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12:00 AM
:O nice secret hats catija
@Catija As in hat for a a meta site, or a hat for a hat? :P
@nobody Heh. The former.
12:22 AM
are the number of hats always the same per year? how many are there?
how many people have gotten the verified hat?
divide SE's monthly revenue by 8
A: Show off your hats! (2022 edition)

lyxalLyxal @lyxal · 1 hr ago I swear I didn't pay $8 for this hat #verified #twitter-joke #how-the-hell-did-I-get-this-hat

I have done the funny
12:40 AM
@NordineLotfi Different every year. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/358301/…
Q: How many normal and secret hats have there been in past Winter Bashes?

PandaDoes Winter Bash have the same number of normal and secret hats every year? Is there a breakdown of normal and secret hats featured in past Winter Bashes? Having such a list could perhaps allow us to estimate the number of secret hats in future Winter Bashes and approximate the number of secret h...

Thanks :o
tied first with catija :p
Grrrrr I have one that I should have earned but hasn't been awarded.
I think I never managed to get more than 2-3 hats
maybe I'm not trying hard enough hmm
Or maybe you're trying too hard :p
I went to play a game for 30 minutes and came back to +4 hats
12:53 AM
honestly I only do the routine I usually do when on SO/SE
1:13 AM
Uncontested first place let's go!
wooo yeah baby that’s what i’ve been waiting for thats what it’s all about woohoo
I'm blaming my family coming home and interrupting my hat search.
@Catija do you know what the exact trigger for verified is?
And if so, does it have anything to do with changing one's pfp to their identicon for a bit?
It was my idea, so I certainly hope so.
What's a pfp?
Profile picture
I'm just thinking back to the things I did before getting the hat
1:52 AM
Is there a chicken quest as part of this year's Bash? Since balpha is back, I hope so
Speaking of, how involved is/was balpha in the running of this year's Bash? Same as earlier Bashes when he worked for SE?
ain't no way this person wearing long pants in summer
2:04 AM
Seems very appropriate that I was actually tricked into answering a data-tagged question.
@lyxal Some places have quite mild summers where pants are totally reasonable options. :D
wish I was in one of those :p
@lyxal No
@gparyani He was involved in a few ways but not in creating any sort of easter eggs.
@Catija "mild summer" how I wish that were true for Australian summers.
Same in Texas
can't loose white pants actually be cooler than shorts if the sun's bad enough
2:11 AM
I feel like I've heard that, yeah.
Q: Winter Bash 2020 hat names & references explained

GlorfindelHere is a list of the 'etymology' for the Winter Bash 2020 hats. Everything about the naming (whether related to Stack Exchange mechanics, memes or anything else that isn't obvious to most readers) can be found here. What may be obvious to you (because you're a game expert, or a native English sp...

I'd love to see a question like this this year, if only to see how many of the references y'all pick up on. :D
2:23 AM
So for the splunk hat, would a tag count?
Yeah - I got mine from a question with
Q: Cumulative Winter Bash hat data

Joe KerrIs there anywhere that data could be found regarding Winter Bash hats, such as how many of each hat have been earned, when such hats were first earned, and the amount of each hat earned per site? I remember that Stack Exchange used to release data following the Winter Bash in prior years, but cou...

Also, I'm back in the lead.
For now
What's fun about winter bash is thinking you know what got you a hat on one site only to get the same hat on another site without having performed the same action you thought was the trigger
2:40 AM
2:52 AM
hat suggestion for next year if covid is still a big enough thing: covid hat. you get it if you reply to or get replied to by someone with the hat.
where does the hat originate?
@Seggan dunno. community user? a created account with a bat profile picture?
Oooh, that reminds me, I should go set a hat for Community.
Give it whatever the hardest hat to get is
Right now it only has four to choose from but I think I made a good choice.
user image
3:12 AM
I like the way V2Blast wore their hat xD
3:32 AM
hey all, it took me some time to find the room :)
Anyone know how to get the Not Found secret hat yet? I'm not sure what I did to gain it.
@Catija Did you post this answer and reattribute it to the Community user?
(The homepage lists you as modifying it with the same timestamp as the answer, and following the last activity link shows that one)
... I don't know what you're talking about...
The bot did it and is trying to frame me.
3:51 AM
@JamesRisner You visit a not found page :)
Although I'm not sure exactly which not found pages work
Visiting /404 definitely does
@nobody I did that and it didn't trigger
What grants a "heads up!" hat? No idea what I did lol
@Vickel That's weird. Visiting /404 triggered it for me on two separate sites
@nobody did you click on a broken question link?
@Vickel No, just literally went to stackoverflow.com/404
Broken question links don't work for me either. Hence why I said I'm not sure which Not Found pages trigger it
4:09 AM
@JoshuaLin Did you flag anything?
I got it on SO and I think the only thing I did there was spam flag a post
4:27 AM
Seems heads up (confirmed on 3 sites) can be triggered from removing a thank you comment (but likely any comment if the flag is cleared.) I can't confirm whether post flags would do the same yet.
Well, I didn't flag any comments on SO
So post flags probably work too
So the trigger would be: flag a post or comment that subsequently gets deleted?
Or does any sort of flag work?
Motor Vehicle earns Heads Up for flagging a comment that is deleted.
Serverfault and Etherum flag a comment that is deleted and try again (error: "This comment has been removed") earns.

