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12:00 AM
Jason Bourne?
Alter ego of Matt Damon?
@PauloCereda Yes.
anyways, gotta go, so good night
@tohecz The high ranked ones have many accepted answers in the first year of TeX.SX.
@egreg yeah, problem of statistics. But still, it's interesting. Originally, I wanted to be sure I'm not "abnormally low-voted"
12:10 AM
@tohecz Good night. It's almost bed time also for me.
12:21 AM
@NicolaTalbot American (babel package is loaded)
@tohecz If you were you could get a gold badge for it like me:-) stackoverflow.com/users/1158383/david-carlisle?tab=badges
12:38 AM
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, why is the test on the same line as the first:
\mathrm{Force} = \mathrm{mass} \times \mathrm{acceleration}\\
@DavidCarlisle Surely I'm missing something ^ ?
oh, I need to use the gather environment
@DavidCarlisle 3976 Users earned this badge. There is something fundamentally wrong about SO.
1:24 AM
Q: \begin{document} Undefined control sequence

user4299I just have copied of Lyx files to one computer to another and i am facing above subjected problem. Complete log is given below. This is pdfTeX, Version 3.1415926-2.4-1.40.13 (MiKTeX 2.9) (preloaded format=pdflatex 2012.12.19) 8 JAN 2013 21:37 entering extended mode **chapter-1.tex (C:\Users\Ma...

Good day. I tried to turn the log posted into code environment but it says that number of characters allowed to add/edit or something like that is only up to 30000, so, in short, it can't be edited without removing part of the log. Up to OP? It looks awfully long though.
1:56 AM
@DavidCarlisle Just read the thread about this. Well, I think it is up to OP or mods.
5 hours later…
6:36 AM
@tohecz Sometimes, you remain in the chat even after trying to leave and restarting your computer...
7:29 AM
@DavidCarlisle Doesn't SO perform like "Unsung Hero = User with at least cca 35 answers" ?
8:23 AM
@Gnintendo Okay, that's why it's just showing a plain number as it's using \ordinaldateamerican
You can use \ordinalnum instead (which is what \ordinaldateenglish does)
9:16 AM
@percusse don't you like my badge:(
@DavidCarlisle <3
!0k+ users only.
The user is recommending Mico's own package as solution. :P
Hey look, a fncychap question! Where's @egreg? :)
9:38 AM
@PauloCereda Here I am! Werner is at 100027! Congratulations!
@egreg Oh my!
@Werner: Congrats!
@Werner Hereby I recognize you as the third honourable member of the 100K club! Welcome!
I recognise myself as a member of the 2k club. =)
@PauloCereda What's fncychap? ;-)
@egreg I don't know. :)
9:49 AM
@NicolaTalbot Just stumbling through chat rooms, a more refined version of the \frame around the whole tikzpicture is to put \draw (current bounding box.north west) rectangle (current bounding box.south east); at various points in the picture.
10:10 AM
About showing the box I asked yesterday: is there a way to print the output to another file instead of appending it to the log?
:7591897yess/no you can \shipout\mybox which makes a page with just that box (no header/footer then use some pdf tool to grab that page
@DavidCarlisle Hm interesting. I was thinking of a different file with an arbitrary extension. :)
@egreg see how true the starred comment about you on the right is, I had to upvote your baselineskip answer (well I suppose the fact that I saw your answer means the comment is false but...)
@PauloCereda extracting pages from a pdf is actually pretty easy (pdf is designed to make it easy) so it works OK in practice.
@DavidCarlisle Well, also yours works, but a LaTeX solution seemed better.
@DavidCarlisle We want to complicate things, it's way funnier. :)
10:19 AM
@egreg I must be slipping I couldn't see exactly where in minipage contortions it was losing the stretch so I just gave up and went back to vbox:-)
@PauloCereda If you mean the "log bit", no, it can't be saved in another file.
@DavidCarlisle The "outer" option is passed also as "inner", so you had "center" the contents (\vfill<contents>\vfill); I guess that also saying \baselineskip=1\baselineskip plus 1filll would do. :)
@PauloCereda oh you mean the tracing output not the typeset output? No it has to go to the log but that's what the latex test suites perl does extract and clean up bits of the log output and put in other files as a post-process.
@egreg Yes, that's what I meant. :) No problem, I'll parse it. :)
@egreg I tried three l as my initial answer but it didn't stretch
@DavidCarlisle Hopefully dandelion will be the replacement of the Perl approach. :)
10:24 AM
@DavidCarlisle Actually there is a small difference: the "last depth" is kept "inside" the box with [c] and filll; it isn't with [s] and fill
Anyone want to help me test something on SE?
@egreg I probably mis-typed th enumber of ls: my typong isnt alwys tht acurate
@Manishearth About what?
@Manishearth Hello!
ooh a chemist! :) Let's summon @JosephWright and have a cage fight. :)
@egreg Just flag physics.stackexchange.com/questions/48706/… with a custom flag.
@PauloCereda I'm not a chemist, I'm a physics student :P
@PauloCereda he's a chemist? Or just another mod?
If it's a chemist cage fight I'd lose badly.
10:28 AM
@Manishearth Oops sorry. :) I saw you are a pro tem mod in Chemistry. :)
@Manishearth Sorry, but my physics ended many years ago.
@Manishearth Both. :)
But, if it's a mod cage fight, I ought to win, I have an extra diamond to spare :D
@PauloCereda cool :)
@JosephWright some blatant promotion then (since you're a chemist):
Comic Sans!
10:30 AM
Someone flag (I mod Physics as well, don't worry about the flag)!
@PauloCereda eh, not my doing :P
@Manishearth Do we need to register?
@PauloCereda yeah.. :/
@DavidCarlislei: any cricket updates from the last game?
@Manishearth I can't, sorry: I don't subscribe to the site.
10:32 AM
Hold on, let me register.
Yay! :)
OK, I'm registered. What do I do now?
Flag physics.stackexchange.com/questions/48706/… with a custom flag. Make it say "against homework policy" or something
@PauloCereda well we lost:-) (that was a warm up match, the first one day international is on the 11'th but Psmith would have known that you could have asked him)
10:34 AM
Psmith, the TeX bot, in fixed font mode: Let's take a look at the last cricket results:

