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12:00 AM
oh heck yeah memory management time. me when pointers, references and heap stuff
Clearly we need to do it for the sake of golfers everywhere :P
do you mind if i close this question? I will reopen it after you can confirm it's been closed and you did/didn't get any inbox message
@hyper-neutrino Feel free
My guess is that it will notify caird
I had a question closed somewhat recently and I think it notified me
Yep, got 2 notifications (comment + "question update")
12:02 AM
ah, okay
Plus, I just got a reopen notification :P
it appears it does not bump though, but yeah the inbox notification was the main thing i was worried about
oh okay :P
/me waits to answer underhanded question in the split second between being unlocked and closed :p
/me bans you while i do that so you can't do that :p
never mind
it does bump it as well
@cairdcoinheringaahing lies :p
or maybe that was the reopening
Reopening is probably what bumped it
12:06 AM
actually yeah
nvm i am dumb :D
That somewhat implies reopening can fail for obscure reasons? :P
ah nice
"Successfully closing the question" is explicitly in the list of non-bumpers, but "locking a question/answer" isn't mentioned anywhere
12:24 AM
A different but related concern: unlocked, closed underhanded questions, which still allow for comments + votes
Do they need to be locked, though?
32 mins ago, by hyper-neutrino
> With that in mind, I'd like to propose that underhanded be retired in the same way that code-trolling was, with existing challenges being closed as off topic and locked for historical significance, and future challenges of that type being made unwelcome.
Oh, should ve read the transcript
History lock makes it clear that it was a thing in the past but the culture moved away
Q: Hexagonal section numbers

BubblerIntroduction Let's draw some regular hexagons formed by hexagonal tiles, marking the vertices of the tiles with dots. Then we will count the number of dots. size 1: 6 dots . . . . . . size 2: 24 dots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . size 3: 54 dots ...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerPotential nonzero entries in A338268 code-golf math integer sequence Background A338268 is a sequence related to a challenge by Peter Kagey. It defines a two-parameter function \$T(n,k)\$, which counts the number of integer sequences \$b_1, \cdots, b_t\$ where \$b_1 + \cdots + b_t = n\$ and \$\sq...

2 hours later…
3:29 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Domenico ModicaI'm a lizard, cut here! Write a program \$P\$ with \$n\le2\$ bytes that: outputs an integer \$x,\ 0\lt x\lt n\$ when the first \$x\$ bytes are run as a program, it outputs \$P\$ when the last \$n-x\$ bytes are run as a program, it outputs \$P\$ code-golfquine

