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12:02 AM
well, I'll get a minus next week, I'm on the conference and my computer has no battery :/
5 hours later…
4:59 AM
@PeterGrill do you think I should post an answer?
@cmhughes Yes since that sure seemed to have fixed everything. But, still would be good to know why color was having that effect.
@PeterGrill yes, that's why I'm hesitant :) Am trying to find other commands that produce the same behaviour....
@cmhughes Better hurry before David gets here. He has a slight advantage when it comes to color. :-)
@PeterGrill I'd always bow out to David :)
@cmhughes Yeah I know, but still fun to get a tick for something he has an unfair advantage. :-)
1 hour later…
6:04 AM
@Vivi Just curious, would you like all your equations colored blue?
@Vivi can you post the code that gave you the image?
@hpesoj626 I wanted to set them apart from the others, since it is the definition so to say. I have many of them one after the other and it is hard to see which ones are the main equations.
@cmhughes one sec
R_{l,t}L_{t+1} = \Omega(\oo_{t+1}) Q_{H,t+1}H_{t+1}
\hat{R}_{l,t} + \hat{L}_{t+1} &= \widehat{\Omega(\oo_{t+1})} + \hat{Q}_{H,t+1} + \hat{H}_{t+1}\\
\hat{R}_{l,t} + \hat{L}_{t+1} &= \frac{\Omega'(\oo) \oo }{\Omega(\oo)} \widehat{\oo}_{t+1} + \hat{Q}_{H,t+1} + \hat{H}_{t+1}

R_{l,t}L_{t+1} = \Omega(\oo_{t+1}) Q_{H,t+1}H_{t+1}\\
\hat{R}_{l,t} + \hat{L}_{t+1} &= \widehat{\Omega(\oo_{t+1})} + \hat{Q}_{H,t+1} + \hat{H}_{t+1}\\
sorry, you need \documentclass{article}
sorry, I forgot... Let me turn it into a MWE. I defined \oo in the preamble.
so a global setting will not work I see. Well it seems like @cmhughes is working on it.
@hpesoj626 yep, as soon as I know what \oo is :)
Sorry, that was just a screenshot of the part that showed the example. I didn't have a MWE. Now it is there. \oo is just \newcommand{\oo}{\overline{\omega}} because I use it a lot :)
6:16 AM
@Vivi so you want it to look like the first version, except without the extra vertical space?
@Vivi I would suggest defining a new math environment with the color settings so as to avoid repetitive manual setting of color if that were possible with your current set up.
So @hpesoj626 I want only the key equations (the definition equations) to be coloured so I know where the stuff starts, I know which equations are key. This is just a file with my workings, because I do my math workings on the computer...
@cmhughes Yes, but I didn't colour the MWE I showed you. But basically yes.
@JosephWright @Speravir:
@Vivi I don't really have an answer, other than some manual \qquad - how about
R_{l,t}L_{t+1}& = \Omega(\oo_{t+1}) Q_{H,t+1}H_{t+1}\\
\hat{R}_{l,t} + \hat{L}_{t+1} &= \widehat{\Omega(\oo_{t+1})} + \hat{Q}_{H,t+1} + \hat{H}_{t+1}\\
\hat{R}_{l,t} + \hat{L}_{t+1} &= \frac{\Omega'(\oo) \oo }{\Omega(\oo)} \widehat{\oo}_{t+1} + \hat{Q}_{H,t+1} + \hat{H}_{t+1}
or does that not work?
@JosephWright @Speravir: I have no objection regarding free distribution of my book LaTeX by Russin (LaTeX по-русски) although I would not admit this fact legally.
6:24 AM
@Vivi sorry, I've got to go to bed- I'll check back tomorrow, I'm sure a guru will be able to fix it with you :)
I could do that and add a [1cm] after the first \\ to set the first equation apart from the others. It is OK, other than the fact that in this case the first equation is aligned with the rest, which I would prefer not to. I like it that the first equation is centered by itself. But again, it is not a big deal since this is a file that no one will ever see except me!
@cmhughes I was just curious about the spacing with \color{ } and later with gather which I had never heard of
Maybe gather will be useful to me in the future...
@cmhughes I thought perhaps \color{} was not supposed to be used with math, or that I was using it wrong.
