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4:07 PM
@helloworld Hello!
@BenBrocka How nice of them!
@Adnan So considerate
@GreenFly What had happened?
@ManishEarth I believe he's talking about this security.stackexchange.com/questions/37227/…
4:20 PM
@Adnan Yeah, that is interesting.
4:39 PM
@GreenFly it does work most of the time. The vast majority of people in law enforcement are well meaning people that want the best. The problem is making sure that the bad few don't ruin it for the rest (and all of us)
take the NSA metadata collection. It's an amazingly awesome tool that is super helpful to legit investigations
but the problem is how do you prevent one or two bad apples from abusing it
and if you don't protect against it, you risk a cultural shift that can make one or two turn in to many
there unfortunately aren't perfect answers
@AviD @JeffFerland @RoryAlsop Would one of you mind putting a hammer to this? I've got no clue why it's such a rep train. The comments thread is also TL;DR.
Q: Why is blog spam always written so badly?

LucasSome spam messages fresh from my Wordpress filter: Asking questions are in fact pleasant thing if you are not understanding something totally, except this article gives good understanding yet. and Thanks for any other informative blog. Where else may I am getting that kind of info...

Eric Lippert is why it is a rep train
he is a one man train engine
he's like an express locomotive with cars full of followers trailing behind him
Q: Requests to get personal information on Stackoverflow users from the US officials

DerfderI would like to ask the Stackoverflow representatives if they were asked to reveal some personal information on their users from the US officials or not. And if they were asked, if they provided the data or not. And if yes, do they provided the data to the officials from all websites under sta...

@ManishEarth My brain can't parse that at all.
Is he saying (s)he wants user data, data SE have (maybe) given the US, or data on US officials from SE?
4:53 PM
He wants to know if the US govt has ever asked SE to palm them some data
And if they complied
And I don't understand the third bit
@ManishEarth Since when is MSO not the place to go for official, public responses from SEI?
@random: "Breaking News! Stack Exchange releases vote fraud detection algorithms to the US government. Government uses it to get Chinese hackers question-banned, and gives its own programmers a boost." — Manishearth 4 mins ago
@Iszi MSO is for when the community can pitch in
@ManishEarth That sounds just like something random would say.
Only you're missing an ironic link with a mouseover. Although I think you can't do that in comments.
4:55 PM
Apparently things have changed since I was on MSO last. Since when did questions go "on hold"?
And why's there no waiting music, dammit?
Q: Closing changes: [on hold], unclear, too broad, opinion-based, off-topic reasons, bye-bye to Too Localized

JaydlesAfter a ton of discussion, work and input from the community, we're rolling out the remainder of major closing changes that you've helped us design, as discussed in these prior posts. They're live on Meta today, and will likely roll out to the rest of the network sometime next week. The clos...

@ManishEarth Oh they finally did that? That's amazing!
The three questions are:

1. Has U.S. gov't asked SEI to provide user data?
2. Has SEI provided any user data to the government in response to requests?
3. Is the data provided to U.S. gov't (if any) limited to certain SE sites, or does it encompass the whole SE network?
hmm, seems silly that they don't let a duplicate link to a question without answer
just because nobody has answered it doesn't mean it isn't the same question
4:58 PM
@Iszi I am hiring you as my gibberish translator now.Your pay: 10 rep per year.
@AJHenderson Mods can do it
If it really is a dupe, flag
For number 3, i.e.: If U.S. gov't requests info on me, are you only going to give them info regarding my activities on SO, or do my activities on SU, SF, Sec.SE, Goat.SE, etc. get caught in the net also?
(I usually am the gibberish translator in the TL, but that's only for Indian English :P)
@Iszi yeah, got it
You should propose that on A51
hmm, the lack of a Too Localized seems odd too
@AJHenderson Meh. Usually there's a certain type of question that's TL
And that can be just put forward as an OT reason
yeah, but then it's really just an OT reason that says "This question is too specific to a particular situation and is unlikely to be helpful to future users, so it is off topic"
even though it really isn't Off Topic since it would be on topic if it was actually broadly useful
it's an inaccurate word game that's going to cause more confusion
5:03 PM
in The Assembly, 20 hours ago, by voretaq7
what does "Too Localized" mean? Explain it to me in 25 words or less.
in The Assembly, 21 hours ago, by voretaq7
Think how you'd feel if you followed a chain of 2-3-4 "Closed as Duplicate" links only to discover .... NOTHING at the other end of the rainbow.
@AJHenderson No not that way
For example, most TLs on SO are bugs in the code and whatnot
You can just have a buggy code OT reason
yeah, that may work on SO, but I don't think it works nearly as well on the smaller sites where there are more varied reasons for why things are too localized that aren't really truely off topic
I can understand the problem with it being overused and improperly used, but maybe simply raising the rep bar would have worked better
@AJHenderson ha. as if
Rep as a measure of trust is meaningless on SO
I've seen misinformed (or I-give-a-damn-about-the-rules) 10k users. And 100k users. And 200k users.
yeah, that's the main problem with SE. SO is so completely different from any of the minor sites
Even a former mod.
@AJHenderson And MSO even more so.
5:07 PM
I mean, slap a 10k limit on VTC:Too Localized and 95% of the problem goes away on anything other than SO, MSO and maybe something like ServerFault
but SO is so popular that rep really has become meaningless as to people's understanding of the community
@AJHenderson Actually no, that wouldn't work either
The problems with TL aren't about inexperience
It's just too vague
in The Assembly, 20 hours ago, by voretaq7
@Seth and yes. Like @ManishEarth said TL is just plain abused. I personally think it's a valid close reason but it's not a well defined one
in The Assembly, 20 hours ago, by ManishEarth
And it's not that some people "use it right"; it's just too unclear
personally, I think Seth's answer hit the nose exactly on the head as to what it means. I don't see what is hard to define about that
problem is people apply it when they don't see a need as opposed to being someone who understands the question to actually know that it is too localized
it certainly is the easiest to abuse
but I also think it is a necessary close reason unless we want lots of unanswered open questions
which isn't helpful
not saying there isn't a problem
just saying that getting rid of it causes problems too
So, I had a random idea to check the oldest starred post in chat. Thought I'd share it with everyone.
Jan 12 '11 at 12:42, by Graham Lee
shit, I said cloud. BRB, got to drink a shot.
Good to see it fits into one of our standard chat topics.
@AJHenderson Well, if the sites you're active on need a general TL reason, add it as a custom OT one
For example, Phys and Chem won't need it -- we'll just create a "homework" close reason.
If that won't work on <site>, just write up a generic "not useful to others" message
A: Unknown Asian/Chinese registry keys