3:48 AM
CMQ: Does anyone know of a good cross-platform C library for GUI (something like pyglet but in C)
@PyGamer0 I know only one: GTK+ (haven't used it myself; I have used Qt once, but it's C++ only, not C). I don't know if it'll fit your definition of "good" though
4:28 AM
hi im still looking for feedback on my sandbox post from a few days ago and i was told to post it here a few more times this week. would anyone mind taking a look? codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2140/…
4:48 AM
so apparently i just got the code-golf gold tag badge without any rep changes today
possible retagging, and also congrats
5:26 AM
oh yeah that's a possibility also thanks
5:37 AM
@UnrelatedString welcome to the club!
1 hour later…
6:41 AM
Programming is hard:
The results are there, they are just on a different plane of existence to us
7:03 AM
@RedwolfPrograms but the troll levels! Have you never played a Symp[lectic] level?
8:30 AM
@Bubbler Now you go crack mine!
8:58 AM
Can/should we un-feature the blog?
9:09 AM
@RedwolfPrograms ` !"#$%, digits, ?@, letters, ~`
ugh, why didn't that monospace properly
@RedwolfPrograms Is it cheating if I have an ASCII table printed out and stuck on my wall above my monitor?
9:30 AM
@Neil You can't have leading spaces in inline code.
So how are we going to type inline Whitespace code? Hmmm
python -Sc 'print(end="\N{zwsp}")' | xclip -se c
​ leading space, trailing backslash\​
9:47 AM
Please use sandbox for markdown experiments.
2 hours later…
11:26 AM
Got my AP test scores :D
pleased then?
Yep, two 5s :p
How’d you get them? It tells me to check back later this afternoon
I just went to apscore.collegeboard.org, the scores were just released half an hour ago or so
11:56 AM
@RedwolfPrograms I was going to try and sign up for that and make a joke saying "oh why isn't it working for me" or something but it looks like I could somehow genuinely make an account
CMC: word with most types at wordtype.org, tie-breaking by shortest word.
@lyxal You probably could make an account, since it doesn't have you enter yout name/school information until you actually use it for something IIRC
@Adám go, 80?
@Adám "types" - you mean number of listings as verb/noun/whatever, not number of definitions?
@pxeger Right, types, not definitions.
12:00 PM
@user nope, 2, because of ^
@Adám the most I can get is 3, mostly verb+noun+adjective (e.g. run, set)
I've found two with 8 types (and the sets are not identical, so there's room for more than 8).
Read and lead have 3
I've got one with 4: one
12:03 PM
Jul 16 at 19:55, by Redwolf Programs
I took two AP tests this year, if I get two 5s I'll give away +500 in bounties :p
I did not expect to do this well lol
'so' can be a conjunction, an adjective, an interjection, a noun, an abbreviation or an adverb
Guess I'm giving away +500 then :p
Bounties plz
12:04 PM
what on?
@thedefault. nice, 6
@RedwolfPrograms What does the "+" stand for?
@pxeger my answers of course
@Adám it stands for "to pxeger" obviously
I see.
12:05 PM
@Adám that redwolf has chosen to give and not take
The convention I usually see is putting + in front of bounty amounts
Anyone wants a ‒500 bounty?
@Adám I'll give one!
I do apparently :/
I can givev you one :P
Don’t thank me, I’m just a good person
12:06 PM
what about a *500 bounty
@Adám That's an en dash isn't it
@pxeger wut
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
@user move aside, Jon Skeet! Gimme my 3.7 million rep!
You divide your rep by 500, then multiply someone else's by 500 :p
12:08 PM
Adám can you reveal your 8s yet? I'm really curious now lol
@RedwolfPrograms No, a figure dash. But still a typo. Should have been a minus.
@pxeger "a" and "like"
> a used as a symbol
come off it mate
that doesn't count!
But "like" is fair.
yeah ok
I guess I'll do 2 +200s and a +100 :p
@user Any of your answers you particularly like?
12:17 PM
So who's getting the other bounties?
Just out of curiosity
You can have one I guess
Any of your answers you particularly like?
Oh, cool thx
A: Interpret brainf***

Aaron MillerVim, 809 bytes mbO`b"cyl:if "<C-v><C-r>c"==">"<C-v> normal @f<C-v> elseif "<C-v><C-r>c"=="<"<C-v> normal @b<C-v> elseif "<C-v><C-r>c"=="+"<C-v> normal @i<C-v> elseif "<C-v><C-r>c"=="-"<C-v> normal @d<C-v> elseif "<C-v><C-r>c"==","<C-v> normal @p<C-v> elseif "<C-v><C-r>c"=="."<C-v> normal @o<C-v> ...

Have a free good answer badge too :p
Can I have one?
12:19 PM
Only requirement is if you pick a Vyxal answer for me to give it to, no flags :p
dang it
I just opened my fizzbuzz answer
1 moment
can I ask you to give a bounty to someone else's answer?
@Adám so has 6 definitions, not bad for my first guess
@pxeger Sure, which one?
(I see the default. beat me to it though)
12:22 PM
A: 1, 2, Fizz, 4, Buzz

lyxalVyxal, j, 18 17 14 12 11 bytes ₁ƛ₍₃₅kF½*ṅ⟇ Try it Online! I refuse to be beaten by Arn and Ash. I absolutely will not be beaten by either of those languages. Vyxal forever lads. Explained ₁ƛ₍₃₅kF½*∑⟇ ₁ # Push 100 to the stack ƛ # Over the range [1, 100], map: (we'll call the ...