- Jharkhand 401/10  v Punjab 341/2 *
- Saurashtra 469/10 &  320/3 * v Karnataka 396/10
- Mumbai 645/9 &  90/1 * v Baroda 271/10
- Central Zone (Bangladesh) 479/4 * v East Zone (Bangladesh)
- South Zone (Bangladesh) 205/10  v North Zone (Bangladesh) 291/10 &  121/3 *
- Ragama Cricket Club 206/9  v Colts Cricket Club 65/5 *
- Matabeleland Tuskers v Mashonaland Eagles 155/9 *
- Mountaineers v Mid West Rhinos 210/6 *
@Manishearth Done.
Thanks :)
@PauloCereda You'll make @Manishearth jealous I bet the chat rooms he moderates haven't got an automated bot giving cricket scores
@DavidCarlisle LOL
Psmith, the TeX bot, in fixed font mode: Let's take a look at the last cricket results:

- Jharkhand 401/10  v Punjab 341/2 *
- Saurashtra 469/10 &  320/3 * v Karnataka 396/10
- Mumbai 645/9 &  90/1 * v Baroda 271/10
- Central Zone (Bangladesh) 479/4 * v East Zone (Bangladesh)
- South Zone (Bangladesh) 205/10  v North Zone (Bangladesh) 291/10 &  121/3 *
- Ragama Cricket Club 206/9  v Colts Cricket Club 65/5 *
- Matabeleland Tuskers v Mashonaland Eagles 155/9 *
- Mountaineers v Mid West Rhinos 210/6 *
10:36 AM
!!/eightball Is there any better chatroom than ours?
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: The great 8-ball says: yes, definitely.
Stupid bot.
@PauloCereda What??
@Jake A bug, definitely. :P
@DavidCarlisle Technically, I moderate all chat rooms :)
!!/eightball Are you buggy?
10:37 AM
@Jake **Psmith, the TeX bot:** The great *8-ball* says: cannot predict now.
Psmith, the TeX bot, in fixed font mode: Let's take a look at the last CTAN news:

