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1:10 AM
Implementing a Microcontroller with an Iphone App to Control household lights? http://ur.ly/GW7s #arduino
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2:48 AM
@NickT I have already started queries related to this. Actually a day ago. The question related to names was nice. I still think chiphacker was an excellent name, but may drive professionals away a bit.
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4:12 AM
Why does radar processing always require FIR filters? http://ur.ly/GWRA #dsp
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7:14 AM
Poles and Zeros in English http://ur.ly/GY3V #control
7:33 AM
@Jin, Thank you for putting time into the design and dealing with our opinions(which you did well).
@jin, I am looking forward to seeing it at the launch
@Kortuk oh my pleasure. btw, the site logo text will be "Electronics Design"
does that sound ok? I do believe simply "Electronics" is too broad
@Jin, That sounds great. I know where you got it from.
@jin, as long as in the future if the community changes their mind there is a possibility of changing it. I was worried we might get electronics but you made good calls on everything else, so I let it hang loose and relax.
I thought about Electronics Engineering, as one of the suggestions. but i feel it's a bit too academic?
I think "Design" covers more, and has a wider appeal
@Jin, yes, the only problem with Electronics Design is that it does not cover some wiring stuff, but we are probably better off.
@jin, I like it and I am sure we will all grow to like it.
afk one second.
8:05 AM
@jin, I am betting you had no luck with the old logo from chiphacker rights.
I accepted there was probably not going to be enough time.
Nor a serious need, just a nice little facet of the community that started the site.
@Kortuk i can add it to the CAPTCHA image. so it still be seen more often
however, i haven't had time to inquire about the usage rights.
@jin, Yeah, I knew that takes work.
No worries!
I am pretty excited.
the site will definitely launch today(Mon) around 3pm EST
Nice, I wake up around then.
that's the Apple touch icon for the site
8:08 AM
and the favicon. the css conversion has been completed. but i'm testing for bugs
8:28 AM
@jin, Nice, what are you using for up and down votes, or should I wait and be surprised?
Hmm, I like it, but I think noone ever suggested a basic diode.
a diode?i thought that's an amplifier
No, sorry, I spoke wrong.
That is an amplifier.
diode would be solid with a line right?
8:31 AM
I think no one ever suggested a plane and simple diode.
Yes, solid line at the end of the arrow
It might be more clearly electronics, but I like it, and I really like the star.
i didn't want to go too fancy or different for the arrows and star, because in my experience when i did it for the other sites, people would complain about they're not clear enough.
Ahh, good point.
It is definitely clearly an upvote.
i haven't been able to make the tags to look like the ones in my mockup, due to some css constraints, but i'm still working on it
Nice, this is why they pay you and not me.
I am aweful at design, my last job hired me for that to let me try it out and moved me to firmware in 3 months,
i also removed the wiring completely from the header breadboard
i felt when i had the 2 wires on there before, it seemed as if i wanted to have a working set up, which is pretty impossible :)
8:34 AM
Yeah, @jin I think the current look of the top is clean and stylish.
can you please tell me how to make a grpah in matlab
@Kortuk this design has gone through a few tweaks. the original one looked almost photo realistic. instagr.am/p/CPpU1
@tina, plot function works.
@jin, I like the current one alot
@Kortuk i hope users will like it. i know those who participated in the Meta design discussion are just a tiny fraction of the overall user base
in my experience, when the site launches, you'll see more people visiting meta and comment on the design.
@Jin Nice
8:45 AM
in did
@kortuuk i did
but did not get raph
plot(1:10,1:10), you will get a graph
lemme try
i want this:
>> plot cos((2*pi*220*t))+cos(2*pi*180*t)
buit it give me error
That is not how it works. type "help plot"
i want plot that above statement
Good, you need to learn how
9:06 AM
@tina, these are things you can get from the help on matlab, it is very important you learn how to learn these things, I still regularly use matlab help.
9:19 AM
hmm ok
9:39 AM
@tina, you never memorize all of matlab, instead you just learn to use help and find what you need.
@tina, I will gaurantee the help has an example of plotting a cos
i am fe3d now
in hurry i cnat find
i have presentation on wednesday
can you please tell me commad
i cant find in hurry
i have presentation on wednesday
i write y = y = [5 + 4cos(40*pi*t)]* cos(400*pi*t)
but give me erorr
10:12 AM
VHDL: integers for synthesis? http://ur.ly/GXDB #vhdl
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11:35 AM
@tina That is because it is not write, there is help in the help.
@tina Wed is 2 days away.
no i have other work also
thats y i am asking
i am trying to safe time for other works
so i need to ask
can you please teel me
12:01 PM
12:13 PM
I told you how plot works, with the simple example plot(1:10,1:10)
you can play with the parameters and learn more.
You can use help, which I am sure helps with that.
12:24 PM
hmm ok thanks
i try to find out
1:13 PM
How many Malayalam channels in Airtel DTH? http://ur.ly/GXV9 #bus
2:08 PM
@tina here's a direction to look... matlab is very much like programming, all variables have to be defined before using them. so t has to be defined some how. you can simulate a time axis by doing t = 0:.0025:1 <-this will be steps of .0025 between 0 seconds and 1 second. you can change any of those numbers that you want.
@Jin I lived with a graphic designer for about 3 years. he made a tshirt design for an engineering society. He drew a building (like the one that we work out of) and put 3 stories of windows on it even though the building is 4 stories. he was given trouble by all of the engineers for it, but he did it because the extra level just made the graphic too cluttered... figured you might get a kick out of that after dealing with people like us.
allo @reemrevnivek
BTW, the feed in here is a great idea.
Renaming the site "Electronics", however, is a bad idea.
@reemrevnivek agreed. I like Electronics Design. but not sure if they would be stepping on the legal trademark toes of electronicdesign.com
although, electronicsdesign.com is up for sale :-D
2:36 PM
@reemrevnivek I think everyone unanimously agrees :)
3:20 PM
Posted by Robert Cartaino on October 5th, 2010