@Vivi it seems like \color{} does not mess up spacing inside align. But i see your point about centering the first equation. This looks like it's beyond my abilities too.
@hpesoj626 Yes, probably align + spacing after the first eqn is the best option here...
7:17 AM
It is hard to understand what the OP wants
@hpesoj626 Are you talking about me?
@Vivi A recent OP whose question got 3 answers. OP accepted mine but it wasn't clear at first what OP wants.
@hpesoj626 OK :)
7:36 AM
Is it just a problem with my slow connection or ctan is temporarily down?
7:59 AM
@tohecz Sounds like a good plan to me.
Usually research projects have some senior person involved, part of whose job it is to know what has been done and what has not been done in the field. Was this not the case here?
@hpesoj626 I think it is down. I'm seeing a unavailability notice.
@Vivi just saw this comment but always beware of \color at the start of anything it's notmally only a problem in vertical mode like a p column where \leavevmode\color{... usually fixes it but it's not impossible it could mess up other constructs too
@cmhughes quite right too (but I haven't yet seen what the actual question was:-)
@FaheemMitha it is, my supervisor even is that kind of person who daily reads the arXiv feeds and goes through the new jounral issues ToCs etc., in spite of this, he didn't know of this result, it is a single-author article of a person doing something completely different as his primary research, and it wasn't published in a mainstream journal...
damn, 8 hours and @GolzanoMedina hits rep cap?
8:24 AM
@tohecz I see. That sounds unfortunate.
@FaheemMitha yeah. Shit happens, but I try to take it easy
Does the rep cap open and close start and close at the same time for everyone?
@tohecz In general, the citation network effect is strong enough in an active field that one will be led to most relevant work, but I guess it is possible for stuff to fall through the cracks.
Also proprietary journals have this maddening thing called paywalls, so you cannot even look at the article to see if it is relevant unless you pay. Of course writing to the author, if reachable, is possible, but is extra work.
8:44 AM
@David Is there a penatly mechanism to control number of lines of a paragraph? Such that setting a high number to some penalty would favorize line breaking with as few lines as possible?
8:55 AM
@tohecz not exactly but there is:
But there's one more feature,
called ``looseness''; some day you might find yourself needing it,
when you are fine-tuning the pages of a book. If you set |\looseness=1|,
\TeX\ will try to make the current paragraph one line longer than its
optimum length, provided that there is a way to choose such breakpoints
without exceeding the tolerance you have specified for the badnesses
of individual lines.
@DavidCarlisle ok, not what I would need, but thanks
@tohecz Oh in that case you may be looking for ..
\linepenalty the higher you make that the less likely long paras will be
@DavidCarlisle ok, thats it. But seems that \looseness=-1 solved @Peter 's problem ;)
@egreg: 150k+! Congrats!
@tohecz Yep, that seems to do the trick. Looks like you are able to teach @egreg a trick. :-)
@PauloCereda @egreg: Wow!! Didn't you just pass 100K a few months ago?
9:09 AM
@PeterGrill I dunno, maybe :p I was experimenting with things like \parfillskip-\rightskip and then \hspace*{0pt plus 0.5\hsize} but with no success
@PeterGrill Yes. :)
@PeterGrill btw, it might give you my 2nd tag badge today (I got my first one today and I'm two upvotes from the 2nd one)
@tohecz which badge is that?
@PeterGrill I got, follows (bronze of course)
The existence of tag badges have one very good side-effect: I tend to properly tag questions I answer ;D
@tohecz Yeah, I always forget how to look up badge progress so it usually a surprise for me when I get one.
9:13 AM
Now let's upvote @DavidCarlisle to spice up the competition. :)
@PeterGrill It shows number of answer upvotes, but number of answers+questions together (that's the only problem, you have to check how many of them are questions): tex.stackexchange.com/users/4301/peter-grill?tab=tags
(well, unless you're @DavidCarlisle or @egreg )
@tohecz oops answers crossed, I guess that's why you were asking about paragraph lines:-)
@DavidCarlisle yep :p
Operation David 100k initiated.
@DavidCarlisle @tohecz So which version is better?
