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12:28 AM
I was really surprised today to see how well Windows 8 interfaces with a Google account.
12:45 AM
I was surprised see how poorly Windows 8 interfaces with people
12:57 AM
@Mikhail :D
@Luke If you're wondering about the image, the philosoraptor is looking at the bearded dragon... it's weird
@OliverSalzburg And now they are looking away from each other...
@TomWijsman I guess it was too weird
TSwift uses distraction, it was super effective.
2 hours later…
3:11 AM
Sweet. I hit 500 answers as well
Success \o/
now you can leave
I have bigger plans ;D
my drive reached comgateway
apparently my debit card SUDDENLY has a one time pin system and I didn't update my number
@JourneymanGeek What's that?
3:14 AM
its the company I am using to ship my drive
SE sends it to them, they send it to me
in a lot of cases its cheaper than buying stuff directly
means I need to wait until monday, then go and see how to do this
Back from playing snowdonia (boardgame, 30-60 minutes)
Or.... 9 PM till 4 AM
4:04 AM
@JourneymanGeek Any idea when the Super User tshirts will be shipped?
@Max I don't believe they've been shipped quite yet, but brett is working on it
lol@this photo
@nhinkle How'd you get that?
That look familiar. Is it a Dell 2407 ?
@Max as luck would have it, I was home for thanksgiving when the GPU in our home desktop decided to crap out. I went in the BIOS and told it to disable the dedicated GPU but when I plugged the VGA cable into the onboard graphics, I got this error. So I had to actually remove the GPU physically.
@Hennes the monitor or the computer? The monitor is a Dell 1707FPc, the computer is a Dimension 4700
The monitor/
4:20 AM
ha ha
That was a 2407 WFP
The light is bad, but the layout is identical you your model
4:38 AM
i wish we had a 24" monitor :P
by the way folks, 24" Dell Ultrasharps were on Newegg for around $270, which is a pretty good deal
although for that price you might as well get one of the 27" 1560x1440 korean beasts
@Max: nope
apparently my package shipped. despite the OTP thing getting malfed up o0
@JourneymanGeek how do you know yours shipped?
4:53 AM
@nhinkle: my SSD reached the company thats shipping it to me from the US
@JourneymanGeek cool! Hopefully it arrives soon then :)
apparently my bank suddenly decided I needed a OTP sent to my phone, and their number on file was incorrect
which SSD did you get?
suddenly, It decided I DIDN'T need a OTP, and everything worked. When I was AFK o0
samsung 840 250gb
it was in the budget, and I'm not too worried about lifespan
sweet! i have a Samsung 830, got it just before the 840's went down in price :/
i like it though. it's fast, plenty of space, seems reliable so far.
4:57 AM
the 830 is supposed to be better
orly? hmm. well maybe i shouldn't complain then :P
MLC rather than TLC flash (TLC has a shorter lifespan)
i ordered a 21.5" Dell Ultrasharp monitor for my prize. already had plenty of SSDs
well a SSD made sense to me considering I'm paying shipping
i've already got a 21.5" older dell monitor, and my 27" korean beast. going to get some monitor arms and get a portrait-landscape-portrait setup going
@JourneymanGeek heh. That's true.
4:58 AM
LUCKILY my bank, despite being a bunch of poopyheads otherwise had a 10 dollar rebate with comgateway, so I am paying a grand total of 3 dollars for shipping ;p
and should reach me on the 30th
that'll be fun. is it going in a laptop or desktop?
building most of one this hols ;p
what other parts are going in?
short of money for a graphics card and new PSU, but it would still be a massive upgrade over what I'm using
hmm asus z77 v motherboard, intel 3770k processor
not decided on initial ram yet, but eventually I want to max it out to 32 gb
i'm jealous
5:01 AM
I've been saving up for months for this
I'm actually behind cause the shared desktop kept needing repairs
video card and PSU died
5:43 AM
@nhinkle that looks like an even wierder version of my swedish chefing
@JourneymanGeek yeah IDK what happened. I should submit it to TDWTF
you may need a new video card
i do need a new video card
good thing things are cheap for black friday!
i'm also looking at buying a new wifi router because i currently don't have one that doesn't suck
oh wait
I could possibly steal the 'nicer' power supply on the desktop
since the video card on it needs no external power...
(its a much better PSU, though I'd rather a modular psu)
actually.. I don't even know what I have on my current desktop, its probably a salvage special ;p
3 hours later…
3 year break from concerts = more time to albumify
9:46 AM
lol, I skimmed through and thought that they were retiring from playing music !
this looks cool, SU team anyone ctf365.com/ref/pcQkzKxus6psgVQuRqjU (reffy link )
9:58 AM
Sup guys? Halloey!
10:14 AM
10:41 AM
So, you are anti-Israel.
2x (1920x1080) displays, extended monitor
one on DVI, one on VGA
the VGA one is always blurry :\
11:24 AM
VGA sucks ;p
I don't use it unless I have to cause of that
11:35 AM
@JourneymanGeek well, one VGA out and one DVI out. not much can be done :(
@jokerdino: I'd guess. he was
I didn't have to guess.
/me notes the Israelis are perfectly capable of bombing the shit out of anything they pleased without anyone's permission
or bumping inconvenient folk off in a suitably conspicuous manner
Someone was talking about strong parallels between Israel and Singapore.
and back on topic...
11:39 AM
they really don't do industrial design like they used to
@jokerdino: ya, I believe it was mentioned on /.
Not sure where but there weren't many truths in that piece.
@nhinkle There are more error messages in the BIOS than we know of, I think. :D
reads error message "This looks horribly broken!" pulls plug, inserts it again "Oh, it just boots again." oh yeah
12:43 PM
TIL Windows 7 doesn't enable it's AHCI drivers by default. rage etc
12:56 PM
And that single setting brought my SSD's experience index from a 7.3 to a 7.8 (didn't bother to run proper benchmarks beforehand)
It dosen't?
1:24 PM
this is epic.
Q: Plugging cord into laptop or wall question closed as NARQ