So yea, flag and get cleared/removed/deleted earns.
If you just post flagged and earned, it's probably all flags that are cleared.
5:21 AM
@gparyani I'm not quite sure why you feel like you need to "ruin" the fun of Community posting on Meta about her hat.
5:34 AM
@nobody Confirmed, flag anything, wait for it to be approved = heads up. Do I get credit for discovery? ;-)
(I just got a site with only an approved post flag award heads up)
Flagging is confirmed, 10x approved flags (only verify comment - but suspect it's a bronze version of heads up)
I think X Marks the Spot is awarded for having 3 secret hats on one site.
i.e. Propel Thyself in past WBs
@Panda My three X marks match that (3 secret, 4 secret, and 4 secrets)
@JamesRisner Nice!
5:51 AM
@Eran Hello, nice to see you!
@Panda Hi, good to see you too
Unflagging is retracting a flag.
6:19 AM
@starball Haha, thanks. When one pair of sunglasses isn't enough... Add another one :D
@Catija To prevent confusion from newer users as to how or why a supposed "bot" account is posting that kind of answer.
@nobody I think that's the only one that works for that hat.
@Catija You actually searching? Or did you have the list?
Hmm was trying to find users with Collection Complete but in the midst of doing so, got it myself
6:39 AM
@Panda I've been trying to get it. Any idea how you got it/
@JamesRisner Hmm, I did a variety of random things, can't tell which one earned it. I did some edits on posts and edited my profile too.
6:56 AM
@JamesRisner Just recalled that I saved, upvoted and edited a post. Maybe the 3 actions make a Complete Collection.
7:07 AM
Is there some hidden requirement for cookies hat?
Not triggereing for me
@gparyani There's no indication yet that anyone is confused, though.
@JamesRisner I have the list, I still have to do the work, though. :P
@AnkitSharma No. Did you wait 10 minutes?
@Catija Could you confirm this?
2 hours ago, by Panda
I think X Marks the Spot is awarded for having 3 secret hats on one site.
I could, yes.
@Catija I think it's more than 10 min. Cookie setting is same which come in popup right on bottom corner?
@Catija But shall not at this time?
7:14 AM
That’s an easy one, thanks @Catija!
did we break any secret hat yet O.o
I think you have to literally to go /404 for the NotFound hat to trigger, invalid question ids / random other urls didn't cut it for me.
@catija Also can you confirm: Heads Up = 1 helpful flag, flagging = 10 helpful flags, unflagging = 1 retracted flag.
It runs every 10 minutes on the 10s, generally. There are some we had to cache longer for performance reasons but I don't remember which hats it was.
@JamesRisner Yes, no, no
7:23 AM
@Catija thanks
@AnkitSharma I just got it on M&TV so hopefully it'll work for you eventually.
You don't actually need to save any changes, just open it and close it again.
Got that
I tried both ways in two different sites and got it in both
8:04 AM
@Catija Any benefit for trying to keep pinning down the award requirements for hats I have? --- Kinda guess I'm asking if there's a hat for learning how to find hats?
There's not. We haven't been doing manual hats like Archimedes for years.
8:23 AM
On previous years there were hats that required "Pinging an SE employee", what did that mean?
Hello, I got a Collection Complete hat, and I wear it :) but I am wondering which collection they want to speak about and/or what's is the trigger
