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12:00 AM
@Wipqozn I know. I just transferred there.
What's your ID + code thing?
mine is Mana.3967
@Mana Couldn't resist the urge I see.
Scumbag @Mana. I log on to add him and send him my info, he logs off before I send him my info.
@Wipqozn I suck.
Also: Wipqozn.1093
@Mana: What profession did you make?
@Wipqozn sorry, internet died
@Wipqozn thief
closest thing to a bard I could find.
although I am not particularly enjoying my character's personality...I did not want him to be polite, I wanted him to be a snarky thief.
@Mana Yeah, I have mixed opinions on some of the dialogue.
In anycase, I need to head off. tortoise shades Later gents.
user image
12:29 AM
Beware, I live.
12:40 AM
I'm on maguuma because it's where my peoples is.
And with that, a lady awaits my presence. Later suckers.
@Fluttershy Could I send you $20 for The Walking Dead? It's $15 atm.
@LessPop_MoreFizz :(
12:58 AM
@Fluttershy Never mind, just watched gameplay. Decided I don't want it.
@Alec What didn't you like about it?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Your peoples need to be on Crystal Desert!
Crap, MechJeb is awesome. Very spiffy for automatic course corrections.
Q: What is the command to call a vote to change Mann Missions?

Mark RogersIn my previous question What is the server command to change Mann Missions? I ask how to change Mann Missions, and I learn that one must normally call a vote. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to craft the command to vote to change Mann Missions. I tried typing in anything I could find in ...

Q: I crafted a pair of pants, but now I can't equip them. (Diablo 3)

JoeI have a low level reptilian hide breeches of the bear that I crafted for my level 9 character. Now, I realize I will probably be finding or crafting a better pair of pants very shortly, but I find it extremely annoying that I can't equip this item. I have tried removing my currently equipped pa...

is spacechem any good?
@Jin Yep.
Gets hard though.
1:11 AM
it has a mac client too, nice.
Wow, three kilometers is REALLY far for a Kerbal to walk.
@Fluttershy Oh I thought it was more of a 3rd person style shooter, turns out to be a practical text rpg.
Essentially, with video.
@Alec It's basically a point and click adventure game, but you use WASD instead of point-and-click. That said, it's a pretty brutal game, and a lot of fun. But if you think it's something you wouldn't enjoy, no worries.
Yea the gameplay isn't really my type.
On the other hand there's this indie title named Omegalodon I'm going to probably buy: desura.com/games/omegalodon
It looks pretty fun.
1:31 AM
Fastest mode of manual Kerbal locomotion: Jump up, engage RCS thrusters for forward momentum, slide on face until friction reduces speed to zero. Stand up, repeat as necessary.
1:42 AM
Q: Can I break a box in Deus Ex without a melee weapon?

ClaudiuI only have weapons that cost ammo. I would like to break a box open. I would not like to use any ammo. Is there any way? This is for the original Deus Ex.

Note: Extendable ladders make for poor cages. There's no hit detection for them.
2:08 AM
Bill Kerman has successfully completed his mission. Total time: 4 days, 19 hours, and he's back on Kerbin.
Q: Is SCV pathing random or deterministic while building?

Jeff GohlkeIn Starcraft 2, SCVs (the basic Terran building and gathering unit) move around and through the buildings that they are constructing as the building process takes place. Is this movement deterministic or is it pseudorandom? Note that I don't mean to get into a philosophical discussion about det...

Q: Is there an upper limit to the amount of production at an industry?

lemontwistIs there an upper limit to the amount of wood/ore/grain/livestock/oil/etc. produced in Open-TTD? I notice that many of my industries tend towards the same number but I'm not sure if there's an end to the amount it can produce. I assume that, if yes, the industries that require inputs will also s...

Q: Is it possible to achieve a 100% transported percentage?

lemontwistIs it possible to transport 100% of the items that an industry produces? The closest I seem to get is in the mid-90s as seen here: If so, how can one achieve this holy grail?

2:45 AM
Q: Red Eagle's Fury keeps vanishing on me

AurayneI have reloaded from saves three times now, but the same thing happens. I currently have Red Eagle's Fury equipped, but as soon as I fast travel anywhere it just ups and disappears from my inventory. Could I somehow have dropped it? Though all that seems to trigger it is fast travelling, and wh...

