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9:00 PM
@StrixVaria there's an occasional lag in front page sorting.
And oh god, @kalina is a room owner now, we're all doooooomed.
@LessPop_MoreFizz old
@kalina I wasn't around and just noticed the italics.
Have you figured out how to abuse this power yet?
If you want to use it in normal fights, you basically need to upgrade the tele to lvl2 and have a way to see what's going on in the other ship - psychic teammember or lvl2 sensors.
yes, but I'm behaving
@LessPop_MoreFizz If she does I'll ban her. Unless the abuse is sufficiently amusing
9:02 PM
@BenBrocka I mainly just abuse my power to give myself stars.
Like so.
We're not ever reporting that bug are we?
@RonanForman Oh god I hope not. It's too useful.
wait how do you give yourself stars
@kalina So you haven't figured it out.
I feel like this room needs a robot owner. I recommend @StrixVaria or @Lazers.
9:04 PM
@OrigamiRobot I can't make @Lazers a room owner. :( I just tried.
@LessPop_MoreFizz tbh I looked at all the options and remembered they all get broadcast in chat when I change them, so didn't
@kalina All of them except for the most important one. :P
@StrixVaria You're right.
9:06 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz well starring yourself shows up as a pin briefly
@StrixVaria Make a robot specifically to be an owner?
honestly I still don't know why he did it
Thanks for making my screen blink wildly.
So tempted to add to the room's tags
9:07 PM
@OrigamiRobot No problem.
@LessPop_MoreFizz He's a robot, even half a second of ownership could cause havok
@BenBrocka do it...
@OrigamiRobot does it still force a refresh then?
@RonanForman Good thing I only gave him roughly a quarter second then.
@BenBrocka yes
9:08 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz He does have a reasonably slow clock speed.
@RonanForman So what you're saying is @OrigamiRob is slow?
@RonanForman @OrigamiRobot runs on a Pentium II
@DaveMcClelland He was made in the 80s.
@DaveMcClelland this is very generous, I thought OrigamiRobot's clockspeed was measured in Hz, not MHz
I think.
9:10 PM
@kalina I'd hate to be thought of as generous :(
I think you're very generous
You guys are meab.
scifi.SE is now my #3 site
It's cool @OrigamiRobot has a killer comeback cooking up, he'll figure it out in 2-3 days
9:13 PM
@kalina why bother, I already asked the most important question
Q: Is Batman a scientist?

Ben BrockaBatman clearly does a lot of research and development (apparently on his own in many timelines). The question has been posed before. Is Batman a scientist?

Oh hey, BGEE is on Steam now.
I think my brain just broke.
Q: Do works from L Ron Hubbard that are part of Scientology "canon" count as "religious texts"?

BeofettThis question about L Ron Hubbard's Revolt in the Stars seems to be close a possible conflict for our policy on religious works. However, I'm not certain, as the whole religion-founded-by-a-science-fiction-author thing complicates it immensely. A quick scan of the Wikipedia article indicates ...

@BenBrocka stargate > batman
I've done it - I've discovered @OrigamiRob's true identity
9:17 PM
I'm glad that's not my project, and that all I have to do is change a report...
@Ullallulloo If you feel like trying again we can resume, otherwise... we can't. :)
@badp Okay
@fbueckert My choice to ignore scifi.se is better with every new meta question.
@LessPop_MoreFizz It gets better; take a look at Gilles' answer.
Q: Is it OK to ask a META question just to get a hat?

Major StackingsI've been playing along and earning hats. Is it O.K. to ask a META question with that specific goal in mind? I would think those of our group that aren't taking part would find it annoying.