@flydev We've been trying to discover. What were you doing between 7 minutes and 30 minutes before the hat?
cool, been trying to discover it too. I did nothing, just woke up and saw my awarded hats
hmm, interesting.
And before going to sleep, I just visited SO. However, I have a tab open on a question for 2 days.
8:33 AM
@flydev I have 50+ tabs open on questions for months - so it's not likely that.
@flydev comparing our profiles, I think it may have something to do with badges. Maybe the fact you have one or more of these that I don't:
Good Answer
Nice Answer
Popular Question
9:03 AM
Hi, got the Albert Einstein hat but am confused about the trigger. Perhaps answer a question within 12 hours (or 3 hours) of question posted with at least 1 (could be 0 too) upvote?
If so, Neil would have it
@JamesRisner wait a second... it's not instant(!)... Well then Albert Einstein hat might be given for approving (2) suggested edits ¯_(ツ)_/¯?
@emanresuA I see, just realized my folly.
Though if hats aren't awarded even after 30 minutes or (2 hours) after the trigger, then that would complicate things a bit more. (Like getting tag edits approved). Is it the case?
@JamesRisner ah yes maybe, what first was coming to my mind, was because I got reputations on multiple area, and / or getting 150 visits on consecutives days.
9:51 AM
Chatterbox seems to just be talking some amount in the chat
10:12 AM
Is Collection Complete obtained by having's one's question saved by another user?
That's gotta be it
For the hat, I recently saved a question from someone who hasn't been on the site in months, and they have only it
I could confirm it for you if someone saved this question , chosen absolutely completely at random
Of course, completely random
@CDJB done
(I created a politics account to save that lol)
10:19 AM
If everyone does it we won't know how many saves are needed though
@emanresuA Maybe there's a hat for that, you never know!
Already got it
@InanimateBeing I don't think so. I've approved 10 today (and do not have that hat).
@emanresuA I think it might be going too far if I asked you to ask a question so I can close, edit and reopen it :D
10:32 AM
@DaneelOlivaw Well, I haven't received it so far - don't think this can be it.
@CDJB you can do that to my latest question on SO
@CinCout I was really on about the 'Hey, Listen!' hat - needs the user with the closed question to be a new contributor.
@DaneelOlivaw Ooh, I tell a lie - just got collection complete. Guess we can confirm that one :)
@CDJB makes sense. I thought you were testing a secret hat!
@Panda Another possibility (linked to the use of 'My Day' in the name) might be voting on a post that pre-dates the user's own membership of a site, perhaps? Easy to disprove if any long-time members have picked it up for voting on relatively recent posts, but the cut-off might be a relative time period like this rather than a static one.
in You Are Here, 19 mins ago, by Xnero
@Willeke If you save someones post they get a secret hat. Can you save one of mine (you can unsave it after) and I'll save one of yours?
10:44 AM
@nobody yup that link worked for me too and got the hat on SO. Even though I checked 5 MSE (M=Math) not found pages but that failed to trigger the hat on MSE.
@Stiv If true, that would be novel. Usually "old" refers posts from a year ago, based on hats from past years.
Q: Unable to adjust my hat as hat control is hidden

