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1:09 AM
@RoryAlsop Sorry, must be a UK-ism... "bangers & mash"?
Sausage and mashed potatoes. And yes, it is a British thing
A very tasty British thing.
Quite tasty
2:08 AM
Sup niagra falls
2:22 AM
Does anyone have a clean copy of DarkComet RAT laying around by chance?
Did someone say copy?
Oh ... :(
@copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste @copy @paste
I didn't see you there @copy
I'm so sorry!
Still friends though right? RIGHT?
2:30 AM
3:29 AM
@TildalWave High five!
2 hours later…
5:04 AM
@D3C4FF Why? What creepy thing are you planning to do with it? ;)
@TerryChia Just looking for a RAT that isnt backdoored :P
Don't really care which one, but i remember using it a few years ago before DarkCoderSC took it down
it was pretty powerful and i could use a shell like that from time to time
5:25 AM
@D3C4FF Sure you can. ;)
5:55 AM
@TerryChia Everyone can :D
@TerryChia wrong keyword, please try again.
@this.josh Bomb. NSA. Obama.
still cold.
Think Wargames, G T N W
bullocks I think the reference is too old.
6:28 AM
"I don't suffer from my insanity -- I enjoy every minute of it."
2 hours later…
8:00 AM
@Lucas Do you have experience with Flask-Login?
8:21 AM
@TerryChia sounds like some Scottish biometric recognition program...
@this.josh yeah, exactly. Their security model reminds me a bit of Win9x....
Security by Assumption.
9:15 AM
@TerryChia yea I used that
@LucasKauffman Mind having a look at this if you have the time? stackoverflow.com/questions/17082933/error-with-flask-login
Can't figure out my error.
@TerryChia I had that problem as well let me check my source code
if I can access it
@LucasKauffman Cool! :)
9:34 AM
I'm rather curious who starred this question.
It's clearly spam being perpetrated by two user accounts, but you can't star your own question can you?
So there must be a third user account involved.
@Ladadadada You can in fact star your own questions.
@TerryChia looking for another CTF? OWASP EU CTF
Never mind, I just starred one of my own questions. :-P
@AviD Cool! Will post over at the CTF room.
@Ladadadada even if you couldnt star your own question, your conclusion is not directed from your premise. Why couldnt the 2nd account, the one with the answer, star the question?
9:56 AM
huh? nothing in the review queue to stick my nose into? what kind of a perverted world did I wake up into today? who's fiddling with my matrix??
@AviD It was starred twice.
@Ladadadada ah, okay. Logik Rulez!
@AviD I did make an assumption that no one else in their right mind would star that question.
I can't figure out why anyone would ever want their DNS records graphed like that anyway.
Heh. I was wondering how it would handle someone who has screwed up their DNS completely. The answer is "not very well".
@Ladadadada I couldnt even figure out what that means.
@TerryChia I'm dissapointed: pw_hash = hashlib.md5(form.password.data).hexdigest()
10:05 AM
@LucasKauffman heh. placeholder since i'm coding on Windows. I can't get the bcrypt library I want to use to run on Windows.
bbl, going out for a while.
@TerryChia I haven't got time atm to check everything, but I'll post back to you later or tomorrow
10:30 AM
This is both interesting and embarrasing:
> Israel tops world ranking of smartphone usage: Survey shows Israelis use their smartphones just about anywhere; rising number of Israelis apt to use smartphones during social gatherings.
Now excuse me, I have to get back to my game of Angry Birds.
11:10 AM
@LucasKauffman No worries, it isn't an urgent thing. :)
@Adnan I'm around, just very busy at the moment. seems like I have 8 projects running in parallel right now.
@lynks Well, it's good to know you're doing alright. We missed you a bit around here
@Adnan yep I'm still alive. im away for a week starting tomorrow though, and just pushed a new adranos.com update, because everything was broken.
also trying to decide whether my FPS engine is going to be C++ & Lua, or Java & Jython.
11:28 AM
@lynks 8 projects? Slow week?
@AviD :P
So there's one that put half of his rep into a bounty for what? Failing to read all the documentation, or failing to comprehend there's no transaction processing that is easy and will be the same per each transaction type and you can somehow magically assign a complete flag on it even if it's unverified?
I mean I realize the documentation is nearly 250 pages long,... but we're supposed to read all of it? shouldn't he?