9:23 PM
Oh, someone already deleted the comments between Gilles and Robert Harvey.
There was a fight abrewing!
@bitmask I believe this answer is implying that a question about the Christian bible, if phrased in a way that makes it obviously about the sci-fi/fantasy aspect and not about the religion, would be on-topic. Due to the popular acceptance of that religion, however, this would be difficult to do. — Izkata yesterday
one mnute
@badp No. I refuse.
@badp Is that a silent M?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'd have been so tempted to delete that
@RonanForman One 'nute. It's how all the cool kids say it
9:29 PM
It feels like more and more often lately I get answers from people who haven't really read my question
Not so much a community of experts as a community of people who read the title and paste the first thing from Google :(
@victoriah I've been noticing this as well. :/
I posted a question and I anticipated people telling me to update my game so I wrote "my game is up to date" and I get no reply, put up a bounty and I get someone telling me to update my game
I only answer questions I actually know the answer to
@victoriah That's better than answers I get on Sharepoint.SE
Those amount to essentially, "You're doing it wrong."
@Ullallulloo This is where we die
9:34 PM
@badp I die everywhere.
@fbueckert Technically, the answer for everyone using sharepoint could be "you're doing it wrong"
Are they higher level than you?
@DaveMcClelland Thanks for invalidating the last year of my career. :P
@victoriah Yup. Sounds about right. Bounties are fucking useless, aside from providing a post-facto reward.
@BenBrocka by 10 levels
well the items are "just" 9 levels above
9:35 PM
@victoriah If a link tot he first result on google correctly answers your question you may not be doing enough research before asking. Remember, part of being an expert is being able to do research and identify credible sources.
@fbueckert To be honest I've never actually used it, but I've heard it's entirely dreadful to configure
The issue of people just reading the title and posting is a separate issue, which happens.
@DaveMcClelland It is.
Wipqozn: the problem is that they are copying and pasting things that aren't relevant and things I already addressed in the question.
It's got a very specific way it likes to do things.
9:36 PM
@victoriah Use @ to ping people.
@badp That's...bad
@Wipqozn Did you really just write that without reading what @victoriah wrote?
More than 5 gets tricky. 10 seems...excessive
Venturing off the beaten path tends to make it whine like a cranky 3 year old.
@BenBrocka yet multiplayer means no regenerating heatlh
9:37 PM
@RonanForman Thanks!
@SaintWacko That would be funny, but no. I just misunderstood what @victoriah meant.
@badp as long as you don't die together
@Wipqozn Oh, okay
@BenBrocka is that true in BL1? I've been able to avoid this by pressing E when it needed be
I hate trying to figure out genders online
9:38 PM
@badp Maybe just for bosses? But I'm pretty sure health regen triggers when all players are dead/repsawning
It's just a lot easier to have that happen in single player of course
@SaintWacko I just use schle.
@RonanForman There's an idea
and instead of him or her: schlim, or skler.
@RonanForman sounds like Amy Wong slang
@BenBrocka I think it may be
9:40 PM
@BenBrocka It's from the beast with a billion backs.
@RonanForman Well that's why it sounds like that then
@LessPop_MoreFizz Am not!
@BenBrocka I would quit the site and delete my account.
Singular they is the use of ' (or its inflected forms, such as them or their) to refer to an entity that is not plural, or not necessarily plural. Though singular they is widespread in everyday English and has a long history of usage, debate continues about its acceptability. It typically occurs in these situations: *Indeterminate gender – when they refers to an individual person of unknown or unspecified sex, as in, for example, "One student failed their exam". This usage is known as epicene they. *Indeterminate number – when they has no definite antecedent, or can be interpre...
Far superior, and accepted as standard english for centuries.
I love singular they.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's what I always use. I don't buy the BS that it's ungrammatical
@OrigamiRobot Would you rage on meta first?
9:44 PM
@BenBrocka I'd flip a coin.
yeah, @Ullallulloo made the fight super easy
@badp I just died over and over
that's not true, I saw a lot of damage that wasn't being dealt by me
you also completely demolished the third midboss
@BenBrocka The argument that it is ungrammatical can be entirely traced to a stuck up circa 1800 prescriptivist schoolmarm.
@badp yeah, melee ability is good on that.
9:45 PM
And since Prescriptivism is literally bullshit...
@LessPop_MoreFizz Unsurprising
@Ullallulloo melee being useful in BL? head explodes
@BenBrocka Brick
Was he that useful? I tried him for a bit, didn't find it to be that amazing
9:52 PM
@BenBrocka @IanPugsley used melee all the time.
@Ullallulloo Did you get the free skill point as well?
I tried everyone out but 99% of play was on Lilith. Did couch coop mostly with a buddy as Mordecai
I didn't even upgrade it any, but it's strong.
@badp not now
that's saddening. Did you try talking to the guy?
@badp "You survived. Good for you."
9:53 PM
@badp BL1's coop questing is sinister and player 2 gets jack shit unless you're also eligible for the quest
@BenBrocka I mean that quite literally. And I mean literally literally too in this case. It's all Anne Fishers fault.
@DaveMcClelland Why do you think this is me?
I had forgotten that. It's very annoying. My player 2 never got any rewards because he wasn't even in playthrough 2
9:55 PM
@GraceNote Yeah, I watched his speech.
@GraceNote I think I already mocked that in here (I know I did on twitter)
I did get the achievement for MINAC.
Is possible. I'm totally just reshuffling news that is directed to me in one place to another relevant location without regard to whether or not the news has past been distributed in here.
@OrigamiRobot printer, I assumed
@GraceNote but yeah that whole thing's a load of crap. But I guess it could be worse, he's just faking a need to be neutral and contemplative at this point
ugh, having a gun control debate in here is very, very low on my list of "things I would enjoy doing" right next to having a colonoscopy during a root canal
9:58 PM
I strongly doubt we'll have a debate on the subject in here.
@GraceNote we debate everything
@Ullallulloo This stuff is all yours man.
@agent86 Your point is a contradiction of terms.
Keep it for later or sell it for money
I'm pretty sure I could start a debate about the best pizza topping (although we all know it is pepperoni)
9:59 PM
Also when you'll do this for your own DLC quest I'll be happy to help you
@RonanForman you're just trying to get into a debate about whether or not we debate everything. HAH! I won't fall for that.
@agent86 No we don't.
now, let me list all of the reasons why I think a debate about whether or not we debate everything would be counterproductive.
almost fell for it that time
@GraceNote Depends on the context of the subject
10:00 PM
Sorry, this isn't debate, this is abuse
Stupid twit
@BenBrocka abuse is our #2 favorite thing to do. and you're a terrible person for helping it be #2
There we go, finally managed to get logged in
if ANY OF YOU had any sense, you'd know that it should be our #1 thing to do. dummies!
@agent86 Politics and Religion are my two favorite things to not talk about.
Q: Any way to make your crew stop attacking a system?

