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4:00 PM
@badp To be honest: NARQ?
@GnomeSlice the question is a real question
Although, probably not, I'm sure there are loads of good answers.
I wonder what the most-starred messages in the bridge's history are.
...Okay, that star doesn't really help me though.
I don't know how to search for JUST stars.
Q: Create superflat map in Minecraft with trees, grass, etc

Anderson GreenAs of the latest Minecraft snapshot (12W40A), it is now possible to create superflat worlds with structures such as trees and grass. I still haven't found out how to create a superflat world with this setting - where is the option for this?

4:19 PM
@JasonBerkan If I know it's an unregistered user, I don't comment because it's 99.9999% likely it's a drive-by question and they don't care/won't check. I don't think I voted NARQ, but I might've misclicked in a drunken stupor. It's not constructive and too localized
No constructive: soliciting opinions on whether something is a rip-off. Who knows. We live in a capitalistic society: people charge what the market will bear. It's not the "good subjective" either, because it doesn't produce an objectively testable position through someone's experience. If it were something like, "What's the average cost of a Minecraft server that does X, Y, and Z" then we're getting somewhere
Which leads to why it's too localized: who cares? It's not generalizable question. Like I said, people charge what the market will bear. Two servers could have the same feature list and still be okay charging two different prices due to some intangible like friends or because it's the "cool server" or whatever
@StackExchange bakes fancy Arqade cupcakes for everyone
@GnomeSlice I think this one the highest for awhile:
Jun 28 '11 at 13:39, by Mana
Wipqozn's law of gravitation. Every topic on The Bridge, must, inevitably, eventually return to Minecraft and TF2.
oops, caps lockl
Feb 24 at 22:31, by Jin
That had 24.
@Wipqozn Is there not a way to view all starred messages for a particular room?
Wait, wait, yes there is.
Er, maybe.
4:25 PM
you can't sort by number of stars though, like you can with searches
@GnomeSlice You can't order them though. Which is stupid.
What does the 'show all 13367' beside 'show only top 1' do anyway.
Searching for the letter 'e' doesn't trick it :(
@GnomeSlice click it and find out the world is a magical place
@MarkTrapp I did, I thought it just showed all of the starred messages like a transcript search.
4:25 PM
@GnomeSlice I think it's rather self-explanatory.
Not sure what the link to the bridge at the top is for.
Sep 29 '11 at 18:39, by Powerlord
All in favor of replacing @GnomeSlice with a bot that posts the same Youtube videos at random times every day, star this post.
That one had 16, apparently.
Maybe I should put in a on meta.se for this.
Derp, dunno why I made that a link.
wrong tag markdown too
@MarkTrapp I'll buy that, though I thought the core of the question was "Is it normal for people to charge for stuff on a Minecraft server."
@MarkTrapp How do you do meta tags? I didn't even know there was a difference.
But it wouldn't be an arqade meta question anyway.
4:29 PM
So I think this is the highest rated, coming in at 24 stars:
4 mins ago, by Wipqozn
Feb 24 at 22:31, by Jin
@GnomeSlice [meta-tag:feature-request]
@Wipqozn I'm almost positive There was one that had over 30 at one point.
@GnomeSlice Same here. I feel like we had one with 32 stars, but I can't find it.
I thought it would be something lazers or the name change, but not finding anything.
There's a lot about me...
Also, Arda is apparently still a room owner of the bridge.
@GnomeSlice That should tell you something.
4:34 PM
@GnomeSlice You say a lot of star worthy things.
@Wipqozn Not things I've said, things other people have said about me.
@fbueckert Probably, yes. Damned if I know what.
/via @tzenes
Morning all
4:35 PM
@badp No
I wish that was actually offensive so I could flag it.
Mar 23 at 2:06, by Wipqozn
maaaaaan, whenever I type out "man" with a lot of extra a's, like in "maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan" I want to add an a on the end so it becomes @mana.
So has anyone updated their level script and discovered my birthday surprise yet?
@OrigamiRobot that's just 6 stars
@OrigamiRobot @maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaana
@Ktash I forgot to even try it.
4:36 PM
@badp ...And?
@Ktash No idea what you're talking about.
What level script?
@Ktash I have to figure out how to update.
@OrigamiRobot The a to star ratio is weak
@JasonBerkan While that's one way to rewrite it, it doesn't ask that as worded right now; it asks if it's dodgy that someone wants his/her 12 year old child to donate money, and that he/she isn't sure if the child is being taken advantage of because they are pressuring him for money. That's leading the witness, and to answer it correctly, you have to say whether said server is, in fact, taking advantage of a child by pressuring them for donations
Q: I've Leveled Up! - Leveling System for Arqade