Q: How do you beat the "Warrior Bash" Council challenge?

SeanI can't manage to down all three warriors simultaneously. What's the solution?

Q: Regarding the top user swag

espaisNot a question. Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome package. I have an absolutely new favorite shirt. Seriously though, definitely appreciate it. Keep up the good work!

Q: Does Raging Barbarians make it harder for the AI?

ValamasI want to make the game a little more competitive. One advanced option I will trial Raging Barbarians. While there is no doubt this setting will keep me on my toes. Does it suppress the AI even more by destroying all its roaming units and slowing it down with tile pillaging? Is this setting a "f...

3:07 AM
@Lazers We can't just leave this open, even if everyone agrees with the sentiment
3:34 AM
user image
3:52 AM
@Fluttershy Except not really, the DLC is stuff that's done after the game goes gold so that the development team isn't kicked to the curb because there's nothing to do between gold master and release; this has been detailed in several articles on places like GamaSutra
@RilgonArcsinh Oh? That doesn't explain on-disc "DLC".
Most of what big name publishers are doing now is trying to nickel and dime gamers into paying more for the same amount of game.
4:18 AM
Q: civilization 5 unable to give a gift of gold

AdamI just started playing civilization 5. i gave a gift a of gold to a city-state, and it worked, and we became friends. when my influence started to go down, i attempted to give another gift of gold, but each time i click on it, it just takes me back to the previous screen. I tried closing down ...

Q: Changing "team" name that appears in stats in CS:GO

Jeremy BanksWhen I pull up that in-game stats window in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there's a "team" column. It's empty for most users, but for some it includes a team/clan tag like users in others games would prepend to their name. I went through the in-game settings, but I don't see any place to spe...

Q: The Legend of Zelda (Original) Virtual Console can't select item to use on b!

KairiminaI bought The Legend of Zelda for Virtual Console and my problem is, that I can't select any item on the b button in the subscreen. Of course I read the discription that says me, I should use the d-pad (I use the Wiimote) but it don't work. I also tried a gc-controller and it's the same effect. Al...

@Fluttershy There are more of them than there are of you people.
@fbueckert Putting half-finished DLC onto a disc does not in any way invalidate this argument.
Assuming you're referring to shit like ME3
@LessPop_MoreFizz More referring to Capcom's definition of DLC.
@fbueckert you'll need to be clearer. You mean like anti-resale DLC that's included with the game but get fucked and buy it if you bought used?
I refer to fully completed DLC, on the disk, that Capcom decides to charge extra for.
"Origin doesn't install anything that a reasonable person would consider malware/nasty." Unless you buy Street Fighter X Tekken. Then it installs Street Fighter X Tekken. — Joe Wreschnig Jun 2 at 19:09
4:31 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yeah, I remember that comment.
It doesn't get enough love IMO
Capcom's current publishing plans seem to be doing nothing more than antagonizing their dedicated fanbase.
@fbueckert Current publishing plans?
As near as I can tell, that's been capcoms MO for at least two decades now.
It's working pretty well for them as near as I can tell.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Not by me; I don't buy their shit.
1 hour later…
6:04 AM
It was not by my hand that Capcom's DLC monetization plans were once again given flesh. It was called here by humans who wish to pay it tribute.
What is an on-disc DLC? A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk: have at you!
Okay I'm done now.
7:27 AM
Q: How do I enable iCloud syncing?

splattered bitsVersion 1.1 of Batman: Arkham City Lockdown supposedly added iCloud syncing. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be enabled for me. When I view my Documents and Data stored in iCloud, I'm not seeing any Batman: Arkham City Lockdown save files. **How do I enable iCloud syncing?

