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Q: What are the differences between Sega Mega-drive and Genesis, their cartridges and compatibility?

FernandoI've been playing Nintendo for my whole life, so I have no idea on Sega (other than they were the sworn enemy back in the console wars). I'm collecting old videogames and have decided to buy a Mega Drive since the console and lots of games are found for pretty good prices. Now, I've read the Meg...

1:54 AM
Q: What's a good strategy for determining the type of my pokemon's Hidden Power?

Raven DreamerPokemon Black and White has all new pokemon, and honestly, I'm not familiar enough with the game yet to tell you where you can find which pokemon. This is a problem, because I'm looking for a fast way to calculate Hidden Power in-game (I am aware that you can use IV calculators to determine what ...

Q: Why won't my Rock Band 3 Squier guitar detect when I play the higher strings?

Peter BurnsMy Fender Squier Rock Band 3 Guitar and Controller often doesn't register when I pluck the thinner strings, especially the thinnest one (at the bottom of the guitar, but which produces the highest notes). I can't use my pick to pluck them, I have to do it by hand, and pluck very hard indeed. Is ...

2:35 AM
Hi chat.
How's it going?
@LessPop_MoreFizz ADEQUATELY.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hello world
3:29 AM
Q: BF2142: How do I assault a titan with a new character?

d33jI've recently picked up a copy of BF2142 and I've played a few games online. I've learnt a lot by watching the other people play but one thing still alludes me. When the shield on an enemy titan fails and there is a mad rush to knock out it's reactor. I don't seem to have the equipment to knock o...

3:41 AM
@YiJiang nice
Not too bad, right? I'm going to submit it if there's no problems
Go F'rit
4:08 AM
@LessPopMoreFizz @sjohnston Done:
4:53 AM
Q: Best X-COM like game up to date

RobertoI miss so much X-COM: UFO Defense. I played UFO:Aftermatch, Afterlight, Afterwhatever, Extraterrestrials, but to me they are all unsuccessful imitations. Do you know any really good similar recent games? If its so good than it doesn't have to be alien-themed. Anything really good that has the s...

@Bob Game rec!
5:11 AM
Q: How To Pick Up on the Warning Signs of Someone Who Wants to Kill Me

AndyPerfectRecently, I picked Diablo 2 back up and have been playing lots of hardcore online. Once I get past the normal difficulty, I get extremely wary of other players and for some reason I think everyone is out to TK me. I really enjoy playing with others but the constant thought looming in the back of ...

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6:55 AM
I wonder when we'll see a question
@badp Would that be off-topic?
I'm sure we can get around that
for science.
I'm one of the top askers for anyway
Q: My children are useless. What should I do?

AubergineI've been playing King's Bounty for a while now and have picked myself up a wife. I was very surprised when she asked me to have a child, but since I did not want to upset her (luckily I don't apply this game-logic in the real world) I went along with it. So after a while I embraced a new virtua...

@Bob Belongs on parenting.SE?
7:16 AM
@Fabian Good point
7:44 AM
Protip: do not enable Steam Guard if you want to try and use Steam on Wine.
Every time I login, I'm sent a new Steam Guard email.
So cute.
Also, heh, Jon Skeet.
1 hour later…
9:28 AM
Q: Global Addon data is not being loaded

Simon HartcherRecently all my global add-on data is being ignored when I log in to any of my characters. I noticed since all my UI and add-on settings were as default. I initially thought that I may have lost all the data due to a crash, but I can see all the files are there in the global SavedVariables direc...

10:11 AM
@Feeds Look at that. Randall made a terrible mod.
@ArdaXi Are you Randall?
Then meh.
11:01 AM
I feel dirty. I just had to use IE to get to a site that doesn't work properly in Chrome.
1 hour later…
12:11 PM
Q: How can I take screenshots of Need For Speed: Undercover?

badpI have the Steam "edition" of Undercover and it has the quite annoying feature of not playing very nice with screenshotting. Since Steam actually launches some sort of launcher (sigh) that then quits, the overlay doesn't work (and so doesn't F12); also, when I try and press PrtScr, what I get in...