KtashWe all love to gain experience rep here on Arqade, but wouldn't it be great if that translated into a leveling system? Don't you just want to see your experience bar build up as you answer more questions and gain more super powers privileges? Well wait no more! Through this special online only o...

4:37 PM
@badp Who said anything about stars?
9 hours ago, by Ktash
Alright, as a Happy Birthday to Arqade, I've released a special update to my level up script. Something fun to play in the Arqade today ;)
@AshleyNunn If you try to install the script again, it should work. You can also wait until it notifies you, since it checks for an update once every 24hours
A: I've Leveled Up! - Leveling System for Arqade

KtashLast Update Version: 3.0 A special happy birthday to Arqade. See if you can find it ;) Currently Known Issues Report in comments or as an answer on this question Chrome does not support the new icon Animation to show rep fades out in Chrome, but never fades in with the proper text How L...

@Ktash Lololol
@JasonBerkan But writing a question is hard, so let's say it's rewritten to that formulation, "is it normal for people to charge stuff on a Minecraft server?" How do we define normal? The majority of servers? How do we figure that out? Did someone do a survey? But what does it matter what a sample of servers do if you like a specific one and are willing to pay to support it?
@AshleyNunn found it already?
I apparently didn't do a good enough job hiding it lol
4:39 PM
huh, I can't get the script to install.
@Wipqozn what browser?
@Ktash grins The "something fun to play" helped me find it
5wait. NEvermind. Derp.
I was clicking the wrong thing.
never mind, was just being stupid.
@JasonBerkan I think 'what do I need to do to be successful at charging for stuff on a minecraft server' might be better, but it seems more like a business question to me than a gaming one.
@JasonBerkan At best we get anecdotal stories like, "well my server charges X" or "no server I'd play on charges or anything" or like the one we got, which makes an unbacked claim that "most servers" ask for donations. They're just not helpful, and amount to a poll. Might as well ask people you trust for a selection of opinions.
4:41 PM
Hm. Trying to figure out why the "Me" tab on twitter is looking like it has some sort of notification or something going on.
@Wipqozn By the way, did you ever update your chat theme script to work on all arqade rooms?
@GnomeSlice No
I forgot I did that
@Wipqozn Buh, it's like the best thing ever.
@JasonBerkan that's what I get for telling somebody not to migrate a question - the asker reasks it anyway
Q: Mogu'Shan Vault Stone Guardian - Healers go OOM

KaoWe're a WoW guild trying to manage the Stone Guard in Mogu'Shan Vaults, 10 man. We've got the basics down with the overloads, exploding the one whos active etc. but our healers run OOM at about 50%. This is due to the massive damage the tanks take from the rend flesh debuf. How do we deal with t...

Q: Tag Wiki Rejected Edit Question

desaivvI think I might have made a mistake. I have been trying to get the Research Assistant badge and I am selfish for that. I like shiny new badges. For that I have been adding information to tag wikis that do not have them. In that I add General Information and Tag Specific wikis. If a tag wiki do...

Q: CounterStrike: Global Operations automatic reload

counterstrikeAfter holding down the fire button and depleting a clip, the gun will not automatically reload until the fire button is released. This behavior is incongruous with that of most other FPS games. Is this behavior by design, or is it a problem with my setup? MOUSE1 is bound to the "Fire" action, a...