PandaI can't adjust the position of my hat as the hat control overflow is hidden. I'm using Safari v16.1 running on macOS.

Just wondering if anyone else has this problem too, or is it just me?
I'll let you all know that the Not Found hat was the very first hat I earned on the network. I loaded the Meta.SE homepage at the time WB started and I was immediately awarded the hat.
That means to me it's awarded based on past activity.
in Winter Bash 2021, Dec 16, 2021 at 12:20, by gparyani
Also, for what it's worth: last year, the team broke from tradition and didn't disclose the triggers for the unsolved secret hats at the end, which they did for 2019 and earlier Bashes, so they could re-use the same triggers for this year's Bash. Those who want to try and guess may want to look at past activity from Winter 2020 for hints.
@starball Well then the only other thing that I did before getting that Einstein hat was suggest some tag wiki edits. I did 2 edits in total. 1 was that of excerpt of a tag and the other was the description of that tag. They were blank before I edited them. The edits got approved (obvio).
@InanimateBeing 30 mins should be close to the most delay, not 2 hours.
Changing your chat parent site, once you've earned it on your original parent site, will allow you to earn it on other sites too
11:00 AM
@JamesRisner still worth a try perhaps... for Einstein hat? I mean from my side nothing else could explain. Under "All actions" that's all I've got.
Rest is just surfing here and there AFAIR.
I just got Einstein on U&L. Only action was processing some review queues
@InanimateBeing I've approved more than 2 suggested edit, so it's not 4 or less.
@flydev I'm 117 consec days. From the rep on multiple areas? You mean sites or tags?
@nohillside It worked for you and me but why it's not working for others? User starball and JamesRisner say otherwise.
@nohillside What specific queues did you do?
2 x close, 4 x suggested edit
11:11 AM
chatterbox is for star or pinning?
2 x tag edits suggested; 3 x suggested edits (I approved all): For Einstein hat
@AnkitSharma Chatterbox is for simply chatting in a group and your messages should appear as 5 (or 6) separate box (in the same chat group) (so 2 or more consecutive messages are counted as 1) to trigger the chatterbox hat.
Also, I got Heads Up hat on MSE and just by looking at the hat's image, it seems one got to have spent at least 42 minutes on that site in a single day. And also I don't think it needs to be spent all at once without a break, not sure on this part though.
@InanimateBeing 5/6 already happened here
@AnkitSharma There you go. Let's confirm the suspect.
@InanimateBeing Heads up confirmed is an approved flag, a single post or comment flag.
@InanimateBeing I got in movies where I have only one box with two separate line, one self pinned and got one star later
11:21 AM
@Catija My official guess for the Not Found hat: have encountered a 404 page on the site at any point in this month. (Also explains why I'd be immediately awarded the hat on Meta.SE the moment WB started)
@JamesRisner lol. So the image is leading as anything!
stackoverflow.com/users/11995760/dharmanbot I got 5 hats even though I haven't been using this account
My guess would be that their code started tracking 404 page visits a few days/weeks before
Also, it seems the designer for the hats is either from Switzerland or loves the Swiss flag
More suggested edits got me Albert. So it's more than 2 it seems.
11:22 AM
@Dharman Have you signed that bot up for Smokey or something similar?
No, it only runs my bot activities
@gparyani I visited the 404 page on purpose today and got nothing. That was the first thing I tried
i.e. chat messages and flagging
@JamesRisner Finally! Congrats.
I wonder what X marks the spot is
11:23 AM
@Dharman All of those are flagging related (X mark is 3+ other secret). Unflagging is something related to flagging retraction I think but can't pin it down.
@SPArcheon same from charcoal got 404 pages when clicked
Because I think I get that chatterbox is chat messages, flagging is 2 flags, unflagging is 5 or 10 flags
@JamesRisner It can't be because my bot does not retract anything
can anyone provide me a link to a deleted question on SO? Maybe it has to be an existing deleted question that you can not see.
@Dharman Not 10, because I flagged 10 without retraction on 2 sites and only got flagging. Might be 11 for unflagging maybe. or I made mistake on exactly 10.
I hope we're not being thrown off with some hat triggers, designed to only award based on random chance and not in other times.
It could be with the Not Found hat that with each 404 page load there's a 10% chance of earning the hat
11:27 AM
@JamesRisner That's definitely not right. I haven't raised 3 flags and I got it
I got 404 hat before the event started
@SPArcheon i can provide movies deleted link only :D movies.stackexchange.com/questions/111735/…
@SPArcheon just recently deleted stackoverflow.com/questions/74810707/…
Got Albert Einstein after going through a number of Suggested Edits reviews.
12:02 PM
WB site still references the Konami code script, seems unused
all the animals are still there too,
(and for some reason, "dragon" is now an option)
@SPArcheon link? I'm not sure what you talking about.
@JamesRisner do you remember the old "secret" links on the site that used to point to random emoji and/or youtube videos in the older Bash sites?
They are still there, but I don't remember "dragon" being a valid option before.
@Dharman Strange, my account on RPG has exactly 5 comment flags, all approved and only Heads Up for the last 6 hours (so it's not caching or delay)
12:18 PM
Anyone have any idea on "Over 9000", I don't think it actually is something more than 9000.
apparently I completed the requirements for two secret hats overnight
not sure how
@LukasRotter you are probably correct. An that raises another question: is even possible to land on the actual /404 page without typing the url? Any "missing" link would just display the page content but does NOT cause a redirect.
see this, somehow relevant.
Q: Can you land on the "real" 404 page without a direct link?

SPArcheonAs for question title I am wondering if it is possible to actually land on the 404 page for a site (example: https://meta.stackexchange.com/404 ) without manually typing the actual link. As far as I know, if you try to visit a not-existing page you do indeed see the 404 page message, but you are ...