11:43 AM
@lynks Never Java, never again.
Oh, it seems that we have a cock in The DMZ.
Hello @Henning
I wanna downvote the question and comment do your own homework, but I don't wanna ruin his bounty... @Adnan what's your take?
@TildalWave The PCI question?
@Adnan well the PCI is only the latter part of it, the rest is how do I verify transactions and similar... all of which is in the documentation, but of course it's not as simple as he suggests in the question
He's concerned that the client might bypass the transaction authorisation somehow... and I have a feeling he doesn't understand how transactions are processed at all
12:03 PM
@Adnan say what?
12:14 PM
What's the firewall programmer's favorite rap group?
@AviD Thanks for that link! Got about half the challenges done but I have no idea how to do the ELF ones. The pcap ones are kicking my ass as well. :)
Do anyone of you have documentation on the "badness" of password strength meters/measurements?
is this what you meant??
Interesting... The Bear's last answer was 7 days ago AND he still manages to accumulate 1.1k rep this month so far.
Q: XKCD #936: Short complex password, or long dictionary passphrase?

Billy ONealHow accurate is this XKCD comic from August 10, 2011? XKCD 936: Password Strength I've always been an advocate of long rather than complex passwords, but most security people (at least the ones that I've talked to) are against me on that one. However, XKCD's analysis seems spot on to me. Am...

Also make sure to downvote Jeff's answer and upvote The Bear's ;) :P
You'll realize what I mean if you care to read them ;)
12:25 PM
@TildalWave I opted to downvote that VirtualMerchant question.
I really don't see how it's on-topic here.
The questions are all about setup or programming...
@TerryChia yeah... I will probably downvote eventually too... I'm just giving him a bit more time to actually read the documentation, let's see if he realizes he's just lazy
he probably thinks "oh so the process returned, I can now safely mark a transaction as successful and completed" LOL
Ehh, even ignoring the shitty "It's all in the damn documentation" aspect, I don't see how it's on-topic.
The first 2 questions are programming ones.
@TerryChia it's on-topic because of OP's misconceptions in the security model of PCI transactions
@TildalWave Maybe.. I think it can fit TL? I don't think we want to be providing advice for every individual merchant.
(And yes, I am looking hard for a close vote reason) :P
@TerryChia well I was also, because I honestly dislike the question ... but as I said, OP's misconceptions make it not TL (it's basic PCI processing that he fails to dig, so definitely not TL)
If anything, it's low quality because of lack of previous research on OP's part
12:33 PM
@TildalWave In that case, close the existing question and point him to one of the many question we have on
Or you could give a marginally decent answer and get the bounty. ;)
@TerryChia I don't care about the bounty. I would care to add a quality answer (if at all possible, considering the question), but I have my own stuff to do ... I have to prepare some web templates for my own e-commerce solution LOL ... yes, the business part works, but the client wanted some lame design that we've been waiting for some PS designer to complete for nearly a year... so I'm digging into my own HTML and tons of custom anchors and settings :P what a nightmare LOL
I could definitely use a slave on this one :)
@ManishEarth !!! Man I dreamt you won the lottery ... two times in a row. :)) I'd seriously go buy the tickets, I have no idea why I dreamt that :O
@TildalWave Well. Some weeks ago I "saw a discussion somewhere" on the use of password strength indicators, concluding that their providing a qualitative score (password is bad just because it's all lowercase, etc.) is simply crap.
@HenningKlevjer I like password strength indicators. They do a good job of scaring users. ;)
@TildalWave Don't lie! I know you are a rep whore at heart!
Join the dark side! We have cookies! (And @Adnan is the president.)
@HenningKlevjer I think I remember some question like what you describe, but can't find it... could be it was closed as duplicate?
@TerryChia And force/"leading" them to good passwords that they never remember
@TildalWave Might. My brain told me to look here first!
12:44 PM
@TerryChia Man, honestly! If I was a rep whore, would I care to deal with low-q questions so much? :P
@TildalWave Well, the low-q questions are the best sources of rep. ;)
@TildalWave Me? Huh? O_0
It sucks when the cable of my IEM got damaged just 2 months out of warranty. :(
@ManishEarth Yeah man it was ... wacky. I have no idea how you came into my dreams all of a sudden... but I remember we were calling for The Bear to help us calculate the odds here in the DMZ :))
@TildalWave see last button
12:50 PM
@ManishEarth hehehe :))
inception button huh?