I added a flagless version
@AaronMiller what a gamer
I'll probably start the bounties in an hour or so, since it looks like there'll be four of them I'll have to delay one by a few days
@RedwolfPrograms in that case, as someone entirely distinct from @pxeger, I would like you to give them a bounty on this!
12:25 PM
Creative :p
That actually does look like a cool answer though
@RedwolfPrograms but if fizzbuzz is still no, then codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/230531/78850
because that's the time I absolutely destroyed your challenge without flags
I'll do that one
It's much more interesting than the fizzbuzz anyway :p
4 bytes is more interesting than 13?
Yes, because half the language isn't optimized for it /s
something that i threw together in 5 minutes is more interesting than something i spent about a half a year designing?
12:31 PM
Unrelatedly, friendly reminder that there I still have 3 uncracked cops in the "change a character" CnR
@RedwolfPrograms only 4 out of those 11 bytes are "optimised" for it
well that's because these bytes are optimized for it... would be more otherwise
4 out of 11 is not half
> half the language
It isn't half. heck, only 3 out of the 600 and something overloads are "optimised" for it
I know, I know, I'm just joking :p
No you aren't, you're Redwolf
12:34 PM
No i'M ReDwOlF
@lyxal 609 to be precise
Anyway I have to go do some stuff, be back in a little while
some stuff must be lucky
Also, if you're into alternate social media, then you'll find twtxt interesting
it's decentrialised twitter
no tracking
no ads
just people having plain conversations
the coolest part is that all your twts (the equivalent of tweets) are simply stored in text files
This message brought to you by twtxt, totally not a sponsor :P
the irony is that this is free advertising for them
it's open source too
so it's not like anyone is making any direct profits
12:47 PM
oh no, by advertising twtxt, you've ensured that caird will never use it!
that's an interesting definition of 'decentralized'... aren't literally all open source projects decentralized like this?
@AaronMiller oh well, you win some you lose some
@AaronMiller I have an idea
Hey have y'all heard of this golfing language called Jelly
it's really cool
you should totally use it
@AaronMiller see now by that logic, caird can't use Jelly anymore
inb4 caird claims loopholes to his whole "if you advertise it i won't use it" statement
@lyxal You, my friend, are a genius.
900 IQ
@AaronMiller they don't give me github stars for nothing my friend
12:55 PM
Expert golfers REVEAL: You won't believe how GREAT this chat room is!
this is the absolute best site for performing code golf challenges! it's the best I've ever seen, and many golfers claim it to be an epic place
@Adám well played
Use the internet for fun and profit!
oh that's even better
the internet is the coolest thing and everyone should use it. billions of people already utilise it everyday
Statistics don't lie: Most people choose Earth as their home planet.
Did you know that 100% of people, when surveyed, responded that they live in the milky way galaxy? That's why you should choose to exist inside the milky way galaxy
1:00 PM
Use Earth's atmosphere 100% free of charge. (Terms and conditions apply.)
Tired of being an average chat user? Become a room owner and increase your chat power by 1000%!
Guess I can't do anything on the site anymore :/
@lyxal Clearly I wasn't included in that survey :/
I'll be auctioning off my rep and badges in a few days, see y'all there :P
1:04 PM
Say, have you heard of being alive? It's great [citation needed] and it's mostly free!
caird instantly dies
@cairdcoinheringaahing Tired of having lots of things that are useless? Try auctioning them off at an auction house near you! 100% guaranteed way to get rid of your stuff quickly and for a neat profit!
oh hey hyper
don't mind us
@pxeger Here I was, like a chump, just existing as a state of pure energy!
Nothing beats ignoring advertisements!
1:21 PM
@lyxal 0 x 100% = 0
@N3buchadnezzar no, 0x100 is 256
Been cleaning for the last two days why is it so much work? Like the bathroom took me a day (3-4 hours) and same with the kitchen bleeh
sudo clean
@N3buchadnezzar Exceptionally dirty or lack of technique?
or simply an enormous bathroom? lol
Oh, right. How many stalls in your bathroom?
1:24 PM
Just doing it properly I guess? Bathtub took a while, cleaning the drawers is a major pain, dusting the top of drawers and stuff is ugh. Also not a fan of cleaning the sinks, it stinks :p