12:23 PM
Hmm, good HL2DM servers must be scarce.
You lost!

Position: 2
Time: 3:07.44
Domination: 3:18.65
1:04 PM
I've got another etiquette question :D
I was editing a question that got closed, so should I stop editing it in order to leave it in the state that it was closed in or should I submit my edit?
@ArdaXi It's because HL2DM is largely a dead game.
@SadlyNot Submit it anyway
@SadlyNot Are you the author of the question? Anyway, its perfectly fine to edit a closed question
@YiJiang No I am not. I remembered a blurb about 'making an example of closed questions' so I thought editing it might be a no-no.
As in not editing will help people realize what kind of questions get closed.
@SadlyNot Some questions just can't be saved. Those that can be saved... why not?
@badp Makes sense.
1:21 PM
Q: Playstation 3 hardware problem

SolignisHi there, I got a PS3 of craigslist from a guy in my area (about 25 miles). It is an original 60GB piano black model with a card reader. Anyhow, after the 3.55 system update it will not play Blu-Rays anymore. According to what I read online from searching, there was a problem with something lik...

Q: Games that resembles X-COM

RobertoCould you list "recent" (less than 10 years old) games that resembles the X-COM series? I've seen the UFO series and I know of some X-COM opensource reimplementations. I'm looking for games with the same mechanics, doesn't need necessarily to be alien-themed. Please note that this is not a game ...

@Bob sighs @badp You should've told him lists are off-topic too
I'm sorry @bwarner, misclick
Also I deleted the dupe
Q: What is "mid-battle leveling"?

bwarnerThe top answer to this question contains several references to "mid-battle leveling". I think this has to do with leveling up as a way of healing while fighting a difficult monster, but does someone want to clarify what this is?

Q: Trouble getting to sleep after gaming session

user7829If I've played for about an hour or two directly before going to bed I have trouble getting to sleep. Images of the game are still in my head and it takes some time before I can find some sleep. However, this doesn't happen with all types of games - adventure and racing games seem ok whereas firs...

Q: Can wood catch fire if it's surrounded by water?

Sadly NotAre they any arrangements of water around wood that can prevent it from catching fire? I'm mostly interested in these three configurations: ≋ Water ≋██≋ .██. .██. █ Wood ≋≋≋≋ ≋≋≋≋ .≋≋. Air

2:27 PM
Q: Community Wiki Review - Reverting Some Of Our Old Answers

Grace NoteAs pointed out by badp, we now have the ability as moderators to revert Community Wiki posts! We won't do this often (in essence, it needs to be convincing to allow reversion), but right now we've got a backlog of "maybes" that I think can be addressed. I'm putting to review a selected bunch of...

I need a quick MC server I can use /give on
but I'm being ignored on nerd.nu and fosco.com is back to 1.2.wtfever
I guess I'll have to run one locally :/
@Bob !!
sighs as he rejects yet another obvious copy pasta tag excerpt
although, bonus points for not ripping off Wikipedia (he ripped off the official website instead)
Bah, the idea of running a server locally was a very bad one. It's lagging a real embarassing lot.
... locally
Wow. That is embarrassing.
I used to experiment with MUD worldbuilding by running a local server, finding out my own IP (on my dialup connection) and connecting to that. This was before I knew about localhost.
It was laggy and annoying.
2:46 PM
When I closed NFS:Undercover in the background the game suddenly got playable
except, hmm...
A: My children are useless. What should I do?

VijayI Loved the Game! You should include links for the game so others can find more about it. Anyway the short answer: SHIFT + ` clearwife --via gamefaqs Long answer: Gamefaqs Cheat page Your friend was correct though, that in-game that is the only option.

