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3:01 PM
@AshleyNunn I really, REALLY want the HD remakes.
Preferably with dual-audio, while I'm asking for unreasonable things.
@fbueckert It really wasn't.
@Wipqozn Then you're going to have to explain it to me.
And we'll see if turtle's logic train is actually straight or not.
@fbueckert I would love the HD remakes.
@fbueckert Do you have something against milk?
@fbueckert Do you know what "milking a franchise" means?
3:05 PM
@Wipqozn Ahhh. Ok, now I understand.
@InvaderSkoodge I love milk.
Ok good.
But only real milk is whole milk.
@fbueckert now I am craving a cold glass of milk.
None of this 2%, 1% skim blue water.
@fbueckert blue?
3:06 PM
I like all milk.
@AshleyNunn Have you seen skim milk? It's like blue tinted water.
@InvaderSkoodge Cat's milk?
I've got a desire to a glass of milk too... damn it.
@fbueckert s/blue/white/g
@fredley I don't feel like milking my cats.
3:07 PM
@fbueckert never really paid attention. I drink 2% usually.
@AshleyNunn Semi-skimmed is the way to go
Homogenized or bust.
Everything else is fake milk.
I drink 5+%! Wait, we're not talking alcohol?
← semi-skimmed
I got chocolate milk instead.
3:08 PM
@AnnaLear No, we're getting into a fight about milk. :P
@AnnaLear Do you put alcohol in your milk?
Also, I agree with @InvaderSkoodge. All milk is good milk.
@Wipqozn This is acceptable.
@badp I don't put milk in my milk.
Drinking milk is the worst.
This is the correct milk (in the correct container):
3:09 PM
@AnnaLear What? Milk is 100% made of milk.
@Wipqozn I heard tortoise milk really sucks.
@badp Zelda, Majora's Mask, Clock Town, "Latte".
@badp Sucks less than man milk
3:09 PM
@badp Sorry. A clever (or possibly really lame) way to say I don't drink milk. :)
@AnnaLear Do you consume at all? I don't drink but have in beverages, and on cereal, and with chocolate
@annalear that's because you are a silly person with possibly weak bones.
@AnnaLear Fair enough. Personally milk is more of a rite than something I really enjoy, yknow, being 80% to 100% of my breakfast every day
@AshleyNunn She's obviously a monster who hates everything good in the world.
3:11 PM
@wipqozn yeah, this is likely true.
This also puts a wrench in me being a cat. :P
I go through about 4L of milk a week.
Yeah, milk is basically part of my breakfast rites too. I get coffee, cats get milk.
@annalear have you ever seen a cat actually drink milk?
in case this hasn't been posted, microsoft is running a mega xbox 360 game sale - a bunch of titles for $15 and $25 - borderlands 2, dishonored, dance central 3, forza horizon, etc
3:11 PM
More if I'm particularly partial to milk that week.
@AnnaLear Wrong, my cat doesn't like milk either.
@AshleyNunn yes, actually
@MartinSojka cats should not be fed cow milk
they had AC3 for $25, but it's sold out already :(
3:12 PM
@annalear well then.
@fredley WHY THE PURPLE.
So like, should I not ever ask questions that I already know the answer for or could feasibly find the answer for?
@fredley I consume dairy, but usually not milk in its typical liquid form. :)
@badp Purple is a sexy, confident shade.
@AnnaLear CHEESE?
3:13 PM
There is that weird catmilk stuff that I think whiskas makes?
@fredley They get it with water, and if they have to shit afterwards a lot, it's not a problem - those aren't house cats.
@fredley Cheese is delicious.
@AnnaLear Cheese is the closest thing to the best possible food. It is better than bacon.
@fredley That shade (and font etc.) is neither confident nor sexy. Just "womanly" in the most stereotypical way possible
@fredley Starred for truth.
3:13 PM
@fredley Cheese and bacon (and egg).
The sharper, the better.
@fredley depending on the cheese.
@fbueckert Lies.
Soft cheese is better.
@InvaderSkoodge And ham, and sausage.
@fbueckert yes. Amazing old sharp cheese.
3:14 PM
@fredley -1, cheese shines the best as an ingredient really imho
Now I want awesome breakfast. :(
@InvaderSkoodge Clearly you have not trained your cheesebuds properly.
@badp I'd say that's more of a lilac
We had a company outing there
