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12:01 AM
Hi everyone :D
Still up? @TomWij
Yes, @BloodPhilia.
@TomWij What's up?
Reviewing now to see if I can run out of flags.
@TomWij Haha, you can =P
It's nice that they made it random.
12:04 AM
@TomWij random?
On the /review, if you have a lot of questions/asnwers listed it takes 30 random of them.
@TomWij Oh like that! I thought you meant you got a random number of flags XD
@TomWij good job on your rep by the way, rapid increase in january-february :D
@BloodPhilia: Yeah, stuck again at the moment though...
@TomWij Nah, you're doing a great job overall =)
There are those periods where I hardly find questions and other periods I go through the new question list and am able to answer multiple questions.
@BloodPhilia: Looking into you too, you got 10k recently? :-)
12:09 AM
@TomWij Hmm I don't know, about one or two weeks ago :D
Nice, I could be there in 10 days if I would hit the daily cap every day, but I've got the feeling that it's going to take like 1 - 2 months instead.
@TomWij Haha ah well, we'll see :D
What is my [security] badge taking :(
@BloodPhilia: I've just got the feeling that the tools will boost me in my activity.
@TomWij Well, they're actually quite useful!
Yeah, have had them in Programmers.SE beta.
12:14 AM
I just finished my first Python script :D
I've never looked into Python till I had to do A.I. project tasks in that language, and I really like it...
xD I'm still learning, just experimented a bit
Considering using C# for GUI & Web Development and Python for anything I need to prototype, CLI, Code Jam, scripts, ...
12:19 AM
Python does fine for GUI's :P
@BloodPhilia: But well, I like the XAML concept of WPF.
I could go IronPython, but meh, it feels wrong for me to combine things from both camps.
I'm clueless as to what you're talking about :P
Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML, ) is a declarative XML-based language created by Microsoft which is used to initialize structured values and objects. It is available under Microsoft's Open Specification Promise. The acronym originally stood for Extensible Avalon Markup Language - Avalon being the code-name for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Overview XAML is used extensively in .NET Framework 3.0 & .NET Framework 4.0 technologies, particularly Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Silverlight, and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). In WPF, XAML is used as a user int...
It's kinda like HTML, but then for writing GUI windows and similar stuff. :-)
Well XAML I know
Developed by Microsoft, the Windows Presentation Foundation (or WPF) is a graphical subsystem for rendering user interfaces in Windows-based applications. WPF, previously known as "Avalon", was initially released as part of .NET Framework 3.0. Rather than relying on the older GDI subsystem, WPF utilizes DirectX. WPF attempts to provide a consistent programming model for building applications and provides a separation between the user interface and the business logic. It has resemblance to similar XML-oriented object models, such as those implemented in XUL and SVG. WPF employs XAML, a der...
Bleeding-edge graphical subsystem. :-)
12:21 AM
mkay :P
Maybe perhaps, I haven't thought about a cross platform GUI yet.
Thus I haven't tried qt, I did wxWidgets once but it makes me shiver... :D
Well if you're doing python anyway, why not make it completely cross platform?
QT is actually quite neat
(I hope you realize that is fake...)
LOLOL. i would certainly hope so
i don't think it's possible to punch through a monitor like that
I wish that was real... but yeah, I don't think anyone can do that... possibly break or if really strong, dent the back... but not straight through!
12:29 AM
@nhinkle: There is a frame his answer disappears inside the monitor with the ghost displayed.
Then after when he reaches the end, you see a red light on the wall, where does that come from? And the white light of the monitor doesn't cause a change in brightness.
He pulls back his arm: No scratches? No blood? No fire marks? Just nothing...
Honestly, monitors aren't actually that solid :P
You can easily punch through
have I tried?
Yes I have
Well, I wouldn't try one with a glass screen, but just LCD is quite easy to punch through
The smoke locations look weird too...
I'm not saying this one is real, I'm just saying it's quite possible :P
@BloodPhilia: Yeah, I agree. But I'm going to stop thinking about it, feels weird thinking about punching your own laptop screen... :D
12:34 AM
is anyone able to use the user search? it seems to me the search box is disabled
@nhinkle It is
It's disabled in the source

i guess i should post on meta?
Yeah, even when enabling it, it doesn't parse my input.
12:35 AM
Probably because it's not finished yet
I think it's on purpose...
I think you'll get a by-design
well it used to work. it's weird that it's there but disabled
I think the search function is under development/testing
i'm going to ask on MSO anyhow
12:36 AM
@nhinkle Okay =) Could you post the link here?
Like to follow that q
will do
Perhaps they are porting to Lucene, or they might have been an injection problem (although I would think the framework they are using would prevent that).
@BloodPhilia: I would try to get a database dump unnoticed on which I could run real-time queries instead of those based on a data dump of weeks ago. :D
@TomWij xD You're too kind
12:40 AM
Gaining so much reputation to finally drop the database, no... :-)
Q: User search box is disabled

nhinkleFor some reason, the user search box on the redesigned users page is disabled. Enabling it with something like firebug still doesn't work. I presume this has something to do with the in-development redesign, but was this done on purpose or is it a bug? It's rather inconvenient not being able to f...