A game with a clearwife command! Hehehehe...
@Brant Heh, I remember back when I had practically no technical knowledge whatsoever.
I remember something called.. ActiveWorlds I think?
Nice, that question is #4 in the SuperCollider(tm) DropDown
Our secret mission to confuse and bewilder the rest of the Stack Exchange network continues!
...I don't think everything quite works normally
@Brant Especially we're just trying to make gamers out of the SO userbase, thereby nullifying their productivity, and then take over their site.
Someone install Minecraft on Jon Skeet's computer!
2:50 PM
Nope. Not quite.
I had to put a wooden block above the netherrack to finally spread a fire. wtf
Now I have burning air. I guess that beats burning milk and cereal.
@badp I hate it when that happens.
I wonder if there's a Sourcemod plugin that restricts HL2DM to gravgun only. Or, well, any weapon stripper plugin would work.
3:05 PM
And if I put the wood back in place nothing happens, the wood doesn't take fire.
@badp You've got fire-proof wood? Impressive, with the limited resources in Minecraft. I had no idea you had access to chlorine.
3:39 PM
If nothing else I turned this failed experiment in a spa
Naturally heated water for relaxing the body, the spirit and the ears
4:13 PM
Q: Do materials get used when you start a construction in Die2Nite?

RyanTMDo materials get used when you start a construction in Die2Nite? Or, do they get used when you finish a construction?

4:31 PM
Will the murder tag ever lift off the ground?
Added a tag wiki but I unfortunately don't have enough rep to commit it.
Attempting to relieve your game world of life? Have malicious intentions? Are you concerned about your well-being or the well-being of others? Let us know.
4:46 PM
Q: How could I use my racing wheel pedals in other games?

redI dunno if someone has ever thought of this before, at least googling about it turned up jack sh*t. I'd like to be able to use my Logitech Momo Racing wheel pedals as extra buttons in some games. Namely, bind some panic abilities to them in a MMO game, and in general, just have something accessib...

@YiJiang Oh no, Jon Skeet has taken over moms4mom too
5:03 PM
Q: Is there an updated Cataclysm flight path/travel map anywhere?

BrantI've been searching for a map of griffin/boat/zeppelin travel routes for Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms that has been updated since Cataclysm, but all I've found using Google are out-of-date maps from years ago. I'm particularly interested in Alliance routes, but a complete map for both factions ...

This question is at the top of google for "cataclysm flight map" and "cataclysm travel map", but all the answers kinda suck.
Q: What is Stack Exchange's future with non-English languages?

zneakI just saw this Stack Exchange site proposal, which is for Portuguese physics discussions. Up to now, it feels like everything not English has been kind of taboo here. There is a strong will to keep Stack Overflow English only, as every discussion on the matter has proven. Obviously, for non-Eng...

5:20 PM
BTW, Mods/those with 10k should take a look at the deleted answer to that steering wheel question go laughs.
Oh man, the WoW PvP steering wheel post? That was so great.
A legend of the old WoW forums, forever silenced by Battle.net
The loss of that thread when the old WoW forums shut down made the internet a poorer place.
Never thought I'd say that about the WoW forums, but there you go
@Brant Indeed.
My tag wiki for murder disappeared :( was it deleted by someone?
5:22 PM
There was a Tag Wiki for ?
I submitted an edit.
Now it's gone :(
And it got 'd? While ironic/appropriate, this is most distressing.
Is that because someone reviewed and rejected it?
@LessPop_MoreFizz lol
@LessPop_MoreFizz voted to undelete
5:23 PM
Well maybe it deserved it. Take a look if it gets undeleted. I like feedback.
That is truly hiilarious, @Less
@tzenes Really? Can't see your vote on the page...
@badp refresh
3 messages moved from Minecraft Talk
@LessPop_MoreFizz Fixed.
5:27 PM
Somehow the new text that appears for it is more appropriate.
Whoever did that, congratulations, sir.
@SadlyNot Who do you think? The prime target.
if you guys have time to look over tag wikis, maybe you should look here: meta.gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/1594/…
@tzenes I've been actively on that
problem is I'm not a top poster for most of them
there is this thing, called: suggested edits
it lets you suggest wikis, which I then approve
I guess that's what I'm using now for murder.
5:33 PM
@tzenes Good point, brought the list up to 15 again
plants-vs-zombies and rock band surprise me
shame i have neither of them
I think 8 is already answered
What about ?
@tzenes the tag for windows makes little sense
5:35 PM
mentions something about cross-platform ...
if it doesn't make sense, clean it up
yeah, thats because the tag is for games which are cross platform, but th e feature is unique to windows
Just saying it shouldn't be removed from the meta Q just because it was done.
@SadlyNot It is very vague, took me a while to figure it out
btw, it makes perfect sense to me
@tzenes Terminology also has an excerpt; I put it back in the list because it's poor ("Terminology Questions")
I'm rewriting the Windows excerpt though.
5:36 PM
@tzenes Of course it does, you wrote it.
@badp dropping the cross-platform part is enough
@SadlyNot What he means by it is that while a game is cross-platform (like many SteamPlay games for example), certain games have questions that refer to a part of the game that is specific to Windows.
Like technical errors for example.
@ArdaXi I think mentioning cross-platform is confusing though. It's enough to say that it's for Windows specific issues or questions.
@SadlyNot Well, yes, but then it would apply to the great majority of questions.
5:38 PM
or chat, or mouse, or graphic settings, ... (if the game is also available on console)
@badp Then the appropriate tag is , not .
although then you might want to use instead
@ArdaXi You tell people to use , not , then it's fine with me :P
@ArdaXi @badp True. I guess the area between the two is very gray to me.
@badp Macs are also PCs.
My point exactly.
5:39 PM
So they could use both.
If you use Bootcamp, you can use all three.
My point precisely.
So I should use Windows if I'm specifying my OS, and pc if it doesn't matter but I'm on a computer?
Q: What is Valve Test Sub 74?

