curious to know about your progress on your to-do list for that new close reason. Or is it fine if I write up a meta post one of the coming days?
@Tsundoku He was just improving an edit by an elven visitor adding that kind of info.
Q: Why was "a world" used in this sentence of Melville?

Jerzy BrzóskaI cannot make much sense of a world in the following passage from Moby-Dick: There’s your law of precedents; there’s your utility of traditions; there’s the story of your obstinate survival of old beliefs never bottomed on the earth, and now not even hovering in the air! There’s orthodoxy! Thus,...

@AncientSwordRage You'll love this then.
Hmm, I wonder if someone with some coding-fu could make a pretty picture like that for Literature.
@Tsundoku I'm trying to get through things in a careful order of progression: finish writing new audience-specific texts for SFF's custom close reasons (it's a learning curve for me), then do the same for Lit's existing custom close reason, then start a meta on the proposed new custom close reason.
An order of progression whose speed is limited by the fact that too many similar active/featured meta posts at the same time will give people meta fatigue and they won't vote on them.
@Randal'Thor Yes, I have also wrangled a bit with those fields, but on LLSE, nobody is interested in creating a new custom close reason.
@Randal'Thor There are online tools to generate word clouds, e.g. TagCrowd. So it's a matter of extracting those tags and pasting them into several such tools, then check which one generates the nicest output.
9:01 PM
@Randal'Thor probably best to limit any potential picture to tags with >=5-15 uses, because we 'ave an 'eckin lot-o single-use tags
@bobble good point but maybe anything where use ≥ 2 (or > 1) would work?
I guess we'll have to test several threshold and several tools.
also, the best translation I've ever come across for the allegedly untranslatable Old English exclamation "Hwæt!" that opens the poem is "Yo!"
Is "Hwæt!" really that informal?
9:16 PM
Well, Maria Dahvana Headley translates it as "Bro!", so ...
Seamus Heaney as "So."
@Randal'Thor ahhh that takes me back
> Stephen Mitchell avoided picking any single word, apparently in response to new linguistic research arguing that “hwæt” was not an interjection but, rather, imparted an exclamatory tone to the entire sentence.
"Yo" does the same, no?
tags running into each other on the starboard for anyone else?
@Tsundoku I didn't know Beowulf sold propane and propane accessories
bahaha @verbose nice comment
(re Pyramus)
9:24 PM
@Randal'Thor though technically the lady is named Thisbe, not Thisby
@AncientSwordRage okay that comment sailed clear over my head. Clue?
9:44 PM
Does The Shepheardes Calender deserve a tag?
@verbose Hank Hill is known for saying Hhhhwhat
@AncientSwordRage ah. Thanks!
@Tsundoku Yes. It's long enough. (And a major landmark in the history of English literature.)
10:01 PM
hehe Tsundoku now there's another empty tag excerpt
you can never win
Q: Political Allegory in Shepheardes Calendar

Busstop BoxerIn Edmund Spenser's The Shepheard's Calendar, which political allegory seems more appropriate in May Eclogue's Fox and Kid fable? According to Mary Parmenter, the Fox is Esme Stuart, Duke of Aubigny, the Goat is Elisabeth I and the Kid is James VI & I. McLane follows the analogy with a key deviat...

10:28 PM
Q: What meter are "I lik the bred" poems in?

PureferretI'm trying to determine the meter of "i lik the bred" poems: "i lik the bred" is a series of short poems about a domesticated cow written by British author Sam Garland,[8] better known by his Reddit handle Poem_for_your_sprog The original poem my name is Cow, and wen its nite, or wen the moon ...

10:47 PM
@Bookworm Gross. I can never look at my bread the same again.
11:32 PM
I'm confused why my "three-part moon" question is so darn popular on the HNQ
People looking at the Hot Network Questions list probably think it’s an astronomy question.

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