9:18 AM
@PeterGrill David's one seems to better align the last example, but the beauty is in the eye of beholder ;)
@David so if I'm correct, setting \linepenalty200 would possibly shorten my document if I needed it, right?
@tohecz Oh I see. I had already switched to my real test case which did not show that effect..
@PeterGrill the differences are unrelated to your question though the main difference is that I messed with exhyphenpenalty as there are so many - in your MWE it was throwing the output
anyways, I gotta go, I leave to Marseille today and have to pack my computer and catch the Sunday service before
@DavidCarlisle Well for this case it does appears that yours works better. I'll see how they do with my real test case which have the hyphenation fix.
@tohecz yes but so would setting looseness on every paragraph the results are similar but hard to predict (the tex book has the exact formula that is being minimised but still it;s easier to just try it experimentally:-)
9:22 AM
@tohecz Thanks for your help.
@PeterGrill of course mine works better:-)
@DavidCarlisle ok I'll look into it when I'm in Prague
@DavidCarlisle :-)
I suggest @Peter ticks @David 's one and gives a bounty to me ;)
@tohecz :-)
9:25 AM
@tohecz yes @PeterGrill shouldn't forget to downvote @egreg at the same time (any question, doesn't matter which)
@DavidCarlisle :-) Difficult for me to down vote egreg. Down voting you was easy since I was trying to keep up with you earlier. :-)
Ok, gotta go really, bye
9:50 AM
Thoughts on meta.tex.stackexchange.com/questions/2579/… would be greatly appreciated: we now have a few answers and I'm keen to see what the community consensus is
10:16 AM
@PeterGrill You may not be able to read Italian, but you can look for \looseness in my book. :) Thanks for the congratulations. :)
@tohecz Find a place where they do good "bouillabaisse" and enjoy the Midi!
@JosephWright I added another answer:-)
10:42 AM
@DavidCarlisle Seen and commented on
@JosephWright yes saw that, true if it is closed before anyone does any work on it is less of an issue but I still don't see any real advantage in deleting, sx isn't running out of disk space I assume.
@DavidCarlisle No: it's more about the idea that the site has a wiki-like element, and poor questions don't actually contribute to that. As I've tried to make clear, I've no strong opinion either way, hence asking the question.
@JosephWright Yes. I don't believe that argument:-) apart from a very loose heuristic search (no more structure than just google really) I think people treat this like c.t.t and just ask their question. I don't believe the site works as some kind of encyclopaedia of tex knowledge. To make that from what we have then almost all questions would have to be heavily edited to be far more specific to a tex issue and less specific to a particular problem document.
@DavidCarlisle Well yes, this is a delicate area. Tracking some of the discussion on other sites, this can generate a lot of friction
I could guess:-)
10:54 AM
@DavidCarlisle I actually find tex.sx a useful reference. More than half the time I can find answers to my questions here. Granted, the questions are often ask in too particular a fashion and/or poorly structured.
But I can usually pull out or generalize what I need.
@JosephWright thanks for the edit, it ought to be easier to copy a comment to an answer without losing the markup. I suppose the thing to do is open the edit box for the comment copy that then cancel and delete the comment
It is much better than randomly googling for answers on the net. The tags really help, for example. Also, one can add figures and stuff.
And the overall structure of voting for answers is generally functional and useful.
I think more "reference type" questions would not hurt. Like that one about floats that some expert answered, forget who.
@FaheemMitha That's certainly the idea
@FaheemMitha yes the format (structured answers with pictures and links) makes it easier to be helpful than in the c.t.t newsgroup format of old, and yes you can use tags and things but I don't think that is the way typical questioner (who is typically a new user) works, I see same on SO people have a question and come to the site and ask the question, if they knew enough about which tags to search for they probably wouldn't need to ask
SE really should lengthen the edit window for chat postings.
It is like 2 minutes now. That's ridiculous.
10:58 AM
@FaheemMitha Make a request on the meta site :-)
@DavidCarlisle As I said, a potential source of tension
@DavidCarlisle Yes, if everyone did a little research, it would be a better site. Do people here mind if users come and ask whether a question is suitable (or has duplicates) before posting? I tend to do that when a chat room is active enough.
@JosephWright I expect this has been covered before. The meta tex.sx site, or meta stackoverflow?
Though sometimes people are just - go and ask your question already.