- New on CTAN: tikzinclude (delayed announcement) (Mon, 07 Jan 2013 15:54:30 GMT)
- CTAN Update: progressbar (Mon, 07 Jan 2013 15:48:18 GMT)
- New on CTAN: threadcol (Mon, 07 Jan 2013 06:47:09 GMT)
- New on CTAN: sa-tikz (delayed announcement) (Mon, 07 Jan 2013 00:19:48 GMT)
- CTAN update: tikzscale (delayed announcement) (Mon, 07 Jan 2013 00:17:01 GMT)
That one.
!!/choose cricket, physics
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: The great oracle says: physics
Psmith is not in a good mood today.
@PauloCereda ??
@Manishearth We asked our bot to choose an option. :)
awesome, is there a script for this?
10:40 AM
!!/answer Define the second law of thermodynamics.
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: In a system, a process that occurs will tend to increase the total entropy of the universe.
Replace question by answer. We are trying Wolfram Alpha now. :)
@PauloCereda Nice!
@PauloCereda Nice!
@Manishearth :)
!!/answer tell me a joke.
@DavidCarlisle Psmith, the TeX bot: Q: What is lavender and commutes? A: An Abelian semigrape. :: (according to what passes for mathematical humor (sorry, I only know mathematical jokes), drawn from several sources but primarily from P. Renteln and A. Dundes in their paper "Sampling of Mathematical Folk Humor" in Notices of the American Mathematical Society, vol. 52, pp. 24-34, 2005)
@PauloCereda Nice!
11:10 AM
Q: Add tif image to LaTex

user2168I have to add .tif graphic in my LaTeX file, but it is not working. \usepackage{graphicx} \begin{figure}[h] \begin{center} \includegraphics[width=15mm]{myGraphic.tif} \end{center} \end{figure} After some research, .tif files won't work in pdfLaTeX or something. But I need to ha...

Do we need a better 'definitive' answer here?
@JosephWright Like a canonical image format answer?
@PauloCereda No, one specifically about TIFF images
It's come up twice in two days
@JosephWright Ah I see.
@PauloCereda Perhaps an answer to that question would do it
@JosephWright Good idea.
11:24 AM
@corentin As detailed just above this, I wonder if the new question on TIFF files is best used as a definitive answer for this issue (with a link to the broader 'which graphics formats work with TeX' question).
@JosephWright As I commented on that question it isn't clear if the user should be including into latex at all (if so as you say converting to png is the thing to do) the instructions probably relate to supplying images as separate files (of course they are probably 20 years out if date and just sending a single inclusive pdf would in fact be fine:-)
@DavidCarlisle Yes: we still have that sort of thing. I get fed up with journals asking for TIFF and EPS graphics and then getting very pixelated output (when I can see they use a TeX-based backend)
@JosephWright Some maths programs still output as TIFF as default, if I recall correctly.
BTW, suggestion on a name for a LaTeX log parser for bibliograhpy stuff? :)
12:10 PM
iTunes library updated. :)
12:36 PM
@JosephWright Using epstopdf is easier for doing convert:
\epstopdfDeclareGraphicsRule{.tif}{png}{.png}{convert #1 \OutputFile}

And, assuming bash, it's not necessary to use -shell-escape, provided we augment the set of allowed programs in the restricted shell:
shell_escape_commands="$(kpsewhich --var-value=shell_escape_commands)convert," pdflatex filename
@PauloCereda The idea above might be implemented in arara. You might specify the list of programs you want to allow.
Still risky to use, but less risky than allowing any program
@egreg Hm interesting. I need to investigate how to do it.
12:55 PM
@egreg odd I didn't see your left superscript answer, until I got the users comment but it claims that you posted first, maybe firefox updated but the answer was just scrolled off, never sure how often the page refreshes happen
@DavidCarlisle You were just one minute late. :)
@egreg I shouldn't have made the image:-) oh wait a minute, page updated again.. I got the tick:-)
@egreg, David Carlisle: You both are my heroes. I flipped a coin and accepted the second answer. — Jesko Hüttenhain 7 mins ago
!!/choose egreg, David
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: The great oracle says: David
Good choice
!!/answer is it fair to flip a coin?
1:00 PM
@DavidCarlisle Psmith, the TeX bot: I'm sorry, no answers.
!!/answer coin flip
@DavidCarlisle Psmith, the TeX bot: :: tails
!!/answer roll dice
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: :: (assuming fair 6-sided dice)
@egreg Still needs convert
@egreg Can't assume Unix, let alone bash!
@JosephWright Of course: TIFF is not accepted as is. But the syntax is surely handier.
@egreg I did link to the other question, but feel free to edit
1:08 PM
In Windows, there's something even trickier: convert is already a Windows program, so Imagick's one has to have priority in the path.
@PauloCereda The usual air conditioner problem
@egreg Exactly. :)
@PauloCereda yes it's always scary when you forget to change that and you try to convert an eps file and it asks you if you want to convert your filesystem....
@DavidCarlisle Indeed. :)
@PauloCereda at least it asks first
1:22 PM
@DavidCarlisle That's a relief. :)
Q: Undesired coloring of `\graffito{...}` in `classicthesis` and `arsclassica`