@Wipqozn With a cape it will be pretty hard for me not to vote for you.. :(
7:55 AM
rubs eyes
@badp Apparently someone doesn't like that you used "armor" instead of "armour" :P
that's because "armor" is spelt incorrectly
Would questions about CS:GO server configurations be on topic here?
8:24 AM
@pixel it doesn't hurt to try
I have three Shattered Horizon guest passes to give away on Steam if you're interested
It does, I'm allergic to wasting effort
btw, @pixel, what's the situation like in Bristol? I have a friend spending a month there and he's kind of worried by stuff like gangs/hooligans/people killing to kill boredom/whatever.
I don't know, Bristol is a city
I don't like living in cities
and to say that I'm sheltered from reality would be an understatement
there is no obvious mention of violence on bbc.co.uk for bristol
if you look at 'east midlands' however, in the various cities I've lived in
you have boy, 15, charged with murder
robbery attack victim scared for life
three held after man found dead
majority of prisons overcrowded
bristol has
oh noes people aren't using a new 1.3 million £ carpark
(I have another brit friend who almost got killed by three people out of boredom so that's why I was kind of worried myself.)
apparently somebody tried to steal a stingray near bristol
so if your friend has a stingray that might be worth mentioning
violence in the UK happens
it's why I choose to live in a field
8:32 AM
but the internets suck there!
yes but I can walk down the street after dark without getting stabbed
Who needs WALKING when you have INTERNETS.
yes but
leaving the house is required on a daily basis
Have your shopping delivered to your doorstep.
and work?
how about when I go out and have fun?
8:36 AM
what about going to see friends?
I have an upper limit to how much sitting down I can do before I go crazy
Who needs REAL LIFE when you have INTERNETS.
and sitting down constantly is bad for your health
8:51 AM
9:31 AM
Blizzard launcher perpetually stuck on updating tools
Q: Is it possible to change gamemode or gametype while the server is running?

pixelI am in the process of configuring a Counterstrike: Global Offensive server and I was wondering if the game mode and game type can be changed on the fly, preferably from within the game by calling a vote, without restarting the server process? Currently I am running the server in Classic Competi...

Q: Playing slenderman without sound card

riznom demhaJust downloaded slenderman but i can't play the game because it says "No soundcard detected.Sound might not play". It continues to show this message again and again. I had to kill the process to end the message. Can i play slenderman without having any soundcard installed in my pc? P.S. This ...

Q: Is it possible to change the map group while the server is running?

pixelI am in the process of configuring a Counterstrike: Global Offensive server and I was wondering if it is possible to change the active map group while the server is running, without having to restart the server process? The map group is defined as part of launching the server process, and the se...

Q: Is it possible to disable certain weapons (ie: AWP)?

pixelI am in the process of configuring a Counterstrike: Global Offensive server and I was wondering if it was possible to disable certain weapons (for example, the AWP) or enforce certain weapons under particular conditions like it was in Counterstrike: Source*? * (I do believe it required a mod for...

Funniest thread ever

Clearly doesn't understand anything
Q: WoW runs faster on GNOME Shell compared to Unity

João VinholiI have been trying to run WoW on Ubuntu 12.04. When I run it on unity, the frame rate is very low and it is impossible to play. Although, when I launch it on gnome shell, for some reason, the frame rate gets very high and the playing experience is very comfortable. The problem is that I prefer r...

Q: so disappointed at ubuntu 12.04

Minit's been almost a month I've installed ubuntu I can't afford windows cd anymore it is my fault that I didn't dual boot it but, it doesn't make sense in that I can't use my own graphic card in my own computer because certain company doesn't support the driver card for the OS it is seemingly ...

@GamingTopicsFromOutside genius
It's obviously ubuntu's fault that his graphics card vendor doesn't have drivers for linux
It's obviously ubuntu's fault that he didn't go with dual booting his pirated copy of windows with ubuntu
and it's obviously ubuntu's fault that he didn't bother with a live CD to test ubuntu before making such a change
9:54 AM
In conclusion, I think he should get a work as an Apple Genius.
oh finally
finished downloading tools
now it's going to grind my SSD by optimising game files
stupid blizzard launcher
Your world of warcraft must be optimised before you can play, this process takes 15-60 minutes and cannot be cancelled once started, are you sure you want to continue?
Guess what Blizzard's launcher doesn't do before starting this process that can't be cancelled?
Check it has enough disc space to continue!
10/10 for terrible games companies
Q: How can I increase the length of the warmup round?

pixelI am setting up a Counterstrike: Global Offensive server and I was wondering if I could increase the length of the warm up around? Currently it is about 30 seconds but I'd like to customise this yet can't find any setting that allows this. I assume this would be something that is customised per...

