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4:00 PM
@RonanForman You should play KAG next.
@GnomeSlice Might do, maybe you could join us.
@Sterno bah, I'm getting to them like hours after they've been asked! that's like 55 minutes longer than my typical response time! you should count yourself lucky :P
there's been several I would have answered had I seen them sooner.
I am glad that there are so many FTL questions. it's a good game. I've got a blog post prepped, but there are some blog backlog issues at the moment
Q: Should I finish Torchlight before playing Torchlight II?

njallamSeeing as Torchlight II's release date is soon approaching. I realised that I have barely completed Torchlight I. Seeing as I am quite desperate to get playing Torchlight II with my friends, I would quite like to start playing it upon launch. My question is, Should I complete Torchlight I befo...

We can't answer this until it releases.
@agent86 Speaking of blogging stuff, is there a way to see what stuff's waiting for review and approval?
@fbueckert I'm not particularly sure how we determine who sees what at what points with the blog, tbh. I think we could probably use more editors, and I imagine editor rights would come with the ability to see what is in the queue.
there's a chat room for blog-related discussion, but it is relatively dead at the moment: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/386/gaming-blog-editor-room
4:07 PM
@agent86 Yeah, I was in it a little while ago.
I've got administrator rights on the blog, so I can add new users. It might be good to consult with at least one other person before we add a new editor, but if you'd like to help, I'm sure it would be appreciated.
I suppose if I want to volunteer to help with it, I should poke you guys in there.
probably a smart idea on the whole.
@agent86 I'm a little OCD on proper spelling and grammar. >< Comes from reading too damn much.
Also, done and done.
@agent86 backlog issues?
4:13 PM
Good point. I completely overlooked that fact. — njallam 2 mins ago
@Sterno yeah, there's a couple of diablo 3 blog posts in the queue that are similar to the one that has been posted. There were some community concerns about the posts, so I've done some review and provided feedback.
@fbueckert Have you read Mistborn?
@StrixVaria That's what got me started on Sanderson.
I'm like 300 pages into the first book.
I've got a review/screenshots of FTL I'd like to post, but we've not had any editors around recently, and I don't want to bump these diablo 3 posts if they're edited and brought into spec
4:13 PM
They're one of the best written trilogies I've ever read.
He's definitely an amazing writer, but I hate the setting.
And that's saying something.
@StrixVaria They explain what's going on as you continue reading.
Everything about Allomancy is just a huge turn-off to me.
I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt for now, because The Way of Kings came together so amazingly at the end.
@StrixVaria Not a fan of the mechanics or something?
@StrixVaria Speaking of, I just finished that a couple days ago.
@fbueckert Yeah, I don't like the requirement of a physical outside material to do magic.
4:15 PM
@agent86 Oh, I thought you meant it in the sense of "Well, there's a bunch of posts sitting there, and mine won't get posted until we've clicked the "post" button enough times to get through them all"
I like it to be more innate or something.
The fact that they need to literally eat steel in order to use magic is kind of crappy.
@StrixVaria Wait until you get into Hemalurgy and Ferumancy.
@StrixVaria There's a reason for that.
I'm giving some serious consideration to a complete-clueless-newbie's Let's Play sort of thing for the original x-com
@Sterno typically also in the past we've had an author + an editor for each post, and there've been no editors
@fbueckert I accidentally read about Ferumancy I think. My guess is that Sazed uses that.
4:16 PM
@agent86 Are more editors needed?
@Sterno That will have train wreck horror all over it. I'd watch it.
@fbueckert How'd you like it?
Q: Should I finish Torchlight before playing Torchlight II?

njallamSeeing as Torchlight II's release date is soon approaching. I realised that I have barely completed Torchlight I. Seeing as I am quite desperate to get playing Torchlight II with my friends, I would quite like to start playing it upon launch. My question is, Should I complete Torchlight I befo...

Q: How do I power an Information Panel?

dooburtI've been using Tekkit quite a bit and I love it! However, I've stumbled onto a conundrum. I have a number of IC2 Industrial Information Panels and I need to power them. Sounds really simple right? But I can't get it to work: I can run red alloy cable out of the back, but I can't connect red all...