@ginger up to 30 min delay is possible, which always gets me
no, I was active for all of the tail end of yesterday
I must've completed the reqs overnight or I'd've'd already gotten them
I especially love that the script that positions the WB hats is called teatime.js :p
12:35 PM
@Ginger ^ Probable reasoning.
12:51 PM
@Catija Looks like flagging is 11 helpful flags, can you confirm?
CinCout, India
9.2k 11 53 65
^ only user I could found with Mario Molina.
Mario José Molina-Pasquel Henríquez (19 March 1943 – 7 October 2020), known as Mario Molina, was a Mexican chemist. He played a pivotal role in the discovery of the Antarctic ozone hole, and was a co-recipient of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his role in discovering the threat to the Earth's ozone layer from chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gases. He was the first Mexican-born scientist to receive a Nobel Prize in Chemistry and the third Mexican born person to receive the Nobel award.In his career, Molina held research and teaching positions at University of California, Irvine, California Institute...
Know when they acquired it?
nope. I was looking at the activity on SO. Mostly reviews.
and then some comments about 20h ago.
> 463035818_is_not_a_number I have a B.h but no A.h
I've seen 3 or 4 with "It's Okay", but I can't find a pattern. I thought it was related to answering things with [power] tags but that didn't pan out.
I was thinking something about posting some text that looks like a chemical formula... but no clue
12:56 PM
How does peterJ have the most hats on every site
@JamesRisner no
@mousetail Repeating the steps at every site?
Hmm yes I guess there are a good amount of hats that requiree little to no effort even without engaing
@Catija please, tell me that Emperor is not for being First place in the leaderboard at any time...
We don't randomly award hats... other than cases from the past where we have out two different versions of the same hat and you were randomly awarded one version or the other.
We also don't do hats that involve pestering staff.
There's a handful of hats that may have been awarded immediately after WB started because someone forgot to clear the list from when we were testing, so be careful about jumping to conclusions based on hats awarded the first 30 minutes of the event.
1:05 PM
? why random? That would just be extremely exclusive since so far you sit on top of the leaderboard, and you are the one who has that hat right now....
so if that was the trigger, one would have to beat the current top user.
doesn't seem that random, only extremely hard to get.
@SPArcheon I believe they are saying, no to your theory.
@SPArcheon The "random" comment doesn't relate to your question. Someone earlier was positing that a hat is only awarded in 10% of cases and I'm saying that's generally not how hats work.
I'm pretty sure going to a comment link of a delete question will get you "Not Found" without going to /404 - e.g. mechanics.stackexchange.com/posts/comments/62836
@SPArcheon or I stand corrected, your leaderboard theory is back on?
No. The "nah" was saying that's wrong.
only thing that comes to mind is "Emperor new clothes".
1:09 PM
@Catija final try on Flagging, exactly 10? I must have made mistake when I tried that last night.
guess it's speed related, I can acquire it on command. I just can't figure out the number or speed. ;-(
visited MSE 404 page and got Not Found
that's gotta be it
Someone commented that "Back in my Day" was about voting an old question. I upvoted a 2013 question on SO and got it.
@Catija official guess: Not Found is gotten from visiting /404 on any SE site
(except for A51 probably :b)
@Catija official guess: Back In My Day is gotten from upvoting a question or answer that is over 5 years old
1:14 PM
Catija did practically nothing on Meta today, yet the Emperor hat is tied to that site. So, either it is a network wide action (those are assigned to meta) or a no-history trigger. The reference for the hat has to be the Emperor New Clothes story, and that was about convincing someone they were wearing some clothes that "only stupid people do not see".
Anyone tried removing their hat for a while?
@SPArcheon I thought it was Emperor's New Groove :p
just removed my hats
"The Emperor's New Clothes" (Danish: Kejserens nye klæder [ˈkʰɑjsɐns ˈnyˀə ˈkʰleːɐ̯]) is a literary folktale written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, about a vain emperor who gets exposed before his subjects. The tale has been translated into over 100 languages."The Emperor's New Clothes" was first published with "The Little Mermaid" in Copenhagen, by C. A. Reitzel, on 7 April 1837, as the third and final installment of Andersen's Fairy Tales Told for Children. The tale has been adapted to various media, and the story's title, the phrase "the Emperor has no clothes", and variations thereof...
look at the hat picture.
It is clearly a "not existing" hat.
So it HAS to be a reference to the folktale
maybe it's not wearing any hats for the first day of WB?
@Ginger that would be utterly stupid.
okay, jeez
1:19 PM