10:15 AM
Q: Native AAA games coming to ubuntu. Where they will be installed?

user86274Many users use SSD disks (and i believe many more in the future) for their OS. 128GB ssd disks are common place nowadays and many users (like me) use their ssd for dual booting (win and ubuntu). Ubuntu in istallations like this occupies 20-40 GB (/ , /home and swap). Up to now there was no proble...

10:34 AM
the WoW optimisation process reduces the size of my WoW folder from 33gb to 18gb
Q: Screen Recorder For Gaming

Ryan BrooksCan someone recommend some good free screen capture software? I'm only going to be recording some gameplay for my YouTube channel. Fraps doesn't seem to record on my system. CamStudio has s very low FPS (unless someone knows a fix or good codec?)

Q: How can I record demos of my gameplay?

Joe PhilllipsI remember seeing a lot of cool Counter Strike videos back in the day. How do you go about recording your gameplay (any game) into an easy to edit format? Do you need special software? How much does it cost?

10:52 AM
full scale brain failure going on today
@GamingTopicsFromOutside Who the hell does +1 an answer to the tune of "No idea."?!?
11:27 AM
I wish it was home time already
Four more hours to go...
11:48 AM
Day 85 on the bridge, nobody has held a conversation for literally hours. It's like a scene from a zombie apocalypse movie.
oh look! tumbleweed!
I'm looking at reddit.com/r/GameDeals and seeing the latest HiB coming to a close while a new Indie Gala and Indie Royale pop up
I'm looking at chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/35/the-bridge and seeing very little
Pfft, help me solve this SpaceChem puzzle then
11:52 AM
I can't, I'm suffering from a resonance cascade in my brain
12:07 PM
@YiJiang Apply hammer vigorously. Repeat as needed.
@OrigamiRobot ... if it fails, flush it down and evacuate the building (... says my cousin, who's a biochemist).
ok I need an opinion...
What's the easiest way to tell a guy you've known for ages that you don't like him that way without ripping his heart out and dancing on it in front of him?
One of my friends who I only see as a friend that I've known for like 8 years has been trying to get awfully close recently
and he's currently in the process of trying to invite himself over to my house
Q: In Earthbound what triggers the photographer?

SimonBeen playing Earthbound a lot more recently and this play through I've had a lot more encounters with the Photographer (Fuzzy Pickles). Is there ways to trigger him to appear/avoid him? Thanks.

Q: Hammer BSP File Size In-Efficiency

tincopper2I haven't posted here before but I came across a problem, when I save a map in hammer as .bsp it end up being over 10x bigger than all of the source files put together, I found the source for one map rp_downtown_v2.bsp, which the map is 2mb but when I used the source and compiled it in hammer its...

"Sorry, I promised my girlfriend we'll spend that day/evening/night together already ..."
12:24 PM
Thats more of a delaying tactic than resolving the issue
I guess the fact he thinks I'm interested at all means he doesn't know me that well so I shouldn't feel bad about it
"Know anyone I could have sex with?" - "What about me?" - "No ... wait, let me phrase it more clearly: Hell, No. Any other suggestions?"
"Are you trying to get in my pants?" - "Uh ... maybe ..." - "Stop it. Won't happen. Ever."
In general, when talking to guys, it's best to be clear and direct since we suck at reading between the lines, transcribing subliminal messages or subtle clues.
but that's not my problem
well, I suppose it actually is my problem
I will go with dancing on heart in public then
Have some nice and spiky high heels on to be sure. ;)
12:38 PM
I am not much of a heels person, especially not work
in fact, I break the company's dress code every single day I turn up to work
... that wasn't actually meant literally, though I won't stop you from dressing however you like for the occasion.
or I could be completely random
like... "Do you know the Black Mesa Incident?" "what?" "Exactly the reason you and I will never be."
in the event he does
replace the last part with "That's how this relationship will pan out..."
@pixel "You mean the plot to that boring, slow, awful FPS?"
but the only game I've ever heard him talk about is COD
(I will now be taking my leave before I am burned alive)
12:42 PM
(another reason we'd never get on)
Give me Q3A/UT2k4 or give me death.
Calling Half Life "awful" is definitely grounds for murder
@pixel So you're Gordon and he's Barney?
@RilgonArcsinh Give me original Quake. That was what we played in high school.
@MartinSojka No, he's the scientist that gets shivved by that tentacle that busts out of the test chamber.
12:44 PM
@MartinSojka I was thinking more along the lines of ripping a hole in the fabric of space
@RilgonArcsinh I think that's Louis Donaldson. Not sure.
@MartinSojka Whoever it is.
1:02 PM
@RilgonArcsinh OUT
That said, most of Giz's commentary is clearly overreaction of the sort that people who have never seen a retail training manual might make - the stuff about empathy and verbal jiujitsu nonsense is standard practice all over the place and it's hardly brainwashing.
That said, the part about "institutionalized passive aggression" is so dead on it fucking hurts and is giving me nightmare flashbacks.
I remember the day I got "fearless feedback" from a member of my stores management team that he wasn't fond of my facial hair and thought all staff should be clean shaven. I told him to show me where that was in the company dress code or to shove it.
good afternoon @LessPop_MoreFizz
@pixel Hello, also goodbye, because I am running late.
But I wanted to linkdump that there and bitch about my sordid past in Apple Retail.
Institutionalized passive aggression is the best description of the management style they enforce, to a degree that it hurts.
don't let me stop you Apple bashing
1:15 PM
I own several Apple products but certainly wouldn't call myself a fan
Q: How many magic bottles are there and where can I find them?