I was pissed after I finished The Way of Kings because the next one wasn't even in the works yet.
I don't know if it is by now either.
@StrixVaria He's planning on turning it into a 10 book series. I want the next one right freaking now.
4:16 PM
He's been pretty busy with the Wheel of Time stuff.
Which I also need to keep reading...
@Sterno @fbueckert has voulenteered, and I'm giving the current editors a chance to provide feedback before I give access. If you'd like to contribute as well, jump over to the editor room and throw your name in the hat, I think we could use 2 people who were willing to do editor duties. If anything, the blog could use as much love as we can give it :)
@StrixVaria I know! I read that a few months ago and now apparently I just need to wait another year for book 2 :P
The last 100 pages of that book were some of the best pages I've ever read.
The rest of it was long, but worth it.
I read most of that book during the 36 hours my wife was being induced with labor
good times!
@Sterno jeez, 36 hours of inducing? that's harsh.
4:21 PM
@fbueckert I'll stick with it. Another thing that vaguely turns me off is that I know there's another trilogy that's set like 700 years later and it all turns to steampunk.
I don't "get" steampunk.
both times w/my wife it was over in 8-12 worth of induction. that was a real pain as it was
@StrixVaria It's just a thing.
@agent86 The actual pushing was only 25 minutes, though!
I <3 Steampunk.
The German consumer advice centre (which, given the consumer protection laws here, is a rather powerful entity) just sent Valve a cease-and-desist letter - they have to allow people to continue playing games they bought even if the people disagree with EULA changes, and they have to implement the newest ECJ ruling which allows re-sale of software bought online. Neat.
4:23 PM
I liked the Mistborn trilogy.
Didn't read that Steampunk-y one though
And book 1 was way better than Books 2 and 3.
and I'll stop talking now before it sounds worse and worse
"If there’s not a Steam sale this winter, it will actually count as Gabe Newell canceling Christmas." Heh
Written Let's Plays > Video Let's Plays
Yet almost all are videos :(
Wow, this is really impressive, because Musagi is primarily a chiptune composition tool.
@Sterno Both have their merits. A well-written written one is amazing, though.
4:25 PM
@bwarner Who?
I remember Boatmurdered, a Dwarf Fortress Let's Play...
Link in original German (there's no official English translation yet available).
Basically, if I'm in a situation where I can actually watch and listen to a video, I'd rather just play the game.
@GnomeSlice Its from RockPaperShotgun. rockpapershotgun.com/2012/09/15/…
@bwarner I meant that I don't know who Gabe Newell is.
4:27 PM
@GnomeSlice Gabe Newell is the CEO of Valve, the makers of Steam.
@GnomeSlice Some guy at Valve Software; I'd have to check Wikipedia or something to know what position he has exactly.
@bwarner Oh.
@bwarner would have gone with "co-founder" and "half-life" myself
...Judging from the star, I'm guessing I'm going to be mocked for that at some point in the future.
I'm totally naming all my x-com soldiers after Arqade peeps
I hope ronnie is pro
4:28 PM
@Sterno Holy crap that's an amazing idea.
@Sterno ... and then sending us all to die in the arms of some scary alien monster things? you horrible, horrible, person!
Now I'll feel like a douchebag copycat if I do it, though.
@bwarner Ah, right. So basically the Feargus Urquhart or Fredrik Wester of Valve.
@StrixVaria I don't know. I don't think there's a limit to how many different people can tell @spugsley that she died horribly in their X-Com game and it still be funny.
Bets on who the first Arqade XCOM soldier to die will be?
4:29 PM
@pixel Given the context, I thought it appropriate to tie him to Steam, in case one was not aware of the relationship between Valve and Steam.
I'm going to go with @GnomeSlice.
@StrixVaria I bet @pixel.
Jun 11 at 4:12, by GnomeSlice
user image
@StrixVaria Powerlord?
4:30 PM
@bwarner :(
@Sterno :D
@MartinSojka that would be flattering, as it meant he named one of his first characters after me
but I'd go with gameaddict
I think I read that you can't name them in the new one until they've ranked up a bit
4:31 PM
@Sterno Hex editors to the rescue!
@Sterno I think what he said was that he didn't bother naming them until they proved themselves.
If we read the same thing.
@StrixVaria You might be right.
The hardest part of playing Worms games was naming all my worms.
So now that I've beaten FTL on normal, I'm not sure what to do.
It needs a bonus game mode or something
4:32 PM
@StrixVaria I remade the cast of 'Sliders' when I played last, I think.
@Sterno Beat it again with a higher score, just like other roguelikes.
Although I had to cut some of them out.
Or beat it in fewer "turns" or whatever.
@Sterno Isn't that when you go on the game's forum and demand a refund because you've played for 100 hours and now there's nothing left to do?
@GnomeSlice I think my most recent time I named them all various kinds of cheese.
4:33 PM
@StrixVaria Hrm. Good question.
Oh man, I should rename all of my Defender's Quest people after Arqade users.
@StrixVaria That's boring, because there's an AI team with that theme.
@GnomeSlice Meh.
@Sterno I don't think it was a question.
Q: How is score calculated?