DavidYellAnyone have any idea's on what this actually is? I'm not fussed, but it's been on my account for years and I've no idea what it is. Login to your account, http://store.steampowered.com/ , Then in the top right, click the drop-down and hit 'Account Details'

Just use what you feel appropriate @SadlyNot
tags are designed to be fuzzy anyway
5:41 PM
@SadlyNot If it's vital to the question, yes.
Oh god, this is unnecessarily confusing. Maybe it's an area for reworking.
@SadlyNot Don't worry too much about it
There's no such thing as perfect tagging
@badp You fixed the wiki anyways. gj
The only perfect tagging is no tagging.
We'd rather have some
Meta just isn't my thing lol
5:42 PM
@badp goes off to retag everything to have only the tag.
@ArdaXi goes make a synonym of
hijacks the bridge and fires up the lazers
Also, why is the Not cut off from my name?
It makes me sad.
@SadlyNot [arda-is-going-to-make-a-terrible-mod] is too long
5:44 PM
@SadlyNot Because your browser window is too narrow.
would fit however.
@ArdaXi Ah noob mistake. My brain needs a break.
Leave @ArdaXi alone lol.
No. Not yet.
@SadlyNot <3
@SadlyNot Tsk, he loves it
5:46 PM
@badp No I don't. See: </3
He shares the love too, so it's okay.
I never learned how to share.
The murder tag is officially awesome. Time to go through questions and unnecessarily tag them >:D
@SadlyNot I think it fits well with the Raptor Safari question.
Please at least keep some consistency
or I'll have to add it to the list of tags to down the line
@badp I'm getting badge for that tag, you'd better not.
I think we need a community ad extolling the virtues of steering-wheel controlled WoW.
6:02 PM
@ThomasMcDonald I dunno.....
Seems weird, for Notch not to have a gravatar.
Not really.
Lots of people don't bother with them.
His one answer so far seems detailed enough.
@GnomeSlice His one answer so far is a copy/paste from @sjohnstons answer with formatting removed.
6:05 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hmmm. I hadn't noticed that.
:679056 wat
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ninja'd.
Well, his email isn't [email protected]
I would assume he's an impersonator.
I've taken the liberty of downvoting his copied answer.
I doubt the actual Notch would do that.
I think the account might as well be merged into the Spaminator.
The Spaminator™, The Internet.
1 1
6:11 PM
@ArdaXi What is this, I don't even...
@GnomeSlice Don't worry, he's suspended until '38
So, I had a cheesburger for lunch today.
@Powerlord You weren't going to use that word anymore!
But I did!
How does the fakenotch have 5 rep already with no questions posted?
6:17 PM
@Brant An upvote.
Oh, NM, I just read the backlog; he did have one answer (which I guess is deleted now).
@ArdaXi Does not compute... a question that's been upvoted would put him at 11 rep. not 5. ;)
That's odd, I flagged the answer and my flag weight is decreased by 10.
@Powerlord 3 downvotes.
I also flagged it and my flag weight has increased by 10.
I did not flag it, and I don't even know what flag weight is.
6:19 PM
He has 5 rep because the answer was voted +1/-3
@badp Pretty sure Arda already said that, but thanks anyway.
So, now that you can craft the Shogun TF2 items, I crafted the 3 I was missing.
The Samurai Sword is the only expensive to craft one. I guess Valve knows which one is OP.
Oh hey, this quote I saw earlier would work great here:
"Is Adobe Reader X anything like Mega Man X?"
"Sort of... One is about attempts at futuristic technology gone bad and ruining the day, and the other is a popular video game."
@Powerlord Adobe Reader is popular?
@ArdaXi Adobe Reader is a video game? :P
@Powerlord Of course. Video games relieve boredom, and what other reason is there to use it?
@ArdaXi To fill out forms?
6:24 PM
@Powerlord Forms aren't games to you?