4:42 PM
@AshleyNunn It might be a private message, I replied to the one you sent me.
But that was a few days ago.
@GnomeSlice Yeah, it's not where those usually are. So I am SO CONFUSED
@AshleyNunn What does it look like?
@OrigamiRobot She's a moderatorrrrrr
@GnomeSlice Not on Arqade!
I don't even remember what my magic card says.
4:43 PM
Wow, second highest rated card.
Damn, converted mana cost of 1.
@OrigamiRobot Aw yaaaaaay
@AshleyNunn The little light under it?
4:44 PM
@OrigamiRobot Well, techinally right here, but not on Arqade proper.
@AshleyNunn It's a link to your profile
@AshleyNunn That is weird, mine doesn't have that.
@GnomeSlice Yeah, that's the part that is confusing me, if I click the link it doesn't go away or anything
Not really, but I'm lazy.
4:45 PM
@Ktash: I found it, but it's really, really buggy (FireFox).
@OrigamiRobot Never say never.
@OrigamiRobot giggles I LOVE IT JUST THE WAY IT IS gives you a cupcake
@OrigamiRobot Why fire, though?
@Wipqozn Sometimes you have to close it and reopen it... I don't know why yet
One of everything would make more sense.
4:46 PM
@GnomeSlice Because you're filled with the red-hot rage of fire.
@GnomeSlice Dude you are so red it hurts.
Also, it isn't quite as complete as I wanted it to be, but I didn't have enough time to put more in yet
Red is not always fire.
@Ktash: that fixed it
4:46 PM
@Ktash I love it. :D
@GnomeSlice yeah, see, you have no blue light.
@OrigamiRobot But whyyyyy.
@AshleyNunn doesn't show up when I hover, or when I click it either.
Dunno what that is.
@AshleyNunn maybe a direct message?
@AshleyNunn Is it caused by one of the keyboard shortcuts, maybe?
@badp Nope, the last one I have is a few days old, and I checked it.
@badp Oh, apparently that was it. Apparently it just resent me a bunch of DMs from a year ago, and wanted me to know that.
4:50 PM
But that question was your question.
@GnomeSlice All I'll say is, "u mad bro?"
@GnomeSlice Hahaha, well its good to know I am not the only herpaderp out there.
@badp I don't get mad. Well, I do, but not at people.
Well... yeah I do.
@GnomeSlice I guess it's settled.
4:51 PM
> Red acts without hesitation.
@OrigamiRobot ...Yeah, okay, I guess.
Oh psh, who uses actual support when I have a whole chat room full of awesome people at my disposal?
Converted mana cost of 1 though?
At least I'm an uncommon.
You are the reddest user in all of chat. By far. No question.
@OrigamiRobot There should be something about placing flag counters on the battlefield.
4:53 PM
CMC 1 is good
@OrigamiRobot That's way much more detailed than it should be
Yeah see I have no idea what my card means XD
@GnomeSlice That's what your 2nd ability is about.
Now I can see people trying to play psychologists with colors and... ugh
@AshleyNunn Means your tap ability is to give someone a cupcake.
4:54 PM
@GnomeSlice That part I got
but the little symbols on it and stuff I dont get
@OrigamiRobot Nah, that's about suspension.
I would totally play @GnomeSlice's card.
@GnomeSlice Which results from flags.
@AshleyNunn Your cost is 1 white mana, 1 blue mana, and 1 mana of any type. You're a 'common' card.
...Not my best pickup line, ever.
Your power is 1 and your toughness is 2
@fredley @redriderx @ronanforman UHC is a going
@GnomeSlice giggles
4:57 PM
Q: Option to Search Entire Chatroom History by Stars

GnomeSliceThis probably isn't a terrifically useful feature to request, but I think it would be nice to be able to look at all of the starred messages in a particular chatroom, and sort the results by number of stars. Semi-Relevant Discussion

Sigh. Look how much money that's raised.
Lmao, I'm surprised Kickstarter let them use their platform for their joke.
@GnomeSlice I asked for this, it was implemented, and then it was taken away. :(
@TimStone What, why?
Just got my speakers hooked back up again, since I've been too lazy to do so since I got a new desk. Seems like a good song to bring them back.
@GnomeSlice I can't fully remember, let me see if I can find the explanation.
in Chat feedback on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, Jan 15 at 8:38, by Marc Gravell
The search for starred only? Yeah... Suggestion: order by stars...?
So...they didn't really explain why. :P
@TimStone I think they just hate us and don't want us to be happy.
5:06 PM
Probably. Hating fun likely got too boring and they moved on to hating happiness.
I'll build that for you, if you stop abusing chat flags. Deal? — Yannis Rizos 4 mins ago
(Or it was too expensive to query for, but that's less fun)
Wha the fuck does he mean by that?
Stop getting flagged?
I flagged badp's TF2 thing a while ago because it had some... really... vulgar stuff in it.
Is that what he means? Because someone clearly didn't visit the link when they were handling it.
@GnomeSlice You've made a couple joke flags recently.
I can't recall any specific ones.
@Wipqozn No I haven't. Besides, how would you even know.
Can you see who flagged something?
5:11 PM
@GnomeSlice Because after making said flags you've said you made them.
I don't flag senselessly. — GnomeSlice 2 mins ago
Maybe someone else should post this feature request.
I can delete mine.
Q: What missions do not give loot?