perspektivI am playing the Legend of Zelda - A Link To The Past and I was wondering how many magic bottles you can get in total - I have three already but there looks like there is space for a fourth one? I have completed the game many times and have never found more than three. Is there a fourth magic b...

Q: Stones of Barenziah missing from Black Briar Lodge

NormanI can't find the stone of barenziah in the Black Briar Lodge. I've never been to Lodge before. When I went upstairs to the Master Bedroom, it's not there next to the bed. Any method to make it appear there or a console command to add it to collection? I've found 23 or the 24 stones.

Q: When do you get your first spy?

ValamasI am halfway through the medievil era. I am most of the way through researching Physics. I just recruited a spy. It was not via building a wonder. What triggers my first spy to be recruited?

@pixel I love the products and hate the company.
I wouldn't go as far as say "love"
I'd much rather have a nexus S than an iphone 4
that article you linked is awesome
I loathe Apple with all the power of a thousand burning suns.
it's like soft skills training on crack
1:19 PM
Didn't the Nexus 7 come out recently? If I found a use case for a tablet (so far, nothing I do needs one and a lot of what I do isn't even possible or way too hard), I might be tempted. :D
BTW, nice that you can actually read Gizmodo without JavaScript now. It took them a few years to do it, but they did! :D
apparently I just sneezed hard enough to give myself a nose bleed
@pixel Nothing like getting blood all over the place.
yum, blood
nothing serious
and afternoon @fbueckert
@pixel Morning
@fbueckert evening
1:28 PM
@pixel What, are we playing guess the time of day?
no, we're playing "waste as much time as possible so that it becomes hometime"
@pixel Congrats. You have wasted three minutes of productivity. That'll be $50, please.
It's my productivity to waste
@pixel You're wasting my productivity, too.
you surrendered your care for your productivity when you entered the bridge during working hours
1:32 PM
@pixel Good thing I can still get my work done with you nattering in my ear. :P
I just want to be at home right now, a certain somebody here is annoying the crap out of me today
@pixel That guy you were talking about?
I'd say punt him down the hallway, but that might send the wrong message.
@StrixVaria You can't make me. :P (I recognize its contribution as a story-centric FPS to the genre, but like Deus Ex, I found it too slow to keep my attention. Liked the plot summaries I've read, though.)
1:41 PM
@RilgonArcsinh Apparently I own Half Life 2, but I have yet to ever play it.
strangely, me and my excessive ADD had no problems staying involved with either half life or deus ex
yet any faster paced games with less detailed stories make me go zzzzz
granted I'm unable to play Borderlands for more than 30 minutes at a time unless it's with friends
@pixel I loved Borderlands. Half the fun was just seeing what sort of overpowered weapons you could get.
and after my first playthrough of any game like Diablo 1/2/3 I'm unable to pay attention to anything like that
and after 5-10 wipes during any progression in raiding where there doesn't appear to be any progression going on I become completely unable to continue playing
Or re-speccing into something crazy, like upping machine gun ammo so you went through your entire reserve in a single clip.
@fbueckert I am so goddamned stoked for BL2.
1:44 PM
I am the worst person to pug with unless it's with a good group
@RilgonArcsinh D3 still has my attention.
Can we get a fancy-pants meta question for BL2 like we had for Badablo 3?
wiping on anything not current-tier pretty much makes me leave
BL2 will come. Once I get bored of D3 and other games.
@pixel Oh, you're that person.
1:45 PM
Unless my roommate wants to play it; then I'll pick it up whenever he does.
@RilgonArcsinh meh, I don't play games to re-progress stuff I farmed for months
I hate wiping on tier 11 stuff now, for example, even though 75% of the wow population still haven't done it on hc
so I never go to heroic t11 clears unless it's with my guild
@fbueckert Fix this.
@StrixVaria I haven't completed half life 2 or any of the episodes
@StrixVaria I have several other games to play. D3 being one of them.
and I'm still not sure where I got "lost coast" from
2:01 PM
90 minutes until hometime
2:18 PM
Q: Are there any crafting professions that let you make upgrades?