@ArdaXi Not when they're things like employment applications and the like.
Oh hey, I finished 999 the other day. Man is the "correct" ending to that game (Ending 1) confusing.
@Powerlord Those are the most game-y.
@ArdaXi Indeed, the amount of work needed to get it working is quite fulfilling. It feels almost like a Sirius Cybernetics product
@YiJiang Heh.
Does chat have a spoiler tag?
6:27 PM
@Powerlord Nope.
@Powerlord Chat doesn't have tags. It doesn't have the Markdown markup either.
I want to avoid telling everyone that [spoiler]the butler did it[/spoiler]
@ArdaXi Chat has one and only one tag. .
@LessPop_MoreFizz , !
6:28 PM
Because a butler is always the obvious suspect on a ship at sea.
@Powerlord That reminds me of an NCIS episode I was forced to watch yesterday.
I don't suppose anyone here has played 999 AKA 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors.
@Powerlord No, also because it's been renamed. Now known as 0118999881999119725 3
@badp It's 0118999881999119725... 3
6:31 PM
@badp I actually checked to see if you got all the numbers correct. Is that sad?
@Powerlord I actually googled the correct numbers. That's probably sadder
@Powerlord I know it by heart. Just in case I ever go to Britain.
@badp I... have it memorized.
Which is really sad if you think about it.
I keep messing up the 1s and the 9s
hums the jingle Oh one one eight, nine nine nine...
6:32 PM
Q: What is the maximum number of attribute points and ability points in Dragon Age II

rennatTrying to plan my ability trees and stats, including points received from books and any other source I don't know, how many points can be obtained without modding the game?

Q: Why reaper rush is not used in the last time?

BuddaIn the early version of SC2 (when Rax was able to be built before supply) EARLY reaper rush was very effective. In current days ... as far as I read few times on gaming.se and teamliquid - reaper rush is not used too often... And I never played against it on ladder (till yesterday). I was played...

oh one one eight, nine nine nine, eight eight one nine nine, nine one one nine, seven two five.... three.
I have a friend who it looks may get into SC2 soon. I'm trying to convince her to play SC1 first, but it looks like she won't.
I'm displeased
> Nicer ambulances, faster response times and better looking drivers mean they're not just the emergency services, they're your emergency services.
Channel 4 reuploaded all the youtube videos.
The single best one was cut though
@Powerlord Ew, why would you want to do that?
Other than for the story?
6:34 PM
@badp Starts off too late.
> Four! I mean five! I mean fire!
40 secs ago, by badp
The single best one was cut though
@Brant Because she's going to play Single-player first before trying multiplayer...
> Don't look at my feet!
> weakly Fire? Fire? No?
Still, why bother with SC1? SC2 is a vastly superior game.
Anyway, 999 is an... interesting game if you like the Higurashi-type horror anime. :P
6:36 PM
I tried playing the first few missions of SC1 and I couldn't stand how clunky it was to play.
@Brant Because it builds the story.
Also, SC1's missions were only clunky for the first few.
@badp Nice screensaver!
SC2 does incorporate some of the changes from WC3 which is a plus (and loses the Hero system)
I bet he's declaring war on something. He loves declaring war.
Just have her watch the recap videos on youtube. Someone went through and recorded all the cutscenes and mission/mid-mission briefings
6:38 PM
Oh God I know it all by heart.
Q: Where do I ask a question about Intellectual Property and fair use

abelI wanted to ask a question regarding fair use of IP(How much text,data can be quoted from a copyrighted website/textbook under fairuse?). The topic is not related to programming. Is there a place on SE where I an ask the question?