If the sinks stink, you've gone too long between cleanings (or something nasty is growing in the drains…)
@Adám Yeah, cleaning my dads place while he is away = /
I'd agree, however, there's [definitely not] nothing I hate more than cleaning the hob
Maybe I should get one of those new-fangled flat glass ones that can just be wiped clean
I've worked at a resort (both cleaning the kitchen, people's bathrooms, and the hut tubs) and at a public bath (toilets, showers, pool). I rather enjoyed it.
@pxeger The oven is a massive pain
1:28 PM
You just need nasty enough chemicals.
@RedwolfPrograms Oh wow, didn't expect actually getting a bounty
Actually, I'm quite proud of this one
Ah! There is my issue, I need more nasty chemicals
Maybe playing my chemical romance while cleaning will scare the dirt away
Sodium Hydroxide and Chlorine work wonders; just don't EVER mix them.
Maybe I just like inhaling Chlorine gas
ammonia + bleach = also a big no
1:34 PM
@Adám You enjoyed cleaning bathrooms? I always find it disgusting
Wasn't bad. Stripping (very, as in you could tell what people had been up to) used bed sheets was worse, at times.
Bathroom went fine, kitchen was worse. It was like a musical, Greece everywhere.
My favourite activities were folding bath towels and washing dinner plates, however.
@Adám Huh, I would've thought it'd just involve putting sheets into a laundry basket
Emptying the dryer and dishwasher and vacuuming are by far the easiest and least icky chores imo
A bag, but yes. Another fun activity was stuffing used towels into Big Bertha, our washing machine. My record was fitting 120 towels.
1:39 PM
Damn, Bertha really was big
Well, it had to wash 1800 bath towels per day, plus shower and hand towels, bed sheets, table cloths, cleaning rags,…
Our four largest-they-have-at-the-laundromat driers worked overtime to keep up with what Bertha would process.
@user I dunno, have you ever had a blocked dishwasher?
Most mysterious was how 300 people could use 1800 bath towels per day.
Now I'm imagining a grey goo-like situation where an enormous washer just consumes the entire world and cleans it
@pxeger Luckily, no :)
sounds like the plot of a fever dream cartoon episode
1:44 PM
@Adám I've seen people use them for washing their hands and as a mat, discarding it each time. Also, you might have had someone who simply took a lot of baths ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@pxeger I had that a couple of weeks ago, I was really scared
@user Looked similar to this:
I put the dishwasher on and it went BRRRRRRRRRRRR opened it up and it was filled with water
@Adám Looks more like a Transformer that used to be a steam engine and is now posing as a washer than a real washer
:-) For a sense of scale, note that a grown person could not look over the top of the washer.
1:47 PM
Took some towels and cleaned out the water. Still clogged, poured an entire bottle of drain cleaner into it. Loaded up an empty mashine max heat with some washing machine powder instead of cleaning powder :p It seemed to do the trick. I tried to clean the filter afterwards but it was clean as a whistle :p
How did it happen in the first place?
No idea, just tried to put it on once and it went BRRRRRR. Something must have gotten stuck in the filter
Whenever something goes BRRRRRRR it is bad omen
If your code start making those noises. run
I'd stop my code rather than run it :P
@pxeger It unfeatures itself by default after 31 days IIRC, so that should happen in a day or two
2:05 PM
@Adám Looks like the sort of thing you'd use to cryogenically freeze your friend's cat, not wash towels :p
suspiciously specific
@RedwolfPrograms You mean your friend's lion, surely?
I figure you probably need lots of extra space for the freezy goo and stuff
Any thoughts on the responsive system change to SE?
@Adám They're not Shirley, they're Redwolf!
2:13 PM
@N3buchadnezzar Looks good - I always found the mobile view annoying
Started 3/4 bounties
How do you start a fractional bounty‽
3/4 as in "three out of four" :p
CMC: Make a joke.
2:22 PM
permission error: make is a privileged command.
@PyGamer0 Knock knock
who's there?
A joke.
Ah joke who?
I joke you!
2:35 PM
@AaronMiller plz give me teh codez
@RedwolfPrograms Thanks for the bounty!
plz give me teh codez who?
But there are no nukes. They were already used for lyxal's fridge.
Q: Interpret brainf***