Daniel LewI'm trying to save all the missions with unique loot for a playthrough 2.5, so that I can get high level uniques. My character is getting pretty severely underleveled in the process and is now too weak to take on higher level enemies. Is there a list of the missions that one can do before playt...

@TimStone Feel like trying again?
@Ronan UHC going on?
18 mins ago, by James
@fredley @redriderx @ronanforman UHC is a going
5:17 PM
@GnomeSlice The fact that you're GnomeSlice won't factor in to whether or not it's implemented, don't worry.
@TimStone It might factor in the votes though.
But okay.
There, I started you off on the right track.
Man, I hate that guy.
I don't abuse chat flags.
@RonanForman the server is randomly lagging everyone like there is no tomorrow
wargarbl. Why is free MvM filled to the brink with people who don't know what they're doing
and look at you angrily when you try and explain things to them
it's so much worse than regular TF2.
5:23 PM
@badp So don't play it.
@GnomeSlice bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt wrong answer
@badp Alternatively, don't complain about it.
@GnomeSlice bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt wrong answer
@badp Then what do you want us to do about it?
who said I wanted you to do anything about it
5:25 PM
That's what everyone seems to assume I want when I post shit like that
Whoa, this is awesome.
@JasonBerkan it was at four close votes and I think 2 flags when I closed it. There were several different reasons chosen. I felt it was too localized, personally. I have no idea why they're asking for money or if it's a good deal or not. Donation supported servers are pretty common, tbh. It's also kind of a vague question, so I could see it being NARQ, and there's really no factual way to determine if $10 is unreasonable or not, so it's kind of not constructive too.
I came kind of late to that party, so I didn't think to leave a comment. If I tried, I'd probably end up coming off as jumping down their throat (seeing as I think there's a billion reasons why I don't like the question). I don't know that education is really important in this case, since this doesn't really seem like a person who is going to be asking a lot of questions, but that's kind of my personal opinion.
Apparently, this is a picture from To The Moon:
5:40 PM
@murgatroid99 ...Okay?
The little purple character is this:
It amuses me that there is a brony joke in a game that otherwise has nothing to do with MLP
@murgatroid99 That is pretty delightful.
clears chat
@RedRiderX Hey man you are in the chat that we can not talk to you in
5:57 PM
@GnomeSlice This has to be the stupidest and most pathetic thing I have ever seen.
@Wipqozn Click 'pledge now' or any of the links.
this has to be a joke.
It's actually for charity.
@Wipqozn It is.
Click one of the links, or try to pledge.
Okay, yeah I see.
@Wipqozn You can't actually pledge anything to the charities though, through the kickstarter.
It's pretty funny though, I have to say.
> Funny or Die is a comedy video website founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's production company, Gary Sanchez Productions
I didn't realize that about FoD.
5:59 PM
@James Oh yeah... looks at @AshleyNunn and offers cupcake As the most close by blue, unfreeze, please?
@TimStone Huh???
You reminded me that that chat room needed to be unfrozen.
You may have been talking about a different room, but my mind isn't concerned with such details. >_> <_<
@TimStone ka-boooooooooom.
@badp Ah, then a cupcake for you instead, good sir.
Thanks. :P
@TimStone Ah, yeah I was talking about mumble :)
6:02 PM
Speaking of frozen rooms, we should try another Arqade community tournament.
maybe we should finish the first
I tried that again a while ago, and it stagnated again almost immediately.
@Mana I can't believe I took till today to realize the proper spelling of 'maaaaaaaan.'
@badp how were you spelling it before?!
6:07 PM
@agent86 randomly
yes, I think by most regards "randomly" is not an accepted spelling of "maaaaaan"
"randomly, my boss was totally a biatch today."
@agent86 neither is "maaaaaan"
"oh randomly... you ate the last cookie? :("
Man, Steam refuses to maximize correctly on my 4:3 monitor.
@TimStone Sorry, I was getting ymself ready for family thanksgiving stuff :P
6:15 PM
Oh yeah, you crazy Canadians and your early Thanksgiving. Enjoy the OM NOM NOM and family fun time!
@TimStone Thanks, I shall.
@AshleyNunn And it will be good
@fbueckert Most definitely. I made a giant apple crisp.
hm, Dishonored looks pretty good.
@Wipqozn yeah, I plan to play it at some point (assuming it comes out and gets decent reviews.)
6:24 PM
@agent86 It comes out in a couple days.
also I left you an easter egg in the anniversary blog post, did you find it?
@agent86 I see it. Ha ha
@agent86 ...Maybe.
Wipqozn, why do you have a thanksgiving too?
looks for easter egg
6:25 PM
I thought things were supposed to go like,
CA: Sorry
US: Thanks
@badp We don't. We call it Apologizegiving.
whence the saying, "What came first, the sorry or the thanks?"
@Wipqozn ooooh, I can see how that's definitely a mouthful.
@Wipqozn a likely story.
In apology for that silly oblong name you nicknamed it Thanksgiving too. In order to not confuse us. That's very considerate of you.
haahha, I just found it. That's fantastic
but seriously I hate you and I can't wait for the day when you let down your guard.
also, *tortoise
6:28 PM
@Wipqozn fixed
@Wipqozn that's intentional. turtle shades
@badp <3
We should call you awesomep, not @badp.
I do what I can, I can what I don't. Man, I'm making the baddest "puns" today.
@agent86: (Dishonored) One thing that has me concerned is that the player is jumping all around, up and down, and no one is even noticing him. That makes me concerted the stealh will be really easy, which would make the stealth fairly boring imo (which is how I'd want to play).
hey @JQAn, you interested in a copy of civ 5? you're the only one who was interested previously, and there's no takers so far today.
@Wipqozn if you want some good stealth, mark of the ninja. it is elite! I hope to finish my NG+ run this weekend.
6:35 PM
Never heard of it, but I'll look into it.,
huh, it's 2D. Interesting.
not out yet for steam, but should be soon. I think the guys behind shank made it. similar art styles and so forth
6:56 PM
@agent86 you, sir, are growing increasingly desperate
since you've announced a giveaway though you should maybe wait for it to expire :)
7:20 PM
Q: What is the maximum number of herb tablets that can be stored in the tablet box?