Morning! @TildalWave, any information in my profile that I should update today?
@Simon ha dunno, that you're active early in the morning does tell a few things, but nothing too conclusive really. You could be a student, self-employed or occupy a really boring job position :P :))
Why isn't there a user with the id = 1 in sec.stackexchange section? There's one on stackoverflow!
@TildalWave You're scary because I am almost everything you just mentioned.
@Simon test accounts? ID could be (and probably is) auto-incremental, so you make a few test accounts that you later delete, and the ID keeps running into higher numbers
@TildalWave Makes sense but I'd rather start a conspiracy rumor.
1:00 PM
@Simon what's the smallest ID you've found? IIRC it's ~ 28
ah no... @Xander is 12
@Simon yup... Stack Exchange staff/moderator
there's another possibility ... that #1 is reserved for Skeet SE-wise, and he just wasn't bothered to activate his account here with us
hmmm.... #1 of SO is Atwood
@TildalWave or #1 was the real owner of stackexchange and someone stole it from him? I watched too many movies.
Sweet, a reboot required from this lovely OS (Windows, duh). I'm so glad that I just started my VM. Sigh.
@Simon neah Atwood is the co-founder of SE
@TildalWave So my conspiracy story makes sense, mouahaha.
1:08 PM
@Simon now that you mention it... I just checked in my own database for sites I built and I'm #2 and there isn't any #1... I nearly forgot, but it's some SQLi trigger that I never touch and it's obviously been there for so long I forgot about it
@TildalWave Why can't I load tidalwave.com in french? Boo.
@Simon oh that... I barely ever touch it, it's just something
mostly to test things a bit... it's hardly worth opening... and I need to buy me a SSL cert too, but have been lazy to add it for a site that even I don't care much about LOL
@TildalWave Yeah, I still have no idea how I pulled that off.
@TildalWave I wonder what's behind this authentication.
@Simon IIRC nothing, unless I approve it manually ... you can advance to registered user by registering and then to user verified, but not to status confirmed
1:18 PM
This chat is so kinky. Every time I view someone's profile through here, it asks me if I want a room with the user. I barely know anyone here, jeeze.
@Simon try now ;)
@Simon Hi, haaaaaave you met @Adnan?
@TildalWave This redirect makes a lot of sense, I love it!
@TerryChia Haha.
@HenningKlevjer @ThomasPornin has mentioned a few times that password meters are by definition crap, since you cannot measure the entropy of the resultant password, but only of the password generation process.
@Simon you can try to translate into French now ;)
1:31 PM
@TildalWave I feel like the message given by your website was slightly customized for me. Now, I see what kind of stuff you do with your website, hehe.
@Simon yeah I built a custom in-process WAF that I can control all kinds of things easily with... basically, it's any rules on any data, using regex, like operators,... and I've made me some templates for a few most common things (which would mostly be blacklist/whitelist rules)... honestly tho, I rarely even open this one that controls my own website
@TildalWave I tried to google WAF and got this result: Wife Acceptance Factor. I'm glad that your wife helps you with your website!
@TildalWave Use Wordpress like a normal person dammit!
@Simon hehehe no she doesn't (WAF = web application firewall ;)
@TerryChia why? that's what my missus uses :P
@TildalWave Yeah, it was the second result, I figured it was the right one ;)
1:39 PM
@TerryChia why drive Fiat Punto when you can drive your own customized [insert your own dream sports car] :P
@TerryChia and you're my vice!
@Simon You seem to be getting a lot of stars lately.
@Adnan I'm a superstar!
Have any of you read the WAHH? I like it so far but I find it hard to spend more than an hour at a time reading it.
damn I can't commit to repurpose hacking because I'm already committed to 3 other sites
@Simon I have no idea what's that.
1:51 PM
@Simon I think you'll find most people here from the other end of the spectrum, but probably some have anyway
@TildalWave So you have commitment issues? I expect no less.
@TerryChia Keep it down, the miss usually checks the transcript.
@TerryChia yeah... I want to repurpose hack so many things it's annoying I can't do that with my commitments count here
I wonder how much my Late 2010 11" Macbook Air is worth now hmm.. Let's see if I can get an offer.
