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12:05 AM
@AJHenderson Are you following that discussion in the comments? The guy is the embodiment of everything I hate about Microsoft - incompetence, irrelevancy, unjustifiable self-pride, and lack of vision.
@TildalWave Hence why he's a Microsoft fan.
@D3C4FF well dunno for others but I'm for my second time in hairs with some MS dude
12:33 AM
@TildalWave With due respect, I think descending into ad hominem accusations is probably going a bit far.
The man has 230K rep on SO. Of course he's going to get votes anywhere he posts on the SE network.
The fact that he's an outsider on Sec.SE aside, he's well known and very well respected in the developer community at large, and has been for many years.
If you want to take issue with his answer, I don't have any problem with that, but claiming that he's voting for himself is a serious accusation.
@Xander Noted. Still, OP just explained to him in the comments how his answer is (for the most part) irrelevant to his question. I think that nails it down fair and square. My accusations aside, the guy is still way over his head and he didn't consider not for a split second I might be trying to help him get the answer on track, and make it more relevant.
It is and will be, after all, the most read answer in that thread. The way it reads now - that's rather unfortunate.
@TildalWave Sure, and again, I think taking issue with the answer is fine.
Oh, and the question is being pounded with more ridiculous answers, of course. MD5 for string evaluation purposes, anyone? :)
OK now let's see where the best answer so far lands:
A: Why is blog spam always written so badly?

AbsoluteƵERØspamdexing I've been getting a few of the first one on my blog. While it looks harmless, they're actually spamdexing (a little bit of "black hat seo") by trying to associate their user account (and website links by extension) with the keywords in the blog. When you click on the link it counts as...

that +1 it currently has is from me
12:54 AM
@TildalWave And me. :-) I don't think it's that much better than Eric's answer though. It's still a single potential reason that's plausible, and probably true in at least some cases, but not backed up by any sort of research.
@Xander We likely won't see a complete answer, because it's all based on speculation until someone actually waterboards the script kiddie responsible for these exact spam messages OP posted as an example. But, so far, it gives the most plausible explanation IMO. I'm fairly confident the explanation I gave is widely used, but I always suspected there's more to it (besides also avoiding spam filters, which was described as a possible reason before)
Problem with me is, that I'm really not that versed in Wordpress and other ready-made blog interfaces, because I roll my own for such needs (blog is fairly simple matter actually, if you already have well developed framework and CMS). I've seen them, I've been following a few other discussions about them, but I've never had to deal with them inside a less than ideal tool to do the job.
@TildalWave Wut? 'Im for my second time in hairs with some MS dude'?
Makes no sense
@TildalWave I for one offer my waterboarding script kiddie sevices
@D3C4FF hehe... probably, but you still extracted the intended meaning, or are translation services in order? :P
1:33 AM
@TildalWave Translation required
@D3C4FF oh... well dunno obviously it's not immediately apparent to English speakers, but in my language "being in one's hair" would be a polite translation for bitch fight (you know, pulling each other's hair out and similar)... and MS = Microsoft ;)
We have the same expression in German
Still the English sounds confusing
@copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste
@TildalWave Ah. Yep. That expression is not recognised by me.
"Being in ones hair" is something of a reference to being bothered by someone i think, but its not used often
1:50 AM
@D3C4FF that would work also then :)
@D3C4FF so, what are you up to today?
2:21 AM
@copy So you're German, eh. You must be the dude who made the AMA about being a botnet owner then.
Am I the first German here?
Also you must be Canadian, because you're using eh
@copy It doesn't change the fact that it is you!
@copy Hell no! Whistles
Hell no, eh!
@copy sssshhhhhhh
2:42 AM
@copy hahahah
@TildalWave "pre-sales" meetings :P And setting up GPG for my email accounts :P
@D3C4FF so extortion and blackmail all in a single day?!