it was awesome
3:15 PM
@fredley I discovered my cat wasn't lactose intolerant when I walked in on her drinking out of my glass of milk.
@fredley that sounds amazing.
@AshleyNunn Menu (pdf)
:6981845 grapes and optionally olives.
@MartinSojka Chutneys
@fredley omg want.
3:16 PM
@AshleyNunn I had a dinner that was nothing but the finest cheese. That day I truly felt like a God.
Now I'm starving. blames everyone
@TimStone Go get food.
Problem solved.
@fredley Great, now I long for bresaola, sliced parmigiano and arugula (? arugula?) with lemon raining on top
@fbueckert Meh, effort
3:17 PM
Why make cheese if milk is already food? Because Cheese is delicious!
@fredley Our cats would agree.
@Wipqozn And this embodies everything that is wrong with the movie studio's attitudes.
@TimStone You are in the freaking US. You can get pizza by filling in a fucking form on a webpage. Get off my lawn
@badp It's Thanksgiving man, everyone's off getting fat on turkey!
@TimStone Which begs the question: Why aren't you?
3:18 PM
@TimStone Order a turkey pizza then! Jeez...
@TimStone Give thanks to the pizza you have probably stored in the fridge yesterday night man. :P
Fridge cold, guilty pizza is best pizza.
@fbueckert I'm chained to my desk in order to get caught up on work.
@fredley With extra cheese!
@TimStone American cheese does not enter into this discussion
@badp Hey, I eat healthy...sometimes! Actually I still have a massive amount of bok choy to finish...
@fredley American cheese is not cheese and I refuse to eat it
@TimStone American 'cheese' is a cruel joke
3:24 PM
@fredley I love American cheese.
It's the best cheese to melt all over sandwiches.
Suck it, everyone else.
Oh, i like cheap Gouda or watery Mozzarella now and then too. It's just mostly that usually our cats get them. :)
prepare to have your arguments invalidated. cats with peppers on their heads.
@agent86 they are so chill about it!
@AshleyNunn indeed. I'm pretty sure I've never seen my cat that placid about anything.
@AshleyNunn They look pretty hot-headed to me.
3:34 PM
A handy guide
@badp Can do that here too. thuisbezorgd.nl
You know you are sick when you manage to make your own peanut butter and honey toast and it feels like the best achievement ever.
Practically every delivering restaurant is signed up with them. You can even pay with PayPal.
@AshleyNunn I'm not sure how to feel about peanut butter and honey toast, but I shall \o/ for your accomplishment anyway.
@AshleyNunn My gf does this. I am not a fan.
3:36 PM
@timstone it is delicious.
@AshleyNunn I missed the it when I first parsed that, so I read it as "@TimStone is delicious"
@AshleyNunn PB and honey sounds awesome.
@wipqozn I cannot speak to the accuracy of that statement.
As a sidenote, why is this not deleted yet? It's spam.
3:37 PM
@fbueckert right now it tastes like the most amazing thing I have ever tasted ever.
@fbueckert Mmm free flags
@fredley It lasted for 15 minutes! That's unheard of!
@fbueckert Too busy discussing cheese and cats to moderate the site
@fredley Lesson learned. If ever I need something to stick around, make sure to distract chat first.
1. Write a question of dubious, but highly debatable value.
2. Post this question in chat, and watch chat consume itself
3. Post whatever you want
3:42 PM
@fbueckert It is gone.
@ArdaXi The fact that I had to mention it in chat saddens me.
@fbueckert Many things sadden me.
@fbueckert sorry, shopping :P
I will go hoover the flag queue for a bit.
@agent86 Is this a political reference I'm not getting?
As a sidenote, I no longer have 777 helpful flags. :(
3:45 PM
@ArdaXi hoover's also a brand of vacuums here in the US
@agent86 You never did tell me if you enjoyed Pharaoh or not. :P
@fbueckert I don't think I "get" it yet. There's a lot of stuff to keep track of, and the interactions aren't 100% clear to me
I think I need more time to fully understand it
@LessPop_MoreFizz See, that's the kind of thing which got me chat-banned earlier. :)
@agent86 Have you started building monuments yet?
3:50 PM
Q: How do I discover new players?