@ArdaXi Did you want the summary, or did you want the entire 12 page document?
@Powerlord The summary to start with, I'll have the document on the go.
I'm so tempted to whip up a quick Google Doc with that subject. ;)
6:41 PM
Do it, I'm bored.
I have other things to work on, sadly.
I'm supposed to be breaking this method into separate form processing and server-side validation components, for instance.
Particularly since it's missing lots of the validation it's supposed to be doing other than null checks.
@Powerlord Yay, regex!
"Notch" got binned btw
6:55 PM
@badp Did she not even pick up one piece of trash?! -- Jean-Luc Picard
Thanks; I was going to reply to that.
@ArdaXi At least one of the checks we're doing got added to the Java String class in Java 6... but this is a Java 5 project.
Q: Is it possible to beat Frank the Zombie in Desktop Dungeon?

corrodedIn Desktop Dungeon is it possible to beat Frank the Zombie with a Tier 1 Character? With 200+hp and a high attack I don't think I can beat him even with a lv 10 fighter with a save.

7:23 PM
@Powerlord Would you happen to know if there's a good weapon stripper for Sourecmod that's compatible with HL2MP?
Q: How do I fix the Dragon Age 2 armor glitch?

Alex319In Dragon Age 2, there is a glitch where if you unequip and re-equip a shield, then it permanently increases your character's armor by 34 each time. Is there a way to fix or avoid this glitch? (The glitch occurs even if you just replace one shield with another shield, so you can't avoid the glitc...

7:40 PM
@ArdaXi Not off the top of my head.
What, you don't like some of the weapons? :(
I want to try gravgun only.
There's not a cvar to do that?
I doubt it.
Weird, I thought I heard that there was.
Wait, maybe that was a cvar to disable the gravity gun... which would be the wrong way around.
That would be very much undesirable yes.
7:43 PM
Anyway, Allied Modders forum has a search engine, but I don't think you can restrict it to specific games only.
The sourcemod website might have a game filter on its addons list, though.
I tried searching for it, but I only found one and it didn't work
@ArdaXi Bleah, it's probably compiled for an older version of either SourceMod or the game.
You could use spcomp (Windows) or compile.sh (Linux/BSD) to recompile the plugin if you have the .sp source for it.
It was the wrong way around, anyway. I think it could only block one specific weapon.
Unfortunately, I think only TF2 has item whitelists built-in, and even then only if the server is running in Tournament mode (mp_tournament 1)
Well, actually, I think they added in item blacklists as well, due to the sheer number of items.
It's HL2DM, by the way.
7:47 PM
@ArdaXi Yes, I know.
I could fork it I suppose
I can't read the Steam forums from work (or its Google cache), so I dunno if this topic is useful or not: forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1513143
Q: DOOM 1.9 .wad files compatability

Nate KoppenhaverI have DOOM 1.9 [the shareware version] on a Windows 95 computer and I just beat Knee-Deep In The Dead. I know of a couple places to get other .wad files for DOOM, and I was wondering if all .wad files are compatible with all versions of DOOM, or would I need to get special ones, and if so, where...

@Bob I can't tell if he's asking for Commercial wads or not, but it might be a good idea to remind him that iD still sells Doom, both through its website and on Steam.
Quake 4 is the only iD game I know of that isn't on Steam.
@Powerlord No, it's a server.
7:54 PM
Hmm, it might be useful to find the CS:S SourceMod plugin Gun Game and find out how it does forced weapon switches and blocks weapon changes.
Assuming it uses generic SourceMod constructs and not CS:S specific events.
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