2:59 AM
@TildalWave wow, never thought I'd actually disagree strongly with lipert on something
though the dude is kind of the shit when it comes to .Net
@AJHenderson a certain song by Ultravox comes to mind ;)
@TildalWave not sure which one
but overall, I respect Eric, though I still disagree on anti-spam as security. It's filtering
when it is forum spam, it becomes more grey I suppose
@AJHenderson ♫♪♫♫♪♫♪♫ ...it means nothing to me, this means nothing to me, oh Vienna. ♫♪♫♫♪♫♪♫
I'm not being overly proud or anything like that (frankly, I think my answer is lacking on a lot of points - I just didn't have any more than what I posted and you didn't already), it's just he's probably God in stuff I honestly don't and will probably never find any use for, so I'm Eric's deity status agnostic (read: impartial)... still, it's a good song :) :P
yeah, it also doesn't stop me from arguing with him a bit. SPAM isn't an exploit
which is part of his own definition
it's using the system as it is designed, just the content is unwanted
now if they start hacking around a captcha or some registration mechanism, NOW it becomes a big security issue
but if they are just doing what a normal user could, it's filtering, not security
@AJHenderson I've noticed what he said yes... and this exploting registrations is exactly where my answer comes from. Spamming on forums is not merely posting as unregistered, unprivileged user... and that obviously creates the need to prove exploitability by covert means, which is what these messages we were discussing could quite reasonably be (or some share of them at least). Why would we assume script kiddies have any spam worth posting and at the same time their user accounts deleted for it?
3:11 AM
We need to ban questions containing "NSA" or "PRISM".
@TerryChia that one is a dupe anyway ;)
To bypass a blacklist of a certain character, would converting to unicode work?
@Simon dunno, worth a try... where?
@TildalWave Well, it's in DVWA. It tests the String with a black listed array and replaces it with null.
"&&" and semicolon are blacklisted. I need one of them to pipe a command execution.
LOL, duh, piping. The character | works.
@TildalWave he's personally helped me with one or two things over on SO
since I'm a software architect working in .Net world, I tend to push the envelope a bit and go in to territory that literally just about nobody has gone
makes for some issues I run in to very hard to find, and since he basically wrote the expression system in .Net, I appreciate his insight on LINQ and Expressions
but that also doesn't mean I give him god like status in other areas :)
3:22 AM
@AJHenderson Software architect. Fancy title for a cat!
As much as I hate MS, I must say that LINQ is pretty cool.
@Simon LINQ is the best part of .NET
@TerryChia Sweet, that means I have no reason to study it if I've already seen the best of it.
@AJHenderson Look sure, I have nothing against him personally, frack I don't know the guy at all, but I disliked his handling of what was discussed there and some comments are not even worth replying to IMO... I realize I've needlessly suggested a few things here in DMZ, but that's DMZ and we kinda understand each other that sometimes some just need to let some steam off... fine with me when it's others too, as long as it's not on the Q&A... and his last comment to chill, it's just SO...
@Simon pretty cool when it works, a major pita when it is misbehaving
3:24 AM
@Simon Hehe. I really like C# as a language. Although my favorite language is still python.
it's getting better, but there are some really weird subtleties to it when you start dealing with generic cases
which is pretty much what my job is
I would challenge that EF and Expressions are actually the best part of .Net
@TerryChia C# was the first language I learned. Python looks so interesting, I really wanna get into it.
@Simon I like python because it's damn easy to script up something simple to automate task. It also has a huge amount of third party libraries available so many task simply boils down to importing the right libraries and calling it in the right places.
@TerryChia I've been wanting to code a brute-force lately, for shit and giggles. So, you're telling me that it wouldn't too hard to code it in Python?
oh yes, and the bain of my existence in C# is the lack of covariant returns
3:28 AM
@Simon Brute force of what?
ie, if you have a method in class Vehicle that returns Passenger you can't have a class Car that inherits from Vehicle have an overload of that same method return CarPassenger even if CarPassenger inherits from Passenger
@TerryChia Web-based.
@Simon Ahh, should be pretty simple. See: docs.python.org/2/library/httplib.html
@TerryChia Awesome, thanks.