victoriahI'm playing a small team in a lower division. I have one scout. I'm trying to find a new goalkeeper, and I want to look at players in the division above mine, but nothing shows up in the player search. In fact, very few players show up there. How can I tell my scout to discover some new players f...

@fbueckert nope, I'm not nearly that far, I don't think
@agent86 You will be shortly, if you're in the second age.
I just got to brewing beer, I think, and I've had to start the level over about 3 times now
@agent86 If you run into problems, feel free to ask questions. :P I can always use rep from old classics I used to play.
@fbueckert yeah, I think at this point my questions would all be way too broad to be useful. :P I need to work at it a bit more.
3:52 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz As BoingBoing put it, "Smells like freedom"
@agent86 Fair enough. Happily, I still have the game installed, so I can load it up whenever.
Oh, yes, that reminds me:
Q: What happens to units and buildings if they get "buried" under destructible rocks?

ayckosterHOTS introduces the new "destructible rocks" that can actually be destroyed, as the name suggests. One part of rocks crushes down and blocks a predefined area. What happens to units and buildings standing on that spot while the rocks get destroyed?

What's our threshold for unreleased/beta games?
Wasn't it "the moment they get officially released in at least one place on the planet?"
@Wipqozn I reworded the death question
I've edited this, is it now a recoverable question?
Q: Why are some Android games are not compatible with my phone?

DUKEWhen I try to install some Android games, the Google Play site says they are not compatible with my phone, without stating the specific reasons. How can I find out what about my phone is incompatible?

@MartinSojka Yes.
3:56 PM
... though that would make all Dwarf Fortress questions close-worthy, now that I think about it.
@MartinSojka It's released in beta, though.
That's allowed if the beta's long-term enough.
Maybe always?
@Ullallulloo inconsistently
@fredley I dunno; the "Why" in the title still makes it sound too broad. Maybe, "I can't install some Android games."
it generally depends how many people from arqade are in the beta
@fbueckert There's a decent enough question in there
3:58 PM
@fredley I agree; the title needs changing though.
@Ullallulloo and public
@fredley Yeah, that too.
So how do we handle the super early Heart of the Swarm question? Close? Allow?
All Minecraft questions were about a Beta for over a year.
This question needs closed.
3:59 PM
In fact, a lot were about an Alpha!
And look at how many problems that hasn't caused...
@fredley We DO allow questions about an Alpha; Prison Architect, to be specific.
So Alpha/Beta can't be the threshold.
@fbueckert Well quite!
I think 'publicly available' is a reasonable enough threshold
@fredley Sounds fair to me.
all minecraft questions should get deleted anyway
Which means we close the question that spawned this debate.
4:01 PM
@pixel Incorrect. All non-Minecraft questions should be deleted, and we can then assume our true identity as Minecraft.SE
We can make a new site for non-MC questions
@fredley I would have never joined a Minecraft site
@pixel pah
Q: Mists of Pandaria Beta - play, ask, answer, win!

LaurenAnd the winners are... dlanod wins 30 days of free WoW Game Time Adanion wins the WoW Hoodie Koviko wins a video card worth up to $250! Congrats to our winners, and thanks to everyone who participated! Winners will be contacted shortly, via the email addresses provided in their profiles. 2...