SternoOkay, so I've managed to beat the game on Normal. It seems like the thing to do now is work on getting a higher score. However, scoring seems like a completely mystery to me. What sort of things should I do (or not do) to improve my score?

It is now!
Is anyone here black?
I guess I could change the skin colour of some of my units to match people.
Oh, come on...
4:35 PM
This makes me want to start a new DF game with Dwarves named after Arqade nicks, in descending order of rep points. I wonder who'll be the vampire or werewolf ...
I'm disappointed that X-Com is rated M. A lot of my gaming time comes from playing with my 6 year old, and X-Com might be something of interest to him. Guess I'll have to stick to the original.
I hate you guys.
A lot.
I look like an ignorant tool now.
@RonanForman Are you here?
Yeah, why?
@RonanForman Just wondering what sort of music you think should go with the intro.
@GnomeSlice No idea, make something with a clear melody so it can be used regardless of intro.
4:38 PM
Well, at least you guys pushed off the ignorant sounding messages with your new stars.
Oh... maybe not.
I unlocked the new Osprey layout
it actually starts with different weapons
@RonanForman The intro is 20 seconds long right now... is that okay?
It's longer than the old one was.
@Sterno I call the sniper spot!
I personally think it's fine, but I remember you thought the old one was too long as well.
@GnomeSlice You could shorten the bit where it's cutting between other games.
4:40 PM
@RonanForman I suppose I could take out the TF2 high-five at the end as well.
I like the high five, leave that in.
@RonanForman You mean the transitions?
Because those are like 1/6 of a second.
@GnomeSlice No, I mean shorten that whole sequence, take out some clips or shorten them.
@Sterno What are the available positions?
Oh, yeah. If I had to take one of those clips out, which would you pick? Terraria? Dungeon Defenders? The LoL one is pretty boring, but it's a popular game, so it should probably stay in.
@StrixVaria Also, back to Mistborn, there's a reason Allomancy burns metals to give them their abilities.
4:43 PM
@GnomeSlice I'm not entirely sure.
But I like the fact that they don't focus on the strength of the abilities so much as how they use them.
@Sterno =[
@RonanForman I could try shortening the clips further each.
Urgh, that's gonna mean re-doing the whole premiere thing.
1.1 Scouts
1.2 Snipers
1.3 Heavy weapons
1.4 Loader
1.5 Mind Probe Operators
1.6 Grenadier
1.7 Medic
1.8 Anti-Psionic Soldiers
1.9 Psi soldiers
1.10 Super Soldiers
@GnomeSlice I don't think there's specific positions, so much as there are roles that you can grow into.
That was the original game
4:46 PM
@GnomeSlice Alright, I'll sign you up for Probe Operator.
@GnomeSlice Maybe 20 seconds isn't too long, especially if the video has started before then end.
Wait, is there an Anal Probe Operator?
@RonanForman The old one was 15 seconds. But the title is up in this one by 13 seconds.
@GnomeSlice I think it'll be fine.
@RonanForman I might shorten the clips each slightly to cut down a second or two.
4:49 PM
Q: How is score calculated?