@Ginger Almost toxic - all hat hunters would immediately wear hats, and punishing them with a permanently missable hat would be not nice.
that'd be evil, yeah
misunderstood your message
What could work instead is "remove your hat for a certain number of hours"
@Ginger yep, sorry for that. I was unclear
I will try to stay hatless for a few hours.
@SPArcheon or maybe "opt out of WB for a little while"?
I got Not Found on MSE after going to /404, but I tried the same on CGSE and got nothing
@Ginger could also work, but if the hat is a reference to the folktale it makes more sense to "pretend" you are wearing an hat that "opting out"
I also tried to check that they didn't went as far as adding an "invisible" button on the hat wearing panel.
that'd be clever
1:23 PM
That would have been quite cool actually.
anyway, another year, another Bash without an hat for playing the asteroid chat game.
probably they don't even remember it exists.
here at CGCC we love to have long discussions about chat and how cool (or not) it is q:
Any ideas what the "Everything anywhere at once" hat means?
have 40 tabs open to one SE site
actually, that might be it
have a tab open for >=10 separate sites?
I tried opening 10 tabs
visit either Glorfindel or Skeet profiles.
1:26 PM
(I just tried searching "Jon Skeet":)
Skeet because he is SO god. Glorfindel because he is on almost every WB bug report :P
whoops, PII in that image
^^ can someone nuke that message?
@mousetail maybe something related to
maybe it's "visit the profile of the highest-rep user for your site"?
1:31 PM
tried it, no dice (I think)
@Catija are there any hats related to chat?
I also tried wheat wizzard who is the top of this yeare
Did you mean: wizard?
Where can I find last year's leaderboards? (also what does being #1 at the end of WB get me?)
You can legally call yourself a Ginger
I already can
my hair color is ginger, why do you think I chose this name
1:35 PM
True but if you win you can also legally call yourself Ginger
@Ginger how did you get a approved suggested edit even though you have more than 2K?
I'm not telling you, but if you guess it I'll confirm d:
On some other site?
@mousetail tag edits
why you gotta troll me like that lyxal
1:38 PM
because without my clicking of the approval button, you would have waited longer :p
@Ginger yeah
sure, but you can't unclick it now
@Catija eyyy
@Ginger it really isn't
@Ginger at least two, I think?
1:40 PM
@Ginger i have the Chatterbox secret hat
I think I got it after chatting on chat.meta?
okay, lemme rephrase that: @Catija are there any unfound hats relating to chat?
@Smitop I got it after chatting a lot in code golf
Unflagging has nothing to do with flagging
I just got it on SO
@Catija official guess: Back In My Day is awarded for voting for a question 10 years old or more
I shudder to imagine what we've done to your inbox
1:42 PM
I got it for voting on a 7 year old question
@Catija does the leaderboard count total hats or total unique hats?
I have Not Found on multiple sites, does that count as one hat on the leaderboard or multiple?
Is it possible to earn a hat more than once?
@mousetail yes
you can only get a hat once per site, but there are lots of sites
@Ginger unique
darn it
1:44 PM
Oh right there is a site-wide leaderboard too
@Catija why're the little hat icon list things capped at 9 hats?
I'm not answering all of the guesses because I'm not at my computer looking at the triggers and I'm working on 4 hours or so of sleep.
I don't blame you :p
anyone else here who can answer guesses?
I got Back In My Day for voting on a 5 year old question
1:46 PM
@Catija what
It's a great song.
but it doesn't answer the question
or have you just lost your marbles
What's the name of the song?
1:50 PM
well played, but that still doesn't really answer the question
Fiddler on the roof has some great songs
Sure it does. At some point we capped it at 9 and we've never changed the code.
No one probably knows why it was capped any more, we just keep doing it.
... I am pretty sure that they expect us to recognize that "11 saves the day" hat , but all I see is KH
@mousetail it does! I used to listen to the record of the original cast recording.
@SPArcheon KH? We mostly felt the demogorgon was a better call than a nosebleed.
1:54 PM
@Catija Is unflagging making 10 edits?
@Catija That is a demogorgon? My second guess was "aerial view of Beetlejuice sand worm"
But keep in mind I never actually watched Stranger Things, so...
It's a very clean version, but yes.
Maybe voting to close 10 questions
No one wants to post the "what's the reference I'm missing" question for the hats??? I'm disappointed. I started drafting it but I felt silly having it just be a brain dump instead of seeing what y'all catch.
1:57 PM
I think it's been posted
@Dharman unflagging? No.
Q: Winter Bash 2022 hats explained

double-beepWhat follows is a list of the 'etymology' for the Winter Bash 2022 hats. Everything about the naming (whether related to Stack Exchange mechanics, memes, or anything else that isn't obvious to most readers) can be found here. What may be obvious to you (because you're a game expert, or a native E...

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