@fredley To be fair, neither would I.
oh I see what you're hinting at
4:02 PM
@ArdaXi Don't they require a NL phone number?
@pixel You just lack the required dimension to see the beauty of it.
@fbueckert I'll go and have fun in my Minecraft site all by myself
@fredley You do that! I'll be over here, playing something fun.
@RonanForman and I will have happy and fun times together
@MartinSojka perhaps
4:03 PM
@pixel ... seeing as you're a pixel and not a voxel ...
@fbueckert You wouldn't know a fun game if it punched you in the tree
@MartinSojka rolleyes
@fredley Well, duh. I don't HAVE a tree.
@fredley he plays ksp, that's a fun game
@pixel That, to be fair, does look good.
4:03 PM
@pixel And Dwarf Fortress.
Does steam transfer games over http?
So....do you think the White Elephant Gift has potential?
I could gift someone Nexuiz. I don't think I'll ever touch it again
and it was really cheap, so buying again isn't a problem
@pixel I describe KSP as "Minecraft in space".
@Retrosaur You can't gift games you've played.
Only ones in your inventory.
And once .18 comes out, I will start building massive space stations.
4:09 PM
@fbueckert I don't.
@fbueckert build a sphere around the planet and then a ship to tow the sphere to another planet
@fbueckert See: 0x10c
@fredley Unreleased.
I fully expect 0x10c to suck.
@fbueckert Still
And KSP has it's own unique charm.
@pixel If I did that, chances are great I'd start towing it, and once I towed it into the planet, everything would come apart.
But, that sounds like an excellent long-term goal.
Threading the needle on launches near the end will be fun, though.
4:12 PM
I didn't think it up, see Invader Zim 2x03 - Planet Jackers for a reference on how it should work
@pixel I envision a massive number of solar panels to provide the needed power to jolt Kerbin from it's orbit.
@fbueckert hey I'm leaving the technicalities to you :p
If the game actually DOES allow something like that, I will be a VERY happy camper.
@fbueckert If not I'm sure you could send your savegame to the developers and go "LOOK, I WANT ALL THESE THINGS!"
Even if it's still sunny inside the sphere due to the engine going, "There's nothing between you and the sun!"
4:15 PM
@fbueckert Are you talking about towing the planet away again
@GnomeSlice Yup
the internet connection in this office is rediculous
Either build some harpoon guns with super-strong cables for towing, or enclose the entire planet in a sphere, and tow it that way.
I am transferring files via RDP drive sharing at speeds 30x faster than @GnomeSlice gets on a good day
now I get to play cities in motion tonight, instead of tomorrow
4:17 PM
@fbueckert Alternatively, a chain right through it:
@Ullallulloo the fuck hahahahahahaha
@Ullallulloo @fbueckert Actually, he might be on to something. You could tie a chain to the launch scaffold.
@Ullallulloo Never mind tidal shifts, time spent outside of a sun's warming rays, and, oh, yeah, the giant freaking chain straight through your planet.
@fbueckert Yeah, also putting that many planets that close together would be... bad.
@GnomeSlice Chances of doing something like that would be incredibly hard.
@fbueckert Building a Dyson Sphere wouldn't be?
4:19 PM
@GnomeSlice It would be simpler, actually.
More time consuming, but simpler.
@fbueckert ... or the fact that at the forces and pressures involved, planetary mass behaves like jelly. splotch
@MartinSojka You don't know how fast he's pulling them!
I'd probably have to completely mod some parts in order to tell them, "Yeah, you know what? You don't ever break off of what you're attached to. Ever."
@GnomeSlice Speed doesn't matter. :)
I just love the fact that the chain is only slightly wider than his body, and yet it's strong enough to pull hundreds of planets.
4:21 PM
in all honesty, I doubt the developers of ksp have ever considered allowing the planet to get dragged
They must be really wimpy planets.
@pixel Almost guaranteed not.
@pixel @fbueckert I agree, that's not likely. Maybe a better goal would be to build your very own artificial moon/planet?
But if I post a screenshot of a completed dyson sphere, with engines, and go, "Tow please?", I think they might add it in just because.
@GnomeSlice ... Katamari Damacy style.
4:22 PM
@fbueckert Heh....
@fbueckert I agree
@MartinSojka Yeah! Well, no. But that's what it would look like I guess.
@badp Have you played Torchlight II?
@pixel Of course, to simulate it properly, I'd need space docks, and super-strong materials to anchor against the planet.
Nothing like flattening ~35% of the world's surface to ensure you can shift it from it's orbit.
Swords & Soldiers Steam-activatable for 75% off!
GODDAMMIT I've lost 25k more to fucking rat thieves
4:26 PM
And probably crazy amounts of internal lighting, because otherwise, after the sphere is complete, no light will get in!
Fucking bullshit
@GnomeSlice isn't that in the last humble bundle?
@MadScientist Yeah, but maybe someone didn't get it?
@GnomeSlice you can still buy the humble bundle
First sale!
Hey guys, this looks neat and it's on sale.
The gameplay looks pretty boring, but the graphics are interesting.
Actually the gameplay looks pretty terrible.
really terrible.
4:34 PM
oh rofl, Cities in Motion ignores the Steam dependancy
not that I'm offering to give you all a copy for free
Oh, yeah. I forgot that KSP will eventually be implementing a tech tree.
That will be awesome.
4:51 PM
they should sell/update via steam
would save me having to remember login details
Gonna gain five pounds tonight. Yup.
I feel like I've gained weight
I need to revert that
@pixel Today is the annual American Festival of Gluttony.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I thought that was every day of the year
Q: Is it worth it to take the Wild Wasteland trait in Fallout New Vegas?

Adam AroldI know that this trait adds some more fun to the game but other than that?

Q: Where is the best place to hunt bobcats?

ShinraiI absolutely for the life of me cannot find these anywhere. The only area that my hunting guide even thinks they show up in is the one with the lighthouse (the name escapes me at the moment) but I've been over every inch of it and not found a single one past that first one. Is there a trick to ...

4:53 PM
I don't like Thanksgiving food. I usually eat less on Thanksgiving than I do at a normal dinner.
@pixel We engage in gluttony year round. We celebrate it today.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ah
I feel like I have some alcohol related weight gain/general bloated feeling, coupled with some actual eating related weight gain
That's, I imagine, perfectly par for course
It's very hard for me to lose weight without going off the rails though, since I only weigh ~50kg anyway
aka first world problems
4:55 PM
Gonna drink a bunch of apple brandy, eat various poultry items, and watch football. Wheeee.
@InvaderSkoodge I am the same way.
Thanksgiving food is awesome.
Now how the hell can I take Saturn down
If for no other reason than you keep the best company.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Poultry is fine. If you prepare it right, it's a nearly fat-free, easily digestible meat.
4:58 PM
@badp Shoot it lots. Problem solved.
@fbueckert It shoots me harder
Turkey is meh, gravy makes it ok. Mashed potatoes are normal food. I don't like corn or sweet potatoes or stuffing.
@LessPop_MoreFizz do you mean football played with feet or football played with hands?
@badp I fired many, many rockets from behind cover
@pixel Hands.
Thanksgiving is a big American Football day.
4:58 PM
@InvaderSkoodge oh right, rugby
The Lions and Cowboys have annual games.
@pixel Nope, not rugby, although I presume you're just being intentionally silly.
@InvaderSkoodge 87% of the time I am being intentionally silly

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