Stefano BragagliaGood morning. Is any of you familiar with the classicthesis and arsclassica packages? I am using them for my PhD thesis, they are great, but I encountered a minor problem. classicthesis defines the \graffito{...} command which is used to add a small note on the external margin of the page. The...

% Graffiti as in GKP's book "Concrete Mathematics"
% thanks to Lorenzo Pantieri and Enrico Gregorio
@PauloCereda Looking at it.
@egreg EG strikes again. :)
!!/texdef wlog
Psmith, the TeX bot, in fixed font mode: Here's the output from texdef:

macro:->\immediate \write \m@ne
OMG it works.
@egreg: Oh no, @DavidCarlisle answered the question! You should definitely try to steal the green tick! :)
@PauloCereda I wish people wouldn't release these buggy packages....
@DavidCarlisle: "Sorry, its not my fault:-)" LOL
@DavidCarlisle LOL
1:48 PM
Yay, 149002. :) By Monday it should be 150K+ :) Where's @Werner? We need him to party!
@egreg Oh my! :)
:set party-mode on
^^ @DavidCarlisle
I'm thinking of patching \printbibliography to include the savebox dump inside the macro. I think I should do something with the optional arguments?
Too dangerous?
@PauloCereda well it will stop the bibliography from being printed until you unbox that box?
@DavidCarlisle It's OK. :) I was afraid of some sort of side effects. :)
Speaking of which, where does \printbibliography process optional arguments?
!!/texdef -t latex -p biblatex printbibliography
Psmith, the TeX bot, in fixed font mode: Here's the output from texdef:

\protected macro:->\begingroup \edef \on@line {\on@line }\@ifnextchar [{\blx@printbibliography } {\blx@printbibliography []}
@PauloCereda well what is the original definition of \printbibliography (I couldn't see it anywhere)
@DavidCarlisle That one. :)
2:01 PM
@PauloCereda oh biblatex
I can say
@PauloCereda well since you have }} afer oldprintbibliography it had better not have any arguments (optional or otherwise)
with biblatex
@DavidCarlisle oh!
Q: Is a coin toss fair?

CarraI've just seen a referee use a coin toss to decide who will start a match which got me thinking, coins aren't perfectly symmetric. Our euro coins have the value on one side, a country specific image on the other side so does this change the heads/tails chance? Leaving the possibility that it lan...

@PauloCereda do \renewcommand\printbibliograhy[1][]{\save.... \oldprintbibliography[#1]}}} assuming that [] is the same as the default action
2:06 PM
@DavidCarlisle ooh! Thanks.
!!/eightball is it fair to flip a coin?
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: The great 8-ball says: yes, definitely.
!!/eightball is it fair to flip a coin?
@DavidCarlisle Psmith, the TeX bot: The great 8-ball says: only egreg knows the answer.
hee hee
I feel hacked now.
It's even more fun when two mods do it to each other
2:12 PM
@egreg an intruder has deleted you ^^^^
@DavidCarlisle Paulo can always put him back :P
@Manishearth Not anymore. :) The time is up. :)
Oh no!
! LaTeX Error: \printbibliograhy undefined.

See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation.
Type  H <return>  for immediate help.

l.5 \renewcommand\printbibliograhy
@David, we had no luck. :)
@PauloCereda not for me :)
@PauloCereda Typo
2:18 PM
@JosephWright oopsie
@PauloCereda fixed
Where's that starred message of David telling about typos?
<argument> ...parboxrestore \oldprintbibliography
I would suggest closing this one as a duplicate or post linked by Qrrbrbirlbel, even though it is not "exact duplicate" -- your opinions?
Q: Why do we have something like "-3.5ex \@plus‎ -‎1ex \@minus‎ -‎.2ex" instead of a fixed value?