You got your answer @nhinkle
Someone posted a related question that has the answer
6 hours later…
6:26 AM
how in the world does Word run w/o a Microsoft Office install ?
6:43 AM
uhm does it?
I was arguing with a colleague it's not possible
he sent me winword & excel and it ran :O
@IvoFlipse word is 38MB, Excel is 34kb :\
on what kind of computer is he running that?
I'm running it on mine now
Win XP Pro
I dont have office installed
6:59 AM
ya thanks @BloodPhilia
looks like it's all fixed now
@Sathya , VMware ThinStall
@nhinkle ?
regarding how word runs without installing office
@nhinkle I doubt it's that - the executables were sent from a system which has got Office installed
I've definitely seen thinapp used for office before, but maybe that's not it
I should post it as a question, me thinks
7:01 AM
i think i could try writing an answer to that
i always enjoy answering your questions
Might be worth a question for SU then @Sathya... oh you thought the same :P
we can put it on HackerNews again @nhinkle :P
and the homepage of /. :D
and to the IT department's weekly helpdesk meeting
@Sathya did they send you just excel.exe and winword.exe?
@nhinkle yes!
7:03 AM
hm. i won't give you all my suggestions quite yet, but i'm formulating some thoughts
did your supervisor recognize you yet @nhinkle?
lol I mentioned it to him @IvoFlipse
btw @Sathya you can hide the autopager extension
we don't have any more meetings this term, but i'm going to ask him if next term i can put a plug in for super user at one of the meetings
7:07 AM
@IvoFlipse yeah, never go to do that lol
do it now :P
now* :p
darn it, I won't be online for today and tomorrow, or at least not be able to answer questions
there goes my rep on fitness...
@Sathya when you run those files, it just opens up word or excel, magically?
@IvoFlipse oh noez, 2 days :P
where are you going to be?
in one week that's a lot :P
7:12 AM
hey all... if you have blog access you can see my prelim results for SSD testing... let me know what you think so far
@nhinkle yes
I'm off to bed now :)
going to celebrate that I'm together with my GF :)
d'awwww :)
looking now overlord @KronoS
7:12 AM
hope you have an excellent time
@KronoS I'll take a look in a bit
thanks, I'm sure we will
though I'll likely be leaving soonish, when my GF's done practicing piano, so I may read that tomorrow @KronoS
@KronoS should I have started another QotW? I was a bit disappointed we only got one answer last week
just a small note: Anandtech/Tomshardware always use Results: insert graphs Conclusion
and perhaps it was better to put the graphs together in 2 graphs: read and write
Q: How does Microsoft Word And Excel Run without any installation?

SathyaI was having a discussion on bookmarks in Word with a friend, and he suggested me to check out his implementation of a query in Word. Since I did not have Microsoft Word installed, I told him I don't have Word so I won't be able to test it. To this, he mentioned that he'll send the executables a...

so you see the bars next to eachother
but holy crap, that is a lot faster indeed
oh and I'd change the units from bytes to MB/s
7:17 AM
@Sathya, I'm on it!
By which I mean installing Office 2003 in a virtual machine
test if they run under ubuntu with wine, if not, there's something built into windows
do you have live blablabla installed?


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Bookmarked 16 secs ago by Sathya