Alright, time to go to bed, see ya everyone.
3:44 AM
horray, my Poweredge 2850 finally detects it's raid array in Windows 2012 install
I spent about two hours attempting to diagnose why my Tenable appliance upgrade wasn't going well, only to find out that, since Tuesday, they had released a hotfix that corrected the issues I was trying to diagnose. >_<
yeah, that sounds like the hour and a half I spent trying to figure out why the DVD wouldn't boot before realizing it was a CDROm drive
... oops
so I had to go out and buy a thumb drive because somehow, with all the gadgets I have, I never once bought a thumbdrive
probably because I've always been able to either put the files on my phone or just upload them to my server directly
@AJHenderson heh. i'm gonna grab me one of these when it comes out: amazon.com/Corsair-Flash-Voyager-Turbo-CMFGTT3-128GB/dp/…
nice, yeah, I have several high speed memory cards for my camera
and a USB3 card reader
they fly
ut oh, my install took a tumble
4:00 AM
@AJHenderson I've done that before. This was more annoying to me because it was during a scheduled change and a sysadmin wasn't available to actually click the 'Start' button on the vm after I power cycled it.
@ScottPack ouch
Frustration Station
it's certainly been an interesting experience. It's my first time actually working with a high end server
even if it is an old high end server
I spent about an hour and a half just looking through all the different bios and firmware screens
there's atleast 5 or 6 of them on this one
Yeah, there's a few of them. Have you looked into OpenManage yet?
It's the hardware management system for Dell. It's a webapp that lets you do things like monitor the raid controller, network interfaces, etc. It's worth looking into as well.
Score! As soon as the job runs I'll get Copy Editor on SF.
actually, anyone have any good recommendations for a cheap gigabit switch
I'm out of network jacks
I'm using two routers running DD-WRT but have no ports left
For unmanaged I've had good luck with d-link and trendnet.
I suppose it really depends on your definition of "cheap".
4:32 AM
I'm gonna try TP-LINK it looks like
they have good reviews and can get a 24 port for $106
As I recall TP-Link is the generic D-Link
it does look like it
they are 5 stars on newegg and 4.5+stars on amazon
so seem pretty safe
particularly since it will be interior facing
Oy vey. It smells like bedtime.
2 hours later…
6:36 AM
haven't read through the whole transcript yet, but I simply must make some comments here.
First of all - I too upvoted Eric's answer. Not (just) because he's a demigod, it happens to be a damn good answer - don't know why you're so dismayed by it.
(though perhaps it was about a previous version...)
btw, he was a demigod long before he joined Stack Overflow - when he did, his rep skyrocketed. I would bet his graph was even steeper than JonSkeet's.
and he's not "a microsoft fan" - the dude was damn near well Microsoft himself.
In case you don't know, and for you edification, he's the incredibly smart guy behind the C# compiler.
and @TildalWave I think your repeated comments and personal attacks on him, were a bit over much.
I also find his need for sockpuppets incredibly doubtful. Besides, he has enough fans (many of them well earned) to upvote for him. For all you know, he tweeted his answer, or blogged it, and in come pouring his followers.
oops, I see @Xander already jumped in to the defense of the innocent...
anyway, all this baseless hatred bouncing around the room makes for very bad feng shui. Even if it is against MS.
7:35 AM
@ScottPack have you used Intel's vPro and associated services?
7:53 AM
@TildalWave @AJHenderson am I just being cranky, or does it seem like this answer to the spam question is itself the product of content spinning?
A: Why is blog spam always written so badly?

MarmiKIt can be said simply that you must be aware of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) IT has 2 types of techniques in major 1) Black Hat and 2) White Hat White hat do the genuine way or authentic work. but where black hat comes your problem starts, what they do is they have created number of user nam...

and of course:
1 hour later…
9:05 AM
I received an email this morning from a friend, he runs a small company that has some nice web tech. For the first time they have hired an in-house developer. The email stated that this new developer wanted to move their entire system (currently Python) over to PHP, I told them to fire him.