I could ask Gilles about the timeout thing. He is quite knowledgeable.
@FaheemMitha They could search the site, or they could read a manual, if everyone did that then traffic would be about 1% of what it is, but that is always the way. I am same for languages I only use occasionally, I've never read a javascript spec and (probably) haven't read the whole pdf manual, but I use those languages and just bluff my way through and ask questions.
@DavidCarlisle Yes, life is short and reading documentation is tiresome. Also, I personally often don't understand the documentation. Free software documentation at any rate (which is 100% what I use) is often lacking, overly laden with technical jargon and often addresses someone who is at least knowledgeable, if not an expert.
@FaheemMitha Especially on an active site like this it is much more effective (for the user) to ask a specific question and get a tailored answer than to try to adapt some previous related answer. Sure they would learn more doing the latter, and the site would be less cluttered with similar questions, but human nature is what it is.
@DavidCarlisle True. I personally do make some effort to figure stuff out myself, at least most of the time, but it can be a burden.
And nobody can be an expert on everything.
11:32 AM
Q: Problems with YAP freezing (MikTex) and other questions

Antillar MaximusI am running the latest x64 MikTex install on a Windows7-x64 machine. I use WinEdt7 as my front end. Yesterday, YAP started misbehaving. When I "Texify" anything, there are no errors but YAP freezes to the taskbar. In other words, the YAP Window will not maximize. What is going on? This happens ...

Looks like a MiKTeX bug, which makes it v. difficult to be helpful beyond 'complain to Christian S.'
11:43 AM
@JosephWright or just delete it :-)
@DavidCarlisle :-)
@JosephWright actually I think for bugs in major distributions like that it's best to leave open with an answer saying its a bug and close TL after the bug is fixed
@DavidCarlisle We had a meta question about this
Q: Questions which are bug reports

Joseph WrightFrom time to time we get questions which are due to clear bugs. In some cases it may be possible to suggest a fix: this is most likely for macro code. On the other hand, some of these questions are essentially impossible for us to work around, particularly if they are bugs in binary material such...

@JosephWright just flicked over that, so comments there seem to be generally in agreement that if it's a genuine question, an answer saying it's a bug is OK
12:35 PM
Are @JosephWright's gone. In that case I suppose I'll have to run \tracingall on beamer to see what's up, hope I have enough disk space... tex.stackexchange.com/questions/91572/…
@DavidCarlisle In beamer, changing size is strongly discouraged
1:04 PM
@JosephWright so is stopping a font size change with \let\small\footnotesize good beamer usage then:-)
@DavidCarlisle I'd have to read the code: Till hard-coded quite a lot of decisions
@JosephWright @DavidCarlisle he did: there's a raise command for the label alignment
Q: TeX commands and LaTeX commands- what's the difference? Good Introductory manual/guide to using TeX on forums?

SeraphinaTeX is the required code for writing maths on the Mathematics Stack Exchange. So I'm trying my best to learn it! I have found one guide: TEX Commands available in MathJax: http://www.onemathematicalcat.org/MathJaxDocumentation/TeXSyntax.htm#cases which is good, but I have to do a lot of scrol...

@PauloCereda I was just thinking "where do you start...."
@JosephWright @DavidCarlisle so after changing the font size labels etc. must be must be ajusted
1:07 PM
@PauloCereda We had a question before about MathJax's command coverage
@PauloCereda Looks like a 'read Not So Short' comment would be best
@JosephWright yes but this user looks like have no idea about tex so that;s not really going to help
@JosephWright Or the longtable manual. :)
@DavidCarlisle Hence second comment: we have a beginners guides question
Q: What is the best book to start learning LaTeX?

ViviWhich book (free or otherwise) was the most useful to you when you started learning LaTeX? I am frequently asked this question by friends who want to learn LaTeX, and I recommend the book which got me started, the not so short introduction to latex, but I feel that there might be better options a...

I'm thinking of LaTeX package named karma. You can't predict what this package will do to your document. You'll get what you deserved. :)
@PauloCereda actually I was thinking about suggesting:
@PauloCereda mv tikz.sty karma.sty
1:25 PM
@DavidCarlisle OMG
1:42 PM
Good Evening!