Emerica.I see that some items have empty upgrade slots. Are there any crafting professions that can make things to put into these slots? If so which ones?

@pixel You get Lost Coast automatically if you have the Orange Box, I believe
Less than 100 helpful flags to go!
It makes me a little sad that the beta of a WoW expansion merits a contest on Arqade, but the release of Guild Wars 2 gets nothing.
I think it was a mistake, given the lack of participation in the contest right now
@sjohnston I think neither deserves one. :P
2:29 PM
Well, I'm a guild wars fanboy, so my opinion is highly biased. But it does seem like GW2 has gotten a lot of press attention and sales. Seemed like a good opportunity.
We should (hopefully) be getting another contest soon. It's been three months since D3.
Guild Wars 2 will not sell as many copies as Mists of Pandaria
Not sure what other big name games will be coming out in the near future.
Not that I want to upset you with your favourite game getting out sold by an expansion pack
I figure it is awesome that we get anything at all - expecting them to pop out contests all the time is just ridiculous IMHO
2:33 PM
@fbueckert XCOM, BG:EE, AC3, SF10, Halo4.
We're not all that successful with MMOs in general, at least that is my subjective impression. We do a lot better with the big single-player games
Like it takes a lot to run them and organize -I am just delighted we get attention at all
@AshleyNunn This is true.
@MadScientist yeah, most MMOs have their own actual communities that people involved in the MMOs are already very familiar with
@MartinSojka Care, don't care, murder the publisher, burn the publisher to the ground, and utterly uninterested.
2:34 PM
(I also fully acknowledge my tastes are not in line with the mainstream and the primary goal of the contests is to drive traffic to Arqade, not drive attention to good games.)
@RilgonArcsinh Haha, me too - I havent been able to participate in many if any of the contests, but I get delightedly excited every damn time because holy crap they made us a cool thing and it is awesome
... and speaking of MMOs and the like: Dust 514, MWO, PSO2, Dota 2.
@AshleyNunn That said, this does not preclude me from being snarky as all get out. :P (I do keep my "where the hell is the Rift/TSW/PSO2/BL2 contests shakefist" to a sarcastic minimum.)
@RilgonArcsinh Eh, I figure being snarky over something as awesome as them spending a buttload of money and time on our site is just counterproductive, and kinda rude
@RilgonArcsinh If you combine the population of all of those MMOs, there are still less than people who will be playing MoP
2:37 PM
@MartinSojka I do not believe Dota 2 counts as an MMO.
In general though, SE has a problem with MMOs. They just change too quickly, questions and answers get obsolete ...
@AshleyNunn True, but I am snarky about basically everything, and if cornered about it, genuinely do acknowledge and appreciate the time/finances/energy put in.
Nah, it's ".. and the like". :)
and yeah, DOTA isn't an MMO
Asking me to be not snarky is like asking the sky to be green or @OrigamiRobot to not be made out of paper.
2:38 PM
@RilgonArcsinh Fair enough I suppose
@RilgonArcsinh A green sky would be interesting I vote for that one
@RilgonArcsinh My default mode is snarky.
@RilgonArcsinh @OrigamiRobot is a paper folding robot, not a robot made out of paper
@pixel Yes, see my earlier point about "driving traffic to Arqade, not driving traffic to good games"
@AshleyNunn If we get a green sky, that means the primary element that makes up our atmosphere is no longer oxygen, and we have larger things to worry about than going, "Ooh, green sky."
2:39 PM
@fbueckert Fair point. But it would be pretty?
@AshleyNunn You'd be too busy puking out your lungs to be paying attention to the sky.
you could be looking at aurora borealis or australis
that would result in green sky
and yes, it's pretty
@fbueckert Nitrogen
I just submitted a question to XKCD's what if thingy, inspired by @fbueckert
> I hate Apple with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. What would happen if a thousand suns were centered on Apple HQ?
Whenever tells me how something would be awesome, I immediately think of how it would be possible to do said thing.
2:42 PM
@StrixVaria I think, "everybody dies" is part of the answer
@fbueckert But then you ruin the happy
Sadly, most awesome things would result in death in horrible, gruesome ways.
Just call me practical.
@pixel Probably.
@fbueckert Sounds like a great catalyst for invention.
@StrixVaria I will be a very happy Carby if this becomes A Thing.
2:43 PM
@AnnaLear 'tis. I've got many cool idea rattling around around in my brain.
And hence why I have to keep it occupied. I leave it alone, the thought process gets trainwrecked into a strange idea, and then the idea part takes it and runs with it.
And spits out this solution to the train wreck problem that is both horrifying and awesome at the same time.
@fbueckert Your brain sounds like an interesting place to be
@AshleyNunn It's a non-stop problem solving machine.
Constraints are for losers.
@fbueckert does that result in a loop? the new idea is also awesome so you go and immediately think of how it would be possible to make that awesome idea, which then gets train wrecked into an even more twisted idea that is awesome, which you then immediately think of how it would be possible to make...?
@pixel Yes. Hence why I try to keep it occupied.
you shouldn't, you should let your mind wander
see what disturbing content it generates
2:47 PM
@pixel When I do, it spits out ideas like flying bicycles powered by wood, or car accident avoidance via explosions.
Oh, FFS. Blizzard just banned all Iranian players from WoW (and likely all their other games) ...
@MartinSojka you can't blame Blizzard, they are conforming to US policy
@fbueckert this sounds like the sort of thing I fall asleep too
those brief moments before passing out when my mind is completely uncontrolled and in free fall
@pixel That's my brain every moment of every day.
that's my brain when I stop thinking
@pixel US policy is crazy by itself, but Blizzard can do something about it, like transferring all the deals through a fully-owned company outside of US jurisdiction or licensing the game to someone who doesn't have to deal with such stupidity.
2:50 PM
By channeling it into productive pursuits, I keep the crazy to a minimum.
I mean, that's how everyone else does business with Iran: They do it through a company in Turkey or Pakistan.
obviously Blizzard don't care that much
@fbueckert yeah, this is why I'm always doing 3-5 things at once, and why when I get bored I become increasingly more random
Q: What is the full list of log entries in Analogue: A Hate Story?