musefanYou can use herbs to create herb tablets that can be stored in the herb tablet box for using to heal your character. I recently found out by mistake I can hold more than the default 6, I upped it to 10. Can I stored more than this? I am a bit cautious about just trying it in case I hit the limit ...

7:39 PM
@agent86 I can give you a Defense Grid steam activation code in return if interested :)
it's a great game
@JQAn It is.
8:02 PM
Q: Are there any Easter eggs or hidden areas in Bad Piggies?

harrymfaI see the levels in Bad Piggies are littered with what could be hidden areas or treasures. They look nearly impossible or very difficult to reach. Anyone had any luck reaching any of these areas?

8:13 PM
Huge Megabyte Punch update!
@MarkTrapp You're a programmer aren't you. ;)
You don't have to be a programmer to know when a question is unanswerable
I just meant the "how do you define normal" comment. I've been in design meetings where stuff like that comes up. Regardless, it's all good now, so I will go back to my Thanksgiving fun.
@badp nah, mainly I was looking for people to enter the giveaway :P I knew Juan had an interest, so I figured he might as well enter :P
@JQAn well, I'm trying to raffle it off today, so if you have an interest I can put you down as a (currently the only) contender.
8:32 PM
@JasonBerkan tbh that's probably from my background in analytical philosophy. As a programmer, I would've closed the issue with WORKSASDESIGNED
Aw damn, exporting to 'open' in dungeon defenders overwrites your current open data...
1 hour later…
9:36 PM
My word. An hour since the last message? That's just not acceptable at all.
You're not acceptable at all.
@RonanForman Whoa man, whoa.
You're just out of control.
You're just out of control.
@RonanForman You're boom.
@badp Whoah, I'm going to have to sit down. Wait, I'm already sitting down.
10:12 PM
@RonanForman Sit down more.
Q: What gameplay effects change in multiplayer?