feel free to edit it, I had a tough time in composing the question w/giving a background without rambling too much. And the title too.
@IvoFlipse yay!
I'm guessing Live Writer and Mail use the same framework as word
together with .Net or something
good luck y'all and behave!
both, not installed
@Sathya anything like Word Viewer or PowerPoint viewer or anything like that installed?
Is there anything at all in `%programfiles%\Microsoft Office\%?
7:23 AM
nope @nhinkle
I have to go. I'll think about it more tomorrow
'night al
@nhinkle 'night
I sense a bounty coming from me on that
1 hour later…
8:25 AM
morning all
morning @DMA57361
doing some rather interesting tricks with Office I see?
maybe I need to add the office EXE's to the collection of apps I carry around on my USB stick? hmmm....
indeed, @DMA57361 do try it out
The Office 2010 winword exe is only 1.4mb so I doubt that's going to work :(
problem is all the machines I use have a version of Office anyway
doesn't 2010 and/or 2007 have authentication/copy protection as well?
8:29 AM
Think every office since XP (2002) has
@DMA57361 not sure - this is Office 2003 that I'm talking about.
@MatthewSteeples still worth a shot :D
@Sathya yeah, but I don't recall '03 ever connecting to the 'net to auth
@DMA57361 '07 / 2010 does ?
well, at least bits of it do...
don't know if it all does
another user tab - this time edits ->> superuser.com/users?tab=editors
@DMA57361 Yep, spotted today morn
8:55 AM
@IvoFlipse Thanks for the laugh.
9:44 AM
right, gotta nip off for a meeting, catch you all later
10:16 AM
@Sathya: Oh.. 2003. I was reading everything presuming it was Office 2010. :D
@TomWij :D
1 hour later…
11:41 AM
<rant> In this day of multi-processor, information highway, point and click goodness, why does it take 3-7 days to transfer a domain between hosting providers when I fill in the online request and then click 'OK?</rant>
..and this is just for the name/nameserver info - the site doesn't exist yet so there's no data to transfer.
3-7 days? ouch...
Heh - I was chased an hour ago to set this up so that a dev can upload a new site before they leave the company this afternoon. Hey ho!
where's the time machine when you need it...
AH well - no doubt it will be my fault!
12:34 PM
Sinclair ZX81: 30 years old tomorrow
blimey :/
first machine I ever used was a BBC Micro... that can't be far behind I suppose...
mildy worrying
1:23 PM
Q: How to prevent these executables from starting up?

TomWijAfter removing the following executables from starting up, in the near future they reappear again: DDMService.exe: Re-enabled when visiting a DivX video online. DivXUpdate.exe: Re-enabled when visiting a DivX video online. GoogleUpdate.exe: Re-enabled task, I think by Google Chrome? I see no au...

2 hours later…
3:11 PM
A: How to prevent these executables from starting up?

George P. BurdellPermanent solution (this will work even when an application is updated or reinstalled): Press Start and type Local Security Policy, and press Enter. In the left pane, click on Software Restriction Policies. Then, in the right pane, double-click Additional Rules. Right-click on any empty space...

oo, interesting. Will have to give that a look when I get home
@DMA57361: Flagged this answer for you.
someone's already dealt with it
I see, probably Troggy did.
A: Vista won't boot. BSOD: Page fault in nonpaged area

PabNOseYou a noob and need to stick to pen and paper, please stay of sites like this you muppet. And another thing Adam, google is not even your friend ;)

I don't think I have ever flagged something as offensive before...
3:25 PM
and it's trashed
Hmm, pro forma comments only allows 6 auto comments? :-(
@TomWij not sure what you mean?
Q: Pro-forma comments

Benjol No more re-typing the same comments over and over! This script adds a little 'auto' link next to all comments boxes. When you click the link, you see a popup with 6 configurable auto-comments, which you can easily click to insert. Features 1. Read before your post! Note that the dialog o...

oh the user script?
Yeah, I wonder if it's easy to add more than six.
3:31 PM
you beat me to it... was going to suggest that
I think it throws an error if you specify more than six, let me check.
Where it returns the default, if the index doesn't exist it throws an error.

return comments[index]["Name"];
Going to add in a check if comments has index.
4:06 PM
@TomWij this answer:
A: Best way to sync Outlook 2010 in multiple computers?

TomWijYou can use KiGoo for syncing Calendar and Contacts.

doesn't bring me to anything but a page with a logo and email
do I have to contact them?
But I've replaced the link:
@TomWij thanks!
@DMA57361: Almost got it working...
4:09 PM
@TomWij might I also suggest adding this to the answer:
KiGoo is an application running over Kayxo Insight technology which uses low access MAPI protocol to natively manage all GCal appointments inside Microsoft Outlook. Kayxo Insight technology enables this capability acting as a bridge between any external API or database and Microsoft Outlook.