warl0ckI asked if it matters which side of the power cord you plug in first but it got closed. The reason, "not a real question". I don't know how it was "unclear".

question was closed on April 30th
2:23 PM
just woundering if it's ok to ask here in the chat:
you just did ;p
I have a school prpject and i have a really ahrd time finding the facts I want on the difference between 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems.
have anyone here any ideas on where i can find good sources?
there might already be a question on it I think
Wikipedia isn't enough I need more data than that
@JourneymanGeek really? :D
Q: What is the difference between 64-bit and 32-bit Operating systems?

Amr ElGarhy Possible Duplicate: 32-bit vs. 64-bit systems I know that there are 2 types of OSs, 64 bit and 32 bit What is the main differences between them? And if I am buying a new laptop, which one should i install? It will be able to run all applications if I installed either of them? I am t...

which is a dupe
2:25 PM
I would like to know what operations are faster than others and so
WHAT WHAT WHAT IS THIS ?!?!?!? the word guy jsut popped up
the old word helper just popepd up :S
Now I just hope my teacher allows that as source..
I better turn in this project soon then...
@JourneymanGeek thanks a lot! :D
guys, I can't find anything on meta specifically for this, but is it considered acceptable to "generalise" a question slightly? the question i'm referring to is:
Q: How do I restore the desktop tile?

Tom WijsmanHaving just installed Windows 8, I removed the Desktop tile from the Start Screen to experiment. How do I put it back?

@GrahamWager If you mean to replace the desktop by a, please do so.
2:36 PM
as you can see, my answer is so strongly related that I didn't want to open a new question for it but I also don't want people to not bother reading further because the question doesn't exactly fit their experience
@TomWijsman I was looking more at removing the "I removed" bit and replacing with something like more referring to "disappeared" or "has gone"
it wouldn't make the other answers any less correct
Yeah, has gone might fit.
I get a kick out of people unknowingly summoning clippy. And then reading their reactions XD
@TomWijsman cool, I'll try and work out how to reword it. glad you're here to agree to it :)
@Sathya Clippy still pops up on SOFU?
Clippy is a SU chat easter egg.
2:41 PM
How do you get it?
I would like to know where Clippy is
Got it :)
Awesome :)
I would like you to die
I would like to know AAAAAAAAAAAA
I would like to marry Clippy
This is awesomesauce :) (the Clippy part, not the marry part :P)
@TomWijsman how does:
"I'm using Windows 8 and have managed to lose the Desktop tile.