Too harsh?
2 hours later…
10:36 AM
@lynks Yes. You evol evol man!
@lynks But did they mention why?
@Adnan my answer was more like "if they only know php, and that is the reason they want to switch to it, then they are willfully giving poor advice"
@lynks In that case, I, 100%, agree with you.
@lynks But I'd really like to know his reasons. I probably won't agree, but I'm curious.
10:53 AM
@lynks not at all, I think you weren't harsh enough.
They should sue him for malpractice and misrepresentation, too.
@Adnan Sure, if he has good reasons, it might be worth discussing. But if he had good reasoning, he wouldnt be on PHP.
very often there is the antipattern of a new developer coming in, and saying "let's rewrite everything in something else!"
to be clear, if it was on PHP and he said move to Python, without giving reasons, it would be just as bad.
well, almost as bad.
11:05 AM
@lynks No. Not harsh enough.
11:17 AM
@AviD God damn it! I was reading the first sentence with a smile on my face "what the hell is wrong with Avi today?" and then I got to the but. "Yup, that's him"
@Adnan hehe, didnt want to disappoint you...
@phyzome I believe your second solution is the best. Asking for the user's confirmation sounds like a good idea. The only down side I can see is it adds a bit of inconvenience.
@phyzome Another solution (which we currently have in our single Sign-On solution) is give the user the option to configure the services which are allowed to access his info. So only for the first time you need to ask the user before the redirection, later you don't have to do that for the same user && the same service.
Did any you fellas notice that the faq page is gone? Instead there is a shiny new [Help] page.
@AviD Yeah, I think @Terry mentioned it a while ago.
hmm. [help] doesn't work, but faq still does...
11:29 AM
I kind of like it
morning all
@phyzome Disabling framing does seem to help, but it won't help in the case of sending a shortened URL.
@AndyMac Morning, Andy!
@Adnan Morning back!
I'm kinda curious about that guy's secure email architecture question
I was thinking a little about it last week with the whole Prism stuff / don't know how to secure the standard header bits though
of course there's tons of bits of it i don't understand but anyway...
I'd definitely decentralise all the encryption tho'
also this:
Q: Closing changes: [on hold], unclear, too broad, opinion-based, off-topic reasons, bye-bye to Too Localized

JaydlesAfter a ton of discussion, work and input from the community, we're rolling out the remainder of major closing changes that you've helped us design, as discussed in these prior posts. They're live on Meta today, and will likely roll out to the rest of the network sometime next week. The clos...

11:54 AM
So NARQ is being replace by UWYA, TB and POB. I can see how that will help. :-P
right, but we'll still call them all S&M
Let the feds know loud and clear how you feel: open a text document and type the words "screw the NSA!"
The guys in The Bridge are really touchy.
You know, the best thing about the obscene number of flags generated by The Bridge is that we can blindly click "Invalid" without worrying about whether or not they're actually legitimate.
@AviD I actually haven't. I've only seen that in desktop grade Dells
12:40 PM
@Ladadadada Link link link!
1:04 PM
> Update: NSA running around with their hair on fire running damage control and digging up this old thread 8 months later to cast dispersions on the idea because they realise if everyone starts using OTPs and not their weak AES algorithm then their PRISM programme is worthless. zuallauz on crypto.SE
@CodesInChaos Where is this from?
@Adnan It was just them flagging random stuff, probably because they disagreed with it rather than it actually being offensive.
@CodesInChaos Hahaha! Hilarious
Oh, is there a reason why CSPRNGs aren't sufficient for OTPs?
> OK. This is where it starts to go downhill. First, you need to generate completely random pads. These can't be pseudo-random! Random only.
@AviD yeah, it is more that he gets rep because of who he is. People follow his user account and read everything he posts
which really, for how popular he is, it isn't surprising that 20 or so people in the world follow his every word
1:12 PM
@TerryChia Because CSPRNGs are essentially stream ciphers. So the security of the OTP degenerates from provably secure to the strength of the stream cipher. That way you get all the annoyances of an OTP without its one advantage.