Target 1000 this year.
@kan Mine is 200K. :) Good morning (well, afternoon here). Not much time, though: in ten minutes Juve is playing.
Stumbled across stackexchange.com/about/team: the team is getting quite big
@egreg Hold on. :)
Psmith, the TeX bot, in fixed font mode: Let's take a look at the last cricket results:

- Titans 335/10 &  181/10  v Knights 42 &  475/10 *
- KwaZulu-Natal Under-19s v Free State Under-19s
- Gauteng Under-19s 451/5  v Northerns Under-19s 204/10 &  178/10 *
- North West Under-19s 140/5 &  217/10 * v Easterns Under-19s 253/10 &  157/10
- South Africa 525/8  v New Zealand 80/2 &  121/10 *
- Mid West Rhinos v Matabeleland Tuskers
- Southern Rocks v Mountaineers
- KwaZulu-Natal Inland Women 51/10 * v North West Women 297/4
@egreg Ooh! Go Juve! :)
On the team list, mouse-cover Nick Craver
1:54 PM
@JosephWright LOL
If I'm not mistaken, only Katey remembered TeX.sx on that viral video. :)
@PauloCereda What video? :)
I am not aware of this.
@kan It was a video on CHAOS guys naming all SE sites.
@PauloCereda That's the one
@JosephWright She was the only "chaotic" person who remembered us. :)
@PauloCereda I think it was not that clear even then: a bit mumbled or something?
1:58 PM
@JosephWright Yes. She says... "Health... TeX!"
To my surprise, the stereotyped nerd guy doesn't know about us.
Would it be acceptable to extend tex.stackexchange.com/questions/7265/… a bit to make it clearer? We get this quite a bit, and this seems to be the canonical question (or at least has the canonical answers).
@PauloCereda He might still be using ASCII math. :P
2:55 PM
@JosephWright Nice beard he has there.
@DavidCarlisle A LaTeX history question: why was TeX \pageno not kept and replaced with \c@page in LaTeX?
@AlanMunn so it's a counter and works as \thepage and \setcounter{page}{2} and so on
@AlanMunn: Alan! :) My Flanders and Swann collection is now playing in the iTunes library. :)
@PauloCereda You should come to Oxford, went to the pantomime yesterday and at the same theatre next week:
@DavidCarlisle Wow! Awesome! :)
3:09 PM
@PauloCereda Probably but not the high culture that we took M to see yesterday
@DavidCarlisle As long as they play the first and second laws of thermodynamics, you are safe. :)
@DavidCarlisle Yes, that's what I thought. (Question being asked by a grumpy TeX package writer and user (not me)) He only uses TeX, but all of his package users use LaTeX which he knows nothing about...
@DavidCarlisle Was it good? Whenever I've seen clips of other people doing their stuff on YouTube, I've been very disappointed. Of course I also find the clips of their late shows that they did in the States very disappointing as well. (They even changed some of the lyrics to A Song of Patriotic Prejudice, so as not to offend people, which kind of misses the point.)
@AlanMunn F and S is next week, I just happened to see the leaflet while we went to the panto (see above image)
3:17 PM
I think partially what makes the Drop of the Hat records so great is the patter between songs, and no one can replicate that.
@DavidCarlisle Oops. I didn't read your message carefully enough.
@DavidCarlisle ooh a gnother week! :)
@AlanMunn Although flanders and swann in drag might be a interesting combination:-)
@DavidCarlisle LOL
3:33 PM
!!/choose flanders-and-swann, panto
@DavidCarlisle Psmith, the TeX bot: The great oracle says: panto
@PauloCereda That's it. Psmith has got to go. :(
@AlanMunn Agreed.
!!/choose Flanders and Swann, TeX
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: The great oracle says: Flanders and Swann
!!/choose Flanders and Swann, panto
@DavidCarlisle Psmith, the TeX bot: The great oracle says: panto
3:38 PM
@DavidCarlisle Are you trying to find out if he's consistent?
oops maent to say
!!/choose TeX, panto
@DavidCarlisle Psmith, the TeX bot: The great oracle says: TeX
@PauloCereda And now he's got himself into a logical mess.