SyncoveryThanks for the report! It will be fixed in the next update.

That should be a comment on bobince's answer. The user is too new to comment though, so maybe a mod can convert it? @AviD @RoryAlsop @JeffFerland
5:22 PM
yeah, that can work, but it isn't truly OT
it is on topic it just isn't helpful
Oh, so I did have another interesting idea on it that I put out on MSO. If there was an option to vote "Useful for Me" on a Too Localized question it could force the question back open if people found it useful
thus auto-correcting for incorrect closures
it could even be a permanent counter on the question that would convert in to upvotes after reopening
6:02 PM
@Xander I voted to delete, I think that then means it needs another such vote and it'll be handled without a mod? Not sure tho, the low quality queue here is rather static, thankfully :)
@TildalWave Yeah, I don't know how any of it works outside of VTC. :-)
@Xander I'm fairly new to it also, I just didn't see many low quality votes before to deduct the inner workings out of it... anyway, I've seen it automatically adds a comment based on my choice, which is IMO pretty neat
Please don't add "thank you" as an answer. Once you have sufficient reputation, you will be able to vote up questions and answers that you found helpful. — TildalWave 11 mins ago
This was commented automagically ^
@TildalWave Yeah, that is cool.
@Xander You're 43 rep points away from the VTC privilege... can't you drop some answer somewhere? How about linking them here, and you do a bit of rep whoring? Doesn't seem to bother others :))
@TildalWave LOL! It'll come soon enough. :-)
6:29 PM
@Xander dang it, it's hard to look for good answers from you that I haven't already voted up
I found a few that I thought were worth up votes though
@AJHenderson LOL, well as they say, it's the thought that counts, so thanks. :-)
oh, didn't realize you were in Charlotte. My parents are in Greensboro.
I often actually fly in to Charlotte when I visit because it's often cheaper than flying straight in to Greensboro
@AJHenderson Oh yeah? Very nice. I just moved here a couple of years ago, and haven't had a chance to spend any time in Greensboro yet, but I hear it's a nice area.
@AJHenderson Yeah, they kill you when connecting to smaller airports.
Lots of nice places. My brother's in Winston-Salem, though I don't get down there to see him as often as I should.
ironically Greensboro actually got the body scanners prior to Charlotte too
and I refuse to go through them
6:35 PM
@ScottPack There sure are. I lived in Durham for a few years when I was very young...It's nice too.
I much prefer the privacy and added security of the pat down
It's hot, about the biggest downside.
The dude answers his own question and got downvoted twice so far, haha.
@AJHenderson LOL..That's odd that they put them there first. Charlotte had a security gate without them until last summer. I'm Pre-Check now though, so I never have to deal with them anymore anyway.
@ScottPack Yup. The heat is a bother.
It seems that frequently when we get snow you guys get ice. Lame.
6:41 PM
@Simon Yeah, it's just not a good answer. Yet, at least. And it's a bit weird that he posted the question and then almost immediately posted an answer. Usually when people solve their own problems, it takes a bit of time.
@Xander A simple good query and I found the solution, I don't think he searched much.
@ScottPack Yeah, but in the time that I've been here, it never lasts. And we did actually get some nice snow last winter. It's gone in a day, of course, but it's pretty while it lasts.
@Xander that program still hadn't come to my local airport last I had checked
I'll sign up when it gets here
@Simon He doesn't seem to have searched enough to find an explanation of why it was an answer, in any case. :-)
though I did discover flying with pets also avoids it
6:43 PM
@Xander Good point :P
@AJHenderson Ah, very interesting.
they just metal detector and swab your hands for the sniffer
@AJHenderson Yeah, it just came here last year. I was chomping at the bit since one of the very first airports they rolled it out to was DFW, which had been my home airport until right before they started the program.
@AJHenderson And the swabbing is only if you get randomly selected. Normally you walk though the metal detector and you're done.