Friday night we rolled back the domain name of our first out-of-beta website. After less than 24 hours of existing on the internet, nothingtoinstall.com was reverted to its original public beta name – webapps.stackexchange.com.

We’re sorry for springing this on you at the last minute but – at least at the time – it felt like circumstances didn’t give us much choice.

With deep concerns about domain name choices for the 20+ ongoing public betas and some negative feedback about breaking up the network into smaller domains, we made the snap decision to roll back the name change we had launched barely a day before. We felt that rolling back ASAP was preferable to letting problems grow exponentially through the next week while we discussed and voted and debated. That’s not an excuse; just an explanation. In hindsight, dealing with the community and the repercussions of our decisions should have taken precedence. …

@BG100, and everyone else, stop asking/worrying about that. It's irrelevant.
4:08 PM
Micro-controller to develop application for Android http://ur.ly/GYVe #microcontroller
1 hour later…
5:34 PM
@NickT I am not sure what you mean by it being irrelevant. It is relevant, but domain name and name of site are 2 different questions to be asked instead of 1.
@NickT i love AS. lastnight's ATHF got me watching this over 'n over youtube.com/watch?v=UQvLKYu7izQ
can't be good for you
that song is sooo catchy
is stuck in my head :P
7:08 PM
I was just running through the "Tools" pages, trying to clean up the site for launch, when I got an error page. Now, I've lost the "Tools" link!
Launch is imminent!
the dev team is prepping the launch, while i'm testing for some last minute css bugs
Why does rectification of a digital signal double the frequency content? http://ur.ly/GZUW #dsp
(the launch, that is, not the loss of privileges.... Oh well. 3.325k rep to go, and I'll have them back.)
YAY :)
7:10 PM
Hey, good to see that the URLs in the feed are being linked now...
@reemrevnivek really appreciate your help through the design process.

> This Page Cannot Be Displayed

> Based on your corporate access policies, this web site ( http://ur.ly/GZUW ) has been blocked because it has been determined by Web Reputation Filters to be a security threat to your computer or the corporate network. This web site has been associated with malware/spyware.

> Threat Type: Phishing
> Threat Reason: URI was found in spam messages, but not legitimate email. Identified as a phishing or spam-related site.