@AlanMunn yes (well at least if he was using a partial order for choice)
@AlanMunn Uh-oh. :)
!!/choose Lady Gaga, Céline Dion, tooth extraction
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: The great oracle says: tooth extraction
3:40 PM
@PauloCereda Psmith channels @egreg
!!/eightball is the great oracle reliable?
@DavidCarlisle Psmith, the TeX bot: The great 8-ball says: my sources say no.
compared to IE the wise logic shown by eightball is a refreshing change. - 2d ago by David Carlisle
@AlanMunn The number of David's messages starred in the chat is awesome. :)
3:50 PM
Well, everything that David speaks is starred by definition.
@kan Specially when he tries to convince newbies that we are mean to him. :)
!!/choose J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart, P. Glass
@egreg Psmith, the TeX bot: The great oracle says: W. A. Mozart
@AlanMunn Psmith knows better. :)
!!/choose Mozart, Salieri
3:56 PM
@AlanMunn Psmith, the TeX bot: The great oracle says: Salieri
!!/eightball Are we mean to David?
@kan Psmith, the TeX bot: The great 8-ball says: don't count on it.
So, we are not mean to you @David. :)
@AlanMunn You are mean. :)
!!/choose Mozart, Chopin, Bach, Liszt, Beethoven
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: The great oracle says: Liszt
4:06 PM
@PauloCereda He didn't take much convincing: just logged in for a couple of days and observed
@DavidCarlisle :)
@DavidCarlisle He - who? :-)
@paulo I am using your feared distro, CentOS!
@JasonBourne Oh my! :( At least it's not Ubuntu.
@PauloCereda Yes, I gave Unity one last shot a few days ago and decided it was time to end the relationship forever.
4:10 PM
Using Unity, the launcher doesn't show properly when I hide it, the close buttons sometimes disappear and the overlay scrollbars are very weird.
@JasonBourne :) I have one machine with Cinnamon and other with MATE. Both seem like good alternatives to Unity and even G3.
I went back to Unity about ten times after saying I would ditch it, and this time it is real.
Well, by G3, I meant Shell, after all Unity runs on top of G3 too. :)
@PauloCereda I tried Mate and Cinnamon too. I think I want something different from Mate, and Cinnamon is still very buggy and messy.
@JasonBourne Ah I see. Did you try XFCE?
4:12 PM
@PauloCereda Should I not be using Ubuntu too?
So, as unbelievable as it may seem, my favourite is GNOME shell!
@PauloCereda Yes, I tried xfce, lxde and kde too.
@JasonBourne Gnome shell, no.
@kan It's good for beginners. But definitely GNOME shell is neater than Unity.
@kan You are doing fine with Ubuntu, don't worry. :) I'm not a fan of Ubuntu in general.
4:14 PM
@PauloCereda OK. :)
@PauloCereda I was until Unity came out.
@JasonBourne I was "not a fan" until unity came out? Contradictions. :P
@kan In fact, Unity brought disunity!
@PauloCereda Reasons other than Unity?
@JasonBourne I was quite feral with GUI's in general in the past. Most of my work was done in pure init 3. :) My Slackware machine used to have XFCE and later GNOME 2. It was a good time. :)
4:17 PM
@PauloCereda English please!! :P
@percusse La vita e bella.
@JosephWright IMHO it's "too" user friendly. :) Trying to set up something more advanced was very painful. And I can't stand a distro where there's no root account. :) And I don't trust Canonical and that Spaceshuttle guy (I always forget his name). :)
@PauloCereda Mark Shuttleworth.
@percusse Think of a black screen with a little white prompt. :)
@JasonBourne Yes, him. :)
There is a shuttle in his name and also in the Ubuntu logo.
4:18 PM
@PauloCereda Ah much better :)
He has also visited space.
@JasonBourne Living la vida loca - Ricky Martin
@PauloCereda Having said that, he is a man of great vision. His vision and mine are just different, that's all.
@percusse Pourquoi me reveiller o souffle du printemps
I know some people consider Fedora as a technologic playground for Red Hat's enterprise business, but I think the plans for the distro are more focused.
4:20 PM
@JasonBourne Because I can :P
@PauloCereda There are ideas to make Fedora rolling.
@JasonBourne I really don't follow too much Ubuntu news, and I'm sure he has some interesting insights. I just can't stand some decisions that look like market stuff.