SternoOkay, so I've managed to beat the game on Normal. It seems like the thing to do now is work on getting a higher score. However, scoring is a complete mystery to me. What sort of things should I do (or not do) to improve my score?

Q: What are the dungeons to go out of the way and to keep an eye on?

PherioneI've recently reached the lvl on which I can attempt my first dungeon: Ascalonian Catacombs. Now, I've heard some people mention that this is actually one of the harder instances and that the second instance: Caudecus Manor is an easier dungeon for a first-time dungeon delver. This question is ...

Hergh, the music is thwarting me.
@GnomeSlice Are you doing it over the whole thing or just when the logo is up?
Because I think keep the game audio, and then have the music over the current video.
@RonanForman Music? Ideally, the whole thing. Although, that's an interesting point... it could be like menu music.
@RonanForman I don't think that would work, particularly with the TF2 segment.
With the loud drum n' bass music over it.
@GnomeSlice I meant no extra music over the games, and then just some music for the current video.
@RonanForman ...You want music playing for the entire video?
I think that's out of my paygrade.
@Koviko Hey, are you actually black?
4:54 PM
@GnomeSlice No, it comes in when the current video starts.
@RonanForman Like a title theme for the 'game on' game?
@GnomeSlice Yes.
@Koviko Excellent, that's one.
@Koviko Oh, wait, context.
@GnomeSlice Damnit. WHat'd I miss?
@GnomeSlice Yeah, but it doesn't have to be game specific.
4:55 PM
I'm gonna rename all of my Defender's Quest units to people from Arqade, but some of them are black.
@GnomeSlice Ah, okay. lol
@RonanForman I know, I meant the fictional game titled 'game on'. You designed the title to look like an arcade game title screen.
@GnomeSlice Yeah.
@GnomeSlice You do know you can change the color of people when you hire them, right?
@fbueckert Yeah, but why would you make everyone white?
4:56 PM
@fbueckert That doesn't sound legal.
@Sterno heeheehee
That just made my day, thanks.
@Sterno My brain isn't constrained by petty things like legality. Or practicality.
@Koviko You want to be a Berserker, Healer, or a Knight?
@GnomeSlice Berserker!
Berserkers aren't as cool as they sound.
They're just shirtless guys with swords.
But okay.
4:58 PM
@GnomeSlice They're actually pretty good.
@fbueckert Yeah, they are.
@GnomeSlice I'm a shirtless guy with a sword.
They're the only one I have 6 of, so far.
Works fine.
@Koviko Oh, perfect.
5:00 PM
That's my self portrait I drew in high school.
@Koviko That's not 'shirtless'.
@GnomeSlice Yet.
@Koviko You could also be an Ice Mage, but then you'd have to be a chick.
Heh. Running through meta.SO, most of the massively downvoted questions are from new people who haven't taken the time to learn how SE works.
@GnomeSlice I don't think I want to be female.
5:06 PM
Oh, that reminds me, does anyone on SO have 100 reps to spare?
Q: Chat oneboxing support for Soundcloud?

GnomeSliceThis is a bit of a silly request, but since SE has recently been posting their Podcasts on soundcloud, I feel like I now have a legitimate reason to bring this up. Would implementing oneboxing support (a la facebook) for SoundCloud tracks be quite difficult? Basically, similar to the way Wikiped...