SisabeIn the book class, we have the following. ‎\newcommand\section{\@startsection {section}{1}{\z@}%‎ ‎{-3.5ex \@plus‎ -‎1ex \@minus‎ -‎.2ex}%‎ ‎{2.3ex \@plus.2ex}%‎ ‎{\normalfont\Large\bfserie...

@tohecz yes the question was "what does plus mean" so about glue rather than about section commands, so I think it's duplicate
3:05 PM
@Werner is here! Congrats!
@PauloCereda occasion?
@Manishearth Our third 100K+ user. :)
@PauloCereda Thanks!
@egreg is the master of ceremonies. :)
@PauloCereda oooo
@Werner congrats then!
3:06 PM
@Manishearth Thanks!
!!/eightball Will I ever reach 100k?
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: The great 8-ball says: you need to use emacs.
^^ @DavidCarlisle
This bot is plotting against me.
My gift: I have pinned the message in the star list :)
@PauloCereda That isn't a "No"...
@Werner Suggesting emacs to a vim power user is not healthy. :)
Are there different kind of stars one can see in chat?
...no, I'm not drunk...
3:09 PM
@Werner a pin means that the message stays on the top of the list for a week
Room owners and mods only
@Manishearth Ahhh, star outlines.
@Werner yeah. So there are black stars (messages others have starred), yellow stars (messages you have starred), black outlines (pins), and black outlines with yellow filling (pins which you have starred)
Like so
@Manishearth Yuppers. Thanks for the wiki-response.
!!/eightball Can I have a cookie?
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: The great 8-ball says: most likely.
@Manishearth We've never bothered with that
3:19 PM
@egreg Thanks. It's been a memorable journey within a great community!
@Werner congrats.
@DavidCarlisle Thanks!
@DavidCarlisle No quite the opposite but it's next to impossible to acquire that here. And how come people click the green tick but not the arrow just above it is beyond me. And all 4000 of those users mean SO doesn't vote.
@Werner Congratulations!
@percusse Maybe they reached their 40 votes prior to accepting ...
@mafp I doubt it.
3:34 PM
@percusse Thanks!
Journey to the 21k votes
Just back from the lecture! I also talked about Fibonacci. :)
@Werner Congratulations again!
@egreg ooh rabbits! :)
@JosephWright should I unpin?
3:53 PM
As long as Psmith is alive, we should be ok.
!!/eightball are you alive?
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: The great 8-ball says: as I see it, yes.
@PauloCereda does it choose randomly from a list or are you typing the answer every time?
@Manishearth It's a script, don't worry. :)
!!/eightball hello
@Manishearth Psmith, the TeX bot: The great 8-ball says: cannot predict now.
We have a bot in the mod room (a server side one, not a JS one). It's fun messing with it. (does very limited things, though)
3:57 PM
@Manishearth Cool. :)
I was thinking of adding some sentence generation based on Markov Chains, but it would be very costly.
SE could have a chat API for us, so I could write a IRC-based one. :)
@PauloCereda Make it query stackapps.com/questions/306/…
something like
!!/flack Manishearth
@Manishearth Psmith, the TeX bot: I'm deeply sorry, old chap, but the command flack does not exist.
@Manishearth Psmith, the TeX bot: I'm deeply sorry, old chap, but the command die does not exist.
scratches chin
4:00 PM
I disabled most of the commands from the original chatbot. :)
I didn't know it existed, though I kinda hoped it did
@Manishearth die exists. :)
What is that symbol I use when two events are independent in probability, like \models but rotated 90 degrees?
@PauloCereda throwing out easy questions just so @egreg picks up 15pt I know your game
@DavidCarlisle :)
4:04 PM
@DavidCarlisle Are there bonus points for using \interactionmode?
@egreg well you're rep cap anyway (I assume) so you get 15 from Paulo and that's all.
@DavidCarlisle Strangely enough, I am. :)
@PauloCereda You really could write a lightweight flack generator, use this api
4:29 PM
@Manishearth It's OK, after a little while working out how to I have :-)
@JosephWright ah :)
sorry about that :s
@Manishearth No problem
@Manishearth I guess elsewhere this is used a lot?
@JosephWright yep
@Manishearth I wonder why
for random "important" stuff, as well as really important stuff
4:30 PM
Hey @werner you are in the 100k club!
@JaakkoSeppälä \coprod or \amalg.
@JasonBourne It's very exclusive. :)
@JaakkoSeppälä See also the answers to this (but highlights a slightly different context, where this symbol is common, HTH):
Q: Mathematical symbol for disjoint set union

jonnyIn our lecture script, we use the notion of disjoint set union. It uses a special symbol to differentiate the disjoint from the usual set union, where we add an extra dot inside of the \cup symbol. Is there something like a \bigudot? Or any other way to add a centered dot to any symbol?