@JasonBourne Exactly.
@PauloCereda But I prefer a non-rolling release, which is why I don't use Arch or PCLinuxOS.
@JasonBourne Some long term distros are advisable indeed. :)
@PauloCereda I think they want to get it in the mainstream rather than an esoteric geek choice, which is self-contradictory since it's making them loose their own userbase.
4:23 PM
@percusse But the newbies to Linux still seem to like it!
@JasonBourne Indeed but it might be temporary until people realize the shortcomings
No offence, but can we get back to football discussion. It's more interesting than Linux distro discussion. :) :)
@JasonBourne I am a newbie and I like the pain I had to undergo to setup TeXLive 2012.
Yes, football! But I know nothing about it, I will just listen.
@PauloCereda Ubuntu is handy for me as a simple way to have Linux available for testing
4:25 PM
@AlanMunn You can't play some of the football games in Linux
@JasonBourne Same here
@kan OK. You may like the pain of setting up Debian next time.
@JasonBourne @Joseph Same here.
@JasonBourne I tried that once :-)
@JasonBourne I am doing it after I go to my institute,
4:26 PM
@JosephWright Debian is still my favourite distro, and CentOS is number two. =)
I am at home now.
@JosephWright It works, and I think that's good enough. :) If you need to play a little more with it, tables might get turned. :)
@JasonBourne Same here!
Haha, so many same here's!
@PauloCereda I did not get very far
@PauloCereda No X, for a start
4:27 PM
@JosephWright aaah! :)
What's X?
@JasonBourne There's a couple of die hard football fans here, but the rest of us (including me) are oblivious.
Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more...
Where X = love.
@AlanMunn I don't get what is so nice about 22 people kicking a ball around.
I like watching tennis and table tennis though. I can play table tennis in a novice way, but I can't play tennis.
4:30 PM
@kan X-windows a windowing system for Unix: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X11
@kan X is known by several names. Basically, it's the underlying system that provides GUI. :)
@AlanMunn You probably know what means to a Brazilian not having a football team, don't you? :)
Oh, Thank you @Joseph and @Paulo
Will X be replaced by Y one day?
@JasonBourne I watched some of the Olympic table tennis. It's a crazy sport when played at that level. My sport of choice is fencing, which is even more esoteric, I think.
You can even suffer bullying in school! :)
4:32 PM
@PauloCereda Oh, my!
@AlanMunn I can't do the spin. If there is no spin in table tennis, I might have a chance of getting into the Olympics team. =)
@PauloCereda That's ok. I'm a Grêmio supporter when I need to be.
@AlanMunn Exactly. :) You need to choose one for your own good. :)
Slackware is still a rock solid distro, padova runs it. :)
@kan Do you have problems playing VCDs on Ubuntu? I can play all VCDs only using MPlayer and its variants.
@JasonBourne I never use VCDs
4:45 PM
@kan OK, VCDs are commonly only in Asia. Other continents use DVDs and other media.
@JasonBourne I think you need to install non-free packages.
@JasonBourne I am an Asian.
@PauloCereda I followed all instructions on the 9000 internet pages already, trust me!
@JasonBourne 9000 has been declared unlucky.
There are different kinds of VCDs. Some other players can play some but not all of them.
4:48 PM
And mind you, my VCDs are not pirated ones!
@PauloCereda Can there be an arara rule to do something like this?: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/18987/…
@Gnintendo Yes! :)
5:07 PM
@PauloCereda Even more specifically, here's a nice paper that outlines an optimal way to optimize a PDF: tug.org/TUGboat/tb30-3/tb96szabo.pdf
5:52 PM
@JasonBourne You're quoting from Werther?
@JasonBourne You mean the bliss of setting up Debian.
@FaheemMitha Yes, I like to say that to pretend I speak French.
@FaheemMitha Yes, indeed.
@JasonBourne You should quote from Faust instead. In the original German. It's cooler.
I think people take OS's like Debian for granted. If a free software hacker from the 80s travelled forward in time, and discovered Debian, he'd probably faint.
6:14 PM
@JasonBourne Actually, I recommend Suleika 1. E.g. recmusic.org/lieder/get_text.html?TextId=17472
It's more up beat. And it has a stunning Schubert setting.