@CodesInChaos Ahh roger.
@AviD maybe, but I don't think so. It does sound very me tooish, but I think it's probably someone from SO brought over by the train that decided to try to say what they could without knowing that much about it.
@TerryChia better yet, start talking about your gay fantasies about the people at the NSA. Pretty soon, they won't want to open your stuff
@AJHenderson ... or english.
@AJHenderson you're making assumptions again.
@AJHenderson If your assumptions are wrong it could make for a very uncomfortable interrogation.
Morning ladies & gents!
1:18 PM
best code ever: if(foo == true) { return true; } else { return false; }
@lynks classic
Those brackets are also very necessary.
So is the else
@TerryChia haha
So is the == true
and the if
1:20 PM
@TerryChia what, it would just be like going to a village people concert
ok, actually, I guess I see your point now
@TerryChia yeah, thats what happens when you assume.
@AviD you make an ass open to you and me?
@lynks there is a missing condition there.
@lynks clearly it should be rewritten as foo?true:false;
@lynks I think I wrote something like that 5 years ago.
1:23 PM
@AJHenderson Clearly, haha.
I'm just a gonna drop this in here and let it speak for itself.
if(foo == true) { return true; } else if (foo == false) { return false; } else { return FILE_NOT_FOUND; }
@AviD Isn't that making an assumption that foo is a file? You know what they say about assumptions...
@TerryChia ah no, it was a classic TDWTF post...
@AviD I have no idea what that acronym stands for. :(
1:29 PM
The Daily WTF
@AviD Dammit! I don't need another distraction right now.
@TerryChia this one is educational.
@AviD In sh you can just do a [ -e "${FILE}" ] to determine if the file exists.
Clearly sh is better.
@ScottPack I think you guys are all confused.
1:32 PM
@ScottPack That syntax gave me a headache.
why would you think this code has anything to do with files?
I'm not confused at all, I'm just not reading the transcript.
FILE_NOT_FOUND is obviously just a placeholder for the third boolean value.
I thought that was your face
1:37 PM
Has anyone ever beg @ScottPack to talk dirty to him? 'Cause that's like my wildest dream at the moment.
@Simon I'm not aware of such a request.
They're usually not required, anyway. Eventually everyone will be spoken dirty at if not spoken dirty to.
@AviD This makes me think that you're as old as @RoryA.
@ScottPack The second option is way better though.
@AviD maybe they are afraid of bool?
1:43 PM
and by bool? I mean "bool?" the version of bool that can be null
@Simon ha! not quite, but almost... yeah, I used to listen to that stuff in highschool. @Rory was already in uni when they were around.
@Simon No one is as old as @RoryA.
@AviD Damn, he's so old, it's unbelievable!
1:45 PM
@TerryChia @Rory is so old, he sat behind Moses in 3rd grade.
@TerryChia @Rory is so old, he waited tables at the Last Supper.
@AviD There you go with the ambiguous @Rory-ing.
@AviD I thought he came out of retirement to wait tables at the last supper
@TerryChia @Rory is so old, his birth certificate says: "Expired".
@TerryChia Does he hold a Guinness record for being old?
@TerryChia @Rory is so old, Prometheus stole fire from him.
1:47 PM
@AviD You listened to Poison in high school? Adorable. I remember them vaguely as the old fogey band when I was in high school.
@Simon No, they could not record his age as it led to an integer overflow.
@ScottPack lol
@TerryChia I laughed, way to make me look crazy at work.
@Simon I think he prefers to just hold a Guinness.
Holy crap! It's nearly RoryDay!
1:48 PM
@TerryChia @Rory is so old, he is the reason they invented BigInts.
@AviD Hey, you're not that much older than me.
@AviD You should add those to the meme question.
@AviD No, that happened when they measured my...
@Iszi I wasn't going to say anything but you are looking a little rounder...