How do I put it back?"
suit you?
I would like to MOVE IT MOVE IT
2:44 PM
oh god, that just triggered clippy too >.<
@GrahamWager Sounds good.
@TomWijsman Was that supposed to make the screen shake? Cos it did.
I would like to MOVE IT MOVE IT
No worky worky :(
@JourneymanGeek i just struck GOLD! arstechnica.com/features/2008/09/x86-64
ya ars!
hannibal's stuff on processor arch is usually top notch
it looks really good and it's exactly what I need.
I'm the only one that's writing in English all the rest are doing it in Swedish.
it's like a practice rapport. but you still have to make it look good :P
3:13 PM
blimey... microserver for £120 - must say i'm quite tempted
3:47 PM
@jokerdino They wage wars unnecessarily and that sucks
and what about the other side?
Unnecessary? Except that if they get invaded, and lose, they suffer genocide?
Israel has to fight everyday for its right to EXIST
Yeah, it sucks that people don't exactly have the full picture.
Let them strike politicians with their missiles not civilians
Hamas flung over 1000 rockets into CIVILIAN areas of Israel over the course of 8 days. Israel's response? send food trucks into Gaza and destroy smuggling tunnels.
3:50 PM
honestly, you have no idea.
if you are to blame, blame both sides.
Israel is capable of taking out every missile base of Palestine easily, they are not doing that
I am trying to find that article please wait
booby traps all around
@HackToHell Hamas hides their missile bases in places like bazaars and mosques
3:52 PM
And how the hell do they launch missiles from there ?
stupid rumours
rooftops. portable launchers
ALL missile launches can be tracked except smaller ones
A hamas rocket is only 4 feet long.
haha. just last week, Israel nuked a media center. two days later, rockets were fired from that center.
@jokerdino they didnt nuke it.
3:53 PM
They bombed it.
they took out the top two floors that were being used as a safehouse for hamas. but left the rest of the building and all civilian areas INTACT.
Stupid wars, fought by men in power while the civilians suffer
that was in response to a missile strike that was LAUNCHED FROM THAT BUILDING that blew up an Israeli kindergarten (already empty, thank god)
Judge not a man by your words. Judge a man by HIS actions.
It's pointless blowing up buildings because new ones crop up, sending a spec ops team and killing the man is better.
you have already made up your mind. Moving on.
3:56 PM
hmmmm.... isnt that what israel did that everyone says started the whole thing? they blew up ONE CAR with ONE TERRORIST in it...
The same terrorist who ordered suicide bombers to blow up city buses full of innocent people?
the whole thing started because the VP was killed or something.
yeah. the VP, who was also the #2 in Hamas.
It was a bad idea putting Hamas in power.
And fyi, Israel is assassinating a lot of iranian nuclear scientists..
All Hamas is doing is poking Israel and improving their PR when Israel kills civilians as collateral damage.
4:00 PM
and they prolly funded stuxnet
@HackToHell And didn't you not read about Iran smuggling rockets into Palestine?
Stuxnet was CIA
Not just CIA,
Obama facerolled that one.
Anyway, it's too late for me now.
4:14 PM
If your HDD is making any abnormal noises of ANY KIND, return it.

Even if the drive isn't faulty, data integrity is too important to take a risk
truth, no?
@JaredTritsch I would say yes. Drives can go from being normal to dead so fast.
@SimonSheehan lol, Christmas hats
@HackToHell its that time of year again!
Some serverfault users may recall last year..
... there you go getting my hopes up for the hat contest
SF likes avatars, everyone in the SF chat room had a telephone devil as their gravatar once
1 hour later…
5:32 PM
how do i go set a password authentication before OS boots
@Failed_Noob ask it on the site?
@Failed_Noob you mean like a full disc encryption?
I am not sure, I just want to disable others from booting my OS
@Failed_Noob like a bios lock?
will a bios lock prevent the os from loading ?
5:36 PM
no idea what a bios lock is, but you would need something that locks the whole boot sequence seen that is where the OS boots.
yeah thats what I need
only think i know of to do that is Full-Disk encryption
ask it on the site
@JaredTritsch probably
ahhh I can't ask this question because when I try to ask any question I get this "Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See goo.gl/C1Kwu to learn more." I have been inactive a lot because of this new system.
5:54 PM
Bah, can't save edit after replace a lot of u edits with you edits etc
6:09 PM
Somebody mind leaving a comment on a post of mine?
Why is it necessary to review every release of Ubuntu as if it were some kind of magical groundbreaking innovation?
Kronos: k
Q: Question of the Week #42

KronoSNow we're into post #42 of the "Top Question" of Super User in the Super User blog. But WAIT! What happened to post 41! I messed up and didn't get it up in time. So I selected my own question of the week :P This is a special Question of the Week and there are special criteria (hint, did yo...

that's a good test candidate
I'm looking through older weeks
So basically anything I like goes, right?
3 hours later…
9:27 PM
Installs slackware 14. Lets see if things changed since my slackware 3.0 days

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