> If you have questions, please contact Help Desk ( helpdesk@[scrubbed].com ) and provide the codes shown below. If you believe thi
@Jin - Glad to help!
the theme for this chatroom and the twitter account have been styled too
@StackElectronix, The Stack Exchange network
521 tweets, 12 followers, following 0 users
the chatroom theme will kick in once the site launches.
btw are Lego Mindstorm questions allowed on the site?
I'm thinking about getting it, but I'm sure I'll have a lot of questions for it
7:15 PM
@Jin - Those are probably more robotics oriented.
We've had that discussion before, a couple times.
ah ok. makes sense.
more reasoning for a separate robotics site then!
The kicker was that the Lego mentality - Buy blocks, put them together and build something - extends to the Mindstorm. The users of that product didn't seem to want to do engineering, they wanted it to "just work" - Which is OK, but not within the scope of this site.
BAM! new site!
Technical questions about Mindstorms are unlikely to be closed automatically, but basic questions are.
@Kellenjb oh really? damn they didn't even tell me about the launch.
7:17 PM
i just now noticed
@Kellenjb - You're not more than 2 minutes late, don't worry about it.
yes, the site went live 3 minutes ago
@balpha is the Chatroom God. he made all this stuff. :)
Thanks, @Balpha - is Chat going to get an update soon as well?
7:20 PM
press F5
Wow, that was quick!
I love launch days!
@reemrevnivek - You're not more than 2 minutes late, don't worry about it. :-D
Q: New Design Launched

JinHi All, as you can see the new design just went live. Which means this site has been officially launched! Congratulations! Thank you for your valuable design feedback. If you're still seeing the old favicons, please load the follow urls and do a hard browser refresh. http://sstatic.net/electron...

if you find css bugs, please let me know. or any other usability related issues.
just be sure to start a new post. I use our SE tags to track "design" and "bug" posts.
@Jin, @Balpha - There's some weird aliasing going on in the lower-right corner of this very chat room with the ED logo:
7:23 PM
Not that i see
actually, it looks different for me in firefox then it does in chrome
bah i messed up on the Meta favicon, it's using the colored version from the main site..
i put in a fix for it. it will be in the next build
^^That is what I am seeing in firefox, but chrome looks just like @balpha posted
yeah, I can imagine. Firefox' image scaling is... sub-par, to say it nicely :\
yep, seeing the same thing in FF
7:30 PM
time to start building more rep :-)
Anyhow, congrats on your launch, people!
I feel like a big boy now.
@balpha thank you
@Kellenjb thank you and others, for being an awesome community.
"A Snickers bar, for example, has more energy in it than a hand grenade..." http://t.co/U97su4V
watch the viewcount blow up..
@balpha Thank you!
@Jin Thank you for the beautiful new design
7:43 PM
@DanielGrillo my pleasure. let me know if you see any styling bugs.
@Jin No bugs until now.
Thanks and congrats for all community!
Hot damn, this is fancy.
Grats on your brand new design!
8:15 PM
@Jin I laughed at that
@failbadp Thank you, it is sexy
8:44 PM
uber cool...
9:04 PM
Hey, this party just got a lot more popular.
Or is it just being crashed? Do I need to bring out the Cher and Celine Dion?
@tyblu nooo
Well, similar to what my ex's really meant, "no" means "yes".
nobody likes a bad chauvinistic pig remark anymore.
9:52 PM
@all - Are we closing this question:
Q: DC current for computer hardware

BarsMonsterI wonder, if that's possible to feed PC hardware PSU's with DC? As far as I see, it just might mean higher load on rectifiers (as only 2 diodes out of 4 would be used in case of passive rectification), but average current consumption will be less... I am wondering because I think about rebuildin...

as a duplicate of this question:
Q: Would this work? Using a computer SMPS as a DC-DC converter.

Thomas OI have this crazy idea of using a computer SMPS with active PFC boost to take high voltage DC battery banks (144V+) and drop it down to 3.3V, 5V and 12V. Here's my thinking: the power supply internally rectifies the AC to DC, and the PFC boost should then boost the 144V to an acceptable 350V-400...

Also, we need to do something about the dcdc and dc-dc tags.
Since you need rep in the tag to suggest a synonym, I decided to instead edit the question (it was the only dcdc question in existence)
@reemrevnivek Can a mod not do it?
@Dean - Do what? The tag or the closing? Well, they can do both.
I'm not sure the question needs to be closed yet, otherwise our two votes could do it.
10:08 PM
What makes a good RGB LED. http://ur.ly/H0qc #led
@Feeds - That took long enough.
Question is two hours old, and is #6 on the list!
1 hour later…
11:17 PM
Huh. I expected a lot more activity!
Heading home now...
Woah, the site looks way different. Did we just graduate from beta?
11:49 PM
My god, it's full of stars.
Was not expecting the new layout, my face just melted a bit.
what is the difference between rational and iirational numbers

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