Ben BrockaSo I know loot is allegedly better in co-op play and enemies are tougher. But I've noticed certain other things change gameplay-wise. Most noticeably, in co-op play I can Phaselock an Ion Loader through their sphere shield; in single player Phaselock doesn't affect Loaders behind the shield. Ar...

Q: Become A Jedi and destroy your enemies!

Awesome NinjaIn Star wars battlefront I've always been in situations where I wished I had a lightsaber to hack at some enemy CPUs. I was just wondering If there was a glitch or a weird Easter egg to have the legendary laser sword. I read a cheat code sheet and I found what I was looking for, but it didn't wor...

10:39 PM
↑ full "official" list of games that currently Steam would have for Linux if Steam for Linux was a thing
@badp But they don't exist?
Given the amount of HIBs that list is kinda disappointing
@GnomeSlice wat
Q: Autopick items from inventory when emptying stack in hand

Christian IvicevicI want to setup a Bukkit server for Minecraft and I wonder whether there is any multiplayer plugin which automatically "refills" your equipped item stack if possible. That is, assume you build something and are out of wood, but if you got another stack in your inventory it will automatically be p...

@Lazers Oh, joy. Look who's back.
11:13 PM
@Lazers Should that be considered a mod rec?
@badp You said Steam for Linux isn't a thing. So those games aren't available for linux?
What's the point of a list then?
@SaintWacko It certainly looks like one
@GnomeSlice There's supposed to be a Steam for Linux beta soon
Presumably once Steam is available for Linux, those games will be on it
Oh shit, Tig Notaro's set from largo this summer is up for sale now. (As in, the one where she went up on stage and opened her set by announcing that she has cancer.)
Q: In Terraria, what are the conditions for getting a Goblin Army to spawn?

Lester PeabodyI'm trying to get a Goblin army to spawn. Thus far I have: Destroyed 1 Shadow Orb Have at least 200 HP currently and have not seen an invasion yet this game. At what time does the Goblin Army usually spawn? When I say time, I mean what time in the night (i.e. 12am, 1am, 2am, etc...). Am I ...

Q: Borderlands 2 Lag in Opportunity

ryansworld10For some reason whenever I'm in Opportunity and I look around at all the buildings, my FPS drops to below 40, sometimes 30. Opportunity isn't the only place it happens, but it's most notable there. My PC specs: AMD Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.68Ghz Radeon HD 7950 16Gb DDR3 RAM 128Gb SSD As you can ...

Q: What are the restrictions on assigning skill points?

Ben JacksonDo I need to reach 5/5 on the base skills to proceed down the trees? Do I need any points in the base skills to proceed down the trees? I'm at level 14 and I still can't assign anything below the first row but there's no hint as to why. I feel like this must be extremely obvious but I'm not ge...

11:46 PM
Q: What are the different melee attacks?

WipqoznI just started playing War of the Roses, and although the game does offer a tutorial on how archery work, it doesn't explain how the melee combat works. I've figured out that there are different kinds of melee attacks, but I have no idea how to use any particular attack. What the different melee...

why wouldn't they include at least a paragraph on how melee combat works?
I don't want a blow-by-blow explanation, but at least explaining the controls would be nice.
11:59 PM
Q: How can I get the AI to attack friendly targets?

AubergineI'm quite the opportunist when it comes fo playing Space Pirates and Zombies. Upon entering a system I usually make it a point to buy all the blueprints I can get my hands on, and mass murder is definitely on the table. I usually find myself on redemption missions for factions that have tech I w...

Q: What the controls for melee combat?

WipqoznI just started playing War of the Roses, and although the game does offer a tutorial on how archery works, it doesn't explain how the melee combat works. I've figured out that there are different kinds of melee attacks, but I have no idea how to use any particular attack. What are the controls f...

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