Key Benefits:

Manage Exchange and Google Calendars in only one program.
Check free/busy availability of all Google Contacts who shared their information.
See, Browse, Update, Email and invite your Google Contacts from Microsoft Outlook .
@KronoS: Go ahead. :-)
nvm got them to work now :)
@KronoS: I'm changing it to allow you to enter more than six comments.
By loading the pre-built comments straight into the local storage and working further on the local storage instead of working based on the pre-built comments.
this doesn't work?
@KronoS: It should, brings you to a page where you can adjust them.
4:14 PM
Yeah, that one.
but couldn't you just add from there?
You can adjust for the moment, I'm customizing it so we can add.
Gonna suggest it to @Benjol then, so he can run a diff against my code and merge the changes.
@TomWij I see
Okay, now I have to write the reverse, allowing less comments if you made too much of them. :D
4:39 PM
Okay, adding thousands of comments into the list results in a scrollbar. :-)
Made a small fix for non-existant users: The user information loads endless for them. (superuser.com/questions/253191/…)
dangit @studiohack leave some for me :P
hey @Sathya what's your problem? :P
Hmm, there seems to be another bug.
you beat me by 7 seconds in deleting a post :P @studiohack
hahaha @Sathya, you already have 12 mod duties done and I only have 6
4:53 PM
I have nothing to do as a mod these days. Sad. How can I keep my lead when you guys keep beating me?
:P @Diago you always wanted to quit being a mod
now you can retire! :)
@studiohack Erm... I never said quit. I took a break.
okay @Diago - breaks are always good
Seems the script also forgets to re-add the greeting once you import stuff.
5:14 PM
have a good one guys, I'm off! :) @Sathya, @Diago, @TomWij
bye @studiohack
It's Friday!!! "Child wanders into street while mother attends parenting class"
In stories Feb. 23 and Feb. 24 about the delayed launching of NASA's Glory satellite, The Associated Press misstated the cost of the mission. The price tag is $424 million, not $434 million
Phew - that's better!
5:39 PM
@DMA57361, @KronoS:
6:10 PM
A: Pro-forma comments

TomWijI felt limited by only six comments, so I made some small improvements which you might want to add. Implemented the following features: Head list items are intended for users, sub list items are intended for developers. Allow the user to enter an unlimited amount of comments: Based the scri...

1 hour later…
7:30 PM
looking good @TomWij
8:08 PM
Yay! In five hours I get my first gold badge.
@oKtosiTe congrats, which one?
ahh figures since you knew the time....
I still have 30 days to go :(
46 for me :(
@Kyle Yeah, but you've gained much more reputation in that time. (top 0.48% this quarter)
8:15 PM
IDK why but I was on a roll in February, I have been pretty stale over the last 2 weeks...
@oKtosiTe 4% is quite respectable
8:39 PM
Q: I cant delete this yet

aCuriaI cant delete this yet, will delete it when i can.

Can we roll this back?
Sure, it will probably get deleted though
8:57 PM
@TomWij maybe it was a cue for a moderator to nuke it in that case...
Perhaps, left a comment for the user which he can learn from.
9:12 PM
@DMA57361: Althought I've only added one comment, I'm using it this way:
Learned how local storage worked by doing this, got to thank @Benjol for that. :-)
Is that AutoReviewComments?
I've installed it the other day, but didn't check when it should pop up or how to configure it...
9:31 PM
@oKtosiTe Customized version, removing comment limit, adding scrollbar, adding ability to show/hide descriptions of the comments, ...
It appears next to the help link when writing a comment.
@TomWij Thanks.
2 hours later…
11:43 PM
Good evening, everyone.
evening @MarkSzymanski
Hi, @KronoS. How are you?
doin good... just working on the blog post now...
Ah, cool.
ya it's fun...
my brain feels like mush though...
11:46 PM
how have you been?
I've been great, thanks.
what have you been up to?
What do you do anyways?.. like are you working or going to school... visiting martians? :P
Nothing much, just listening to a podcast. And I'm in school.
I'll bet you can't guess how old I am :3
judging by your picture you're about 64.22148.. roughly... give or take a few .00001
11:51 PM
I'm actually 14.
didn't know that...
so you're a sophmore or a junior?
I'm in junior high, 8th grade :P
0_o oh man...
11:53 PM
that makes me feel old
Haha XD
I'll have to tell @studiohack, he estimated me at 17 :P
I had you pinned at at least 18
@KronoS: Do you know my age without checking my profile?
11:56 PM
Heh XD
he he... I already did... but I had you at about 19 to 20 so your 21 isn't far off
y'all know mine... without looking?
I don't want to guess too high and make you feel old XD
So, I'm not going to guess XD
I bet around my age?
close... I'm a little older... 25
I constantly confuse you with @nhinkle though. Are you the one that had to do the robot project?
11:58 PM
this year
no that was @nhinkle
but we're both engineering
I'm going to be 15 this year.
he's environmental i believe and I'm systems with a focus in software development

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