@Iszi nicely done.
1:49 PM
@Iszi Your nose? This would be awkward if you really have a big nose.
@RoryA is so old, The Doctor's first trip was as @RoryA's last companion.
@AviD Wait... couldn't that mean that he's actually not old - perhaps not even born yet?
@Iszi hmm. Damn timey wimey wibbly wobbly paradoxes.
@AviD So here I am sitting here wondering what all those pinging sounds are, only to find out it's @AviD ambiguously Rory'ing again!
you'll not get him today though
1:56 PM
he's off to the Download festival for the weekend
awesome sounding lineup if you like heavy metal
We should ping the crap out of him just for giggles then. I wonder what the maximum is for the ping counter?
@AviD I don't get it
@Iszi @RoryAlsop lets find out!
@Adnan that's what she said!
2:05 PM
Q: e71 mobile phone pls help

gfhjI'm using E71 device, yesterday i heard about new firmware available for my phone. I had backed up my phone with Memory card encrypted with stored key file. After update new firmware successfully i go check memonry card enter password correctly open encyption function to store but my phone keep s...

Off-topic, right?
@Simon yep. Also NaRQ, TL... probably dupe too. Take your pick.
@Adnan Yeah, we need to fix that.
2:23 PM
Fuck my government's attitude.
@JeffFerland Towards?
@Adnan Everybody.
@JeffFerland What's the context?
The recent NSA stuff?
*Our elected representatives at the federal level have argued that, "... applying the Constitution on U.S. soil amounted to a free pass to people bent on trying to destroy the country."

... and fuck markdown too
@JeffFerland Just the person I wanted to see. What's the friggin point of FB introducing hashtags eh? ;)
2:27 PM
@TerryChia #dontgiveafuck
@JeffFerland What the actual fuck?!
Probably because it lets people search for #cute #puppy #photos. Banal as they are sometimes, it does move us more towards stepping on Twitter and allowing people to promote themselves publicly.
@Adnan It's like half of Congress just went, "That bit where we all swear to uphold the Constitution when we're sworn into office? I had my fingers crossed."
@JeffFerland I know I might get some heat for this, but I find it disgusting that the constitution is taken so selectively.
@Adnan I agree
It's like the gun bits are American and everything else Sharia Law
2:44 PM
@JeffFerland oh my
ehh, what do we need courts for
they just cause trouble
it's not like we should actually have to support why we put someone in jail or anything
though for once I'm actually proud to see that multiple representatives from NY were backing the amendment to make it so we couldn't do it on both sides. It isn't often I actually approve of what my states representatives are backing.
but that is tremendously depressing news
@Adnan I'm actually on the conservative end of the spectrum in a lot of ways (though probably moderate overall) and I also agree with that. I think it's pretty much bipartisan to only apply the constitution where it suits their needs.
it's more like suggestion these days
@AviD So I think content spinning is one of the major reasons, but I think there are several others, including forms of fuzzing and regurgitating web scrapings. All designed to either get around spam filters, or attempt to dumb down bayesian filters by trying to confuse them with ham-like spam.
@AJHenderson Couldn't agree more!
TLDR: I fuckin took the time to write a few paragraphs, read that shit.
I should change all my TL;DR: sections to that.
I'm sure it's a can of worms, but take for example gay marriage. Personally, I hate the way conservatives have approached it. Personally, I feel like marriage is a religious institution and the government has no business being involved at all, but as far as the legal sides of it (taxes, health care, etc) there is absolutely no reason there should be any difference if the couple is same gender, different gender, or even possibly more than 2 people.
and it actually annoys me to see conservatives fighting against equal protection under the law
even angers me
@JeffFerland You are a JEW fan too? :)
2:55 PM
because it's counter productive and wrong
@TerryChia yup
@TerryChia We're all fans of @AviD
@JeffFerland Awesome! What do you think of the new album? Have not had the time to go buy it yet.
(I will point out too that even before gay marriage was an issue, I was actually rather bothered by the fact I had to go to the government to get married.)