AlexandruWrite the shortest program in your favourite language to interpret a brainfuck program. The program is read from a file. Input and output are standard input and standard output. Cell size: 8bit unsigned. Overflow is undefined. Array size: 30000 bytes (not circled) Bad commands are not part of t...

Sorry, not my best knock-knock joke ever
2:37 PM
@NewlyFeaturedPosts :)
@AaronMiller HN has a few stockpiled secretly, we just need to steal them
@NewlyFeaturedPosts That answer is genius
Thx, I guess now that it has 26 upvotes I should prbly get around to golfing it like I said I was going to :/
@JohnDvorak sudo make a joke :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing What's your password? :P
2:41 PM
@user ***********
@cairdcoinheringaahing relevant xkcd
3:24 PM
@PyGamer0 Make, 11 bytes: a joke:love
needs an old version of make that will say "Don't know how to make love"
quality joke
4:23 PM
That moment when you are scrolling through your tabs, looking at old challenge answers you never got around to finishing, and you see this
btw, I golfed this much further than I expected to (see the note at the bottom):
A: Interpret brainf***

Aaron MillerVim, 809 580 bytes -229 bytes because shenanigans and balderdash. qq<C-v><C-v><C-v>q<Esc>^mbO<C-r>q elsei "<C-r>q<C-r>c"=="<Esc>^"xc$<C-r>q norm <Esc>^"zc$en<C-r>q <Esc>^"yd$i`b"cyl:if "<C-v><C-r>c"==">"<C-r>z@f<C-r>x<"<C-r>z@b<C-r>x+"<C-r>z@i<C-r>x-"<C-r>z@d<C-r>x,"<C-r>z@p<C-r>x."<C-r>z@o<C-r>x["<

4:37 PM
@AaronMiller i love this answer
yo has the gradscript changed?
The HTML changed, which broke some stuff
I made a PR with a fix for the leaderboard
it somehow looks.. better
btw i'm using the grad and ungrad script at the same time
may be part of the change
4:49 PM
@Razetime Thx, me too. It's my favorite of all of my answers.
BMG is some time soon isn't it
I've missed the last four I think :/
Should be tomorrow
Oh nice, it's one of the 16:00 ones
So I can definitely make it
5:05 PM
oh a Thursday, I might actually be free for all of it lol
Maybe we should make it permanently on Thursdays, switching back and forth with Tuesday is a bit confusing and probably doesn't increase the number of people who can attend
I disagree; it's utterly unconfusing because it's always just listed in the room schedule for you to verify
I don't think the day has actually impacted attendance tbh. The ones with the lowest attendance have been the ones where it's mainly West Coast + Asia are awake, rather than Europe/East Coast
it is only somewhat confusing for the person who needs to set it in the room schedule each time :p
5:08 PM
@Razetime Do they cancel each other out?
@cairdcoinheringaahing East coast gang rise up!
@cairdcoinheringaahing i've only set one I think :p
@user Central gang rise up :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing Guam gang rise up!
Boo, central is mental and west is stupidest. East is the beast!
@cairdcoinheringaahing Disclaimer: I never said which country I'm in the center of :P
5:10 PM
the earth
@user (okay, that was cringe)
@hyper-neutrino By timezones, I suppose so :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing I automatically assume people are talking about the US because they usually are :P
caird lives in the center of the earth confirmed
@user you darn americans always assuming everything is about you /s
@hyper-neutrino I'm very heat-resistant
5:11 PM
caird is Satan confirmed
although if you just say "central" i'll probably assume you mean Central Time cuz... yeah
@user confirmed? always has been...
exhibit A: I use Jelly :P
Exhibit B: You use Jelly effectively :P
Only the Devil would use it instead of Python for normal scripting stuff
@UnrelatedString ???
5:14 PM
was yeah
but i fat fingered s
Oh, I thought you had a very heavy accent :P
@user nah they improve each other
@Razetime How so?
A person's profile pic is the same on a meta site as it is on the respective main site, right?
5:27 PM
should be, except for s
@AaronMiller It looks like that's their profile pic only on CGCC meta
@AaronMiller Looks like your bug is back too :(
@user No, I changed it to test if the bug would happen for me too and it hasn't changed back because caching.
5:40 PM
@AaronMiller FTFY
@hyper-neutrino thx
'hi' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
Wait, I thought bots weren't allowed in TNB? :P
aw, darn. well, gotta go, sorry guys o/
5:52 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing You'll need a CAPTCHA to kick most of us them bots out
Q: Third Stirling numbers of the second kind

caird coinheringaahing\$\left\{ n \atop k \right\}\$ or \$S(n, k)\$ is a way of referring to the Stirling numbers of the second kind, the number of ways to partition a set of \$n\$ items into \$k\$ non-empty subsets. For example, to partition \$\{1,2,3,4\}\$ into \$2\$ non-empty subsets, we have $$\begin{matrix} \{\{1...

@NewPosts Brownie points for beating/finding my 7 byte Jelly answer (doesn't handle leading zeroes)
As a captcha, please identify the above image ^
@user Where did you get a picture of me?
@user ​
@cairdcoinheringaahing Tempted to offer a bounty tbh, but I want to see some answers first
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