6:27 PM
@Werner Better late than never... Congratulations and welcome to the 100K+ club!
@GonzaloMedina Werner might not get the ping I think. If we type at followed by w now, there is no autocomplete. That's my own test.
6:58 PM
@tohecz Thanks.
Lo, everyone :-)
@NicolaTalbot Hello! I hope your soup is getting more delicious by the day!
@JasonBourne Yes, thanks. And managing not to make a mess :-) It was chicken and vegetable today..
@NicolaTalbot @PauloCereda took the bot for a walk.
@percusse Well, it's a good idea for it to get regular exercise :-)
@NicolaTalbot :-)
7:05 PM
All this sitting at a computer waiting for people to do !!/ is very bad for Psmith's health.
@NicolaTalbot Haha, you know about the bot too?
@JasonBourne Yeah, it's cool :-)
Hey @PauloCereda when you get back from taking Psmith for a walk, I've registered an ISBN for the duck, hat, arara story :-)
7:58 PM
@GonzaloMedina Thanks!
@JasonBourne I did receive a ping in my Inbox...
@Werner Ah yes, but I am not sure of the exact algorithm used though. Also, there might be different users with the same name, so these things don't always work.
@peterjansson: I saw that you added the tag to several questions which use JPEG images in the code but are not JPEG specific. Such tags should only be added if the question and so the answers really concerns about JPEGs, not about images in general.
@JasonBourne I see...
@NicolaTalbot You're welcome. It's untested but I suppose it works correctly
@NicolaTalbot Cool! :)
8:04 PM
@MartinScharrer if you reverted here insted of edited, would the message dissapear from the Toplist? tex.stackexchange.com/posts/25164/revisions
@tohecz No, I don't think so. Every change pushes a Q to the toplist. This is AFAIK to prevent such changes being unnoticed. Also, I tried to revert the change, but tag-only changes apparently can't be reverted.
@MartinScharrer strange, ok.
@tohecz Sorry, my mistake. You can actually revert tag-only changes. I just looked at the wrong spot. Anyway, it doesn't remove it from the edit list.
@MartinScharrer ok
@MartinScharrer Did you see my question earlier about deleting questions?
8:09 PM
@JosephWright Yes, I did.
@MartinScharrer Cool
@JosephWright So far I only deleted questions like you wrote in your answer: either completely unusable (hardly happened) or double-posts where one got migrated here (usually after merging them).
Not sure if we really have to delete "too localized" questions. Might be not a bad idea that other people can see what is too localized.
@MartinScharrer Much the same here, but I want to be sure that this is what's agreed on. As I tried to make clear, my preference is not to delete unless I'm sure the consensus is to.
@MartinScharrer Yes
@MartinScharrer Hmm, I think it should be deleted if it cannot be salvaged through editing.
@JasonBourne Feel free to answer the meta question ;-)
8:15 PM
I don't think many examples of "too localised" will help one see what that means. It is pretty clear already.
@JosephWright Hmm, on second thoughts, I think mods need not delete these as a mod's delete vote is final. One can just let the 10k users cast delete votes. Let the system take care of itself. You just sit back and relax!
@MartinScharrer Sounds reasonable. I also noted you edited the Q so the tag definitely should go.
8:33 PM
@JasonBourne The pattern is that deletion really does depend on the mods, hence asking
@JosephWright OIC. Well, I think it is very nice of you to ask, but I trust your judgment!
@JasonBourne "OIC"?
@JasonBourne The mods are servants of the community, so it's nice to know what the community wants :-)
@tohecz Oh I see. =)
@tohecz It also stands for overall-in-charge.
8:35 PM
@JasonBourne And well, the fact that there are moderators doesn't mean so much. The idea of SX is that it is the community who should discuss the site's well-being.
@JasonBourne OIC! :)
@tohecz (with nothing against the moderators)
8:53 PM
@tohecz We aim to please and serve you right ;-)
@JosephWright :)
@Joseph Wright: Can you change revision comments? I just made a rollback to LaTeX Introductions in languages other than English, because I had forgotten, that I cannot add remarks then. I added a comment below the answer, but there are so many (too many?), that it easily can be overread, I think.
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