@PauloCereda There are a few on math as well, but none on Eng.
@PauloCereda Happy to see you liked my answer. :)
4:33 PM
@egreg Thank you very much, it is very didactic (as always). :) Sorry if it was a newbie question.
@JaakkoSeppälä I left a comment on the question about it; Look for \independent in the Comprehensive List (texdoc symbols).
@PauloCereda Well, as I said before, there's the bonus of \interactionmode (which is a very welcome e-TeX extension).
@egreg Indeed! :)
Another one on my tab. :)
@PauloCereda 99 beers on the wall, ...
@egreg BeerOverflow soon. :)
@PauloCereda We could propose beer.stackexchange.com
4:36 PM
@egreg Did I just say something wrong about @JaakkoSeppälä's question?
@egreg Yay! :)
@kan No, why? But the symbol is slightly different, I believe.
@egreg I am worried I might have actually confused the user.
@JosephWright It's useful if you want your community to notice something. In TL it's used for important announcements (since the stars are used for random funny stuff at times). In my chat rooms I use it for site-specific announcements/etc
@egreg Okay. That looks a bit like the symbol I want. In my opinion the vertical lines are too near each others but it might by a viewer issue.
4:39 PM
@Manishearth I always find the TL a strange place :-)
Yep :D
!!/eightball Is TL a strange place?
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: The great 8-ball says: signs point to yes.
@Manishearth I guess if we have anything important it goes on meta as 'featured', as that shows up for everyone and not just the chat regulars
@JaakkoSeppälä Just act on \mkern2mu; try with \mkern4mu to double the space.
@PauloCereda Spot on
4:40 PM
@JosephWright :)
(My bad, I have not been following Main these days.)
@JosephWright true. But its nice to get extra attention from chat users as well. And some things aren't important enough to go to meta as
For example, this one:
@egreg Thanks a lot!
@Manishearth I guess we just rely on the democratic process: if enough people think it's interesting it will get lots of stars
Our room is less active, so sometimes these things get ignored
4:43 PM
For example:
Mar 26 '12 at 19:37, by David Carlisle
@Canageek moral of the story: never read the documentation, bad things happen
Btw, find at least one serious mistake in this recent question:
Q: Wedge with vertical bar

SaewI'm making a summary sheet of a course in LaTeX. There are, however, I have no idea how to draw two of the symbols. One of them is some sort of \wedge with a vertical bar through it, the other a \vee with a vertical bar through it, as shown below: Any ideas how I could compose such a symbol?

@JosephWright I think I have just voted to close but linked a wrong post, but I can't see how I voted. Can you look into it?
Q: From .tex to .doc format. Is it possible?

Ford Prefectsorry, this can be a stupid question... My teacher wants a .doc file and I wrote my work in LaTeX. Is it possible to export a .tex format file to a .doc one? (Without the copy-paste method obviously)

Yeh latex to plain tex convertor written: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/91042/…
@DavidCarlisle :-)
@DavidCarlisle I suspect this is one of the weird pieces of 'homework' that comes up, where the expectation is that they'll recode everything in plain (so define for example \section themselves, do cross-references manually, etc.)
@JosephWright ok good.
@JosephWright btw it's quite stupid that I cannot see my vote
4:55 PM
@tohecz Probably deliberate: you can't see who voted and can only see the names of voters 'after the fact'
@JosephWright you mean you don't think the OP is going to be happy with my answer? :(
@DavidCarlisle It's perfectly reasonable, but I suspect not what they are expected to produce. There have been a few of those ('I'm not allowed to use package X but have to do it by hand ...')
I could suggest crocodile/broccolli/debroglie.
@DavidCarlisle Why didn't you write an answer to my bibliography question? You could try to steal egreg's green tick. :)
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