jbabeySo I have a game paused right now. Here's the dire situation: Enemy: Auto-scout, all rooms seperated from each other, ONE hull point left. Me: Teleporter on cooldown, two fully leveled rockmen inside the enemy ship attacking a system. So there's my dilemma: if my rockmen continue to attack th...

10:02 PM
@StrixVaria same. I refuse under most circumstances, especially with family.
I love talking about religion.
@agent I talk about religion and politics with my family, because we're all of one mind about the both
I don't like being talked at about religion.
@agent86 Number two?? Get your priorities straight man.
2 mins ago, by agent86
if ANY OF YOU had any sense, you'd know that it should be our #1 thing to do. dummies!
10:05 PM
I don't let the lack of sense in others stop me from putting mod abuse where it belongs
@badp Good. Start by mod abusing @Wipqozn to turtle.
Rule #1 of Mod Abuse is your Mod Abuse can never be to hire
Who said hire? That implies payment. I ain't givin you no moneys.
Rule #1 of agent86 is everything's for hire. but only for money.
There's a sector on Trantor where literally everything has a price
Quite an interesting idea, really
10:11 PM
I will also accept things that can be traded for money. my kids give me "1 free hug" coupons and I trade those to lonely hobos for $5
@agent oh, wow, that's terrible lol
@agent86 So I can pay you in hug coupons to mod abuse @Wipqozn ?
@OrigamiRobot I'll have to ask the hobos what the going rate is on robot hugs
@SaintWacko I know, right? Those hobos are so lonely :(
What if I make them "1 free hug from @Wipqozn" coupons?
@Ullallulloo Well I've been a terrible guest so far, so I don't wish to extend your agony any further
10:14 PM
@badp I'm fine if you want. :P
I'll be doing this last DLC sidequest now
Then let's go
I think I'm the guest.
@OrigamiRobot hmm, turtle hugs do tend to trade higher than robot hugs.
10:16 PM
@StrixVaria I always hated that guy.
10:32 PM
lol, that was some perfect revive timing
@OrigamiRobot that guy's a douche
fishing in those gym statues was fun though
Q: Does Minecraft for XBox require a gold account to play with other players?