@Adnan I don't think @ScottPack is a major fan of the grumpy tigger. ;)
Then again, it's @ScottPack.
2:57 PM
@TerryChia ditto
Life has gone crazy fast again.
I'll probably just queue it up next week at work.
@AJHenderson +1
@JeffFerland I listened to it once when they were streaming it. I think I liked it almost as much as Clarity/Bleed American. Not a huge fan of Invented unfortunately. :(
@TerryChia I rather enjoy Avi, even though he is a coder.
3:15 PM
@AviD What attacks? You mean me being upset here where he wasn't? First, that's not personal then, and second, I did admit I was fairly cranky for what was going on with that question in general (not just his answer), I'm hardly the first one to care a bit too much. But there was no attack on anyone in the Q&A on my part, I was keeping my comments to contents, in fact - I didn't even have a clue who he is, and I still don't think that should actually matter.
It's people here that were constantly reminding me of who he was, and I find THAT the most disturbing part of it
Hey, would anyone here know if there's a fingerprint or serial number sent by the free Acunetix scanner that could be determined by the target site?
Someone scanned one of the sites I run and I was rather hoping Acunetix would disable his copy of it or something responsible like that.
@Ladadadada I don't know much about the free Acunetix scanner, but I would not generally expect any company to retain enough license control over their free software to be able to disable individual copies.
Even then, what's to stop the user from downloading and re-registering with another license?
Q: Someone from FB has been monitoring and manipulating my posts.

Tami LemmonI feel that someone (an employee maybe) from FB has been monitoring and manipulating my posts. Some are my personal opinions about our gov't and certain gov't agencies. I am no threat to anyone whatsoever. After hearing news reports about key words that appear that have caused certain people to b...

... What?
It's probably not "Someone from FB" as much as it is "Someone from the NSA".
@TerryChia The first sentence makes me not wanna read it.
3:26 PM
@TerryChia You forgot to end that sentence with "...Batman!".
@Iszi Yes, very likely on both points.
The good news is that my scripts detected and blocked him within the first 100 or so of his 50,000 requests.
The bad news is that one of my scripts went a little bit crazy on one of his requests and blocked everyone who visited after that.
@TerryChia Probably @JeffFerland.
@ScottPack What a jerk right?
@TerryChia He's probably secretly a coder.
@ScottPack Probably not a very good one as well considering how crappy and slow the FB site is.
3:29 PM
@Ladadadada Sounds like a successful DoS attack, then.
@Iszi Unintentional, but successful. I'm working on finding that bug now. :-)
God damn it, I need 125 rep already to downvote stupid posts like this.
@Simon which?
ah that
Yes, that :P
@Simon Done.
3:32 PM
@TerryChia LOL, thanks
Woohoo, downvoted.
@TerryChia Good man Terry.
Big time.
@Adnan I have done my share of rep-whoring in this room so I'm just paying it forward. ;)
For what it's worth, @Terry and @Simon, I upvoted the guy's comment.
He' 100% right.
Yes, his question was bad.
@Adnan Heh. I'm bored. That's true enough.
3:35 PM
But our response wasn't appropriate.
@TerryChia But to be honest, I really hate throwing "get a life" like that. Reminds me of American teenage girls. ugghh!
@Adnan Get a life!
Your comeback/statement/argument is completely ruined when you insert "get a life" in there.
@TerryChia I knew it! You're an American teenager.
@Simon Nevertheless, I agree with him. You guys weren't nice to him. The #1 rule here is to be nice
@Adnan Meh, true that.
Well, time for bed. Have a good day ladies.
@Simon "Meh" and "true that" is pretty american teenager-ish as well.
3:42 PM
@TerryChia Oh you, go to bed already.
8% battery remaining, charger is broken. Oops.
Looks like I can hold the charger in an awkward position and it charges, interesting.
@TerryChia Nightie night, princess.
3:57 PM
@AviD thank you. the incident restored my trust in the police/legal system
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