No messing about with shoes, or laptops, or jackets, or any of that jazz.
@Xander for the pets they did it for everyone
but that's without the pass thing
@AJHenderson Ah! Ok, I thought you were talking about Pre-Check. That's interesting.
6:50 PM
All that garbage is the biggest reason I like flying in and out of HTS.
it is funny just how much ineffective "security" theater annoys actual security pros
probably because we realize just how much a waste of our time it is
and understand threat models
@ScottPack Nice! Looks like three gates and one restaurant...Everything you need and nothing you don't.
@Xander still doesn't beat white plains
you want a small airport, look at that one
it's 1 room with a divider down the middle
Yeah, almost flew into there last year, but was too expensive, so ended up at LGA instead.
I looked at it on Google Maps as was a bit surprised to learn that it actually handled scheduled commercial service, it's so small.
Abilene, TX is another fun airport. Two gates, and small enough that they don't have a baggage conveyor. They just drive the baggage cart up next to the terminal and pitch the bags through a roll-up door onto a tray.
@ScottPack The Dayton airport was actually a bit larger than I was expecting. They have two separate terminals, in fact.
@Xander 3 surface gates, but I've only ever seen one boarding at a time. Gate 1 goes tot the front of the plane, gate 2 goes to the back, gate 2 is unused.
7:02 PM
@ScottPack LOL! Nice.
It's fantastic. I had to take my food from the restaurant to go once. Security just waved me through. Half of a burger, fries, and a soda. Bam! Move along.
LCK is pretty nice as well. Definitely bigger, but it's primarily freight
@ScottPack Why the hell wouldn't wave you through with that awesome hat?
@Xander it is the stop off between Albany and DC to pick up NYC passengers
it's the commuter flight route
the Albany passengers actually stay on the plane (though I didn't know this the first time I flew that route)
they had to come out and get me to tell me to get back on
@AJHenderson Ah! Ok. That explains it.
@ScottPack That is awesome.
it's too much work to fly in to one of the big airports for commuter traffic, so they use the strip there with just a little entrance
@ScottPack dang, I know one of the TSA agents at my airport and even I don't get it that good
7:49 PM
@AJHenderson HTS is just so freaking small. It also helps that since they only ever do one flight at a time nobody is in a hurry.
Everybody you see is either getting on, or getting off, the same plane as you. There's no rush to beat the boarding time.
8:42 PM
@ScottPack Huntington Tri-State? Seems about the same size as ours here. I love small airports, chilled, no waiting, no pressure anywhere and they'd usually even wait for you if you didn't make it quite on time (happened a few times and the pilot just made up for the difference in air then, we were always on time at the destination)
Indeed. Quite nice and relaxing.
dunno how they do that tho... prolly just a bit less of waiting to land
I was about 15 minutes late one day and the boarding lady (don't ask how those are called, no clue here) even came to the check-in personally to see if I made it... in Hamburg tho, I was 1 minute late and they nearly closed the gate on me, and made me run gate to gate so we could then sit on the plane for nearly half an hour before anything started moving
1 hour later…
9:53 PM
What the fuck kind of crazy train blew through here this morning?
10:18 PM
One driven by Lippert
@opsguy Join chat here to create an account
10:48 PM
So for everybody who's kept asking if I've met Zuck yet, I'm sitting right in the front of the Q&A. You can now all STFU.
what is a zuck?
Or you were joking and I didn't get it, fuck.
@CodesInChaos central-european keyboard layout version of yuck?
hey, Germany isn't "east-european"
we're totally central
@CodesInChaos true, corrected
didn't want to suggest Germany is misaligned or anything :)
10:57 PM
Germany center of the universe
it's always been right in the middle of the axis :))) :P
And I want to note that Jeff has no taste in companies. First oracle, then facebook. What's next? The NSA?
@CodesInChaos Probably Cisco :)
@JeffFerland it's just a bit of serving the good old British breakfast, we've all been missing you, that's why :)
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