JeffJakDoes Minecraft for XBox require a gold account to play with other players? We have Xbox LIVE account but not a gold account. Our son wants to now play with other players that don't have an Xbox LIVE gold account. They all have game and XBox 360s. Is this possible?

> Damage dealt by pets to monster with Reflects Damage affix will no longer be reflected back to the player
@agent86 ^
huh, interesting.
@ThomasMcDonald @RonanForman Where is server?
10:41 PM
I think mostly my problem was I could summon dogs, and then they'd bite it in about 0.2 seconds versus even white mobs in inferno
and then you're stuck on a cooldown
even the giant whatsit lasted about 5 seconds
I mean, getting a champion pack was just death after death after death
@ThomasMcDonald @RonanForman Bring back server!
@agent86 I'm not sure when you stopped, but they made zombie dogs and gargantuan way more resilient a while back.
My WD is my strongest character.
I was able to get through Act 2 inferno with it before they did the nerf that came with Monster Power.
Now, according to @fbueckert, I should be able to faceroll Diablo.
I'll try it out again tonight.
@OrigamiRobot I love hugs!
I honestly can't believe people are still talking about Diablo 3 nearly a year after it was released
People still talk about lots of games years after their release
10:50 PM
Diablo 3 was terrible though
@kalina It's getting better. That's why it keeps coming up.
I just wish I could have started playing it once it was already better.
I will give it another go on its anniversary
Note: It's really cold outside.
@OrigamiRobot Because it's a slow computer, and you are a slow robot
Pandora's Tower is coming out this spring!
11:01 PM
@fbueckert Your face is cold.
@Wipqozn Come over here and say that.
@fbueckert I'd rather not. I hear it's really cold.
@Wipqozn I thought not.
"we need a healer", my least favourite combination of words, ever
@Ullallulloo The DLC was over anyway. Thank you immensely again for putting up with the last two hours.
and the hour long pause
and the smaller pauses
and the constant deaths
11:08 PM
Q: I need to find my follower in Skyrim

Purdy Rocksmy follwer Marcurio has suddenly disapeared but i dont remember ever asking him to "wait here" ever. and now all i have is Meeko my dog but Macurio had almost all my stuff! and ive tried doing the fast travel thing checked his house the spot i found him/his hang out spot and strange enough i ...

@badp Yeah, it probably would have been better if I didn't die in three bullets, but that's not your fault.
@Ullallulloo It is for dragging you along despite the massive level difference :(
I kept trying to heal you but it didn't seem to matter
At least you dinged three times, right?
@badp Yeah, the difference between fully healed and not at all is one bullet. :P
@Ullallulloo that bullet counts!
@badp I think twice.
Once at the beginning and once in the middle.
11:12 PM
Weren't you 35 when you connected?
@badp Maybe.
I don't know.
Was the lag too bad, btw? Playing over the ocean also mustn't have helped.
@badp Sometimes it was weird, but it was fine most of the time.
There's something to be said for forced updates. I'm basically not allowed to surf the web at work unless my computer is fully up to date.
This is interesting as far as control schemes go
Basically, swipe to turn, tap to move. Firing is a two finger hold, with your bullets going between your fingers.
11:41 PM
Q: Which weapons have splash damage in Torchlight 2?

Sadly NotAs an Engineer I like using two-handed weapons because of the Heavy Lifting passive skill that gives bonus attack speed and stun chance. However, I'm not sure if the Greathammer I'm currently using causes splash damage, so I'm wondering if I should try another two-handed. Which weapon types in T...

Gah, what does it take to get java to work in a browser these days?
@MBraedley False hope.
@MBraedley You'll first need to install all the updates, then check if your browser has blacklisted the Java plugin
@Lazers The splashy one.
Man, I'm on a roll tonight.
11:57 PM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone So I can't seem to add the 32-bit JRE to the java console. Any ideas?

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