1:55 PM
@TerryChia 100 euros.
@TildalWave I think I didn't explain correctly. I didn't mean that malware will accumulate on your computer and if you get 1000 viruses then it's worse than 5 viruses, because I think both cases are almost equally bad. What I meant was the likelihood. I've edited that part, thank you for mentioning it. — Adnan 5 mins ago
I've deleted my comment, I just wanted to point out that it was either worded awkwardly, or it should be mentioned additionally... anyway, the edit makes it better ;)
@TildalWave Great! Now you removed yours and made me look like an idiot.
@TildalWave how do you figure? There are quite a few apps guys here....
@Adnan my pleasure :)
@Adnan @TildalWave didnt do that...
1:57 PM
@AviD Well played, ser. Well played.
@Adnan Heh. Not really interested in selling it. I'm just curious how well they retain value.
@TerryChia 90 euros.
(apparently they don't retain value)
@Adnan :(
@Adnan Bahaha.
@AviD well yes ... learn to read between the lines damnit! It was meant to read as "I haven't, have problems admitting it, because most others probably have" :P
1:58 PM
@TerryChia 69 euros?
@TildalWave hehe, okay, I thought you were referring to the delusion systems/networks guys who think that's all this site is about ;-)
2:42 PM
@TildalWave Surely Community has the smallest id! security.stackexchange.com/users/-1/community
@HenningKlevjer hahaha well that proves it, you can't trust community they're all negative :))
tho that ID of -1 probably means it's not even in the database as a user (with any authorisation info), but merely an exception that's handled separately in the code... @Adnan was fiddling with Stack Exchange Data Explorer, maye he can pull some other info out of it ;)
I definitely need an avatar. I'm gonna have to play with Paint to come up with something amazing. Suggestions?
@TildalWave Actually, it is in the database. I looked into that a while ago, it was very interesting.
@Adnan I remember reading an mSO post that mentions that community is hardcoded -1.
This is going to dissapoint, but technically Community is just a constant of -1 in a file somewhere... — Nick Craver Apr 8 '12 at 10:48
At least that's how I interpreted it.
@Adnan Ahh.
@Xander Clever. I can't wait until it updates!
@Simon Ctrl+F5
@Iszi Thanks. I feel like a champ now.
@Simon Sweet!
@Lucas Anything from PasswordBox?
3:11 PM
Oh yeah, I'm curious about their reply too.
@Adnan Why in heaven's name would it be there, unless it's only meant as a lookup for the display name for other join queries? I sincerely hope there's database locked constraints on authorisation data for negative ID values at least.
@Xander Yes, we all played with our Simon... touching him where requested... and he was polite enough to keep our highscore even :))
So, today a local tabloid asked me to expand my piracy answer and make it into a small article. Apparently, one of their columnists was Googling to find more info about the matter and he found the answer, and after some stalking he found me.
A: What are the security risks of pirating video or music?

AdnanThere are several risks when it comes to piracy, both legally and from a security point of view. I'll try to approach them as well as possible. The downloaded files themselves: Downloaded with the .avi, .mp4, .mkv, etc. there might be some executable files, with some special icons that can tri...

@Adnan Nice! I can't read it though. All the words seemed to be spelled wrong.
@Xander I'm worried about one thing, though. They have no section for articles like these. They're the cheapest and most disrespected (yet most read) tabloid in the country. I wonder what they'll do with it.
I mean really, if they have no IT or IT-related section, what would they do with it?
@Adnan Only one way to find out...Write it and see. :-)
3:26 PM
It's a bit strange cross-domain OAuth token requirement here, but I'm wondering if I forgot something (besides a few more attack vectors that are possible on OP's proposed solution that I didn't feel they're worth mentioning on top of those that I already did):
A: Api get auto signin url

TildalWaveNo, this scheme you propose is not secure, because you are potentially exposing your cross-domain authorisation token in server logs and referer strings on any third-party web servers you'll be linking contents from (or possibly injected by XSS to inspect for request values), if you're passing it...

@Xander and so I'll do.
hmmm I need to rewrite that answer a bit... I honestly dunno where I picked that cross-domain login requirement from... I'm slightly too paranoid in my answer then :)
@Tildal That "Api" was bugging me so much
@Adnan yes, I think that's why I thought he means cross-domain authorisation ... anyway, I'm rewriting to include both possibilities
Guys, some backing on the dupe, please.