badpInside the game you can type in a document ID to bring up any log entry regardless of whether or not the AI has granted you access to them. This can be used to "cheat" your way to 100% completion without going through the game multiple times. What's the list of such IDs? I don't feel like playin...

Q: How can I get the Abusive Jerk achievement?

badpI'm being too nice to *Hyun-ae, dammit! I can't figure out how to be an abusive jerk to her. What's the trick here?

so Analogue: A Hate Story is a nice story with a "game" wrapped around it.
for a few bucks in the current Indie Royale bundle
@FAE and @pixel probably want to try the demo at least
what's it about?
most importantly
why haven't you created a tag wiki for that tag
2:55 PM
Seems like one of those text based choose your own story sort of games
@YiJiang Yes, this. It's about women condition in Korea SPAAAAAAAAAAACE.
@pixel because I can't come up with anything good
Augh. I will not be tempted to get the Kirby Anniversary Edition. I will not be tempted to get the Kirby Anniversary Edition. I will not be....oh who am I kidding I will probably pick it up.
@AshleyNunn Sounds like you resist all things Kirby about as well as I resist Steam sales. ;)
I don't even know what kirby is
Nothing better than "The player is set to find out as much as they can about humanity's first generation ship that was supposed to create the first interstellar colony and instead went dark for hundreds of years without reaching its destination."

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