On a bounty?
We need an Arqade scoreboard for FTL
@Sterno How much is that, anyway?
Unless you were a dope like me who Kickstarted it for like $40
5:09 PM
That would buy me, like, 3 more pieces of DLC for Dungeon Defenders.
Which, by the way, you can get on iOS.
@Sterno yeah, I kickstarted it for $10, got a beta key from James, and then gave my copy away.
@agent86 Didn't like it?
@fbueckert oh, I liked it. the beta key I got from james was beta+full version
@agent86 Really? That means I probably own it, too!
I haven't checked recently. :P
so I ended up with an extra copy from kickstarting it
@Fluttershy got my key, since he wanted to play the beta real real bad and showed up a few minutes too late to snag one of the extra arqade keys :(
5:14 PM
@agent86 Well, it all worked in the end.
I'm reading a lot of complaints about how luck-based FTL is. Most of the time in that game, it isn't unavoidable bad luck that does me in
Two sentence pitch of what FTL even is, go.
(Wonder if anyone will even bite that)
@GraceNote Roguelike in space. The ship is the playing field.
@GraceNote FTL is a spaceship simulation roguelike-like. Its aim is to recreate the atmosphere of running a spaceship exploring the galaxy.
(that was from their Kickstarter)
I don't actually agree with calling it a Roguelike though
@Sterno While escaping from a giant rebel fleet.
5:18 PM
Does it have copious amounts of random generation, especially in how level design is produced?
@GraceNote Oh, yeah. Tons.
Is it turn-based?
@GraceNote Mostly no
Q: How do I view the achievements for a particular ship while in game?

yx.Sometimes I forget what the exact achievements are to unlock different ship layouts while playing, but I can't seem to figure out how to view them again without quitting the current game. How can I view them?

Then I'd probably call it "Game with roguelike elements"
5:24 PM
@GraceNote I would probably classify it as a game that borrows many RPG and RTS elements and blends them. In space. In a space blender.
@agent86 And spits out awesome gooey gaming goodness.
In Space, Noone Can Hear You Frappe
@agent86 This sounds really dirty.
@RonanForman You think it should be more like a jingle, or an actual song?
@GnomeSlice Somewhere in the middle? Like a riff.
@GnomeSlice Not bad, although it's a bit too simple.
5:28 PM
@RonanForman I did that in about 10 seconds.
A: How can I maximise the amount of scrap I collect?


What. The. Crap.
@fbueckert This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!
Is the translation, according to Google. Guess it didn't get the last word.
The question's four hours old, and attracting spam already. sigh
Almost got my Marshal badge, though!
I can then stop monitoring the front page obsessively!
Lies, you must remain ever vigilant!
5:41 PM
The artillery beam on the Osprey is really sweet
I got to zone 7 without ever upgrading my weapons system, because I just let the upgraded artillery beam do all the work
@TimStone Eh. I'll just write a script to auto-flag all 1-rep users. :P
@badp flag flag flag flags some more
Heh. Pining for the fjords.
Sometimes, I can't tell if Evan Carroll actually believes most of what he posts, or if he's just trolling everything.
@fbueckert well then, go get them privileges
Musagi just crashed.
starts over...
@fbueckert At least it's easier for you to get than Vespene Gas
@fbueckert Lolololololololol
5:46 PM
you'll get access to most of our moderator queue!
You heard 'em, people! Go forth, my minions, and upvote my contributions!
And no, I'm not serious about that. :P
@fbueckert User Fbueckert has been suspended for voting irregularities.
@Sterno Hey, I'm not creating sockpuppets! I'm just coercing you guys into upvoting my stuff.
@fbueckert That's exactly what a guy with sockpuppets would say!
oh wow, I got the Too Many Requests screen.
5:51 PM
@Sterno If I was sockpuppetting, I'd have much more rep than I currently do.
@fbueckert Only if you were sockpuppeting badly
fuuuuu why is this so hard
@Sterno If I was going for more rep, it'd be faster to just ask as many questions as I could.
@Sterno It's a roguelike-like, not a roguelike. It's like games that are like rogue.
@fbueckert The lady doth protest too much!
@StrixVaria I've been reading the X-com wiki (original game)
There's some seriously deep systems in there
5:58 PM
I don't want to learn too much about the original x-com so I'm not too biased going into the new one. Although I am kind of pre-biasing myself anyway by reading so much about the new one...
@fbueckert I was going to read more Mistborn at lunch but it took me a half hour to buy stamps at the Post Office.
@StrixVaria I just wish Sanderson would hurry up and finish more books. I love his writing.
There is some stuff that's kind of similar throughout all his settings.
His writing is great; his plots are great and come together really well at the end; his world-building is only okay, I think.
@StrixVaria I like the way his worlds hang together; there are rules, and everything obeys them, even if you don't fully understand them.
Oh yeah, it's definitely internally consistent, which is great.
No half-assed retconning later on to explain away a new ability or something.
6:05 PM
If a world isn't internally consistent, it's not even worth mentioning.
That kills everything else about a story.
@StrixVaria Indeed.
Just had a talk with my friend who is getting crushed in FTL on Normal. Found out he's using Autofire. I think that's probably half of what's killing him.
That's one of the best things I like about his books; he throws you into the world, rules and all. And then explains those rules as time goes on.
There's no hand-holding and only explaining things as they get used.
I am taking a lot of inspiration from him as I work on my newest (last. definitely this is the one :P) revision of my novel that I've been planning for 8+ years.
is so abused :(
6:10 PM
I like the fact that new user 'umadbroXD' answered two questions, and both answers got removed because they're not answers. You mad, umadbroXD?
And now is gone. Take that, front page!
6:25 PM
Q: What is the most efficent use of karma?