Q: Why do website limit password length?

Sander DemeesterI just made a new account with some eGov service (Belgian government). I use LastPass (generate long random strings for each site). But the system told me that the maximum allow length was 16 ASCII symbols. Why do people do this? If they hash it then the length should not matter, right? Is th...

3:40 PM
@Adnan I already +1'd it, do I need to flag it too?
@Simon If you want to.
@Simon If you flag it, it means more work for @Avid and @RoryM, which isn't a bad thing.
@Adnan Sweet, done!
@Adnan VTCed as a dupe, that's a clear case of it anyway ;)
3:58 PM
I feel like coding a web-oriented brute-force. Is there a language that I should prioritize?
morning, extra-early today!
@David What time is it next to you?
I bet I'm gonna get voted up so much more with my crazy avatar. I do have to answer more questions too, though...
I feel like I'm lacking knowledge to answer most of them :(
@Simon Don't worry, this is exactly how I felt the first time I was here.
I still lack the knowledge to answer many many questions. I just try.
The main thing is not to be afraid of getting downvoted.
@Adnan Yeah, that's pretty much my main issue. Anyway, we all have to start somewhere.
4:13 PM
A wild @GreenFly has appeared.
Hi there.
let's hit it!
@GreenFly Hello hello.
Oh, you're the storage unit guy, right?
@Adnan Yes he is, I kind of wanna know more about this too.
yes I am
4:16 PM
@Adnan at the time of my posting, it was 8:59am
@Simon I'm writing an update about it
@GreenFly Nice, I'm looking forward to reading it.
@Simon basically it is that the card has an RFID chip inside it, but it's not used by the door at all. It just supports RFID readers in case they wanted to use different locks with RFID
the RFID tag inside the card and the magnetic stripe have the same information
so the thief copied the RFID data and used them to clone another magnetic card
@GreenFly By bumping into you?
@Simon yes, the police caught the thief. the person who hired him tried to sell the items to a police-operated blackmarket honeypot
I identified him as the person who bumped into me and later he admitted
4:23 PM
@GreenFly That's awesome. Do you know if the information has been leaked to another party too?
@Simon yeah, I was happy about that. as far as we know, everything is safe.
now the items are moved to a safety deposit box in a bank
@GreenFly Good to hear. I was expecting the thief to not be caught.
Thanks for the update, I'm a curious man.
4:44 PM
@GreenFly Damn! I'm now very curious to know about the items. What are they?!
@Adnan nothing important really. just some old documents
5:07 PM
alright people. thank you very much for your help.
I now go for some lunch
See ya around.
Does @ThomasPornin comes in the chat sometimes?
@Simon He used to frequent the DMZ. Recently, he's busy with some things.
@Adnan Ah ok, I'd like to discuss about some things with him, he lives 3 hours away from me.
@Simon Aha, so you know him personally?
@Adnan Nah, I know by his location in his profile.
5:19 PM
@Simon Then I think I'm confused. I really don't see the connection between him living 3 hours away from you and discussing things with him.
Unless, of course, you're our new mellon. In that case, @Tildal and @D3C4FF have some strong opinions about that :D
@Adnan Oh yeah, I guess I should explain that. I'd like to ask him if he has studied security in an institution here or if he knows any good ones.
@Adnan Mellon, with 2 l's ?!? :o
:D my college orientation is tomorrow, can't wait! driving down right after work today
@David Good way to start! I've heard many people changing their orientation in college.
@Adnan >:[
@Simon It's a meme started by @RoryA, I believe. xkcd.com/1218
5:28 PM
@Adnan Rory the old one? It must be so boring.
I think I'm quite proud of this one. He learning pretty quickly.
@Adnan Oh haha, I see.
@Simon But wait, there's more... read the transcript from here. You'll have a better background
@Adnan I'm gonna have to read this after work. It seems quite funny though and very food-oriented. Fruits, doughnuts, beer. I'm hungry now. Thanks for the link.
If you fear targeted drone strikes instead of targeted advertising, you don't need FISA request stats to tell you Facebook isn't safe.
5:55 PM
@TerryChia how did I miss that before LOL
@ScottPack Please stop, I want some badly.
6:08 PM
@TildalWave How could anybody miss that?
@Adnan I wasn't pinged :P
6:19 PM
After my belly has a chance to empty some of my lunch I may need to get a cookie.
@ScottPack When did you become bulemic?
@Iszi It empties out the other end.
@ScottPack And that makes you hungry?
No, but it allows me to consume cookies without feeling painfully full.
6:40 PM
@TildalWave where'd you get this information? security.stackexchange.com/questions/37435/…
@Simon you find a website that uses one of the encrypted values as an index for something, pass it a wrong argument and observe unsanitized error reporting service spill the beans :)
@TildalWave Now I gotta figure out if that's a lie or not.
@Simon not a lie ;) check the link... then pass instead of that 33 one of the encoded values
@TildalWave ASP error, I love to see that :D. Nice man!
Thanks for the info hehe.
@Simon hehe... Internet... gotta love it
6:53 PM
@Adnan you mean @RoryA. See, you should definitely go back to ambiguous @Rory'ing.
hehe @ManishEarth @TerryChia why dyou guys keep pinging me for the CTF? I dont do CTF!
too much like work, and the boring parts of work too.
@AviD Well, your name was on the access list
@ManishEarth Keep me on that list, but I'm out for this one.
@Simon dont even try to answer most of them. answer only a few.
I do have interest, but interest level doesn't always meet up with availability or skill.
6:55 PM
only @ThomasPornin and @Polynomial are capable of answering most of the questions.
I don't have skill, (maybe a bit with web based stuff)
But I wanna participate; at least watch
And see if I can manage to help brainstorm
@ScottPack cue the "answer ALL the questions!" meme...
@Iszi I kinda/sorta have interest, but they need to really be exciting to be worth my while.
@AviD como?
@GreenFly woot! Score one for the good guys!
... 'course, I'm assuming you're not a nasty arms or drugs dealer, and that guy was the good guy that was trying to take you down.... but yay!
@AviD Will do, thanks.
7:09 PM
@AviD Damn it!
CTF time in a few hours obviously ... OWASP/HoneyN3t .... @AviD any additional info for it?
@TildalWave that's all I know... oh yeah, and there's prizes.
What's CTF?
always topical.... How to Fight NSA Wiretapping
@AviD OK at least from when till when it lasts?
7:20 PM
@Simon Clean The Fridge.
@Simon c--t t--s f---y. the new version of T&A.
@TildalWave no clue. I think its on all day...
@AviD so midnight to midnight CET?
@Adnan I got similar results on Google: Canadian Teacher's Federation, Canadian Tax Foundation.
@TildalWave I.DONT.KNOW.
7:22 PM
wohoo, free stuff day at work. Free T-Shirt, Free Bag, Free Water Bottle, Free Poweredge 2850 2RU server, and even a bag of chips
(no really, an actual free bag of chips)
@AJHenderson Did you get free money?
the kind you eat even
no, they give out the free money at the beginning of the year (vacation day allotment)
@TildalWave I didnt arrange the CTF! I just heard about it on an internal mailing list (i.e. happened to notice on the rare occassion I glance at those emails...)
@AviD wait, you're supposed to read your e-mail? I knew I've been doing something wrong for the last 20 years
@TildalWave I don't know what @AviD is talking about but I can tell he's lying, don't trust him!
7:24 PM
@AJHenderson You read your emails?!
Anything not from boss@company.com I redirect to the trash bin
I normally just click the checkbox next to it and then click the trash can
it's faster that way
reading stuff like subjects and senders takes to long and is way too easily spoofed
@AJHenderson Any married person would dispute your allegation that those days are free.
@Simon This is true, I am lying.
@AviD Is this the repercussions of yesterday's sarcasm infinite loop?
@Adnan statistically, your company's email server is probably not locked down, and that email from boss@company.com could really be from anybody.
@Simon nooooooooo
7:37 PM
@AviD :D
7:47 PM
@AviD Can you at least confirm it's a proper CTF? It looks like a playground: eu.honeyn3t.ie/register.jsp
JavaScript has a certain beauty to it. Like shiny, clear, broken glass. On a cold toilet seat. In winter.
@ScottPack I'm trying to figure out which of the many possible ways that could be taken is the one you're thinking of
@AJHenderson Don't be so closed minded.
@Iszi Sounds like a great idea for some junk art.
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