DomocusSimply put, what is the most efficient use of karma at level 80? I've reached 80k karma or so, and I've been looking to turn this karma into gold profits. Most armor and weapons take far too much karma to be useful, so I've started to look into using karma for cooking. As more players raise cook...

Q: GIF Killer! Stop animated gifs in the Chat

rlemon About Bookmarklet that stops GIFs in their tracks! until you refresh.. GIFs are replaced with the following image: How to use. Depending on your browser you create a new bookmark, copy and paste the code below in the Location field, then name it something cool like GIF KILLER!. Voila! Th...

@Koviko Ok. Had enough of that pic.
Jun 18 '11 at 1:39, by Raven Dreamer
user image
6:31 PM
Seriously, guys.
@Koviko I think the only thing I can say about that is that I'm surprised he can still be chewing after so long
Also, could we not flood animated gifs for the sake of posting animated gifs just because someone posted a block script?
@GraceNote He's actually chewing gum. When I eat chicken, I can't take it away from my mouth for that long.
Okay, sorry.
Unless it's bad chicken, of course.
@Koviko resists horrible black joke
6:32 PM
@GraceNote Humor for the sake of humor isn't humorous?
@Koviko Sure it is!
Didn't say that, just made a request is all
How do you think stand-up comedians make money?
You have to be in the mood to laugh when you go to a stand-up show or you probably won't find it funny.
@GnomeSlice So true.
@GnomeSlice We've got a really nice comedy dinner club in the city. So much fun.
6:34 PM
besides, that piece of javascript doesn't target gifs that are actually not in a URL that ends with gif!
@GnomeSlice This is something I never dwelled on, but I imagine it to be very accurate
Speaking of stand-up comedians
Oddly, I didn't install that script, but none of those gifs appeared animated to me
(are non-.gif gifs actually possible?)
@GnomeSlice I recently had a comedian basically yelling at the crowd for being basically tired. IMO, his jokes just went over a lot of people's heads. My gf didn't understand lots of it.
6:34 PM
@Koviko lol
@Sterno That's self-preservation at work
Do not attempt to circumvent self-preservation
Oh, man, this is so funny.
> They drive in, like, Iraq!
> I got bitches I wanna see, I got bitches that wanna see me! I need the bus!
@GnomeSlice Get yo' ass back to work.
@Koviko FINE, JEEZ
AaronY is hilarious.
> Sheeeeeiiiiiitttttt
> Who treat your kids well when your wife 'aint actin' right? A ho.
> Who cooks nice meals out of five dollar vegetables? A ho.
Lol 'Ho Shopping'.
> Every guy needs a ho in his life.
I'm crying here.
> It's winter season, they're cheap now
6:47 PM
@RonanForman You still here?
Oh, no he isn't.
Anybody else care to input on those?

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